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RAGE-02 Welcome to Jungle Island III

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    RAGE-02 Welcome to Jungle Island III

    Digimon: RAGE (Really Advanced Gaming Edition)
    formerly Digimark Anatomically Correct
    Players: Lord Pouchlaw and Darquirrin

    Synopsis: Revived and perfectly reinstated within King Kazma's Live Anime World (or Kazma's LAW, for short,) Shinjuku, Japan and its citizens begin an adventure with familiar faces and rejuvenated youth for a more modern era. Join the former Digimark Digi-Destined heroes in an adventure within an all-new Temperoland Gold World known as Digimon RAGE. All the classics with a fresh coat of ink and paint.
    Devices Used in this Adventure: Card Launcher Advanced Super Safety Bracer (or Class Bracer, for short)
    If you accidentally leave your bracer at home and you later get a challenge from another player, the bracer automatically appears on your arm, cleaned up and looking as new as the day you first got it, along with your chosen partners included in the partner slots. Next up, your partner bracer can hold up to a hundred partner cards.

    When adding partners to the bracer, always slide the card in head first and picture side up. Once it is in place, you tap the picture and say the word, ACTIVATE. Initially, your partner will appear next to you and speak to you briefly before he shares a partner power with you that can be used anywhere. Also, activating a partner in your bracer bonds that partner to you and you alone. No one else can ever claim it after that.

    RAGE-02 Welcome to Jungle Island III
    By Lord Pouchlaw and Darquirrin
    March 21st, 2018

    Cast of Characters:
    Vance "Foxy" Slystalker, played by Lord Pouchlaw
    Luke Masaki, played by Lord Pouchlaw
    ~~(Character concept by one of Darquirrin's off-board friends)
    Chester Ravenshire, played by Lord Pouchlaw
    Davyd Arden, played by Lord Pouchlaw
    Nedwin Finnpaw, played by Lord Pouchlaw
    Christopher "Kirsto" Maxwell, played by Darquirrin
    Faroth Planeswalker, played by Darquirrin
    Karal Heartstone, played by Darquirrin
    Joey Tahiro "J.T." Heartstone, played by Darquirrin
    Divina Deamon, played by Darquirrin
    Other Characters:
    Zecma The Devil Mouse of ZecCorp Games, played by Lord Pouchlaw

    Powers Recap:
    Vance: Kahidomon of Light Priest Hill, Impoundramon of Dark Fire Canyon and Drakestomon of the Greater Mystic Plains, and Cherapumon the Shadow Teknomage.
    1) Miracle Healing ability. This will even enable you to recover from injuries that are not your fault through regeneration.
    2) Dark Transport ability. This will enable you to teleport in a cloud of dark smoke to any location you have been to before. If you use it with intelligence, you won't get stuck in bad places.
    3) Mystic Light ability. This will enable you to make light at night where you need to be able to see to perform tasks. You get to control the intensity of the light. From dim to blinding.
    4) Intangibility ability.
    Divina: Suceiromon - Ambassador of the College of Dark Arts and Princess of the 7th Plane of Torturous Desire.
    1) Exile ability. You will be able to exile any object you point at within 60 feet of you from your plane of existence for as long as you concentrate on this power. It will work on people as well IF those people mean you harm however there is a 10 minute limit on the ability if you use it on people. Do keep that in mind. Objects are kept safe in a pocket dimension and will reappear within 60 feet of you at a point of your choice.... So yes it can be used to move objects. People...are sent to me.
    Chester: Dondramon, Carnival Show Pony of the Donkey Dragon Bog Lands, Flamakaemon Minor, the Vulpan Fire Mount, and Vertigasmon of the Limbo Gardens of Pandemonium.
    1) Shape Tunnel ability. This will enable you and friends to walk through a tunnel in the earth or ground that you are making or... you can pass through prefabricated material that was made with either water and/or earth. Like concrete as in buildings. It would be like intangibility, like a ghost. I have all manner of fun with this power back home in the Digital World.
    2) Increase Heat ability. to make it warmer within colder climates of a shelter.
    3) Flame Thrust ability. This is a burning punch from your fist which temporarily lights on fire when the ability is in use. After you punch someone or something, the fire around your hand subsides while whatever you punched stays burning. This is good if a camp fire won't ignite.
    4) Digital Portal. which will give you the ability to open portals between Earth and the Digital World.
    Karal: Vulpakelakidamon, Vulpa to my allies and friends. I am a Spirit Scout for my village and Warrior Prince of the Chaos Plateau, and Magnapheorimon, Priest of Hearth and Forge.
    2) Soulfire ability. It will allow you withstand great amounts of heat so long as your will and soul burn bright enough to ignite this power, you can even summon flames to ignite other objects.
    Luke: Dragarulimon from the jungle beaches of Far Western Temperoland, Sunwukongamon the Fruit King of Fun and bartender, and Wyzibismon of the Wyzo Clan of Justicar Recorder Scribes.
    1) Ocean Manipulation ability. Mind you, this will only work on salt water. With this ability, you can make some awesome waves and control the speed of the tidal floes.
    2) Grow/Throw Fruit ability. By saying the name of a Jungle fruit, you can cause fruit trees or bushes of that type to grow from the ground producing super ripe fruit. My favorites are Bananas, Melons, Coconuts and Pineapples. When not being eaten, the fruit grown can be thrown at enemies to cause painful yet fragrant explosions.
    3) Photographic Memory ability. This will enable you to recall anything in precise detail as well as precision wisdom. This could be helpful in your learning abilities.
    Kirsto: Temperoland Guardians = Panthromon the Noble Healer of Shadows, Tigromon the Burning Arm of Justice, and Leomon the Light Warrior of the Pride.
    Davyd: Kanisunfernomon of the Imperial Law Pack Masters of The Kisume Plains, Hellhoundimon the Hunter/Tracker of the Avabulas Plateau, Kagetamon the Gambler of Kontondatsuraku (Chaosmire,) and Recruitomon (Saberfang.)
    1) Kisume Strategy ability. This ability can help you in all planning that requires thinking way outside the box.
    2) Safety Transport ability. Any time you and your friends need a quick retrieval, you can activate this and you will transport to my personal quarters in Acheron. I will inform my pack that you and your friends are to be trusted and left unmolested. This means you will be allowed to go anywhere in my pack grounds safely.
    3) Flawless Tracking ability. This is the same ability that all Hellhoundimon pack members are trained with to track prey without error. This will also enable the partner to know how far the target is away from the hunter regardless of location. This ability can also be used to track lost/stolen objects as long as you know the item in question.
    4) Odds Manipulation ability. Although some people might call this ability "Grand Scale Cheating," this is the ability to shift the odds of chance into the human partner's favor. This can apply to games of chance and contests as well as every day events. You could say that we are just lucky!
    5) Discern Dishonesty ability. When anyone tries to lie or trick you with a falsehood, you will know the truth immediately.
    J.T.: Mystikitsunemon (Unity)
    1) abilities unknown
    Faroth is his own Digimon partner as a Data-Thief.
    1) abilities unknown
    Jungle Island III, Jungle archipelago, Digital World
    Sunday morning...

    With Faroth safely within a furnished containment arena cell large enough to permit him to exercise when he needs to and an indestructible window in one side of the arena where visitors can speak to Faroth if they choose to. Meals will be provided to Faroth when he asks for them...

    ...Zecma showed the others to various huge Master Bedrooms throughout the factory. Huge meaning the partners could easily lounge around within the bedroom without bumping their heads on the ceilings. Each bedroom had their own bathrooms for the humans and as well as doors leading into the factory as well as doors leading outside into their own private fenced in yard and gardens. Since The Temperoland Guardians normally lived on the largest jungle island in the Archipelago, they had a home there if they chose to go there. Kirsto could choose to go with them, although Zecma was going to make sure they got a permanent portal between the bedroom and the big jungle island. The other bedrooms had personal portals leading to the home areas of the other partners as well.

    Arturo went over to his workshop and collected his gear before he returned to sit at the window to study and speak to Faroth. "Faroth. Its me, Arturo Slystalker. Vance's father. Did they use the data rod on you or the data dart? I need to know to see if we can restore you to normal or not."

    Vance was lounging with Kahidomon and Cherapumon within his giant bedroom.

    Davyd was playing poker with Kagetamon and doing pretty well or else his partner was letting him win.

    Chester was wearing a medical cloth mask over his nose and mouth along with a plastic raincoat as he spent the morning with Vertigasmon in his home gardens.

    "I am surprised you are taking a chance to spend a day with me in my homeland, Chester. I know I am a stinker but I grow a good garden."

    Chester replied, "We're partners, Vertigasmon. I felt guilty that you had to leave so fast after I chose you. I am your partner and your friend." He hugged the skunk mount.

    Luke was visiting with his partner, Wyzibismon within her personal library that she said she would love to show Luke so here he was with his LADY!

    Faroth, after being rescued, was lying on his side in the containment cell. He had sustained pretty heavy damage through his digital body and laying down was the best he could do at the moment. His form was slightly smaller than most of the other beasts the team had encountered but by now almost completely feral in body shape though he was technically classified as 'semi-morphic'. His final form was a sexy mix of wolf and anubian jackal with only hints of Arturo's original design. The strong build and power of the typical wolven Macrosoftmon design was perfectly meshed with the sleek, subtle sleath design of the Anubian Jackal. The tail was longer than average and his entire body was covered in very luxurious fur with a hidden secret. Petting with the grain revealed nothing but rubbing even slightly against it in the opposite direction revealed the fur to have dozens and dozens of tiny hidden needle tips that could instantly infect unsuspecting humans with a potent digitalizing agent that would make them easily slip into a highly suggestible state. Also the form's datarod was particularly well designed for stealth penetration as well as enhanced data transmission. It was a sexy, alluring body with highly cunning design behind it. As Arturo was examining him, it was clear to him that someone very, very clever was operating within the Infiltration Team. In many places, his design had been completely revolutionize and adapted to new purposes.

    Faroth weakly opened one eye as he said in his new voice, "Th..The first time. It was...a data spike. I took it...willingly. It was suppose to an jack. To let me hack into secured systems...without having I...I was a fool for....trusting them..." He closes his eyes, "Victor...He said...his name was...Victor. The...Second time...was in the" He winces and pants softly, whining softly, "Where's Davyd?..He's safe...Right? He's here?"

    Faroth has been asking that a lot. It's clearly been ingrained by his own will or someone else's (Arturo can't be sure yet) that his mission is protect Davyd no matter what. It seems to have formed as one of his core programs. One thing Artuthro has determined is that the programming explicitly forbids Faroth from doing ANYTHING to harm Davyd. No matter how hard he tried, he could not intentionally hurt Davyd.

    Arturo knows the name Victor VERY well. It's his personal Nemesis. Victor's been his rival for as long as either one can remember and Arturo hasn't lost once yet without Victor cheating. He's cunning, smart, and worst of all, completely amoral. He will do ANYTHING for power. A perfect match for Macrosoft.


    Karal was outside with Vulpa training with the Vulpan bow. He was starting to get pretty good at it. He slowly drew back the bowstring, "So... What exactly IS your giftable power?"

    Vulpa grins, "There are several I could bestow on you. But the traditional one for a new partner is Vulpan Sight. It allows you have eagle like vision and even zoom in on details several miles away."

    Karal grins, "I like that... hehe Legolas! What do your elf eyes see!" He chuckles, "It would make it easier to spy on JT." He let loose the shot and was only an inch from the bullseye. "Dang it... This really is harder than it looks!"

    Vulpa nods, "I told you. Don't sight along the shaft. Use your thumb see there.." He points, "Aim that high up and adjust for the distance and gravity. Gravity is slightly higher here than on Earth. Try again."

    JT rolls his eyes watching the two, "You spy on me enough as it is." He went back to toying with his bracer, "Though I wish I knew more about how this Unity stuff worked."

    Vulpa looks over to JT, "Unity is an element that cannot be rushed. You must reach a balance and understanding of all that is....And there are none I know of who can teach such knowledge save the Sages of Unity who reside along the shores of the Datastream. And of course, the Avatar of the Stream himself. But they have not been seen in generations."


    Kirsto was playing his music, an uplifting song for a group of young digimon hatchlings while the other three got ready. They were planning an expidition to the largest of the islands to visit their main camp and the three private training areas of each of the Guardians.

    Divina had left in the early hours of dawn when she first woke to visit with her partner in the Digital Infernum. Currently, they were shopping in the Grand Infernum Bazaar.


      Arturo growled, "I know Victor a bit more than I care to. I didn't meet him until they were asking me to help them to fix the obedience malfunction in their version of my program which I know they stole. I declined since I had my project patented and they suddenly had a version not more than three days after I stupidly let them look at my blueprints. I guess they had a video camera set up since I never let them copy my original blueprints. As for Davyd, he was walking around this morning before he was playing cards with Kagetamon and actually winning. I could ask Zecma to see about having Davyd come down to the visitation window. He realizes now that you were in trouble back before but he thought you were too proud to ask for help."

      Arturo said, "I had been infected by their Macrosoftmon processing machine and with Zecma's assistance, this is as restored as he could get me. I am now a humanoid version of my Stealthmon project." And he caused the digimon appearance to return. "Thankfully I was able to program in a Screener that gives me my human appearance when in humanoid form. I might be able to do this for you with Zecma's assistance. I can understand why you asked for an enhancement, Faroth. but Macrosoft is not the most trustworthy bunch around. Karal could have made you something that did the same thing."


      Vance asked Cherapumon. "How well do you know the Temperoland Guardians, Cherapumon?"

      Chera replied, "Panthromon is the one I know the best. He treats me like a brother sometimes. I taught him some of my shadow magic and he taught me some herbalism. He is the healer after all. Tigromon is the second one I like being around. His fur is so nice to sleep against. Leomon isn't happy unless he is in a training session or a combat situation. So I don't associate with him much. Some of my friends asked me if had sex with you yet. And I said, his hole is to small for my dong."

      Vance giggled. "So how big is it?"

      "Pay attention, Vance." He lifted the apron flap and he whipped out his shlong of a dong for Vance to look at and touch before he put it away. "So, do you think it would fit?"

      Vance grinned. "We might have to use a lot of lube."

      Cherapumon then said, "Vance, I need to go talk to Zecma."

      Vance was surprised by this sudden request. "He should be in his labs."

      Cherapumon then left the bedroom heading deeper into the factory.

      Vance said to Kahidomon. "I wonder what's up with him?"

      Kahidomon replied, "He mentally asked me when training with you actually occurred. And since we are just lounging around, I told him that there hasn't been any yet."

      Vance sighed. "I am not sure what to actually do with my partners as yet."


      Zecma and Finnpaw were running a computer analysis of Faroth's vitals and data coding from when they brought him in originally. "He is in bad shape, Finnpaw. I am not sure if the Arturo solution would fix him or not."

      Finnpaw replied, "But its his only hope, Zecma. No one deserves to lose their life due to a dumb software giant."


        Faroth opened both of his eyes as, with a pained whine, he lifted his head slightly before nodding, "I..I would to see him. I...was too proud to ask. I thought... if I worked with Davyd enough I could eventually get him to help but I didn't want to...endanger him. But in lying to try to protect him...It only caused more problems. I...didn't know Karal well back then, Arturo." He paused then looks down, "Do you guys can really repair me, Arturo? I don't like....being broken." Faroth looks back up at Arturo, "Where's Davyd? Can I see him? You said he was here, right? Safe? Nearby?" Back to that question again. They've really done a number on the boy.

        The detailed analysis from Zecma and Finnpaw suggest that the same solution would probably not work. There is too much mutation and corruption of the boy's base code. If it was just a single infection like Arturo had recieved, it probably would have. But is going to require some major work to fix. They don't just have to fix his body but his base code that was corrupted by the secondary infection as well as the rather...odd and incomplete code blocks that Faroth wrote himself to hold off the first infection.

        Having finished his part of the preperations, Panthromon steps out of the bedroom to observe while waiting on Tigromon and Leomon to be ready. He speaks quietly to Finnpaw and Zecma. "The digital world is full of herbs with healing properties. Would there be a chance that you could use some of my healing compounds and then alter it with your...." He waves a paw at all their equipment that really goes beyond his understanding, "programming stuff to make it work better?" He really doesn't understand all of this but Panthromon sees a fellow digimon in need and wishes to help. It's his calling afterall.


        Karal wipes his brow, "So how do you think I did? Do I pass?"

        Vulpa smirks, "You shouldn't be just trying to pass. Our children learn these techniques. A vulpan child could hit that target 200 meters off atleast 80% of the time in a heavy crosswind"

        Karal says, "Well I'm not a digimon!" He grumps a little, "I'm trying...."

        Vulpa nods, "And you are getting better. I did not say these things to make you upset, only to remind you of how far you have to go."

        Karal sighs, "Alright. Well how about we take a break and get something to drink. I'm thirsty."

        Vulpa nods, "Very well."


        Kirsto grins and pets the digimon children who mob him when he stops playing, "Ack...OKay okay...hehe be gentle...I'm just a human, not as tough as you guys. Man you guys sure are cute."

        Tigromon hurmphs, "Up to the moment they get you naked, remember the warnings."

        Kirsto says, "I remember, Tigromon. Hey, so we almost ready?"

        Tigromon nods, "I am ready. Leomon?"

        Leomon grumbles, "I'm just about. Give me a moment."

        Leomon turned back to the mirror, "Why won't you stay down...." He licked his handpaw and kept trying to get the errant strands of his mane to lay down.

        Tigromon just facepalms and sighs, "I swear. You can be the biggest premadonna outside of training."


          Finnpaw said, "We were monitoring Faroth's interview with Arturo. We think he may recover faster if he can see that Davyd is safe. I am going to go get Davyd right now. I hope he is decent." Finnpaw departed the chamber to go fetch Davyd.

          Zecma looked to Panthromon. "I was considering contacting Gotolmyrmon in central Temperoland since this is a rare case we have never dealt with before and he has access to memories from multiple Digital Worlds and alternate dimensions. I am not to proud to admit when something is beyond me."

          At that moment, Cherapumon squeezed himself in through the small doorway from the hallway. "Zecma... I have a partner association complaint. Have you reviewed the Beta Club meeting video file as yet?"

          Zecma replied, "I was going to but then this thing with Faroth came up. What's the complaint?"

          Cherapumon gave Panthromon a hug before focusing his gaze on the Devil Mouse Game Master and Imperial Council Lord in one package. "When you review that video you will likely demand an emergency Beta Testers Club meeting for everyone who claimed a partner and especially for those who tried to manipulate the Card Bracers to get the results they wanted. You will also see at least one Bully among the group who as much admits that violence without cause is fun..."

          Zecma muttered, "...that would be Divina... continue..."

          Cherapumon folded his arms over his chest. "I refuse to work with bullies! I know a lot of Digimon who feel the same way! We are usually fighting against bullies to protect those that cannot defend themselves! Now for the last part of the complaint. Vance is an utterly useless sack of data manure. The only thing he is interested in is sex and sexual relations. He acts like a rape victim who surrendered to the sex slave masters and obeys the training they force on the weak. He called me out of the card within the bedroom and my first thought on being summoned was that we were about to initiate some training. And he asks me to test the carpeting on the bedroom floor to see if it is comfortable enough. He also has Kahidomon lounging on the floor as well. I never saw if the other partners had bothered to come out or not. When I mentioned as a test that 'some of my Digimon friends had asked me if I had fucked my partner yet or not and I told them that the boy's tail hole was too small.' His reply was 'So how big is it?' So test two, I whipped out my shlong of a dong that a Devil Mouse would likely love to be stretched on. He looked it over and without asking me for permission, he touched it. and then I put it away and said, Do you think it would fit. He stated that we would have to use a lot of lube. I then mentally asked Kahidomon how much training he had been in so far and he mentally told me, 'None!' And then he told me that Vance had been rubbing a hand over his groin and butt before he summoned me out of the card. If this game is just an excuse to have a Cock party, then I do not want to have anything to do with it at all. Vance is useless. I think he needs medical help badly. Like someone tried to convert him into a cock toy. If you do not crack down on the Beta Club, then I will tell the entire group what I think without mentor supervision."

          Zecma sighed. "Panthromon, Cherapumon has a serious complaint. I think we need to review the Beta Club meeting video so I know exactly what went down. I may have to take the card launchers away from the group entirely since the complaint mentions that a few were abusing the privilege."

          Cherapumon then said, "Wait until you see when J.T.'s Card Launcher reconfigures itself for his usage just so he can get an illegal Unity partner. You dealt with something like this when Kanisunfernomon got chosen in place of a lower class partner. And worse, the Dark-Elements should have been illegal for selection since in the Digital World, Dark implies Evil. Shadow would have been permissible since it requires Light in order to make Shadows. But if you just wanted to trap a bunch of kids into an underworld recruiting operation for which the laws prevent recruiters from doing it, then you are on the right path toward doing it."

          Zecma growled. "Now I have to look at that video. No one should have been able to select Dark elements."

          Finnpaw was back in the room now with Davyd. "Um... I didn't know that, Zecma. they had chosen several Dark Partners just after Karal and J.T. monkeyed around with the Trinity Card selector and made it do some pretty stupid things. I guess we will have to scrap the Trinity system since it permits the Heartstones to become the very cheaters they swore they would never be like when they first joined."

          Davyd said, "I would submit my homemade Arden OS for your testing. I need to go join Arturo and see Faroth." He handed Zecma the floppy disk that contained the OS coding before leaving the room on his mission.

          Cherapumon said, "Apparently some people want this game to work."

          Zecma then activated the main monitor and began reviewing the club meeting with sound. The video actually starts outside the meeting room in the shop itself where Divina does property damage to the front doors, just like a typical bully.


          Arturo smiled when he saw a clothed version of Davyd come into the hallway where the viewing window was. He scooted over to make room for Davyd. "Faroth... you got your wish. Davyd arrived."

          Davyd posed in front of the window and slowly turned in a circle before taking the offered seat to sit down within full view. "Hi Faroth. Man... you look rough. Everyone is trying to come up with a way to help you."


            Panthromon listened to all that Cherapumon stated and Zecma's reply before saying, "I cannot speak to the others but I like my partner. He is a little odd - But I think he has potential. However you will notice we did not immediately gift him with an ability either. We believe in our partners understanding our lives as digimon and the trials and tribulations associated with power before granting any boons. This is why we are planning this training trip for Kirsto. If Leomon will ever stop grooming his mane. However, if you want to you could say that chosing the three of us was also an illegal option. We are developed digimon. Previous generations of heroes had to start with Rank 1 digimon and level up together."

            Panthromon pauses a moment in contemplation before he speaks again, he does not like to speak without seriously considering his words. "Humans are strange to me but Cherapumon's complaint is a valid one. I do not speak for Cherapumon but I can remember my own coming of age. Perhaps humans have something similar that is affecting your partner, Cherapumon. The Vulpan Tribes have a herbal tea that is a good remedy for this that may help your partner focus."

            Panthromon bows, "However, I will leave that choice to those more wise in matters of humans. But if there is to be a meeting of this nature, then perhaps we should cancel our trip."


            Faroth actually lifts his head back and despite the intense pain, managed to roll over enough that he braced against the wall so he can look up at Davyd, "Davyd... You're walking. I'm...really glad to see you. I'm really glad you're better." There was almost a puppy like tone in his voice at seeing Davyd. His formally bristling fur laid down a little as he looked over the boy. He seemed MUCH calmer now that Davyd was near by. He scooted a little closer so his head was close as he could get it to the window. "I..I look rough huh....We..well I guess I have looked better...Thi uh.." He looks down, his tone is sorrowful but this form can't really cry or sniffle, "I'm sorry I lied to you Davyd...I just didn't....want to get you in trouble....I didn't want to ....admit I couldn't do it on my own....I just wanted to protect you, Master Davyd...IT's my mission...AFter the bomb..." He grows silent for a long moment, "I...I'm a bad...I'm a bad boy." It's clear when he's upset and stressed he slips more into that programmed mindset without meaning to.


              Davyd remarked, "Please, never call me Master, Faroth. Or have you surrendered that which makes you who you are already? Remember the day you tested the Weak version of the Heartstone Security system and by the time the Alarm did sound, they found you eating the apple pie that was the target of protection?" He shot a wink at Faroth since prompting a memory might help especially if it exploits something Karal was so proud of at the time.


              Zecma said, "Training Trips are advisable, Panthromon. Had everyone focused on doing that, I imagine this complaint may not have reached my ears. They are going to start hating having to come back here so often, but I will hire the Yuskay Groomers to come in and give Vance a complete medical examination and see about removing the sex programming. Otherwise, he might bend over for the next MetalliHoundimon he meets. Or worse, the Macrosoftmon. I think it is horrible how Macrosoft perverted Arturo's project so much."

              Zecma raised his card launcher communicator and activated conference call, "Attention Beta Tester club members. I will be disappointed if you are not in training sessions with your partners while you are away from base today. If I found out that you were lazily goofing off in stupid things like being on a date or shopping in a mall, I will confiscate your card launchers and leave you stranded where ever you happen to be AND you will no longer be in this club. We just received a partner complaint today. as of an hour ago. You better be in training or else. I am reviewing the Club meeting surveillance video and it doesn't look good for you guys."


              Vance sighed. "I may as well send all the partners home since I am obviously on report. Cherapumon went to Zecma and now he is cracking down on a complaint. Maybe I can find a Hangman's treemon or something like that or even a quicksand pit."

              Kahidomon was up instantly as he backhanded Vance with his paw. "Maybe it isn't as bad as all that! Do you want your dad to find out that you want to kill yourself? Zecma said that if we were in training, he would be lenient. But then again, you said you didn't know what to do."

              Vance said, "When the rules are all laid out in a game, I am usually really good at it. But Digimon Rage had little rules in place as if to make us bumble or way through it all. And then when everyone else was getting trippy with their programming skills. I felt... out-classed. Maybe I am just a loser."

              Kahidomon hugged Vance and began to take him off to the examination labs.

              Vance asked, "Where are we going?"

              Kahidomon smiled with a fib on his breath. "The Kitchen."


              Luke paled when he heard Zecma's agitated voice. "As much as I love your library, Wyzibismon, I need to get back to the base and get a training session started with Dragarulimon."

              Wyzibismon said, "We'll figure it all out, Luke. I had a good time. But it is best not to keep an Imperial Council Lord waiting."


              Vertigasmon looked at his partner. "I hardly call this a date, Chester. What do we do?"

              Chester grinned. "Start teaching me combat moves. Since no one else can stand to be around you, what are they going to do? Show up here and make me come back to base?"


                Faroth looks like a berated dog at first when Davyd says that, his ears laying back along his head and tail curling tighter around his haunches but they perk back up as he listens and nods, "It was one of the pies Ms. Heartstone was going to take to the bake sale too. She made Karal pay for the pie too. I think the blow to Karal's pride was much sweeter than the pie, though." A little color seems to come back to his eyes as he talks with Davyd about those old exploits.


                Panthromon nods, "We think it's important. Perhaps, Zecma, a full digital scan and medical examination would be wise for all your friends. Tigromon suggested the other day after Kirsto told us about them... That perhaps they were targeted by these various groups before they were known to you. Just a thought I am passing along." He bows and returns to Kirsto's bedroom. The four of them would be leaving soon if not needed.


                Divina scoffs through her comms, "Shopping IS training when it's done right. Cardio, Lifting packages, it's QUITE the workout. Not to mention Sucerio and I just finished a LENGTHY training session on the proper applications of pain to the proper places during interrogations. Let's not forget, Zecma. YOU approved mine and Chester's battle last night and everything that came out of it."


                JT decides to go to Zecma personally while Karal ignores the message. He is doing exactly what he's suppose to be doing.

                JT says, "Zecma? Can I talk to you?"


                  Zecma says into the Comm unit, "Divina... Panthromon just suggested that you might be infected with a Macrosoft virus that makes you less like how you are supposed to be. Everyone on the team is going to be receiving a check up to see if there is any infection or not. Those refusing to get it will find themselves not only locked out but stranded where ever you are right now. I know where Karal, Kirsto and Chester are. Chester told me this morning as he was borrowing a medical mask what he was about to go do. No one else told me any of their plans. Since you think shopping is combat training, then you can stay at the infernal mall without a way back. I will inform passport services about your being down there illegally. Suceiromon can tell you what that is like. If she takes you to a gym right now, you will be off the hook."

                  Zecma then turns to look at JT as Cherapumon stands nearby looking upset. "What do you want to tell me, JT? I just reviewed the club meeting video I could see and hear everything that occurred. There are camera all over that meeting room chamber."


                  Within the examination labs, Vance is strapped down to a lab table by Kahidomon. "Now you stay right there while I see about getting you some help. Plus, I am hungry for something from the kitchen." And he headed off to make a sandwich.


                    JT shakes his head and hands Zecma the bracer, "Here. I don't want to be on your 'Beta' team any more. Can you send me home? You can scan me all you like first if you need to." It's saying a lot that JT of all people is asking to leave.


                    Divina grumbles and looks at Suceiromon who just shrugs. They head off to find a 'gym'.


                      Zecma looked at JT. "I never expected you to fess up toward being the hacker. As for the Beta Club, I don't own it; I Sponsor it. I pay for all the equipment that gets used in there. The club belongs to Finnpaw. He used to be human and he's stuck; so without funding and direct help from people with hands, he is screwed. I have some medical experts coming in who are going to be checking out everyone. Also, once home, it will be in your best interest to not be caught outside of Heartstone Industries. In their attempt to find Faroth, Macrosoft's goons asked the street bullies for the names of anyone who was friends with Faroth. And the entire Beta Club was named individually. So if you leave your parents business for any reason, they will try to nab you because they think you will lead them to Faroth and Davyd."

                      Zecma then looked at some data on his laptop. "Remember when Chester tried to put in the word god into his species choices and the selector stopped him? Unity is a God position. If you have a god for a partner then there is no reason for that player and his Unity partner to be in the game. However, when I reviewed the meeting video and I saw what species you chose, his element is both Air and Light. Mystikitsunemon would have made a fine partner for you, JT. I have been in contact with him he told me that his ancestors were once temple guards over the Unity Temple but they were not Unity elements themselves. He told me that anyone chosen to be Unity will be the target for all evils in the world. So when you go home, JT, Macrosoft may forget about Faroth when they get a reading of your element."

                      Zecma then said, "I will still let you go once you get a clean bill of health, but please be on your guard. Karal is overprotective of you; much in the same way Faroth is overprotective of Davyd. Sadly, Vance may be lost to us anyway. He is infected with a sexual attraction virus. This makes him want to have sex with any animal shaped. We will try to have him detoxed before his release. At first, Luke had chosen two strong male partners that would have kept him on his toes and well trained. And then all of a sudden, he makes that female bird partner that he goes gaga over. In fact, he went to spend a day with her at her library just this morning. Dragaruli told me that Luke had mentioned wanting to train today. But apparently he put it out of his mind when he got the girl in his eyes. Davyd was in the process of spending time with his partners before the request to bring Davyd down to visit with Faroth occurred and now Davyd is unable to train with his partners because his baby sister won't let him."

                      Cherapumon then said suddenly, "I find it strange the one of the Heartstone boys who messed with the system is bailing all of a sudden as if they were hired to sabotage it." He then growled fiercely. "How much did they pay your family, boy?" Cherapumon hates deserters and wanting to leave just as the mentors are cracking down on the beta testers who agreed months in advance to test this stuff seems very suspicious.

                      Zecma then said, "Stand down, Cherapumon; you made your complaint already. I am willing to hear all sides."

                      Cherapumon growled again. "BULLSHIT, Zecma! If you allow him to bail, then maybe they paid you off too!"

                      Finnpaw then said, "It was kind of sudden for Karal to donate Trinity to the partner selection engine and we had used it for several games flawlessly. But the moment it gets used to choose Digimon partners, it fouls up and has all manner of problems. I hate to say this, Zecma, but I have to agree with Cherapumon on this issue. It is too suspicious. After JT goes home, I wouldn't be a bit surprised if Macrosoft's military didn't arrive in the Digital World. That is, if they aren't already here."


                      Within the examination chamber, The Yuskay Groomers had returned and they were giving Vance the physical while Kahidomon watched from one side eating his sandwich. One of the Groomers then asked, "Did Vance touch your body this morning, Kahidomon?"

                      Kahidomon nodded his head. "Yes, he was rubbing a hand over my sheath and tail hole. Why are you asking... hey wait!"

                      They were already grabbing Kahidmon and strapping him to a table as well. "Did he touch anyone else?"

                      Kahidomon replied, "He touched Cherapumon's cock this morning without permission and it seemed to make that partner angry. he went to Zecma's lab to complain about something. Before us, Vance had been petting on Arturo's Security Hound project named Triple I."

                      The Groomer said, "I am surprised the detection alarms are not already going off, unless someone sabotaged them."


                      Within Zecma's Labs, he and JT got to see several Yuskay Groomers in hazmat suits suddenly pop into the room and they took down a very resisting Cherapumon. While a fourth Groomer said to Zecma, "You need to check your detection alarm system, Zecma. you will find it turned off and when you fix it, the alarms will sound likely all over your factory. Vance, Kahidomon and Cherapumon are infected with Macrosoft nano-bytes. Vance's hands, Kahidomon's sheath and tail hole as well as Cherapumon's entire penis will need to be Sterilized with a nano-byte cleansing acid it will not feel good at all. Vance may not be the only one infected like this."

                      Zecma said, "Could you please examine JT since he wants to go back to Earth?"

                      And by request, the Groomers tested JT and then they said, "He's clean; probably cleaner than most. You should send him home until we can get all this cleaned up."

                      Zecma went over to a drawer where he pulled out a pocket partner device which would permit JT to see and talk to Mystikitsunemon whenever he liked. He almost growled at the Groomers when they scanned the device to make sure it was clean. Then he handed it over to JT. "Since you chose him, I will gift you with this so you can talk to him at home. I am sorry I laid an accusation upon you when you surprised me with the request to leave. Please regard us as friends. Give my regards to your mom. And stay safe. I will inform the others of your decision."


                      And in a flash...! JT was back home within his personal quarters.


                      Zecma now examined the alarm system and he was pissed when he saw that someone had removed a connector that would make it work properly. Only mechanical minded people would know how to do this. Well, lets see what happens when i turn it back on."

                      ~MS VIRUS DETECTED!~ ~MS VIRUS DETECTED!~ ~CODE RED!~ ~LOCKING DOWN ALL DATA PORTS!~ repeat, repeat, repeat.


                        Back on Earth and in his own room again, JT looked around and then gave a slight sigh. He sits down on fennec-shaped fennomon bed. "Well. Back here again. I can't believe messed up all this got... From a simple game into this mess." He flops out on the bed, staring up at the digital screen that made up the ceiling. "Unity is a god level element, huh? No wonder the thing wasn't working right. It's not like it's my fault i got saddled with it." He looks down at the pocket partner device before holding it up where he can see it, before rolling over and getting up off the bed, thinking to himself, (I don't know if Finnpaw forgot but it may be day in the digital world, but we didn't get much rest last night. I'm going to take a nap...But first)

                        JT goes over to the back wall of his room and runs a hand over a portion of the wall, stating his password, "Tahiro is mah Hero." It takes a few seconds as it compared the voice sample, handprint, and several other biometrics to ensure it is JT before the door slides open. It's a small door just big enough for the small boy to walk into. He steps inside as the door starts to slide back shut.

                        There is a soft voice that states, "Decontamination Cycle starting..." Several lines of laser light scan over JT before a heavy cloud of various chemicals wash through the room. "Decontamination complete." The far door opens and JT steps out into his super private lab. The only lab in the entire building that Karal's never been in. This one isn't even on the house blueprints. JT never lied or fibbed, he just never mentioned it. It's the only place he ever felt really comfortable and safe without his brother around because of how sheltered he's always been. So this is sorta his own private lil sanctum. It is a circular room that is suspended and seperated from the rest of the house by a thick fluid barrier that only is broken when the decontamination portals align for JT to enter. Thus the entire lab can freely rotate 360 degrees in all directions as it's literally just a hollow ball suspended in this fluid.

                        JT takes off his shirt, socks and shoes and places them carefully on a secured shelf near the door, leaving him only in his shorts. He then states, "Fenny? Activate Stage 3 Holo-Environment, Activate your Digital Overlay." A rather cute and bouncy looking Fennomon appears floating in the middle of the room, "Sure thing, Tahiro!"

                        Moments later the 'lab' seemed to disappear as a beautiful meadow appeared with some nice big flat rocks that just 'conveniently' the right height to match up with the various tables. The fake Fennomon appeared more fully as well, looking like the real thing and completely life-like. The nonmorphic digimon look-a-like bounces up on one of the tables with a grin, "So how was your trip?"

                        JT flops down on the holograss and sighs, "Not the best... Oh! I brought a friend... Can you interface with it?"

                        Fenny grins, "Easy Peasy. You should know, you designed me, Tahiro" JT grins, "Yea... And we still can't tell bro about that... he'd ... he'd be upset...Or Davyd! Or Arturo..You know we can't tell anyone... Just... This is just us." Fenny was the only one who ever called JT just 'Tahiro' but JT kinda liked it. It was like a secret identity.

                        Fenny sighs and rolls his eyes, "Like always. Anyway, Tahiro, I promise not to tell; OOoo this is a live one... hey. hey careful! Don't overload my digital array...Jeesh. Rude."

                        Mystikitsunemon appeared within the digital landscape of the room. He couldn't interact directly with the 'real' world since it was basically still only a a link between Mystikitsunemon and the private digital 'pocket' of the lab. It wasn't as complete as a real pocket reality might be but it was somewhere inbetween and there was a hard limit to the amount of data that could exist within the lab's computer system. It could probably only fit no more than 2-3 REAL digimon due to the complexity of REAL digimon data. But it was still an amazing accomplishment for such a young man. JT had admit he was a little jealous of Arturo though. Arturo was able to give his creation a REAL body and everything. Maybe some day, Fenny could be a real Fennomon.

                        JT hugs the new digimon, careful not to phase through him, "Hi...Welcome to my um...lab."


                        Faroth looked up at Arturo and Davyd, "What's all the commotion I hear? It sounds like a lot of peo..." He WINCES at the loudness of the alarm, part of him wanting to howl but he manages to keep from it.

                        Karal comes running inside, "Macrosoft? Where? Who touched my core!?"

                        Kirsto also comes back into the main room, holding his hands over his ears. "What's going on?!" The three guardians are also there and on high alert.


                          Zecma said, "We had a Dark element breach, my friends and just as we were getting at the truth, your brother approached me and he asked me to send him home after he was verified to be clean. In other words, Karal, JT bailed after he learned that Unity is a God designation. Here is his Card Launcher. He quit the Beta Testers club likely because he thought I was running or ruining it. I am only the Funder of the group; I provide the money. The Founder is Finnpaw. Anyway, Vance, Kahidomon and Cherapumon are all infected with the Macrosoft nano-byte virus. If anyone of your team has been acting weird or funny, this could explain why. At that moment, Finnpaw, Arturo and Triple I were politely escorted to the cleansing chamber. Finnpaw had escorted Vance to the bathroom after he played with Triple I initially and Vance had touched FInnpaw for support.

                          The Yuskay Groomers raised and lowered a detection bar up and down everyone's bodies. "Karal Heartstone and Prince Vulpa are both clean, Please try to stay that way. Kirsto Maxwell, Panthromon, Tigromon and Leomon are all clean. Same after-statement. Although I know it is a big thing to ask of Leomon."

                          Zecma giggled since he knew that Leomon had trouble with his mane that morning. "And now for the removal of all Dark element partners. I think we will have trouble with Divina's relinquishing her partner. Dark is the Digital Equivalent of Evil. All of Davyd's partners except for Saberfang were a Dark element; but we will help him get his partners sorted out. Impoundramon is Dark as well; Drakestomon is a dragonmount trapper so he must also be removed from Vance's partner choices as well even though he isn't Dark. He would eventually have Vance converted into a dragonmount samate and then we would lose him for sure."

                          Zecma finally finished installing the new Partner bracers for Davyd and Vance. "Okay, I have a new card for Recruitomon (Saberfang) installed into Davyd's replacement Card Launcher. It is a shame that JT quit but perhaps he had a curfew or something. His Card Launcher did malfunction according to the club meeting video which I reviewed. It did not sound like JT was purposely trying to get that result. He was as surprised as anyone." He then looked to Karal and Kirsto. "Anyone who has a Dark Element ability or power. Every time you use it, you are incurring a debt payable to your Dark Partner. This is another reason we needed to prevent Anyone from accidentally getting themselves stuck in debt with someone. I do not know if Divina used the Exile power on the pilots or if Suceiromon did it. If the princess did it, then no debt. If Divina did it, then she now has a ten thousand credit debt.. The two adult pilots... If they had been virgins, then they are worth 10,000 credits a man; but if they are corrupt, their value drops to 1,000 credits per man. And then Suceiromon took Divina Shopping in the Infernal Bazaar, which is the underworld shopping center. Those prices can be really jack up and high. I know two Macrosoft military pilots are not going to be worth that much. And I think Suceiromon will know this. A typical shopping trip for a devil princess usually runs in the tens of thousands and I know Divina doesn't have that kind of money and worse, I bet no one told her about the Underworld's Direct Investments accounts that keep track of your money earned. I mean, That is why the Financial Imps have employment right now. Dark Imp Kisume employs them."


                          A Yuskay Groomer and Zecma then approached Davyd and the detector indicated that Davyd's original Card Launcher was heavily infected and not through the nano-bytes that Vance and Arturo had. "Sorry to say, Zecma, but his old Card Launcher is a total loss. It has been corrupted by an outside source and it will have to be destroyed. It is good that you made him a new one."

                          Davyd looked up at the Groomer and asked, "Is Arturo going to be okay? A Groomer came in here and asked Arturo to go with him for a detox."

                          The Groomer ran the bar over Davyd after the old Card Launcher was removed. "Davyd was lucky, Zecma, the imperial Form Insurance you gave your friends prevented a nasty infection from the Card Launcher Bracer."

                          Zecma fastened the new Card Launcher on Davyd's arm before wrapping a Digital ribbon around Davyd's neck and sip[honing out the Dark Element abilities that had been given to Davyd. He then removed the ribbon and said, "To make it up to you, Davyd, you will get to choose new non-Dark element partners to balance out your new Bracer. But you don't have to load the bracer all the way up." He then looked through the Window toward Faroth. Sorry about that alarm, Faroth, it is set to ignore you since we know you are infected. But we are still working on your cure."

                          He then headed back upstairs with the groomer who confiscated the chair Arturo had been sitting in.

                          Davyd smiled at Faroth; "Beta Testing nothing, I think we are alpha testing this game. I don't remember a game having so many problems. Like the party board game with the spinner that I created for Karal that one time... Yiff! Now! Yes! It was a combination between Candy Land and Twister with Sex mixed in."


                          Vance, his partners, FInnpaw, Arturo and Triple I were getting the detox from the Groomers in the Detox suits. At he same time, the Dark element abilities were being siphoned out of Vance while his old Bracer Card Launcher was taken for elimination.

                          Impoundramon was saying, "Wait, give me another chance! I actually like Vance! I'll even wear a chastity belt if you give me another chance! What kind of fee do I have to pay to get you guys to let me stay with Vance?!"

                          Cherapumon growled, "For a start, who hired you to infect Vance with the Macrosoft Nano-bytes? Or do I get to rip you apart since Kahidomon and I both got infected from his touching us?"

                          Impoundramon frowned. "It wasn't supposed to be transferable after Vance got it. I was told that the Nano-bytes would help the Security forces to find Faroth. So you see, it all falls back to Faroth, if it weren't for him, most of the Dark Elements wouldn't have been hired to try to help them to find Faroth."

                          Kahidomon said, "He's a Dark element, He might say anything to get a deal to not be banished."

                          Impoundramon then said, "What about that power that Davyd was given to Discern Dishonesty, or better yet, Get Kagetamon in here and I will repeat what I said. Sadly, he is also a Dark element. He is the one who disabled the alarms last night. Even Kanisunfernomon is a Dark element. He was likely sizing Davyd up for recruiting since recruiting is still legal in Acheron."

                          One of the Groomers then said, "We have a lie detection device. Impoundramon is telling the truth partially. He does like Vance. He could care less about Faroth. Macrosoft had infected him through get this... a glass of water. They had him drink it and then when he licked Vance's face, the boy got the infection that way. Kahidomon had licked Vance's face first, so he didn't get the infection until the next day. Same as you, Cherapumon. Drakestomon was infected when he kissed Vance on the mouth fully. That is why he and Impoundramon have to be removed for detox clean up. Impoundramon, you could earn the right and permission to help Vance again at a later date. But you have got to be cleaned up first."

                          Impoundramon sighed. "I am so sorry, Vance. I didn't mean to cause all this trouble. You were the first human boy I ever knew."

                          Vance sighed. "I will give you a chance to make a clean start after you get cleaned up. I don't know what shape I will be in once they detox me in whatever solution they are going to put me in. Zecma will probably kick me out of the club for messing up so badly."

                          Finnpaw said, "Vance... I own the club, Zecma provides the money for the club. He is my Sponsor. If I wanted you gone from my club, I wouldn't let you pet and play with me on every Saturday morning before our meetings. I think you are a lot of fun. I am a Houndramon. You could have gotten one for a partner; just because we said there was no Finnpaw Card does not mean the species was off limits."

                          Impoundramon and Drakestomon were removed and then the detoxes began. "OOOWWWWWWIIIEEEE!" Not so painful for a Digimon but for a human; OUCH!


                            Faroth chuckles, "I still think that was just so Karal could get in everyone's pants. If those people think Vance is dirty minded, they have no idea how dirty minded the Heartthrob can be."


                            Tigromon was thoughtful a moment then says, "I think it's time we were going. We've cleared our checks and all this civilization is just too much for us"

                            Leomon says, "Agreed. Past time. Panthro?"

                            Panthromon smiles softly, "In words famous near and far; If there are shadows, there we are." He then opened a Shadow Gate within one of the nearby Shadows. Leomon and Tigromon walk through the portal and Panthromon takes Kirsto's hand since he's never made this journey before, "Stay close, lest you lose yourself amongst the Shadows." And then they too were gone into the Shadows with the gate closing behind them.

                            Karal, meanwhile, was busily examining the entire Trinity system and documenting anything out of the ordinary. He was leaving no stone underturned to make sure the system was back to operating correctly and clean of any infection.


                              Zecma said, "Karal... according to the Meeting video, Trinity fouled up before the infection occurred. It had unlocked dangerous God ranked Digimon partners and had made the illegal Dark elements available to players. Vance got one and Davyd ended up with three of them. JT was assigned the god-like Unity protocol which wasn't even a partner. In fact, it wiped out the information on JT's card after it reconfigured the card for Unity. If I wanted God-Modding in the game, I would have just released it to the public as is. That level of corruption rivals Macrosoft."


                              Davyd moved his laptop into position and he noted that Zecma had programmed in a compatible Card choice selector into his laptop while the instructions said that partner cards chosen would auto-load into his new Bracer. "Nice one, Zecma. I can choose new partners without showing off to the team. As I said during the meeting, there is a saccarine-like sugary cute partner that I have in mind. Lets see if the parameters allows it... He taps in Otter, Bunny and Cherub into the species choices and only one choice popped up. "That's him to a 'T'. Lulerosmon the Matchmaker of Cuteness! Water/Love Element." As the partner card entered the card, an audio message played along with a short video which projected out of the card window.

                              Lulerosmon is a flying otter-bunny who wears a Greek toga and a laurel Wreath around his brow, a quiver of love-arrows on his back between his wings, and a Cupid's bow for all archery needs held in one paw-hand. His overall appearance is just so gosh darned cute that you may have trouble controlling your spasm and tent when you see him. He stands at 3' tall with a 5' wingspan. and a long ottery tail extending as long as he is tall. His main two abilities are Love Shot and Calming Wink He is a hopeless romantic and will bond to any human partner who takes a chance with him. He can be more loyal than a housewife but he is also open-minded. He only wants to sleep with his partner ever night; That does not mean sex. This time...

                              Davyd giggled. "There's my brand new partner number two."