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QCP: BF-03 Up Over and Digivolve

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    QCP: BF-03 Up Over and Digivolve

    Japanopolis - Q.C. Planet

    QCP: BF-03 Up Over and Digivolve
    By Darrel James Vanwinkle

    Chapter 01

    Saturday had gone by like a breeze for the Kornels. Lawrence and Felix both got to go to the Digital Fairgrounds for the circus and carnival. Felix wasn't really mad at Kahidomon for tricking him, but the Digimon did get Dea's special look afterward. And Lawrence won his bet with Zecma by proving that no one in school give him the time of day since he had no earned status yet. It was exactly as Defiance had said. And that surprised Zecma a LOT. However, he still had Lawrence's signature on a contract form.

    Now it was Saturday evening and Sony was having dinner with the Kornels so he could explain his offer of permission to Dea.

    " you see, since there will be no school at all next week, Mrs. Kornel, I was thinking maybe you would let Felix spend the week over at my place. My father already gave his consent for my having a school mate over there for the week. Please?"

    Dea hummed. "Will there be adult supervision at your place?"

    Sony replied, "Absolutely, ma'am! My father will be there every morning and every evening. He teaches Track and Field in the College in Montropolis. So can Felix spend the week with me?"

    Zecma who was floating nearby said, "It might be good for Felix, Mrs. Kornel. Plus I can personally check on Felix at any time."

    Dea smiled. "In that case, I'll give my permission for Felix to join you, Sony. As long as you bring him back human..."

    Sony smiled. "Oh, I promise, ma'am. And thank you very much." He shot a wink at Felix.

    Anthony smirked. "A whole week without Felix. Now if we can kill the other two for a week, you and I can go on a second honeymoon."

    And yes, he immediately got the 'look' that no wants to get... from every family member. Including from Ahab.

    Lawrence then said, "Defiance would like to talk to you tomorrow, mom. He said it was important."

    Dea hummed. "I already know about his gang, Larry. The only reason I am letting you be in it is because he is protecting you from those bullies who are just aching to be punished by yours truly." She pointed at herself.

    Zecma grinned. "Does that mean I don't get to use my magic on them?"

    Dea laughed.

    Lawrence stated, "If you make their fur fall out for a week, I'll do whatever you want all of this coming week. Oh, and you have to get a picture of them furless to give to Defiance. He'll know what to do with it."

    Zecma grinned at Lawrence. "It's a deal, Larry. Your offer couldn't have come at a better time. There are some things I'll need help with and you just offered to help for a week."

    Lawrence grinned back. "I'm not going to complain at all as long as the bullies are all bald for the whole week. And bald means they can't cover up with clothes or fake fur, either. Bald means bald."

    Zecma laughed. "Now you are thinking like my cousins think. This is going to be fun."

    End of Chapter 01

    Chapter 02

    Eunice and Ahab were soon in the back yard being visited by an arraignment of female anime stars along with one Miyuki Tsukino. The others gathered were Amy Rose (from Sonic), Misty (from Pokemon), Fujiko (from Lupin the Third), Sora (from Digimon Season 1), Yuri of 3WA (from Dirty Pair), and Fuu Hououji (from Magic Knight Rayearth.)

    "Sorry I wasn't around to see you throw one of the Sailor Scouts on the ground," remarked Miyuki. "I was down in Terryville with my friends solving mysteries."

    "They tried to pet my dog without permission."

    Ahab nodded his head as he stayed near Eunice's side.

    "That sounds like something they would try," stated Miyuki dryly. "You did the right thing."

    The pink hedgehog holding her Pika Hammer was looking at Ahab as she said, "I think you should know that real world animals brought into cartoon land slowly develop the ability to talk as fluently as humans do. So eventually, you and your friend might be having meaningful conversations."

    Eunice hummed. "I was not aware that could happen, Amy Rose. I'll keep it in mind and warn my parents so they aren't surprised later."

    Sora and Misty came over next and gave the human teenage girl a Pokeball and a Digivice. "These are our gifts to you since we didn't get to meet you when you first arrived," said Sora. "They are preloaded with partners so you can use them to help defend you while you're here," explained Misty. "We'll be glad to teach you how to use these."

    "Thank you, guys. I really appreciate it."

    Fujiko and Yuri presented Eunice with some local type firearms so she could protect herself from local hoodlums. "We heard that some weirdo tried to get into your bedroom your first night here," said Yuri. "So these should help you protect yourself from now on," added Fujiko. "We'll instruct you on their usage so there are no accidents."

    The human girl didn't seem very happy to be getting guns, but she accepted them anyway... politely if naught anything else.

    Fuu simply watched the others make Eunice uncomfortable. She made no move to give any gifts... yet.

    Amy Rose said, "Since you're probably not into handling weapons yourself, I'll simply give you my cell phone number and any time you need me to whack on some idiot, you call me and I'll be glad to do it for you. Heck, I am all the time keeping Sonic X in line."

    Fuu finally said, "Ladies... you are freaking the poor girl out. She only recently got her voice back and you are overwhelming her with all of these new things. Give her some space, okay?"

    Miyuki then said, "Perhaps you and I should offer to teach her some magic at a later date so she has time to reflect upon this visit."

    "A fine idea, Miyuki," agreed the magic knight.

    Eunice sighed. "I appreciate the gifts, but... apparently you have all missed the most important gift you can give. I am a little shocked you didn't offer it."

    "What gift is that?" asked Amy Rose with an arched eye.

    "The gift of friendship, of course," she replied as she knelt and hugged Ahab with a smile.

    Fuu nodded her head. "Yes, we overlooked that one. You see, we are all heroes of a sort in Anime and we simply take friendship for granted since it is often outlined in our scripts. It is hard to offer something that must be earned, yes?"

    End of Chapter 02


      Chapter 03

      After packing a week's worth of clothes, Sony and Felix soon arrived on the other side of Montropolis where he and his dad, Track Coach Sonic the First lived. It was a nice and modest looking cottage on a nice sized grassy yard in the woods with a very muddy bog behind the property. Sony led Felix inside and showed him where his bedroom was where they dropped off Felix's suitcases. Then they went out to the dining room where they found Sonic and Tails having dinner.

      "Hi dad. Hi uncle Tails. This is my high school friend, Felix Kornel. The boy who got permission to spend the week here with me. I told you about it this morning, remember?"

      The blue hedgehog finished chewing and swallowing his chili dog with the works and then he said, "Nice to meet you, Felix. I'm the first Sonic from video game fame. I teach Track and Field at the local college. I know it gets confusing what with all the different versions of Sonic and Tails out there. But I am the one who started it all. And unlike the TV show Sonic's, I don't have an inflated ego; I'm an environmentalist who rescues threatened wildlife. I could have gotten a job doing that, but when the college asked me for my help, I agreed to join them. Before I came along, you could have called their team the MC Stinkers... no offense to Geoffrey St. John."

      Tails giggled when he heard the smelly joke.

      Felix giggled too. "So Montrocol stunk until you came along."

      "Totally correct," said the blue hedgehog. "Look, I am glad Sony has a friend other than some of the other goons I have seen him hanging out with. Maybe you can straighten him out."

      "I've heard in school that its kinda hard to straighten out something that isn't straight to start with," replied the boy with a sly grin.

      The two-tailed oriental fox giggled so much he fell out of his chair.

      "You are going to hurt yourself, Tails," commented Sonic as he looked over the edge of the table at the two tailed fox laughing on the floor. "Get a hold of yourself."

      "But Felix is being so funny!" came the giggling response of the two-tailed fox as he lay on the floor.

      Felix smiled. "I'll do my best to keep Sony in line, sir."

      "Good," said Sonic. "And if you have any problems with anything else, you can turn to me and I'll be glad to help."

      Sometime later, Sony and Felix were outside wearing their shorts and heading out toward the hedgehog's favorite playing spot. "Thanks for making Uncle Tails laugh that much," said Sony. "I think he really likes you."

      "In bed?" asked Felix with a naughty smile.

      "Get your mind out of the gutter, Felix," he said with a giggle. "You are starting to act like Slick and I know you don't want that on your conscious."

      Felix giggled as he swatted Sony's butted as he ran past him toward the bog. "He'll never know what we did, will he?"

      The rainbow hedgehog with green eyes grinned and ran after the human boy toward the bog saying, "I'll get you for smacking my hind end like that!"

      They were closing in on the open bog just ahead when suddenly... Felix collided directly into Knuckles who was just suddenly in front of him without warning and Felix was knocked to the ground dazed as his vision spun revealing sixteen red echidnas, then eight, then four, then two, and finally the one. "What the? Knuckles? What are you doing here?"

      Knuckles helped Felix to his feet and then while holding him there, he said, "I can't let you jump into Sony's favorite bog, Felix. Sony himself didn't know this, since we toons aren't affected by it, but that swamp contains Bog Toonium. One dip in that stuff and you'd be a toon like the rest of us. And Sony promised you would be returned home completely human."

      End of Chapter 03


        Chapter 04

        Having left his clothes in his bedroom at home at Zecma's request, Larry and the devil mouse arrived in an alleyway just off of one of the main streets of the Underworld's Rotunda City. "Before we go out in public, Larry, I just want to instruct you in three very important rules, just in case you and I get separated. One, never make an I Wish statement anywhere in the Underworld. Any lord or proxy of a lord can overhear that wish and grant it. Upon first thought, that doesn't sound too bad, right? But it's not right. For every wish you make, the lord marks you up with a 1 favor debt. Again, that doesn't sound bad, but it is very bad. 1 Favor is equal to 1,000 credits. For ease of use, 1 Underworld Credit equals 1 Earth Dollar. Got it? So try not to make any wishes."

        "Got it, Zecma," said Larry. "What's next?"

        "Never say you'll do 'anything' in exchange for some other result or something you'd like to have," he explained. "An 'anything' is just like making a wish. They can screw you over with that too. Same costs in debt."

        Larry nodded his head. "Go on."

        "When trying to find someone or a certain place, never ask out loud to anyone if they know where the person or place is," said Zecma. "Sounds innocent enough. But if you do this, they can charge you a finder's fee of 100 credits without telling you that you owe them this debt. Now, in all cases of debts, and this is what makes having these debts so horrible... you only have one year to pay them off. Again, doesn't sound bad at first, but here is what most visitors don't know: Let's say you owe someone 100 credits. If you don't pay this off before 24 hours or 1 day passes, you add 10% of the debt into the debt for the new total that is due. Now you owe 110 credits on day two. If you don't pay this off by day three, your new debt total becomes 10% of the second day or 121 credits. By day four, 133 credits. Day five, 146 credits. Day six, 160 credits. And day seven, 176 credits. See how the total increases per day? That is why this is so bad. Let's take another example... let's say the debt is something like 1,826 credits. By the next day, you owe another 10% of that or..."

        Larry paled at the thought. "2,008 credits. It jumped by nearly 200 credits. I see what you mean by these debts being bad. But you said you had a year to pay off the first debt. What happens if you can't pay it?"

        "If you cannot pay the debt by the last day, you are teleported butt naked, one way, to the lord of the realm you owe the debts to and you have to serve him however he asks until your final debt is paid off twice. This could mean your being stuck in his realm for the rest of your life. See how that would be bad? I don't think the Underworld wants your mom's special look this soon."

        He winked with a grin. "Now, before I forget this one last thing, I am going to have you wear this necklace and if you are in a job tavern or an arcade, just say you are with Zecma and show the owner this necklace. He will get you a table for free where you can wait for me or even have a meal. When ordering any food, always request the 'human safe' food and 'human safe' drink or else you might not ever leave the Underworld after that. In the arcade, the owner after being shown the necklace will give you tokens so you can play the video games. And please obey the warning signs so you don't get in trouble. In the job tavern, once you're at the table, glance upward and say, I need an accounting imp please. When one appears, you ask him to help you set up an account because you don't have one and he will help you with that and explain the rules regarding the account. After that, you can go look over the job board ads. They pay good money, honestly. But pay attention to certain things on the board. DR depicts the danger rating; this ranges from the worst possible job of minus 10 to the most sought after job ever offered... an 11+ job. Also pay attention to the employment length of the jobs. If the job says any normal amount of time, that's how long it lasts. But if the job's time has the letters RC between the number and the time word, then that means the job lasts for that many Rotunda City units of time. However, the jobs in those cases are in realms where the time rate is offset, so you may spend longer than what's shown but only the time shown passes in Rotunda City. To accept a job in the job tavern, you simply touch the ad paper. You are instantly teleported off to the job and you cannot get out of the job until you complete it. Always look for jobs that either sound fun or pay a lot. And I think you are now prepared for the Underworld."

        "What are you going to be doing that makes you think we might get separated, Zecma?"

        "I have to go check in at Council Hall and for a boy like you, that would be more boring and more torturous than listening to women talk about douches and tampons without getting sick. Would you really want to endure that instead?"

        Larry shook his head making a face. "Mom did that to us once on a car trip. I really don't think dad liked all the puke that day."

        End of Chapter 04


          Chapter 05

          Felix and Sony were now on an outing with Knuckles to a human-safe swimming spot, yet still in an out of the way locale. "Okay boys," said the red echidna. "This water is human safe. I'll be watching here from the shore; you two try to have some fun." And he laid out a blanket and settled himself down upon it as he pulled out a book and began to read it.

          The boys waded out into the water and began to swim around and have some water fun with each other. This seemed like it might be the perfect outing for the two and everything was going fine, until... ...a great explosion occurred over the trees just past where the red echidna was resting, and as he sat up to look in that direction, the attack and second explosion occurred which sent Knuckles flying out into the water with the others.

          As the boy and the rainbow colored hedgehog were helping the soggy hero to his feet in the water, the huge goat like monstrosity burst through the trees and roared at the boys with glowing red evil eyes. Felix gripped Knuckles' hands tightly as the familiar bands of energy began to arise around the boy, something Sony was all too familiar with himself.

          "Felix and Knuckles digivolve to..." And a gigantic digital DNA strand appeared over a matrix of Heartstone energy pads as both human boy and freedom fighting echidna de-particlized into the giant strand causing it to explode and fade to darkness. Then from a pinpoint of light in the void came an energy laser which struck the central energy pad as their combined Digimon form formed for all to see. The resulting Digimon stood tall with red armor, was echidna shaped, and had majestic wings like a star craft. Then the view around him spun in a quick circle as it settled back to the forward view to reveal... "Knelixmon, Master Emerald Skill Knight!"

          Sony was surprised that anyone could make the transition with his friend and not just him. But perhaps Knuckles' fighting skills were what the doctor ordered in this case because it was too late to stop the encounter from happening. The monster and Knelixmon clashed together as the rainbow hedgehog scrambled out of the water to use his cellphone to call for help. Speed dial was handy and the moment Sony had uttered the words, "Felix is in trouble again!" a digital portal teleportation affect occurred and Garurumon was there in his battle pose.

          The large wolven digimon leaped into the battle to assist Knelixmon versus the goat like monstrosity which evened the odds of the fight all for a few seconds before both heroic digimon were power kicked backwards where they crashed on the opposite shore of the swimming hole. Knelixmon arose and was helping Garurumon to his feet when the digital arcs of power began flowing around the both of them, something Sony had never seen before. Because he didn't want to lose his best friend, he bounded over the water and grabbed on to the two of them and he was swallowed into the next evolution transformation.

          "Knelixmon!" and he particalized into the digital grid. "Garurumon!" and he particalized into the digital grid. "Sony!" and he particalized into the digital grid. Within the darkness of the digital void, combination matrices began to form like a math equation for all too see. Felix + Sony = Selixmon. Felix + Knuckles = Knelixmon. Felix + Garurumon = Garelixmon. Sony + Knuckles = Knonymon. Sony + Garurumon = Sarurumon. Knuckles + Garurumon = Garucklemon; Selixmon + Knelixmon = Skelofoxmon. Selixmon + Garelixmon = Farusomon. Selixmon + Knonymon = Funylixmon. Selixmon + Sururumon = Garulisumon. Selixmon + Garucklemon = Seruckusmon; Skelofoxmon + Farusomon = Skerusomon. Funylixmon + Garulisumon = Garunilusomon; Skerusomon + Seruckusmon = Skeruckusmon. Garunilusomon + Seruckusmon = Garuckusmon; Skeruckusmon + Garuckusmon = Were-Echidahogmon; Light of Hope + Were-Echidahogmon... The equation form flared brightly to blot out the final result as all energies then poured from the chart and down onto the digivolving matrix where a massive humanoid panther like digimon warrior stood with blue fur, red claws and dreadlocks, and rainbow armor, while his eyes had the look that no monster wanted to get. He had a sword the likes only seen a few times before. The Blade of Hope. He then leaped off of the matrix grid and as he landed, the force of the shock wave blew the monster off of his feet. "The Paladin of Emerald Hope... Mega-Were-Felixmon!"

          The new Digimon warrior pointed his blade at the monster goat and exclaimed with that special glare, "I don't need a bag of tricks to defeat you, fiend! Hope Arc!" And the blade moved so fast that if anyone was watching the action, they would simply see the aftermath. But in slow motion, the Blade of Hope made four distinct slashes and stabs; each one indicating that each of the four originals were getting a turn at the blade. Then in real time once again, the aftermath occurred, both large and small power 'X's appeared over the monster before wrapping around him and... constricting him until he exploded Super Sentai style. In the wake of the explosion, robot parts rained all over the area before each piece particalized off into the void never to return again.

          Mega-Were-Felixmon then struck a victory pose as the Light of Hope illuminated his entire body before... depositing the four original people back on the ground as if they had been caught in the worst explosion ever devised. All four were groaning as Garurumon being the strongest of the four gathered everyone up and digitally teleported their group to a Digimon run clinic in South Montropolis where he instructed the doctors to examine and heal everyone. He also explained to NOT call Felix's mother about this. No one wanted to get the look that no one wanted to get.

          The Digimon doctors agreed and got to work on all four of them. An official report would be filed later.

          End of Chapter 05