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RAGE-01 Digimon Partners Are All The Rage

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    RAGE-01 Digimon Partners Are All The Rage

    Digimon: RAGE (Really Advanced Gaming Edition)
    formerly Digimark Anatomically Correct
    Players: Lord Pouchlaw and Darquirrin
    Synopsis: Revived and perfectly reinstated within King Kazma's Live Anime World (or Kazma's LAW, for short,) Shinjuku, Japan and its citizens begin an adventure with familiar faces and rejuvenated youth for a more modern era. Join the former Digimark Digi-Destined heroes in an adventure within an all-new Temperoland Gold World known as Digimon RAGE. All the classics with a fresh coat of ink and paint.
    Devices Used in this Adventure: Card Launcher Advanced Super Safety Bracer (or Class Bracer, for short)
    If you accidentally leave your bracer at home and you later get a challenge from another player, the bracer automatically appears on your arm, cleaned up and looking as new as the day you first got it, along with your chosen partners included in the partner slots. Next up, your partner bracer can hold up to a hundred partner cards.

    When adding partners to the bracer, always slide the card in head first and picture side up. Once it is in place, you tap the picture and say the word, ACTIVATE. Initially, your partner will appear next to you and speak to you briefly before he shares a partner power with you that can be used anywhere. Also, activating a partner in your bracer bonds that partner to you and you alone. No one else can ever claim it after that.

    RAGE-01 Digimon Partners Are All The Rage
    By Lord Pouchlaw and Darquirrin
    March 1st, 2018

    Cast of Characters:
    Vance "Foxy" Slystalker, played by Lord Pouchlaw
    Luke Masaki, played by Lord Pouchlaw
    ~~(Character concept by one of Darquirrin's off-board friends)
    Chester Ravenshire, played by Lord Pouchlaw
    Davyd Arden, played by Lord Pouchlaw
    Nedwin Finnpaw, played by Lord Pouchlaw
    Christopher "Kirsto" Maxwell, played by Darquirrin
    Faroth Planeswalker, played by Darquirrin
    Karal Heartstone, played by Darquirrin
    Joey Tahiro "J.T." Heartstone, played by Darquirrin
    Divina Deamon, played by Darquirrin
    Other Characters:
    Zecma The Devil Mouse of ZecCorp Games, played by Lord Pouchlaw

    Shinjuku, Japan; Kazma's LAW
    Saturday morning...

    A teen aged boy yawned as he sat up and looked at his nightstand alarm clock. "Saturday! My day off! No part-time pizza servicing today, thank goodness! That means I can head down to Back Alley Games and see what the latest releases are!"

    Vance "Foxy" Slystalker was a Japanese boy with green eyes, foxy brown hair and fair skin. He usually wore a red tee shirt with a white stripe across the middle, blue jeans and sneakers. He was an all-around nice guy whom worked part-time at the local pizza parlor (the original Ardens) as a delivery boy and spent the rest of his time on computers. He's not the brilliant wizard most would say he was; but he had an uncanny ability to befriend just about anything. Ardens was the second best pizza in the multiple worlds; the first being Prancing Pony Pizza.

    He got out of bed and, as he began to get out of his pajamas, he activated the radio so he could hear the morning news and weather forecast for the day. As the local news/weather information radio station began to chatter, the boy finished exiting his pajamas and hit the bathroom, where he relieved himself, then hopped into the shower. While he was getting clean, he heard the radio declare that it was going to be an awesome early august day with clear skies all day long. Vance dried off, brushed his teeth, then re-entered his bedroom, where he got his clothes and shoes on. He grabbed his wallet and he shouted as he headed through the house, "I'm heading out to the Back Alley Games Shop, mom! I'll swing by the post office and pick up our mail!"

    He went out and got on his bicycle before peddling off down the street.

    Across town and sitting in the outdoor section of the Kane's International Coffee's seating, a young man was busily wiping down tables and cleaning up. He was an oddity among the local population as he had very fair complexion with scruffy blond hair and stormy blue-grey eyes. Kirsto Maxwell was an import from the distant highlands and as such spoke a couple of different languages. This made him somewhat valuable for the ever changing clientel at Kane's though the boy never really thought of it in such a manner; Kirsto is typically a very quiet and dutiful person. Today Kirsto was wearing his usual yellow shirt and blue-jean shorts and sneakers.

    Kirsto smiled as he noticed another customer sitting down in his section. He grabbed his order pad and walked over, "Back again, Principal Ryusei? They must be running you ragged with managing the school and that new production you are involved in. Did you like our new Italian Espresso Cream Latte yesterday? Or would you like something different today?" Kirsto tried to remember all of the regular guests' orders. The large anime tiger-man chuckled, "Yes, Trever out did himself with that new one. I'll have another and your brunch special."

    Kirsto jots the order down, nodding, "Yessir...I'll get it in for you right away!" He hopped to it and took the order back to the kitchen. He always liked when the principal came by; but then so did all the students working in the area. Principal Ryusei always tipped students very well and was very popular.


      Wheeling his wheelchair up the sidewalk toward the gaming shop was Davyd Arden, a part-time software security adviser. Davyd lives with his older brother in the countryside near fields of wheat and corn. He is partially confined to a wheelchair due to his being caught in an electrical explosion when he was repairing an old computer. Because of his security dealings, he has acquired many enemies. But he strives to help Karal and J.T. Heartstone however he can. His parents own and operate the local Ardens Pizza that Vance works for part-time and after school during the school season.

      As he wheeled his chair into Back Alley Games, he called out, "Hey Finnpaw! Were are you? Or are you feeding from the doggy dish again?"

      Nedwin Finnpaw was a houndramon with fine black scales and shiny silver eyes. He raised up from behind the counter where his clerk a Red Rabbit Army soldier of King Kazma worked the register. "You should try it sometime, Davyd. Beef Stroganoff with Ramen Noodles in Rich Turkey Gravy Sauce, and totally nutritious. You got here before Vance today. You must have left the farm early. I haven't seen the resident lone wolf lately. Did the police catch him?"

      Davyd grinned. "You wish. Faroth is too clever to be caught by normal officers. But the Red Rabbit Army could easily catch him if they thought he was a threat. Which he isn't."


        From a darkened corner, unnoticed by the casual clientel, a rather mischevious if secluded voice spoke up, "And I would say your nose is getting rusty, not to notice my enterance. Then again, I do have my ways." Faroth walked forward into the light, though all that was seen was the general humanoid shape of the hoodie, gloved hands and jeans. The long jeans covering up whatever shoes or paws or anything else the boy might have been wearing and despite the nice lighting of the place, the hoodie's drawn hood kept his features obscured. Just the way the boy liked it. Afterall, if no one knows what you look like, then no one can spot you in a crowd or while you're 'working'. In truth, the only person in the world who knew what Faroth actually looked like was Davyd. A secret given in repayment for a debt of honor between unlikely friends. Faroth would never admit it publicly; but Davyd was the one person he trusted and liked more than anyone else in the world, despite their disagreements and butting heads professionally.

        Faroth looked back at Davyd, "By the way..." He produces a small usb stick from his jacket pocket and hands it over, "The information you were looking for last night on the web. Prototype data and replication notes from the unreleased Third Generation."


          Davyd gave Finnpaw a nice head rubbing before wheeling his chair over and taking the USB stick. "Thank you, Faroth. The usual payment or dinner at my brother's farm? He will be heading off to college next year; then it becomes my farm."

          Just as Davyd was speaking with Faroth, a large group of boys and girls entered the games shop at the same time that Vance came in. Among the group were Luke Masaki and Chester Ravenshire in some sort of discussion of their own. "I had your favorite horse ready to be saddled last weekend, Luke. Where were you? We were supposed to go horseback riding in the country."

          Luke wasn't smiling as he replied while wearing the private school uniform that his parents preferred him to wear all the time. "My military parents forced me to accompany Divina Deamon on a shopping trip at the mega market. They said it was the gentlemanly thing to do for a lady. But as you and I both know, Divina is a tomboy. Her parents may make her wear the school uniform to private school, but when she gets there, she unpacks her favorite clothes and puts on her favorite duds. And none of the teachers will say anything to her."

          Chester grinned. "Maybe they are afraid that she will pussy whip them with that bullwhip that we have often seen her toting around. I attend public school with Vance, Kirsto, Davyd and a few of the others. Well, not currently since the Summer vacation is still on. Lets forget about the military parents and see what new games are on display."

          Luke grinned as he said, "I'm with you."

          Vance went over and knelt down to give Finnpaw a body rubbing and a hug. "Are you going to tell me your species secret this weekend or do I have to scratch you under your tummy until you fire off a stream right in your own shop."

          Finnpaw smirked. "You cause me to make a mess and I will mount you right in front of everyone. I promised that you would get to find out before school started and we still have time. Besides, That Devil Mouse games creator and I have pooled our resources and we crafted a new game like no other. I don't have it on display as yet since I wanted to surprise you and the rest of the club guys at the same time. As soon as the other four come in this afternoon, I will share the game with you guys in the private club conference room in the back. Food and Drinks have been acquired for this meeting since it is so important."

          Vance was all giddy since he loved it when Finnpaw and his game creation team made a new game.


            Faroth says, "The usual payment will suffice...But if you have other business to discuss as well, I can visit your farm." He'd never just blatently accept a dinner date

            While the group was getting settled, a tall, extremely handsome teenager with flaming red spikey hair and bright hazel eyes entered with a much smaller, much cuter young boy with blondish red hair and deep sea-green eyes. The tall boy was surrounded by people who kept trying to get his attention while the young boy carried a large metal roll around case and wore a backpack decorated with various species of foxes. Finally Karal managed to baracade the front door behind him as he leans against it, "Whew.... Heartstone charm can be suuuuch a burden." JT just rolls his eyes a little but giggles softly under his breath. Karal waves to the others as he stands up, "Hey guys."

            Just as Karal was starting away from the door, he and JT were thrown forward as the door was kicked open with a THUWHOOMP! A slim, teenage girl in very high heels stalked inside as she looked around, "oopse. Sorry Karl." She smirk as she walks over the pair and slides up on one of the chairs, "Sorry I'm late, Luke. I know you would have escorted me here if you knew I was coming." She gives him a rather unsettling grin as one finger traced over her bullwhip.

            Karal growls as he gets up from the floor and closes the door again. "You know, you didn't have to kick the damn door down, hellcat."

            Divina looks over at Karal and ooos, "Oh, Karal you say the NICEST things... Tell me more."

            Karal shudders and and just shakes his head, keeping his distance from her. She winks at Luke, making the 'V' sign as she winks.

            Faroth is thinking to himself, {Calling her a hellcat is an insult to the species.} He steps back once more into the darker shadows but remains near Davyd, just in case.

            J.T. rolls the case he was pushing over to Finnpaw. He blushed slightly, "Here."

            Karal says, "The original blueprints were a little inefficient. I hope you don't mind but we refined them a little before making the first run. Oh. That reminds me." He pulls out a small 1 centimeter cubed cube which he opens to reveal a 1 meter cubic opening into a hardwired pocket space. He pulls out a stack of laptops from the space and closes it, putting the device away. He places the laptops on the center table. "The new line of 10G laptops from Heartstone Digital Technologies, Inc. are out. Who wants a free laptop as beta testers?"


              Finnpaw chuckled. "Everyone's here except for Kirsto. He works at that cafe until noon. Saturday hours and all. During summer break, his boss had him working from opening until closing." He took the case J.T. had brought him. "Thank you, J.T. If you ever get tired of working for the family business, Zecma and I have openings in both the workplace as well as bedrooms."

              Luke shook his head. "She shops, I ended up carrying all the shopping bags and boxes. I was actually hoping to look over some surf boards."

              Chester walked over to Davyd. "When are you going to get that operation so you can get back on your feet, Davyd? Or is this wheelchair the only way you can score pity points?"

              Davyd pulled out a small device and touched it to Chester which made the boy's hair stand on end before he backed off. "Let me put you into an explosion and then we will see if you can make light of a multi-thousand dollar leg and spinal cord operation."

              Chester shivered, "Sorry. Its just that you have been in that chair all Summer. You even turned down Karal's mom's offer to sponsor your operation. So if you are not trying to score pity points, then why didn't you take the easy way out?"

              Davyd almost growled. "Mrs. Heartstone wants to take advantage of my security programming skills. As if J.T. and Karal were not computer geniuses enough for her to make use of."

              Vance piped off at that moment. "Keep it down over there! I am trying to bribe Finnpaw out of his secrets!"

              Finnpaw pushed Vance away playfully. "Lay off or else I will de-pants you in front of Divina before I mount you with all the girls watching. Then you will be my Foxy."

              At that point, Luke seemingly by accident kicked Finnpaw in the butt. "Sorry about that, doggy. I should be more careful or else I might lose my foot in your black hole."

              Vance fell over laughing when Luke said that last part.


                Davyd could feel one of Faroth's hands gripping one of the sides of the wheelchair with an almost sinister gleam coming from under the hood of his jacket but he didn't say anything.

                JT chose that moment to speak up, "Mom means well but she doesn't really do 'charity'" He blushes before hiding behind Karal.

                Karal sighs, getting serious for a change, "Unfortunately, that is true and I can't blame Davyd for not wanting to be her lap dog. No offense Finnpaw. Not to mention, she's been rather...distant lately. I think it's that new company that's been trying to leverage in on her division. They want to co-found a new division..." Karal shakes his head, "I don't like how they feel. Anyway, it's almost noon so the foreigner should be along soon."

                Divina snorts, "Well, she should just side with our tech teams. The military would be happy to re-instate her security clearance, I am sure."


                  Finnpaw grinned. "Oh I am sure Kirsto is serving his favorite customer over at Kane's International Coffees... Principal Ryusei. If Kirsto played that flute of his, Kane would be mobbed by customers."

                  Vance stopped laughing. "You mean like the pied piper?"

                  Luke remarked, "Oh I am sure Kirsto doesn't carry around any yummy pies."

                  Chester grinned as he looked at a poster of a horse warrior in crude armor. "Man I think this stallion is more built than Karal."

                  Davyd stated. "I know the artist whom did that picture, Chester, so he likely is."

                  Finnpaw then said, "Horses have big 'uns, but dragons have bigger ones. I got that verified from that American teenager whom was in Japan during July for the Junior Adventurers Convention... Damien Lancer. Too bad he loves New York."


                    Kirsto was at that very moment finishing up his duties at the coffee house. He had just finished wiping down the last table and waving goodbye to the principal. He placed the dirty dishes and towels into the steam-washer before heading over to the staff area. "Mister Kane, here is the orders and receipt book and the tip-list." Trever Kane, the eldest of the aussie brothers who owned the coffee house, and a dashing true-blooded Australian, took the book and nods, "Ya knows the rules, mate. Ya keep yer tips. But thanks for turnin' in the list. Yer one of the few who does."

                    Kirsto smiles, "Well I know you have to write it up on our income taxes and stuff. I'm just glad I don't have to worry about the math!"

                    Trever Kane chuckles, "Aye, we take care of that abit. 'op along now! Don't spend all yer Saturday coped up here." He winks and heads back into the office.

                    Kirsto heads over to his locker and gets his backpack, careful not to damage the precious instrument or fragile art supplies inside, before heading outside, climbing on his bike and heading off to meet up with Vance and the others. As soon as he arrives, he knows everyone else must be there from the state of the front doors. He slides around back and heads in through the BACK door to try to avoid the crowd out front. He waves as he enters.


                      Finnpaw then hopped up and he grabbed a microphone. "Attention Beta Gamer's Club members. Please proceed to the conference room. We are about to start our club meeting." He then put the microphone aside as he looked to the red rabbit clerk. "Watch the shop, Bosco. This shouldn't take too long." And after an affirmative from the clerk, Finnpaw headed off toward a door marked as Conference Room.

                      Vance, Luke and Chester followed the houndramon game creator and shop owner.

                      Davyd nodded his head at Faroth. "Time to go see what new miracle game Nedwin and Zecma came up with." And he began to wheel his chair toward the conference room.


                        Divina, Karal, and JT were right there with Vance, Luke, and Chester as they followed Finnpaw.

                        Faroth nods and follows behind Davyd with Kirsto trailing behind, wondering what was up this time.


                          BAGS Conference Room

                          Finnpaw had the conference table set and staged with positions at the table for everyone. A-to-Z. Davyd's name-plated position had no seat but none was needed since he had a wheelchair. Up at the front of the room was a large screen monitor and Finnpaw had climbed up on a platform near the monitor. Being in feral mode, Finnpaw had to make the best he could do in business. But he had several anime assistants in his line of work.

                          Starting from the right hand side of the platform and circling around the table were: Chester, Davyd, Divina, Faroth, JT, Karal, Kirsto, Luke and Vance.

                          Finnpaw smiled. "Good, Full attendance for a change. And now let me activate the monitor for a special message from our co-partnered sponsor." And Finnpaw used the remote to turn on the monitor. on the screen appeared a Devil Mouse wearing what looked to be Imperial Council clothes which included a suit and tie.

                          "Greetings, club members. I am Zecma of ZecCorp Games. If anyone tells you that Saturday is fun-day, they are lying their asses off to you. As you can see, I have to dress up in this icky Imperial Council monkey suit and I have to babysit the Imperial Council's Saturday meeting. If anyone thinks babysitting a bunch of Hell Council members might be more fun than what you usually do, I'll trade places with you for a Saturday. GLADLY! At any rate, this is a pre-recorded message I made this morning to detail and explain the new Digimon Card Launcher Partner Game."

                          He then held up what looked like a wrist worn bracer about the length between the wrist and the mid-lower arm just below the elbow. "This is the card Launcher Safety Bracer. This is what permits you to visit your partners' home realms in the Digital World and not get changed into the species while you are there. The Safety bracer has a built in time piece as well as a Location Identifier and compass. This is useful for when you are trying to find your around the Digital World. Since this is a new game and you guys often Beta Test the games for us to make sure there are no bugs nor other problems with the game. Finnpaw tells me that your beta group are familiar with Hackers and some of you have that skill yourselves. So you will know a hack cheat if you see one in game."

                          He then showed an animation of the bracer and a sample card being inserted into the partner slot of the bracer along with an animated hand touching the picture on top and a word balloon with the word "Activate." "As you can see in the animation, this is how you load a partner card into the 100-slot bracer. Head first and picture side up. Once you claim a partner, it is yours for life. So please treat your partners good otherwise, we can ban you from the game and take your bracer away from you so you cannot harm your partners any further. This is a Challenge Accessible Game. This means that opponents in your home living area can point their card launcher at you and say the words... and this is just an example so please do not get upset... Divina! I challenge You to a RAGE Match! RAGE stands for Really Advanced Gaming Edition. The name of the game is Digimon RAGE."

                          The image showed Zecma standing in front of a glowing portal where a council room could be seen just beyond. "Finnpaw will help you to acquire your beginning Digimon Partners; Yes, I said Partners. You will all get three each of different types. Finnpaw will explain the parameters of getting partners. And just to burst someone's bubble: There is no Finnpaw partner card." He then winked. "Now I have to go keep the imperial Council out of trouble. they like to pass new laws without authorization. The Hell Emperor himself hired me to do this duty; sometimes I think this job is a punishment. I used to be a real trouble maker. I was granting wishes for free in the Underworld just so I could watch newbies get into deep shit." And then he stepped through the portal and it closed, ending the video.
                          Finnpaw was now sliding sets of packaged boxes across the meeting room table to each club member. "These are your game bracers; they are padded on the inside to ensure comfort for the gamer. Zecma failed to mention this part, but there is a built in communicator which will permit you the ability to contact each other as well as to contact your partners when they are in their homes. When everyone is ready to proceed toward the partner selection stage, we will start that process."

                          Vance opened his box and pulled out the game bracer and without so much of a second thought, he clasped it on to his left wrist. "This is cool! BAGS Conference Room; Shinjuku, Japan; Kazma's LAW! Totally amazing! This sure beats that one idea of having a glass disc grafted to the back of a player's hand."

                          Finnpaw grinned. "That was Macrosoft's gaming idea that the fans of the community quickly shot down. And I don't blame them. Macrosoft has a tendency to make a game crash just when things are getting good. Gill Bates will get his one of these days."

                          Luke, Davyd and Chester were examining their bracers. Luke and Chester put theirs on. And then Chester took it off right fast before putting in on again. "Just wanted to make sure it was not going to be on my arm forever. It would be hard to take a shower with a bracer on my arm."

                          Finnpaw said, "Yes, they are removable. Zecma made sure of that. He programmed the bracers; I programmed the rest."

                          Davyd was examining his all over. "May I see the insides of the bracer? I would like to look at the circuits and see about learning the programming code."

                          Finnpaw said, "You will have to speak directly to Zecma about that and you saw where he had to go today."

                          Luke smirked, "The council just needs to be pussy whipped once to get the point across."

                          Davyd slowly put his on and looked at it with that 'I wanna learn the code' look in his eye.


                            Karal smirks as he tested and examined the bracer. "I bet I can figure this out... Or I know who can if I can't get it open..."

                            Divina looked a little huffy at not having a chance to actually 'battle' Zecma but replied, "Ya know once we get partners, if this applies to Zecma too we could steal him outta the meeting for 'legitimate' reasons."

                            Faroth says quietly, "Safety Bracer. It would need to filter a great deal of the data stream's potency to function to the degree Zecma implied. That would also imply an incredibly strong power source capable of processing a tremendous amount of digital information in parallel."

                            Kirsto tries his own bracer on, "mmm, This is pretty neat. Hey, Finnpaw, Zecma mentioned something about cards? When do we need to see those?"


                              Finnpaw smiled. "Good, someone paid attention." He used the remote to activate a part of the meeting table which revealed mini-monitors and keyboards which used the Heartstone Trinity OS. "Now Karal will get to see where Zecma and I installed Trinity at. I will activate the partner creation program and those card slots to the bottom of the mini-monitor is where the completed partner cards will emerge from. Using the keyboards, type in your three favorite animals and/or mythical monster types. When you are sure of your choices, click submit. you will be asked one time if you are sure. This is just in case you are having second thoughts. Clicking Yes at this stage will bring up every digimon containing parts of your three choices of every possible element type on screen. This may be a huge or small list depending upon the choices. Carefully select through the list of partner choices. and place a check mark next to the three that interest you the most. When you are ready to claim your cards, click the floating 'Finalize' button. Your partner cards will be created and emerge from the creation slot under the mini-monitor. One at a time, you insert your cards into your bracer head first and picture side up. You are only allowed to add up to three partners per day as a safety precaution. After you add your third partner, pull the partners in rotation to the right until you see the first one you added, then Raise your left arm away from yourself toward the space in the room and tap the picture and say 'Activate.' Your partner will then appear in the room where he will greet you properly for his species and then he will share a species ability with you before returning to the card in the bracer.. Then do the others one at a time. That's all there is to it."

                              Vance, Luke, Davyd and Chester began to make their animal choices. Some people might have to think carefully about this.