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RAGE-02 Welcome to Jungle Island III

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    The newly arrived digimon did not chose at the moment to step out of the shadows but he spoke eloquently, "I am grateful for your summons in that case..." As he was speaking, however, there was a strong surge of energy as the inside of the chamber was suddenly bathed in an iridescent sheen. Lines of code in a myriad of colors and hues arch out from the center of the room in a geometric set of inlaid patterns with every digital element's symbols arranged at equidistant intervals around it. Karal, Vance, Kirsto, Davyd, Luke, Chester, and Divina; no matter where they are all suddenly feel it. A connection, tenuous as a silver thread in a hurricane... A small spark that radiates from within. A thread that may still be cut but the start of something that could become stronger than the foundations of the multiverse given enough time.

    The energy gets more and more intense until it with a surge it bursts into a bloom of beautiful iridescent pearls of sparks. In the center of the chambers, Faroth lies groaning slightly, a digital version of his human self. Also laying there, JT... Who has somehow manage to make that crossing all on his own. On one side is Mysti, the other is Fenny, and sitting, wagging his cute lil digital tail, is DAZ. JT looks CUTER than ANYTHING HELL or the INFERNO could make!!!

    The Digital Portal slowly is closing, resealing the temporary breach. In Gotolmyrmon's head and to him only on his super encrypted mental network. Akio's voice whispers softly , quiet from the distance, "A new Unity... I hope you're ready for what's going to come, Goto."


      For the second time in less than 24 hours, Chester arrived in his personal quarters feeling and smelling filthy. Flamakaemon Minor was in the room with him. "Oh gods... I stink... I never noticed the bad smell from myself in your home realm, but now that we're here, I reek. I need to take a second bath. I think you should join me, Flamakaemon Minor. We can see about making the water hot enough for you."

      Flamakaemon Minor grinned. "I think you smell fine as is, but I can understand decency for your friends.At least you don't have Vertigasmon's scent this time. Only you would choose a skunk hybrid mount for a partner."


      Finnpaw said, "I thought JT wasn't planning on making the crossing to return to the game shop this soon."

      Goto said, "For now, we have done what we can do, Faroth. You are as human and as similar to your original self as we could get you."

      Zecma then activated his communicator so as he could contact the rest of the Beta Testers. "Aside from Divina and Kirsto, when the rest of you decide to return to base, please make plans on staying here for a while. We need to have another meeting in regards to the Legacy all of you seem to be part of at this point. Divina is with her new partner and is in no danger of underhanded bull crap. Kirsto is with his partners of the Temperoland Three. They were supposedly in a deep training session. I haven't heard any felines screaming bloody murder, so perhaps all was going well."

      Davyd activated his comm unit. "My partners and I are in my quarters cleaning up, Zecma. The Law Hellhound went home after I got him too excited."

      Vance activated his comm unit. "Vance here. I am helping Karal get into his clean clothes after his most recent hot shower. I completed my quest that the Young Digital Gods gave me for visiting Celestidragomon in the Pyramid of Light. Kahidomon, Cherapumon and my father Arturo are sitting on Light Priest Hill awaiting word from me. Would you like for them to return to base at this time?"

      Zecma replied, "All good guys should be part of this meeting even if that means attending remotely. Coming in is not completely necessary. Partners should be part of this meeting."

      Luke said, "Luke here. Dragaruli and I are finishing cleaning sand and seaweed out of our shorts and scales. We had a wipe out. My other partners are organizing my bedroom."

      Chester then chimed in. "Please permit me to take a strong bath before attending the meeting. I got filthy and smelly again training with my partners. I do NOT want to make my friends gag."


        Kirsto continues his playing after turning on his comms for a moment before stating, "Things are going rather well here."

        Karal smirks as he walks in half dressed, "I'm here, I'm here. Hey?! What happened to JT? Why's he here?!?!"

        Fenny swishes his tail, "Well. I don't think the power surge was exactly what he was intending. There was a big boom and an unstable digital portal opened and dumped us here." The feral fennec digimon lifts a paw, "Wow... It's weird to have a real body....This is neat. I wonder if JT upgraded my functionality..."

        Faroth groannned softly, starting to sit up..." head..."


          Zecma glanced around at the monitors showing where all of the Beta Testers were at their current locations. "Take as long as you need to in your bath, Chester. I said you could participate in the meeting remotely. We will need everyone to make a detailed report at the meeting. I will get Arturo and the others online for the meeting. Their input is necessary I believe."

          Finnpaw looked over at Davyd and his hounds. "Glad to see that you didn't lose yourself, Arden. Security like yours doesn't occur every day."

          Vance after entering behind Karal asked Goto, "Sir? Are my light priest powers working properly or is it simply because I am not familiar with the powers I have gained?"

          Gotolmyrmon replied, "Learning to use Light Priest powers takes time; You are not Kahidomon at the moment. So you are simply using a copy of his powers. Since he was born with these powers, he knows how to better use them than you do."

          Luke and his partners then entered the meeting room and they sat in a group near one wall. "So I am the analog of Law from the prophecy. It is weird that I don't feel like Law. Are you guys sure of that. Davyd seems more like Law than I do."

          Dragarulimon replied, "I am most certainly a Law-based Digimon, partner. I just like to have fun, that's all."

          Wyzibismon then added, "Fun doesn't have to lead to sex, but among male companions, it often does and there is no shame in that as long as you remain true to yourself."

          Zecma then said through the communicator, "We are going to open meeting windows to the remote locations so everyone can participate without having to leave a training locale."


            Kirsto says, "Thanks, Zecma. I was told I can't leave unless I abandon everything I've accomplished so far and start over when I come back and I was really hoping not to have to do that!"

            Karal goes over to check on JT and is tending to him.

            Faroth rubs his head, "That....would suck. What's the meeting about Zecma?"

            Kirsto says, "If you're bringing in the others, do you want me to go get Leo, Panthro and Tigro?"
            End of RAGE-02 Welcome to Jungle Island III

            Stay Tuned for RAGE-03 Prophecy Confirmation