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[Z2_ARC-02] NP: SM-01 Rescued By Your Hero

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    [Z2_ARC-02] NP: SM-01 Rescued By Your Hero

    New Protectors - Supermouse

    Join Joseph "Joey" Williams in his heroic adventures in Meta Star City as Supermouse.

    [Z2_ARC-02] NP: SM-01 Rescued By Your Hero.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    Re-Written on 08/21/2018

    Chapter One.

    Dawsonville, Georgia; Northwest of Atlanta, USA; Planet Earth

    "Mr. Oscarson wants us to bump off Commissioner Williams so he won't be able to yap about the liquor runs the family does on the weekends. We have determined that the best time to do the hit is when Mr. Williams is fueling his beloved Ford pickup in the mornings at the Peterson Truck Stop. One well placed charge and no more commissioner. Then the boss can pay us and we can leave this dump of an area."

    The two hit men laid in wait near the truck stop with a stolen rocket launcher while at the Williams family horse farm, Joseph "Joey" Williams emerged from the house wearing his father's windbreaker jacket. "I'll be back soon, mom. I am just going to go fuel the pickup to save dad a step on his way to work later."

    Getting in behind the wheel, Joey fastened his seat belt and put the pickup into gear as he drove the truck down the road to the highway and the short distance to the truck stop.

    Not more than half a mile away from the truck stop, Abbysios Feliston and Minos Del Malign were with their filming crew performing the final parts of a real world safety sequence for their children's cartoon show unaware of what event was about to occur when they finished their filming stint.

    As Joey drove the ford pickup truck into an available spot next to the gas pumps, he got out of the truck and began to pump gas at the self-serve pumps.

    The two hit men leveled the rocket launcher and aimed at the gas pump that the Williams' boy was working near and simultaneously as they pulled the trigger...

    ...At the nearby filming set, the Director yelled, "...And CUT!"

    The entire truck stop erupted in a massive fireball which caused a loud echoing boom to cascade across the farmlands and fields.

    Abyssios jerked his head in that direction and in a flash, he transformed himself into his heroic identity of Overcat as he launched himself in the direction of the explosion.

    The two hit men were fleeing the area as fast as possible.

    Overcat then arrived on the fiery scene before him as he used one of his oxygen suction stunts from the TV show and caused the flames to die out as he then located the downed human teenager amidst the wreckage of the pickup and gas pump. As he picked up the young man, a glimmer of recognition crossed the animated feline's face. "I know this young man. It's Joseph 'Joey' Williams who is also Supermouse. We exchanged autographs a few weeks ago. I better fly him off to the family's trusted doctor and hospital so they can patch him up."

    En route, Overcat used his wrist communicator to call the Williams family horse farm to let them know what had happened and where he was taking their son.

    At the local hospital, Anne Jenison and her camera man Gustav Gunner had just finished an interview with renowned physician, Dr. Anderson Tennyson, when they were about to emerge from the front doors of the hospital when they saw Overcat carrying a smouldering young man toward the front of the hospital very fast. Holding the front doors open for the heroic feline, Anne shouted, "Doctors! Incoming patient! Red Alert!"

    The doctors quickly steered Overcat and the patient into an awaiting emergency room and they were quickly joined by the Williams' family doctor as Commissioner Williams along with his wife and children joined Anne and Gustav in the waiting room. It was at that time that Overcat emerged and told Johnathan Williams what had gone down that morning at the truck stop.

    "Someone didn't check their target and simply fired on the gas pumps with a rocket launcher when they saw someone wearing your jacket and driving your Ford pickup truck fueling the vehicle therein," stated the animated empowered feline. "They likely assumed it was you, Commissioner. In case you suspect me of harming your son, I would never do something like this to him; he is a fan of mine and I gave him my autograph just last week. We were finishing up a safety segment for our show locally which explains why we were still in the area."

    Johnathan said, "Joey watches all of your shows religiously, Overcat. In fact, his own hero career uses several of your safety statements in his teams' own lives."

    And at that moment, Jerry Wellington, Pamela Worthington, Lance and Bobby Oscarson arrived from a shadow portal care of Barbra Lang. "We just heard that Joey got hurt," said Jerry. "And before you get bent out of shape, Mr. Williams, my family had nothing to do with this. My father is barely placating my mother's visiting relatives. Not to mention, there is another important reason I am here... Joey and I have the same blood type. If he needs blood, I can provide it for him."

    Lance then said, "Our idiot father is upset with you, Commissioner, in regards to the interrupted illegal liquor smuggling ring he had his fingers in. He hired some goons from Las Vegas to try to take you out. Since they targeted Joey, we are officially disgusted by the whole affair. Joey is our friend, Mr. Williams." His brother Bobby then handed Mr. Williams a folder of papers. "This is a collection of every scheme our father has some dealings in locally, sir. I wouldn't have given it to you but since his dumb hired help tried to kill Joey, you get the jackpot as a trade off."

    At that moment, General Osric Sloan walked into the hospital room along with a couple of his trusted soldier guards who took up positions on either side of the door leading into Joey's hospital room. "Its a good thing someone in Teen Force thought to send me word of this attack. A few of our military road block offficers arrested a couple of hit men from Vegas attempting to break the speed of light on an old county road. Since toons like filming on Earth, when they were first seen, it was originally thought that Wile E. Coyote was chasing the Road Runner on a dirt road. And in case you and Joseph are interested, Commissioner Williams, we found a possible go-around to the empowered mouse accident. Those stupid project doctors should not have injected your son with a mouse. I saw on the enrollment form where he had written German Shepherd as his animal choice. If you would like for his choice to be corrected, we could have this done during his stay in the hospital. Ms. Seasons agrees that the government will foot the bill for this correction since some of our people caused it."

    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two.

    Johnathan Williams glanced at Overcat for a moment before asking, "How much would this normally cost, Sloan? I know the government wanted an empowered law enforcement team on Earth for those closer to home emergencies. I know Joey was upset with the empowered mouse originally, but after he met Overcat in person, he tried to accept the results since he figured the governent would not be able to undo their stupid accident. And now you are telling me that you found a way to repair the damages. So fess up, the price tag."

    Sloan replied, "There is a planar service that Ms. Seasons learned about called the Yuskay Groomers. Part of their family are high class Underworld Lawyers. The rest perform body repairs and empowerments within reason. The normal price tag comes up to a pricy ten grand. This includes full medical repairs and transformation trigger balancing. To test their services, I submitted myself to their service to see if they could deliver. Our government scientists originally said I was too old for the program. But I showed them... behold..."

    "Empowered Legacy! Activate!" Sloan felt the energy rush cascading up his body from his waist to his head. Then as he felt his hair stand on end and goosebumps rippling over his skin, a circle of power and a conic pyramid of energy illuminated his body brightly. The circular disc he stood upon in front of the pyramid of conic energy then revolved around behind the pillar of power and as the disc came back into view, the form of a handsome and slender adult animated Kitsune man clothed in a training leotard. Then Sloan exclaimed, "Hero Armor Sequence!" His heroic armor then appeared in flashes up and down his transformed body, followed by his gloves and boots; and finally his clear safety visor which appeared over his eyes. He then leaped off of the disc in a mighty aerial flip where Sloan began rotating his two tails rapidly as he hovered in mid-air before landing in full view where he struck a military pose and saluted the Commissioner respectfully. "Commander Kitsune! Mobian Militia!"

    Commissioner Williams reached out and felt the two-tailed fox's furred muzzle before saying, "I suppose this was a fantasy for you; Wasn't it, Sloan?"

    Commander Kitsune then said, "Power Down!" And he reverted to his normal military general human identity. "I wanted to make sure the process was safe when and if we permitted any other soldiers and agents to utilize these services. When powered up, I can fly as fast as a jet helicopter. However, unlike Joey, I am not invulnerable which is why I have to wear the special armored uniform. If Joey wants to retain the empowered mouse man identity for now, we will permit this for him. But if he changes his mind later, Johnathan, the option is there to fix the project snafu. Furthermore, and the New Protectors all know this, Johnathan; transformation is the instant regeneration experience. If the doctors can revive Joey enough for him to activate his transformation sequence, the transformation will instantly heal his entire body. Once he powers down, he will be loveable Joey once again. We really don't want that Parrot mad at us yet again, do we?"

    Commissioner Williams grinned. "Her current gripe is that the 'Toons stink!' for some unspoken reason."

    Overcat said, "She mainly says it when I am in the house and as you people know from my TV series, I bathe every day at my home in Meta Star City."

    Sloan then said, "Pamela? You and your boyfriend go in and use your magic to revive Joey enough so he can activate his transformation power temporarily for the instant healing. Then have him power down so his stay here at the hospital is as short as possible. I know how you teenagers try to stay out of scraps like this when possible."

    He then looked to the two guards. "Let them pass."

    Pamela and Jerry entered the hospital room where they began to utilize their powers to bring Joey back up to the surface hopefully long enough for their friend to use his instant healing transformation ability.

    "Ow... what happened?" He could barely speak but Jerry made sure he applied moisture into Joey's mouth and on his friend's lips.

    Pamela said, "You can heal yourself in a flash by transforming into your empowered identity, Joey. But you are still weak and you shouldn't stay suited up for too long. Sloan found a way to straighten out your powers if you want the German Shepherd fix. Overcat was the one who came to your rescue as they were finishing their latest safety segment for his show."

    Jerry smiled. "The New Protectors arrived at once when we heard you had been injured, Joey. We love you."

    Joey coughed one time as he lay there preparing for the words to make the change. Although he was lying in bed on top of the blankets, the camera angle swerved around to show the human boy as if he was standing up...

    The view around Joey suddenly took on the appearance of both a revolving door and window blinds as a light erupted from the center of where he lay on the bed. "Of Mice and Men!" And then the revolving door effect swung around causing Joseph to vanish from view. "A hero again!" Then the door swung back around causing Supermouse to come into view as the light around him slowly flared off in a brilliant display. He now wore a navy blue uniform like outfit with bright red stripes on the right and shiny silver stars along the left. He had a black leather belt with a golden buckle and black boots. Wrapped around his neck was what appeared to be a cape like dark red cloak with a lowered hood. On the back of the cloak was an 'S' insignia with a generic mouse's ahead beneath it. He had a communication headset on his head and he wore a shiny silver mask over his eyes. "Supermouse! Protector of Justice!"

    Joey was then floating out of bed as he landed on the floor as he hugged Jerry and kissed Pamela on her cheek. "I am so lucky to have friends like you guys. I owe Overcat some cream."

    Jerry said, "I am sure he will love it, Joey. He extinguished the flames at the gas station. Good news though, Power Penguin is actually our age. We gave him the sign up forms for the Teen Force."

    Joey smiled. "Nice to know that Phineas Neil is our age. Overcat may be a heterosexual cat, but he really likes that Penguin."

    Pamela smirked. "Lets have you power down, Joey, so the doctors can get you cleared for release. Overcat wants to give the New Protectors training access in Meta Star City."

    End of Chapter Two.


      Chapter Three.

      The empowered teenagers of the Teen Force were soon gathered outside the hospital along with General Sloan, Commissioner Williams, Overcat and Power Penguin. Sloan was seated at the wheel of his army jeep. "Okay, Pamela; I have given you the teleport information for Northside, New York, where the Yuskay Groomers are awaiting us for Joey's transfer of power to the young man who the rodent hero was supposed to end up in. And Joey will finally get the German Shepherd empowerment that he originally requested if he wants it. The young man's name is Stanley Torii Thunder. He is the son of the best Interpol agent in the business. Unlike James Bond Jr., he doesn't go around blowing things up. But he has been receiving martial arts training from an organization known as High Command. We sadly don't know much about them save that they control all of the Earth's lycanthropy population. The Groomers are awaiting our arrival. When Stanley receives the empowered rodent, his likely won't be as yours ended up being, Joey. But no one is ever alike when it comes to powers. Do the honors, Pamela."

      Mobile Yuskay Restorative Armored Groomers Elite; Northside, New York; Planet Earth

      One well placed teleport later...

      Sloan then led the group of humans and cartoon heroes into the mobile Groomer's station. Sloan noticed almost immediately that there seemed to be another family along with a bunch of Shadow Ponies utilizing a neighboring faction of the Groomers at the current time. Samuel Williams remarked that he was a fan of Champion Pony in the Male Little Pony: Boys Ranch series. Lance Oscarson admitted that he liked the New World Mutants and he even sang part of their theme song. The secretary out front explained to Sloan that the Zamak family had been referred to the Yuskays by the baker of Coopersville to remove a curse from the youngest born of the mining corporate family. Sloan then turned to his group of humans and said, "We will give the Zamak family the privacy that is due to them. I hope they are as considerate as we are if they don't want a government situation." He showed his ID to the secretary before leading his group into the surgery section where Stanley Thunder along with his friends awaited the arrival of Joey Williams.

      Stanley remarked, "Look what the two-tailed fox dragged in. We have been patiently waiting, Sloan. I could have had these groomers design an all new empowered rodent in the time it took you to come back." He winked showing that he wasn't serious. "Can we get this started?"

      Sloan then asked, "Why is your other local friend in here, Stanley?"

      The young man then explained about a clause in the empowerment contract that Hannah Seasons had arranged when paying for the Yuskay Groomers' services where all of Stanley's friends could get a one-time only bodily empowerment at the expense of the government but only if Stanley himself was present. So it was now or never. "And before you reject the idea... take a good look at Alphonzo Takatakashi and his obesity problem. Earth doctors told him that there was no medical cure for his condition; citing that his situation was permanent. The Groomers swear they can repair anything. Therefore... their reputation is on the line with Alphonzo."

      The Groomers then had Joey make the transformation into Supermouse so they could take a video picture of the empowerment form that he had ended up with. They then had the mousy hero lay down on a table directly beside the Thunder boy's table. And the Yuskay Groomers got to work.

      Stanley then said, "I'll bet you were pissed when they gave you my rodent empowerment, Joey. My favorite animated rodent stars of both American and foreign films were Master Splinter, Gary the Rat, Te'rue the Wererat, Templeton Rat of Charlotte's Web, and Jimmy the Rat of Krypto the Super Dog's show. In High Command, Wererats are known as Techies. They can reportedly repair anything they can get their paws on. And they excel at martial arts. In the comic Book world, I would have to include Ratplague of the Super Stars and the Shou Wererat family of the Ycehart Dorm series."

      Joey remarked, "Pissed was an understatement. Sloan was almost shot and killed by my law enforcement father. There was a definitive clause in the My Hero contract that stated that I got to choose the species and giving me a mouse without my consent voided the entire government contract. Sloan almost lost out on my involvement in the project. The stupid mad doctors said that any animal larger than a sheep would result in a failed empowerment. And according to the American Kennel Club's own web site, German Shepherds while technically taller standing than a sheep are actually smaller than a sheep in body mass and weight. So the government doctors as much admitted that they just wanted to play God with a willing subject. Sloan was as angry with them as my father was with him. My family are born and bred law enforcement. Despite my animal choice, Stanley, my favorite cartoon hero is Overcat. He used to be a one-time villain in the Underdog cartoon series. But after his one appearance there, he had problems finding another role to star in until he and his agent reinvented his character to focus on an angle that the Underdog show seemed to miss out on. On Overcat's home world, he was actually a hero who only made the mistake of letting his hero worship go to his head and he fell into the dictatorship trap. Once Underdog defeated him, he changed his ways and migrated to an animated world where Meta Star City was located and he focused on reinventing his heroic identity as well as developing the rest of his powers which included a transformation power that the Underdog show never even covered. In fact, they chose not to include it since they wanted to showcase Overcat as a bully. Overcat had to struggle through people remembering his previous life before he made a major victory in assisting a group of new heroes in stopping a villain war. And thus was formed the Legion of Super Talents otherwise known as The LOST."

      Overcat who was standing nearby with Commissioner Williams said, "Well remembered, Joey. Thank you for re-telling my story for these people who may not have heard nor seen it."

      Joey then made another observation. "Stanley? When I first transformed into Super Mouse, I was as scrawny and as skinny as a rat; but as I used the form more and more, it bulked up and became as muscular as Overcat's current stature. So if you are going for a rat body, I am not sure how you are going to force the rat to stay topside. I just wanted to let you know."

      Stanley replied, "The Yuskay Groomers will figure it out. It is their job to make things right, you know."

      The head Groomer then said, "Okay, Joey, power down, lay back and hold still while we transfer the rodent serum out of your body perform a cleansing for the replacement phenotype species." And as Joey did as asked, the Head Groomer then noticed an anomaly within the genetics which seemed to be defying their professional efforts. "Joey? Do you have a secondary form within your body which you may not be all that happy about?"

      Joey sighed. "Yes. Super Pirate the Rat."

      End of Chapter Three.


        Chapter Four.

        Joey then continued. "Just after I because Supermouse, he reared his unlawful and homosexual head. He was rude to my girlfriend and he made passes at Robert and Jerry. It is about all we can do to make him relinquish control back over to me. He is the main reason I wanted to reject the rodent. Supermouse alone would not have been all that bad. But not the mouse and the rat."

        Stanley made a suggestion at that point. "I think he might be rebelling because he knew he was to go to an actual rodent fan and he ended up inside a law man who likes dogs and horses. But if he won't cooperate for a transfer, then maybe the Groomers will have to opt to give him his own body and arrange for his trip into Frontier to join the other pirates out there."

        The Head Groomer then asked, "How would you suggest we do this if he won't cooperate for a transfer?"

        Stanley got up and took the Head Groomer out into the Hallway for privacy. "I noticed that when Joey transforms in his full spiel, his human form is temporarily in the center of the power well and then the rodent slides out from behind him to be directly beside him before sliding around to take the frontal position and hiding the human entirely. Then the costume forms over the rodent humanoid in question. My suggestion is this: when he is in the process of transforming, you Groomers wait for the rodent to be sliding out from behind Joey and then you force the slide to exit the side of the power well where you direct it into a new body creation power well. After Super Pirate is extracted, you can focus on transferring Supermouse out of Joey and into me without Super Pirate interference. While I am bisexual myself, Joey is clearly straight and he really did not deserve to be dealing with a homosexual unlawful pirate rat."

        The Head Groomer replied, "This is worth a try. Super Pirate is fighting the transfer. He is clearly not a good rat."

        Stanley said, "I brought you out of the room so he wouldn't hear the plan. Lets go back in now."

        The two then came back into the operation chamber where Stanley got back into position. "Let's do this. I want my rodent."

        The Groomers then prepared a third power well for putting the plan into motion.

        The Head groomer then said, "Joey, I want you to transform deliberately into Super Pirate with the full slow drawn out transformation. We need to see how sexy the rat considers himself to decide on how to grant him what he thinks he wants."

        Joey frowned. "You really better hope you can handle this lug. He is difficult to deal with. He might even try to kick me out of my own body. He has threatened to do it before."

        The Head Groomer said, "Just do this so you can finally be free of him."

        Joey's eyes sparked fiercely as he focused on forcing his metamorphosis. Within his minds eye, Joey was standing within the center of the power well as he slid to the right and from behind his left side, there came a flash of darkness that revealed a slender yet athletic male humanoid rat with glowing blood red eyes. As he was positioned to the left side, his body became covered with his black costume with dark ebony like armor in the fashion of a pirate standard, the Jolly Roger, though with a rat skull. But the rat noticed that he wasn't moving to the front of the transformation as he continued to slide to the left entirely out of the energy well where he fell into a brand new power well and he linked to a newly forming body of his own. Super Pirate growled. "I'll get you for this!" Stanley made a quiet comment. "Glad I didn't end up with that kind of a rodent. I try to give all rodents a chance; but that guy was so bitter."

        Joey smiled at Stanley. "I finally feel free. I don't know what you told the head groomer but your idea worked. If there is anything the New Protectors can do for you; just ask."

        Stanley remarked, "How about this? You originally said you could deal with the mouse but not the mouse and the rat at the same time. Give the mouse a chance before you change over to a new species that you don't have much data experience to base your decision off of. At current, the only canine proof of concept models are Underdog, Huckleberry Hound, Hong Kong Phooey, Auggy Doggy, and later the Road Rovers. And they never had any German Shepherds to make a base comparison with. I know you originally wanted a German Shepherd; but think about what all Trooper has to deal with in his personal life, both good and bad, before you become one yourself. You already have some experience with the mouse. So think it over first."

        Joey then recalled all the flea and tick baths that Trooper got as a puppy as well as the rabies shots and then having to wear the anti-pest collars which never smelled good at all. "You might be right, Stanley. I should retain Supermouse since Overcat already knows that hero."

        Stanley then said, "I'll team up with you in the future once I learn how to use my rodent form. Sloan? Did you contact the Fairdale boys so I won't be committing copyright infringement to their creation? I want to gain this new power with a clean conscience."

        General Sloan nodded his head as he pulled out the typed permission form signed by all four Fairdale Pennsylvania teenagers.

        "The owner of the character said that the TV show skewered their creations. How they used creative liberties to turn the idea into something other than what it was meant to be. The boy in question said that as long as you respected rodents, you could have permission to use his character's name as your own in your heroic form." He then showed the head groomer the character concept drawing of the rodent hero in question.

        While Sloan and the head groomer spoke about Stanley's new rodent hero form, Alphonzo spoke to Jerry in regards to his anthropomorphic hippogriff form and how Alphonzo would like a pegasus version of the heroic hippogriff; the two worked with a another Yuskay Groomer in regards to Alphonzo's request. The head groomer then said to Stanley and Joey, "Copy, paste and alter time, boys. Lets make a new heroic mouse for Sloan's project!"

        End of Chapter Four.


          Chapter Five.

          Joey prepared for the words to make his change. The view around him took on the appearance of both a revolving door and window blinds as a light erupted from its center. "Of Mice and Men!" And then the revolving door effect swung around causing Joseph to vanish from view. "A hero again!" Then the door swung back around causing his muscular anthropomorphic mouse body to come into view as the light around him flared in a brilliant display. A navy blue uniform like outfit with bright red stripes on the right and shiny silver stars along the left appeared on his body first. His black leather belt with a golden buckle and black boots were next. Wrapped around his neck was what appeared to be a cape like dark red cloak with a lowered hood. On the back of the cloak was an 'S' insignia with a generic mouse's ahead beneath it. He had a communication headset on his head and he wore a shiny silver mask over his eyes. "I am Supermouse! Protector of Justice!"

          Stanley prepared to speak the words that would change him! "Empowered Agent! Energize" And when he did this, his voice seemed to echo and his body began to glow with magical power. As his factual and good-looking, 5'8, slender though athletic anthropomorphic mouse body with light brown fur and blond hair flashed into existence, his costume began to appear on his ever so sexy body. First a comfortable pair of blue jeans appeared on his legs. This was followed by a red bandanna around his neck and a black leather biker jacket adorned with the patriotic stars and bars of the American flag appearing over his stud like torso. Over his blue eyes, his aviator like goggles appeared, giving protection to his superior vision. Finally, an ending flair of light appeared all around him, as he gave a fair smile with a laid back salute to the audience. "I am American Mouse! The Secret of Uncle Sam!"

          General Sloan smiled. "Looking good, boys. I hope this straightens everything out. Now to see how your friends made out with their choices."

          Joey then handed Stanley copies of the Teen Force enrollment forms since Stanley was planning on opening a version of the world-wide team in New York. Stanley began to read over the forms as Sloan headed off to check on the other boys and their empowerments.

          Sloan walked into the door where William was preparing for his transformation.

          "Native Justice! Activate!" William struck his pose and felt the energy rush cascading up his body from his waist to his head. Then as he felt his hair stand on end and goosebumps ripple over his skin, a circle of power and a conic pyramid of energy illuminated his body brightly. The circular disc he stood on in front of the pyramid of conic energy then revolved around behind the pillar of power as on the next position of the disc the form of a handsome and muscular eagle man came into view to take the place of the former human. His militia like costume appeared in a flash to cover his body. Then he exclaimed, "Native American Spirit Sequence!" His hero armor then appeared in flashes up and down his eagle body and around his wings, followed by his gloves and boots, and finally his clear safety visor which appeared over his eyes. He then leaped off of the disc in a mighty aerial flip as he landed in full view where he made a flurry of Avian arts before striking his final pose for all to see. "Red Eagle!"

          Sloan said, "Well done, William! Now to check on Alphonzo!"

          Sloan walked into the door where a deflated Alphonzo was preparing for his transformation.

          "Olympian Freedom!" Alphonzo struck his pose as he felt the energy rush cascading up his body from his waist to his head. Then as he felt his hair stand on end and goosebumps ripple over his skin, his surroundings temporarily changed to look as if he was standing on Mount Olympus, where his entire body illuminated brightly. Magical lightning began flashing out of nearby marble temples where upon each bolt of lightning became pieces of his armored uniform. As his outfit was forming, his body grew nearly two feet in height as his feet become one-toed hoofs, a horse's tail grew out of his tail bone, and his form changed into that of a handsome and muscular Pegasus man which had a long vibrant mane. Then his new armored uniform merged over the top of his handsomely sexy beautiful muscular body. Then his shiny armored bracers appeared on his wrists. Each one had the symbol of lightning upon them. Then he exclaimed, "Haji Skill Sequence!" The spirits of Hercules, Achilles, Jason, and Icarus then appeared briefly as each one merged into his body causing more lightning to cascade down all around him. Then his surroundings returned to normal where he made a series of martial arts moves. "Heroic Spirit!"

          Sloan said, "Looking good, Alphonzo. You will do good with Stanley and William. Let's get you back to your friends."

          Sloan escorted Heroic Spirit and Red Eagle back into the front room where American Mouse was awaiting them. "Your friends are done, Stanley. Look them over and make nice comments. I think they turned out really well."

          Stanley, whom was suited up as American Mouse, looked at Red Eagle and Heroic Spirit. "At least I won't be flying by myself. You two turned out awesome. And I'm not just saying that, either. The ladies will definitely find something to fall in love with among our team."

          Overcat shook Joey's hand and said, "I suppose we should get you back to your family for the planned move to Camp World so we can establish the Protectors there."

          Sloan then looked at Overcat and Supermouse. "As long as you boys and your team don't try to hide from my boys and I, you could find our involvement with you to be beneficial."

          Joey as Supermouse said, "You need to stop harassing the Teen Force, Sloan. Foreign agents are already getting more than they deserve by going after other Teen Force groups world wide."

          Sloan remarked, "I heard what they stupidly did in Olivia Crane's home zone. Even I am not that stupid."

          Supermouse grinned. "Yeah, they almost made Natianyn sing."

          Overcat said, "We need to get going to pack up your family and your lovely horse, Thunderfire."

          Supermouse smirked. "I almost wish we could leave Teriaki behind. She is so mouthy."

          End of Chapter Five.