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QCP-BC-01 Grand Prize Royale

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    QCP-BC-01 Grand Prize Royale

    Q.C. Planet - Coolsville

    QCP: BC-01 Grand Prize Royale
    By Darrel James Vanwinkle

    Chapter 01

    "And the winner of the 'Sponsor a Prince' Q.C. Sponsoring Family contest is..." The male English teacher paused to build up the suspense of his students. And then he opened the envelope and read the name of the student on the card. "...Casey Glendon!" Then he noticed that Casey wasn't present today. "Um, where is Casey anyway?"

    One of the other students, a friend of Casey's, replied, "He had a doctors appointment today. He told me that he didn't think he had a chance of winning, so he went ahead and kept his appointment. Boy, will he ever be surprised."

    At the doctors office, Casey slowly got dressed once again. "So how do I look, doc?"

    "If I made a lewd comment, your mother would kill me," said the doctor. "You've gotten over that Spring cold a few months ago. Your health has improved magnificently. I think you can take anything and anyone on. Let's get you back to your mother so you can see about getting back to school."

    About ten minutes later, Casey walked into the school and opened his locker to get his books out. While he was doing this, someone tapped him on the shoulder. He said, "Just got back from the doctors office. Got a clean bill of health." Then he turned his head to see who it was.

    It was his principal, Boldt Quartermaine. He had been a former football player in college and was now a really good principal at the middle school. "Glad to hear the doc cleared you, Casey. Not that you'll be at school much after today."

    "And why wouldn't I be around, Principal Quartermaine?" asked Casey curiously.

    Boldt chuckled. "You must not have heard yet. You won, Casey. That picture of yourself you sent in to the Sponsor a Prince contest. The Toons on Q.C. Planet chose your picture over all the others. You won't be here because you'll be getting to go to school in Coolsville. Your parents must be very proud of you."

    Casey was, of course, in shock. He really didn't think he stood a chance since the picture he sent in was just one of himself how he dressed every day. He knew the others had sent in pictures of themselves in wacky costumes. And the toons chose his normal picture rather than a loony looking student. Surely they didn't want someone who looked normal, did they?

    Boldt laughed. "Remember to breathe, Casey."

    Casey blushed as he panted, not realizing that he had been holding his breath. "How could... they choose me?"

    Boldt took Casey over to a bench and gently sat him down. "It's a big shock to you, isn't it? Let me try to explain it to you. The Q.C. Planet toons see zany loony stuff every day. So when the others all sent those wacky pictures as their entry submissions, the toons must have simply yawned when they saw them. Then they came across your picture. The only normal one among the submissions. To the toons, all of your classmates must be class clowns."

    Casey said, "Well, my friend Robert Tabor didn't even send in an entry. His parents wouldn't let him enter because they don't like cartoons. But he is my friend."

    Boldt smiled, as he ruffled Casey's hair. "You need to get over your shock since you'll soon have to choose your sponsoring family that you'll be living with on Q.C. Planet. Now, let's get you off to your class since it will be the last one you'll be attending from now on. I think your fellow students want to congratulate you."

    End of Chapter 01

    Chapter 02

    That night, he was sitting at the dining table with his parents, Gustave and Laveda, and two younger siblings, a boy and a girl named Murphy and Azura. "I still can't believe I won that contest, dad," said Casey. "There is no way I should have won, what with that I sent in that picture of myself in the normal business suit."

    Gustave replied, "Stranger things happen on Q.C. Planet. Principal Quartermaine was likely on the nose when he said that they see loony stuff all the time, and when they came across your picture looking normal and formal, they were very interested in finding out more about you."

    Laveda smiled as he ruffled her son's hair. "We're very proud of you, Casey. I just hope you choose a good family in Coolsville to live with. And we expect to get letters, email, or postcards from you, too. So don't forget that you have a curious family back home."

    Murphy giggled mischievously. "Does this mean we'll get to see Casey in a cartoon show soon?"

    "...and get to make fun of his zany adventures, too," Azura added.

    "Oh my gosh!" exclaimed Casey. "I sure hope not. I really didn't expect to win. I am going to miss Robert the most. He's my best friend."

    Gustave smiled as he sipped his drink. "You can always write to him, you know. Send him photos of what's going on in your life. Keep the friendship going. Then maybe someday... have your toon friends kidnap him." He winked with a giggle.

    Laveda was reading over the itinerary for Casey's Q.C. Planet schedule. "According to this... you make a brief stopover in Terryville to meet with both the City Council and with Gerard Prince, the person who suggested the contest in the first place. After that, you head to Coolsville where you meet with your Housing Agent and he helps you find your Sponsor Family."

    Gustave sipped his drink again. "On Q.C. Planet, a Housing Agent is not someone who sells you a house, like it sounds. He assists you when you choose your possible sponsor families to live with. In effect, he is selling you a family to live with and not an actual house."

    Casey grinned. "That actually sounds weird. Can't wait to see the Terryville Council. I really like Daffy Duck. He's my favorite council member."

    Murphy giggled. "So you can't wait to be spit all over by him!"

    Casey glared at his brother. "It's a speech impediment, Murph. He can't help the way he talks. I just feel sorry for him."

    Azura giggled and chanted, "Casey and Daffy, sitting in a tree..."

    Laveda cleared her throat and chanted in a stern voice, "...And Azura gets a W-H-I-P-P-I-N-G... or she can choose to straighten up at the dining table."

    Azura quietly gulped.

    And so, the dinner conversation ended on that note and everyone prepared for bed.

    End of Chapter 02


      Chapter 03

      The next morning, Casey, dressed in his best clothes, found himself standing in front of the Terryville City Council. And for those who don't know by now, the current city council consisted of Daffy Duck, Scooby-Doo, Yogi Bear, Mickey Mouse, Kovu, T-Bone, Burt Raccoon, Nightmare the Ghost Stallion, and an unknown humanoid lion man working as the stenographer. Mighty Mouse, the mayor of Terryville, was not required to attend the meetings.

      Kovu suddenly said, "Casey Glendon? Could you turn around in a slow circle for us please?"

      Casey did as he was asked... very slowly. He didn't know what this had to do with his evaluation.

      Kovu smiled. "Thank you, Casey. Just stand there, please." And the discussion continued.

      Casey at that point was thinking, At least they didn't dismiss me after asking for a slow turn. I must have done something right. But what?

      Daffy Duck approached Casey, walked around him seeming to be studying his overall appearance, looking at very particular things without pointing out what he is looking at... then he returned to his seat and whispered to the others on Council again.

      Casey began to suspect that the council was looking at something on his person. There must be something wrong with this suit. It interests them. I wonder what it is?

      Then the council took a vote. He was wondering why he was so interesting to the Council of Toon greats. He'd find out soon enough as quite suddenly, the council was LOUDLY arguing about the results of the vote.

      Casey quietly hummed. What the heck is going on now? While they are distracted, I can check myself to see what is wrong with this suit. Then he saw it: his fly was open. He blushed with a frown and quickly zipped it closed. How could I have done THAT?! I am so embarrassed. And of course, he quietly whimpered because of it.

      Daffy Duck snuck away from the council argument and pulled Casey over to one side. "Don't beat yourself up, kid. I knew you didn't know your pants were open. But a lot of the council members thought it was an innocent enough mistake that you would fit in because of it. The only despicable hold outs were Yogi, because he was hungry, and Kovu, because he didn't want you voted on based on your clothing malfunction. I see you fixed it, but try to get over it, Casey. Majority rules around here. You made it past the admissions board." He hugged Casey, took him over to a side lounge, and prepared him a drink.

      Suddenly to end the argument, the stenographer exclaimed, "Kovu... either you reverse your vote or no more bed fun with me! I'll move in with Simba!" And Kovu blushed darkly, as everyone stopped, looked at the lion and... rolled on the floor laughing.

      An hour later, Casey and Daffy Duck stood out front of the city hall shaking hands and both smiling as the press took their picture. It was sure to make the following morning's daily toon newspaper, The Terryville Times.

      Casey whispered to Daffy, "You're my favorite cartoon character even before today. I am glad I got the chance to meet you."

      Daffy smiled wider as he quietly replied, "Unlike Bugs, I don't get off on kissing boys on the mouth. But instead, thanks."

      Casey and Daffy then re-entered city hall to make preparations for Casey's trip to Coolsville.

      End of Chapter 03


        Chapter 04

        The toon limousine ride to Coolsville was a bit over the top in Casey's opinion, but since he was getting to ride in Daffy Duck's personal limousine, he wasn't going to complain at all. He really liked Daffy Duck.

        Soon, as the limousine was drawing near to Coolsville, he suddenly heard and then saw the Turbo Kat Swat Jet fly over the limousine. That is when he remembered: Coolsville was the setting for all of the original New World Mutants episodes that supposedly occurred in Fairdale, Pennsylvania, as well as being the home to Mystery Inc, the Swat Kats, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the Road Rovers, and the Biker Mice from Mars. It also had a suburb dedicated to Paris, France, where all of the Lupin the Third personalities hung out and performed their wild stunts.

        "This might actually be a cool place to live," he remarked as the limousine continued its trek into the city limits of Coolsville. Although Coolsville didn't look like a city at all, but it was a port town with several nearby rural farm settings. All in all, with the exception of the Doo brothers, Coolsville was a marvel and a mystery to behold.

        When the limousine entered Coolsville, there were no parades or celebrations awaiting him. In fact, contrary to how QC Planet had welcomed the Prince family (see Anisapien High (QCP-BG-01; Chapter Two,) Casey's arrival was all but unnoticed. It was business as usual in Coolsville. "Maybe no one told them I was coming..." remarked Casey as they drove through the center of town without so much of a peep out of any resident there. "Or maybe they think it's Daffy in the limousine."

        Whichever it was, the transport soon pulled on to an old main street where the older part of town stood before they built the newer sections of Coolsville. Casey smiled when he saw Dinkly's Mystery Bookstore on that street. So he could see Velma at the least. He was wondering who else lived on this street. And then the limousine make a left and stopped in front of a casual looking one story home with a nice front yard, though toward the back it had it's own barn, stables, blacksmith, corral, workshop, and airplane hangar, vehicle garage, and a swimming pool.

        "This can't be right... can it?" asked Casey as the chauffeur opened the door for him at that home.

        "According to Mr. Duck's directions, this is indeed the place, Casey Glendon," commented the mallard like chauffeur as he popped the trunk of the limousine and began unloading Casey's luggage.

        Casey glanced at the place again. "It just seems so... huge. Who all lives here? I thought I was getting in with a sponsor family."

        The mallard replied, "Daffy only told me to bring you here; he didn't tell me who lived here."

        Casey thought that was strange and before he could ask another question, he found himself in the embrace of a semi-morphic brown pony with a golden mane and tail. "What the...?"

        The pony smiled and gave Casey's face a nice lick. "Hi Casey. I'm your sponsor mom, Sable Pony. I used to co-star in the Boy Ponies Ranch series. Your sponsor dad will be out in a minute. We were getting your welcoming party all set up for you. My, you do taste good. I am sure you will love it here with the others."

        Casey arched an eye. "The others? I thought I was the only sponsor boy coming in."

        Sable smiled. "You _are_ the only one. The others are property residents who all live here. We have a little of everything here. Let's get your suitcases and computer gear moved inside the house, and then I'll give you the grand tour of the place." And with that, Sable along with Casey and the chauffeur brought Casey's belongings inside.

        End of Chapter 04


          Chapter 05

          Sometime later, Sable was showing Casey around the property. In the hangar, they saw Blade Feral (a megakat nephew of Enforcer Commander Feral,) Penalty (the son of Wildwing of the Mighty Ducks,) and Shakespeare (the son of TMNT leader, Leonardo) as they repaired what looked like a souped up version of the famous Turtles Van. In a side garage, they found Clutch Van Wham (Throttle's son, a cousin to Zachary Van Wham) and Rushky (Exile's number one son from Siberia.) The two were in the process of building a motorcycle that had Casey's name on it. Finally, the tour ended back in the kitchen where Sable gave a hug to the C.O.W.-Boy son of Cowlorado Kid, Songhorn, who was just finishing the decorations for Casey's welcome party.

          "Look who I found in the front yard, love," said Sable with a loving smile.

          "Glad you could make it, Casey," started the white bull. "I am Songhorn, your Sponsor dad. I am the son of the Cowlorado Kid. But since they won't let me be on the show, I work for a small time theater group playing their music for them. I assume you saw the others, haven't you? Was that Darkwing Duck that I saw driving Daffy Duck's limousine?"

          Casey blinked his eyes! "That was DD? Oh man, I didn't even recognize him! I feel really stupid now!"

          "Don't feel stupid, Casey," chuckled the cow-boy. "I can give you his phone number and you can call him later. Just remember that no one performs their day jobs off camera. Q.C. Planet is a different world compared to the publicized cartoon world."

          "By the way, Songhorn..." began Casey as he admired the party favors. "...why are there so many toons living here in this household?"

          "We run a boarding house, of sorts," he replied. "Everyone living here are toons who can't get into their parents' shows so they choose to live out on their own and the majority of them end up coming to us to live here. However, Sable and I have always wanted a Sponsor Son of our own, so when you won the Sponsor a Prince contest, we were pleased that you chose me as a Sponsor Parent. Sable is my love partner in the household, so you get her for the same price. As for the others, just think of them as your new 'house brothers' who you can have fun with. I was told that Clutch and Rushky were building you a motorcycle of your own, Casey."

          "I saw it during the tour; it looks really nice."

          "Now here's the main rule, Casey..." said the C.O.W.-boy offspring. "If you can manage to stay completely human for a full year, then you will have earned your Q.C. Planet citizenship rights. After that, if you want to become a toon, there are several ways to join the rest of us. But you have to last a year first."

          That evening, the welcoming party that Casey expecting in town occurred in the Sponsor Family household. Everyone who was anyone in Coolsville showed up for the party and most had brought presents for Casey.

          Bastan McCoy (the genetic son of X-Men's Beast and Lion-O of the Thundercats) as well as Flail of Camelhot (Flicker and Flame's son) had arrived with a real human of their own, a boy named Drake Masterson. They had been housing locally and they also wanted to meet Casey for the first time before his enrollment in Coolsville High.

          Not to mention, Songhorn always threw the best block parties.

          When Casey was presented with his new motorcycle and he posed with it in front of the Boarding House, photographers took pictures of him and his gift. He was given a copy of the full color photograph and it was explained that this event would appear on the front page of the Coolsville Herald.

          End of Chapter 05