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[APAW] AA-01 Not Quite the Power Sword

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    [APAW] AA-01 Not Quite the Power Sword

    When a piece of Battle Cat's Grayskull forged armor barding is broken and sent to Earth through a dimensional wormhole, it merges with a human teenager named Alexander Daryl Annatrova who unwittingly activates it to become the most powerful white lion in the universe - Pureheart!
    Ivory Pinnacle - Anime World

    [APAW] AA-01 Not Quite The Power Sword
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter 01

    A random field of battle near the Royal Forest on Planet Eternia
    Two weeks ago...
    Having surprised both Duncan and Teela during a picnic at a remote location, Skeletor and his cronies temporarily had the upper hand as Prince Adam and Cringer returned from a walk they had taken earlier and saw the confrontation as it was occurring. Adam said, "Come on Cringer! Man-at-Arms and Teela need us!" Cringer moaned, "Oh no! Not again!"

    Adam and Cringer darted back into the forest to a spot just out of sight as Adam struck his now famous pose and held his power sword aloft over his head as he shouted, "By the Power of Grayskull!" In a magnificent flash, Adam was transformed into He-Man as he shouted, "I have the power!" And then he pointed the Power Sword at Cringer and fired off the left over transformation energy at the green tiger which transformed Cringer into the mighty Battle Cat who growled loudly as he struck his pose beside his heroic partner!

    They then ran out of the forest and planted themselves in front of their enemies where an all too familiar classic fight occurred! Orko, who had been watching the fight from the safety of the edge of the forest where he had gone to collect flowers for Teela, then saw an unfortunate strike occur when a mishap strike from He-Man toward Skeletor clipped a spike off of Battle Cat's armor barding which sent the piece of the armor hurtling toward where Orko had been watching from. Evil-Lyn approached the spot where the piece had landed and said, "Now to claim this piece of armor and use it to unlock the secrets of Castle Grayskull!" Orko cast a spell at the armor piece which made it fall through a tiny hole which opened directly under it. "Not so fast, Evil-Lyn! The secrets of Greyskull will never be yours!" Evil-Lyn growled, "You rotten little floating runt! I'll get you for that!" And she gave chase to the Trollan magic user as the magical wormhole then closed since Orko was no longer focusing on keeping it open.
    Saint Petersburg, Russia; Planet Earth
    One week ago...
    The seventeen year old Russian male teenager with blond hair, blue eyes and fair skin had his shirt off while otherwise wearing blue jeans, white undershorts, white socks and white sneakers as he worked on repairing his parents' rooftop on their one-story home. Hearing thunder over the bay near Saint Petersburg was not an uncommon occurrence but an unusual one since it had been a warm day and he was working in the sun. The weather forecast had called for clear weather for the next few days and this was the first time he had to get on the roof to fix an old leak his parents had told him about before the weekend rains came. Hearing thunder out of the blue made him think that a government plane had flown over so he generally ignored the sound for that moment. And then...

    ...without warning, something sharp hit in him the back of his shoulder blades as if someone had stabbed him with a pointy spike; out of reflex, he dropped his hammer and he swatted the spot over his shoulder only to have blood coat his hand and when he brought his hand back to look at the stain on his hand, he freaked out a bit. "What in the bloody Hell happened to my back?!" He carefully climbed down off of the roof and he made his way into the kitchen through the back door of the house where he said, "Mother? I've been injured! Help!"

    An hour later, the family had gotten him off to the local hospital to have the wound checked out. At the hospital, their doctor had cleaned up the wound and was looking at the injury that didn't seem to make much sense. "You say this happened when you were repairing your parents' roof? It seems to be a deep wound but it isn't fatal. I will patch you up and advise that you not put any pressure on this for a week. I am going to send a copy of my findings to a colleague of mine who dwells on Kazma's LAW. The injury entry point is almost perfectly round but even though I cannot find the object that caused this, your shoulder blades show a clear sign of where your shoulder muscles took the full impact of the strike. The president currently had an agreement plan in place of assistance from King Kazma when dealing with mysterious injuries like yours."

    The male teenager said, "It surprised me more than anything else, Doctor. I was making sure the roof got repaired before the next rain system pelted the region. Luckily, I got the repairs made before this strike occurred. The only other warning I had was when I heard the thunder. A week of rest, eh Doc? You got it."

    Back at the family home, the young man was out in the woods near his home trying to figure things out. He didn't like the idea of having to take it easy. As he walked along trying to sort things in his head, he soon saw a wicked looking woman with a staff just ahead of him. She said, "So you are the one the shard of Grayskull struck! I will have that shard, fool!" The young man startled began to exclaim, "For the love of..." But when he heard where the shard came from, he asked, "Grayskull?!" a mighty blast of lightning went off as he fell on all fours as the transformation energy of Grayskull causing him to grow in size somewhat as he changed from a human into a white lion man with blue colored armor. Growling loudly, he rose up on his hind legs angrily, "What have you done to me, witch?!" The wicked woman, Evil-Lyn, was equally surprised when she saw what happened directly before her eyes as she chose to teleport back to Eternia to report in to Skeletor about what the human had done when he said the words.

    "Come back here and change me back to normal! Now what do I do? Wait a minute... if it works for He-Man in the animated shows, it should work for me." He lifted his head and said, "Sorceress! My name is Alexander Annatrova! I got changed into an Eternian White Lion warrior! I am on Planet Earth! How do I change back into my human form? Please help me!" The image of the Sorceress' head appeared before Alexander as she said, "Oh my, so that is where the shard of Battle Cat's armor barding ended up. To change yourself back to normal, you need to say the words you said to change into that form originally. Did anyone else see you make the change?" Alexander said, "I think Evil-Lyn saw me change. She was here saying that the Shard of Grayskull would be hers and how I had to hand it over. I don't know where the shard is, Sorceress, and that's the truth."

    The Sorceress said, "It struck you in the back and when you transformed, the shard moved itself up into your mouth to become one of your teeth. If you had a missing tooth, the shard took its place. Instead of a Power Sword, you have a Power Fang. When you transformed, your would healed over as if you were never injured. I would advise that you seek out King Kazma in his Anime World and see if one of his Red Rabbit Army soldiers can help to train you. As for Evil-Lyn, her seeing you change may cause trouble for He-Man and She-Ra back here in our dimension. He-Man uses the Power, She-Ra uses the Honor. What word did you use, Alexander?" He sighed, "I was about to curse and I used the word 'Love'. You mean I am a combination of He-Man and Battle Cat at the moment?" The Sorceress replied, "As long as your heart is pure, then that is what you have become. Say the words you used the first time to change back to normal. I will watch to make sure it works properly."
    End of Chapter 01

    Chapter 02
    Alexander struck a pose as he lifted his head and exclaimed, "For the love of Grayskull!" And a bolt of lightning struck him as he transformed back into his human form of Alexander Daryl Annatrova. "I'm back to normal, Sorceress. Thank you so much. Be sure to tell He-Man and Battle Cat what has happened. I didn't mean to end up with something they owned. I will see about going to Kazma's LAW in a few days. The Doctor was going to put me in touch with them anyway."

    The Sorceress said, "I will inform them of what has happened. You should decide what name to call yourself when you are in the White Lion Warrior form."

    Alexander said, "I think I already know based on something you said about why I became a white lion in the first place. As long as my heart was pure.... I am Pureheart, the Eternian White Lion. Unlike Adam who is built somewhat like He-Man anyway, I am thinly athletic and I become a muscular white lion man. We will be in touch, Sorceress."

    The Sorceress replied, "Take care, Alexander, if Evil-Lyn or Skeletor bother you again, call for me and I will advise you. Until we speak again, Farewell."
    Present day; Anime World Stargate; Kronshtadtskoe Shosse; Del Fin Airport, Kotlin Island; Saint Petersburg, Russia...
    On Friday, the Saint Petersburg police escorted Alexander to the Anime World Stargate on Doctor's orders where King Kazma would be awaiting the young man's arrival. Alexander carried his suitcases through the security checkpoint of the Stargate where the Red Rabbits carefully scanned the human as well as his bags. Once he was cleared through and loaded aboard an anime rail train heading Northwest of Anime Saint Petersburg, Anime Russia for Ivory Pinnacle, King Kazma spoke with the young man aboard the rail car. "The Sorceress has been in contact with me, Alexander. I didn't tell the Doctor this but the plan is for you to train with a Red Rabbit male your own age so you can make a new friend in Ivory Pinnacle."
    Ivory Pinnacle, Anime Russia; Anime World
    The train ride across the anime landscape was quiet, beautiful and short as the arrival announcement was made. "Ivory Pinnacle Train Depot in three minutes! Get your baggage ready for departure! Thank you for choosing Anime Rail Services!"

    Alexander collected his suitcases and waited for the rail train to come to a complete stop at the depot. Out one rail car window, He could see Red Rabbits and Anime humans as well as varied Pokemon, Digimon and real human tourists of all ages. "Kazma? Where will I be living?" asked Alexander. King Kazma replied, "You will be staying with Beige Starpaw, a junior Red Rabbit teenager your own age. He has a spare bedroom and he has requested a human to share his place with. So you get to be the one. I know you will both get along just fine."

    Starpaw Beach House; Ivory Pinnacle, Anime Russia; Anime World

    As King Kazma and Alexander Annatrova arrived at the A-frame beach house with indestructible solar panels and powerful wind turbines, there was a small banner up which read: WELCOME HOUSE MATE! King Kazma remarked, "As you can tell, Beige is excited to have a human in his household. He wants to be a Red Rabbit Master some day; when you help him to reach his goal he will also help you to reach your goal. On the side, you will also have the Sorceress to aid you in your quest. You both will the start of the Young Universe Masters. I know that spells YUM, but perhaps if you both are in good spirits your training will progress more smoothly."

    Kazma led Alexander up to the front door where The lordly rabbit pushed the door bell. After a short wait, the door opened and a tan male rabbit with a red shirt with a Yellow Star in the center of it stood with a smile. "Beige? This is your new house mate, Alexander Annatrova. Please see to it that he finds his bedroom so he can get settled in. I need to head back to Montropolis." He looked to Alexander. "Call me if you have any issues while living here. I just want you to be comfortable. See you later." And King Kazma backed up before taking flight off into the Western skies.

    Beige grabbed a hold of Alexander's arm and escorted him inside the A-frame beach house. "I was preparing the welcome cake in the kitchen. I will take you to your room and then I will finish icing your cake."

    Alexander nodded his head. It was strange that Beige didn't look too happy to see him. And then they were in his new bedroom where Beige left him therein before returning to the kitchen. He set his suit cases down at the foot of the bed and he laid himself down on the bed looking at the ceiling. "Beige doesn't seem to like me. Maybe Kazma made a mistake."

    It was while he was laying there that he soon became aware of a taller tan rabbit standing in the doorway looking at him.

    "Alexander?" he said, "I am Beige Starpaw. King Kazma addressed my little brother as me before he left. I intended to meet you when you arrived. His name is Sandy Starpaw. May I come into the bedroom with you?"

    "Yes. I had thought that you didn't like me when I thought your little brother was you. He seemed distant and cold that I was even in the house. He said he was icing the cake."

    Beige came in and sat beside Alexander. "He is unhappy because mom and dad dropped him off with me while they went to the hospital to pick up our little sister. Sandy used to be the baby in the family. Now Cream Starpaw is the youngest. I am happy to have my own house and I am glad to finally meet you today. I was going to let you share my room with me, Alexander. This guest bedroom is meant for Sandy; he didn't know today was to be your arrival day. We thought you were going to arrive tomorrow. I guess King Kazma had other ideas. Grab your suit cases and follow me to my bedroom. I'm very happy to see you."

    Alexander got up and he grabbed his suit cases and he followed Beige to the master bedroom where he saw two beds in the room. Both were similar in size although the master bed was large enough for both of them. "Do I get the second bed or what?" Beige smiled. "I was hoping you would share the bed with me. But if you would rather sleep in a bed by yourself, I did plan ahead for that eventuality." Alexander hugged Beige and said, "I will try sleep with you at first; just bare with me since I am not used to sharing a bed with someone."
    End of Chapter 02