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[PAWS] RRMS-02 The Mesa Institute

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    [PAWS] RRMS-02 The Mesa Institute

    When Robert Rogers and his friend Ralph Potter attend the Mesa Institute of the Code of the West, they become involved with the Planet of Animated Western Steam's newest hero team, The Western Stars.

    [PAWS] RRMS-02 The Mesa Institute

    Stampede City, Moo Mesa - Robert Rogers: Mega Star (The Western Stars)
    Episode Two: The Mesa Institute
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter 01

    Rogers farm, just South of Lone Oak, Kentucky; Planet Earth

    Robert went over and hugged and shook hands with Captain Rabbit as well as Marshal Moo Montana. "Thank you both so much for coming here tonight. Ralph and I cannot wait to attend the Mesa Institute. How does this re-empowerment process work, Cap?"

    Captain Rabbit said, "First thing I do is to power down into my human identity. Then while you are picturing the heroic identity of choice in your mind, I place my arms around you from behind and hold on tight as I undergo the transformation into one of my available forms. Since I am holding on to you, you will transform when I do. Next, while still holding on to you, I power down. This will return us both back to normal. Then I let go of you and you try it on your own. Planet Lords hate the idea that I have the ability to help others with an empowerment since this is an ability that they desire to keep to themselves. Teenagers do not get sick when transforming, where upon adults experience transformation sickness after transforming the first time. However... transformation is also the instant regeneration power. It will cure you of everything that ails you which can include ages old injuries. I could do this for both yourself as well as Ralph, if he so wanted to gain his own empowerment. I know the Potters are capable of learning magic; I can use it myself due to my being related to Merlin. I would advise that we conduct the empowerment outside of your house. I tend to leap into the air with martial arts as I transform and I don't want to damage your parent's ceiling when we do this for you."

    Robert glanced over at his parents, Ralph, and his parents. "We need to take the re-empowerment outside, folks. Captain Rabbit is going to help me to regain my empowerment."

    Medina then said, "I better get ready on standby to make sure the empowerment sticks. I had to do this way back before Cap migrated over to Anime World when we empowered Sloan and his reserve team."

    Hannah glanced at Sloan. "You underwent the empowerment yourself?"

    Sloan replied, "I wanted to make sure it worked and to show my people that it was safe to do by being my own guinea pig for the first empowerment. It worked completely although I did experience Transformation Sickness as Dr. Tennyson warned me might occur and I upchucked into a nearby dumpster; but I ended up with the pretty awesome and way past cool form of Commander Kitsune."

    The group of people headed outside into the yard of the Rogers farm. Captain Rabbit chose an open area where he could focus on performing the empowerment. Sloan smiled at Hannah. "Let me show you how my empowerment turned out."

    "Empowered Legacy! Activate!" Sloan felt the energy rush cascading up his body from his waist to his head. Then as he felt his hair stand on end and goosebumps rippling over his skin, a circle of power and a conic pyramid of energy illuminated his body brightly. The circular disc he stood upon in front of the pyramid of conic energy then revolved around behind the pillar of power and as the disc came back into view, the form of a handsome and slender adult animated Kitsune man clothed in a training leotard. Then Sloan exclaimed, "Hero Armor Sequence!" His heroic armor then appeared in flashes up and down his transformed body, followed by his gloves and boots; and finally his clear safety visor which appeared over his eyes. He then leaped off of the disc in a mighty aerial flip where Sloan began rotating his two tails rapidly as he hovered in mid-air before landing in full view where he struck a military pose and saluted Hannah respectfully. "Commander Kitsune! Mobian Militia!"

    Commander Kitsune said, "See? Easy as you please. Power Down." And he changed back into Osric Sloan. "I have kept my word to Captain Rabbit once he helped me to get this empowerment. And he has been open enough to help us investigate animated world traps."

    Captain Rabbit said to Robert, "Are you ready to get empowered safely?"

    Robert said, "I'm as ready as I'll ever be."

    Captain Rabbit said, "Power down." And the heroic rabbit changed back into Gerard Prince.

    But before he could get behind Robert to begin the process, a sniper laser fired off and Gerard hit the ground. But before his heroic friends could react, the red rabbit sniper was the target of a star fighter attack being conducted by the Red Scourge; Gerard's pirate rabbit son. The red rabbit was repeatedly shot by the ship's laser cannons until at the end, the Red Scourge leaped out and held a pirate cutlass to the red rabbit's neck. "You just earned a date with Lighty. I hope it isn't his birthday again... or better, I hope it is. If my father dies, Anime World will be the target of the entire pirate rabbit armada. We don't give a damn if you are a law rabbit. Murdering my father doesn't seem very lawful. Or is this a Cat Lord similarity?"

    The Red Rabbit then said, "Do your worst, thief. If Captain Rabbit empowers Robert to receive Mega Star, then that is grand scale theft. We copyrighted the Mega Star identity to our university. They only way Robert can use that identity would be to join our college. Otherwise, he is illegally acquiring it. I designed the Mega Star heroic form myself. It legally belongs to me."

    Red Scourge grinned. "You mean, you used to own it." And before the red rabbit could ask what the pirate meant, his head was laying on the ground at the pirate's feet. "It is hard for a dead rabbit to own anything."

    Timesheart was then up close to Red Scourge. "All Stars don't kill people. I'll prevent this event so we get a second chance. Kazma would declare war on us otherwise."

    Red Scourge said, "You better prevent my father from being shot or else the war will still be on."

    End of Chapter 01

    Chapter 02

    Within the glistening effect of flash back time alteration, the group of people came out of the house to stand in the side yard for the empowerment. After Sloan showed Hannah his empowered form and powered down, the Pentagon psionic representative whom had been mentally given a warning about the red rabbit sniper, activated her mental power to immobilize the red rabbit as if he has hit with a paralysis ray.

    Timesheart then whispered something to Robert. "When you go to transform, change the word 'By' to 'As it says in' from the transformation phrase. And when you shout off your name at the end, say the words 'The Most Powerful C.O.W.-boy of Moo Mesa'. The stupid red rabbits copyrighted the name Mega Star to their university which clearly proves that they were performing entrapment to get you to join their college. Until we can get this copyright debunked, Don't call yourself Mega Star; call yourself Mega Bull, instead. That way they cannot say you stole their empowered form."

    Captain Rabbit then powered down to his Gerard Prince identity and he stepped over behind Robert and held him around his waist. "This will feel weird at first, but in the end, you will have your empowerment. I don't know what Timesy told you, but the ending identity is your choice. Red Rabbits be damned. What is in your heart? are you ready?"

    Robert said, "I'm ready, Cap. Let's do this."

    "Empowered Legacy! Activate!" "By the Power of Moo Mesa!"

    Gerard and Robert felt the energy rush cascading up their bodies from their waist to their head. Then as they felt their hair stand on end and goosebumps ripple over their skin, a circle of power and a conic pyramid of energy illuminated their bodies brightly. The circular disc they stood upon in front of the pyramid of conic energy then revolved around behind the pillar of power and as the disc came back into view, the forms of a handsome and muscular rabbit man came into view to take the place of the former teen aged human while an animated COW-boy seemed to be directly in front of the rabbit. The rabbit's pirate crew costume appeared in a flash to cover his body as a training leotard covered Robert's modesty. Then they leaped off of the disc in a mighty aerial flip as the rabbit landed in full view where he made a flurry of martial arts moves before striking his final pose for all to see. "Captain Rabbit!" As Robert was released in mid air, he glowed as bright as a comet in the Western sky as he flew around and landed in full view where he struck a pose similar to what Marshal Moo Montana would make. "I am Super Star, the most powerful COW-boy in Moo Mesa!"

    Captain Rabbit then stood behind the COW-boy and placed his hands around Super Star's waist. "Power Down!" and the two returned to their normal human forms.

    Gerard then stepped back out into the open. You should permanently have the power now. And no trappy empowerment hat. Now if you will excuse me, I feel naked."

    "Empowered Legacy! Activate!" Gerard struck his pose and felt the energy rush cascading up his body from his waist to his head. Then as he felt his hair stand on end and goosebumps ripple over his skin, a circle of power and a conic pyramid of energy illuminated his body brightly. The circular disc he stood on in front of the pyramid of conic energy then moved around behind the pillar of power as on another disc the form of a handsome and muscular rabbit man came around from the other side to take the place of the former human. Then his costume appeared in flashes up and down his new body, followed by his gloves and boots, and finally, his clear visor appeared on his head over his eyes. He leaped off of the disc and made some impressive martial arts moves as he landed in his finishing pose for all to see. "Captain Rabbit!"

    He then grinned. "I forgot to mention that I have a whole bunch of costumes and identities. It's your turn now, Robert."

    Robert struck his pose as he rotated his fists in a star pattern in front of his chest as he shouted, "By the Power of Moo Mesa!" Robert's star pattern erupted in the light of the comet as the glow overtook his transforming body. He was then hit with the full magical energy of the law COW as his body bulked up as muscular as Dakota Dude's usual form displayed; this was followed by his head taking on the appearance of Marshal Moo Montana but instead of the letter 'M' on his cowboy hat, he had what looked like a swirled comet residing in that position. His red bandanna was around his neck as his body was covered in armor similar to Dakota Dude's clothing although his feet became cloven bovine hoofs while he had a bull's tail jutting out from behind him in a decent manner. His armored uniform was mainly sienna and gold in coloration with silver gloves over his powerful hands. His star blasters appeared in his belt holsters along with a coiled lasso. He then shouted, "I am Super Star, the most powerful COW-boy in Moo Mesa!"

    Captain Rabbit then said, "This may not be a code of the west, but this is the oath that I and my friends live by. Just remember that we are the premiere hero team. But we are heroes and it is to this end we must strive to uphold the brotherhood of honor and life. and the following declaration: All-Stars Burning Bright...!"

    All of the heroic rabbit's gathered friends then shouted, "...All-Stars Shine Forever!"

    That is when Timesheart told Captain Rabbit what the red rabbits were up to and what the Red Scourge had almost did in response. "In other words, King Kazma may not know that his red rabbits were doing this, but the red Rabbit sniper is currently paralyzed thanks to my telling Hannah where to aim her power."

    Captain Rabbit said, "Lets put him into a straight jacket and send him to the Pentagon lock-up. Once he is there, King Kazma will then be contacted to let him know that a red rabbit was captured trying to perform a sniper kill upon me. Kazma claims that he cares about me, so we will see what his response will be when he gets the newest report."

    Marshal Moo walked over and hugged Robert. "I am glad you changed your transformation sequence and appearance to make it different from Mega Star. Although I still think it stinks that Kazma won't let you use the so-called gifted empowerment that they gave you because you saved your friend's life."

    Robert said, "It is no more than Ralph and I expected, Moo. When can we boys get enrolled at the Mesa Institute?"

    Moo Montana said, "As soon as your families okay your move to PAWS, we can process your joining of the Mesa Institute."

    End of Chapter 02


      Chapter 03

      The Mesa Institute; Mesa's Edge, Moo Mesa; PAWS.

      Robert, Ralph, and Gerard were getting signed up at the Institute with Marshal Moo Montana's assistance. A GPA was not required to get enrolled there as long as the student did their best. Even Timesheart chose to sign up for some classes; not because he wanted to be near the boy, but because the curriculum actually looked decent. This prompted Lighty to also sign up to try it out, not because he was impressed, but because he simply likely getting the same education that the tiger was receiving. Plus, this college had books he had never read before and he was a reader first and foremost. Reading was Fundamental or rather fun and mental.

      Back on Earth, Osric Sloan and Hannah Seasons were confronting King Kazma in regards to the latest chapter of the continuing fiasco made possible from Space Master Life Video Services showing one of his trusted Red Rabbit employees attempting an assassination strike on Gerard Prince which was followed by the Red Scourge delivering payback on the rotten law rabbit. And then one of Timesheart's time rewinds occur and the red rabbit sniper is paralyzed by one of Hannah's mental powers to prevent him from killing the boy.

      Osric said, "It is starting to really look bad for Anime World, Kazma. It is going to be hard to deny this in a court of law. Your boys targeted an Earth human for a sleazy empowerment to make him join your college or surrender the powers permanently. Then when the boy gets stuck, you accuse him of theft. Before that, he willingly surrendered the empowerment hat to you without question although the damage was done. If the empowerment was only in the hat, then when he went to demonstrate the process to the reporter, then he wouldn't have transformed and got stuck in the bull form. You implied the empowerment was in the hat. So when you took the hat back, there shouldn't have been any powers in Robert at all. Sounds to me like your boys are cat lords in disguise. You planet lords hate being put on the spot when one of your people mess up. How many familiar rabbits do your people have in their harems, Kazma? I hardly call supporting the assassination of the boy you claim that you like a lawful action."

      Hannah then said, "You put up a good mind deflection before, Kazma. So I had Timesy take me back in time where I could scan your mind from the time stream and I learned that you knew all the data before the fiasco started. The red rabbits gladly told you everything. They knew Robert would eventually get stuck. So what's it going to be, rabbit?"

      Kazma replied, "Our scout got overly excited over seeing Robert without his shirt on. It was later learned that the red rabbit in question was on the edge of going into rut. He gave the empowerment hat to Robert without waiting for the go-ahead command. I personally wanted to make sure the empowerment was going to be safe. I am not putting up a block now, Hannah. I am being honest. As for the rabbit trying to snipe Robert... if you will recall, he wants Robert himself. And he thinks Captain Rabbit's version of the empowerment ability comes from a very dirty contaminated source. Think about it, Sloan. Gerard's original empowerment ability stemmed from Frontier Toonium resources. Therefore, when he uses this empowerment on someone, it is transferring Toonium out of Gerard and directly into the person whom thinks they are only getting powers. If that doesn't sound like recruitment, then the cat lords are running a class act that I cannot even compare with. I wanted to remove Gerard's Toonium based powers entirely and give him a clean version of his powers through the Yuskay Groomers. You know they would be professional with this. So if you got your powers through Gerard, Osric, then you are also contaminated as is anyone else whom has this in their bodies right now."

      Kazma then said, "Was it ever medically confirmed that Gerard had actually died, or did the All-Stars jump the gun as they are always so fond of doing to get their way?"

      Hannah then added, "He has a valid point this time, Sloan. No one told me if Gerard had actually died when he was shot with the laser. Yes, the boy fell to the ground, but the video doesn't show any blood spilling from the boy's neck."

      Osric said, "I don't want to give up Commander Kitsune. But what Kazma is now saying is making sense. Moo Montana likely has no clue that he just allowed Toonium on their new world."

      Kazma arched an eye. "Is that where Gerard and Robert are currently at?"

      At that moment over PAWS, a Red Rabbit Galactic Law Armada came into orbit and a message was projected down to everyone on the planet. "Attention PAWS citizens. Due to a mistake on Marshal Moo's behalf, several human-based college students from Earth with a Toonium infection were permitted to be on your planet. If you know whom these victims are, stay away from them at all costs. But alert the authorities of their whereabouts. Thank you. We will wait for a reply from Marshal Moo."

      Robert said, "They aren't going to give up. They couldn't win the other way and now they are going to continue to be a pest until I join their butt fuck party as Timesy put it."

      Ralph remarked, "I just sent Moo an alert, but something tells me that he already knows since the message was not directed at you and I specifically."

      Marshal Moo then stepped into the room along with Medina, the latter holding a device which she then aimed at Ralph before she pushed the button. "Green Light, Moo. It isn't him." She then reset the device and aimed it at Robert. "Orange Range, Moo. Looks like they are not just telling another lie this time. Robert? Stay in your human form. Don't power up for any reason. Your transformation power is Toonium based. But when you aren't using it, you are stabilized in the Orange Range. This can be repaired but until we can do this for you, stay human. Now to go find Gerard and test him. Timesy and Lighty were given Green Light passes."

      Ralph pulled out his communicator and activated it. "Gerard, this is Ralph. I hope you are in your human form. Please come to the Mesa Physics Class ASAP. Medina is here with Marshal Moo. Do not transform, but do hurry."

      The comm unit reply was. "I was about to transform to go after a bandit, but now that you have warned me, I am on my way back to the college. Arnie Roo can handle the bandit."

      Marshal Moo said, "That roo hates having to use those sticks of his. That bandit will be toast."

      From a side corner, one of Arnie Roo's devi-portals opened up and Gerard stepped out of it before the portal closed. "Make it good, Medina. The whole planet is avoiding us humans like the plague thanks to the red rabbits. We will certainly not get any decent schooling done here thanks to them."

      End of Chapter 03


        Chapter 04

        Marshal Moo then said, "Wouldn't you say that this is just like the cat lords, Gerard?"

        The boy replied, "Almost directly synonymous to one of their old plots. I think that vetoes King Kazma's world as a possible home for the All-Stars and my team. And he is likely still swearing up and down that he is innocent of all this. Speaking of which... since his red rabbits showed up here, time to pop his balloon back on Earth." And he activated his comm unit and pressed the Hannah Seasons button. "Ms. Seasons, this is Gerard Prince. The Red Rabbit Armada just arrived in orbit over Moo's world and they issued an ultimatum to have all Earth-based humans removed from PAWS due to, get this... Toonium Infection. Instead of quietly telling Moo about it, they told the entire planet. I recall Atticus performing an action like this back on the original QC Planet and now the red rabbits are performing the exact same plot and action themselves. Further, since they allowed both myself and the All-Stars to be on Anime World before now, then Anime World is also infected with Toonium. The Red Rabbits still lose."

        Kazma face-pawed himself right in front of Osric and Hannah. "The boy would bring that up!"

        Osric and Hannah glared at Kazma, as Sloan said, "The boy just killed your case, Kazma."

        Hannah held up her comm unit and said, "Kazma is standing here in front of us, Gerard. Thanks for telling us that the Red Rabbits invaded PAWS without permission. Kazma will have a hard time getting his rabbit feet out of the warren manure at this point. He face-pawed himself."

        Gerard replied with, "Good! If his rabbits hadn't copy-catted one of Atticus' old plots in exact detail, then I wouldn't have said that! You know, I didn't want to go to CAMP World; that's where most of Atticus' former Founder Core went to team up with Albert Talbot. Lord Paul is rather creepy for some reason. I just don't like being around him."

        Kazma then said, "Since we are on the topic of animated worlds... 1) Sorcerer Mickey is operating one based off of CAMP World although he is not allowing any tourism to frequent the world at all. He has one human in there helping some adventurers, but that's it. He calls it Adventure Land. The tech level is like zero. No communicators and no non-rodent species. Yes, the human boy whom is there is wearing a rat form by choice. 2) One of Timesheart Tiger's counterparts is running a Toonium-free version of QC Planet. Again with no tourism. All former toons were copied from the originals and they simply live there as if their lives had never stopped filming. The tiger lord calls it QC Wuz. 3) Lord Rodney Blaze of Chaosmire is running an animated world in deep space just outside of QC Frontier. Again it is based off of the old Quad counties minus all of the sex-minded cat lords. They allow tourism, seven families at a time. They call the world, Toonscape. I think Osric himself (before he was empowered by you, Gerard) has been there to talk to Miles Prower."

        Kazma then paused before continuing. "Now back to you, Gerard. Your Captain Rabbit powers are resourced from Frontier Toonium origins. If you will recall, the normal Frontier that the toons live in was created by Atticus with visitation star gates provided so any one in normal space wanting to visit the toon space zone could do so. Your pen-pal Jamie will not find the Thundercats, the Voltron Force, the Tigersharks, nor the Starknight toons in normal space. They only exist in Frontier. And all Frontier worlds are Toonium based. My boys and I originated from a normal space sector that is Digitally based since I came from the Digital World initially. My job in that world was to fight viruses. And Toonium is a major virus."

        Medina was showing Moo and Gerard the scan conducted on the boy and the read-out was clearly in the red. Indicating a major infection source.

        Gerard then said, "If your crooked Rabbits in rut hadn't copyrighted a heroic form intended for a human boy, then you wouldn't be in trouble now. Think about it, Kazma swears they are not acting like the cat lords and then with full knowledge because they told him, they come up with this plot to get a human boy empowered to enroll at a law college where he was to have been the leader of a new superhero group despite having me and my team already operating on the planet. Sounds like entrapment to me. Then when Robert gets the press and the government involved, Kazma has the audacity to call Robert getting stuck as theft of a power they owned. Gee! This reminds me of when Atticus told the press and the government, All Toonium based powers belong solely to me, meaning himself, in regards to Supermouse's empowerment accident that Minos Del Malign and Overcat, two citizens of Meta-Star City, performed on Joseph Williams just after there was a Dream Boy snafu that Sloan's own scientists fucked up. And Sloan was right to jump on the Powers gained in America belong to the U.S. Government spiel, and any foreign nation, including animated worlds, taking these people were committing theft on the government. It didn't work then and it won't work now."

        Kazma face-pawed himself a second time. He just wanted Gerard to end the call and shut up. "If your powers weren't Toonium-based, Gerard, then I would have no problem with your going around empowering people. But you are spreading Toonium as we speak. Exactly as the Safe Visitation Committee often did before they were found out by the All-Stars. Get your powers detoxed and I will work on ironing out the Red Rabbits. There are a selection of them whom really like you, Gerard. But then you have the hard core asses for brains whom think that you insult rabbits everywhere by being a human whom uses the rabbit form to be heroic and then powers down to enjoy the glory of your rabbit's actions."

        Gerard then said, "I know exactly whom all I have empowered, Kazma. I will make sure all of these people get a date at the Yuskay Groomers for their powers clean up. As you may remember, the Yuskay Groomers will do anything for me - for free. I don't know why they want to do this for me, but they do. I will get this detox started immediately. You handle the red rabbits and the detoxing of your world and then hopefully you and I can make a new start. But I plan on completing the testing of the Mesa Institute here on PAWS to see if it matches up with other colleges elsewhere. They didn't require me to have a GPA as long as I did my best. I don't get that offer from any other animated universities. Its always, This is your GPA? Don't call us; we'll call you. And you wonder why I didn't accept your offer to get educational help."

        Kazma then stated, "Before you get settled in too nicely, Gerard... there is one final pop-shot I want to send back your way. We can keep this private over this call, or I can use the armada's loudspeakers to tell the whole planet about it since it involves you and Atticus. I saw this over Space Master's Life Video Services when I was checking your background one time to make sure you were a good choice to be a hero on my planet. I kept quiet about this one instance since I thought it was a misspoken fluke; but you need to be aware what the courts can call up to look at if you ever end up in court on the wrong side of the law."

        Gerard said, "Aside from Osric and Hannah, it should be private. What did you find?"

        Kazma leaned up against one wall and he took a breath before releasing it. "This won't be easy since you may have put this out of your mind already..."

        End of Chapter 04


          Chapter 05

          Kazma then continued. "Do you remember the final weeks on QC Planet when the Pink Panther's Family Acquisition deals were being conducted by you, yourself, and a few of your teammates?"

          Gerard replied, "I vaguely recall that. Please fill in the blanks for me."

          Kazma replied, "You woke up one morning after a sex session with Ace the Bat Hound in your own bed. While the two of you were taking your morning shower to get all of the spunk off of your bodies and out of your cracks. Atticus magically contacted you and asked you to come by his place in Infinite Heights to talk about a serious matter. You finished your shower and grabbing your clothes without putting them on, you changed into Captain Rabbit and flew up to Atticus' estate where you powered down on his front steps and then you got dressed right there. As you were tying your shoes, a newspaper boy threw his newspaper and hit you in the seat of your pants. Top Cat took you inside and left you in Atticus' bathroom where the cat lord was actually taking a bubble bath. You helped him to scrub his back with his scrub brush. When the meeting was about over, he stood up and bent over to empty out his tub. His tail was lifted and you could clearly see his anal pucker. He mentioned that if the situation were different, he wouldn't mind playing with you. Then you changed into Captain Rabbit and this is the part that makes you seem as dirty as he is... You told Atticus the the next time Captain Rabbit wasn't so busy with things, then Gerard would love to let him have sex with him. The rest of your outing was done professionally."

          Kazma then wrapped up the explanation. "A few weeks later, Atticus calls you a second time to ask if you are busy as Captain Rabbit. This time you say no and when you agree to go meet with him at a private location, he reminds you of your offer that you had made during the bathroom meeting. He tells you that he would like to know that the boy behind Captain Rabbit can keep his word. And in the next hour, you give Atticus exactly what you offered to give him. He let you stay human during the experience and then he asked you to transform and when you did, he proceeded to have sex with your empowered rabbit form. You passed out part way through this session. When you woke up, you were in a secret medical lab where the doctors informed you that they had to medically do some sort of surgery on you to remove a dangerous Toonium based sex inducer that one of your other playmates had put inside of your torso. Atticus supposedly discovered it and since you didn't know how it got in there, he was having his private doctors remove it from you so it didn't ruin Captain Rabbit's career. Later, it was discovered that these doctors were COME operatives whom worked for Atticus and this so-called sex-inducer in your chest was non other than the Star of Destiny that Atticus had stolen out of Heaven and he now wanted it back. He didn't care if you survived the surgery or not since you associated with a bunch of heroic types that he disliked dealing with. The All-Stars. Their final plan was to dip you in dissolving Toonium once they had the Star out of your body. Night the Superdog and Whitepaw came to your rescue."

          Kazma then stated, "You supposedly visited the Yuskay Groomers for a full Toonium removal detox, but I discovered that they never gave you this full detox. That's why you have been walking around sharing this Toonium empowerment with everyone that you have helped to gain powers. It turned out that Number One was not at the Groomers on the day you visited. Instead, none of the actual Yuskay Groomers were at the facility. The so-called groomers in the facility were all cat lords in disguise instructed to pretend to remove the Toonium from your body but in truth to only give you a standard cleansing. Thinking you were clean, you met up with me to ask how the new planet project was coming along and you asked me if you could see what I had done so far. I instructed you to submit to a Toonium detection scanner that Tennyson and Medina installed for me and you promptly failed the scan. The read-out indicated that you had bathed in pure Toonium as of a week before and had never washed it off. At that point, I could not let you into the project. You were angry at first citing that the Yuskay Groomers had given you a full detox just after the COME incident. So when I offered to take you the local Yuskay Groomers, you declined stating that this was something you could do yourself. When I called Number One later and asked him if you had come in for the important detox, he informed me that you never showed up. I then offered the Groomers a reward to find you and detox you whether you wanted it or not. If they didn't do it, then their claim of doing anything for you would be a lie. Number One got angry with me until I threatened to call him father. You were found having sex with one of Ace's stunt doubles again and they captured you for the detox which you finally got. Number One later told me that you had a Toonium Infection higher than he had ever seen before and that they would have to keep you in the tank for two weeks."

          Wrapping it up, Kazma said, "Later he called me back to tell me that Lighty had brought in the Mack Roo Lawyers to register Cap's release from the Groomers since the team needed him for something. Number One said that at the time of your release, you were still infected. Eventually on the day you chose to come to my new world, you didn't come in through the scanner. You went around the galactic merchant route thus avoiding the Toonium detection scanners. I naturally thought that you had come in the right and legal way. So in truth, you were on the planet illegally. And saying this, I will let Osric and Hannah decide what to do with you. If my world is infected, then YOU caused it, Gerard."

          Kazma looked to Osric, "I need to go use the restroom and that is the only place I will be." And he headed off to do that.

          Gerard was shocked. Medina nodded her head. "Lighty never told me that they pulled you out of detox for our meeting."

          Gerard said, "I need to get cleaned up." He then looked at Robert. "I am so sorry... if you come to the groomers with me they won't charge you for the detox. No wonder I am the dumbest bunny in the box. I'm just the company fuck toy."

          Robert looked to Gerard and he hugged him. "Now don't say that. You didn't know this would happen. Come on, we have a date with the Groomers. Just how many people did you empower, anyway? I mean, you said you remembered the entire list."

          Gerard sighed, "Osric Sloan and his five adult volunteers. You and one other boy whom I helped to become Captain Reindeer. He was a Captain Rabbit fan whom also liked reindeer. I let so many people down." He quietly sobbed a little. "I suck..."

          Ralph said, "I'm coming with you guys. I was thinking about getting an empowerment myself and if this hadn't been found out, I would have let you take me on that ride, Gerard."

          Robert added, "Plus you apologized for not knowing. You said that the episode with Atticus made you forget a lot of the details. I can hardly call that your fault. Besides, if Kazma suspected you of being infected, why didn't he enforce the groomer visit once you were on Anime World. It is his world and legally he is the law there."

          Medina was having Hannah use her own personal Toonium Detection device toward Sloan to see if he also had an Orange Range infection. Which he sadly did. Osric Sloan was then calling in all of the rest of his team to get scanned and go in for treatment at the Yuskay Groomers.

          End of Chapter 05


            Chapter 06

            In the main lobby of the Yuskay Groomers, the godly sexy anthropomorphic Hell Hound studs saw their favorite boy come in with a bunch of humans. When Number One came out, Gerard explained to him what he had unknowingly gone off and done to some nice folk. "I need help badly. Clean up all of these people, most of which have an orange range infection. Ralph has no infection at all, but he was going to ask me for an empowerment and rather than trust my less than stellar abilities and luck, I want you guys to grant him his request for him. As for the rest, the Toonium based empowerments need to be removed and pure empowerments need to be given back to them. I just wanted to help people and I blew it. Charge all of this to my stupid Direct Investments account which I don't deserve to have at all."

            All of those that Gerard had brought in were taken into separate grooming stations, while Gerard himself was taken into an awaiting heavy duty detox tank. The boy was miserable and in his condition, he might try to drown himself on the detox fluids.

            Ralph couldn't help complimenting the canine stud that was tending to him. "You are so sexy and hot. I used to think that the Pizza Hounds were something else, but you guys take that over the top. If only I had a few of you guys around when I was growing up."

            One said, "If you had, then you would have been fucked for sure. The younger members of our family are very sexual. We don't start getting professional until we reach adult age. I take it that you really like our bodies."

            Ralph replied, "Your bodies are far better than a cat."

            The other commented as he looked over Ralph's chart. "No contest on that."

            Ralph then asked, "I know Gerard said he was covering the charge for you guys doing this... what is the normal price for one of your empowerment sessions?"

            The first Hell Hound smiled. "Try to stay in your chair, Ralph. Ten thousand dollars for the full empowerment session. But Gerard is VIP with our family so we give him whatever he wants for free as long as he is the one who brings people in. If he isn't present, then we charge people the full price."

            Ralph went rigid when he heard the full price. "Damned! That would have floored me had I been standing up. Just so you two are warned, my family has the potential for powerful magic but up until now, my powers haven't activated at all. That's why I was considering an empowerment since my abilities seemed to be dead."

            The second Hell Hound then asked, "What is your full name, Ralph?"

            The young man replied, "Ralph Nigel Potter of Lone Oak, Kentucky; Planet Earth."

            The first Groomer said, "Your name means Wolf Champion Whom Pokes Repeatedly. Or more to the British terminology Wolf Champion Whom Performs Tasks. Although you may not want to be a wolf yourself based off of other wolf heroes and what they have to deal with in their lives."

            Ralph grinned. "Whitepaw sure got screwed by those Asgardian Wolf Priests. So no, I would not want to be a god like him. But has anyone said that I cannot have a sexy body like you and your brothers? I know I shouldn't be thinking about sex, but you groomers are turning me on something fierce."

            The second Groomer asked, "Would you like the permanent species crossover or a transformation trigger? Either way, you get to designate how you want the form to look when you are in it."

            Ralph asked, "Could you show me some pictures of Family members whom have passed away and then I can choose the ones that interest me? You could then tell me what the brother in question was known for. As for the transition, if I chose permanent, then that would just like the cat lords and their tricks. I would need the transformation trigger."

            The first Groomer said, "We have to ask that question to make sure you are still thinking clearly. Your thoughts were beginning to get clouded by your erection. Not that we mind." He then went to fetch the photos of the deceased brothers. Something that no client had ever asked for before now. When he returned, he found the second Groomer sitting in Ralph's lap licking the boy's face. "Bro... do you want Number One to catch you doing that?"

            The second Groomer was out of the boy's lap pretty fast. "I was helping him to calm down, that's all. He needed to be calm for the empowerment."

            Ralph just grinned since the second groomer had given him a fellatio while the first groomer was gone. And it felt good! Ralph felt like he had a new boyfriend.

            The first Groomer handed Ralph the stack of photos of the stud brothers whom were no longer with the family. And then he went over to get the Transformation Trigger prepared.

            Ralph motioned for the second Groomer to come close again and he mouthed, 'Which brothers did you like the looks of the most?' And the second Groomer helped Ralph to sort out the ones that this groomer had more than a liking for. Then Ralph mouthed to the Groomer, 'Would you like to be my boyfriend?' The second Groomer nodded his head with a smile before backing off just in time as the first Groomer was starting to turn around.

            The first Groomer now said, "Lets see the choices you made, Ralph. And did you decide what kind of powers you'd like to have in your new canine form?"

            Ralph said, "I would like the flight power that Mylanus Oki'Prowlus utilizes when he flies or hovers around in a standing position. Regardless, I would like my magic potential turned on in both my human form as well as my Hell Hound form. I still have to decide on the costume, since I don't want to be naked on Moo Mesa..."

            End of Chapter 06


              Chapter 07

              Some hours later, there was a crowd of Groomers and patients standing outside of the station that Ralph had been getting his treatment session in. As Gerard pushed his way through the crowd, he raised his voice, "OKAY BOYS! What happened in there?"

              Number One emerged from the room and said, "All male, guys... you have some new nephews and all six are cute. As for you, Gerard, Ralph got too curious for his own good and he got pregnant from one of my brothers. Robert will get to tease his friend now. He controlled himself but Ralph got knocked up. Good thing magical gestation time in the underworld is only four hours. We also completed Ralph's empowerment. He really designed quite the magical hero."

              Robert smiled with a sly thought from the door to his own station. "So Ralph is in love with a Yuskay Groomer? At least his cousin Harrison can't brag that he's done this in Hogwarts."

              Most of the Groomers arched an eye since they didn't know the joke. Then Robert explained it to everyone and the Hell Hounds started laughing.

              Ralph moaned. "Robert told mom's joke again. Man... why did I give birth to so many? But they do look a lot like you, love."

              The second Groomer hugged Ralph. "It is more my fault than yours, you made me get excited during our session and when I heard my brother returning, I accidentally unloaded inside of you. I am just glad I didn't make you lose your humanity. This happens between underworld beings a lot more often than people are aware of."

              Ralph said, "Its okay. I did agree to be your boyfriend. I guess I am your mate now. Or how does that work?"

              The second Groomer said, "You get to finish college first and then after dad finishes lecturing me on not mounting clients, if you want to make it official with me, then and only then are we mates. Among Hell Hounds, knocking up a year-long boyfriend is the same as a marriage. That's why you get to finish college first and it is my fault."

              Ralph kissed the Groomer stud on his muzzle lips and said, "I do need to get back to college, love. I'll try to be true for you and you alone. Although I might want to mount myself if I get to looking at my empowered form too much."

              The Groomer replied, "Try to resist sucking yourself or else you will be right back at the Groomers getting a detox again."

              Ralph said, "The Victorian/Western world we are schooling on is called PAWS or Planet of Animated Western Steam. They have no planet lords. The toons run the world themselves." He then stood up and pulled his pants back on before grabbing his shirt and sliding it back on his torso. "Thanks for teaching me how you guys have fun."

              When Ralph emerged from his grooming station, he got a lot of paw-handshakes from the other Groomers and loads of well wishing compliments. He then stood next to Gerard. "Are you finished with your detox, Cap?"

              Gerard nodded his head. "Yes, I got a clean bill of health to quote Ace the Bat Hound. No more Toonium connections in my body and powers at all. We just need to grab Robert and then we can return to PAWS to finish college. King Kazma went to the Institute to speak to the Dean there about how the college operated. He was genuinely curious, he said."

              When Robert joined them, He had Star Rabbit holding on to his right arm. "Star said I could use Mega Star if I wanted to. He apologized to me and he said he liked how I look when I have my shirt off. He also asked me if I let any Cow-town bulls have sex with me. And the answer was obviously no. They are a bunch of straight bulls. Although Cowlorado Kidd is questionable at times."

              Gerard looked at Star Rabbit and said, "You have to go back to Anime World. Kazma is at the Mesa Institute right now and if he sees you there, he might have words with you."

              Star remarked, "I need to inform Kazma that Robert has permission to use Mega Star if he wants to. After that, I can leave with Kazma. But I would love to see Robert at the Anime Star University some day."

              Gerard then looked to Ralph. "Did the Groomers tell you that the transformation trigger is sometimes called the instant regeneration and auto-clean ability? This means that your human virginity could be restored the first time you transform into and out of your heroic form. And that might make your boyfriend very happy."

              Ralph replied, "Yes and did that already. Besides, I am sure you guys don't want me to make you three pop a boner in public."

              Afterward, the four arrived at the Institute at Mesa's Edge. They saw Kazma and the Institute Dean sitting on the front porch. Star then went over and he spoke to Kazma about Robert's permission if he chose to use it.

              Gerard looked at the two best friends as he said, "I need to properly suit up now that my powers have been cleansed. Empowered Legacy! Activate!" Gerard struck his pose and felt the energy rush cascading up his body from his waist to his head. Then as he felt his hair stand on end and goosebumps ripple over his skin, a circle of power and a conic pyramid of energy illuminated his body brightly. The circular disc he stood on in front of the pyramid of conic energy then moved around behind the pillar of power as on another disc the form of a handsome and muscular rabbit man came around from the other side to take the place of the former human. Then his Lone Ranger like white costume appeared in flashes up and down his new body, followed by his cowboy hat, gloves and boots, and finally, his simple black mask over his eyes with a blue bandanna around his neck. He leaped off of the disc and made some impressive martial arts moves as he landed in his finishing pose for all to see. "Captain Rabbit!"

              Robert grinned. "Just how many costumes do you have, Cap?" Captain Rabbit grinned back. "Thousands of them. We held a fan contest one year under the promise that I would wear them all."

              End of Chapter 07


                Chapter 08

                Robert struck his pose as he rotated his fists in a star pattern in front of his chest as he shouted, "By the Power of Moo Mesa!" Robert's star pattern erupted in the light of the comet as the glow overtook his transforming body. He was then hit with the full magical energy of the law COW as his body bulked up as muscular as Dakota Dude's usual form displayed; this was followed by his head taking on the appearance of Marshal Moo Montana but instead of the letter 'M' on his cowboy hat, he had what looked like a swirled comet residing in that position. His red bandanna was around his neck as his body was covered in armor similar to Dakota Dude's clothing although his feet became cloven bovine hoofs while he had a bull's tail jutting out from behind him in a decent manner. His armored uniform was mainly sienna and gold in coloration with silver gloves over his powerful hands. His star blasters appeared in his belt holsters along with a coiled lasso. He then shouted, "I am Super Star, the most powerful COW-boy in Moo Mesa!"

                Ralph smirked. "If you want to see it that badly, then so be it."

                Ralph raised one hand into the air before him as he shouted, "Magical Knowledge! Hell Hound Power!" An eruption of impressive magical sparkles arose from the ground all around him as his human body transformed into that of a magical and unknown Yuskay Groomer Hell Hound! At that moment, his body was enveloped in a bright bronze like glow from the neck down to his wrists and his ankles. His Victorian styled Wizard outfit appeared first with arcane Underworld runes all over it although his tail remained free in the back, and over that, his Victorian styled trench coat like cloak appeared. Next, his silver bracers and anklets with gold runes around them appeared, along with his belt of magical power. Then, his bronze hood appeared over his head. Finally, a staff-scepter of Bronze, Gold and Silver appeared in his grasp as magical explosions of magical power erupted all around him. "Victorian Wizard!"

                Rapid close ups then rapidly occurred all over his completed transformation ending on his muzzle in his hood before the scene slowly pulled away to show him in his full glory.

                The Victorian Wizard smiled at everyone whom was now staring agape at his new empowerment. "Am I hot or what?"

                Super Star and Captain Rabbit walked around Victorian Wizard slowly. "Now we can see what took your empowerment so long," they both said.

                Kazma got up and said, "Now I have to go use the restroom. Be back soon." And he walked inside the Institute to go find the restroom.

                Captain Rabbit quickly grabbed a hold of Star Rabbit's communicator and activated it. "Kazma! The Institute does not have indoor plumbing! You either have to go use the outhouse or wash yourself in the nearby trough!" He then let go of Star's wrist and slyly smiled. "We boys knew what we were getting into when we signed up here."

                Star Rabbit turned off his comm unit and started laughing. "Kazma came in his pants when Ralph transformed!"

                Super Star said, "There are canines on the mesa, so your appearance will fit in, old buddy."

                Victorian Wizard said, "My boyfriend liked the end result."

                Super Star smiled. "I am glad no Moo Mesa Bull has turned my eye. I don't need to be in that kind of trouble."

                Captain Rabbit remarked, "I have no room to talk as Kazma and many others already know. I wasn't allowed to have pets as a young boy. So animals naturally turn my eye."

                Super Star chuckled. "We have animals all over our farm, Cap. If you really want to see animals that badly, come on by my dad's place. He will put you to work."

                Captain Rabbit said, "Speaking of work, I think we have patrols and classes to resume. Some of the gamblers and bandits in Victorian Heroes Reach are probably in pain if they got beat too badly by Arnie Roo. He really dislikes using the battle batons."

                Marshal Moo then approached the boys. "Cap. The bandits tried to overpower your little roo friend. Super Star, Dakota Dude could really use your help in protecting the stage coach this afternoon. And..." He blinked his eyes when he saw the stud canine in the Victorian magic user's outfit. "I reckon I don't know you, son."

                Victorian Wizard smiled at the Marshal and said, "Victorian Wizard when I am suited up like this." Then he whispered, "It's me, Ralph." Then out loud he said, "You can shorten my name to Victor if it makes it easier on you. I don't have a lot of spells learned, but I can use fisticuffs quite well as Super Star can vouch for." Then he paused. "And my improved hearing can overhear Mayor Bulloney saying that Moo Montana will never figure out what we are doing at the old Silver Mine."

                Marshal Moo then said, "Why don't you come with me, Victor, and we will go see what the mayor is doing at the old silver mine."

                Captain Rabbit headed off for Victorian Heroes Reach to save the poor criminals from the dangerous little roo and his sticks.

                Super Star headed off to join Dakota Dude. Marshal Moo picked up Cowlorado Kidd and took him with Victor to the old silver mines North of Cow-town. Watching the Marshal along with a stranger and that joke of a Cowboy, the Kidd, enter the old mine was the Masked Bull. "Mayor Bulloney won't like this. So he won't mind if we cause a cave in to seal the Marshal and his useless musical calf into the old mine."

                Inside the old mine, Moo said, "Keep your eyes and ears open for anything." The group moved deeper into the mine where upon they felt a shaking sensation as the timbers creaked and loose dirt fell off of the support beams as the Kidd shouted, "Cave-in!" Victor grabbed a hold of Moo and the Kidd and in a fiery teleport, they vanished from the mine and appeared without warning next to the marshal's and the Kidd's horses some distance away. "Too close, guys," stated Victor. "But I don't think that was an accident." Moo then said, "But if they think that we are trapped in the mine, then they won't be expecting us to get the drop on them."

                End of Chapter 08