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[QC-03] JW-10 Dating a Bronkey

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  • [QC-03] JW-10 Dating a Bronkey

    Gray Thunder City; Black Storm Valley, Nevada; Camp World

    [QC-03] JW-10 Dating a Bronkey
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter 01

    Williams Family Horse Farm; Dawsonville, Georgia; USA

    At that moment, Two of Joseph Williams' school friends walked into the barn where he was doing his chores. Pamela Worthington hugged him from behind as she whispered, "Am I ever glad to see you out of that bed, hon. Jerry and I got the rest of everything we will need together when you are ready to make the move. Barbra is fulfilling a final shopping list with Samuel, Lance and Lance's brother Robert. Lance and Bobby are disgusted with their father since he targeted you instead of your father. Have you decided where you want to set up your new horse farm and Teen Force base at on Camp World?"

    Joey replied, "Actually yes. I let Overcat, the LOST and Rodeo know this morning. Black Storm Valley, Nevada, which is just east of the Warner Mountains of California as well as due north of Reno and is owned by Bronco and Rodeo. They have a boy's correctional ranch up in that area. It is normally a Brony owned region, but Rodeo and Bronco said we could have a ranch as well as a modern city inside of the valley since it would be good for business. Despite being in Nevada, the location is both grassy and forested near the mountains. The ranches are in the valley along the streams and rivers. Downstream to the South are both Reno and Lake Tahoe. The LOST was building Gray Thunder City in an available location within the valley and laying out connecting highways and railways to the main roads and rail lines. We will even have our own airport and Star Port landing zone. Overcat and the LOST are going to be duplicating their headquarters from Meta Star City into Gray Thunder City specifically for the Teen Force and the Protectors. While I will be living and working at my own ranch, the Teen Force will have a headquarters of their own within the city. As soon as I finish up the last of my chores, I will be packing up the animals I plan on taking with us and then I use the communicator that Overcat provided to me and finally, we head to Camp World to move into our new homes. The Lost were supposed to be handling the building of your own blueprint homes that you provided them with. By this weekend, we will be on Camp World."

    Jerry Wellington smiled. "Is your father going to allow you to take Trooper Junior with you?"

    Joey nodded his head. "Yes. He admitted that I couldn't have Trooper Senior so Junior gets to be the one. Also for the official record, Overcat told me that Automobile fuels on Camp World were cleaner than Earth fuels, so if you plan on taking a car along, the vehicle will get a complete cleansing and tune up so it runs smoothly." He then pulled out his cellphone and called his father. "Dad? I am packing up Thunderfire, Junior and Sukiyaki along with all of their tack and gear for the trip to Camp World. Jerry and Pamela are here with Rufus at the moment. I just finished the last of my chores. I will be tagging up with the rest of my school chums as well as Samuel, Lance, Bobby, Barbra, Valeria and the their animals for the transfer to my new ranch in Black Storm Valley on Camp World. Overcat and Rodeo were helping me to get things ready at the new ranch."

    Johnathan replied through the phone, "I hope I don't have to tell you kids to behave yourselves on Camp World. And Joey... Since you are about to move out on your own now, it is time you knew about your genetic inheritance. You are a type of being that occurs in a chosen family once every fifty family members. The CHESS and PSI organization term for your abilities is called a Techie. However, yours is different from normal Techies, son. You will learn more when you check in with Professor X and Hank McCoy at the Powers Testing Labs. I have arranged an appointment for all of the Protectors to get tested and registered when you go to Camp World. McCoy has a branch of his labs in Gray Thunder City. Remember, son; go in as a group so you have support and backup from your friends. I know you will do me and all of the Teen Force and Mysteries Inc club members proud. I wish I could explain it better to you over the phone, but I am afraid that you would only have more questions if I tried to explain it. Being a Techie is part of why you have the abilities you have displayed in high school. As well as the acrobatic stunts I know you have practiced from Thunderfire's saddle. I am not upset that you experimented with your abilities, Joey. I know Jerry and Pamela will help you keep your head out of the clouds. They are good for you in your life. As is Bobby despite his not so intelligent mobster father's stunt of trying to kill me. When I retire from the force, I might come to Camp World with Martha and Daisy and we will assist the law in Gray Thunder City. Again, stay out of trouble, son. We love you. Goodbye." And the call ended.

    Joey could tell that his father was starting to get choked up which is why he ended the call so quickly. "I'm a Techie. I have no clue what that is, but dad arranged for us to get tested and registered in McCoy's powers testing labs in Gray Thunder City. Dad implied that CHESS and PSI both know about Techies and that worries me."

    Jerry smirked. "If McCoy runs a test on Pamela and I, his monitors may not survive the session."

    Pamela said, "You are a mutant as are your two sisters and I am a powerful magic user; the daughter of Darla Diamond and Magus Man aka Charles Worthington."

    Jerry said, "Bobby Oscarson is also a mutant; I have seen his shadow squirrel identity."

    Joey chuckled. "And we have all seen your sexy anthropomorphic hippogriff form. Not bad for an acid rock singer/occult guitarist."

    The rest of their friends arrived at that point and everyone got the animals, tack and gear ready for the move to their new home on Camp World. Overcat and Rodeo returned via magical portal gate that afternoon and they constructed a private transportal at the Williams' family horse farm within the parking garage. After the new transportal had its link connected to the original one just outside of Gray Thunder City, the two toons helped to get the people and their animals through the transportal and moved into their new homes in the Gray Thunder City area. Complying with the ranch description gleaned from Brainy Barker's special powers of looking into Joey's dream memories, the heroes had rebuilt Joey's dream ranch property exactly as it had been within the dream state itself. It was even furnished identically to how it had been in the dream. This included the in-home filming studio and crime computer.
    End of Chapter 01

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    Chapter 02
    McCoy Powers Testing Labs - Western Branch, Gray Thunder City, Nevada

    Hank McCoy and Professor X examined Joey and his friends during the professional evaluation appointment. Pamela said, "I am the daughter between a mutant and a powerful wizard. Diamond Girl and Magus Man. My magical heroic identity is Gemstone. My boyfriend is a mutant son between an Atlanta mobster and a powerful occultist. Jerry's heroic identity is Hell Hunter although you cannot really see that from his sexy anthropomorphic hippogriff form. Barbra is a mutant ninja like the rest of her clan. And Joey is a Techie, according to Mr. Williams. Joey's heroic identity is called Supermouse. In high school, Joey strictly dated girls, despite his being bisexual; Barbra was the main one he dated, although she knew that he was interested in guys equally as he was to girls. Collectively, the four of us are called The Protectors. Mr. Williams arranged for our getting tested today. And I apologize for talking on and on like this but I was rather nervous and talking helps me to relax."

    Professor X said, "Focus your magical energy in front of this metal orb and we will get a power reading from your aura, Pamela."

    As she was doing that, Professor X said to Barbra, "Your friend tends to talk a lot during powers testing, just as you said she might."

    Barbra smiled. "During school exams she was always quiet; unless she just likes to spread gossip to doctors and scientists. I wonder how Jerry, Joey, Lance, Bobby and Samuel are doing with Beast?"

    Valeria said, "Knowing Samuel and Joey, they are likely having a discussion about horses, ponies and donkeys. Bobby is rather proud of his muscular shadow squirrel form and if Jerry is showing Beast his sexy anthropomorphic hippogriff form, then Beast might be cleaning up a semen spill."

    Professor X commented, "I am sure that is not an appropriate topic to be mentioning, ladies. Or are you in heat yourselves?"

    Pamela's aura reading then hit a high spike unexpectedly. "As you said, X; that is an inappropriate topic."

    Over in the other examination chamber...

    "Are you sure you are okay, Beast?" asked Joey out of some concern. "I don't think we have ever seen someone orgasm from seeing Jerry transform before. While we all agree that Jerry's other self is a hottie, we try to keep our reactions to his appearance as professional as possible. Besides, he is dating Pamela, while I am open minded. Samuel likes the boy ponies since he is a brony type of fan."

    Jerry then said, "I just detected an energy spike from Pamela which may indicate that a male accidentally mentioned the inappropriate topic of a lady being in heat. I hope X survives that. Pamela doesn't like it when topics go into the gutter."

    Lance smiled. "And Barbra is worldly famous for steering topics into that zone. Not bad for a virgin."

    Samuel and Bobby then made the shush sound, "Be quiet, guys! They are just in the next room!"

    Beast replied, "Being open minded reminds me of my dates with Lion-O of the Thundercats. We went out looking for women and after one drunken night that neither of us remember too well, Bastan McCoy was born. He hangs out at Marshal in Heroes Reach with Sabin Belgian Hare at Carrier Hunks. It is a delivery service; they are always needing to hire a stud muffin to make deliveries for customers. That could be an opening for you later, Joey."

    Joey then said, "Hank? I am supposed to go spend a weekend with Sienna Proudhoof in Bronco's area. He is a My Little Donkey with an invisibility power. He has little control over the power and I wanted to go show him my support. Do you foresee any problems with my spending a few days with Sienna?"

    Beast replied, "Take along two extra large beach blankets along with a basket of apples and carrots. One of the alternate ways to cheer up a sad donkey is through his stomach. Also remember to use your heat detection vision to sense where he is if he is invisible when you find him. Start with introductions, followed by how you learned of his name and what his problem was, then you give him a fond hug and finally, spread out the beach blankets and feed Sienna some apples and carrots. After that, just shoot the breeze with him and be his friend. When you are both ready to get some sleep, strip out of your clothes, and cuddle up bodily with him and tell him how glad you are that you could come spend time with him."

    Joey smiled. "Sounds like I will be making his tummy feel good at the same time that I am making him feel good. Any other advice?"

    Beast quietly replied, "I am going to prescribe you with a surface ointment that you should use while you are in Bronco Pony's region. Just follow the directions on the tube before each resting period. This will prevent you from developing an uncontrollable itch that ponies and donkeys acquire in their region. They come in boxes of twelve tubes. I would suggest you take them all with you and share the ointment with Sienna just in case he has the itch when you find him. You would really earn being his friend then." Hank McCoy then wrote out the prescription for the lubricant and handed Joey the paper. "You can find this product in the men's hygiene section of most super stores."

    Samuel edged over and looked at the paper that Beast had handed Joey. "He gave you a prescription for equine lube?"

    Joey balked. "Say what?"

    As he focused on the prescription and saw that his brother was right. "Lube. Ungulate lube. Well, if it helps those in Bronco's area, I will get the stuff."
    End of Chapter 02


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      Chapter 03
      Getting a lift from his brother joey in his Supermouse form, Samuel was delivered to the front door of Champion Pony's ranch house in the Storm Hills valley of ranches. "Good luck with your visit with Sienna, Joey. I took one of the lube tubes for Champion, if you don't mind. I know Champion's fan site says that he dates a tiger caring cousin, but they don't live together. I will be here for a few days if you need me for anything later. Have fun, bro." Joey then flew off to find Sienna's homestead.

      Samuel loosened his shirt and he turned to face the door as he knocked soundly upon it. "Champion Pony? Are you home? It's Samuel Williams. I sent you an email last night and you told me you would be home all day. I brought some lubricant with me that is supposed to be good against the herd itch."

      The door opened and Samuel was met by Champion's tiger boy friend. "Good, you're by yourself. Come on inside. Champion is in a real bad way currently. I hope that lubricant helps him." Once the young man was allowed inside, the tiger locked the door and said, "I am Times Heart Tiger, Champion's boyfriend referred to as Timesy. Right after you asked Champion last night if you could come see him today, Champion asked me to come over and help you maneuver around him just in case he got out of hand and inappropriate with you. I really love him, Samuel. And I am sure you understand when I say I would do anything for him."

      Samuel shook the tiger's paw. "I watch him on the Boy's Ranch series and I think Champion is gosh darn hawt! So I completely understand what you mean when you say you would do anything for Champion. If I was his boyfriend instead of just a good fan, I would do anything for him too. How long has he had the herd itch?"

      Timesy replied, "He told me that he has suffered from it for about a week. He said nothing seems to help it subside. So if this lubricant you brought helps, you will be our new hero."

      Samuel remarked, "Hank McCoy said it would help any herd member in Bronco's home territory. Just follow the directions before application." The the young man sniffed the tiger. "How come you smell like pony semen instead of your usual nice Desert Rose scent that the fan site says you usually cover yourself in?"

      Timesy blushed a little. "When I first showed up over here this morning, Champion got the drop on me and when you knocked, I was finally able to get out from under him. He is in a real bad way currently. And... he really wants to meet you, Samuel. So you're warned. If you care about your clothes, you might want to remove them before you enter the bedroom."

      Samuel proceeded to remove his clothes at that point since the tiger was polite enough to give him that warning. He then unpacked the lube and he read the instructions. "Let's see... remove your clothes and squirt out a sufficient amount on the infected area and spread the lubricant all over the inflamed bodily zone. Be warned that the equine in question will be aroused by the one applying the lubricant. Make sure you have a helper nearby to ensure that you have an alternate manner of extraction during application."

      Timesy looked over Samuel's arm. "Does it really say that?" He read it to himself. "Oh man, it really says that. Well, if you're ready to meet your hero, I'll go in with you and help you to apply this to Champion's sheath, shaft, sac, rump, tail hole and tail base. And since it is lubricant, we should make sure you are slicked up with it yourself. Champion will want to play with you, Samuel. He cannot help himself currently; so please don't hate him if he gets too fresh with you. I love him immensely."

      The animated tiger cleared the door first where upon he was heard saying, "Your fan is here, Champion. Remember: use toon physics so you don't accidentally hurt your fan. Otherwise, you will injure him during your excitement to meet him. Yes, he is handsome. More so than the rest of the disgusting bronies who exist out there who send you those nasty suggestive pictures and letters."

      Champion's voice released a sad sigh. "This itch is driving me out of my mind, Timesy. I apologize in advance if I get too close with the boy. I can already smell him; he has a nice clean scent. But I feel so damned horny."

      Timesy then said, "Samuel Williams brought a medicated lubricant to be applied all over your inflamed areas, love. I know you will likely bodily rub on him when he gets that close, so please, I beg of you, use toon physics so you don't permanently injure him. I don't mind if you want more than one boyfriend; Samuel is a nice boy."

      Samuel then entered the bedroom cautiously and saw the male pony being held down on his bed by the animated tiger. He approached the bed and got right to work. "I was sorry to learn that you ended up infected with this stuff, Champion. In my personal opinion... you are GOSH DARN HAWT! Even more so in real life. I will do everything I can to help you alleviate the herd itch, Champion. How do you keep yourself looking so fantastically sexy and beautiful in the series?"

      As the boy's hands worked their way over the pony's privates, Champion could feel himself getting aroused. "We male ponies use a herd brand shampoo that is likely safe for a human to use themselves; I mean, there are no warnings on the bottle's label. When you see the bathing pool all sudsy in the TV show, that is the herd shampoo all lathered up." And then Champion felt his heat rising as he said, "Samuel... may I please give you a kiss on the mouth. I rarely get to meet my good fans and I want you to remember your visit with me."

      Samuel had lubricated himself before entering the bedroom and the kiss request sounded innocent enough, so the young man slid himself up Champion's body along side the Tiger's position where he was holding his boyfriend down and once Samuel's groin was about mid stomach with Champion, he winked at his hero and pressed his lips to the pony's mouth where he got the surprise of Champion's tongue forced into his mouth and in a flurry move, the boy found himself under the pony on the bed laying in an outline of Champion's sweat in the bed as Champion was proceeding to carefully mount the human male using toon physics to make his maleness not only fit without hurting the fan but to feel good while getting it at the same time.

      Timesy had been surprised by Champion's sudden and rapid movement as he ended up face down in the floor beside the bed. "Ow! Champion... please be careful with Samuel; Samuel... he's not himself at the moment. I know you wanted to take a chance to help him recover, but he's the son of an alpha blood. You might end up as a pony yourself. I have an immunity by being a Caring Cousin Legacy. That is why I can play with him safely. Not to mention, toons are stretchy. If you become a pony, you will be stretchy too."

      Between moaning and trying to remain still for Champion, Samuel muttered around Champion's tongue and kiss, "I know he doesn't want to hurt me, Timesy. But you did say that my arriving interrupted a sex session you two were having. Don't worry, Champion... I am holding still for you; just keep right on kissing me."
      End of Chapter 03


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        Chapter 04
        Joey in his Supermouse form arrived in the My Little Donkey wetlands region of Bronco's territory. He could see right away that the region contained more than its share of donkey jacks and surprisingly enough, they all politely waved at Supermouse as he flew into view. "Hi boys! I'm looking for Sienna Proudhoof's barn? I came to show him some support while he is dealing with his invisibility power!"

        One of the closer donkey jacks said, "I live in the barn myself, Supermouse. It is that one over there with the two orange flags on the roof next to the weather vane. Sienna has been pretty miserable since he cannot get the power to turn off when he wants it to. And with the herd itch driving most of us crazy currently, it is hard to get serious help in here."

        Another donkey jack then said, "An extra word of warning, Supermouse; Herd Itch can originate from two separate sources. Either from unwashed sexual fluids or from Stud Blossom Pollen. The sexual fluid version causes the victim to want to mount and have sex with the same gender; as long as the other has an open hole. Stud Blossom is more polite in its condition. You will be drawn to the opposite sex. If you have a girlfriend and you get effected by this pollen, she won't ever forget how great you can be. Most of the best guys in the region are bisexual and can go either way. What is your personal preference, Supermouse?"

        Supermouse smiled. "I am usually straight, but I am open minded to good friends as long as the others are polite and don't try to trick my human identity. My human girlfriend whom is a ninja wouldn't hesitate to spade or neuter toons and anime if someone tricked me into doing the naughty just to alleviate a need. When I am done with Sienna, if there is still time, I could visit with the rest of you before heading back to my own ranch just North of Gray Thunder City."

        The donkey jacks all smiled and said, "We'll look forward to your return, Supermouse, no matter what form you're in."

        Supermouse flew over to Sienna's barn and after landing, opened the door and stepped inside while using his heat detection vision. "Sienna Proudhoof? Are you in here some place? I am Joseph Williams also known as Supermouse. Bronco Pony told me how to find you here in the Donkey Wetlands. I know about your invisibility power and I wanted to show you my support and try to help you get this power under control. I brought a basket of fruit and I aim to spend the weekend with you, if you don't mind."

        From a back stall, a voice said, "You're the one who somehow learned my name from a dream you were having while in a coma. I was so happy to learn that a human boy learned my name and I don't mind your spending a weekend with me. I am in the back stall and my power is stuck on at the moment."

        Supermouse approached the gate into the back stall and he saw the energy signature of the invisible donkey inside the stall laying on the dusty ground against the back corner of the stall itself. Entering the stall itself and closing the gate, Supermouse unpacked the body length beach towels and spread them out close to Sienna before setting the fruit basket down on the outer blanket and then unpacking the lubricant next to the basket before settling himself down on the blanket closet to the invisible donkey boy and facing him as he powered down before leaning forth in his human form and successfully hugging Sienna. "I cannot use my powers in my human form, Sienna. I used my heat detection ability while in my super identity to find where you were laying in the stall and then I faced in your direction before powering down so I could hug you in my human form. I am going to try to educate you in how to turn on and off the invisibility power you have. If your power works even similarly in the way that my power works, then you will soon be able to be visible whenever you like. Sound good?"

        Sienna was happy that someone could actually hug him while he was invisible. "Yes, Joseph; that sounds great."

        The human boy smiled. "Since we are friends, Sienna, you can shorten my name to Joey; all my close friends just call me Joey. And I hope I can consider you to be a close friend."

        The invisible donkey boy replied, "Then you can shorten my name to either Senny or Sinny; with an 'e' or an 'i'; I don't mind either way since it is a color name and I am a boy. And thank you do much for hugging me to start with. I'll bet you are really good looking in the nude, Joey. I want to find out when we sleep tonight. So how does your power work?"

        Joey smiled as he rubbed one hand down over Sinny's neck fur. "Since you are already an animated toon, this should work far better for you than it was for me to learn how to use it. It requires that you remember what you really look like. All you do is close your eyes and slide your visible appearance directly into the position you see in front of you and then you cause a glow to cascade all around your visible appearance which causes you to feel what feels like to me as goosebumps all over your body in the visual world, then you make the glowing outline fade away as you open your eyes and your should be visible as a result. To become invisible, just imagine your visual appearance fading out of the viewing spectrum and you should return to being invisible. Just focus on doing this for yourself at first. Since you are already invisible, try to become visible first; if it works, try to become invisible on purpose next, then back to visible and so forth until you get it down pat. After a few practice attempts, I will feed you some apples and carrots which I brought with me. After that, I will strip down and show you the reward you were asking for. Naked Joey Boy."

        With encouragement from Joey, Sinny was able to learn how to control his invisibility power although it still worked better when Joey was with Sinny than it did when he wasn't watching. This was something they would need to work on throughout the weekend. After the initial few lessons, Joey fed Sinny the apples and carrots and following that, he removed his clothes and posed for the donkey boy who showed his appreciation by feeling Joey all over with his svelte fur covered hands. "Is your erection for me, Joey? If it is, you just made me very happy; it gets lonely in here by myself. Thank you ever so much for helping me to make myself visible. but I fear fading back into invisibility when you leave."

        From the stall door gate, the donkey boy who had said he shared the barn with Sienna said, "So that's what you look like without those pesky clothes, Joey. Clothing is optional around here. Since you helped my barn mate with his power, I will make sure you get a nice reward tonight for dinner. What are you in the mood for, Sinny? You name it and we'll prepare it for dinner. And we'll even break out the apple carrot cocktail drinks for you and your special guest. I am really glad Joey was able to help you, Sinny. That is reason enough for celebrating with a nice dinner and a carrot cake with apple cinnamon icing. I am so glad you are open minded, Joey. Sinny will really enjoy your close company tonight."

        Sienna smiled at Joey and kissed him on the mouth. "You're open minded, Joey? I promise to show you a good time tonight."

        Joey smiled. "I aim to please my friends, Sinny. And I have an idea for how to make it so you can use your powers better when I am not around. But I will work on that tomorrow."
        End of Chapter 04


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          Chapter 05
          Back at Joey's ranch, his cousin Christopher was in the stables feeding Thunderfire and making sure the trough had fresh water. "Hi Thunderfire. I hope you don't mind my helping out around here while Joey is off helping Sienna Proudhoof. Joey and Samuel always did like me best." Christopher then spread out the bale of hay followed by filling the feed bin with fresh grain. "I'm not sure why I am always talking to you animals when I help out around here. I guess I just like to hear my own voice while I am working by myself. Anyway, I'm all done in here, Thunderfire. And I've already fed Trooper Junior and Sukiyaki. I'm going to be outside mowing Cousin Joey's yard with the push mower."

          Christopher exited the stables and he went to the tool shed and got out the push mower and got the yard work started at Joey's ranch.

          It was while he was mowing the yard closest to the side road when he noticed a small collection of naked teenage humanoid Great Dane boys with rabbit like whiskers, long donkey ears and one-toed hooves. Their canine like bulges looked to be firm as they watched the nice cute boy doing his chores. Christopher stopped for a moment as he lifted one hand and waved at the sexy hybrids. "Hi guys. I'm Christopher Williams; a cousin to Joey Williams whom owns this ranch. May I help you with something? This is the last chore I have to do today."

          One of the hybrid donkey-dogs smiled and said, "We are having a small problem putting up our new clubhouse. If we were to help you with the yard work, could you help us with the building of our clubhouse?"

          Christopher smiled. "Jobs go a lot more efficiently when you have someone nice helping you. I'd be glad to help you guys in constructing your clubhouse." He walked over to the gate leading to the side road and he unlatched it for the sexy donkey-dog boys. When he was closer to the hybrids, he noticed that they all smelled like fresh tulips. "You walked through some flowers recently, didn't you?"

          The hybrid giggled. "Yeah, the clubhouse is on the other side of a field full of flowers pretty close to your ranch. My name is Caspian. My friends and I are all Canasinos Digimon boys. I guess we took on a job a little more difficult than we were ready for."

          Christopher smiled again. "Just trim the grass and weeds down to about a couple of inches from the ground. And I will go in the kitchen and prepare some lemonade and cookies for you guys so you have something nice before we go tackle your clubhouse. Will I be able to join your club when I help you build the clubhouse?"

          Caspian nodded his head as he led the digimon boys into the yard and they all got to work on what they considered to be a far easier job. "You sure can, Christopher. Um, can we shorten your name to Chris for easier usage? My shortened name is Caz. C. A. Z. Our chosen clubhouse location is right next to a swimming hole. Perfect for those hot summer days when we go skinny-dipping. You don't mind swimming in the nude, do you?"

          Chris giggled. "You can call me Chris and I have been skinny dipping before when I visited Joey on Earth. His parents had no clue we went out and swan in the cattle pond of a neighbor's property. Let me get the lemonade and cookies ready for you guys." And he handed the push mower over to Caspian as he went into the house. When he returned, the donkey-dog boys were finished with the yard work and every sweaty furred teenager were given a Dixie cup of lemonade and a few chocolate chip cookies. "Okay, I made sure you all got some. I'll put the mowing tools away. Speaking of tools, do you guys have any construction tools at the building site? As in a hammer, a bag of nails, a hand saw and duct tape? I can also pack up a bathroom towel for drying off after our swim later."

          Caspian replied, "We have a few substandard tools; so anything you can bring to help out would be greatly appreciated. You are going to make an awesome club member, Chris."

          Chris said, "I'll bring the right stuff so the clubhouse gets built right the first time. If all else fails, we can convert an old barn and stables that has a kennel built in to make over into a clubhouse for us."

          Caspian finished his lemonade and cookies before saying, "If we could move an existing building of that sort to the spot we chose, that would be ideal. You have some good ideas, Chris."

          Soon, Chris had a backpack packed up with the tools and towels as he walked down the side road with the Great Dane/Donkey boy digimon; the Canasinos club members. The reached a spot where the road faded into a field of ripe tulips and on the other side of the field was the clubhouse construction site and the swimming hole. As they got closer to the other side, Chris started smelling fresh swamp mud. When they stepped out of the tall tulips, Chris could see a barn on the other side of the swimming hole. "Caspian... who owns that barn on the other side of the swimming hole?"

          Caspian smiled now. "That is where our dad the Canasinos herd pack alpha dwells with the other adults of the tribe. He said we could play over on this side of the swimming hole. Most of the adults are both in heat and suffering from the herd itch of the region. They sadly got into some Stud Blossom pollen and now they are extremely horny for each other. So dad sent us over here to avoid the other adults for now. When we had trouble making the clubhouse, we went looking for someone nice to get some help from. And we found you, Chris."

          Chris then said, "Um, I forgot to pack up an apron to prevent my clothes from getting all messed up from helping you guys. But I did bring a pop-up instant tent just in case we still have problems creating your clubhouse. Of course I do have another idea in case we have to take a short cut for getting the new clubhouse of our desire placed here on this spot. If you don't mind that is." Caspian smiled. "Go for it, Chris."

          Chris then pulled out his cellphone and he pressed the button for Pamela Worthington. "Pamela? Remember that full color blueprint and photo for the executive resort styled Barn/Stables/Kennel/Bunk Rooms/Vet Office in the Better Animal Care catalog we looked at back on Earth. I need something like that magically created directly in front of where I am facing. The side corral fence will have a natural swamp-fed swimming hole in the middle of it. I met some new friends who want to build a clubhouse here and they found that they have no idea on how to make it without outside help. Will you grant that magic for us? My new friend, Caspian the Canasinos Digimon, is really nice and he and his brothers deserve this. They helped me with the rest of the yard work at Joey's ranch earlier. Pretty please with Rufus slobber on top?" He then held up the camera portion of his cellphone and the magical spell zapped out of the camera phone and magically created the executive clubhouse directly where Chris was directing it. "Thanks Pamela." And then Chris and his friends went inside the club.
          End of Chapter 05


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            Chapter 06
            At Joey's ranch house the following morning, Saturday, Jerry Wellington carried a boy's suitcases into Chris' bedroom and set them down as he said toward the new boy. "Your best friend Christopher should be around here someplace. He is very responsible when he helps out his cousin Joey here at the ranch. And from what we saw when I gave you a tour of the ranch, Chris did all of the chores before running off. I was surprised that he was able to mow the lawn as short as he was able to get the grass blades cut to. That was just crazy."

            The new boy was Christopher's age. Mark Castor had short light brown hair with fair skin and green eyes. He wore blue jeans, sneakers and a grey tee shirt. "Where are the other Williams boys this weekend, Jerry?"

            The rock musician replied, "Joey went to show an all weekend support for a My Little Donkey boy who has an invisibility power that he couldn't control. Joey is all about helping someone in need; he also keeps every promise he makes to someone. Samuel went to meet with his cartoon hero, Champion Pony, from the Boys Ranch series. He was also supposed to be spending the weekend with his hero. Pamela and I were helping the rest of the Protectors get settled into Gray Thunder City when I got the phone call from Commissioner Williams asking me to help you get moved over here so you could spend the Summer with Christopher. We all love Christopher and his helpful mannerisms. He reminds us of a younger version of Joey."

            Mark then asked, "Would Chris have his cell phone with him? I don't see it here in his bedroom. It isn't in the charger."

            Jerry hummed. "That's a good idea, Mark. Of course we all had to get new cellphone numbers when we moved here to Camp World. Chris' new cellphone number is..." and he recited it off as Mark added that number to his personal cellphone list.

            Mark then said, "Thanks, Jerry. I tried to call Chris before catching the plane from Maine to Georgia and the service said that the old number was no longer valid."

            Jerry smiled. "That is the reason as to why. I will stay here long enough for you to make contract with Chris; then after your call, I need to return to Pamela and get back to work in the city. We are having to calm Barbra down because the jealous lady doesn't like the idea of Joey being off with a donkey boy whom might be thinking about sex."

            Mark pushed the auto-dial button for Christopher's new cellphone number and after hearing the connecting tones he heard it ring a few times before the service recorded message said, "Your party is not available at this time; now forwarding you to voice messaging." Mark looked at Jerry whom was listening in on the call. "He's not answering, Jerry. I'm really worried about him."

            Jerry said, "Let me call Pamela right quick. I know Chris called her just before the commissioner called me. I'll ask Pamela where Chis was at when he called her. Then maybe we can find where he is." and he pulled out his cellphone and he called his girlfriend. When the phone was answered, Jerry said, "Pamela, love... This is Jerry. Christopher's best friend, Mark Castor, and I cannot raise Chris on his cellphone. Where did Chris say he was when he called you?"

            Over the cellphone, Pamela replied, "Chris had me magically create one of those VIP Combo animal barn resort buildings from the Better Animal Care catalog for a bunch of friends he met whom helped him mow the rest of the lawn at the ranch. Chris said that they were trying to build a clubhouse and Chris being the politely nice boy he is decided to have me make that place via magic for his new friends. It's the one from the June issue of the catalog. You cannot miss it. You know the quality of my creations, Jerry. Um, Gotta go! Barbra just said she wants to check on Joey!" And the call ended.

            Jerry smirked. "As I said, Mark, we are trying to keep Barbra out of trouble. And it isn't a nice job. She acts like Chris' older brother Morgan. Anyway, Pamela told me where Chris was at when he called her. He met some new friends and he had Pamela use her magical powers to help them create a fancy clubhouse near here someplace. She said it was really close to the ranch. She said we couldn't miss seeing the place. Do you want me to come with you, Mark?"

            The boy replied, "I should be able to handle this, Jerry. You need to go help Pamela handle Barbra. Chris told me how bad Morgan was to deal with. If Barbra is acting like that, then Pamela might have to magic all of Barbra's clothes and ninja equipment off into a thief proof box. Of course that would result in Barbra being butt naked. Maybe she should be reminded whose territory this area belongs to."

            Jerry ended up laughing at the idea. "Very well, Mark. Good luck in finding Chris. I'll go help Pamela pounce Barbra." He then summoned a copy of the catalog in question and he opened it up to the middle of the magazine and he showed the picture to Mark. "This is the place you will be looking for. It should be the only one out here unless other people have them. You won't have to worry about Bronco trying to mate with you; he promised Joey that he wouldn't do that to the Protectors and their other human friends unless they gave their permissions first. *Now this doesn't mean that other gay animals won't get personal with you. It only applies to Bronco Pony. He is the gay herd stallion of the territory. I have to go now."

            And that left Mark in the ranch house looking at the catalog pictures by himself.

            "I can see why Chris would want to give this kind of place to new friends he had met. I know I can trust Chris to be careful. But still, he should have answered his cellphone. I'll try to call him one more time. He could have been swimming with his new friends and couldn't get to the phone fast enough."

            Mark pushed the auto-dial one more time and he waited for a possible answer. After two rings, the phone was answered; but it wasn't Chris. "Hello. Are you calling for Chris? He's with our club leader Caspian at the moment. Who is this?"

            "My name is Mark Castor; I am Chris' best friend from Maine. I am currently at Joey's ranch house where I arrived to spend a Summer with Chris. I was thinking about coming to see Chris there at the clubhouse. Could I get some directions, please?"

            The sly Canasinos male knew that Caz was initiating Chris at the moment and it was not something to watch unless you wanted a turn yourself. "Sure. Listen to these directions."
            End of Chapter 06


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              Chapter 07
              Leaving his cellphone in its charger, Mark left a written version of the directions next to his cellphone before heading out to reach the supposed destination of the friend's club barn.

              Heading down a dirt path on the other side of the ranch property, Mark soon came upon the gully mentioned in the directions which had the black asphalt circle at the bottom. Carefully descending down into the gully, Mark started across the black circle toward the wooden ladder on the other side. When he reached the center of the circle, he rapidly fell through what he thought was solid asphalt getting his entire body saturated with what felt and smelled like tar, oil and rubber. As he reached the bottom of the spongy dimly lit scented cavern, he realized that his arrival was without his clothes and he seemed to have an unexpected erection. "Oh wow," Mark said just to hear his own voice. "What just happened? Where did my clothes go?" He then looked around his arrival location. Down one of the cavern tunnels he could hear a few voices so he started off in that direction.

              "Chris told me to meet his friend Mark in this gully and then take his friend to him. I didn't expect the gully floor to be so wet. Mark will probably be mad because of my directions."

              "Its not your fault the solid cockpit cover eroded in the middle before you fell in here with us. The asphalt cover is an old one and dad was planning on replacing it anyway. We have already mentally sent dad the report. Maybe Mark will forgive you since you fell in here when testing the route directions. Maybe he didn't fall in himself. But if he did, you can make it up to him by being a good friend. Accidents happen. You should be happier that we were cleaning this section of the cockpit tunnels; otherwise, there is no telling when any of our brothers would have found you in here."

              "I need to use the toilet. Where do I go to do this at?"

              "My brother will escort you to the toilet room. But do be careful in there; the floor is slippery. It would be really bad if you fell down deeper into the waste disposal chamber. We will keep working here and if Mark shows up, we will make sure he is okay."

              Mark noted that the voices stopped talking after that. But he continued forward in the dimly lit crawlspace tunnel since up to then, there didn't seem to be anywhere else to go. "I hope these guys know a way out of here. I really want to see Chris. I just wish I wasn't so aroused at the moment. My cock and butt hole are both aching. It doesn't feel like I have to use the toilet; it actually feels like I am leaking precum down my legs. I hope I am not messing up these guys' cockpit floor. They said they were cleaning in here."

              Mark soon noted a fork in the scrawl space just ahead. To the left, it smelled like manure and tar while the tunnel sloped downward in an obvious manner. To the right, it smelled like oil and rubber while the tunnel only slightly sloped downward but it was not as noticeable as the left tunnel was. However, the right tunnel was obviously coated in a thin layer of black oil. "Now which way do I go? I don't want to fall into the toilet... so I will go to the right. I just hope that is where the guys were talking." And he moved forward into the right side crawlspace tunnel. After crawling forward for about an hour, he saw what a creature which seemed half stuck head first in the dead end of the tunnel just ahead what looked like the cross between a Guilemon, an cervobuckmon and a houndimon. The creature seemed to be inching further into the rubbery hole in the wall just ahead of Mark's location. "Oh my, that guy looks stuck in the wall. Maybe I should try to help him." And unexpectedly, Mark's traction gave way as he began slipping forward directly toward the creature's slit like rump. "Uh oh."

              In what Mark felt was an embarrassing collision, he ended up head first directly in the back side of the creature he was originally intending to help. Although the momentum and force of the collision pushed both the digimon and the boy on through the tight rubbery hole in the wall which instinctively closed once the two were through it. However, the outward creature was still slipping forward even though Mark had stopped in what seemed like the arms of a smaller similar creature in front of him. "Sorry. I didn't mean to slam into you like this. I'm Mark Castor. Who are you?"

              The shorter digimon smiled at Mark as he French kissed the boy's mouth with his long tongue as Mark felt what seemed like a slender penis entering his bottom. "Hi Mark. I don't get a lot of visitors unless Master Alphaguilomon permits them to come in here. The way you slipped in here and landed in my lap indicates to me that you didn't mean to end up in here without permission. But I don't mind. You can call me Sam. I like you, Mark. I'll let my master know that you accidentally ended up in here with me."

              Mark said, "I didn't hurt you when I collided with you, did I, Sam?" And before Sam could answer, the boy felt sticky fluids filling his bottom from underneath him. "Um...are you inside my butt hole? I think you came up my ass just then."

              Sam smiled as he kissed Mark on the mouth again. "I am very hardy, Mark, and yes, when you pulled yourself up by chest to get upright, you sat on my cock. So I am inside you. And I did come inside your body. I hope you aren't bothered by that. I can help you get cleaned up later. I really like you, Mark. Where were you trying to go when you accidentally fell into my Master's slit?"

              "My best friend Chris is supposed to be some friends he met whose club leader is named Caz. I was trying to go find Chris so I could spend some time with him. I have all Summer to have fun with him throughout the Summer. Of course, I can also have fun with any other friends I happen to meet and get to know. You are really nice, Sam. You are not hurting me and although I am concerned about how hard I crashed into you. What do you do inside your master from day to day?"

              Sam rubs on Mark gently. "I clean the outer slit and slit opening as well as the edges so it all stays oily and soft. And when I am not doing that, I am the caretaker for the Alphaguilo's toy pouch chamber. If you help me with my job, I will show you around and let you see where I sleep after hours. I'll even help you find Chris later. I think Alphaguilo knows of Caz. He can tell you more about Caz's species."

              Mark said, "I lost my clothes when I fell into the black asphalt cockpit cover circle."

              Sam arched an eye as he replied, "What cockpit cover? This is the first time I have heard of this. The gully is owned by a living rubber toy dragon. And the black circle's are his cockpit openings. If you fall into one, you will lose your clothes as you land inside the dragon's arousal inducing sex tunnels. My master is his son; I am his lover. He taught me how to have sex and pleasure others of whom I may meet. Since you sat in my lap, I have been entertaining your bottom and kissing you to make you relax. I promise that this is not a trap."
              End of Chapter 07


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                Chapter 08
                It was late Saturday afternoon when Joseph Williams finished painting his own likeness on the walls of Sienna Proudhoof's barn and stable stall walls as well as installing a recording of his own encouraging voice for any time Sinny needed to hear Joey's voice during a time when the poor donkey boy got scared or stuck invisible again. After instructing Sinny in how to use the hoof sized push button for the voice recording as well as an added solar powered phone system that would allow Sinny to call Joey at any time, the young man picked up his backpack containing the tubes of medicated lubricant and he exited the barn where he soon met up with the other donkey jacks who had asked for some of his time after he was finished with the invisibility powered donkey boy. On Friday night, he had slept with Sinny which made the donkey boy pretty happy. The careful sex was probably not necessary to participate in, but it helped Sinny to relax that night. "Okay boys, I have lots of the medicated lubricant left over to share with you guys to treat your herd itch. I did promise to play with you guys after I was done with Sinny. Lead me to your favorite relaxing spot and we will get our play time session started."

                On the backside of the donkey barns within a hay covered field on the edge of a muddy bog like swamp, Joey removed his clothes and packed them into his backpack as he then unpacked the medicated lubricant where upon he started with the donkey of whom he had made the initial promise to as he began applying the lubricant all over the donkey's privates and nether region.

                The donkey smiled as he sucked on the human boy's penis. Another donkey said to Joey, "You are the best guy we have ever met since you can keep your promises and help our resident empowered donkey boy. Are you really going to play with all of us?"

                Joey replied as he worked on the application, "That is what I promised to do. Is there something special on your mind? I did have sex with Sinny last night. My girlfriend will be so jealous. She is an overbearing cunt sometimes."

                All of the donkeys laughed at Joey's sense of humor. Then the donkey who was speaking to Joey said, "If she falls into the bog to the West of here, she will change into a male donkey. Then she won't be a cunt anymore; she will be a jack ass."

                Joey had to laugh at the thought as he switched rubbing the medicated lubricant on the donkey who was talking to him as he suddenly came into the donkey's mouth who was sucking his cock. "Oh man... you made me hard by sucking me. Want me to return the favor, stud jack?"

                The donkey pulled his mouth off of Joey's cock as he smiled at the nice boy. "If you think you can take mine, I would like that a lot. I will try not to pump too much cum into your stomach. You are a nice Joey Jack, yourself."

                Before he got started, he looked to the other donkey jacks. "You others don't have to wait your turn, come on over here and get closer." And then Joey lowered himself down on all fours as he began taking the donkey boy's tool into his mouth and throat. Thankfully, it wasn't bigger than his own at the moment. As he was beginning this activity, he felt another of the jacks mounting him from behind. He could tell the donkey jack was not lubricated which meant he could get infected with herd itch himself from this activity.

                Meanwhile over at Champion Pony's ranch home, Samuel was getting used to his new male MLP body at the same time that he was dealing with his first magical male pregnancy. Times Heart Tiger was helping to take care of him. Timesy said, "I was surprised when you changed into a pony like Champion, Samuel. Since I have Caring Cousin protection, he couldn't transform me as he did to you. But I still love him. I am glad you both no longer have the herd itch. That medicated lubricant stuff really works."

                Samuel panted. "Thanks for helping me to learn how to use this body. I can barely move."

                Timesy smiled. "That would be the added weight from the male pregnancy. Champion went to get the Pony Doctor. I promised him that I would stay here and keep an eye on you. He loves you as he loves me, Samuel. You have earned a place in his heart. Thanks for not being upset for this happening to you."

                Samuel smiled. "Upset? Are you kidding me? My hero does this to me and you think I am upset over it? Oh heck no! This is fantastic! Champion is even more awesome for changing me into a pony like him. Of course, I wasn't expecting the male pregnancy but beggars cannot be choosers, you know. If you wanted to mount me too I would let you."

                Timesy whom was trying to be a nice pony sitter said, "Since you are giving me permission, how can I say no. Just remember that felines have barbs." And then he mounted up on Samuel's backside pressing his male barbed cock into the human turned pony's bottom as he really got excited with showing Samuel how good he could be. "My friend Lightstrike will be shocked when he finds out that I mounted a pony who wasn't Champion."

                Samuel moaned as he muttered, "I think he will be more surprised that you befell one of Champion's tricks."

                Before the tiger could ask Samuel what he meant, he got pounced from behind by Champion who inserted his loving shaft into the nice tiger and began to stretch him in a bout of love making sex. "Agh! Champion!"

                Samuel smiled as he said, "Champion asked me to get you to let your guard down so he could knock you up since you are his primary boyfriend. And he's been trying to get you pregnant for quite a while now. Since he is so awesome, how could I say no to his request."

                Champion grinned as he pinned the tiger in between himself and Samuel. "I finally got the drop on you, lover cat. I've been trying to return the favor for months."

                The rest of the afternoon at Champion's ranch house was fluidy and sticky resulting in the tiger being as pregnant as Samuel was and barely able to move himself. He still loved his pony mate and he had to admit that he had been evading the pony's pounces for a while before Summer started.

                Samuel was glad that he could help his hero pin down the time-manipulating Caring Cousin tiger.
                End of Chapter 08


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                  Chapter 09
                  Lance Oscarson was visiting the Chocolate Dragon confection factory where Oracle Pony played escort for the young man showing him around the delicious smelling factory. "This is an awesome place, Oracle. Although I've noticed that you are tracking chocolate all over the floor. Would you like me to help you clean the chocolate gunk out of your hoofs? You could even sit in my lap while I was helping you do this. And then I could help you clean the floors where you accidentally left a delicious trail of chocolate."

                  Oracle smiled. "If you really don't mind helping me, Lance, that would be great. Although if this stuff is on my hoofs, it might also be all over my body. So if your clothes get messed up, I will show you where we keep our washing machines so you can get your clothes clean. You are a really nice boy for offering to help me get my hoofs clean. My mate, the chocolate dragon, will be happy that you are being this nice to me."

                  The two were soon in a large side chamber where Lance was seated on a rather soft milk chocolate colored and scented lounge seat as he had Oracle in his lap although turned sideways where the young man could work on cleaning out the pony's hoofs. "It looks like you waded through melted fudge chocolate and it smells like it too. Your backside doesn't feel wet, Oracle, although most of your body does seem to be coated in dried milk chocolate, like you might find in a candy bar. Let me know if it hurts when I am cleaning out your hoofs; I am trying to be careful. You smell very delicious. Maybe you can look into my future while I am helping you with this."

                  Oracle remarked, "Most people really don't like my visions of their futures when they innocently ask me to look into what may be coming for them. Although, Lance... you are a most handsome young man and I apologize but you are turning me on."

                  Lance worked carefully on the pony's hoofs one at a time. "You are too kind, Oracle. But being a human boy, I am sure I wouldn't fit for a nice pony like you. And what would your chocolate boyfriend say about my playing with you?"

                  "Using toon physics, my boyfriend and I are often playing with a open minded young man. Believe me, you would not get hurt. And if you do, we will give you a lifetime supply of chocolate from our factory," said Oracle with a smile. "Although I would need you to undress first."

                  Lance smiled. "Let's get your hoofs cleaned up first. But you do smell divine, Oracle. I cannot believe that I am getting aroused by your chocolate scent. This is embarrassing in a weird sort of way. But you are being so polite to me. I'll undress and play with you as long as you are sure that your boyfriend won't mind my being with you."

                  Oracle smiled back. "We both have friends outside of the circle so we're both cool with personal play time."

                  Lance pulled off his shoes and socks, followed by his shirt. Oracle then licked Lance's nipple as he moved off of the boy's lap to permit the young man to remove his pants and undershorts. Then the pony sat himself back down within Lance's lap as he planted a deep kiss on Lance's mouth which made him high on strong chocolate breath from the pony.

                  Without warning in the blink of an eye, Lance and Oracle were summoned off of the scented lounge seat appearing in the Chocolate Dragon's lap were upon, The young man found himself fall down a hole that was directly under his bottom as he got sucked down what seemed to be a chocolate fudge whirlpool along what seemed like a Chocolate fudge river rapids cavern and over a chocolate fudge waterfall at the end where he passed through what seemed like another hole at the bottom of the fudge pool at the bottom. As Oracle's fat pony bottom landed in the whirlpool hole, his body formed a an unnatural plug which caused the whirlpool effect to subside.

                  Lance found himself washing ashore out of the chocolate fudge lake that had formed at where ever he had ended up after the ride down the dragon's slit. Lance was caked in Chocolate fudge and he had a massive erection. And then as he lay there face down, he felt what seemed like a massive hound mount him from behind as he received the hound's shaft and knot inside of his anus.

                  "I think I found a sexy naked fudge covered human," said the big male Hellhound Recruiter captain that had chanced upon the naked Lance. And now he was giving the boy a deep mating. "I am called Fudgefang. I am a Hellhound recruiter captain with a nearby Hellhound pack. I come through this area a lot, young man. I have never found a naked chocolate covered human before. What happened to your clothes and how did you get here?"

                  Lance grunted as he (as calm as he could) explained what happened exactly that caused him to land in Fudgefang's Pack land. "Does that help you, Fudgy?"

                  Fudgefang sighed. "Yes, although it is a bit too late now. I am a Demon Were-Hellhound whose species looks like the common Earthian German Shepherd. We are capable of walking on two legs as well as roaming around on four legs. I accidentally got you pregnant, Lance. You cannot leave my pack realm while pregnant. My realm is located within Lord Blaze's Pack Place; that is a collection of Pack related realms all dedicated to canine species. A few of Lord Ardens' officers have realms in Pack Place themselves, including Lightfang and Moonfire the Pizza Hound. Sadly, when I mounted you, I also accidentally infected you with my species. Although pregnant, you will only be able to give birth in your Hound form. The birthing will occur in four days. Your manner of arriving here is legal but awkward at the same time. So please do not be angry with the Chocolate Dragon for inadvertently causing this. Whenever he has to dump a batch of chocolate that was made improperly, My arrangement with him is that a bad supply of fudge is dumped through a pack place gate where it arrives in the pack lake where the entire pack either bathes or has sex occasionally. When you fell into the lake, your body was prepped for pack recruitment and when you pulled yourself out and I didn't know where you had come from... I mounted you the way I would any trespasser. Thus, you joined my pack and are pregnant. I will have to contact Lord Blaze, Lord Arden and Game Master Zecma in regards to this accident. From your mannerisms and politeness, I actually like you, Lance. If you decide to keep the species form, I will front the empowerment of the ability to become completely human when around your friends."

                  Lance smiled. "We've gotten to see Moonfire once. He IS a sexy Hellhound. Um... how big is your pack?"

                  Fudgefang replied with a sigh. "Before the last Planar War, my pack numbered in the hundreds. At the moment, there is me, a minor few Betas and their pups, as well as you and however many pups you are prepped to give birth to. I never meant to cause a nice boy like you to join the species like this."
                  End of Chapter 09