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QCP: BF-02 Virtual Light Evolution

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    QCP: BF-02 Virtual Light Evolution

    Japanopolis - Q.C. Planet

    QCP: BF-02 Virtual Light Evolution
    By Darrel James Vanwinkle

    Chapter 01

    Felix had locked himself into his bedroom and wasn't coming out for anyone. The day before had been the worst day of his entire life. Totally embarrassed in school as if he wasn't even human.

    Inside the kitchen of the main farm house, Zecma sat on the kitchen table talking to Anthony and Dea Kornel about the incident. "...and from what little I was able to find out, apparently there was a digital energy surge that originated from your son and it caused the inactive prototype digivice to become live and it naturally reacted as if Felix had been a Digimon, himself, and it tried to store him within the digivice. The sudden activation of the device caused Slick to get scared and he accidentally dropped the digivice, in which it broke when it hit the floor. They reassembled the digi-screen and inserted it into a functional VAG Gauntlet and attempted to transfer Felix from the old storage cell to the storage cell of the VAG. But when they did that, the VAG changed color to white and developed the digital symbol for Light. It was only then were they able to get Felix out of the VAG... but his arrival out in the classroom was... in his birthday suit."

    Dea said, "And that was when he felt completely embarrassed."

    Zecma said, "He wasn't embarrassed because he was naked, ma'am. He was embarrassed because one of the fellow students was a female Renamon and he had appeared naked in front of her... and that is what embarrassed him. A girl Digimon who made a good impression to him got to see him naked."

    Anthony hummed. "Nothing like that ever happened to me back when I was a boy. But still... it was an accident, right? But what could have possibly have caused that kind of surge from Felix? He's not a cartoon star and he certainly has no powers."

    Zecma commented, "That is what the main investigation in the school is about, sir. They are trying to find out how that surge happened. But the likely cause, they are suspecting, is sibling rivalry. As wrong as it sounds, they are following up on the idea that your other son 'caused' Felix's accident in school."

    Dea placed her hands on her hips and curled her bottom lip. "That is utterly ridiculous. And the next people who try to prove that is going to get my famous 'look'."

    Anthony shuddered. "Heaven forbid, we don't want that." Then he focused on Zecma again. "What did you find out about the leathery monster that was looking in Eunice's window last night?"

    Zecma replied, "It wasn't a monster, per say... it was one of Felix's classmates wanting to talk to him after hours and he didn't know which bedroom belonged to Felix. So when he looked in and got barked at by Ahab, you caught him at the window and... you blacked his eyes. He told his parents that he ran into the door in the middle of the night while trying to find the bathroom. For the record, it was Slick."

    Dea arched an eye. "His school mate peeps in people's windows in the middle of the night and he looks like a gruesome monster? And you expect us to not be worried about him?"

    Zecma said, "Look... you probably hurt and scared him more than he scared you last night. I had been keeping Felix company last night so he would feel better by morning, except... I think he's still uptight about yesterday. But if he doesn't get his clothes on this morning, his ride will carry the whole stables building to school."

    Anthony smiled. "Oh yes... Garurumon. Larry was jealous when he got to see what Felix's school bus was going to be like. I do hope that Felix is getting ready this morning. Maybe today will be a better day at school for him."

    End of Chapter 01

    Chapter 02

    "Come on, Felix," said Garurumon at the door to the bedroom. "I'm actually here early for a change. A whole hour early, actually. I want to take you somewhere and show you something nice that you might like to see. Don't make me steal the whole building."

    Felix opened the door and looked at the large Garurumon. He had his regular clothes on and looked dashing as always. "So where are you taking me? I don't want to go to school this early."

    Garurumon helped Felix into his saddle and said, "Not school, but something I've been told that you like even more than school. Trust me... you'll love it." And with that, he began charging off across the fields, leaping fences as he went.

    Anthony said, "...And there they go. Garurumon just kidnapped Felix. Perhaps today will be a better day for Felix."

    At that moment, Larry entered the room and looked at Zecma. "You're that devil mouse that helped get us here, right?"

    Zecma replied, "Yes, I am Zecma." He then sipped on his tea. "What do you want, Larry?"

    Larry stated, "What would it cost me to get this glob of tar off my hands so I could go to school?"

    Zecma glanced at Dea in a 'Should I' manner of expression.

    Dea said, "Larry, if you make a deal with Zecma, you and only you will be responsible for that deal." She then looked back at Zecma. "Its your call. I have been invited into town today by some local mothers to discuss political things."

    Anthony remarked, "You just want to give new people that 'look' of yours."

    Zecma giggled quietly, then turned to Larry again. "What would it cost...? Well... I'll make it easy on you this first time. I don't get a point-blank offer such as yours very often, so the first time should be easy so you can test the waters a little, primarily. Get used to the knowledge of knowing what dealing with a devil mouse is like on a non-dangerous level. I want you to tell me three animals that you really don't like at all. And after that, I will tell you what the fee will be to get that tar off your hands. Do we have a deal?"

    Larry arched an eye. "That's it? This sounds like a steal! Okay, you got a deal. Let's see... I don't like warthogs, swamp rats, and skunks. Especially swamp skunks. They stink worse than normal skunks do. Warthogs are too muddy and I don't like getting muddy. And swamp rats have beady eyes and always look like their laughing at you."

    Zecma giggled again and looked to Dea. "I am almost sorry that Larry agreed to my deal without asking why I wanted to know what three animals he didn't like. Gerard would have demanded to know what I was up to."

    Dea grinned. "And just what are you up to?"

    Zecma grinned back with a wink then turned to Larry again. "Once the tar is off your hands and you head off to school, you will have one week to find, bodily hug, and kiss on the mouth... each one of the animals you just named, in order. If you can't do this, then you'll have to wear a diaper on the outside of your pants and have the tar glob again for a month."

    Larry frowned. "Oh Hell! What have I gotten myself in to?" Of course, his mom was laughing out loud!

    End of Chapter 02


      Chapter 03

      Garurumon and Felix soon arrived at an overlook, where below Felix could see circus tents and carnival rides. Garurumon said, "Do you like what you see?"

      Felix was smiling widely now. "Wow! Heck yeah! You really cheered me up! How did you know?"

      Garurumon grinned. "Zecma told me about his deal with you. This is the Digimon Fairgrounds. This coming weekend, the whole school will be coming here for all the fun they can handle. Its actually a reward for being so good in school. But if you quit school, you'll miss out on getting to come here."

      Felix smiled. "Well, I was upset because of the first day... but... I guess I can give it another chance. Thank you so much for showing me this." He HUGGED Garurumon's neck tightly.

      Garurumon chuckled. "Can I take you to school now?"

      Felix replied, "Yeah. Let's get to school. Um, do you think it would be wrong of me to ask... if sleeping with you some night would be warm and cozy?"

      Garurumon grinned slyly though not where the grin could be seen by Felix. "I don't know about you but I would like that a lot." And he turned and began loping off toward Montropolis High School.

      Most of the day went by without a hitch, unlike the first day. A lot of the students were a lot more sympathetic about what happened to him the previous day and told him as much. Finally, he was about to head to his fifth hour class, when Renamon caught him and pulled him into a side hallway and... hugged him and gave him a soft kiss.

      "About yesterday..." she said. "I know you were embarrassed because I saw you naked. But please, don't be. I see naked boys all the time. Besides... you actually care about what I think about you. And what I think is..." she softly kissed him again. " that you are a really good friend who cares about people. If you need any help at all, let me know. I am on your side, Felix. Now, we better get to class. And be warned: Slick is still trying to make friends with you. I think Sony gave up already. And what that tells me is that Sony might be ready for you to make the first move toward him now. Slick, however... he obviously hasn't learned his lesson yet."

      Felix said, "I sure hope he doesn't hurt himself again. Anyway, lets get to class. Maybe I can talk to Sony later and see about patching things up with him."

      The two proceeded to class and took their positions at their desks. Sony came in next, followed by Mr. Mendelson.

      "Where is Slick this afternoon?"

      Sony replied, "He's in the bathroom, sir. He said he was feeling really sick. Maybe if someone went to check on him..."

      To Sony's surprise, Renamon said, "Mr. Mendelson and I can go check on Slick. Come on, sir." And she dragged the teacher out of the classroom, leaving Sony and Felix alone in there.

      Felix walked over to Sony and gave him a hug. "Sony, I... I heard you gave up on trying to make friends with me. That makes me sad, actually. If anything, I was waiting for you to simply be yourself so I can learn what the real you is like. We can still be friends; just don't give up so easily."

      End of Chapter 03


        Chapter 04

        Sony smiled at Felix and hugged him back. "Thanks, Felix. Slick's an idiot. He thinks he has to do something major to make you like him. He actually thinks... that you hate him."

        Felix petted on Sony's head fur. "I don't hate him; he simply needs to stop trying so hard to be a friend. Is he really sick in the bathroom or was that just a ruse to get me to come check on him?"

        Sony grinned and winked. "You are too smart for him, says I."

        Felix smiled again. "If you can ditch Sick, I mean Slick, this weekend, maybe you and me can go to your favorite playing spot. Glitter told me that you have a really muddy place where you like to play at."

        Sony grinned again. "I didn't know you would be interested in that, Felix. But if you want to spend a day out there with me, I can come home with you on Friday afternoon and ask your parents for permission to let you spend Friday and Saturday nights at my place, and then, we can just head on over to my favorite place and play all day Saturday there. Then I could help you get cleaned up and bring you home on Sunday. What do you say?"

        Felix then remembered. "No, wait a minute... it can't be this weekend, Sony. Garurumon tipped me off to a surprise the teachers are going to conduct for the students here at Montropolis High this weekend. The school is taking all of the students to the Digimon Fairgrounds to spend a whole day of fun at the circus and carnival. But please don't tell anyone I told you that. Its supposed to be a surprise."

        Sony looked excited but he calmed himself pretty fast. "That's even better then, Felix. All of next week are the Regional Teachers Meetings in Japanopolis. We will have a whole week off from school. So why don't I come home with you on Friday night to spend the night with you, then I can tell your mom about the week off and ask her for permission to have you over to my place all of the week and then I would bring you home the following weekend?"

        Felix was the one excited now. "A whole week with you, Sony? Myrdramon was right about you all along! You are special! I would LOVE to spend the week with you!"

        Sony giggled. "You better calm down then. We don't want to give Slick the wrong idea about us, do we?"

        Felix then hugged Sony and gave the hedgehog a kiss on the muzzle. "You're okay, Sony. Friends."

        Sony nodded his head. "Friends." And then he planted a kiss on Felix's mouth in return. "Back to your desk. I hear them returning."

        Felix returned to his desk and pretended to be reading his notebook, when Mr. Mendelson, Renamon, and Slick came into the classroom. Felix put down his notebook and looked toward Mr. Mendelson. "What are we going to learn today, sir?"

        Mr. Mendelson replied, "Glad to see you back in our class, Felix. And eager to continue the lessons. Okay everyone, open your text books to page twenty-three and follow along with me as I read this set of paragraphs to you."

        As he began reading the paragraph and was not looking at the students, Slick suddenly became aware of a note on his desktop. He slowly opened it and saw the following words: You still have a chance to be my friend. But you need to stop trying so hard. The harder you try, the more you drive me away. Stop trying and be yourself. Felix.

        End of Chapter 04


          Chapter 05

          Larry's day at Japanopolis High School was not going very well. First of all, the bullies that had gotten his hands stuck in the glob of tar were mad at him because he got the stuff off so quickly without leaving his hands BLACK from the experience. So they picked on him all morning long. That is until lunch hour came and the lead bully got the warthog tusked glare point blank from a surprisingly CLEAN, well-dressed, and nice smelling warthog male teenager. The bullies backed off after that. They knew not to cross that boy. He had hurt them before when they tried to pick on him.

          As school was ending, the warthog boy was checking his wristwatch, when Larry decided to walk over and thank him for his help earlier that day. After introductions were out of the way, Larry spoke with Defiance Bordeaux a little further.

          " you see, I made a deal with Zecma to get the tar glob off my hands that the bullies put there yesterday and I have to find, in order, a muddy warthog, a muddy beady eyed swamp rat, and a muddy stinky swamp skunk... and bodily hug each one and kiss them on the mouth. If I fail, then Zecma is going to make the tar glob reappear and... I'll have to wear a white diaper on the outside of my pants... both staying on me for a month. And I don't know where to find any of the species I named. I thought it would be really easy because this is cartoon land. But until you came along, I hadn't seen a single warthog, muddy or otherwise."

          Defiance hummed as he thought about what Larry had just said. "I think I can help you, Larry. But this will cost you."

          Larry sighed. "What is your price?"

          Defiance smiled as he patted Larry on the shoulder. "Agree to join my gang and I'll not only show you where you can find the people you need to find, but I'll help you out afterward and help you get cleaned up so you don't return home looking like a mud boy. After you do all these weird things for Zecma and get cleaned up, I'll give you the gang leather jacket and your gang mark to prove you are one of my people. Oh, and you have to tell me your full name, too."

          "It's Lawrence Kornel, but I don't really like that first name, so I call myself Larry."

          "Once in my gang, you have to use your real name. No more of this Larry shit. But your gang name will be Krakatoa Kornel. Defiance isn't my real name, but if you want to know that, you'll have to earn it in my gang. Are you in or not?"

          Larry hummed. "I just have to go by Lawrence and not Larry, say at home... but Krakatoa in your gang?"

          Defiance smiled. "That's the deal. Your choice. If you join my gang, the bullies who picked on you... will never bother you again. They'll know you joined me and they will be afraid to mess with you. It will be like they get your mom's special look every time they even dare to look at you." He winked, indicating that he HAD heard of Dea Kornel.

          Larry grinned. "I didn't know you knew of my mother. You will be taking a big chance around her if I join your gang. She isn't the woman to cross." He paused and thought about it some more. "Okay, I'll join your gang in exchange for your help."

          Defiance smiled and escorted Larry to the nearest Transportal Depot and showed him how the Transportals worked. "This particular one has four exit locations. One of those locations is a Transportal realm called Deepmire Bogs. All three of the species you named and more can be found there. Though they are not about to get out of their mud bogs to let you hug them. You'll have to enter the muddy pools with them. And yes, you'll ruin your clothes when you do. Now let's go."

          Larry, now calling himself Lawrence, nodded his head at Defiance as both boys stepped through the Transportal.

          End of Chapter 05


            Chapter 06

            For reasons he couldn't fathom himself, Felix had chosen to attend one session of the Partner Training class with Sony. Perhaps he wanted to see exactly what went on during that last hour in school. Whatever the reason, both Felix and Sony were given a training field of their own.

            "What is it that we're supposed to do, Sony?" asked Felix.

            Sony smiled, as he pulled out Felix's White VAG and put it on his left hand. "Not a bad fit. I wanted to test a theory I had concerning your accident in school yesterday. Normally only Digimon can enter into the containment space within a Digivice. But because you're the first human I've seen do it, I wanted to see in what other ways you were similar to a Digimon. So, I had Garurumon fetch your VAG and we're going to test my theory. Garurumon and Myrdramon are both standing by just in case something goes really wrong."

            Felix paled. He did NOT want to end up naked in school again. "Please be careful, Sony. I... I... don't want to lose my clothes again. Not in school."

            "Don't worry, Felix," said the golden hedgehog. "I also had Garurumon fetch you a change of clothes, just in case of that happening. Besides, no girls watching this time. I saw how you were looking at Renamon. And before you make a fool of yourself toward her, I'm going to warn you: she is engaged. And her boyfriend has no qualms about pulverizing a human."

            Felix sighed. "I see." He looked at the ground. "I'm glad you warned me, Sony. I was interested in her."

            Sony smiled again. "Don't sweat it, Felix. I didn't want my new friend to get turned into a pasty goo by accident. Now, you strike a fierce pose and I'll activate the VAG toward you."

            As the human boy stepped forward and struck the fiercest pose he could muster, the rainbow furred hedgehog pointed the VAG digivice at him and... he wasn't sure what words to use so he decided to take a guess... he shouted, "Felix Digivolve! Virtual Light Evolution!" He then slapped the button on the VAG pretty hard and in the next instant, neither human nor hedgehog could have predicted the outcome.

            The instant the VAG's button was hit, Sony heard a minute fracturing sound, as the VAG surged in a massive white light at the same time that it electrocuted him in its power. And Felix suddenly began glowing himself, as the two equal energies pulled both boy and hedgehog toward each other, literally yanking them both off their feet and colliding together with enough force to make an audible body slap that was heard outside of their training field. But the experience didn't end there... the two felt themselves being ripped apart, molecule by molecule. Both were then screaming, as their original bodies digitally ceased to exist and a new singular body digitally formed in their place. The forming Digimon was humanoid in appearance, but looked as if someone had tried to create the hybrid between a phoenix and a Mobian hedgehog. His fur was milky white with golden highlights, especially over his head. He wore solid gold armor with a black symbol for Light on his chest. As the digivolving sequence ended, the new digimon opened his glowing red eyes and shouted, "LUCERICAMON, RADIANT RULER OF THE FLAMING QUILL!"

            And in the next instant, both Garurumon and Myrdramon heard the training field exploding quite loudly, as Lucericamon lost control and was trying to escape from the confines of the cubed force field that covered the training field.

            The two rushed inside and that's when they saw what was awaiting them. Lucericamon looked as it he was berserk. Fortunately, Garurumon knew how to handle a berserk Digimon and he surprised the newbie with a wrestling move and knocked him out on the ground, where the digi-devolution occurred, restoring both boy and hedgehog (both clothed), though unconscious.

            End of Chapter 06


              Chapter 07

              Myrdramon released a sigh of relief as he followed the digital wolf. "At least he didn't end up naked this time. But how did that happen, Garurumon? Felix isn't a Digimon... is he?"

              Garurumon had been carrying the boy and hedgehog to the nurse's station. "We know Sony isn't one, but he was clearly merged with Felix. And apparently neither one was in control of the resulting Digimon. I know this much for sure... this power that Felix has is not something I want to encounter in a dark alleyway. Its scarier than his mom's special look."

              "Did you notice that the VAG was broken?"

              "Yeah, I saw that. I know I didn't break it when I landed on them. What kind of digital power has the capability to break a digivice? That's what we need to find out."

              Soon after in the school's infirmary, Dea Kornel had arrived with Eunice and Ahab. Dea wasn't giving anyone that look that no one wants to get yet, but they could tell that she was on the verge of releasing it. "What exactly happened this time, Garurumon? And don't lie to me either or you'll get that look point-blank."

              Garurumon simply told her the truth. That usually works best. " you see, Felix and Sony have been merging together to become this really nasty and evil Digimon called Lucericamon. If I hadn't taken him off guard, I never would have been able to knock him out. What we're trying to figure out now is how to stop it from happening again so no one in your family gets hurt by this."

              Dea arched an eye. "Did you say... Lucerica?"

              Garurumon nodded his head, then glanced directly at Dea. "If you know something, you'd better fess up, Dea. Your son's life is at stake here. Now give... how do you know Lucericamon?"

              She replied, "This is a story I heard through my grandmother. About seven hundred years ago, in the old countries on Earth, my direct ancestors were demon hunters. One day, an idiot sorcerer summoned a demon from the Underworld that called itself Lucerica. But the sorcerer couldn't control the demon once he had summoned it. My ancestors were called in to banish the demon. They used a rather stupid banishing method; they took a human woman who was pregnant with a child who would be stillborn and they directed an unholy light through her that cast over the demon. The demon would be drawn to her instantly because he would sense the unborn life within the human female. When he came within range, he sensed something wrong a little too late and the trap was sprung. Just before his physical body was destroyed, he laid a proclamation forth that the men had never heard before. Lucerica told them that while his form would be destroyed, he would regain life when the seventh son of the seventh daughter was born."

              Myrdramon said, "This just got complicated, didn't it?"

              Dea sighed. "I was the seventh daughter. When Larry was born, I knew he was the sixth son and I knew the next would be the boy cursed with dealing with this demon. So I convinced my husband to agree that we shouldn't have any more children. But one day, he came home from work with excellent news. He had gotten a raise in the company he worked at and he wanted to celebrate. We went to a dinner, saw a movie, I think we drank a little too much, and then... we stupidly had sex... and my husband forgot to wear a condom. Nine months later, Felix was born. I named him Felix because the name is Latin for Fortunate, but in other languages, it also means the Odd One. I didn't know that until later. I forgot about the demon until now."

              At that moment, Eunice noticed that the School Nurse had been about to inject an electro-shot into her brother, and there came a sudden spark that knocked the nurse back on her ass and the electro surge began to pull Felix and Sony together again!

              End of Chapter 07


                Chapter 08

                Eunice then screamed... the first time she had ever been heard in a long time! And she called for Felix's buddy: "ZECMA!!!"

                KA-BAMF! Zecma appeared immediately and saw what was happening! "Get them outside! I'm going to try to summon Gerard for help!"

                Just then, as if on cue, Zecma heard Gerard yelled for him at the top of his lungs. "ZECMA!!!"

                Zecma said, "Be right back!" KA-BAMF! He then teleported and appeared floating in mid air where he saw two Familiar Cats standing to one side of a pool of tar where there was what appeared to be a tar-coated humanoid cat trying to free itself!

                "Zecma!" One Familiar Cat exclaimed. "Thank the infernal powers you came! This bastard cat lord changed me and a whole slew of other boys into cats to be his little enslaved sex toys! It's me, Gerard Prince!"

                Zecma looked at the cat's eyes, then nodded his head. "It really is you. And it seems that your form is blocking your normal infernal powers. He must have either drugged you or caught you off guard. Want me to call in the Infernal Authorities?"

                Gerard replied, "Yes AND you can charge me for a wish I want to make on this bastard. I wish for this naughty cat lord to be stuck in Lord Mularri's Tar Realm in a Tar Stallion's tar pit for ten times the length of time that you personally had to work there."

                Zecma grinned. "That is MEAN! But I grant that wish! I'll tell you my price later!" And the tar-covered cat lord vanished. "You called me at a moment when I was getting ready to call you, actually. My new boy is in some trouble and I don't know what to do about it." He then proceeded to calling the infernal authorities.

                Gerard looked to the other cat. "I think we finally defeated this bastard cat lord, my friend. It won't be long now..."

                The familiar cat smiled and replied, "I was really hoping you would be the one that would end this nonsense. I was surprised that your closet led to this place. Where are we anyway?"

                "We're in 'THAT PLACE'!" he replied with a smirking grin. "You know... the place where the schools send the really outstandingly bad students who cause trouble. I have back door access to this realm because of my VIP Lord Status."

                He shuddered when he heard where he was. "As a boy, I'd been here enough times, thankyouverymuch."

                Soon, the Infernal Council of Lords had arrived and were interviewing Lord Gerard about the incident in as much detail as possible. Of course, Gerard told it like it was; he didn't leave out a single moment of the entire experience. Needless to say, the council of lords were rather appalled that a cat lord would attack an infernal lord in that manner, even though they were devils and demons themselves, they were still disgusted over the whole thing. Especially the part about their not being able to use their powers while stuck in cat form and being raped daily.

                Near the end of the interview, Gerard and the other Familiar Cat suddenly reverted back to their human forms. And the moment Gerard was himself, he felt all of his powers return.

                "Finally! 24 hours must be over with that cat lord! He LOSES and I win! And am I ever going to punish him for eternity..."

                The former Familiar Cat who was now a boy again remarked, "Back to me finally. In truth, that cat lord's name wasn't Victor Standish. That is actually my name. He simply uses the name of the former boy to a new boy so the new boy doesn't have a clue as to what's going on. When I met him, he used a different name then, too."

                End of Chapter 08


                  Chapter 09

                  On Q.C. Planet, once he had gotten a change of clothes for himself, Gerard and Zecma were appearing in the Montropolis region where the Kornel family had been residing. "So what exactly is the nature of this emergency, Zecma?"

                  "Felix Kornel and his friend, Sony the Hedgehog, got in a bit of trouble when Felix's new digital power went haywire and destroyed a digivice. It caused a surge and now, the two are all the time getting merged together into a very powerful Digimon that is totally out of control. They are stuck right now and I thought maybe that you could help resolve this. In fact, if you help Felix this time, we'll call your wish paid for."

                  "Okay, Zecma. You must be really desperate if you aren't going to blackmail me more than that. Let's go find your friend."

                  "When they are merged, they become a Digimon powerhouse called Lucericamon, Radiant Ruler of the Flaming Quill."

                  "That doesn't sound good at all." And Gerard proceeded with Zecma to locate either the dangerous Digimon creature or Felix and Sony, where ever they might be.

                  After a few minutes, both devil mouse and boy heard one of Felix's classmates scream one word, "ZECMA!!!"

                  Zecma grinned. "I think we found them! Let's go, Gerard!" And he teleported the both of them over to that location.

                  Sure enough, Lucericamon was about to pummel Slick the skinny gargoyle with a digital attack. Zecma quickly shot a lightning bolt at the Digimon, knocking the beast backward enough so he could run over to where Zecma and Gerard was.

                  "He came after me when he saw that I had this!" Slick showed the two a brand new fully charged Light element VAG Digivice. "The professor said that if we could somehow contain him in the glove, then he would be powerless to escape!"

                  "Zecma, didn't you tell me that Felix was wearing my lucky shirt when he gained these powers?" asked Gerard.

                  "That's right! But your shirt was destroyed in the digital explosion that day!"

                  Gerard's mind went back in time and he remembered the only thing digital that he ever encountered while wearing that shirt.

                  Suddenly from down the street, Gerard saw a strange looking digimon running directly at him, while an anime boy was giving chase not far behind him. The digimon running in biped mode and had Light element Crystals floating around his head. That was when the digimon accidentally slammed into Gerard which knocked them both to the ground, the crystals falling all around them. The anime boy finally arrived and helped Gerard and the digimon up.

                  "We're really sorry. I'm Vance Slystalker and this is Kahidomon, my Digimon partner. We are on our way to an audition in Montropolis, the home to Digimon, Monster Rancher, and Pokemon. If you're ever in our area, stop on by Shinjuku, the local town there, and see us. Come on Kahidomon... grab your crystals and let's go."

                  Kahidomon found all but one of the crystals and nodded his head. "Got 'em! Let's go, partner!"

                  "He found them all but one," muttered Gerard as he realized what must have happened. "That lost Light element Crystal must have embedded itself inside the pocket of my lucky shirt and when Felix attended a Digivice Dynamics class and got a Digivice pointed at him... it activated that crystal which caused the digital explosion. This is all my fault."

                  End of Chapter 09


                    Chapter 10

                    He then shook his head and took the glove and put it on. "Time to repair the damages and make things right once again."

                    Zecma said, "Be careful, Gerard! Your parents would kill me if anything bad happened to you!"

                    "There is only one way to end this to save Felix and Sony, Zecma! And I am going to do it! If I get hurt, it serves me right for being responsible for this mess in the first place!"

                    And with that, he stepped out into the open and pointed the VAG at the Digimon and shouted, "Lucericamon! Digi-Devolution to..." He then activated the Light element siphoning ability on the VAG and a beam of light rocketed out and totally surrounded the insane Digimon and the beast began to glow very brightly, almost as if it was trying to use it's powers to escape. But Gerard was at the helm of control and his willpower was a lot more powerful that a Digimon's willpower was. And he was about to prove it.

                    Within the glow, the Light element energy was clearing draining out of two individuals who were both in locked dual screaming mode as the Light element was siphoned out of their bodies and was solidifying into a familiar shape to Gerard. It was the missing Light element Crystal that Kahidomon had lost 2 years before.

                    Finally, the last of the Light element energy exited the human boy and the rainbow hedgehog and the two fell to the ground, unmoving. Gerard shouted, "Make sure they are okay, Zecma! I have to make sure that crystal is disposed of properly!"

                    Zecma used his magic to teleport both Felix and Sony over to himself and he then, with the gargoyle named Slick, transported off to the School's Infirmary again.

                    Gerard had to concentrate the whole time as he carefully transported the Light Crystal back to Q.C. Shinjuku to Vance's home where he was glad to see Kahidomon on hand. "I believe this lost crystal belongs to you, Kahidomon! It's really unstable and I have no idea on how to deal with it!"

                    Kahidomon grinned when he saw the crystal. "Hey! I've been looking for that! Where did you find it?"

                    "Long story..." he exclaimed, as he carefully deposited it into Kahidomon's secure grasp. "But when you collided with me 2 years ago, the crystal landed in my shirt pocket. At the beginning of this summer, I gave that shirt and some other clothes to Felix Kornel and he accidentally activated the crystal in the Digivice Dynamics class that the school made him take."

                    Kahidomon said, "He is lucky he wasn't killed then. And I know his mom and her special look that no one wants to get."

                    Gerard came over and gave Kahidomon a nice head rub. "Believe me... Felix and his friend Sony survived this experience. But only just barely. Now that you have the crystal back, this shouldn't be happening again to Felix."

                    Kahidomon giggled, then he suddenly sniffed Gerard. "Um, how come you smell like a horny cat?"

                    Gerard sighed and just told him what had happened to him over the summer. "...and I haven't had a chance to bathe yet. But believe me... the first chance I get and this scent is forever gone."

                    Kahidomon nodded his head. "I feel sorry for you but I was going to say that it sorta makes you smell like a Kahidomon in heat and I personally know what that is like. In fact, I am in heat right now. Thanks for bringing me this crystal. Come on back and visit with me again someday."

                    End of Chapter 10


                      Chapter 11

                      After making sure Zecma was informed of what happened with the crystal, Gerard departed for parts only known in his own series, namely to get a BATH!

                      Garurumon, Myrdramon, Slick, Ahab, Eunice, and Dea Kornel were standing at the infirmary window where they were watching the school nurse and Zecma tending to Felix and Sony. To their surprise, Zecma had placed a magical orb on Felix's head and were horrified to see an evil looking inky cloudy essence being siphoned out of the boy and into the Infernal transport orb.

                      Zecma then said, "Got him, guys. This is Lucerica. Without his body. I'll be taking him back to the Underworld and Felix will never have to deal with him again. Both he and Sony will be A-OK. They just need some rest." And with that, Zecma vanished.

                      Dea was holding her daughter with a smile. "You got your voice back, Eunice... just like Gerard said you would."

                      Eunice, who had a very beautiful and sexy voice, replied, "...yeah, it's just that... it looked like Felix was being killed. I wanted to summon the fastest help I knew who could do something... Zecma really is Felix's friend."

                      Inside the infirmary room, Felix, who had been keeping his eyes closed on purpose, whispered to Sony, "best friends forever, Sony. thanks for sticking through this with me."

                      Sony who had the same idea as Felix whispered back, "we still going to do next week together, bro?"

                      Felix quietly replied, "just you and me and all that mud."

                      Sony quietly said, "awesome."

                      That night, the Kornel family were back together again at their farmhouse. Eunice had really opened up since she got her voice back. Larry or rather Lawrence was being surprisingly polite to the point of suspicion. And Felix was really happy.

                      Anthony frowned. "I go to work for one day and come home to doped up family members. What did you do with our real kids, honey?"

                      And of course, he earned that look that no one wants to get for saying that.

                      Later, while Anthony and Dea were enjoying some private time on the deck outside of Felix's bedroom, from the house they heard Larry raising his voice to Zecma. "What do you mean that was just a test?! I fulfilled your deal to the letter!"

                      Zecma replied, "According to my spy network in which that I had watching you today, Larry, you, singularly, did NOT fulfill your end of the bargain. You had help from a secondary party. The exact wording of our deal was as follows: Once the tar is off your hands and you head off to school, you will have one week to find, bodily hug, and kiss on the mouth... each one of the animals you just named, in order. If you can't do this, then you will have to wear a diaper on the outside of your pants and have the tar glob again for a month. Nowhere in this deal does it mention Defiance Bordeaux helping you to find these creatures. I think anyone with a brain could have said, I just need to find a swamp and the animals I named will be there. There are Transportals all over QC Planet. I'll bet one of them has to lead to a swamp. You failed to fulfill the exact details of the contract by getting help. Therefore, for the entirety of your vacation next week, you will be serving a friend of mine in THAT PLACE doing whatever he asks you to do... naked."

                      Larry shouted, "BUT THAT'S NOT FAIR!!!" There came a pause. "NAKED?!"

                      End of Chapter 11


                        Chapter 12

                        A few days later on Thursday morning, Larry sat down at the breakfast table and he saw Zecma floating nearby reading a newspaper. "I get no respect at school," Larry said. "Defiance said it was because I didn't have any status rank there."

                        Zecma replied without looking from his newspaper, "That is ridiculous."

                        "I thought you might say that, so... concerning my payment this coming week... would you be willing to take a bet with me?"

                        Zecma glanced around the side of his newspaper to gaze at Larry. "You're in enough trouble, Larry. Stop trying to one up me before you get into something so deep you'll never get out of it."

                        Larry poured the milk on his cereal and added the sugar. After he took one bite, he said, "Then you must be afraid that I'll win."

                        Zecma again glanced around the newspaper at Larry. "I see you aren't going to stop until you really get stuck. What's the deal this time?"

                        "It's simple, Zecma. All you have to do is become invisible and follow me around all day during just one school day. If even one student other than the bullies or Defiance talks to me, then I lose and have to serve your friend for twice as long. But if I get through the whole day without getting anyone to speak to me, then you cancel the debt I owe you. It's a double or nothing deal. And to sweeten the pot a little, I'll even try to strike up a conversation once an hour with other students and you watch to see what happens. And you can't use your magic to make anyone talk to me, either. It has to be their own idea."

                        Zecma sighed and shouted, "Mrs. Kornel! Could you come in here, please?" And when she did, he repeated what Larry was offering to him just then. "Do I have permission to do this?"

                        Dea closed her eyes for a moment, then said, "If he wants to take another chance with you, then teach him a lesson. I have some gardening to get to." And she walked out of the room.

                        Zecma grinned at Larry and pulled out a standard contract this time and an ink pen. "Sign here, Larry." And when he did, Zecma turned invisible. Oh the fun he could have now. Larry had signed it without reading it.

                        That afternoon in the Montropolis suburb of Shinjuku where most of the Digital Monsters chose to live, Felix walked up to a residence with the name of a Digimon that he was seeking written on the mailbox. He approached the door and rang the doorbell.

                        After a few moments the door opened and there stood a damp looking and somewhat scented Kahidomon with a smile on his muzzle. "Well hello. Aren't you the cute boy? Are you selling magazines, cutie?" He winked."No, I am Felix Kornel, the boy who accidentally found and activated your Light Crystal the other day. I came by to thank you for your help in saving me and my friend from that mess."

                        Kahidomon said, "Oh please come in!" And once the boy was inside. "I am terribly sorry for any pain you went through because of that Light Crystal. You are lucky to be alive, Felix. Please, let me make it up to you. Come with me to my bedroom and I will reward you properly for finding my Light Crystal for me."

                        Felix smiled. "You don't have to reward me, but let's see what you have back there..."

                        Following Kahidomon back into the bedroom, he soon found out why you don't enter a Digimon's home while they are in heat...

                        End of Chapter 12

                        End of Episode Two: Virtual Light Evolution

                        Stay tuned for Episode Three: Up Over and Digivolve