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[QC-03] JW-09 The Trial of Supermouse

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    [QC-03] JW-09 The Trial of Supermouse

    Meta-Star City - Q.C. Planet

    [QC-03] JW-09 The Trial of Supermouse
    By Darrel James Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter 01

    In jail, Joey re-told Rock Coyote (Wile E.'s unmentioned lawyer brother,) as well as a Yuskay Lawyer and one of the new Mack Roo lawyers the truth as far as he knew it. He had been unconscious and nearly dead during the event where Super Rat took over his body and went out to kill Bandit Pony. Joey only learned about the kill strike recently when Founder Core told him about it. "I in no way planned this so called crime they say I had full control over doing. As Albert fully knows, Super Rat was in the process of taking over my entire body."

    Rock said, "It really does not look good for you, Joey. Especially if more evidence does not surface."

    The Mack Roo lawyer then asked, "Was there any witnesses to see yas laying in that bed that we can possibly speak to, Joey?"

    Joey replied, "Only one; but I am not sure if his word can be trusted if he was in on this so-called kill plot. He was present when I first got my powers on Earth. Minos Del Malign's hench rat, Virus was watching over me while he read a newspaper."

    The Yuskay Lawyer hummed in an almost dark growl. "My father has never liked the underhanded crap that the cats on this planet pull on unfortunate humans like yourself. I could probably get you out of this cell by tomorrow morning if Albert and Paul will permit the payment of a bail in your case, Joey. You are supposed to be the Hero's hero in Meta Star City. And now this underhanded pile of shit comes to light."

    Joey then said, "Your father is in charge of the Yuskay Groomers, isn't he? Do you think you could arrange a cleansing examination for me to make sure there are no more nasty surprises waiting to pull another rug out from under me?"

    The Yuskay Lawyer said, "We will have to clear your bail first, Joey. I personally think Founder Core knows more than they are letting on in regards to Super Rat. It seems suspicious that Overcat and Minos just happened to have their fight on your family's horse farm property back on Earth. Conveniently in time for you to ride Thunderfire into their scene and be affected by a nasty Toonium based transformation surprise."

    Rock remarked, "Virus may be guilty of the event himself since before he suggested that you get Albert on Board, he had no intention of letting Albert examine your powers at all. This seemed to prove true when Albert found the Toonium link to your powers. But if you have the Yuskay Groomers remove the Toonium link and replace your powers with all natural fresh powers, then Albert will lose any claim he may have on you. If he owns your Toonium based Powers as he claimed and most of those powers were extracted into Super Rat when you had him removed from your body, and later they claimed that no one else on QC Planet has your blood type, which was a bald-faced lie, mind you, Joey... Both Captain Rabbit and Moonfire have your blood type. And Founder Core knew this. They really do not like having to rely on those two individuals for assistance. Captain Rabbit is involved with the All Stars where Lightstrike is at, while Moonfire is under Arden's protection currently."

    Joey stated, "I knew something fishy was going on. Aside from the bail, what do we do about this?"

    The Mack Roo lawyer said, "I need to follow up some other leads I have in regards to your case, Joey. Mack Roo services was called by Hawk-Eye in regards to your origin on the very night your family migrated to Meta Star City. Hawk-Eye implied that Green Arrow knew your entire origin and was able to recite it to him just before your family drove through the Western Check Point. This would suggest that your accident was scripted if a hero already knew of the event especially since your family had not released the details to the public as yet."

    Joey smiled. "Leave it to the Marvel Comics archer to let the beast out of the bag. The Marvel guys tend to do whatever they want where as the DC Heroes generally obey what Founder core tells them to say and do. You follow up on Hawk-Eye's claim, sir. If he told you this, then it must be true."

    The Yuskay Lawyer said, "I will arrange your bail if they permit it as well as your Yuskay Groomer appointment. If Founder Core chooses to deny you the privilege to have this cleansing done, then we will know that they are up to something. We will also contact Albert's father in Nirvana and inform him of the fiasco that his son is involved in. Having the Master Cat on board this case is actually a smart move."

    Rock then mentioned something no one was aware of. "I think you lawyers should be aware that there are two separate Lord Paul's in existence. I have heard that both are in operation on this planet. We need to know which one made the recent arrest on Joey. The two lords are Paul Pardusius the Demon Panther and Paul Haley the Toonium based New World Mutant panther gargoyle. Sadly, they look identical except for the fact that the demon panther has demonic energy in his body while the other reeks of Toonium Mutagen."

    Joey then said, "If this is the case, then Founder Core is both corrupted and biased toward the Toonium Trap. I think we should get Lady Amaterasu in here and let her know about the two lords both of whom are called Paul. I am sure she wouldn't want to land in the same Toonium goop with the others if Founder Core takes a fall during this case."

    Rock nodded his head. "I concur with your decision, Joey. I will get her in here right now."
    End of Chapter 01

    Chapter 02

    With Lady Amaterasu present, their discussion was repeated for her as the official witness to the lawyers' plans. Joey then asked, "Were you aware that there were two separate Lord Paul Founder Core members, ma'am?"

    "No," replied Lady Amaterasu. "This is the first I have heard of this. Whom did you learn this from, Joey?"

    Rock Coyote cleared his throat as he pulled out his contacts book and he opened it to reveal pictures of the Founder Core taken at different times when different events were going on. "When Toonime Island's fiasco was occurring, this was the Lord Paul whom I met during that time period. He claimed that his full name was Lord Paul Haley, a former core member of the New World Mutants. Just after Q.C. Planet opened its gates, this is the Lord Paul whom was in residence along with yourself and Lord Albert whom looked quite ill. He called himself Lord Paul Pardusius, former Underworld costumer from Imperial City in Hell. Not long after I took this picture of Founder Core, I encountered the other Lord Paul once again and I asked him about Albert's health and he had the look on his muzzle as if he had no idea on what I was talking about. A month later, the demon Lord Paul was seen again and I asked him about his amnesia the last time I spoke to him. And he remarked that the last time he had spoken to me was during the Founder Core photo shoot and how he had been helping a cat lord doctor in treating Lord Albert's heat sickness. I was suspicious after that but I kept quiet in my knowledge that I knew about the two separate Lord Paul entities. And now I am informing you about this Founder Core problem."

    Rock then said, "The New World Mutants were an experiment by Lord Albert to see if Toonium could be used in conjunction with Mutagen to create new Super powered heroes out of real world humans. At the time, The original humans from Fairdale Pennsylvania were cloned and this NWM concoction was tested on the clones which is what created the New World Mutants. Albert was supposedly pleased with the test and he awarded the clone of Paul Haley with Founder Core lordship to assist him in running his toon retirement community on the island while he got the planet version prepared for the grand opening."

    "When word reached Albert that the island exploded and the Original Champions had vanished," continued Rock. "he just naturally assumed that the other Lord Paul had also died as well. And then he hired a new Lord Paul along with yourself, Amaterasu. However, when they were permitting the toons to migrate into the planet, Albert never learned that the New World Mutants moved into Coolsville along with the production company that was handling the filming of their series. And now you know why there are two Lord Pauls."

    Amaterasu was a bit upset over the idea that Lord Albert was playing god with real world humans. "And now with fresh humans visiting the planet daily and certain humans having Toonium based accidents; it is as if the experiment never ended. And you lawyers suspect that Joey and his family are simply the newest batch of the experiment gone out of control?"

    The Yuskay Lawyer then said, "It isn't just that, Ma'am. I suspect that Founder Core wanted Super Rat to exist, but they never wanted Supermouse to exist at all. Arresting Joey is simply to set him up with another possible Toonium based accident that might kill him. I am not sure if you were told what Paul and Albert said at Krypto's house when they told Lance, Krypto and Ace that no one on Q.C. Planet had Joey's blood type and without it he would die. But when Ace explained that both Krypto's and Overcat's blood types combined was a match for the blood that Joey needed, the two lords at first acted as if their plan had ran into an obstacle. However, they went ahead with the super blood transfusion which saved Joey's life. And now, the accusation that Super Rat murdered someone but instead of putting Super Rat in Jail, they arrested and locked up Joey. This sounds like a case of protect the villains and punish the heroes. There isn't a smart hero on planet who will agree with Founder Core's latest dumb plot, ma'am. I want to authorize Joey's release on bail and his cleansing examination at my father's business of the Yuskay Groomers; You, Lady Amaterasu, may watch the cleansing procedure for the official record."

    The Mack Roo lawyer now spoke up. "The Toonium link will be removed from Joey's powers, Ma'am. They can even remove the Founder empowerment since Albert never wanted Joey to 'ave it. We lawyers are calling Joey's case by the title of The Toonium Trap. We are also going to bring in both a galactic judge to oversee this case as well as Albert's own father, The Master Cat, so he is informed of Albert's under'anded scheme that 'e never learned 'is lesson over. Furthermore, the arrest of Joey was filmed by the New Protectors and it was shipped to Earth where it appeared on TV just last night during the evening news on every network. Sloan 'imself has a copy of this arrest video as does the Safe Visitation Committee and the United Nations as well."

    Lady Amaterasu released a very naughty word in Mandarin Chinese when she learned of that last part. "Joey's team were thorough I suppose. Anything else?"

    Rock said, "I learned that Lance Oscarson hired Times Heart Tiger and the All Stars to review Joey's origin from even before the beginning from the time stream. And we know how much Founder Core hates dealing with the All Stars horse. We suspect that when the tiger and the horse learn of Founder Core's involvement in Joey's scripted Toonium experiment, they will be very angry. We lawyers suspect that someone in Founder Core is bank rolling COME to continue the Toonium Trap experiment."

    Amaterasu said, "So you think Albert created COME to continue the experiment so he could keep his paws clean."

    Joey piped in at this point. "Your ladyship... the sun was shining on the day of the Press conference on Earth when Albert represented me against Sloan and the U.S. Government when Sloan demanded that I be returned to the United States since I was a U.S. citizen despite gaining powers regardless of the source for the powers."

    End of Chapter 02


      Chapter 03

      Joey then continued. "Albert told the press that he could snap his fingers and everything Toonium based could be turned off in the blink of an eye. Including my powers. He swore that Toonium belonged solely to him and was a Q.C. Planet only product. Later Sloan and his scientist boys learned that Albert lied about Toonium. It was comprised of ingredients that originated on Earth. The problem with the Q.C. Planet only product claim is that before Q.C. Planet was created, it never existed at all and therefore, it could not produce Toonium naturally as he claimed Q.C. Planet was doing. And then there comes his other lie. He claims he can turn off Toonium's effects and powers, yet somehow COME has full access and usage of Toonium at their whim and no one can stop them from targeting humans, as they did to Harold Dangers A.K.A. Night the Superdog. Since the sun was shining that day, you had to have seen and heard the press conference as well as what Albert said."

      Amaterasu closed her eyes as she knew Joey and the lawyers were nailing Founder Core to the wall and she knew they had to be right since all four of them were making sense. When she opened her eyes, she said, "I will side with you, Joey. Founder Core never told me what was going on behind the scenes in the way you four have laid it on the line. I will cover your release without bail. It is silly to keep you locked up since you were not the one who made the kill strike. Stand up and turn around, Joey." And when he did, she removed the handcuffs from his wrists and then she examined them. "Paul said these were enchanted to prevent you from being able to transform. But the only thing I am seeing on these cuffs is a glow spell."

      Joey remarked in reply, "It doesn't surprise me that they lied about the handcuffs like they lied about a lot of the other things. As you recall, I promised that I wouldn't try to escape which is why I want you to come with us to my Yuskay Groomer session. If Paul and Albert claim that I broke my word, you will be point blank to debunk that claim since I will be with you at all times. You know, when Night learned that Lance had been changed into a canine through a Toonium alternative, even he called it the Toonium Trap."

      And with that, the group walked out of the jail where Amaterasu signed the papers for Joey's legal release. As they emerged from police headquarters, they encountered the big three of the DC Heroes; Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. And Diana Prince was not wearing her standard mayors clothes either. She was fully suited up in her Amazon costume with weapon and shield. Bruce was wearing his armor plated Bat Costume. And Clark was wearing an ensemble similar to Super Duper Crazy Cat's shiny armored black, silver and red Kryptonian costume. When the big three were dress in this way, they usually meant business.

      Batman said, "Are you okay, Joey? We were about to go inside and make the authorities release you before your fans leveled Meta-Star City to the ground. There is a gigantic crowd of fans, United Nations sponsored soldiers as well as General Sloan's personal hero team and the Safe Visitation Committee on the verge of storming the A.I.R.S. Depot entrance to Q.C. Planet. The fans are pissed, Joey. Locking you up set off a Witch Hunt mentality in the minds of the Earth people. The Cat Lord Auditors are blocking entry citing that Q.C. Planet is closed for emergency clean up protocols."

      Joey turned to look at Amaterasu once again. "Another lie, ma'am. Does Q.C. Planet look contaminated to you? Or is this simply a ploy to make sure I cannot get my appointment with the Yuskay Groomers handled to remove Albert's only link that he has to control me?"

      Superman then said, "Captain America and I spoke to the mob earlier and I asked them not to storm Q.C. Planet for the time being and in exchange I would arrange for your release from jail so you could placate them. They want to see Supermouse, Joey. So when you get your groomer session done, please do not screw up Supermouse or we are all done for."

      Wonder Woman remarked, "I had to leave my office because the phone is still ringing from people demanding that Super-Villain City release Supermouse from Jail since he did nothing wrong. Your fans are angry, Joey. They are on the path and mind set of destroying this planet if you are not free to do heroics in the name of truth and justice."

      Superman said, "They had signs that read, 'The Heroes' Hero did nothing wrong!' and 'Release the Supermouse'. Some of Sloan's own people had signs in their hands. You are that popular, Joey. So get done what you need to get done and then present yourself to the public for both inspection as well as placating the mob to calm them down and to make them realize the error of their ways. Fighting will resolve nothing."

      Joey smiled. "You really are the ultimate boy scout, Superman. Where is Lois Lane this morning?"

      Superman grinned. "She is where the action is in Animation Park getting the scoop from the mob."

      Joey grinned back. "And how will she get back into Q.C. Planet if the planet is closed for clean up protocols?"

      Superman replied, "Animation Park isn't the only entry point to Q.C. Planet, Joey. Do you recall how your family originally got in? Think about it carefully, Joey. You guys certainly didn't come in through A.I.R.S. Depot at ninety miles an hour."

      Joey nodded his head. "Yeah... the Western Check Point which was located in Tennessee in a secluded locale. Oh! You're saying that the check point doesn't have the cat lord Auditors guarding the entrance so it does not look like a Q.C. Planet entry gate."
      End of Chapter 03


        Chapter 04
        Night the Superdog (Harold Dangers) had borrowed Infernal (Warfang, Scion of Pack Battlepaw) last seen as of this writing in [ARC-01] GP-07 Expect the Unexpected as they headed to Aussieland to get a clue as to where Christopher Williams was last seen. "Thanks for coming with me, Infernal. Captain Rabbit speaks so highly of you."

        Infernal said, "Since you asked me to come along, I will assume that you think that Christopher's missing status implies that he is in the Underworld."

        Night replied, "Exactly right. Plunder Man's sidekick admits that after he put Christopher on an underground conveyor belt which would have taken the tied up boy into their lair that Chris never arrived in the lair afterward. So if he didn't arrive there, then where did he land after the conveyor belt dumped him off?"

        Infernal thought about it as they traveled toward Plunder Man's lair. "If the conveyor belt has side tunnels, then Christopher might have fallen through an Imp Hole. The reason these Imp Holes are so dangerous is that after someone passes through one, if anyone else is following them, the destination changes and you will not arrive where the first victim went. Worse, most of these Imp Holes lead to breeder sex pits in the Underworld and if Christopher landed in one of those, he could become the species of the ones breeding him. In the Underworld, rape only applies for human on human instances. If a human victim is mounted by a non-human, then it is assumed breeding; not rape."

        Night sighed. "Then how do we find him?"

        Infernal replied, "We first need to get the scent of the Imp Hole and then we contact the Imp whom created the Hole in the first place and ask him about the available destinations. Then sadly, we will have to make inquiries to all of those destinations. If Christopher is popular among the breeders, they may not want to let him go."

        When they arrived at Plunder Man's lair, the Aussieland villain and his sidekick Kyrute showed extreme fear not from Night but toward Infernal; Night did the talking though. "Is there an Imp Hole near your lair and how is it accessed? Just tell us the truth and Infernal won't have to get nasty."

        The two villains cooperated out of fear which seemed too easy to Night but at least they were getting any hassles from the two. "Why are you boys interested in an Imp Hole? We know that Infernal can travel to the Underworld at will."

        Infernal replied, "We believe that Christopher may have accidentally been taken to the hole and he was dropped down the opening. We need to get the Imp's exact scent from the Hole so we can identify the imp in question so we can find out what destinations this hole goes to. If Christopher landed with breeders, he could be fat or stuck as their species or worse case scenario, hypnotized into thinking that he loves it and not wanting to hurt his new friends' feelings by leaving."

        Kyrute explained, "The Imp Hole near our lair is one that was set up before the Impholm revisions that required multiple destinations for Imp Holes. The Imp Hole in question leads to the breeding and recruiting pit for the rubber rabbit toys of doom and I think you can figure out what that means, Infernal. If Christopher fell into that hole, I swear to you, that fate was never my intention for that nice looking sexy boy. I wanted to mount him myself. He is that hot looking. At least it wasn't the rubber foxes or he would be mind-wiped right now."

        Infernal growled, "Oh shit, a YTOD realm!" To Night it sounded like Infernal had said "Why Todd Realm" which didn't make a lot of sense to the black super dog. Infernal then continued, "Maybe there is still time to get him restored to normal! I know the Yuskay Groomers can perform an emergency restoration if the Council demands it! We need Zecma!"

        Moments later, The game mastering devil mouse whom doubled as a baby-sitter for the Imperial Council was floating neat to the two canines. "I got your message, Infernal. And you were wise in stopping Night from flying down that hole. Some Imp Holes are Underworld Entrances while others are Underworld Exits. Had you gone down this hole, Night, while you might have found Chris, you would be stuck there yourself. Apparently this hole you have found is an entrance only style passage. The exit could be somewhere else. The Imp who made this hole is dead. And worse, when he made the Hole, the destination realm was once another realm which was in that position before the last few wars occurred. It is currently controlled by the rubber animals of doom. Yes, Y-TODS. Night, just so you know what Infernal and I are talking about, an explanation. The Initials Y. T. O. D. are the overall description of these living rubber sex toys. The fox variety are the worst. The initials on the polite scope mean, Yiff Toys of Doom; but for the extremely perverse, the definition becomes the Fuck Toys of Doom. Once they start having gay sex with you, the victim finds it literally impossible to pull themselves away from the living endowed rubber sex toys. The victim can slowly find themselves changing into the same kind of YTOD that is mounting them. That is why Infernal called for me as fast as he did. I can tell from the scent around this Imp Hole, the realm is in Chaosmire. Infernal, you take Night to Nexus Town while I try to extract Chris out of the rubber pit."

        Infernal nodded his head. "Thanks, Zecma. Night said we were handling this part of the mission while Supermouse got out the legal shit they are trying to pin on him back in Meta Star City. Come on, Night." And he placed a paw around the black lab's neck and they rapid gated to Nexus Town where they arrived in front of the Yuskay Groomers. They quickly went inside and got the emergency appointment set up for Christopher Williams when the boy was to be brought in by Zecma.
        End of Chapter 04


          Chapter 05
          Moments later, Zecma and a floating almost entirely converted rubber version of Christopher appeared in the Yuskay Groomers. The fortunate part was that the boy although almost entirely converted could still talk. Zecma showed the groomers his Imperial Council ID and then the restoration of the human boy then began. Zecma explained, "The YTOD pool he was in had a funny smell aside from sex and rubber. I Know I have smelled that stuff somewhere before. Please remove all possible contaminants from Chris so we get the nice sexy human boy back. He likes the donkeys in Candlewick's herd as well as the Gray Ponies; he likes Kangaroo King's sidekick (Joey Boy) and he has a small interest in rabbits and dogs."

          The Yuskay Groomers worked on restoring the human boy as best as they could. Eventually, the head groomer came out and said to Zecma, "The mystery element that you were smelling was Sluttium which was mixed with Toonium seepage which had drained down the Imp Hole over time. Although we have removed all of the contaminants, the boy looks more like a Hell Elf than a human boy. And we are not sure as to why. We are still trying to effect his return to humanity."

          Night glanced at Infernal. "What is a Hell Elf?"

          Infernal turned to look at Night and took the time to explain what a sexy Hell Elf looked like, followed by escorting the black super dog across the street to a cafe business where Hell Elves bused the tables. "Night, the waiter here is a Hell Elf. Note the long donkey ears and his semi-long donkey tail. He is well endowed under the apron but he has normal humanoid feet and hands. The health and build of Hell Elves are all as you see our waiter here."

          Night smiled at the waiter. "Could you turn in place, please? I need to see what a Hell Elf looks like on all sides. A boy we brought in to the groomers is trying to get restored to his human form, except he seems to be stuck as a Hell Elf currently. The boy had made friends with donkeys elsewhere before his accident."

          The Hell Elf waiter was understanding as he slowly rotated himself in place for Night to look the guy over. When the rotation ended, The waiter handed the two canines a menu. "If you need a moment, I can wait."

          Night reached over and looked under the waiter's apron with a smile. "My, what a big package you have..." He then focused on the menu and placed an order. Infernal also placed an order and then he produced and showed his VIP Cafe Discount Card. "I will be paying for our meals, my good sir." Night then said, "Thanks Infernal, I'll pay you back later... maybe with a free show from my production numbers that I have to perform occasionally for Shanther."

          Infernal smiled with a devilish toothy grin. "So that's what you've been up to lately."

          The waiter brought the two their food and then he sat down at their table and said, "Your friend whom is getting the restoration... has he made friends with a magical donkey lord whom might have conducted a prior restoration on the boy once already?"

          Night replied, "I believe he has-"

          And before he could get that reply out of his muzzle, the waiter was up and running out the door where it looked as if he quickly entered the Yuskay Groomers. Moments later he returned looking tired as he sat back down at the canine's table. "I had to quickly get that information to the groomers before they accidentally made your friend's condition permanent. You see, when a magical donkey lord makes a restoration on someone, he leaves a small claim token in place so if anyone else tries to alter his work, their efforts will only result in making the current species permanent since they do not have the magical donkey's permission to restore the boy to normal. That is how a lot of the Hell Elves whom exist right now ended up as Donkey Elves and I would hate to see that happen to your friend unless he really likes the new species he has become. It would take some getting used to being a Hell Elf for someone not born into it. Was he sexy as a human?"

          Night reached up and activated his collar projector. "Super Star Archive, display Christopher Williams when we last saw him as a human." And a projection of the nice boy was displayed in the nude on one wall of the cafe restaurant they were having their meal in. "This is Christopher Williams; cousin to Joey Williams aka Supermouse. I almost wish he were my boy. But I do not want Joey to flash fry me for getting fresh with his cousin. He is one Hell of a sex dream, I hate to say. I used to be human myself; so I now know what every other canine both below and above say about human boys."

          Inferno whom had never seen Chris at all smiled when he got his first look at the boy in the nude. "Hoo wee! I have brothers whom would mount that!"
          End of Chapter 05


            Chapter 06
            Inferno then said, "Alas, since I signed up to take hero classes, I have to watch myself so I don't backslide into my packs' old ways. I see what you mean when you say that you would like him to be your boy, Night."

            The waiter got up and he got a donkey ear hat and a fake donkey tail and he held it up within the projection so the ears and tail matched the right positions. "This is how he would look as a Hell Elf. As you can tell, aside from the donkey parts, he still looks human. Even the species arousal and erection would not make the boy ugly. Although I should mention that his anus will be like mine own species. If he was lucky, he would still be able to wear human clothes; although most Hell Elves remain in the nude because they claim that clothing on their bodies make them feel extremely itchy."

            Night said, "I wonder if it would be possible to set a transformation trigger on Chris so he could change himself between human, donkey pony and donkey elf forms. I remember that Lord Candlewick's herd is full of pony sized donkeys whom were semi-morphic."

            The Hell Elf waiter nodded his head. "That is more possible for the Yuskay Groomers to accomplish. They could give Chris the additional forms without altering the one they are having problems with. If Chris were to keep the Hell Elf body, I would offer to sponsor Chris so he could make the best use of his new species form. As soon as you boys are done eating, we will go suggest this to the Yuskay Groomers. The best part of this idea is that it would permit Chris the open ended ability to stay for longer periods at Candlewick's Barnherd farm without resulting in Chris going full donkey permanently. Having hands on a donkey farm is actually a blessing to any donkey."

            When they finished their meal, the three of them went back across the street to the Yuskay Groomers where the new suggestion was presented to Zecma and the head groomer. Night again shared the projection image of what Chris had looked like human to the head groomer. Night then said, "I know the Yuskay Groomers on the surface world are likely tired of having to deal with me, but could you add in a planar teleportation power to Chris' bodies. The waiter here is offering to Sponsor Chris if he retains the Hell Elf form and if this sponsorship is accepted, then Chris would need a round-trip way to go between the Underworld and the surface world, much like Infernal's personal ability to go between Nexus Town and Meta Star City."

            The head groomer looked at Night and said, "Q.C. Planet is on the verge of a legal shutdown. I think we should hold off on providing Chris with a power that would lead him to a closed planet. This other suggestion would make him the equivalent of a Chaosmire Were-Donkey; he would appear as any other Were-Donkey would appear except his base underworld donkey power would stem from the hornless demon donkeys rather than horned devil donkey stock. The Hell Elves originate from Chaosmire demon donkey stock, which is why they do not have horns."

            The Hell Elf waiter said, "As clan leader for my herd, I can personally award Chris with the transport power and can teach him how to add or remove custom destinations as often as he desires. That way he could easily go between his human home, Candlewick's farm and my clan home at will whenever he likes. And no, we are not into sex constantly."

            At that moment, Night and Infernal saw Joey's lawyers and Lady Amaterasu in the waiting room. "Hey, just the group I was hoping to see so I could make a report. We found Chris and we are having him restored to normal. Also, Lord Blayze of Chaosmire has a complaint against Q.C. Planet. There has been Toonium leakage through Imp Holes in Aussieland and Chris landed in a YTOD breeder's pool which had both Toonium and Sluttium mixed within it. We had to get Zecma to help us extract Chris out of the goop. And now the groomers are having trouble restoring the boy to his human form. So we came up with an alternate restoration plan. Christopher's base form got permanently changed into a Hell Elf. The waiter here has offered to help sponsor Chris' rehabilitation for learning how to use his new species powers. Chris will become the Underworld version of a Chaosmire Were-Donkey. That way he has access to his human form later on. Otherwise, no human form at all."

            Lady Amaterasu placed a hand over her eyes as she muttered, "...when the shit hits the fan, it comes out in droves..." She then straightened up and said, "Good job, Night. Despite all of the other inane crap going on, you did a fantastic job as usual."

            Night asked, "What brings you to the Yuskay Groomers, ma'am?"

            Amaterasu replied, "The lawyers brought Joey in to have the Toonium Connection removed from his physiology. If this is a factual issue as they keep saying then Albert Atticus is a control freak and he needs to be stopped. I would prefer to be on the winning team in this mess of a situation. I still find it hard to believe that he put one over one a Celestial goddess such as myself."

            At that moment, the Head Groomer Hell Hound humanoid brought in Lord Paul Pardusius and sat him down on the lounge chair next to Amaterasu. "Thank you for coming in when I asked you to, Lord Paul. As I told you earlier, the subjects we are working on are Joseph Williams and his cousin Christopher Williams. They are both saturated with dangerous levels of liquid Toonium contamination. Joey's is through repeated exposure to Toonium. Chris' is through a one time fall into a Toonium Pool here in the underworld. We must now request that you answer our questions honestly or be arrested as an accomplice to Lord Albert's wicked plot against humanity. When was the last time you were personally on Q.C. Planet?"

            Paul replied, "My last time top side was to assist Night in setting up the new Union in the Cloud Kingdoms."
            End of Chapter 06


              Chapter 07
              Lord Paul continued, "The new Union was an investment for Harold Dangers especially after the old Meta Star City hero union humiliated Night on the grounds of his accidentally torching their illegal scripting department. Aside from that, I have been down in Imperial City helping the council in the preparation to make Outer Hell more visitor friendly. Tourism in the planes is a big issue currently."

              Night said, "Then that means the other Lord Paul was the one whom helped Lord Albert to nearly kill Joseph Williams just after Super Rat was separated from the boy."

              Paul then asked, "What other Lord Paul?"

              Lady Amaterasu then explained to the demon lord what they had already learned in regards to the two separate Lord Paul entities.

              Paul asked, "How is it that Albert cannot tell the difference between a demon lord and a Toonium mutant clone?"

              The Yuskay groomer said, "That is an excellent question. I need to return to the patients now. We are attempting to remove the Toonium from both patients."

              Paul Pardusius remarked, "I may have a safe way you groomers can remove the Toonium from Joseph and Christopher." Paul then shared the information with the groomers before sitting back in his seat and turning to look at Amaterasu. "So... What all is going on topside, Colleague?"

              Amaterasu began explaining the whole fiasco at length to Lord Paul whom in turn quietly listened to everything with a professional gaze.

              Lord Paul remarked, "The current Albert is not the original Albert whom created the Quad Counties nor the amusement park prototype called Holiday Land before that. The Albert whom made the originals was a European warlock cat in human form called Albert Talbot. He first created Holiday Land for Coopersville which had a few toons operating and living within the amusement park in various sections. Then he chose to create the larger four county sized Quad Counties as a place where Toons could retire to yet still attend to their fans when said humans came to see them. Not long after creating the Quad Counties, the toons within the retirement community began showing signs of losing their color and 'fading' or 'going grey'. It was at that point when Albert Talbot began working with the original paints which would later become the Toonium of today."

              Night balked. "You mean Toonium was originally nothing more than paint?"

              Lord Paul stated, "Not so much as paint but more like enchanted cosmetics or magical make-up. However, at some point and time, the enchantment went too far and the original Albert disappeared and he was replaced by the current Albert whose surname was Atticus. The Toonium that the U.S. Government found in the mountain lab on the land in which the original Quad Counties resided upon was the last batch of the 'magical make-up' that Albert Talbot had created before his disappearance. I suspect that Albert befell his own creation and could not escape from the Toonium Tank; same as the fate of the others whom later fell in to join him in the Toonium Shaft. I also suspect that the Cat Lord calling himself Albert Atticus pushed Albert Talbot into the Toonium Shaft and left him there to be forgotten as he migrated the retirement community to Toonime Island but made the fatal error when he tried to create Synthetic Toonium which was explosive. But then he made the ultimate mistake after he registered Toonium as a Q.C. Planet only product and how it belonged solely to him. He never knew that Albert Talbot had patented the original Toonium formula with the U.S. Patent Offices. These two documents contradict each other. The Talbot document fully explains how to make Safe Toonium through mundane means. As a matter of fact, I should ask Times Heart Tiger to assist me in rescuing Albert Talbot for the upcoming trial itself. Albert Atticus is so stupid; after he replaced Albert Talbot, he never liquidated anything Talbot had owned. Including Holiday Land which is still in Talbot's name and is listed with the original mission."

              Lady Amaterasu said, "I know how to contact the tiger, Lord Paul. He and Lighty are in the time stream right now hunting down evidence for the upcoming trial. Let me call him." And she did so in which a door of energy opened in the lounge and the two powerhouses got up and walked through the doorway to the time bubble on the other side. "Time to rescue Albert Talbot."

              The day of Joseph Williams' televised court trial was upon them which was being held in Animation Park which had been converted into a giant sized open air court room. Lady Amaterasu was forcing the weather to cooperate for this event which was important since the Master Cat of Nirvana was in attendance. There were government representatives left and right at this fiasco as well as U.N. Delegates. Whatever plots or plans Albert Atticus had up to now was shot to pieces once Albert's brother, Jules, arrived to stand with the Master Cat. Like Lightstrike the young Darshan stallion prince, Jules hated noble titles; he thought they made a person sound pompous and untrustworthy.

              And then Times Heart's time bubble arrived to the side of the court room. The caring tiger of time along with his companion Lightstrike emerged from the bubble and neither one looked too happy in regards to what they had discovered in the past. They reported their findings to the lawyers present and to Lance and Joey.

              Albert Atticus seemed to turn a shade of white when he saw Amaterasu and Pardusius emerge from the time bubble with Albert Talbot in their company. The man did not look a melted blob of Toonium at all. He was still wearing the clothes he had been wearing the day Albert Atticus last saw him before he took over the man's life.
              End of Chapter 07


                Chapter 08

                The Master Cat's personal planar auditors placed anti-power using cuffs on Albert Atticus' wrists at that point. The Master Cat was thoroughly disgusted now that he had the full details on his son's dastardly plot to take over another being's life and steal their rightful properties to call his own just to win a game against Jules, a cat lord whom had chosen to fold his project after nearly being incarcerated by the Master Cat on the charge of dishonesty. An act that paled greatly in comparison to what Albert Atticus had done to all of the human victims he had knowingly tooned as well as changed into familiar cats. Jules' project was still open and running under an honesty policy. Humans could meet and socialize with mythical creatures which still lived on Planet Aerth (pronounced as ARTH,) the name of the Earth in which Earth's former myths migrated to in order to prevent mindless humans from slaying them in ages past. Since The Master Cat enforced the honesty policy, Jules made a deal with CHESS and PSI of Earth to help him regulate human visitation to and from the Mythicals Reserve world. In comparison, Jules and his project were actually doing a lot better than Q.C. Planet was given the current fiasco.

                With Albert Talbot's expert assistance, the Yuskay Groomers learned how to removed Toonium from the most infected subject. Talbot had the knowledge on how to make both Toonium and Sluttium inert. When he learned about Q.C. Planet itself, he said words that most of the toons sadly had to agree with. "A planet sized studio vault for toons and anime to hide in while believing that they can live their lives in the light of public like a normal Earthian citizen? Whomever came up with that idiot idea is really stupid. But no more embarrassed than those who joined the vault planet project. Everything I did originally was fully regulated and known about to the government and the public at large. I had all the legal permits as well as studio permissions to utilize their toons and anime in my amusement parks. The Quad Counties were a side idea I had in which I could not implement because I knew it would ultimately fail. For anyone currently dependent upon Toonium, know you this... it is no better than an addiction of heroine or cocaine. The Yuskay Groomers have been educated in removing the Toonium addiction from anyone wanting to make a clean start. Night the Super Dog, Supermouse and many other humans turned super toons have all had the process conducted upon them and their powers replaced by a version of the clean planar equivalent to the powers they had before. Effective immediately, Q.C. Planet will be in the process of shutdown status while we clean up all loose Toonium infected people whom need the help to return to normal. It has also came to my attention that some people are affected by Digital conversion as in Digital World infection. These people will also be offered a cleansing so they may have a fresh start. For those whom are happy with their new lives, they will remain as they are. And lastly, all of those species whom have been heavily recruiting from human tourists or from human runaways, your activities will be put to an end. An amusement park nor a retirement community are grounds for recruitment. This will put a stop to unregistered dragons, demons and Pleasure Island donkeys whom are involved in this activity. if a human willingly volunteers to join a species, then the case can be reviewed on a level of psychiatric stability to make sure the choice was truly the human's own choice as well as their personal idea."

                A major clean up had to be conducted on the Pink Panther whom was as embarrassed as Talbot had stated. "Being reliant on Toonium is about as bad as what the studios did to many of us back in the late sixties and early seventies when they drugged the Scooby Snacks, of which I was also a victim," stated the iconic Scooby Doo to the press whom were on hand. "I am still getting anger therapy for those times when I explode at humans whom innocently try to offer me clean Scooby Snacks. There are times when the words themselves would set me off."

                During the trial itself, Lady Amaterasu summoned the entirety of the New World Mutants to the bar in front of the judge presiding over the case itself. When Panthagoyle saw Paul Pardusius standing with Amaterasu, he chose the better part of valor and fessed up. "During the ill-fated original Quad Counties run, Albert Atticus cloned the original humans whom we New World Mutants were based off of and he dipped the clones in a mixture of Toonium and other-dimensional Mutagen using his magical powers to guide our transformations into the forms we eventually ended up acquiring. American Mouse led the team exactly as our show dictates with the Rover Kat Turtle being second in command. He hired me on to oversee the upcoming Toonime Island project and he even gave me Founder Core powers. A lot of the time, I as at the island by myself and my team as well as the newest hero team that had formed at the end of the original Quad Counties... the M.I.T. Champions. They later severed ties with MIT and called themselves The Super Champions. When Toonime Island exploded during a Roo Flu outbreak, the Champions chose to let the world believe that they had been wiped out as they migrated to Europe to live in Lycopolis Lake. The original Night the Superdog was the leader of their team along with Athame Kingsan as Apex being second in command. The Leeezard was able to pull off the cute all so well. Even Yok Mauk loved the gecko. Upon the opening of Q.C. Planet, I migrated the New World Mutants to Coolsville on planet and for some reason, Albert whom had hired a new Lord Paul as well as the Celestial Empress of the Sun, never even tried to contact me even after learning that the New World Mutants had migrated to his new planet. I soon learned about the activities of COME and how Albert supposedly could not stop them. I continued to attempt to do the job that Albert had hired me to do. He never demanded that I surrender my Founder Core power."

                Dalis Haley would speak to his mother after the trial. He did not want to expose himself to the press by calling Panthagoyle his mother.

                When the trial came to a close, Albert Talbot announced that a new Toon and Anime project would be planned and opened with the absence of Toonium from the world itself. The Transportal technology would be retained for making it so visitors could still visit their favorite animated characters and their families at the new project / filming studio mecca world. An entire world dedicated to the motion picture industry and animated production environments. The Master Cat extended an apology to Albert Talbot in regards to what his crooked son had attempted in ages past and how Albert Atticus would no longer be available to cause more problems from that moment forth. He then granted Albert Talbot the full empowerment of a Warlock Cat Lord in his own right before stepping back to escort his family back to Nirvana. Jules on the other paw approached Talbot and offered his services toward the building of the new project world by offering the building crew he had at his disposal whom had built Actionberg on Aerth. "I may be a Cat Lord, Talbot, but I want to offer my services to your newest effort. I even have a human building crew whom I trust. One of the men has a wife whom isn't afraid to bop me with a frying pan."

                Albert Talbot chuckled at that admission. "Often are the times when males need a woman to remind them that they are still vulnerable and in need of a guiding force to keep them on the tried and true. And women seem to have that designation in life to control us men."
                End of Chapter 08


                  Chapter 09
                  Cartoon Anime Motion Picture [CAMP] World

                  "Thinking about planning a family vacation but the prices are out of this world? Why not go camping instead and save money at the same time? Welcome to Camp World, the mecca for Cartoons, Anime and Motion Picture stars and their families. Now you can visit the actual locales you would normally only see in television shows while enjoying an affordable vacation at the same time. Ask our realtors about our real estate program for purchasing permanent vacation and retirement residences on planet. Accept no imitations! Only authorized Camp Realtors should be spoken to when planning to acquire a local home. Our prices will make you think you went back in time to the golden age of cartoons and anime when television was worth watching. Camp World is opening soon. For more information, visit our web site at the following address or call one of our Camp Realtors at the following toll free numbers."

                  That was the commercial that was soon available on every major and minor network all over the Earth in multiple languages. Camp World was the Q.C. replacement project which operated without a trace of Toonium. Toons and Anime stars could bid on locations on planet for their home bases. Some classic cities and towns were rebuilt under the same names as the originals from other animated worlds before. The new world was extremely stable and had a clean orbit around its star and even had a similar solar system to Earth's own star system.

                  Upon the new North American continent, the East coast from North to South consisted of Coolsville which was a port town in Maine, Bunny Town which enveloped the Boston, Massachusetts area, The Consortium of Magic was stationed in Salem, Massachusetts, Christmas Junction which resided in the Hartford, Connecticut zone, Meta Star City resided in mainland New York City, Marvel City encompassed Manhattan Island and Long Island, New York, A.I.R.S. Depot HQ occupied Ellis Island, Mythopolis was the new Actionberg which occupied the former locale for Atlantic City, New Jersey, Rainbow Land occupied the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania region, while Canterlot occupied the Chicago land region, Angel City occupied the locale where Washington D.C. would have been. Just South of the river lay Wonderland in the Northern Virginia region and Classic Care-a-lot in the Southern Virginia region, Clementine lay in the South Carolina zone, further South was Terryville in the coastal Georgia region. The Land of Wuz had won the bid for the Bermuda Islands region. Donkeyote resided in the Daytona, Florida area while Bounty Bay (the bounty hunter mecca) occupied the Tampa Bay region, Mouse City which occupied the Miami region was one of many Disney owned zones. Forest River occupied the Kansas City region while Primopolis occupied the Oklahoma City region to the Southwest. Heartstone City (the Digimon zone) occupied the Seattle, Washington locale; Poketropolis (the Pokemon zone) had won the Portland, Oregon locale; Heroes Reach and Japanopolis both resided in the San Francisco zone; Oak View in the Oakland area was the home of Puck Police Headquarters;
                  Montropolis was on the North side of San Pablo Bay, California. South of Japanopolis was Studio City, Sea Spray Hills, Anaheim and Los Angeleos as well as Otterside to the East. Stampede City (located just outside of Moo Mesa) occupied the Dallas / Fort Worth zone.

                  There were several colleges and universities spread over the continent for toon, anime and human students alike. Ace the Bat Hound's Maverick Young Talented Hero School (MYTHS) was located just outside of Mythopolis. Dalis Haley's Powered Academy of Costumed Experience (PACE) was located in Angel City. (Joshua Knight's) Stellar The Bat Hound's Wonder University for Freedom Fighters (WUFF) was located between Montropolis and Oak View. Stellar had the right hand assistance of both the Bat Hound Legion as well as Richard Prince (Star Rabbit.)

                  Joey's New Protector's Ranch as well as his parent's horse farm had made the transition over to the Meta Star City region just fine with magical aid. Joey and Chris sat on the front porch in separate wheelchairs enjoying an energy drink and clean nutritious food. Joey said, "Seems like we both had an adventure, cousin. I am just glad they finally got my powers and form straightened out. How are you holding up, cuz?"

                  Chris replied, "Being the newest Underworld Were-Donkey makes me eligible for membership in the New Protectors, although I wasn't planning it this way, Cousin Joey. Lord Candlewick was happy that I still had access to my cute human form. This Hell Elf teleportation power is pretty awesome though. I have a few locations preset for landing zones. I made a few friends here and there. Above and below."

                  Joey smiled. "As long as you don't forget where you live, Chris, you can pop in and out all you like. And I am glad you made a few new friends above and below. You always were good at making friends. I'm just glad your mom Demaras didn't declare war on the Underworld when you got donkeyed. I recall an incident with Valeria regarding how a female can become a male without warning when you have sex with magical beings. Candlewick thinks the world of you, Chris. And I think he is a hot little donkey myself. I got a good look at him during that one family dinner we had when we lived with mom and dad. I am glad Barnherd was moved to the outskirts of Donkeyote which makes it safer to visit."

                  Chris smiled. "I completely agree, Joey. Now taking a load of carrots to Candlewick and his boys will be a lot easier." He giggled.

                  Joey smiled. "What has you happy now, cuz?"

                  Chris smirked. "You were checking out my boyfriend. I didn't know you were into donkeys, Cousin Joey."

                  Joey smiled back at Chris. "As you are aware of, Chris... When the New Protectors are not filming or out playing the hero, we attend classes at Marshal. One of my classmates in Marshal is a donkey boy with an invisibility power. I gave him a ride to his class one day so he wouldn't be marked as tardy."
                  End of Chapter 09


                    Chapter 10
                    Joey continued, "He was pretty damned sexy and he was also aroused. He was wearing a nice smelling cologne that didn't make him stink. He told me that he worked for Lord Lampwick when he was younger but when he reached the appropriate age for enrolling in Marshal, he signed up for extra training as a hero. I haven't seen him since last semester and now that I am thinking about him, I would like to go see him again. I wish I knew where he lived."

                    Chris said, "Tell me his name and I will ask around Barnherd to see if anyone there knows where he lives. Then I will come back and tell you the directions. You can pay me back later."

                    Joey replied, "He told me that his name was Sienna Proudhoof. When I asked him what kind of last name that was, he said it was a clan herd name that he couldn't change until he got married which he didn't think would ever happen because he was gay. He likes other boys. I gave him my autograph last year when he asked me for it. I also gave him a kiss on the muzzle although he didn't ask for that. He is a nice guy and I really like him."

                    Chris grinned. "Maybe some day you can have sex with him. I know I shouldn't be thinking about sex all the time, but my species makes me dream about it. I fantasize about Night."

                    It was a few days later while Supermouse was on a patrol outing with Night the Superdog, Captain Rabbit, Krypto the Super Dog and Streaky the Super Cat. Krypto was pulling Kevin whom was wearing his glider wings. Ace the Bat Hound was standing on Captain Rabbit's back.

                    "Thanks for the lift, Cap," said Ace. "My Bat Glider is under repair after the accident I had when I ran into the Bat-Mobile. I miss-judged the distance before the stop."

                    Captain Rabbit said, "Don't let him fool you, guys. Ace has an optometrist appointment in one hour. We are supposed to meet Alfred and Medina at the doctor's office. If he is lucky, Ace will only need eye drops. Otherwise, I don't think he would live down the seeing-eye horse joke."

                    Supermouse remarked, "Is Frostfire still helping out those empowered young heroes with the combustion issues in MYTHS?"

                    Ace replied, "Indeed he is. He fully knows well what they are going through. And with MYTHS new sprawling campus expansion, the hero school has been more popular than ever. Albert Talbot's suggestions on the new educational wings of the school have really made the difference in the school."

                    Kevin smiled at Supermouse. "Say Joey, when are you going to get a boy sidekick for your TV show?"

                    Supermouse chuckled at the thought. "I'm not sure if a boy would fit in very well in the new Protectors. Before Chris got empowered, he would have fit the bill quite well. But now that he is a Were-Donkey Hell Elf, the slot is once again open for grabs. I don't know that many young humans anymore. Oh sure, I have fans who write us letters but none of them have broached the offer to be my TV pal like you are with Krypto."

                    Krypto smirked. "Have you even advertised the position, Joey?"

                    Supermouse blushed somewhat. "" was the sheepish reply. "Barbra has married my cousin Remington and they have a child through that mating; Samuel and Champion Pony are expecting; Virus finally admitted that he was only staying around me as long as Super Rat was part of my life. And since Super Rat is off performing community service to work off his crime of killing a toon, Virus is spending that time with him; Morgan married that pony that he met at Bandit Pony's ranch and Bandit Pony was resurrected to be given a second chance at redemption; Morgan spoke up for Bandit Pony so he could be revived for a fair trial. My sister Valeria is married to a dragon she met in Impville. Kirk and Ororo got married just before the move to CAMP World. Lance is dating one of Exile's pack sisters. And here I sit as the remaining bachelor in the Williams' family. I am glad I don't have to be part of Founder Core any more. That whole situation was super fishy. In fact, I am still suspicious over the whole clean up process. It seems really convenient that they already had this star system in preparation for the move away from Q.C."

                    Captain Rabbit then said, "Are you thinking that the power houses pulled a fast one, Joey?"

                    Supermouse replied, "Think about it... I was arrested and had to sit in jail like a common criminal; Overcat never even came to my rescue. When Super Rat was taken finally to conduct his community services, they never put him in jail overnight like they did with me. I looked into the public records just last night and Super Rat doesn't even have a rap sheet; he is listed as a special case with no criminal record. And do you recall how my stay in jail was supposed to be getting liquidated so my criminal record was permanently removed. My file is still on record. And mine isn't the only one. The lawyers nailed it when they said, protect the villains and punish the heroes. You even have a criminal record, Night. Your sheet states that you are under strict watch."

                    Night growled when he heard Supermouse say that. "I know who to ask in regards to this data. And he won't dare lie to me or else I get to drag Bad Night out for a night on the town."
                    End of Chapter 10


                      Chapter 11
                      Captain Rabbit asked, "Did I have a rap sheet, Supermouse?"

                      Supermouse turned to look at the rabbit. "You are one of the only ones who doesn't have a criminal record, Cap. The rest of us do but they exempted you for reasons unknown."

                      Captain Rabbit grinned. "I have a suspicion as to why. If I was in jail, there would be no one to control Lighty in public."

                      Ace smirked. "It comes down to the horse. Every time."

                      Captain Rabbit's communicator then chimed and he raised his wrist to his muzzle. "Cap speaking." Joanie's voice emerged from the communicator. "Cap, Alfred and I are at the optometrist office. You guys are late." Captain Rabbit replied, "We were keeping Supermouse, Night, and Krypto company for a short moment. Ace and I are on our way. Cap out." He deactivated his comm unit and said to the others, "Ace and I will be around later. See you soon, comrades!" And off he flew with the Bat Hound.

                      Supermouse then said, "Lead the way, Night. Its time to get to the bottom of this bull crap."

                      Night the Superdog led his friends to the alleyway entrance of ASATT and he pushed the service door bell moments before he forced open the door and shouted into the club. "This is Night! I want to see Jimmy the Rat or else I burn ASATT to the ground as if it was the old Scripting Department!" When Jimmy emerged, he gently patted Night's muzzle. "Lay it on me. What's up? I know not to cross you, Night." After the black super dog asked Jimmy the question, the rat leaned back against the wall and calmly said, "Does Q.C. still exist and are the heroes being punished? You bet your sweet bippy they do and are. The Legion of Doom from the 70s had a similar plot in the Challenge of the Superfriends TV show. It never worked for them and it won't succeed for the cat lords either. Doom Luthor was just saying this morning that this whole set up seemed too familiar. And you know when classic villains are reminiscing over a copy cat plot then it must be true."

                      An hour later, Supermouse had tracked down Super Rat. Night, Krypto, Streaky and Rudolph had followed the super powered mousy hero to find out what he was up to. When they had arrived at the locale where the anti-hero of a humanoid rat was supposedly doing landscaping, they saw Virus as well as Founder Core all there watching the Rat work. "VALIANCE SAWYER!" shouted Supermouse, his eyes so red you couldn't even see the pupils anymore in the deadly glow that was about to occur. And that was when Super Rat was engulfed in a Flash Fry blast from the Heroes Hero of a born and bred law enforcing humanoid mouse. As the Rat hit the ground, he immediately tried to get up to ready his own Flash Fry power. Joey then exclaimed, "If you use that power, Rat! Then do it as if your life depends upon it! According to the public records, I am a super villain! And since I am that, you are my arch nemesis! Die Rat!"

                      And Super Rat was blasted across the ground into a boulder which broke the stone up the middle. And then Super Rat was caught in the force of a power that Joey shouldn't have had access to. It was the telekinesis ability that Super Rat was so fond of. "Losing your touch, Rat?!"

                      Super Rat's eyes turned deathly white as he readied his own Flash Fry beam and since Supermouse was holding him in mid air and face forward, Super Rat had a clean shot at Supermouse and he opened fire at his fraternal twin brother. But then much to everyone's horror, seconds before the strike hit Supermouse, the hero of the hour powered down to his human form and he allowed the flash fry strike to fully strike him through his no longer glowing retinas. Joseph Williams screamed as he fell to the ground.

                      The red-nosed reindeer cast a quick spell upon Joey's human body as it lay on the ground. And then to everyone's surprise, the inexplicable happened. Every thing around Joseph Williams began to become transparent including all occupants at that location. Joey was still screaming as it appeared that he was trying to roll on the ground to douse a non-existent flaming inferno. And then in the landscape of a white out, Joey slowly came to a stop barely alive as he passed out.

                      He didn't know how much time had passed after that last bizarre battle. But he was soon awakening with gauze bandages over his eyes and most of his body in a cast. From what he could hear in the room he seemed to be in, he could hear his sister Valeria exclaim, "Mom! Dad! Joey woke up! Come Quick!"

                      Then he heard many people enter the bedroom. Commissioner Johnathan Williams was heard to say, "Dr. Zamak, am I ever glad the family doctor recommended you to our case! Thanks to your special equipment and personal skills, our son has pulled through the explosion that Lance's idiot father had arranged for me to be killed in! I am also glad Overcat and Power Penguin were in the area when the explosion occurred! Their fast action probably prevented Joseph from burning alive in the inferno that resulted from the gasoline pump explosion!"

                      Joey weakly muttered, "...I need to pee..." He then felt a patch in the cast around his groin open up like a trap door and some sort of suction hose was placed within the opening over his penis. Then he heard his brother Samuel say, "Go ahead and pee, Joey. The hose is all hooked up. This is how we have been helping you use the bathroom when you needed to go."

                      And then a straw was poked through Joey's facial mummy wrap into his mouth. "This is water so you don't dehydrate yourself by accident, Cousin Joey." It was the voice of his cousin Christopher Williams. "Morgan is doing all of your chores while you're bedridden. He has really changed in the last few years."
                      End of Chapter 11


                        Chapter 12

                        Joey weakly muttered, "...Am I back home? Is the nightmare over?" It was hard to talk through the bandages. "Is Thunderfire okay? He is my responsibility."

                        Power Penguin's voice was heard to say, "Thinking about his horse rather than himself. What a nice young man. I am really glad Overcat and I were nearby filming one of our episodes in Georgia." And then Overcat's voice said, "Flash freezing Joey into that packed snow really extinguished the flames he was caught in, chum. And then we sent an emergency call to the All-Stars. I am just glad that the new union that Night the Superdog helped to create cleared us for helping one of our fans in his time of need."

                        Joey weakly muttered, "I love the Legion of Super Talents. I wish I was one of you guys. I guess I have missed several episodes during my recovery."

                        Overcat's paw was felt on top of Joey's chest cast. "As soon as your eyes are healed enough to view television, we will make sure you get to see all of the missed episodes, Joey. You are our number one fan at the moment. We will even allow you to visit the hero headquarters where we film the show so you can get autographs from all of us."

                        Samuel was then heard to say, "I got to meet Rodeo Pony and Champion Pony after they heard about your accident, Joey. Rodeo said that I could be an extra in an upcoming Western he would be filming. And Champion allowed me to try some of his famous ice cream. It is better than I thought it would be. Thunderfire and Trooper have been watching the house since you were brought in, Joey. When the doctors clear you for being out of this bed, we can go see the animals."

                        Joey weakly muttered, "Is Teriaki still as mouthy as ever?"

                        "BRAWK! Toons Stink!"

                        Joey weakly muttered, "I guess that answers my question. Overcat, the reason Teriaki thinks you guys stink is because she cannot stand the smell of the toon soap you guys bathe in. You really should switch to a more non-toxic brand."

                        At that point, Overcat and Power Penguin sniffed each other. The empowered penguin then said, "I never noticed on myself, but on you Overcat, the parrot is right. Time to switch to a cleaner soap."

                        Commissioner Williams suggested, "If you boys would like to head into our bath room, we can permit you to try the brand that our family uses."

                        Overcat smiled. "We appreciate the offer, Commissioner. Come on, Phineas. Let us go take a shower. I am still a heterosexual cat."

                        Power Penguin said as he and the cat left the room, "After our showers, we can have Teriaki judge our scents to make sure we got all of that nasty stuff off."

                        A week later found Joey well enough to be out of bed and back to tackling his own chores around the horse farm. He still found it strange that he could remember in detail events regarding his nightmare and how those events coincided with real life. According to what Overcat and Power Penguin had told him, there was no such world as Q.C. Planet; although there was an extra-planar project dimension for retired toons and anime called the Quad Counties. This extra-planar realm resided in a neutral planar land within the Outer Planes where the pantheons all kept tabs on the project itself. Camp World resided in Frontier and it was the place where the real life versions of Toons and Anime in hiatus lived and worked as if their TV shows were a reality. Camp World was a far more stable version of Earth, although every planet in that star system was not only inhabited but they were also capable of sustaining human life. Joey was making plans for migrating to Camp World since it was there that the LOST team resided and worked. However, his siblings, cousins and friends were also planning on making the trip with him so he had family to rely on at Camp World. Furthermore, having Samuel arrange it so Joey could speak to Rodeo, he learned that the donkey boy named Sienna Proudhoof lived on Camp World and he was another reason Joey wanted to move to that world. Rodeo was surprised that Joey plucked a name the boy could not possibly know out of his nightmare and inquired if the donkey actually existed or not.

                        In the meantime, Joey was glad to be out of those bandages. Overcat and the rest of the Lost said they would be back to help Joey and his friends make the move to Camp World when the boy was ready to make the trip. At that moment, Jerry Wellington and Pamela Worthington walked into the barn where Joey was doing his chores. Pamela hugged Joey from behind as she whispered, "Am I ever glad to see you out of that bed, hon. Jerry and I got the rest of everything we will need together when you are ready to make the move. Barbra is fulfilling a final shopping list with Samuel, Lance and Lance's brother Robert. Lance and Robert whom prefers to be called Bobby are disgusted with their father since he targeted you instead of the highway commissioner. Have you decided where you want to set up your new horse farm and Teen Force base at on Camp World?"

                        Joey said. "Actually yes. I let Overcat, the LOST and Rodeo know this morning. Black Storm Valley, Nevada, which is just east of the Warner Mountains of California as well as due north of Reno and is owned by Bronco and Rodeo. They have a boy's correctional ranch up in that area. It is normally a Brony owned region, but Rodeo and Bronco said we could have a ranch as well as a modern city inside of the valley since it would be good for business. Despite being in Nevada, the location is both grassy and forested near the mountains."
                        End of Chapter 12
                        End of Episode Nine.

                        Stay tuned for the next episode, Dating a Bronkey.