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RAGE-01 Digimon Partners Are All The Rage

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    At that moment, two brimstone poofs appeared in the meeting room. One was Zecma as he was pulling off his council gear and unpacking his gaming clothes. He didn't care about modesty since everyone has seen a naked mouse before. The other was none other than the Alpha Hellhoundimon, Kanisunfernomon. "...and as I told you right in front of council, one of your clerk's trusted beta testers tried to cheat the system by acquiring a pushover Alpha canine of the underworld! When he ended up with me, he talked down on me as if I was not what he expecting to get! He displayed disappointment! And then when I was back in the underworld arranging for his 9 PM medical operation, I got word that he was not only abandoning me, but he had convinced Finnpaw to give him a fourth partner slot to replace me since he thought I was being such a big prick!"

    Finnpaw then whispered to Davyd. "I tried to warn you, Davyd. He reported you to Zecma. Now we are all about to get it."

    Zecma looked at Davyd and said, "You get a chance to explain yourself, Davyd."

    Davyd looked up at the Devil Mouse. "Cheating the system is in the opinion of the accuser, Zecma. According to your and Finnpaw's instructions, we input our choices, the partner appears, they gift us with one their powers and then they return to their card. There are certain partners who think they are too good to obey your rules. When I received Kanisunferno, the first thing he apparently muttered to Finnpaw in the non-common language was that he couldn't believe his partner was a lame cripple. Before he left, I asked him if he was supposed to give me a power, and he said it would be after the operation. Then instead of returning to the card, he teleported back to the underworld. Even Finnpaw called his departure an act of abandonment. So I didn't abandon him; he abandon me. He saw I was in a wheelchair and he talked down on me first. I simply returned the favor. Since he never wanted to be partnered with me as is, I asked Finnpaw to unlink Kanisunferno and let me have a free replacement. That is why I was to get a fourth slot. So if he told you anything else, he lied his dishonorable ass off to save face."

    Zecma now looked to Finnpaw. "Your turn, Finnpaw. What exactly did Kanisunferno tell you before he chose to speak in the common tongue? Exact wording if you please. The council nearly messed themselves when Kanisunferno appeared in council hall. They all ran away and cannot return to council for a week. So I chose to come back up here."

    Finnpaw said, "At first, after making his introduction, he said, Is this a joke, Finnpaw? My partner is a punk ass kid in a wheelchair?! How is this cripple supposed to keep up with a powerhouse like me? Does Zecma know that you let a human boy choose an Imperial pack alpha for a partner? Davyd said in common, I cannot speak that language, sir. Even though I am fluent in five languages one of which includes the programming language of computers. If you have something degrading to say to me, I would appreciate your saying it in a language I can understand. If your disappoint is because I am damaged, then excuse me for being in an explosion which I almost died from. Finnpaw? What is this guy's problem? Did he forget to change his tampon this morning? and then I told the Alpha, Alpha... Davyd Arden comes from a line of demon hunters, although when his parents left the ancestral business, they attempted to open a pizza Parlor; their pizza isn't the best in Shinjuku. Davyd chose to seek part time work in making security systems. His enemies set him up with a trapped computer and when the trap was sprung, it exploded. Davyd has been in this chair ever since. The scum whom did this to him were never caught. Despite Faroth searching the whole city for them. If you feel you are too weak to handle a partner of Davyd's caliber, then we can send you back and then everyone back home will know that you blew a Digimon to human partner relationship. I don't know how you will bear that ball and chain."

    Finnpaw then said, "The rest was public to all in this room. And when Davyd asked if the Alpha was supposed to share an ability ot partner power, Alpha said, quote, After the surgery, you will get your chance to prove to me that you are worth it. If you succeed, you will get your power ability. Not a second before. Now if you will excuse me... unquote. According to Davyd, the initial picture of Kanisunferno looked nothing like how he showed up here on stage. As if the potential partner had performed false advertising to get a human partner to choose him."

    Kanisunferno then said, "You are getting on to me for not returning to the card; then why are all of these other partners still in the room after being chosen? None of them are sitting in their cards. And you said _I_ couldn't follow the rules."

    Zecma having his designer miniature pants and gaming jacket back on floated through the air to Davyd's partner choice displace and he said, "Type in exactly what you had done the first time to eventually show what Kanisunfernomon looked like on screen."

    Davyd obeyed Zecma to the letter. And when the choices appeared, he scrolled through the choices until he reached the now vacant spot where Kanisunfernomon's placeholder was positioned and the words 'Partner claimed' was directly over the vacant spot.

    Zecma pulled out a jumper cable connected to his gamer's override handheld device and he plugged it in and after typing ZECMA OVERRIDE! SHOW ORIGINAL PHOTOS!, the claimed statement moved down to sit below the name and when the feral Hellhound appeared on screen, Davyd said, "That's him exactly. Not whomever this impostor is." He jerked a thumb at the Alpha. Zecma pushed a few more buttons and then he typed, CHECK FOR NAME ERRORS!, the results this time showed a collection of errors. He then typed, SEGREGATE ACCEPTABLE FROM UNACCEPTABLE CHOICES!, and that changed the entire listing for the partner choice screen. "Davyd, were you more impressed with the picture or the name?"

    Davyd replied, "The picture of course, he didn't look as strict as some of the rest of the choices in the selection. Not to mention, he looked bored."

    Kanisunferno walked over to look at the screen as the scrolling occurred when they found the picture Davyd had selected, Kanisunferno said, "You're in luck, Davyd. That partner is a member of a defunct pack known as the Recruitomon Order. Their Alpha had to disband their pack when that stupid anti-recruitment law in the Underworld went into effect to prevent any other Hellhounds from topping Diablo's original recruiting record. They are currently out of work and most are either in heavy debt or sold themselves as sex slaves simply to survive. Their entire pack business was based on recruiting. Sometimes they would recruit for other packs, sometimes for themselves and during times of war, for the Imperial Army themselves. After the law was passed, they lost it all. They even lost their realm. I know a good chunk of them surrendered to the Archon and Angel Hound forces. There few left. If he is who you were hoping to get, Davyd, I can drop my counter-charge on you. However, there is still the medical appointment I set up for you at 9 PM. It cannot be cancelled or else every hound in the Underworld will know that you cannot be trusted. Ah, there's my picture in the unacceptable list The mistake in my appearing was due to a programming error in the way pictures and species names get matched up. Will you accept the operation as an apologetic parting gift. On the side, I may still come around."

    Zecma sighed. "I told you that this game still needed to be tested for errors and glitches. Better to learn this in private before the game ended up in public. I think you should accept his apology, Davyd. he wouldn't have appeared had the selector code worked as it was suppose to work. Zecma then extracted Kanisunferno's blank card out of Davyd's card launcher and then he handed it to Kanisunfernomon to deal with it himself. Then he had the card selection machine produce the Recruitomon card and he inserted that into Davyd's card launcher. "First partner slot replacement adjusted, Davyd."

    Davyd looked up at Kanisunfernomon. "I am sorry too. When you first appeared and before you said something, I was impressed by your motorcycle outfit. It kind of reminded me of Hunter from the Road Rovers in his Easy Rider pose in the opening credits. Then you had nothing nice to say to me and I started to regret choosing you. I almost quit entirely. Faroth made me reconsider since I have never quit at anything. I have a 7 PM business engagement dinner at my farm house tonight; I am to meet up with a representative from Macrosoft's programming core. He said we could meet at my home instead of going to their offices which he admitted to not trust himself. That is why I am giving the guy a chance. If I am done by 9 PM, then I will accept your medical operation offer."

    Kanisunfernomon then said, "Which one of these partners in the room is his partner?"

    Finnpaw replied, "Faroth hasn't chosen to claim a partner yet."

    Kanisunfernomon hummed. "Does he need an invitation? And while we are on the subject of glitches, Zecma... I smell a virus in this room somewhere. I need to return to my pack. 9 PM, Davyd." And he vanished.

    Davyd wheeled his chair over to the stage. "After he apologized, I was sorry to see him go. But I'll see him again tonight. Now lets get this new partner up here." He then held up his arm so the bracer faced away from himself as he tapped on the partner picture, "Activate!" Directly out in front of him on the partner circle appeared the symbols for Water, Earth and Order before the symbols merged to form a question mark and just in front of that appeared a feral hound who was a real mess. He might have looked like the picture had he been clean.

    Recruitomon was a 4 foot tall at the shoulder feral Hellhound like canine who would normally be Sienna and Gold in coloration with dark red eyes and black claws on his foot pads. His coat which would normally look billowy and thick looked matted with clay mud and tar as if he had been siting in a swamp just before being summoned. He would normally have pounce and grab skills which were now considered in the Underworld as well as the ability to discern dishonest contracts and/or trap jobs. In fact, his Discern Dishonesty was perhaps his best acceptable quality.

    He lifted his head up solemnly and said, "I am Recruitomon, cosmic joke of the underworld. Former head recruiter for imperial armies across the Outer Planes. Now a defunct washed up bankrupt nobody which little prospects left to be proud of. If you are my new master, then get it over with. Beat me, brand me, tell me how dumb I am, and molest what';s left of my dignity."

    Davyd wheeled his chair over and said, "I won't do any of that stuff to you, but we need to clean you up, Reccy. I'll escort you to the men's room and I will help you get all this mud and tar off of your body. While I am your partner, you will never be a nobody again. It is customary for a partner to share his ability or power with he whom chose you. You don't have to give me anything if you feel you have nothing to give. But come on, lets get you cleaned up. Vance, I could use your help, please."

    Recruito said, "Since it is customary, I will give you my second ability that I have been using the most since I lost it all. No pack, no family, no realm; little dignity left over at all. I had to leave Hell and I have been living in Chaosmire. A squatter at best. I will share my Discern Dishonesty ability with you. When anyone tries to lie or trick you with a falsehood, you will know the truth immediately. Back when I was a pup, I was called Saberclaw. When I earned my own pack, I gained the fang prefix and became Saberfang, now I am just a joke."

    Davyd picked up the sticky hound and into his lap and he wheeled the chair off stage where Vance as ready to help Davyd in cleaning up the sad looking canine.

    Zecma glanced around the room. "Three good questions. Why are the partners in the room? There is little space in here as is. Faroth, Why haven't you chosen any partners? And where is the rogue virus that Kanisunfernomon detected? I need to find it and purge it so it doesn't infect the rest of the equipment."


      Faroth says, "One knows what best to steal by careful observation of value... Anyway, he probably detected the viral toolkits I use for...." He pauses as his pocket begins to erupt in the Imperial March from Star Wars. "Work... Speaking of the non-digital devils..." He handed over the Bracer, "I'll have to catch up with you guys. A guy from that Street has to work. I'll be there for dinner tonight, Davyd" He quickly and silently slipped out the back enterance the way he came and was gone from sight surprisingly quickly.

      Karal says, "Well, Mr. Mysterio strikes again. I swear that's the 5th time he's just up and vanished on us. And how does he disappear so fast..." He shakes his head and looks over at Zecma and Finnpaw, "Freakin' ninja.... anyway, If you want any help debugging things, let me know. I'd be happy to help."

      Kirsto ums, "I dunno they didn't want to so I didn't make them...they wanted to help with the drinks and food..."

      Divina looks over at Zecma, "Why wouldn't there be partners in the room, I think would be the better question."


        Finnpaw said, "Divina. The meeting table is hard-wired directly into the digital grid of the shop. and this is a huge table, then there are the chairs for each club members the only space left is the display stage and the leader podium along with minor space along the walls. As Cherapumon said earlier, its very cramped in here. Besides, I am about to give Zecma a giggle."

        He then turned his attention to Zecma. "Divina was asking about going to the digital World to personally earn some partners there instead of using the selector."

        Zecma then laughed before coughing and stating, "Does she have form insurance or do we all get to laugh after the first rain over there and she ends up butt naked and the combatant is mounting her ass so as to make an egg?" He then looked directly at Divina. "Unlike the selector, my friend, raw digimon do not obey any rules during the challenges. Even if you win, they may not gift you with an ability unless you make it worth their while, such as to agree to lay an egg for them. They don't care if you are male, female or it. But they prefer boys over girls. Even the female Digimon prefer boys over girls because boys are more fun to punish. Or am I wrong, Suceiro? You would rather punish a boy over a girl?"

        Chester then said, "I found a couple of mounts that I think would complete my primary set. Although I am not sure why there is a signifier word on the end of this one partner. The other would definitely make my enemies think twice about attacking us."

        Finnpaw asked, "What is the extra word, Chester?"

        Chester replied, "It has the name followed by the word "Minor" but the picture profile says that he is a teenager. He doesn't look like a virgin."

        Finnpaw grinned. "When you see the words "Minor" or "Major" at the end of a Partner, it means there are two different versions of the partner with the same first name. Usually a "Major" is biped. "Minors tend to look feral or mount like. Their powers and abilities may differ as well."

        Chester headed up on stage to claim his support partners, although he grabbed a mop to clean up the spot where Recruito had appeared since it left some mud and tar on stage. Then he returned to the player circle. "Time to see what my Support Mounts look like." He then held up his arm so the bracer faced away from himself as he tapped on the partner picture, "Activate!" Directly out in front of him on the partner circle appeared the symbol for Chaos and just in front of that appeared quiet a sexy stud of a fox phoenix dragon mount.

        Flamakaemon Minor is a giant feral beast resembling a cross between a dragon, a fox and a phoenix. Standing 5' to 6' tall at the shoulder with digitigrade claws. He has reddish-gold fur, a white underside, dark red stripes and orange claws. His fur coat is as impenetrable as "Mithril", yet feeling as soft as a fluffy Easter Bunny plush and he has fur-covered dragon like wings tightly closed to his back. His eyes are jewels like dragons. He has three vulpine tails. His bright jewel like eyes move back and forth like a flickering flame. He tends to speak mentally (save when replying to the Flamakaemon Major and then only in the Flamakae language of the species.) As a feral, he is 55% Fox, 40% Dragon and 5% Phoenix (roughly) in appearance. He is fully capable of aerial combat. Since he is related to a fox, his stereotypical sexual appetite is quite voracious. Bachelor Flamakaemon Minor will mate with anyone they can catch; Digimon, Human... it makes no difference to them. His intelligence is very high and he will faithfully defend his chosen mate. He has a wide variety of feral attacks which include but are not limited to: 1) Yipping Blaster (Fox Fire): Spews red, high-temperature flames from its mouth. 2) Pouncing Attack (Mating Grab.) 3) Burning Fang. 4) Fire Wall. 5) Flame Thrust.

        Flamakaemon Minor looked around himself and then surprisingly he shivered as he approached Chester and mentally said, /Partner? Why is it so cold in this room? Can you please turn up the heat? I am Flamakaemon Minor, the Vulpan Fire Mount. I tend to enjoy temperatures a lot warmer than this. Thankfully one of my non-combat abilities is to Increase Heat which I will share with you since unlike myself, you are not shivering so you must be tougher than a fire lover like me. But that is a side ability. Publicly I will give you the Flame Thrust ability. This is a burning punch from your fist which temporarily lights on fire when the ability is in use. After you punch someone or something, the fire around your hand subsides while whatever you punched stays burning. This is good if a camp fire won't ignite. Now please excuse me while I go back into the warmth of the card. It is freezing out here./. And he leaped back into Chester's card launcher.

        Chester smiled. "What a nice guy!" He says that now; wait until later...

        Chester then held up his arm so the bracer faced away from himself as he tapped on the partner picture, "Activate!" Directly out in front of him on the partner circle appeared the symbol for Chaos and just in front of that appeared what looked like a giant feral skunk with white markings that seemed to move around his black fur.

        Vertigasmon is a giant feral skunk beast whose stripes are more like the Aborigines swirl patterns except his white swirls are ever moving all over his black fur. He had a shoulder strap connected to a courier bag accessible in the front. Aside from that, what you see is what you get. Standing 5' to 6' tall at the shoulder, he looks extremely fluffy like someone who stepped out of a blow dryer wind tunnel. There is a slight species scent detectable all over his body. He blushes cutely when he sees where he is.

        "I am Vertigasmon and I am so sorry for appearing within an enclosed room. Please don't hate me. I will give you an ability and then I will go back into the card. I will gift you with Digital Portal which will give you the ability to open portals between Earth and the Digital World which I call my home. And now to spare everyone's noses, I should return to my card." And in a flash, he was back in the card.

        Chester openly coughed once the skunk mount was gone. Zecma and Finnpaw grabbed cans of Lysol and began spraying the stage as well as the rest of the room.

        Luke grinned. "PeeeYou, Chester! You weren't expecting that were you?"

        Chester coughed again as he sat in his seat. "I am glad he chose not to hug me or else my lunch would be all over the place. I still love him. He gave me a power that Divina will find useful later. But we should get the form insurance first."


          Divina says, "Already heard the speech, Zecma. And I'm sure Sucerio would agree. Because I think boys are more fun to punish as well... especially Luke and Chester."

          Sucerio smirks, "They do have quite the cute faces to pinch. MAybe a few whip marks..."

          Divina giggles.

          JT looks at his bracer, "Huh... I have a pretty high rating with the Minor you picked, almost as high as Brother's Vulpa... and a very low one with the other one, Chester."


          Once in the quiet and privacy of his own home, or lair as some might have called it after seeing the piles of clothes, both clean and dirty, the old pizza boxes and mountains of computer and digital equipment, Faroth slowly removed the hood and bandages, revealing a distinctly canine face and head with dark black and silver hair sticking out from between the triangular ears that were now flicking agitatedly as he held the phone up to his head then snarled as he clicked it off. He didn't bother looking behind him as he growled lowly, "You take another step into my home, and I swear these teeth and claws are not for show..."

          From behind Faroth only a sparse outline of an impossibly thin, gaunt and tall man stood flanked by even more massive shadows that had the outlined shaped of feral canines. "Now, now, now. Is that really any way to speak to an...old friend, Mr. Planeswalker?"

          Faroth growls, "You are not a friend. You're not even an associate any more. I told you I quit. How did you even find me?"

          The shadow chuckled, "Did you really think you escaped us completely? You're talented, but we've had dozens people working on this for years. You're hardly special. I came with a reward. A thank you for your hard word." He paused just as Faroth started to turn around before stating with immense satisfaction. "HEEL, BOY" He flicked his right hand and a digital dart launched itself at nearly sonic speed and impaled Faroth in his chest before dispersing into digital particles.

          Faroth's eyes went wide a second before he grabbed his head with a snarl that quickly turned into a loud whine as he jerked back and forth, writhing in pain as he struggled against the new viral injection.

          The shadow just looked on impassively at the display, "Always so feisty. So much will... It's lovely when it finally breaks... Now, Heel you mongrel!"

          Faroth's eyes slowly turned red as he struggled against the voices in his head and the resurgent virus trying to steal more of what little humanity had been left to him. He slowly walked closer to the shade and the two canines flanking him. Each step a fight; every motion a struggle. Suddenly as he was nearing the three, Faroth howled loudly, his claws bursting through the bandages and gloves as they glowed with intense amount of digital energy, "DATA SLASH!!" The glowing claw marks seemed to slash through the two unsuspecting canines like butter, rending them to digiparticles in seconds. He twitched and looked at the shadow, "I... I... I WILL NOT...BE....YOUR PUP.... NO ONE....TAMES ME!" His face was contorted and twisted into a feral amalgamation of rage and pain. The shadow man turned and ran but he didn't get more than a few steps before the red-eyed Faroth was on top of him, ripping him to shreds with his claws and teeth just as he promised.

          Faroth slowly slumped to his knees as the body particularized; panting as the red slowly left his eyes as he gripped his chest with one clawed paw, panting. "Da..damn it... When will they learn...." He rested with his head against the wall for a moment before looking at his hands... They were definitely more paw-like than before... though still dexterous and hand-like enough to pass. " I'm have a new project....on my hands....until Davyd's dinner tonight...I..I hope he doesn't mind a little it. Their data is useless...I can't use it...." He forced himself back to his feet and slammed the door shut. "You can't have me, Bates...and I won't let you have Davyd either."


            Vance and Davyd returned from the Men's room and walking with them was the cleaned up Saberfang the Recruitomon. Saberfang looked damned sexy in Sienna and Gold which is likely why people literally handed themselves over to him when he would recruit them in the ancient days. At the moment, they seemed to have another conversation going on. "That is a great idea for a business that doesn't exist in the Outer Planes as yet. A Freelancers service so lords and others of importance can hire an out of work freelancer to do odd jobs without the use of the Job tavern for a set price. We could even deliver meals if that's what these people asked for."

            Vance smiled. "...and all it took was to wash the nasty grime off of your sexy body."

            Davyd grinned. "Well, aside from the fourth slot for Myself, Chester and Luke, I think we should put that one off for now and focus on the partners we did select. But before we run off and throw our asses into the Digital World, I really think we should get Form Insurance since Zecma provides it and you never know what may happen when we least expect it."

            Finnpaw then said, "Does anyone else want to fill your primary three slots? Divina, I know you only chose one and you are hoping to do challenges in a Digimon's home territory to gain more, Karal, J.T. what about you boys. It seems Faroth will miss out."

            Luke then said, "Faroth is acting very weird, more so than usual. Notice how he ran away just after Kanisunfernomon detected a virus in the meeting room while Zecma said that he needed to find and purge it. And then Faroth amscrays vamooses fast. That is suspicious. Not to mention, Faroth had part time jobs for Macrosoft himself long before Davyd got an offer to work on their security program and now Faroth literally warns Davyd to work for anyone but them. But Davyd isn't listening because its a job in a field that he is good at. I think Faroth had a sigh of relief when Davyd got the client to meet at the farm instead of privately in the corporate offices. Any ideas to add guys?"

            Chester said, "I have a paper route that goes by a medical complex that Macrosoft owns, they call it the Digital Integration Experience. I don't know what they do in there, but I have never seen human patients coming and going from the place. I hand the newspaper to the guards at the door and they tip me extra for not just throwing the newspaper when I make my rounds. One morning, I saw the guards with a big guard dog that looked more like an android wolf than a dog or robot. When I asked them what it was as I was handing over the newspaper, they said it was a new Macrosoft Security Project that had issues they were still trying to solve. I think that is what they want you to work on Davyd. I know how you like dogs and this robo-dog was pretty awesome. When I told the guards that I really liked how far they had gotten with the big cutie, they said, 'He is cute until he bites you.'"

            Vance grinned. "I think I have seen a version of that myself when I was in the basement getting tools to repair my bicycle one weekend. Dad had one of those robo-canines parked just inside his basement workshop. Only... he winked at me when it saw me getting the toolbox for fixing my bike. I almost went down both legs that day. I didn't think it was turned on. I finally returned the toolbox and I took a closer look at the robo-canine unit. It didn't seem to be on that time so I gently rubbed one hand over his head and ear bases and then it opened its eyes and an electronic voice said, 'Does Arturo know you're nosing around his workshop? If you don't leave then I get to pounce you and hold you prisoner until your dad comes home.' And that was enough for me. Although on my out I said, 'I will ask for permission to play with you later.' I forgot about it until just now. My dad's name is Arturo Sly Stalker. but he usually just merges his middle and surname together to give us our family name of Slystalker."

            Davyd grinned. "You are going to find this funny, Vance, the rep they are sending to my farm house tonight is your father. I didn't get it until you explained your father's name. The name on the card they gave me says A. Stalker."

            Vance chuckled. "Dad has often said that he would rather be A. Stalker than an A.S.S. He said his father hated him from birth."

            Zecma smiled. "Okay, anyone needing the Form Insurance, line up. I will give you Entry level Coverage which will protect you three times. after that, until you get your insurance renewed through me, then you are open game."

            Davyd wheeled his chair over. "I think this may be good against rogue digimon or even just rogues."

            Vance, Luke and Chester all thought his insurance was a good idea as well.


              JT says, "I don't think I can. There isn't any slots any more, but I already have more slots than anyone...cause I keep getting new partners every time anyone else gets one! Well sorta. In a way."

              Karal says, "I think that's just keeping up with how synced you are to everyone's digimon. Not really 'your partner'. I think the...rainbow yours. But that's weird it doesn't seem to have a slot any more... Is that right, Finnpaw?"

              JT says, "I think it's cause I gotta acquire my partners differently.... Cause I'm Unity? whatever that means."

              Karal shrugs to JT then nods to Zecma, "I'm up for it." JT nodded as well.

              Kirsto grins, "Me too!"

              Kirsto also says, "As far as Faroth, he's always been weird but I agree it is a bit suspicious. Hey, what do you think, Davyd? You spend more time with him than anyone else."


                Davyd said, "Faroth used to be put offish about his concerns about me back before I found my expertise in security programs. I got tired of a certain anti-virus program not catching viruses when it should then then other times it would say I had a virus right after a security update. So one evening Faroth watched me reverse engineer the coding on the Anti-virus program and he witness my beef up the security on it. The next time there came a security update, the all new altered Anti-virus alerted me that a Trojan called Manufacturers Security update was trying to change the programming back to its per-altered parameters. and I pulled the plug on the I-Net connection. I then programmed an outgoing connection that would not allow downloads unless I personally authorized them with a pass code. One day, I was approached by two men in business suits and they asked me if I knew anyone who was doing any piracy programming on copyrighted data material. When I asked what copyrighted material was being altered, they started naming off every program on my laptop. At that point, I said, Faroth Planeswalker is the local data thief. Why don't you go ask him about this? And they asked me where he lived. And I told them after they left, I went and backed up my important data and I reformatted my laptop entirely and then I programmed in a homemade Operating System and the necessities needed to run the homemade programs that duplicated the things I had been using before. Then I reloaded my saved backup data. I programmed in a homemade Anti-virus program and then I created an all new firewall. And then I created an all new Instant messaging program which I named Triple I. I then shared the new IM program with all of you guys while keeping it secret what I had done to my laptop. I never even told Faroth what I had done. One day the black suits returned with a court order to examine the documents on my laptop. I sent a backup of my current work to my private server and then I activated the password trap and I logged out and I handed them the laptop."

                "Faroth showed up a few nights later with pizza and he said, 'I don't know what you did to Macrosoft, but one of their black ops labs exploded and leveled the entire property. The blast was spectacular. They were supposedly trying to log into your laptop. Come on and tell me what program did that. Pretty please. I'll use the puppy eyes.' And then I told Faroth about the court order they had gleaned to confiscate my laptop and I pointedly asked him how he knew they had my laptop since he wasn't even around the day they came and got it. When he couldn't give me a straight answer, I threw him out and told him that I was finished with him since he was obviously in cahoots with the enemy. and then a few weeks later, I guess they got revenge on me... boom... wheelchair. And Faroth showed up almost immediately after the explosion as if he knew about it. I kept quiet as I lay on the floor. That night my brother came in and he called a doctor friend of his from another city. I told him not to trust the local doctors. After I returned to Shinjuku after my hospital stay, Faroth saw me in the wheelchair and he sent word to Mrs. Heartstone to offer me the leg surgery but when Karal told me that it was Faroth who contacted him about it. I immediately rejected the offer. And now you know why, Karal. It isn't because I didn't want to owe your family for the help, but because Faroth had asked you without my family's authorization. So if all of you are suspicious of Faroth, you aren't the only ones."

                "However... in the last few weeks, he's been sporting a sweaty dog scent that I cannot explain. At first, I though a stray dog had holed himself up under our porch, but my brother looked and he said there was no animal scent under the porch. The new time I encountered Faroth, I paid attention to the scent and it was coming from him. I asked him if he had been working with dogs somewhere. He said no. But his scent was saying otherwise. So I told him that he needed to go bathe in a car wash because he was smelling worse than one of Karal's best summer workouts at the gym. I never mentioned to him that he was stinking of dog scent. Days later encountered him and he had the smell on him again. And I said, 'The non-existent dogs again. You reek of their scent, Faroth. If you're not going to be honest with me, then stop visiting me because you are insulting my intelligence.' And then he without warning learned that Macrosoft's Security division was wanting to hire me. And all of a sudden he is warning me not to work for them; to go to anyone else except them. My meeting tonight is with the Head programmer of their security division. Mr. A. Stalker. But with as weird as Faroth is acting and smelling very strangely I saw him in a partial dog costume once when I went to his home to ask him about something that only he could do. And I said, 'So that's where the dog scent is coming from when you come to my house. Just like a dirty dog... where did you steal that school mascot costume from?' And he asked me to wait outside while he changed clothes. As you all know, Shinjuku is the home of the Shinjuku Sharks. The closest canine Mascot is a good piece North of here nearly on the other side of the island."

                Zecma said, "Davyd... I think you should change your plans for tonight. Since you know that Arturo is Vance's father, you should go home with Vance and meet with his father there. We will contact your brother and have him distract Faroth for awhile.The message will be that you are working on the Back Alley Games Computer Mainframe at Finnpaw's request. Since Faroth likes to fib to his friends, that should be good enough for him. When your meeting with Arturo ends, you can be escorted back to your farmhouse in time for your 9 PM appointment with Kanisunfernomon. Vance, make sure Davyd makes it home. If you get attacked, Initiate a card battle. You both have some powerhouses. I don't think the bad guys want Chester's skunk to come back at night."

                Zecma said, "Okay, everyone has their form insurance. Report in tomorrow at my factory since the shop will be closed. This is Saturday night; try not to pussy whip too many bad guys in the family jewels. And dismissed."

                And the Beta Testers club departed from the gaming shop which was nearly empty at this hour.

                Vance was escorting Davyd back to his own house.

                Chester was being a gentleman and escorting Divina off toward her neighborhood. Besides, he was the one with the Digital Portal ability.

                Luke walked with the Heartstone boys.


                  When Davyd's brother goes to visit Faroth's apartment, he finds the floor around the door with deep claw marks in them and the door itself is unlocked. Upon entering he finds Faroth and his laptop missing. There are spots of blood on the floor from where he was darted. There are also some further claw marks on the door's inside. But no sign of the data thief or where he went.


                  Kirsto watched everyone leave and sighed a bit. Then he smiled and headed out to the bike rack and started down to the pasture overlooking one of the island's forest to practice his music.

                  Divina looks over at Chester, "So what do you make of this 'Game', Chester? And don't give me the routine stupidity. I know you're smarter than you look. One of the short list of reasons why you're tolerable to talk to."

                  JT was busy most of the walk playing with his bracer while Karal was grinning, "So Luke, what did you think of the new line of Laptops? Custom Heartstone OS and all the features? Gonna promote them to your folks?"

                  JT rolls his eyes, muttering, "Give it a rest, bro"


                    Chester smirked. "You know all of us pretty well, Divina. As for a 'Game', I am thinking it is more than that. If it was just a game, one partner would have been enough. Both Zecma and Finnpaw kept stressing that our partners would need Support Partners. The only reason I can foresee for needing three partners would be if there was trouble in the world or in the Digital World and we were chosen to be the heroes to help them save the day. We are necessary to help the partners to become stronger. Without our help, they would have to do it alone and then they might get defeated. Although I am worried about Davyd. There is something majorly strange going down with Macrosoft, Davyd and Faroth. It was just too suspicious like Karal's look suggested for Faroth to leave in the middle of the Beta Meeting without claiming a single partner. I mean, When Davyd was about to leave after getting verbally slammed by Kanisunfernomon, Faroth was right there to tell him not to give up and to not quit. Yet, Faroth cannot seem to practice his own advice. Davyd said that Faroth often lied to him especially as of lately. I'm not sure what to believe, but what I do know is that we probably shouldn't be walking along a dark street without our partners at the ready."

                    Chester raised his arm and he mentally caused his card launcher to appear on his arm. "Dondramon, Would you mind coming out here and allowing Divina and I to ride you for awhile."

                    Are you guys being watched?

                    Chester replied, "It feels like we are."

                    A digiportation effect then occurred as Dondramon appeared with a dry saddle blanket on his back. "Get on you two. I will open my wings and fly us home."

                    Chester helped Divina get aboard and then Chester got on before Dondramon opened his wings and he took flight over Shinjuku.


                    Luke said, "If they are military friendly, then my parents would likely go for it. But their bosses have a dumb deal with Macrosoft. And we just heard what they are up to. They tried to kill Davyd or at least retaliate for what he did to them. But they started it by spying on his programming skills. And all of a sudden they want to hire him? Get real."


                    At the Slystalker home, Vance and Davyd have dinner at the dining table with Vance's parents: Sara and Arturo.

                    "I was surprised that you wanted to have dinner with my family, Davyd. I knew you and Vance were friends. But we really should not discuss business at the dinner table."

                    Davyd then said, "We need to talk about it sometime before 9 PM, Mr. Slystalker. I have another appointment then and I really cannot miss it."

                    When dinner ended, Arturo said, "Son, take Davyd into my office den in the main hallway, I will join you shortly."

                    Inside the den which was nicely furnished, Davyd saw a new laptop which was still in its packaging. "Well, Vance, if that's not the bribe, I will suck your cock."

                    Vance giggled. "I am sure its not a bribe, Davyd, but if it is then you won't get any Vance cream dessert."

                    Then Arturo carried a heavy looking slender crate into the office and he closed the door before he opened the crate to reveal the Robo-Canine unit that Vance had seen once before. Arturo then sat down at his desk chair as he swiveled around and said, "Davyd. I was asked to give you an offer from the company, but I personally need your help. I had an accident at MS D.I.E. and I cannot undo it. This Security Canine unit is actually my own personal creation. I allowed Macrosoft to look over the plans one day and not more than a few days later, they had mass produced the units except, their versions were malfunctioning. and I know why. I didn't know have written on the blueprints the coding for total obedience. Their versions often did whatever they wanted to do. When they begged me to go in and fix it, at first I refused saying that had stolen my patented Security robot. I told them that if they had followed the blueprints exactly, then the robots would not be defying their programmed orders. But I lied. I went back in after hours and I attempted to shut down their processing system for mass producing my creation and the device caught me and it did this to me."

                    Arturo brought his left wrist in front of himself and he touched a button on his wrist watch which revealed what looked like a humanoid version of the robo-canine. "Help me to undo this, Davyd and I will give you this new blank laptop just for your efforts. If Bates learns how to perfect the obedience code, he could control all of them. But its a complicated code. I was the guy responsible for programming the city's emergency services grid. Yes, that is my coding running the emergency network. I am the only one who can fix it."

                    Davyd and Vance were shocked, but seeing his dad as a sexy dog man was making Vance horny. Davyd remained focused. "Okay Arturo, I will need to see the blueprints of the project."

                    Arturo brought up his briefcase and he opened it and removed a folder as he handed it over to Davyd. "Please. If they find out their device did this to me, I might disappear and then Vance might come looking for me. He is quite the adventurer."

                    Davyd opened the folder and poured over the complex blueprints. "Oh my. The last time I saw something this complex was when Karal blatantly made me look over the plans for Trinity. How did the device catch you, Arturo?"

                    Arturo replied, "It pulled my pants down and then it inserted a data rod up my anus and after that, I felt a paralyzing jolt and then I heard programming being forced through my body until I had the appearance you see now. However, the species conversion was only partial because they did not have my special obedience code to make it complete. Had that occurred, I would be missing right now. And if you have any friends whom have been acting funny, they might have also received this treatment. So in helping me, you could help them."

                    Vance then figured it out just as the look was crossing Davyd's face. "Faroth Planeswalker has been acting funny and smelling like a dog.. So its got to be him, Davyd."

                    Davyd sighed. "And his warning me was probably his way of asking for help. How did I miss that?"

                    Vance said, "If Davyd cannot help you, then there might be a way we can make you unfindable by Mister Bates, dad. Davyd, do you think a digitized human could be stored into a Card Launcher?"

                    Davyd replied, "The way your father is right now, I would say yes. but lets not do that until we are sure there is no other way."

                    Vance then asked, "Remember when you purged the MS OS off of your laptop that one time, Davyd? Could we reverse-engineer an Anti-MS purge download into dad and try to return him to normal?"

                    Davyd said, "Its dangerous. But I think the one chance we have to restore your father is to take him and his project to Zecma's factory. He told us to go there tomorrow, but we need to get Arturo there tonight and let Zecma work on this puzzle. I have the 9 PM appointment."

                    Vance opened his communicator in the Card Launcher and placed the call to Zecma. "Zecma we need you to transport Davyd, myself and my father to your factory right now. When we arrive, Davyd will quickly explain the emergency and then Davyd needs to prepare for Kanisunfernomon's arrival. I know it is after eight PM right now so we don't have much time."

                    Zecma replied, "One teleport to my factory coming right up." Arturo had just packed up the project dog and picked up the crate when the teleport occurred to take the group to the factory. If anyone was watching their house they wouldn't be seeing anyone leave tonight.

                    Davyd then explained the emergency to Zecma and showed him the blueprints and what bate's version had done to a human. "Arturo suspects that they might have done this to Faroth, Zecma. I'll be over here waiting for he Alpha."

                    Vance was checking out the security dog close up once again. As he petted the head, the robo-canine opened his eyes. "Since daddy is here, you have permission to pet me, Vance."


                      Divina accepts the assistance up to Dondramon's back with her usual smirking aplomb but once they are flying she hrms and then says quietly, "If you tell anyone I said this, I WILL cut off your balls and feed them to you... Macrosoft has been pushing the military to join them on several projects. Macrosoft's funds aren't unlimited and even they can't get access to some of the things they want without working with others. I happen to know for a fact that the military and Macrosoft used to be black mailing a local hacker and data thief to retrieve things for them. About a year ago, the blackmailing stopped. I over heard one of the male military officers telling another female officer that it was odd how Macrosoft's Data Infiltration Team didn't need their assistance anymore. A month ago, someone broke into the top secret computers housing the Mil-Net central servers, downloaded all of the data on the military projects involving Macrosoft and erased the hard copies." She flicks her hair out of her eyes, "I never really gave it much thought. I care for the military about like I care for most men... But in light of current situations, I find it interesting. I'm very curious what Macrosoft's Data Infiltration Team is up to... From what I heard the Infiltration Team is at odds with the Security Team. The Security Team's trying to actively recruit new bodies to catch up with whatever the Infiltration Team's up to. The Security Team is far more...public...than whatever goes on in the Infiltration Team."


                      Karal nods darkly, gripping one fist, "And Faroth's involved in it. I didn't know Faroth was the one who contacted Mom. Sounds to me like he was trying to make up for something he caused! And if that's true, I owe him a punch in the face if not more."

                      JT says, "Don't get ahead of yourself, Bro, you don't know he's involved in anything. Remember, Davyd's story is his side of things. Human memory isn't perfect and often we don't remember things completely objectively. There could be missing details."

                      Karal growls, "I don't care. Faroth should have been upfront and honest with Davyd from the start. Pride cometh before the fall you know."

                      JT mutters, "There's the kettle calling the pot black." He noticed how Faroth jumped to Davyd's defense tonight and more than once in the past to encourage him. JT has a feeling there is more there than meets the eye when it comes those two.


                        Chester said, "The only data thief we know is Faroth. He's working with the Military now? Who knew?"

                        Dondramon then said, "It is a good thing you asked me to fly you guys; something weird is up with all the street lights on the route you and Divina were traveling certain ones are totally out and from the air, the lights spell out some sort of Morse code. But I don't know Morse code. So you humans will have to discern what it says."


                        Luke then said, "Where do you think the pole cat is tonight? He said he has to work after getting that weird phone call. I am tempted to ask Zecma to trace the cellphone call using magic. Since Faroth is supposed to be our friend, he could be in something deep and is too proud to ask for help the normal way."


                        While Zecma was tackling the Arturo programming puzzle, which he looked to be pleased to do. (There's never a Karal around when you need one.), Kanisunfernomon appeared in the chamber along with several tall medically suited up humanoid Hellhound Alphas as they prepared an operation table for Davyd. Then Davyd was lifted out of his wheelchair, his clothing removed and he was placed naked on the operating table. "How's your old man doing these days, Firefang?"

                        Firefang Yuskay grinned. "He is glad he got out of the legal business. The Groomer services see a lot more profit from the desperate public. Our version of the Form Insurance we introduced to the Underworld has brought in the most profit. So this is the boy who comes from the former demon hunters line. Boy... his internals are a real mess. Its almost as if the human doctors wanted to make sure he never recovered from his ordeal. But we can fix this."

                        From Davyd's Card Launcher, Recruitomon said, "Macrosoft wanted to teach him a lesson for making sure they lost a research lab when they got a court order to steal his newest laptop OS. They were pissed that they couldn't upload viruses into his newest computer system. So he blew them up in a digital time bomb. But then they got revenge on him by making sure a computer he was repairing exploded and nearly killed him."

                        Firefang said, "Saberclaw? Is that you? I haven't heard your voice since the old days before the stupid law ruined your original pack. Does your new partner know that you..."

                        Saberfang growled, "Shut up! I will tell him after you repair his mobility!" Meaning, he had been a former Alpha for his pack; exactly the type that Davyd had been aiming for.

                        Vance was distracted in a side chamber where he was playing with Arturo's fully functional Home Security Canine. "I really love playing with you, Triple I. You are like a pet that I never got to have. Do you ever get... you know... male canine urges?"

                        Triple I replied, "I have none of those programmed into me, Vance. If I had them, you would have my data rod up your butt. Do you really want to be like your father?"

                        Vance shook his head. "I guess not, but I really like your design."


                          Divina snorts, "That guy is not that discerning with who he works for. If they have money, you can buy him from what I know. Still, I don't know if he worked directly under the military or under Macrosoft at the time but since they were working together, it probably doesn't matter."

                          She looked down at the morse code, "Hrm, something about looking for something? Can you make it out, Chester?"


                          Karal shrugs, "I don't know. If he's actually working, he could be anywhere."

                          JT says, "Based on the sound, it was his typical work phone. Based on his quick exit, and trajectory of exit, he was heading back toward the street we do not name. But he could have changed directions once out of sight."

                          Karal grins, "Well we COULD use our server at home to track spikes in cellular data plans, correlated back to time of his leaving... Aggregate some data for tracking purposes."

                          JT rolls his eyes, "You just want to try out your tracer programs."

                          Karal says, "Of course I do! The Virtual Intelligence Tracker and Scouting Algorithm is the best thing I've made since.... well the last thing I made! He can process 10 petabytes of data in under an hour."


                          Zecma's magical sensors picked up a presence spying on the scene but before they or the alphas or Zecma could lock onto the disturbance it was gone without a trace or track. Even Zecma's magic couldn't pick up a trace other than a faint impression of digital energy and code that was distinctly Macrosoft and Viral. Apparently the security scared the potential invader off.


                            Chester said, "Fly higher, Dondramon. Maybe we aren't seeing all of the lights." And after he gained some height... they nearly avoided a military stealth helicopter that was up in the sky also looking at the lights. "Divina... do you know them guys or do we initiate a card battle up here?"

                            From the higher height, the message seemed to say, I cannot find Davyd Arden. Initiating full scale scan of Shinjuku to locate him.

                            No one ever looks for Kirsto.


                            Luke's cellphone then played taps unexpectedly. "He pulled it out and looked at the caller ID. "Oh shit. Its my parents." He activated the phone. "Mom, Dad. Our Beta meeting lasted a bit longer than usual. I was escorting J.T. home while trying to get the latest gossip out of Heartstone central. Karal mentioned wanting to build a robot tracker. He hasn't worked on ity yet. No, that's all I have to report. I am about home as soon as I make sure J.T. walks in the Heartstone door. Karal? You know how he is. He doesn't need protection. Divina walked home with Chester. We haven't seen them since we parted company. Finnpaw's new game? It is a partner card game, you know... like Future Card BuddyFight. it needs some work. Faroth tripped up the combat system by accident and now that have to iron out what went wrong. No, I'm fine. Bye." and he hung up.

                            He then looked at Karal. "I always tell them about something you mention that in my opinion, you haven't built yet when actually you have. They asked me if I was injured at the meeting. If it meant getting mounted by Finnpaw, then I might get injured or that time you told me not to go near what looked like a cow milking device that had my pants off and a metal shaft slid up my ass. Did your mom really make you dismantle that fun machine?"


                            Zecma pulled out his text device and he tapped in a message: Faroth. We moved Davyd's operation to my factory since someone was spying on Davyd's 7 PM meeting at his house and we know it wasn't you. Arturo Slystalker (Vance's father) was the contact who spoke to Davyd but not in regards to Macrosoft's offer. He asked for Davyd's help to undo a programming error that is changing him into some sort of Android canine. If this has happened to you, please let us help you before you lose whatever mentality you have left. Zecma. He then clicked send hoping that Faroth would get the message.

                            The operation was continuing.

                            Vance was using a polishing cloth to wipe clean some sort of grease that was oozing out of Triple I's nether region. "Don't worry, I about have this cleaned up."

                            Triple I then said, "Your friend Faroth is nearby."

                            Vance smiled. "That doesn't surprise me; he will go anywhere to protect Davyd. I guess he thinks Davyd's initial accident is his fault. I don't know how though." after a pause and attempted polishing motions. "I guess my dad will have to fix this leak, Triple I. every time I think I about have it cleaned up, more comes out. It actually smells like penile cum. I sucked Karal's cock once and that's why I know how it tastes and what it smells like. If you had a cock to suck, I could show you."

                            Triple I then said, "My data rod would make you forget who you were and then you might change into something like me."


                              Divina says, "No, I don't know them." She grins, "Oh CHESTER, you know how to make my evening. A ride home AND artful violence and mayhem! You're becoming my favorite male."

                              Down below, suddenly every city streetlight went out and the houses around them started darkening as well as if a power outage was leaking out from the streets.


                              Karal smirks, "Yeah. She said it was dangerous. BAH! It wasn't dangerous. It was fun and she knew it." He grins broadly, "But I still have an assembled version of a more...sexual nature... in my own lil workshop that she doesn't know about. AND since you enjoyed it so much.... perhaps you'd like to test drive it? I replaced the metal shaft with a textured multiflex shapeshifting siliconium one... What the?"

                              JT looks around, "All the lights are going out...Even some of the houses!"

                              Karal blinked and says, "Someone's hacked the City Grid?"


                              The phone quickly spits out a response to Zecma, Message Undeliverable - Out Of Service : Error Code 404


                              By this point, Faroth has shed most of his human clothes. Either by use of digital abilities that have caused them to degrade or as a result of attack is unclear. Faroth's appearance now strongly resembles that of a bipedal, digitigrade canine, somewhere between a wolf and jackal, silver and black with a shimmering nature to his thick, spikey fur coat that gives it the properties of blending in with whatever he is near. He still possesses the shocks of headfur in silver sticking out between his ears and over his eyes slightly that easily identify him however. His eyes are a flat black with red pupils that keep attempting to take over the rest of his eyes. It appears to be a constant struggle and one made worse whenever he uses one of his special abilities.

                              Faroth presses himself up against a building, stilling his breathing and activating his visual and scent camouflage. This causes him to wince and dig his claws into the wall slightly but he forces himself to remain still as a pair of Macrosoft Hunter Killers pass by. He waits until they are just passed him before lunging from the shadows and dragging the two units back into the shadows where he rends them to bits and steals their data. His eyes glow red brightly again for a moment before he growls softly, shaking his head. Various files of text scrolling down the insides of his vision. Command Channels, Data Streams, Macrosoft Control Codes. He growls to himself, "Haven't...found him....Good. They won't. Kill the ... GAHNNNNNT...No." He pants, gripping the wall again, "Pro..Protect.... D...Davy...Orders? No.....Self...Self ORders....Protect....Davyd. My mission orders.....are to protect...Davyd."


                                Chester lifted his Card Launcher and it still had its own soft light. But then you would expect Zecma and FInnpaw to cheat. "Come in Zecma, Shinjuku just experienced a mass power outage. And an extra warning. The goons seem to be looking for Davyd. they had a message using the street lights to tell the military about their plan. Divina and I saw it before the power outage occurred. I hope the Heartstone backup generators kicked on. Are things okay over there?"

                                Zecma replied through the Card Launcher Comm, "The factory uses an alternate power source. We are not even linked to the city power grid. I did notice the street lights out one window wink off. Whatever you two are about to do, have fun doing it. Zec out."

                                Chester grinned at Divina. "He didn't say 'no' to a night time card battle, so summon your partner Suceiromon and we will get this party started."


                                Luke then noted that their Card Launchers had appeared on their arms without their having to summon them. Luke activated his. "Luke here. What's the word, Zecma?"

                                Zecma remarked, "You boys might be about to get into a battle on the street. Chester just told me about the power outage and a weird message about MS and the military trying to find Davyd. We have Davyd here at the factory. Vance is here too. I think Kirsto is out at his solitude locale outside of town, so he should be safe there. No one ever goes out there. They think a cemetery ghost wanders those woods. Zecma out."

                                Luke grinned. "We knew Kirsto's music could raise spirits from their slumber. If Macrosoft or the military go out there, I hope they have enough toilet paper. We may be about to get a workout, Karal. Although it doesn't feel like we are being watched. But then again, I did inform my parents where I was. They should have no reason to bother with us."

                                And then, three large shadow like beasts crossed the street directly in front of the boys. They were dark in coloration although there is a blue and black hint of a glow around their eyes while one has a green and black glow around his eyes. The one with green stopped and looked at the boys as he said in an almost electronic voice. "Subjects identified as Karal and brother J.T. Heartstone. They are safe for passage. Third individual is Luke Masaki. He has top security passage, ignore those with Luke and continue on search parameter."

                                Luke then said, "Wait a moment. You know us; what or who are you looking for? If I have this top security clearance, then you should tell me."

                                The beast said, "Passage and Clearance are two separate things, Luke Masaki. However, if you see the data thief, which I doubt you would recognize at current, be warned that he is out of control. He would just as likely attack you as he would anyone else. He has been shooting himself up with Data drugs that give him digital access to city wide emergency services. He is high on the latest version which he stole and was not ready for the side effects that are now affecting his mind."

                                Luke asked, "Can he be cured or are you hunting to kill him?"

                                The beast replied, "He may not permit us to get near him to apply the cure, but as I said, If you see him and mind you that he currently does not look like your familiar friend... Zap him with an anti-digital pulse. That should paralyze him. After that, make sure he gets locked up in a location you trust. Do not let him claw you or you might get converted into joining his condition. As we said, his current mentality is in question." he then noticed that Luke had been trying to get closer to him. "What are you doing, Luke Masaki?"

                                Luke said, "Hand me the cure and I will try to apply it to Faroth. He is the only data thief in Shinjuku so that has to be who you are referring to. I cannot believe he would resort to drugs. He was always against stuff like that when we were younger. It makes me wonder if someone didn't force this shit upon him."

                                The beast reached into what seemed like a pocket in his fur on the back side as he handed over what seemed like a new-fangled Tazer device. "This contains the cure. If he permits you to apply it to him, then his mind should clear and he will calm down. Otherwise, he will accuse you of being with the enemy. As I said, He is dangerous right now." And then the beasts departed down the center of another dark street.

                                Luke showed Karal the new device. "What do you make of this, Karal?"


                                At the factory, Finnpaw let himself in through the security scanner entrance. "It is damned crazy out there, Zecma. There are weird Digital Beasts roaming all over the place in groups or two, three, five and sometimes, ten at a time. And the military copters are flying over the city. They are acting like someone escaped from prison. I encountered one of these beasts point blank and it used my real name and said that I had passage and that I was to be ignored despite my being a Houndramon at the moment."

                                Zecma said, "I am glad you are here, Arturo's code is complicated. Yes, I know; I said it was complicated. Every time I think I am close to reversing the programming code, some sort of security that is not part of Arturo's original blueprints deflects my attempt."

                                Finnpaw said, "I have a rather stupid idea, Zecma. Arturo please get on your hands and knees and lower your head and spread your butt cheeks apart. No we are not going to fuck you, but since the program is stopping all removal attempts, if we trick it into thinking that it is about to receive another update, it should allow you to do what you need to do, Zecma." He then retrieved a non-powered Data Rod and began to insert it up into Arturo's anus.

                                Zecma was surprised that Finnpaw's idea was actually working.The program was now allowing Zecma permission to remove the programming block from Arturo's body. "This next part is going to hurt, Arturo, and I apologize. 3. 2. 1..." Arturo's entire body lit up brightly but as the brightness subsided, instead of resuming his human looks, he now looked as feral canine as Finnpaw did except this was obviously no Houndramon. "Arturo! Speak to us! Are you okay!"

                                Finnpaw removed the data rod from Arturo's backside as Arturo the Stealthmon Hound Looked over his shoulder at Zecma.

                                "I was willing to attempt any sort of cure, Zecma. Looks like they had a fail-safe in place to prevent reversion once converted. However, it might be possible for me to implement my own coding knowledge to make this work for me after all. Give me a moment. I sure hope no one else is infected with this devious shit." And he began to self program in his own coding knowledge. "Now for the proof of concept, guys. I added the Screener device code into my end species result and now..." he slowly digivolved from feral to humanoid mode as he stood up on his Plantigrade feet. And then he blinked his eyes hard as his human looks returned. "Make no mistake, boys, I am still a Stealthmon Hound despite how I look at the moment. That means that I can shift to hound mode when I need to. But when dealing with humans, this should be fine." He then began picking up his clothes and shoes. "Now if I can figure out how to get the clothes to make the change with me, I will be able to fool Macrosoft. They really want Davyd Arden on their security team at D.I.E."

                                Zecma then asked, "I can dedicate your clothes to you in exchange for you telling me what they are doing at D.I.E."

                                Arturo said, "When I first heard of MS D.I.E., I thought that it was a new gaming engine. But the truth is far more sinister than that. They are bio-engineering their own obedient Digimon warriors. Sad thing is... they are having problems making the Obedience part work. Their creations act like their parent species in rut and heat at the same time. Instead of obeying orders, they would rather mount and mate with their assigned partner. Faroth had been out there once and he was the one who accidentally mentioned that his friend Davyd could solve the obedience riddle. That is why they are madly after Davyd at the moment. They want the obedience program to work so they can have trustworthy warrior partners."

                                Zecma finished dedicating Arturo's clothes to his body. "All done."

                                Across the room, Davyd's voice was heard to say, "So that's why they want me. It kind of figures that Faroth would mention me by accident. I am not up to understanding obedience programming, Mr. Slystalker. I am barely at the stage where I can create my own Operating System and anti-virus programs. It does not operated on anything MS related and that is why MS was pissed when they couldn't hack my laptop over the internet." And then Davyd walked into view albeit still naked under his own power. "I have to hand to the Alphas, they delivered on their promise to repair my body. I think my mobility would surprise everybody in Shinjuku since it was last said that I would never walk again."

                                Kanisunfernomon walked over and hugged Davyd closely. "As promised back at the Beta meeting, Davyd... I will gift you with the Kisume Strategy ability. This ability can help you in all planning that requires thinking way outside the box. I will also gift you with the Safety Transport ability. Any time you and your friends need a quick retrieval, you can activate this and you will transport to my personal quarters in Acheron. I will inform my pack that you and your friends are to be trusted and left unmolested. This means you will be allowed to go anywhere in my pack grounds safely. And now, I should return to the card which I placed back into your card launcher. My card is a short cut between the card space and my Alpha's quarters back home. From now on, my Pack is your army, Davyd." And he turned and disappeared into Davyd's Card Launcher.

                                Davyd then picked up his gear and started putting it all back on. "My family are going to be thrilled when they see me on my feet."


                                Vance thought that he broke Triple I since the leak was still pumping out the black stuff. And it was greasy, oily and sticky somewhat. Most of it was all over Vance's hands, torso and lap. "I am so sorry, Triple I. I cannot stop this leak from pouring out of you. I made a big mess. Dad will punish me for sure."

                                Triple I sent a data log to 'Daddy' before he said, "You tried to patch it up, Vance. Arturo will not punish you. He is coming in here right now. But you did make yourself a mess while trying to help me."

                                Vance grinned. "Wouldn't be the first time I've been covered in machine oil. The first time was Karal's fault. But he got just as black as I did. But his mom spanked him for getting me messy."