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RAGE-01 Digimon Partners Are All The Rage

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    Karal hrms, "I see. I also can now infer a lot more about this system! The bracers are a kind of distributed hardware matrix receiving direct feeds from the Digital Stream filtered through Trinity. That's how you overcame the hardware limitations. The cards themselves act as dimensional tags and placeholders, similar to my dimensional storage only for actual pan-dimensional coordinates into the Digital Reality Matrix tagging the coordinates for the chosen Partner. The Card itself then uses the Datastream energy feed and the Trinity's up-to-date pan-dimensional computations to calculate the exact digital transposition matrix to open the Gateway."

    Kirsto looks over at Karal with a very blank look, "Uh... huh?" He shakes his head, "You lost me...." He goes back to working on his first Partner Card. He had so many ideas!

    Faroth hrms, "I think I will watch the others first...I think about this first..."

    Divina smirks, "As long as my partner is a girl and tough like me... I think we'll get along. If not, I'm sure a little friendly competition can make her see the light."

    Karal frowns, "You better not hurt your partner. I don't think Finnpaw and Zecma were kidding about monitoring for abuse."

    Divina says, "Now now, Karly Karl Karl, I would NEVER hurt my Partner...unless they DESERVED it. Besides, I'm sure in some dimension, they'll see things my way."

    Karal mutters, "By the Gods, I hope not."

    J.T. rolls his eyes a little, thinking to himself that he hopes his brother is better at making his partner than figuring out the system. He was really wrong on the way it worked, though J.T. kept it to himself. That ways always one of Karal's problem, talking before thinking. He knew his brother was better than he showed but sometimes he really wished Karal would just think instead of diving into things head first. Usually the wrong head first too.

    J.T. tinkered with the partner card creator a little more, before pressing the Submit button. He had bypassed the entire animal choices section and directly entered some data into the partner data slot. J.T. grabbed the card it spit out and smiled before installing the Card into his Bracer. He already knew exactly the Partner he wanted.


      Finnpaw then said, "We did modify Trinity so it would know the gender using the system. That way if Karal logs out of his system and has things he wouldn't want his mother to see, when she logged in, she would only see the base system as if someone just logged in for the first time. Partners shown will be either male or female. You get to choose when you look at a potential partner. Just check the male or female symbol."

      Vance typed in lion, pony and dragon before he started looking over the choices being shown.

      Luke typed in wolf, dolphin and dragon before he got his choices.

      Chester typed in horse, donkey and god.. He got a message saying that one his animal choices was unacceptable and he was back at the input screen again. "I just found the first security block. Do I win a prize?"

      Finnpaw grinned. "What did you do so the others know what not to do?"

      Chester said, "I put in two animals followed by the word 'god'. The system didn't like that so it sent me back to the input screen."

      Finnpaw giggled. "Zecma suggested to block god as a choice. He said players would be trying to find a way to cheat as is."

      Chester smirked as he typed in Pegasus, donkey and unicorn before being allowed into the selection screen.

      Davyd slyly grinned as he pondered how to put one over on the system. He and Faroth played this 'mind game' often enough. Davyd... reflecting back on what the family did before going into the pizza business... typed in Hellhound, Arch-Prince and Demon-Lord. Since Gods were blocked, Davyd was going to see if Zecma remembered to block all planar powers. However, he was surprised when the choices were accepted and he was now looking over the Horror gallery of wicked looking partners with the Underworld theme. There were a few whom did not look all that horrible.

      Vance received his first card and popped it into his bracer slot. Then he looked over the selection screen until he found what he was looking for. The reset choices link. He clicked it and he was back on the select your animals and myths screen. This time he typed imp, hound, dragon and began looking over the few selections he was given. He found one that matched closely to what he was thinking, except he wasn't feral, but it was workable. After claiming this card, he was back at the input screen again where he made new choices. Hell-Dragon, Horse and Fox. He was surprised when only one choice was given and it was feral making sure the partner was male, he claimed that partner and put it into his bracer.

      Vance got out of his chair and walked over to the partner stage as he stood were the circle said 'Player'. He then held up his arm so the bracer faced away from himself as he tapped on the first partner picture, "Activate!"

      Directly out in front of Vance on the partner circle appeared the symbol for Light and just in front of that came an odd looking Digimon.

      Kahidomon was a semi-morphic Digimon whom was part lion, part horse and part dragon whom was about the size of a leopard but maned softly, his large dragon like wings were tight to his back, and his long legs ended in four hoofed/clawed paws. When he stood up, he was about three feet tall. He was wearing a beast like 'lionish robe' and the tail was leonine but had much more hair too - like a horse's tail. His muzzle was very wide and equinish; in fact it's blunt in front but, like a lion's, it opened to show huge nasty ivory teeth. His large nose was like a horse, quite soft, and his eyes were arrow shaped and very expressive, yet he could see quite sharply and clearly. Kahidomon had strange white crystals floating around his head.

      "I am Kahidomon of Light Priest Hill. Since you are my partner, I will gift you with the light priest Miracle Healing ability. This will even enable you to recover from injuries that are not your fault through regeneration." The partner then came over to Vance and licked his face. "You taste clean. Not like some disgusting male humans. Well back in the card for now." And he vanished back into the bracer.

      Vance stood there feeling tingly all over. "Wow... what a rush. I can feel the power inside of my body. Next partner..." He then held up his arm so the bracer faced away from himself as he tapped on the first partner picture, "Activate!"

      Directly out in front of Vance on the partner circle appeared the symbol for Dark-Fire and just in front of that appeared a strange looking but oddly arousing Digimon.

      Impoundramon was a miniature humanoid Digimon whom was part imp, part hound and part dragon whom was two feet tall with dragon like wings closed tight to his back, and his short legs ended in padded paws. He wore nothing at all looking like a naked Houndimon child with fine black scales and a bulging slit. His tail was like that of a retriever. His muzzle was very dragonish but overall hound like; His fiery eyes were expressive yet seemed to be able to see right through his partner with precision.

      "I am Impoundramon of Dark Fire Canyon. Since you are my partner, I will gift you with the species ability of Dark Transport. This will enable you to teleport in a cloud of dark smoke to any location you have been to before. If you use it with intelligence, you won't get stuck in bad places. Also, I like to be rubbed on." The partner then came over to Vance and he also licked the boy's face. "You taste like Zest soap and Perl Shampoo. Well back in the card for now." And he vanished back into the bracer.

      Vance could feel the Dark Transport ability sifting through his remembered locations. "This will make getting around easier. Now for my last partner..." He then held up his arm so the bracer faced away from himself as he tapped on the first partner picture, "Activate!"

      Directly out in front of Vance on the partner circle appeared the symbol for Magic and just in front of that appeared a majestic looking Digimon.

      Drakestomon was a feral dragonmount with the head, tail and a furred mane like a fox while having the body shape of a horse with fine scales and a slit underneath. He was majestic because when he appeared, he was suited up in armored plate mail barding appropriate for a warhorse. Drakestomon had a magical aura all around his body.

      "I am Drakestomon of the Greater Mystic Plains. Since you are my partner, I will gift you with the Mystic Light ability. This will enable you to make light at night where you need to be able to see to perform tasks. You get to control the intensity of the light. From dim to blinding." The partner then trotted over to Vance and kissed him on the mouth. "You brushed your teeth and used mouthwash this morning. I am so happy to be your mount. Well back in the card for now." And he vanished back into the bracer.

      Vance was blushing since the other two only licked his face. the last partner kissed him in front of everybody. He slowly returned to his seat.

      Finnpaw said, "I see that you figured out how to rest your choices between each partner. That second partner worries me, Vance. He seemed too sexual at first. I hope he doesn't get you in trouble. Okay folks, whom is next?"


        Karal smirked at Finnpaw's concern, "I wouldn't worry too much, Finny. I'm sure Vance can handle it. Or he'll stretch to the occasion."

        Divina grinned evilly, "Well, if Vance needs help, I'd be HAPPY to help him get whipped into shape." She hrms and steps over to the Player stage, "I want to test out this first choice before I make any others." She struck a style position as she raised the bracer and pressed the picture, "Activate!"

        Appearing within the partner circle was the symbol of Dark Magic and just in front of that an oddly alluring feminine form.

        Suceiromon was a humanoid Digimon whom was clearly part succubus, part mink, and part displacer beast. She possessed the sexually appealing curves of the succubus and the lean powerful build of a mink with soft fur highlighting her form in a very pleasing manner and the tentacles and claws and phasing abilities of the displacer beast. She held herself in a regal yet seductive manner.

        "I am Suceiro....Ambassador of the College of Dark Arts and Princess of the 7th Plane of Torturous Desire. Oh... You are...Mmm... Yes, this could work."

        Divina grins, "Oh yes indeed, I think it will... I am Divina Daemon.... You can call me Mistress."

        Suceiro, "Mistress? Oh please, you'll have to earn that title with me....But you might....If you use the powers I grant appropriately. Since I am to grant you one power it will be this. The ability Exile. You will be able to exile any object you point at within 60 feet of you from your plane of existance for as long as you concentrate on this power. It will work on people as well IF those people mean you harm however there is a 10 minute limit on the ability if you use it on people. Do keep that in mind. Objects are kept safe in a pocket dimension and will reappear within 60 feet of you at a point of your choice.... So yes it can be used to move objects. People...are sent to me. I hope you make that... interesting for me." Her grin was nothing short of evil at that.

        Divina grins herself, "Oh this is going to be FUN!"


          Davyd made his choice from one of the few that had a misleading casual appearance and then he loaded his partner cared into the slot. He then wheeled his chair over to the player stage and he parked his wheelchair into the player circle. "Okay folks. Let's see if I made a good choice or not." He then held up his arm so the bracer faced away from himself as he tapped on the partner picture, "Activate!" Directly out in front of him on the partner circle appeared the symbol for Dark-Law and just in front of that appeared a casual humanoid hound wearing what looked to be the clothes of an Imperial Inspector.

          Kanisunfernomon stood nearly 7' feet tall with short black fur, shining black eyes and white gloves and knee-high black leather biker boots and a short hunting hound like tail sticking out the back of his pants. There were Imperial Markings and identifiers in silver all over his uniform. in a holster within his belt was what looked like a riding crop, except it was glowing with some sort of power. Aside from his hound appearance, it was unsure what other species were rolled into this digimon. He turned in place for a moment before setting his jaw in disappointment.

          "I am Alpha Kanisunfernomon of the Imperial Law Pack Masters of The Kisume Plains." He glanced around the room before speaking directly to Finnpaw in pure hound language. {Is this a joke, Finnpaw? My partner is a punk ass kid in a wheelchair?! How is this cripple supposed to keep up with a powerhouse like me? Does Zecma know that you let a human boy choose an Imperial pack alpha for a partner?}

          Davyd sighed. "I cannot speak that language, sir. Even though I am fluent in five languages one of which includes the programming language of computers. If you have something degrading to say to me, I would appreciate your saying it in a language I can understand. If your disappoint is because I am damaged, then excuse me for being in an explosion which I almost died from. Finnpaw? What is this guy's problem? Did he forget to change his tampon this morning?"

          Finnpaw replied in pure hound, {Alpha... Davyd Arden comes from a line of demon hunters, although when his parents left the ancestral business, they attempted to open a pizza Parlor; their pizza isn't the best in Shinjuku. Davyd chose to seek part time work in making security systems. His enemies set him up with a trapped computer and when the trap was sprung, it exploded. Davyd has been in this chair ever since. The scum whom did this to him were never caught. Despite Faroth searching the whole city for them. If you feel you are too weak to handle a partner of Davyd's caliber, then we can send you back and then everyone back home will know that you blew a Digimon to human partner relationship. I don't know how you will bear that ball and chain.}

          Kanisunferno walked over to look at Davyd up close. "Why didn't you opt for the reconstructive surgery for your legs, boy?"

          Davyd replied, "I cannot afford the operation, sir. They wanted a little over two hundred thousand to repair my legs.and to re-attache my spinal cord. There is a way I could get the money... Macrosoft has recently sent me an offer to work for them. They have seen some of my security programming work and they are interested in paying what I am asking. I have been hesitant because my friends have not had good experiences with the Macrosoft Desktop Computer Operating System. Mr. Bates wants a security program that can catch viruses before it can sabotage the computer environment. Their existing programmers must have gotten their degrees out of box of American Caramel coated Cracker Jacks."

          That brought a smile to Kanisunferno's muzzle. "I'm going to give you a chance, Davyd. But don't expect me to be in that card all the time. I have a pack of my own to run back home. I'll have to let my captains know where I disappeared to during this morning's inspection. As for your operation, I can do that myself. I cannot believe the prices are so high here on the surface world. Shall we say 9 PM tonight, partner?"

          Davyd nodded his head and then said, "Aren't you supposed to share a partner power or ability with me?"

          Kanisunferno replied, "After the surgery, you will get your chance to prove to me that you are worth it. If you succeed, you will get your power ability. Not a second before. Now if you will excuse me..." And he vanished out of the room.

          Davyd's card launcher window was obviously blank now. The card was still there, but there was no image in it. He wheeled his chair back to his position at the table. He didn't feel all that excited over the put-off attitude of his potential partner. "Finnpaw...? I think I fucked up. I was trying to be clever with my species choices and I chose Hellhound, Arch-Prince and Demon-Lord. In the initial picture, he simply looked like a feral hound. Not this giant of an Alpha that chose to appear on stage. May I bow out of beta testing this game? I am obviously never going to measure up to this guy's expectations even if he repairs my legs and spinal column. He probably thinks I am a joke."

          Finnpaw padded over and said, "What are you going to do when he comes back at 9 PM? And yes, he originally thought you were a joke. He said that Zecma should be informed that you tagged an Underworld Alpha for a partner. He has enough power to kick Macrosoft off of the Asian Continent. But if you want to hand back over your card launcher, I will take it and removed the card and I will sent Alpha word that you bailed, not him."

          Davyd removed it from his arm and he handed it back to Finnpaw.


            Before Davyd could complete the transaction with Finnpaw, however, Faroth stepped up and gripped Davyd's hand around the bracer so he cannot hand it back. "Are you really going to back down from a challenge, Davyd? Never before have I heard you so easily quit. Are you saying I am an easier challenge than that pompous ass of a hound? I take offense at that." He slowly let go of his grip on Davyd's hand and the Bracer, which strange had started to glow slightly but stopped after he removed his hand completely.

            Divina started to say something but Karal gave her such a look that even SHE stepped back a moment and remained silent. She may be a bitch, but she's not stupid.


              Finnpaw then said, "At any rate, Kanisunferno chose not to return to the card. Therefore, This is a case of abandonment. I can remove the card and send it to his pack so they can all see that he could have had a partner but he chose to leave. As for you, Davyd... shall we try something a bit more tame?"

              Davyd growled as he removed the card launcher. "If I wanted tame, I wouldn't have did what I did, Finnpaw. Its not my fault that Mister-Prejudice-Against-Handicap-People chose to leave. Besides, I have met Hellhounds in real life before I started doing security. The ones I met were far nicer than this Alpha's ass hole."

              Finnpaw said, "So you never met an Alpha until today. Were the ones you met hunters, scouts or recruiters?"

              Davyd smiled. "None of those. The ones I met said they were Omegas but they were on a training mission to become trackers. After they saw my aura, they asked me not to kill them. When I told them that no one in my immediate family did demon hunting any more, they spent nearly the whole afternoon with me in the woods until their trainer arrived. That was way back when I was building my first tree house in the woods. They helped me to build the best one I've ever had access to. They even helped to make the no girls allowed sign. That was before I met Divina. When the trainer arrived, he looked at me and thanked me for protecting his students. He gave me a new laptop and a lick-kiss on the mouth. Like I said, I have met nice Hellhounds before. This Kisume's pack Alpha was obviously not a nice guy. I won't be choosing him again."

              Finnpaw said, "You were the one who tried to mix Arch-Prince and Demon-Lord with a Hellhound. Kanisunferno is one of Lord Diablo Kisume's many sons. All of his sons are Alphas these days. If you were hoping for a teenager, you aimed too high. Come on... try the chooser one more time and avoid the words Arch and Lord. Putting those in told the game that you wanted an Alpha. And you definitely got one and you couldn't handle it. The only thing I am afraid of is that he said he was going to come back tonight at 9 PM. If he nabs you at home, there you will be without any help. When an Alpha sets an appointment, you don't just thumb your nose at them. As for your statement of the initial picture looking like a feral, that could have been him in his leisure form. Alphas can shape-shift amongst having other powers as well. Anyway, let's find you a partner that doesn't have a chip on his shoulder."

              Finnpaw opened up the partner selector in front of Davyd and he typed in Hellhound in the first blank, followed by Demon-Hound in the second blank and Non-Officer in the third blank. When he hit submit, the page was filled with thousands of rather sexy looking Underworld hounds of every type and color. "You look over this list and then, after you find someone whom sounds nice to train with, you can choose up to three hounds from the list. I would advise different packs. Otherwise you will get the attention of yet another Alpha."

              "Okay, folks, whom is up next?" asked Finnpaw.

              Chester walked up to the player circle with a smile. "I think I chose something useful yet fun. Anyway, time to see my choice." He then held up his arm so the bracer faced away from himself as he tapped on the partner picture, "Activate!" Directly out in front of him on the partner circle appeared the symbol for Mud and directly in front of that there appeared a 3' tall digimon whom was smiling.

              Dondramon stood at 3' tall having brownish-gray and dirty white fur as well as a ropy tail. He appeared to be the cross between a donkey, a pony and a dragon. He wore nothing except a thick metal collar (with ornate Celtic water and earth designs all over it) around his neck. Although he was holding a cone of cotton candy which he offered a bite to his new partner. His donkey ears were about a foot long and stuck straight up over his head. He had black single-toed hoofs on each leg while his hands were thick like a donkey boy's hands would be and his fingers ended in dragon claws. He had a slit instead of outward tools. He didn't appear to be aroused. or he was expertly keeping that pat of himself hidden.

              Chester took a small bit of the offered cotton candy. "That tastes good, partner. I am sorry if I pulled you out of a carnival. My name is Chester Ravenshire. But you can call me Chez."

              Dondra hugged Chez and kissed him on the mouth. "I am Dondramon, Carnival Show Pony of the Donkey Dragon Bog Lands. By tradition, since my element is Mud, I will grant you the Shape Tunnel ability. This will enable you and friends to walk through a tunnel in the earth or ground that you are making or... you can pass through prefabricated material that was made with either water and/or earth. Like concrete as in buildings. It would be like intangibility, like a ghost. I have all manner of fun with this power back home in the Digital World. I hope you can make the crossing some day, Chez. You can call me Dondra."

              And then he transported himself back into his card as Chester stepped down off of stage. "What a fun partner!"

              Finnpaw then said, "Nice one, Chester. All right, who wants to show off their chosen partners now? Karal, J.T., Kirsto, Faroth... you guys have been awfully quiet throughout all this. Don't make me revoke your Beta Club memberships."


                Karal smirks, "I've just been trying to chose the right selection! But I think I've chosen very well for the start." He walks over to the Player position and strikes a pose, "ACTIVATE!"

                Immediately in the partner circle appeared the symbol for Chaos and in front of it, the 5ft tall digimon.

                Vulpakelakidamon stands near 5 feet in height, this vulpine looking creature stands on digitigrade legs ending in solid hooves. He sports a horse's mane of long flowing silk-like hair, while his tail is distinctively vulpine. His torso and and face are clearly fox, his paw-hands ending in black fur and black nails. His eyes are sharp and clearly deep brown like an eagle, and he has large feathered eagle-like wings. His abilities include a Chaos Energy Burst which can combine his equine running speed with that of a Cougarmon. He has Power Leap and Kodiak Punch among his unusual martial arts skills, and possesses a "Sonic Shout" attack. He is fully capable of aerial combat, and usually carries a bow and has a quiver of digiarrows that can duplicate various digimon attacks.

                Vulpa looks around then settles his gaze on Karal. "Hrm." He approached the boy looking him over, "Much ego in this one. Much training he needs. But a good, strong spirit and heart. Perhaps strong enough to help me ascend. I accept you.... For now. But much training you will need. I am Vulpakelakidamon, Vulpa to my allies and friends. I am a Spirit Scout for my village and Warrior Prince of the Chaos Plateau."

                Karal says, "Training? Hrm, well I'm never opposed to learning something new."

                Vulpa nods, "Good. Then we will be compatible. I will not be able to reside in your Card at all times, however. If my villages needs me, I will answer their call. And so will you if you ever manage to make the crossing." Then he disappeared back into the Card.

                Karal hrmphs, "Well he was alittle holier than thou."

                Karal slides over to the next slot, "I hope this next guy isn't like that..." He struck the pose again and said "ACTIVATE!" as he touched the picture.

                Immediately the symbol for Fire sprang up and in front of it, a 3 foot tall digimon who was grinning from ear to ear. "Someone finally picked me, eh?"

                Magnapheorimon stands only a meter in height but the small height hides a great and fiery spirit. This reptillian creature has digitigrade legs ending in wicked sharp looking claws with a short, stout body and a long trail of firey mane down his spine ending in a large flaming tuff of fur on the tip of his dragon-like tail. His face is clearly a blend of maned lion and noble dragon with the mane looking almost like it was already on fire. In one claw and over his shoulder he carried a massive forger's hammer.

                Magnapheorimon bowed politely, "I am Magnapheorimon, Priest of Hearth and Forge. As your partner, I will aide you with weapons of war and tools of peace. As a Gift, I grant you the ability Soulfire. It will allow you withstand great amounts of heat so long as your will and soul burn bright enough to ignite this power, you can even summon flames to ignite other objects." He bows again, "For now I must return to my Forge. May the Eternal Flame burn within you all." And with that, he disappeared.

                Karal grins, "I like him. He likes to make things like I do." He grins, "Still need to pick the last one."


                  Luke said, "I know how that is, Karal. I could barely choose two. I am ready to activate my partners. I hope the two I chose can work well together." And he stepped up on stage and he stood within the player circle as he struck his pose and touched the card window, "Activate!"

                  Within the Partner circle, the symbols for Water and Law both appeared before merging together and falling flat on the floor and appear on top of that was the partner wearing a sun visor on his forehead and having sunglasses while holding a surfboard.

                  Dragarulimon is a 3' tall anthro lizard-like creature which looked sorta like a dragon, with grey scales, large, dragon-like grey leathery wings that draped over his shoulders like an extravagant cape. His hands and feet seemed to look like that of a canine's though, covered in soft black fur, with the occasional silver stripe, and then sort of flicking about behind him is a lion like tail, also black, with the tail-tip a silver color that matches perfectly with the silver in his thick mane that surrounds his head. He seemed to have a somewhat shifty look; but don't think he's a pushover, as when he yawns, you can see a couple sparks shoot between his teeth as he grinned rather toothily, giving opponents that uneasy feeling.

                  "Yo, Partner! Are we gonna hang ten or what? Where's the beaches and the babes? This place looks like a cock fight except for those two ladies over there to the side! I am Dragarulimon, from the jungle beaches of Far Western Temperoland. My title is the Silver Balancer of the Fold But that sounds so boring, Wouldn't you agree? I cannot wait to see your surfboard, partner!"

                  Luke smiled. "Heck yeah! Totally up for some surfing! Can't wait to get into some serious swim wear; my parents made me wear this stuffy school uniform. On a Saturday for gosh sakes!"

                  Dragaruli grinned. "Parents have no fashion sense whatsoever. I sure hope you chose a good bartender as my support partner. Because you love surfing as much as I do, I will give you the Ocean Manipulation ability. Mind you, this will only work on salt water. With this ability, you can make some awesome waves and control the speed of the tidal floes. Are we cool, Partner? I am not going back in the card yet. I want to see the support Digimon you chose."

                  Luck said, "Forgive the cock fight club membership, Dragarulimon. We invited other girls to join this club; but only Divina was interested in our group. The others all want to hang at the mall."

                  Dragarulimon stepped off of stage and stood just off to the right hand behind side of Luke.

                  Luke resumed his pose. "Now for partner number two. And yes, Dragaruli... He is a bartender among other things. Here goes..." He stood within the player circle and touched the card window, "Activate!"

                  Within the partner circle appeared the symbols for both Earth and Wood and the Digimon appeared just in front of a bamboo bar counter which he seemed to have brought with him.

                  Sunwukongamon appears to be a 3' tall partial spider monkey and partial glider monkey with a prehensile tail and powerful ambidextrous hands and feet. He wears a small jeweled golden crown on his head and he carries a magical iron staff which only he (and his partner) can pick up. He is quite fast and can flawlessly climb any tree in the area. When Jumping from one tree to another, he can glide between the two trees landing safely within the target tree. When an opponent wear his crown, they will temporarily transform into a smaller less powerful version of Sunwukongamon and will remain in that species form until the sun sets. His prime attacks involve growing and throwing fruit. Its all in good fun!

                  Sunwukonga smirked as he leaped up and landed on the bamboo bar counter. "I am Sunwukongamon, The Fruit King of Fun. I double as a jungle bartender and can make delicious fruit drinks and fruit desserts. I am going to gift you with what may seem to be a fruity ability but your friends will probably love this." He then saw Dragarulimon! "Hey surfer boy! We just saw each other the other day! I didn't know we were going to get partnered up with this human teenager! Its a small Digital world." He turned back to Luke again. "My gift for you is Grow/Throw Fruit. By saying the name of a Jungle fruit, you can cause fruit trees or bushes of that type to grow from the ground producing super ripe fruit. My favorites are Bananas, Melons, Coconuts and Pineapples. When not being eaten, the fruit grown can be thrown at enemies to cause painful yet fragrant explosions."

                  Luke giggled. "Sounds like I will be making fruit salad during combat."

                  Sunwukonga carefully picked up the bamboo bar counter and moved it off of stage and set it up to one side of the room where he got to work making fruit drinks and fruit desserts. Dragaruli joined him at the bar. Luke walked over to his seat at the meeting table once again. "Now I need to think about my third partner."


                    Kirsto moves over, "I guess I can go next...." He moves over to the Partner platform.

                    He takes a breath slowly and presses the three at once. "TEMPEROLAND GUARDIANS!"

                    A large circle appears bearing the symbol of Creation. Within the large circle three smaller partner rings appear. One of them bearing the symbols of Shadow and Healing. One of them bearing the symbols of Fire and Justice. The final one appears bearing the symbols of Light and Vaccine.

                    A new digimon appears within the first ring.

                    This digimon warrior was one of the blackest shadow. The fur was almost unseen as it seemed to suck the light away. Twin orbs of black with slightly glowing slits of red glared out from the proud feline face. He had powerful, broad shoulders above his thick arms. Each arm ended in sharp claws that unlike a normal panther's were permanently extended. His legs were digitigrade in nature and allowed for movement as either a biped or a quadruped. These too ended in razor sharp claws. Behind the digimon, a long asp like tail flickered to some unheard rhythm, belying his constant alertness below his cool exterior. In the center of his chest an extremely deep black diamond was centered and circumscribed with runic markings. He stood about four feet tall.

                    Panthromon growls, "Panthromon, Noble Healer of Shadows!"

                    Another digimon appears within the second ring.

                    Tigromon is a muscular tiger-man warrior with orange fur and black stripes. He has green slitted eyes, a black nose while the rest of his muzzle is firm and defined like a tiger. He has pearly white fangs in his powerful mouth; he has five fingers on his hands; five toes on his feet which also has onyx black claws. His ears are on top of its head. He only wears a hide tunic to cover his modesty when around humans, otherwise, he will be complete in the natural. He also has a black belt with a circular metallic paw-print buckle on his waist which carries his digital Axe Handle which during times of battle is capable of forming into a battle ax. Tigromon's tail is prehensile capable of grabbing on to something (or someone) and it is easily 4' feet long. He stands at about 6' tall although he is limber as well as athletic and an excellent swimmer. He has a fondness for chopping wood when he is frustrated and wants to ponder out solutions. His following attacks include (but are not limited to) the following: 1) Tiger Ax. 2) Tiger Fang. 3) Pouncing Kick. 4) Camouflage Strike. 5) Vertigo Strike.

                    Tigromon roars, "Tigromon, Burning Arm of Justice!"

                    The final digimon appears within the third ring.

                    Leomon is a muscular lion-man with orange fur, yellow mane, yellow fur on its legs and the tip of its tail, blue eyes, black nose and mouth, five fingers on its hands and feet, black claws, black ear tips, and scars on its arms, left foot, and the left side of its face. Its ears are on top of its head. It wears a golden earring on its left ear, a collar with with a blue gem in the middle and multiple red teeth around it, black pants with yellow cords forming multiple "X" on its side, a black belt with a square metallic buckle on its waist, three others on its left arm, another in its left hand, and another in the pantleg. It carries its sword in the back on its belt.

                    Leomon calmly states, "Leomon, Light Warrior of the Pride!"

                    Kirsto grins, "It worked!"

                    Tigromon hrms, "Leo, Panthro? Looks like we might have to add a few carromon to the firepit."

                    Panthro grins, "Maybe so. Though it looks like we got ourselves a cute human."

                    Leomon growls, "Cuteness does not prepare one to face battle."

                    Tigromon nods while Panthro shrugs, "For some cuteness is an established defensive mechanism."

                    Tigromon says, "Perhaps but cuteness never stopped a feral digimon's claws."

                    Panthro says, "Granted." He looks around, "Oh hey. Drag and Sun. Good to see you've both healed up from that toxic staromon sting." He moved over to the bar. Leomon and Tigromon hrmphed a little and retrieved some of the fresh carromon they had been preparing and start preparing food to go along with the drinks.

                    Kirsto grins, "This is AWESOME!"


                      Luke said, "I I just figured out what I want my third partner to be." And he stepped up on stage and he stood within the player circle as he struck his pose and touched the card window, "Activate!"

                      Within the Partner circle, the symbols for Law and Knowledge both appeared before merging together to form a Justice Scales symbol and appearing just in front of that was a tall slender bird like Digimon holding a feather quill and a clipboard containing a vellum scroll.

                      Wyzibismon is a 6' tall humanoid female Avian-like creature dressed as an Egyptian Librarian which looked sorta like a white owl, a black crow and a silver ibis with feathered wings that were folded tightly to her back at the moment. Her hands were coated in fine feathered fur while her feet ended in larger bird like finely scaled yellow orange talons. She had three long tail-feathers which covered her rump decently and she wore a old-world styled librarian's apron to cover her frontal modesty. Her beak was the same color as her talons She had a very knowledgeable and wise look about her. She had a faded halo like aura around her head and she raised one eye when she noticed that she had been summoned to the partner circle.

                      "I am Wyzibismon of the Wyzo Clan of Justicar Recorder Scribes. I prefer to fight masculine stupidity with feminine knowledge and social wisdom. If anyone has a problem with that, that's too bad. Wyzowlmon was busy and he doesn't get out much anymore. Whom knew that books had so much filthy knowledge in them." She then looked to Luke with a smile. "Are you my partner, handsome?"

                      Luke walked over to the lady scribe and he bowed to her. "That would be me, Wyzibis. I am Luke Masaki. I had chosen two male partners before and I thought my third should be a female to help balance out the ego load."

                      Wyzibis chuckled. "I can see that we will get along well. My power may seem rather lame in comparison to your other partners' abilities, but I am going to gift you with the Photographic Memory ability. This will enable you to recall anything in precise detail as well as precision wisdom. This could be helpful in your learning abilities. I cannot wait to show you my library back home."

                      Luke took his Digimon lady by the hand and they left the stage together where they sat at Sunwukonga's bar counter.

                      Vance was blown away by the fact that Luke had created a girlfriend. Weird Science, anyone? "At least I didn't make my partners with my pelvis in mind..."

                      Chester grinned. "Luke has always had an eye for the ladies. You know... I am having trouble choosing my second pair of partners. But I won't give up."

                      Davyd then said to Finnpaw, "Since my first partner pompously departed to deal with his pack, do I still get to choose three new partners or do I have to put up with Mister Prejudice when he returns? Come on, Finnpaw, have a heart. I made a mistake with that first guy. He wa obviously going to complain to Zecma anyway that a human teenager summoned him."

                      Finnpaw giggled. "Since you are admitting that you made a mistake, Davyd, I will unlock a fourth slot in your partner storage card launcher. But I expect you to choose a non-canine to balance out the canine overload you are selecting. And please do not let Kanisunferno's parting words bother you. He is a good alpha of the Kisume line, but you pulled him out of an inspection so his annoyance was to be expected." He walked over and used an electronic tool to add in the fourth choice slot in Davyd's launcher. "Remember the rule that once you bond to a partner, you are stuck with them. So make no mistake, Davyd... he will be back for the 9 PM appointment you agreed to."

                      Davyd smiled. "I will do better this time, Finnpaw. I promise."


                        Divina chose to also speak up and looked at Finnpaw, "Do you think we should chose three now, Finnpaw, or keep some slots open for acquiring new partners as we play the game and visit our partner's areas?"

                        Karal looks surprised that Divina would ask such a good question.

                        Kirsto looks at his full bracer, "Does that mean we shouldn't fill it up now?" He sounded slightly worried, cause he really liked his three.

                        JT says, "Finnpaw might unlock more slots for us as we go, if that's the case." He went back over the Trinity computer and looked through the assembled digimon pictures.


                          Finnpaw said, "Divina, if you are planning on going to the Digital World, then please for your own sanity, get Transformation insurance before you make the trip. That way if you get changed into something you don't want to be, you have insurance for returning to normal afterward. And before you ask, I was once human myself. That's why I have a human sounding name. Nedwin Finnpaw. I was also a military brat like you and Luke are currently. I was with my father; and his troop made a trip to the digital world. He brought me along with him saying that I might make some new friends in the Digital World. I didn't have Form Insurance and I got separated from my father as I encountered an entire tribal pack of Houndramon. These finely scaled dragon dogs are highly sexual and they have gay sex all the time. There were no females in their tribe since males can get pregnant and lay dragon like eggs. I had gotten a little too close to the pack and I slipped on the slippery sides of the gully where they were doing their thing. When they saw me, they were polite at first and asked if I got hurt falling into the gully. When I said no, they asked me if I was still virgin. When I said yes, they asked me if I would like to have the ability to have an erection on command. I should have been more cautious by that point, so when I said yes, they removed my clothes from my body and they all dog piled me into the middle of their orgy. When I woke up three days later, I had been transformed into one of their species and I couldn't make my arousal go down no matter what I did. Not to mention, the tribal pack scent is one that has to wear off if you don't have magical assistance. I grabbed what was left of my clothes and shoes and I made my way back to my father. He almost shot me but thankfully he listened to my story of what had happened to me. I asked him if he knew of anyone who could possibly help me. He made sure I got an appointment with Council Lord Zecma of ZecCorp; that game creation Devil Mouse from the Underworld. Zecma asked me if I had form insurance and when I admitted that I didn't know what is was, he looked apologetic. He then told me that without form insurance, my new species was permanently my current species. Although he did help me to dispel the initial tribal body odor, he told me that I would have to bathe every day in a dragon oil based bubble bath soap or else the pack scent would return as strong as ever. He then helped me to get a gaming shop here in Shinjuku as well as Game creation training so I could make my own games. And now you know my story."

                          He then trotted over to the stage area and said, "If you are female and you let a male digimon have sex with you in the Digital World, you will eventually become a male Digimon yourself of the species you had sex with and... you will also be pregnant. If a male has sex with a female Digimon, then you will eventually become a female Digimon of the species you had sex with and... as before, you will be pregnant. But if you have form insurance, you can get your species and your gender back without much embarrassment. Some Digimon have a mating scent that has to wear off even if you get restored to normal. Zecma can help you people to get Form Insurance. He will be in here as soon as the dumb council adjourns for the afternoon. Zecma hates attending Council Meetings as you heard in the opening video. He would rather be here with us."

                          Finnpaw then left the stage and as he got over to the bamboo bar, he said, "It is possible for certain medically minded Digimon to be able to restore a transformation victim back to normal, but As I said before, there is nothing they can do for the mating scent if you get that kind of small on your bodies. Panthromon seems to be the type that he would know herbal remedies. But make sure he can actually restore someone before you go and throw caution to the winds."

                          Finnpaw said, "As for your Card Launchers, at the very beginning it was explained to you that your launchers can hold up to one hundred partners. You were being allotted three at first; a primary partner as well as two support partners. In David's case, his first choice chose not to return to the card not to mention that he abandon David rather quickly. Sadly, he will be back because you agreed to the 9 PM operation offer he directed at you. When David admitted that he made a mistake with the Alpha, and he humbly asked for another chance, I granted it but since his initial three are apparently all going to be canine; his fourth must be non-canine. Just as Kirsto's main three are feline predominantly but his fourth must be non-feline."

                          "Also remember that tinkering around with the Card Launcher programming is grand scale cheating," he said in closing. "Trinity has nothing to do with the Card Launchers. The card Launchers use my personal coding. Trinity was used for Partner selection and to make sure partners chosen were not in rut/heat nor diseased in some way that could make you (the human partner) ill. As for getting new slots; normally you start with three, but I can authorize a fourth slot that must be a species phenotype different from your primary partner's species. Since Kirsto has all felines, a fourth must be non-feline. That means a hybrid cannot have feline in it. And since David went the canine route, his fourth must be non-canine. As for the rest of the rules, every time you rank up your primary partner, you unlock a new partner slot for your perusal. Ten wins earns a rank up. the first time. Twenty wins the next time, then Thirty, Forty and so forth. One last warning, in the Digital World, some Digimon feel that you have to personally fight them in order for you to earn them. The partner selector is the safe way to get partners. If you personally fight a Digimon and win, you will gain a partner at Rank Two rather than a selected one at Rank One. If you think fighting a Digimon is going to be easy, you kids can head through this rear door to the game shop arenas where you can challenge your current partners to a one-on-one match. We can watch the match from the safety of the club meeting room. No sense all of us being out there." He smirked as he returned to his sponsor podium to wait to see what people did next.

                          Vance, Chester and Luke went over to Finnpaw to get their free fourth slot unlocked, since he was offering it to the players.

                          After that, David was once again on stage. "My next two canines of a non-alpha variety. I will have to wait before I can do my fourth non-canine slot. I cannot help it that I really like Hounds and other canines." He raised his card launcher and tapped the partner window, "Activate!" Directly out in front of him on the partner circle appeared the symbol for Dark-Law and directly in front of that there appeared a 6' shoulder height feral digimon whom initially looked bored but then he grinned showing his sharp fangs.

                          Hellhoundimon is a large wolfhound like digimon standing at about 6' at the shoulder in feral mode, but he is also capable of standing up in which he becomes a hedgy 7'6" albeit casually slouched since he only stands at full attention for Alphas. He has bluish-silver smoky-white fur all over his body. He exudes an aura of heat when at rest. His eyes are twin circular orbs of golden-orange, with a red retina which glow in the dark when at rest and are flaming when in hunting mode. His shaft and sac are safely tucked into a slit near the back of his shaggy coat. Although he is capable of breeding, he can cart a passenger within his slit in times of emergency (however, the rider will end up smelling like Hellhound sexual enzyme fluids within which can also destroy clothing. If said fluids get into the rider's body, they may end up pregnant or on a drug-induced high of which only the pack herbalist can cure.)

                          "I am Hellhoundimon, Hunter/Tracker of the Avabulas Plateau. That is located in Digital Acheron in the Digital Underworld. Not quite Hell; but better than Hell, actually. We are experiencing a boring time of peace currently. You must be David Arden whom Kanisunferno said would be getting a medical treatment tonight. And before you rip off your card launcher and throw it away, He told every hound pack in the Underworld about his deal with you. So if you don't go through with it, then you will have trouble earning ANY Underworld canine Digimon partners from now on. I was bored before you summoned me. Hunting for the pack is tiring. I am glad I don't eat that prepared shit the pack chefs puts together for the rest of the pack. I cannot hunt if I am mind-wiped. As for the special ability I need to share with you, once you get your mobility back, you should be able to make good use of this. Flawless Tracking. This is the same ability that all Hellhoundimon pack members are trained with to track prey without error. This will also enable the partner to know how far the target is away from the hunter regardless of location. This ability can also be used to track lost/stolen objects as long as you know the item in question. Are we good, David. I know you are a good person from the rumors I had heard from other Hellhounds whom had met you before. We tend to chat over the open canine network. I really should return to my Kennel home within the card. The front door faces the pack grounds, the back door faces your card launcher window." And he leaped back into the Card Launcher.

                          David said, "See, Finnpaw, I have met Hellhounds before and he was an example of a good Hellhound. Now for my other canine partner." He raised his card launcher and tapped the partner window, "Activate!" Directly out in front of him on the partner circle appeared the symbol for Dark-Chaos and directly in front of that there appeared a 3' shoulder height completely feral digimon hybrid whom initially was laughing as he arrived.

                          Kagetamon is a Stealth Houndimon of Chaosmire whom is 55% Imperial Council Shadowhound, 40% Casino Fox and 5% Arcadian Angehound (rough estimate.) He is slender like a fox but make no mistake, he is toned and firm enough to hold his own in a fight. Between his ability to manipulate the odds and his shadow gating ability, this feral mixes martial arts in with dirty tricks to come out ahead whenever possible. He stands at about 3' at the shoulder and appears to be a solid black three-dimensional shadow demon foxhound whom is semi-morphic but prefers to stay in feral mode save when he is playing cards. His voice sounds like Don Pardo of game show announcer fame.

                          "I am Kagetamon, Gambler of Kontondatsuraku (Chaosmire.) And to the winner of tonight's Digital partner comes a lifetime supply of risks along with the games of chance that come with the territory. And as an extra special gift just for choosing me, you will be given Odds Manipulation. Although some people might call this ability "Grand Scale Cheating," this is the ability to shift the odds of chance into the human partner's favor. This can apply to games of chance and contests as well as every day events. You could say that we are just lucky! Well, back into my casino room for now, aka, the card. You saved me from a massive beating by summoning me." And he leaped back into the card.

                          David was blushing. "I did better with these guys. I wonder who he hoodwinked in the Underworld?"

                          Finnpaw giggled with a grin. "You were right; those two more than make up for the first one. Take your time with the last one."


                            Faroth eyed both of the new canids with a bit of jealousy but says nothing.

                            Divina growls under his breath before replying, "One of those nasty males tries anything with me, his dick will be the one who meets my whip... and if he still doesn't learn his lesson... well this lil lady has her ways of making men VERY, VERY sorry for their actions."

                            Karal starts to say something but keeps his maw shut at Divina's last statement, trying to imagine her as a digimon male...and shudders, trying to dispell the image.

                            Panthromon chooses then to speak up, "What Finnpaw says is very true and even the best warrior can be overwhelmed by sheer numbers. The wise digimon avoids the pitfalls of over confidence. However in even the worst of cases, there is always a trace of the original digital information stored during such transformations. One must first be atleast partially digitized before the transformation can take root. This means there are traces of one's original information and data within the Lifestream of data that permeates the digital world. However the process for accessing that data and restoring an invidiual who has been transformed is not impossible....but is a arduous and painful process that takes much preparation and time. I have only known it to happen successfully once before in my lifetime." He pauses, "Though there are those with powers greater than mine and connections to the Lifestream who might be able to do more than I alone. Sadly if they exist in this world, I do not know them."


                              David smiled. "Since I am not permitted to get another canine with my fourth slot, perhaps I should go for something saccharine like kawaii kyootie pie uber cute. Something smooth and loving and..." he let the rest go unspoken as he started searching through the selector once again. He had something in mind that he had seen on an adult television channel a long time ago.

                              Vance smiled. "I saw an extra partner I would love to have when I was going over the lists. I thought it was an interesting combination. It is kind of hard to deny me a species since I jump around so unpredictably." He then loaded up his new card and went over to the stage to summon the partner. "Activate!" On the partner circle came the symbol for Shadow and just in front of that appeared a very large Digimon.

                              Cherapumon the Shadow Teknomage appears to be a morphic cheetah with black fur and relatively sparse golden spots. He can stand at either 7'11" or at 15'11" on his digitigrade legs, although he can as easily go on four legs as he could on two legs. His front legs/arms are that of a cheetah, but his hind legs are that of an American puma. His face is feline, with a short, somewhat rounded muzzle. His eyes are dark blood red with slit pupils. His ears betray any normal nature of a feline, as they are as long and as defined as a rabbit's. His tail is likewise long and slender like that of a cheetah, but it ends in a strange rabbit-like dull golden tuft, much like a lion's tail-tuft. His overall build is muscular, but between his ribs and pelvis, his spine has little more than skin wrapped around it.

                              When in his bipedal stature, Cherapumon seems to wear black kimono-like armors with a neon purple outline along the sharpened edges. Wrapped around his waist, is a dull gold utility belt containing various items that a practicing Shadow Teknomage would require. On his forearms, visible beyond the armor's large sleeves, he wears a pair of dull golden bracers. When he chooses to shift into his quadruped stature, all of his armor and equipment seems to meld into his shadow-like body, making him much like a non-morphic animal. Yet his eyes remain as cunning and as intelligent as before.

                              Cherapumon has a few special attacks and abilities that he uses sparingly, preferring non-violent solutions to destructive ones. 1) LIGHTNING SPEED - Cherapumon is able to run at incredibly high speeds. These speeds can easily exceed the speed of light, should he so choose to do so. He can carry a single rider when running, but in order to attain the high speeds, he can meld the rider into his body to protect them from the friction. 2)POWER PUNCH/KICK - Cherapumon has an assortment of martial arts maneuvers at his disposal. 3) INTANGIBILITY - Cherapumon can alter his body's vibrational frequency, as well as anyone he is touching (or if they are holding on to him), to an intangible state of being, much like a ghost. He can pass through any substance as if that object or barrier were not there (no limits).

                              "Greetings Master Vance. I am Cherapumon, the Shadow Teknomage. Why are we inside such a small room? Are you a prisoner and you summoned me to rescue you from these vile beings?"

                              Vance replied quickly. "No, Cherapumon! These guys are my friends! I didn't know you were going to be so big when I summoned you. But there is nothing wrong with your size; its my fault for not paying more attention to your profile states. Next time we will be outside somewhere. You know... you have quite the fantastic outfit. I'll bet your fur would be soft to pet on -- in bed." He winked.

                              Cherapumon slyly smiled. "Are you in that big of a hurry to be pregnant, Vance? By the way, I am friendly to Panthromon, the Racolupotamon tribe as well as the Shadow Unimon tribal herd. Never alienate potential allies of the same element. Everyone has an important usage even if they think they are a useless fantasy." He winked back at Vance. "I will gift you with the Intangibility power that is part of my powers package. I think you can figure out what that does." He then looked at Suceiromon. "Hi Suceiro. I haven't seen you since the last Shadow Games Festival. How many trophies did you win? I know that one Digimon contestant accused you of cheating? Is he capable of breeding yet; I know you popped your whip pretty loudly against his family jewels."

                              Vance isn't sure if Cherapu is being serious or not, but talking about losing the ability to breed is sorta killing the mood to play around.

                              Chester giggled. "I love mount type Digimon. I am going to see if I can find any others along those parameters."

                              Luke gave J.T. a friendly hug before returning to his own seat to look up more potential partners.


                                Suceiro speaks up and says, "Hmph. As if I would ever need to cheat to win. No, he is not last I heard they were still trying to find all the parts. The left one was quite shattered, I'm afraid." She smirks in a way that says she is anything but sorry.

                                Panthromon says, "It is good to see you again, Cherapumon. I fear you may to give your partner a dose of supressent laced digital tea."

                                J.T. blushed at the hug but gave a small hug back as he looked between the partner stage the othes had just vacated and his bracer. "Well... I only have one to start...But I guess... um.. I can...go next."

                                J.T. stepped up to the plate and took a deep breath before following the example of the others before him. However when he said, 'Activate' something odd happened. A digital voice stated, "Sync Ratio Too Low. Unification of digital data incomplete." At the same time and eruption of digital energy expanded around the player platform as it lit up with the symbol of Unity. "Unity Element, Recognized. Reconfiguration of Device In Progress...10%...20%....40%....80%.... Reconfiguration, Complete. Elemental Syncranization Ratios Now Displayed. Team Builder, Expanded. Registered Digimon with Central Database. Access to Unity Powers, Granted. First Power: Unity's Call, Activated."

                                J.T. looked at the bracer with confusion, instead of his chosen partner (whose name 'Mystikitsunemon' was listed in a band of rainbow colors below the usual partner icons) icons, instead it showed a revolving slot for each of the current Digimon in the room or in the Cards of the Bracers who were in the room. "That's so....weird..."

                                Tigromon growls, "Unity is the rarest Element in all of the Digital World. Humans capable of using it are even rarer..."

                                Leomon nods quitely, "Indeed."

                                Sucerio states bluntly, "Less than 1% of humans in the multiverse have the heart and soul capable of weilding Unity and in all of the history of the many digital worlds I've heard tale of no Unity holder has ever managed to stay human. I look forward to seeing where you're path leads, boy."