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QCP-BTM-01 Dragon Disc Arise

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    QCP-BTM-01 Dragon Disc Arise

    Talisman City - Q.C. Planet

    QCP: BTM-01 Dragon Disc Arise
    By Darrel James Vanwinkle

    Chapter 01

    "Star Shower!" And a rain of holy meteors rained down upon the demon general and his minions, causing explosions all around them, and throwing them to the ground. And then came the second half of the draconic duo's attacks. "Wild Gate!" And a dark portal opened below the demons and their general and the energies sucked them inside, where they were dispatched back to their infernal plane of suffering.

    The white dragon heroine and the black dragon hero then proceeded to high-five each other, as the Demonic Sorcerer suddenly appeared on top of a small knoll nearby. "You haven't won yet, Disc Dragons! Baeltoric Grow!" And a demonic spell seal hit the ground where the dark gate had been moments earlier, as the demon general suddenly erupted from the ground and grew to the size of a titan. "Let's see you brats defeat that!"

    Yes, it was the old fallen enemies grow spiel again. Well, my brother and I knew how to handle that.

    The white dragon heroine struck her pose and placed a clawed glove over the white disc on her chest. "Star Surge! Arise!" Her form then glowed, as the outline of a white dragon emerged from the dragon disc and enveloped the heroine in the growing and radiant form of a full sized paragon white dragon. "Star Surge! Dragon of Light!"

    The black dragon hero struck his pose and placed a clawed glove over the black disc on his chest. "Wild Surge! Arise!" His form then glowed, as the outline of a black dragon emerged from the dragon disc and enveloped the hero in the growing and shadowy form of a full sized paragon black dragon. "Wild Surge! Dragon of Darkness!"

    When the two heroes grew into their paragon dragon forms, the Demonic Sorcerer chose that opportune moment to flee.

    "Demosirc fled again, sis!" said Wild Surge, as he bashed General Baeltoric with his Shadow Saber. "...To live to be a pest another day, I know!" said Star Surge, as she fired a Comet Arrow from her Holy Bow, which caused General Baeltoric to howl in agony as he fell over on his back and exploded in magnificent fireworks. And then the two Disc Dragons struck their victory pose, as they both flared up and vanished from the battlefield without a trace.

    Emerging from a nearby alleyway where two teenagers of around the ages of 15, almost 16. They seemed to be twins, although one was a male with black hair, dark eyes, and tanned skin, while the other was a female with long blond hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. The boy was wearing black and blue clothes, while the female wore white, pink, and yellow clothes.

    "That didn't take as long as I thought it would, sis," said the male teenager. "We better head back home now. You know how worried mom and dad get when there are monster reports around the city."

    "You're right of course, bro," replied the female teenager. "Plus, we need to report in to Einstein about what happened."

    Now you are probably wondering who these two teenagers are. I will tell you. It's me and my brother, of course. We are Tara and Magnus Covington. And the Quad Counties Planet locale is Talisman City in the Forest River region.

    And I'll bet they want to know how we got started here, too, don't they, sis?

    Exactly what I was thinking. To understand how we got here, we'll need to go back to the beginning. No, not Genesis, you twits! Our beginning in Pleasant Hope. What a boring little town that was!

    And how, sis. Pleasant Hope, Ohio was one of those sleeper type towns. If you blinked while passing on the highway, you'd miss the place. Okay, time to activate the flashback. Next stop, boring old Pleasant Hope.

    End of Chapter 01