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RAGE-03 Prophecy Confirmation

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    RAGE-03 Prophecy Confirmation

    Digimon: RAGE (Really Advanced Gaming Edition)
    formerly Digimark Anatomically Correct
    Players: Lord Pouchlaw and Darquirrin

    Synopsis: Revived and perfectly reinstated within King Kazma's Live Anime World (or Kazma's LAW, for short,) Shinjuku, Japan and its citizens begin an adventure with familiar faces and rejuvenated youth for a more modern era. Join the former Digimark Digi-Destined heroes in an adventure within an all-new Temperoland Gold World known as Digimon RAGE. All the classics with a fresh coat of ink and paint.
    Devices Used in this Adventure: Card Launcher Advanced Super Safety Bracer (or Class Bracer, for short)
    If you accidentally leave your bracer at home and you later get a challenge from another player, the bracer automatically appears on your arm, cleaned up and looking as new as the day you first got it, along with your chosen partners included in the partner slots. Next up, your partner bracer can hold up to a hundred partner cards.

    When adding partners to the bracer, always slide the card in head first and picture side up. Once it is in place, you tap the picture and say the word, ACTIVATE. Initially, your partner will appear next to you and speak to you briefly before he shares a partner power with you that can be used anywhere. Also, activating a partner in your bracer bonds that partner to you and you alone. No one else can ever claim it after that.

    RAGE-03 Prophecy Confirmation
    By Lord Pouchlaw and Darquirrin
    May 23rd, 2018

    Cast of Characters:
    Vance "Foxy" Slystalker, played by Lord Pouchlaw
    Luke Masaki, played by Lord Pouchlaw
    ~~(Character concept by one of Darquirrin's off-board friends)
    Chester Ravenshire, played by Lord Pouchlaw
    Davyd Arden, played by Lord Pouchlaw
    Nedwin Finnpaw, played by Lord Pouchlaw
    Christopher "Kirsto" Maxwell, played by Darquirrin
    Faroth Planeswalker, played by Darquirrin
    Karal Heartstone, played by Darquirrin
    Joey Tahiro "J.T." Heartstone, played by Darquirrin
    Divina Deamon, played by Darquirrin
    Other Characters:
    Zecma The Devil Mouse of ZecCorp Games, played by Lord Pouchlaw
    Arturo Slystalker, Vance's father turned Houndimon
    Partners in Order of Characters
    Vance: Kahidomon, Cherapumon, Houndramon and Drakestamon (fifth reserve partner: Taeldroomon)
    Luke: Dragarulimon, Sunwukongamon and Wyzibismon
    Chester: Dondramon, Flamakaemon Minor and Vertigasmon
    Davyd: Recruitomon, Lulerosmon and Lunacucinaremon
    Kirsto: Leomon, Panthromon and Tigromon
    Faroth: Luptaracomon
    Karal: Vulpakelakidamon (Prince Vulpa)
    JT: Fennecmon and Mystikitsunemon
    Divina: Westalindramon (Westa)

    Jungle Island III, Jungle archipelago, Digital World
    Monday morning...

    Within the Back Alley Games Shop Beta Testers meeting room which now had more room for players and their partners. There were floating remote location monitors floating around the edges of the room. Zecma, his legal group, Finnpaw and Gotolmyrmon were in the meeting room along with those who were actually at the meeting room while the rest were at remote locations.

    Zecma said, "The purpose of this meeting is to discuss what any of the partners know about the Digital World Prophecy. We have been told that history repeats itself every thousand Digital Years. But such time may not be as long on Kazma's LAW or on Earth. Usually the appearance of a new Unity is the ushering in of the prophecy and as you may have just learned, JT is the current Unity and oh so ever so cute. Cuter than Faroth turned out. So Faroth is off the cute hook now."

    Vance said, "I probably need to replace my poorly chosen other partners. My father told us about part of the prophecy. He said our namesakes had been here before."

    Luke said, "Is that what is going on? I think we are lucky we didn't get sucked into being digimon on the first day."

    Davyd remarked, "Recruitomon was telling me that he was Davyd Arden in ages past and I am just the next one to make the crossing. He has offered to help me as much as possible."

    Finnpaw then said, "Chester? I know you and the mounts have been training. Has any of them mentioned the prophecy?"

    Chester said from his monitor as he was covered in bubble bath suds. "No. None of them has mentioned anything about it. Although I haven't spent time with Dondramon yet."

    Faroth grumbles at that. "Ya could have magicked up me some clothes while you were at it..."

    JT just blushed hotly, kinda hiding behind his partners.

    Kirsto says, "There are several prophecies written on the Standing Stones around the Islands. Each Standing Stone tells the story of an Elemental Champion and contains a riddle about how to find it's Temple. Panthromon showed them to me. There is is a seperate set of Standing Stones. They are all broken and in a circle and Panthromon called it the Broken Crown. From the way he talked about it, it was pretty important to the whole prophecy stuff."


      Zecma grinned. "So you want to be back in that hot itchy hazmat suit?" He waggled his fingers at Faroth and magicked some fresh clean clothes upon the data thief.

      Kahidomon said, "The temple of light also known as the Pyramid of Light is already known to Vance. He was directed to go there by the Digital Young Gods. Celestidragomon granted Vance his blessing. If there was to be anything more than that, no one has said anything about it."

      Zecma opened his partner selection program on his laptop and turned it around so Vance could choose his replacement partners.

      Vance got right into it while paying attention to the meeting since it was important.

      Gotolmyrmon said, "Prince Vulpa? Your father King Vulpa who was the old Prince Vulpa back in those days knew about the prophecy a bit. Had he mentioned anything of this to you or was his focus more on No-Yiff Tea and Stud Blossom plants?"

      Dragarulimon said, "My father mentioned that all eight temples had to jointly share their power before a new Unity could appear in the world. But once one arrived, expect hardships for all defenders involved. My father was usually a fun loving guy, but the doomsday talk creeped me out."

      Chester said, "When I get a chance to talk to Dondramon, I will ask him about the prophecy."

      Lulerosmon stated, "The only thing I know about the Prophecy is what Kirsto just mentioned about the Standing Stones... well and the shattered Stone of Mystery which fell into the ocean at the end of the last age."

      Recruitomon said, "The Stone of Mystery contained data about the original Macrosoftmon beasts that roamed around in the early days. That stone was deliberated destroyed by the ancestors of the Racolupotamon shadow warriors. They thought if the data was removed, new Macrosoftmon could not be reconstructed. But Arturo managed to create a safe version of one initially before Macrosoft stole his designs and then had the balls to ask him to help them to solve a programming error in their copies which made no sense to them."


        Faroth was grateful for the clothes. He tugged on them slightly as he fitted them on. "Even if it's destroyed, Data has a tendency to find its way back."

        Vulpa states softly, "The tea and blossoms have long been a clan staple but we have not once shirked our duty. Our plains are guarded and the skies watches and our Oath to our cousins of Flame, kept. "The children of Air shall feed the Fires" as the saying goes. The name Heartstone echoes in clan history. JT and Karal, these names are as cyclic as the wheel of time. So too are the others. There is an ancient Saying amongst my tribe: 'When evil threatens, Nine Shall Rise That Day. Four from the Circle, Four from the Way. ' The Circle refers to the physical circle of elements, Fire, Water, Earth and Air. The Way speaks of the Way of the Spirit; The Light, The Dark, Chaos, and Order... the Last is the Key. The Unity."

        Vulpa looks around, "More than this, only the Lore Master and Chief would know."

        Karal hrms, "So... It sounds like we've all been here before... Yet we've never been here before."

        Kirsto speaks up, "Or our past lives. We're all familiar by now, or should be, with the concept of Avatars. Beings reborn in new lifetimes to answer a god or gods call for Champions. The Digital World itself could be calling us as Avatars to return and prevent another tragedy."


          Davyd said, "Recruitomon? I know you said you were the original Davyd Arden from the old days, but whatever happened to the original Unity?"

          Recruitomon replied, "The original JT married a Digimon Son of Tigromon named Tyg and they had several children both Digimon and Human. The humans returned to Earth and the Digital Children expanded to repair the Digital World."

          Gotolmyrmon said, "Perhaps those here now should reinforce the barrier to prevent Macrosoft from gaining access to our Digital World."

          Zecma floated down to watch Vance make his new character selections for his replacement partners. His new number three partner was Houndramon, a feral dragon hound since Finnpaw told Vance that it was okay for him to have one. His new number four partner was a cleaned up version of Drakestomon called Drakestamon, a feral dragonmount with the head, tail and a furred mane like a fox while having the body shape of a horse with fine scales and a slit underneath. He was majestic because when he appeared, he was suited up in armored plate mail barding appropriate for a warhorse. Drakestamon has a magical aura all around his body. Drakestamon was capable of standing on his hind paw-feet in warrior mode when permissible. Zecma said, "I approve of these choices, Vance. Just be careful when playing with your partners."

          Vance smiled. "Thank you, Zecma. I want to prove that I can take care of my partners. Although I am interested in this fifth partner choice except I don't have a fifth slot open to my bracer as yet. His name is Taeldroomon. Could I reserve him for when I do earn the right to have a fifth character?" The new choice was a Hell Dragon combined with a Devil Kangaroo with an overall humanoid Demon Vulpine appearance.

          Zecma said, "When you master one of your primary four partners, then the next slot will automatically open and your reserve character will take that position."

          Vance hugged Zecma and kissed him on the side of his face. "Thanks, Big Z."

          Chester said, "I need to go see Dondramon now and find out what he knows about the prophecy. If I get smelly again, I promise not to stink out my friends." And his monitor turned off as he headed off to see his other partner.

          Luke said, "How does one go about reinforcing the Digital Barrier?"


            Karal looks over at Luke then nods and looks at Gotolmyrmon, "That's a good question."

            Faroth finally speaks up about the topic at hand... "And... Was there another me? Was he as stupid as me?"

            Karal kinda rolls his eyes.

            JT murmurs, "It's weird to think of another me might have been around."

            Fen speaks up, "I think it's a good thing. We need more of you around."

            JT blushes more at that, "You're biased."


              Recruitomon sighed at Faroth's question. "The former Faroth was my best friend just as Davyd is your friend now. After I fell into a trap set by Macrosoft, I got changed into a Macrosoftmon beast for a while.. while under their control, the corporation had me attack and nearly kill my version of Faroth. He was saved by Rao and Aro Racolupotamon, the shadow warrior lover brothers of Darkmoore. Every digital partner thought that the only way to save my soul was if I was destroyed completely and Rao was willing to carry out the deed. But the DigiDestined at the time convinced his brother Aro to have me captured and create a potion from his personal labs to have me restored to normal. Vance's counterpart helped to stage my capture, which resulted in capturing myself and another Macrosoftmon at the same time. They tested Aro's potion on the second beast just in case it didn't have the desired effect. It caused then beast's eyes to revert to a nice green coloration while putting him under a gentle calm. He told Aro that his name had been Macintosh and he told a story of how he had been the first Macrosoftmon to undergo the entrapment conversion. Aro went ahead and used the potion on me and it seemed to work as I changed back into my human form. But the reversion was not to last as a few weeks later, I fell through a Digital Portal into Digital Hell and when I crash landed I got recruited into General Diablo Kisume's Hellhound Army. Diablo found that my willpower for being trained was about gone... as in non-existent. He handed me off to one of his trusted captains at the time, Razorfang. These days, Razorfang is a General himself. Razorfang was able to restore my lost willpower as well as purging off the remainder of the Macrosoftmon beast that had been recovering within my body. During my training with Razorfang, he changed me into a Hellhound. After my training, I served in their army for several Underworld centuries (time moves differently down there.) When I was permitted to leave the army, I at first found work making deliveries in the Underworld. Then I saw an opening in making good food for the Underworld and Planar Lords. Up until then, Underworld chefs had been adding a liquid drug into foods so recruiting was easier for Alphas to perform on anyone who never suspected what could be in their food. I began creating the first of the Ardens Planar Pizzas that at first I was delivering myself. I was trying to raise enough money to earn a Hell to Earth VISA so I could return home to Shinjuku, Japan. During my pizza adventures, I encountered my friends and managed to help them escape from Digital Hell, which wasn't easy to do. The whole team almost got converted into various monsters. Divina even managed to save a few of the team members at the time. The original Vance was transformed during the Unity Cleansing Wave and he resides within the Pyramid of Light as Celestidragomon. He lost the ability to be human and he forgot that he was even Vance at all due to a clone of Vance appearing in the Digital World using the name Marshall Slystalker. At last report. the original Divina and Marshall got married and left Shinjuku to raise their daughter."

              Recruitomon looked directly at Faroth. "The original Faroth after being saved by Aro and Vance, was mated by Rao and became a Racolupotamon himself. They had several Digimon children and they about had the original tribe of Shadow Warrior Data Thieves restored to their full numbers. Faroth regarded himself as 'a smart wily fox' although when he was told that I had died after receiving Aro's cure, that cemented his decision to accept Rao's offer to train with him to get revenge on Macrosoft and to become his mate. Rao became Original Faroth's Digital Partner as well as husband lover. I am not sure where your counterpart is now, Faroth; since he was last heard about in Darkmoore."

              Gotolmyrmon said, "Well told, Recruitomon; that is the data I have in my records as well. Although the original JT was never changed into Unity itself. He married Tigromon's son, Shadotygromon or Tyg for short. I don't know where the two of them got themselves off to. Although they did have several cute children."

              Vance glanced over at the others. "So being cute is a Heartstone trait, is it?"

              Gotolmyrmon remarked with a grin. "The original Karal was nicknamed as the Bronze God. He was all the time showing off his bare biceps to any sexy stud who wanted to see his sexy body."


                Karal smirks, "Being good looking is a Heartstone trait and one we're proud of. Bronze God, eh. I'll have to surpass this wanna be Karal then."

                KIrsto rolls his eyes and speaks softly, "Well. It sounds like you've had quite the time of it, 'Recruitomon'. As did they. Hard to think that Divina had such a role to play."

                Divina speaks up then from where she had been listening, "Indeed. Roles to play. You could say we all have roles that these prophecies want us to take. I'm not one to let anyone, even some mysterious prophecy dictate my actions. Just by even considering it, you could playing into it. Though, frankly, so long as I make my choices with a clear head and heart, I don't care if they follow it or not."

                JT tilts his head, "So I found some way out of being Unity? That's something to think about!"

                Just then another voice speaks up across the coms telepathically, "Yes, you did. However the Digital World compensated by summoning me.... I am Akio. The creator of the Mystikitsumon race...and I was once human as well. It was I who became the Unity Element in the old days and created the Unity Temple Retreat where the Mystikitsumon now reside tho they are not of Unity itself as Goto the Bathroom said."

                Faroth can't help a small smirk of amusement at that...and the audacity of someone to speak to the old digimon in such a fashion. But perhaps after so many years, the tease was less meant rudely rather than fondly than younger ears heard.


                  Gotolmyrmon then said, "No one is saying that any of you have to fill these roles. Prophecies and destinies are what you make of them. If you feel that you have a job to do to make the world safe in your own way, then it is up to you to re-write history in your own way. If you want to simply think of this as just a silly game, just remember that Macrosoft is falling back into the same pattern that they had tried to accomplish before. Apparently they do not think this is a silly game."

                  Luke said, "So any training we do with our partners IS helping this world in some small way?"

                  Zecma replied, "That may very well be. But if anyone wants to pass on this chance to help the Digital World and opt to beta test another game. We can go that route. I have many other games awaiting beta testing; including a few awesome Massively Multi-player Online games. Before I decided on the card version of this game, I was thinking about making all of this into an MMO instead. The reason I stopped work on that version of the game is because I started noticing unwarranted digital access anomalies appearing in various MMO world settings that seemed to get bigger when your mouse pointer was moved closer to them. I was afraid that players might get sucked in if they got too curious about these anomalies. The game was about 90% completed when I opted for the card version. And for the record, you people are not my only beta testers. I have a group over in Montropolis also working on ironing out some of my games."

                  Recruitomon then said, "I thank you for your compassion, Kirsto. Your lineage has always been the most caring for the Digital World beings and citizen folk living within them. Never give up your flute for it has the power to craft miracles."

                  Vance then said, "If you would permit Karal and I to work on ironing out your MMO, we could likely remove these anomalies. I'm just a curious foxy who enjoys a good game no matter what the format. What say you, Karal?"

                  Finnpaw sighed. "Vance, as Zecma said, that might not be such a good idea. If these anomalies bothered him, then they are serious."


                    Karal nods, "But you also mentioned anomalies to two people who are VERY, VERY curious about such things." He grins, "Cats got nothing on a foxes with a cause." He shrugs, "Besides..." He looks over at Vulpa then at Recruitomon and Gotolmyrmon, "Can any human boy here say that the idea of playing with digimon, despite the danger, is any less of a draw than it was before? This place is amazing and I know I would love to do my part to keep it that way."

                    Faroth says quietly, "You wouldn't be so quick to say that if you were trapped as a Macrosoftmon."

                    Kirsto speaks up, "Actually I think he would. You didn't turn tail and run... even when you were in that situation. I think the digital world knows we're also the ones who can best handle the mental stress of becoming digimon if it should happen. Which is likely since how else would the World resolve a bunch of humans being here if not to assimilate them? Not that I particularly want that to end up my fate per say either. But then Vance always thinks himself a fox so he's half way there." He chuckles at that. "But... Regardless I know I can't turn my back on people in need. And if the world needs us, I will do whatever I can."


                      Davyd nodded his head. "Kirsto is right, Faroth. Before I showed an interest in working for the guys you eventually got your enhancements from, you were all the time talking about how you could do a better data job once you had cybernetic implants in your hands that could get you past any computer data bank. And at the time, I said, ''If you go get this from these people, I would like to work for them myself and then you could just come to me to get your upgrades instead of having to keep going to people who might feel that you have to keep doing things for them just so you could have the most up to date data hacking materials'' and you said, ''That is your decision, Davyd. But I have to do this.'' Not long after you did what you were planning on doing, when I got my interview date set up to see about working for these people all of a sudden, you were like in total reverse. ''I cannot let you do this, Davyd. They are evil and they would trap you as they did with me.'' After that, I saw you less and less and when you were seen, you were talking like you were on the worst drugs on the street. Even JT noticed. So I had warned you originally and you blew me off until you found out the hard way like Recruitomon did that good old Davyd was right all along and then you were all the time going on that you would not let me go near them."

                      Arturo said from his monitor, "I am glad you came home with Vance to talk to me at our place in regards to your working directly for me. When you were told what the Corporation had done to me, you positively said that you could help me return to human form. And that is why I am here in the Digital World now with you guys. But as you can plainly see, I am not completely restored to normal. I am still a Stealthmon canine security unit with a human transformer mode. ''Canines in Disguise!'' I suppose I didn't fully restore because I was an adult and the older you are, the harder the restoration. If Faroth had been an adult like me, nothing you did for him would have restored him to normal."

                      Gotolmyrmon then admitted, "Since this is coming up at this time, Faroth... Arturo is right... I made you as human as I had the power to do without submerging you in the data stream itself. That is why human clothes do not feel right on your body anymore. You are no longer human. You are a Digimon. They do not wear clothes."

                      Finnpaw sighed as he nodded his Houndramon head. "I knew this result when I got help to adjust after I was changed into this species. I am lucky to have my human voice once again. You guys better be glad you couldn't smell what I smelled like before I got help. The pack scent has a sexual attraction smell that makes you throw caution to the winds and simply let yourself get mounted by my species to join the pack. To defeat this smell, I have to bathe daily in an industrial strength detoxification cleansing agent that Heartstone Industries makes for cleaning filthy eighteen wheeler semi-trucks. If I miss just one bath, I have to avoid the rest of you like the plague or else you will ask me to fuck you and then you join my pack as my species."

                      Vance frowned upon hearing why Finnpaw was always so pensive when Vance wanted to play with him on each Saturday. "I am so sorry, Finnpaw. So your telling me that you shouldn't play with me was your protecting me from your trap situation. I feel like the dumbest boy alive now. I was in love with you."

                      Finnpaw went over and he hugged Vance. "You are not dumb, Vance; my situation was simply beyond your control. I love you, too. That is why I was protecting you from my fate. The younger you are, the harder it is to resist the pack hormones. Perhaps you and Karal should work on the MMO anomaly problem since doing something useful might raise your spirits and cheer you up."

                      Zecma hummed. "I am hesitant to unpack the MMO database for you guys; but it is compatible with the RAGE game you are already testing for me. I will make it available back to back at separate workstations with a camera watching over your shoulders from behind so we can keep a video record of any fixes you apply or if you boys get into some sort of trouble. I will loop it back so the saved video is stored in JT's vault labs. The safest place I can think to store a video of that nature. As for the rest of you, making the Digital World crossing barriers stronger is best done by spending time with your partners as a few of you are already doing. The more you neglect your partners, the weaker you make your section of the data protection wall. I am sure you would not want to be the one to let Macrosoft back in."

                      Recruitomon then said, "The Alpha units of the Macrosoftmon were called Aram-ZX-15 and Adam-ZX-15. If you encounter these guys, do not let yourself get punctured by their body spikes or else you will become one of them. One poke is all it takes... so please be careful."


                      While Flamakaemon Minor stayed behind in Chester's home HQ at the factory base, the young man traveled to the carnival where Dondramon worked and played at.

                      When Chester arrived there, he saw Dondramon making chocolate flavored cotton candy for the carnival visitors. "Hey partner. I came to spend some time with you. That's okay, isn't it?"

                      Dondramon grinned. "Sure is, lover boy. Come on over here and help me to hand out yummy cotton candy to the visitors. I'll even let you sit in my lap. I love being your partner."

                      Chester went over and sat in his partner's lap where he gave his partner a hug. "I need to ask you about the Ancient Prophecy; This is a topic the others were talking about before I said I had to come spend time with you in which Finnpaw and Zecma both said was a good idea. Do you know anything about this prophecy at all?"

                      Dondramon grinned. "My herd alpha knows far more about it than I do, After we finish here, I will take you to him so you can listen to his tale yourself. Just remember that our herd strongly smells of both donkey and dragon. We are effectively dragonmounts using a donkey instead of a horse. I was surprised that you chose me as a partner originally. Your first partner, in fact. I love you so much in taking a chance on a young dwaggy-colt like me."


                        Faroth sighs, "So basically I'm already fucked." He rubs his face a little, "I guess there are worse fates... At least I don't have any Macrosoft stuff left in me."

                        Karal speaks up at that point, "I wouldn't take that for granted, Faroth. Macrosoft is insidious and I know all too well how underestimating them can cause trouble." He shakes his head, "No matter how clean you may seem, always, always keep in the back of your mind what happened and warn us if there is ANY changes or anything unusual."

                        Faroth makes a face but nods. "Fine. You know tho... I heard those names before. I can't remember exactly where but I'm SURE I heard Aram before and I think Adam too. But not the other parts."

                        Kirsto says, "Aram and Adam, hrm? I've heard of the name Adam before, but just as us humans use it."

                        JT thinks a moment then hrms, "Something... There's something I'm suppose to say but I can't remember what it is..."

                        Fenny jumps up, "ooh.. Ooooo I know! I know! It's in my data banks! ... Accessing... Accessing... Transdimensional Digital Matrix. Elemental Stability is only 87% Digital Integrity of Digital Firewall is holding steady at 91%. No known Incursions. Digital Influx noticed across 10% of Shinjuku Island. Macrosoft maintains Digital Superiority within Shinjuku Island's Digital Matrix. 32.45% completed construction of Digital Amplifiers in District 1, 5, and 9 of Shinjuku Island. Suggestion: Prevent amplification of Macrosoft signatures. Amplification of Macrosoft Digital Matrix could destabilize Digital World Matrix barriers and allow Macrosoft Incursions."

                        JT blinks, "When did you gain access to ... "

                        Fenny grins, "When you got Digitized and Activated your Unity Matrix! I got upgraded!"

                        JT ums, "i think I need to study what happened to you Fenny. You weren't...suppose to be a REAL digimon. I didn't write you that way."

                        Fenny hmphs, "I'm as real you now! As real as Recruitomon!"

                        JT nods, "And that's why I think I need to study you..."

                        Karal blinks, "You WROTE a digimon?"

                        JT blushes, looking down, "No....Fenny was just an approximation. An AI to help me run my private labs and keep things sealed. He's a Warden AI."

                        Fenny nodnods, "Yep! Now I'm not just a Warden AI! I'm a Warden Digimon! hehehe I even got cool power now!"

                        JT rubs his eyes.

                        Kirsto giggles, "Digital Life Stream interactions can be fun. Be careful what you wish for, JT, it might just come true."


                          Zecma opened up a side room he normally kept locked and he went inside, leaving the door open so he could hear the rest of what the guys were saying. "I will get the MMO desks set up in here for Karal and Vance as well as anyone else who wants to work on this portion of the problem. Now that I think about it, I had created a movie for the game that told the backstory for the world you would be playing in. But if the card game was linked into the MMO, then that would explain how your partners came from the MMO game instead of a new random Digital World. Here, I will link the movie to the main screen out in the Beta Testing chamber. For the most part, it covers what we already spoke about."

                          Finnpaw continued to pet on Vance. "We are still friends despite what a few of us are now going through, Vance. Please do not blame yourself for a problem that I should have explained up front."

                          Davyd said, "Since I am supposed to be working for you, Arturo; I will come back out to where you are and we can leave the contact line open to the Beta Room just in case. I think you and I need to focus on the job you asked of me to do for you. I'll see you in a bit." And he got up and headed off to use the Teleportation pad to return to Light Priest Hill where Arturo was sitting with Cherapumon.

                          Gotolmyrmon said, "Luke, you may rejoin your partners, if you wish. I will remain here for the time being and help the others with possible solutions."

                          Luke nodded his head. "Thanks, Goto. I'm off to rejoin my partners." And he got up to leave once again.

                          Once he was gone, Gotolmyrmon said to Faroth. "There is a chance to revert you entirely to human form, Faroth, but you would lose any Digimon powers you currently possess, which would include your injected Data-Thief abilities. Is it worth the chance to be normal again, Faroth?"

                          Recruitomon who had not gone with Davyd then said, "A chance is better than no chance, Faroth. But the risks are still there. Does anyone else want to contribute anything to the meeting before you return to your training sessions with your partners? Just remember that you can always call back unless interference prevents it like it did back in the Golden Age when the first team almost lost the battle."


                          Dondramon led Chester back to his herd's cavern stables to meet up with the Dragonmount herd alpha. "I am sure he is going to be surprised to see a human in the Digital World once again. He last saw humans a thousand years ago, he says. It has been a while since we had any to play with let alone be a partner to. Come on, Chester... his quarters are this way..." And they continued into the caverns.

                          Soon, Dondramon and Chester stood just inside the entrance to the Herd Alpha's cavern stall quarters. And as Dondramon had warned Chester before, it smelled like ripe donkey heat and dragon rut scent all around them. "Elder Dradon? My human partner wants to know about the Ancient Prophecy."

                          Elder Dradon was perhaps the best looking shaggy styled Donkey-Dragonmount of the stables. "Come on over here, human. I'll be glad to share with you all I know about the prophecy. In the meantime, Dondramon needs to go check in with his brothers in the home corral."

                          Chester went over and stepped into Dradon's stall while his partner went elsewhere in the maze of stall caverns.

                          Not long after Dondramon had departed, Dradon surprised Chester when he mounted the boy out of horny lust and that was when Chester's head started receiving the digital prophecy movie from the Elder's memory files. A shared movie in the making via a mounting plug-in. Dradon would have sex with Chester throughout the prophecy movie... going so far as to get him pregnant in the process.


                            Faroth looks over at Gotolmyrmon with a long thought, "I would risk it. To be myself again." He glances over to where Davyd left then at Recruitomon and says, "Davyd is my best friend. The reasons I hid was cause I couldn't hide the side-effects. I was trying to protect him but I didn't do a very good job of it. But the truth is, Davyd... He's also my inspiration, my rival....and... I dunno... something else. I dunno what it is about him but I'd do ANYTHING for him..." He grips a fist unconsciously, "Thinking about him what's kept me from losing myself before now."

                            Karal hrms then says, "I'm going to head about meet up with the Vulpan tribe. I have a lot of learning left to do with those studs. JT... PLEASE try not to leave or get MORE weird cute things in one place. I'm not sure the digital world can stand much more" He winks then waves and heads out toward the portal.

                            Kirsto says, "Well we're done with training for tonight over here so I guess I'll just stay on the radio and listen to everyone else."


                            As the camera momentarily slide elsewhere to the Human world, two humanoid figures silhouetted against a computer screen are speaking. The right shadow says, "So you understand you're mission? They must become ours. The original patterns will allow us to bypass the safety features and enact Stage 2 of the Shinjuku operation."

                            The left shadow grins, "Don't worry. I'm sure I can retrieve them. Besides, don't under-estimate the boss's creations. Once the digital stream is infected, every last one of them will be also. It'll be a chain reaction. You'll have your revolution... And the Bates' will have their revenge."


                              Recruitomon then said, "I will come with you and Faroth, Gotolmyrmon. Davyd 2 will be safe with Arturo and Cherapumon on Light Priest Hill."

                              Gotolmyrmon then picked up the cute Faroth in his arms as he laid a hand on Recruitomon's neck before they teleported to a private area behind Gotolmyrmon's cabin where Wyzowlmon awaited their return. "Did you get it all set up, old friend?"

                              Wyzowlmon said, "Seat, harness, breathing apparatus and with the well of restoration uncapped, we are ready to revive a lost human to his human self. I even fetched a set of Faroth's clothes from our personal storage cavern along with the tool belt he always loved to use."

                              Gotolmyrmon then placed Faroth into the seat and began to secure the harness over his shoulders and around his waist, while Wyzowlmon carefully placed the tanks and breathing mask over Faroth's nose and mouth.

                              Gotolmyrmon said, "This well contains the Unimon Waters of Unity. We kept it hidden just in case we would ever need to restore someone like you, Faroth. It wouldn't be the first time, as Recruitomon knows all too well. And now, in you go, Faroth. thirty minutes under water and then we pull you back up and you should be human at that point."

                              Faroth was then lowered down into the Unity based Unimon Waters.


                              Zecma pulled JT, Fennecmon, Vance and Finnpaw into the MMO chamber. "I thought Karal was interested in this, but since he left to possibly get raped by the Vulpans,.. it will be you primarily, Vance. Don't get into too much trouble in the MMO game. You will be beta testing this. Please keep a record of everything you alter in the game when fixing things. That way I can repair the main hub engine."

                              Vance hugged Zecma. "I'll do my best, Big Z. I don't know what JT and the others will be doing."

                              Finnpaw then said, "I need to spend some time with JT since he does trust me, Zec."


                              Davyd was then meeting with Arturo as he began chatting with him in regards to the Macrosoft project in question.

                              Cherapumon had gone elsewhere since tech talk was no fun for a big guy like him.


                              Luke was training with Sunwukongamon, learning about monkey maneuvers and training with an iron staff.