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[PAWS] RRMS-02 The Mesa Institute

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    [PAWS] RRMS-02 The Mesa Institute

    When Robert Rogers and his friend Ralph Potter attend the Mesa Institute of the Code of the West, they become involved with the Planet of Animated Western Steam's newest hero team, The Western Stars.

    [PAWS] RRMS-02 The Mesa Institute

    Stampede City, Moo Mesa - Robert Rogers: Mega Star (The Western Stars)
    Episode Two: The Mesa Institute
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter 01

    Rogers farm, just South of Lone Oak, Kentucky; Planet Earth

    Robert went over and hugged and shook hands with Captain Rabbit as well as Marshal Moo Montana. "Thank you both so much for coming here tonight. Ralph and I cannot wait to attend the Mesa Institute. How does this re-empowerment process work, Cap?"

    Captain Rabbit said, "First thing I do is to power down into my human identity. Then while you are picturing the heroic identity of choice in your mind, I place my arms around you from behind and hold on tight as I undergo the transformation into one of my available forms. Since I am holding on to you, you will transform when I do. Next, while still holding on to you, I power down. This will return us both back to normal. Then I let go of you and you try it on your own. Planet Lords hate the idea that I have the ability to help others with an empowerment since this is an ability that they desire to keep to themselves. Teenagers do not get sick when transforming, where upon adults experience transformation sickness after transforming the first time. However... transformation is also the instant regeneration power. It will cure you of everything that ails you which can include ages old injuries. I could do this for both yourself as well as Ralph, if he so wanted to gain his own empowerment. I know the Potters are capable of learning magic; I can use it myself due to my being related to Merlin. I would advise that we conduct the empowerment outside of your house. I tend to leap into the air with martial arts as I transform and I don't want to damage your parent's ceiling when we do this for you."

    Robert glanced over at his parents, Ralph, and his parents. "We need to take the re-empowerment outside, folks. Captain Rabbit is going to help me to regain my empowerment."

    Medina then said, "I better get ready on standby to make sure the empowerment sticks. I had to do this way back before Cap migrated over to Anime World when we empowered Sloan and his reserve team."

    Hannah glanced at Sloan. "You underwent the empowerment yourself?"

    Sloan replied, "I wanted to make sure it worked and to show my people that it was safe to do by being my own guinea pig for the first empowerment. It worked completely although I did experience Transformation Sickness as Dr. Tennyson warned me might occur and I upchucked into a nearby dumpster; but I ended up with the pretty awesome and way past cool form of Commander Kitsune."

    The group of people headed outside into the yard of the Rogers farm. Captain Rabbit chose an open area where he could focus on performing the empowerment. Sloan smiled at Hannah. "Let me show you how my empowerment turned out."

    "Empowered Legacy! Activate!" Sloan felt the energy rush cascading up his body from his waist to his head. Then as he felt his hair stand on end and goosebumps rippling over his skin, a circle of power and a conic pyramid of energy illuminated his body brightly. The circular disc he stood upon in front of the pyramid of conic energy then revolved around behind the pillar of power and as the disc came back into view, the form of a handsome and slender adult animated Kitsune man clothed in a training leotard. Then Sloan exclaimed, "Hero Armor Sequence!" His heroic armor then appeared in flashes up and down his transformed body, followed by his gloves and boots; and finally his clear safety visor which appeared over his eyes. He then leaped off of the disc in a mighty aerial flip where Sloan began rotating his two tails rapidly as he hovered in mid-air before landing in full view where he struck a military pose and saluted Hannah respectfully. "Commander Kitsune! Mobian Militia!"

    Commander Kitsune said, "See? Easy as you please. Power Down." And he changed back into Osric Sloan. "I have kept my word to Captain Rabbit once he helped me to get this empowerment. And he has been open enough to help us investigate animated world traps."

    Captain Rabbit said to Robert, "Are you ready to get empowered safely?"

    Robert said, "I'm as ready as I'll ever be."

    Captain Rabbit said, "Power down." And the heroic rabbit changed back into Gerard Prince.

    But before he could get behind Robert to begin the process, a sniper laser fired off and Gerard hit the ground. But before his heroic friends could react, the red rabbit sniper was the target of a star fighter attack being conducted by the Red Scourge; Gerard's pirate rabbit son. The red rabbit was repeatedly shot by the ship's laser cannons until at the end, the Red Scourge leaped out and held a pirate cutlass to the red rabbit's neck. "You just earned a date with Lighty. I hope it isn't his birthday again... or better, I hope it is. If my father dies, Anime World will be the target of the entire pirate rabbit armada. We don't give a damn if you are a law rabbit. Murdering my father doesn't seem very lawful. Or is this a Cat Lord similarity?"

    The Red Rabbit then said, "Do your worst, thief. If Captain Rabbit empowers Robert to receive Mega Star, then that is grand scale theft. We copyrighted the Mega Star identity to our university. They only way Robert can use that identity would be to join our college. Otherwise, he is illegally acquiring it. I designed the Mega Star heroic form myself. It legally belongs to me."

    Red Scourge grinned. "You mean, you used to own it." And before the red rabbit could ask what the pirate meant, his head was laying on the ground at the pirate's feet. "It is hard for a dead rabbit to own anything."

    Timesheart was then up close to Red Scourge. "All Stars don't kill people. I'll prevent this event so we get a second chance. Kazma would declare war on us otherwise."

    Red Scourge said, "You better prevent my father from being shot or else the war will still be on."

    End of Chapter 01

    Chapter 02

    Within the glistening effect of flash back time alteration, the group of people came out of the house to stand in the side yard for the empowerment. After Sloan showed Hannah his empowered form and powered down, the Pentagon psionic representative whom had been mentally given a warning about the red rabbit sniper, activated her mental power to immobilize the red rabbit as if he has hit with a paralysis ray.

    Timesheart then whispered something to Robert. "When you go to transform, change the word 'By' to 'As it says in' from the transformation phrase. And when you shout off your name at the end, say the words 'The Most Powerful C.O.W.-boy of Moo Mesa'. The stupid red rabbits copyrighted the name Mega Star to their university which clearly proves that they were performing entrapment to get you to join their college. Until we can get this copyright debunked, Don't call yourself Mega Star; call yourself Mega Bull, instead. That way they cannot say you stole their empowered form."

    Captain Rabbit then powered down to his Gerard Prince identity and he stepped over behind Robert and held him around his waist. "This will feel weird at first, but in the end, you will have your empowerment. I don't know what Timesy told you, but the ending identity is your choice. Red Rabbits be damned. What is in your heart? are you ready?"

    Robert said, "I'm ready, Cap. Let's do this."

    "Empowered Legacy! Activate!" "By the Power of Moo Mesa!"

    Gerard and Robert felt the energy rush cascading up their bodies from their waist to their head. Then as they felt their hair stand on end and goosebumps ripple over their skin, a circle of power and a conic pyramid of energy illuminated their bodies brightly. The circular disc they stood upon in front of the pyramid of conic energy then revolved around behind the pillar of power and as the disc came back into view, the forms of a handsome and muscular rabbit man came into view to take the place of the former teen aged human while an animated COW-boy seemed to be directly in front of the rabbit. The rabbit's pirate crew costume appeared in a flash to cover his body as a training leotard covered Robert's modesty. Then they leaped off of the disc in a mighty aerial flip as the rabbit landed in full view where he made a flurry of martial arts moves before striking his final pose for all to see. "Captain Rabbit!" As Robert was released in mid air, he glowed as bright as a comet in the Western sky as he flew around and landed in full view where he struck a pose similar to what Marshal Moo Montana would make. "I am Super Star, the most powerful COW-boy in Moo Mesa!"

    Captain Rabbit then stood behind the COW-boy and placed his hands around Super Star's waist. "Power Down!" and the two returned to their normal human forms.

    Gerard then stepped back out into the open. You should permanently have the power now. And no trappy empowerment hat. Now if you will excuse me, I feel naked."

    "Empowered Legacy! Activate!" Gerard struck his pose and felt the energy rush cascading up his body from his waist to his head. Then as he felt his hair stand on end and goosebumps ripple over his skin, a circle of power and a conic pyramid of energy illuminated his body brightly. The circular disc he stood on in front of the pyramid of conic energy then moved around behind the pillar of power as on another disc the form of a handsome and muscular rabbit man came around from the other side to take the place of the former human. Then his costume appeared in flashes up and down his new body, followed by his gloves and boots, and finally, his clear visor appeared on his head over his eyes. He leaped off of the disc and made some impressive martial arts moves as he landed in his finishing pose for all to see. "Captain Rabbit!"

    He then grinned. "I forgot to mention that I have a whole bunch of costumes and identities. It's your turn now, Robert."

    Robert struck his pose as he rotated his fists in a star pattern in front of his chest as he shouted, "By the Power of Moo Mesa!" Robert's star pattern erupted in the light of the comet as the glow overtook his transforming body. He was then hit with the full magical energy of the law COW as his body bulked up as muscular as Dakota Dude's usual form displayed; this was followed by his head taking on the appearance of Marshal Moo Montana but instead of the letter 'M' on his cowboy hat, he had what looked like a swirled comet residing in that position. His red bandanna was around his neck as his body was covered in armor similar to Dakota Dude's clothing although his feet became cloven bovine hoofs while he had a bull's tail jutting out from behind him in a decent manner. His armored uniform was mainly sienna and gold in coloration with silver gloves over his powerful hands. His star blasters appeared in his belt holsters along with a coiled lasso. He then shouted, "I am Super Star, the most powerful COW-boy in Moo Mesa!"

    Captain Rabbit then said, "This may not be a code of the west, but this is the oath that I and my friends live by. Just remember that we are the premiere hero team. But we are heroes and it is to this end we must strive to uphold the brotherhood of honor and life. and the following declaration: All-Stars Burning Bright...!"

    All of the heroic rabbit's gathered friends then shouted, "...All-Stars Shine Forever!"

    That is when Timesheart told Captain Rabbit what the red rabbits were up to and what the Red Scourge had almost did in response. "In other words, King Kazma may not know that his red rabbits were doing this, but the red Rabbit sniper is currently paralyzed thanks to my telling Hannah where to aim her power."

    Captain Rabbit said, "Lets put him into a straight jacket and send him to the Pentagon lock-up. Once he is there, King Kazma will then be contacted to let him know that a red rabbit was captured trying to perform a sniper kill upon me. Kazma claims that he cares about me, so we will see what his response will be when he gets the newest report."

    Marshal Moo walked over and hugged Robert. "I am glad you changed your transformation sequence and appearance to make it different from Mega Star. Although I still think it stinks that Kazma won't let you use the so-called gifted empowerment that they gave you because you saved your friend's life."

    Robert said, "It is no more than Ralph and I expected, Moo. When can we boys get enrolled at the Mesa Institute?"

    Moo Montana said, "As soon as your families okay your move to PAWS, we can process your joining of the Mesa Institute."

    End of Chapter 02