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[Dasher] LAW-DM-04 The Lunar Hop

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    [Dasher] LAW-DM-04 The Lunar Hop

    Dustin "Dasher" Montgomery

    [Dasher] LAW-DM-04 The Lunar Hop.
    April 11, 2020
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter One

    The next day, Dasher walked into the temple of Ruvuleroo where upon he saw a Boomertod High Priest attending the altar at the end of the chamber. Dasher approached the priest and said, "Good day, good priest. I would like to join the following of Ruvuleroo. I am prepared to let him mate with me. I am a Seeker whom is associated with Lord Hart and company."

    The priest waved a paw-hand over Dasher's nose before stating. "Sadly yas cannot join this religion while yas are affected by a divine curse. Remove this malady and return another time to seek entry into our following."

    Dasher didn't budge from the spot as he lifted his head toward the ceiling and called out, "Starshine! Harmony! I need you if you please!"

    The two deities appeared in the temple flanking each side of Dasher. "What is your inquiry, Dasher?"

    Dasher said, "When my body was dead, didn't you two remove all ailments from my body? This priest says that I am affected by a divine curse which prevents me from joining their religion. He said that if I were to get this curse removed and return another time, then I could join their following. Please check me out again, good sirs."

    The two gods then began their examination of Dasher just as Ruvuleroo himself teleported into his temple to see why his high priest had called for him. "Dasher... you aren't going to like this, but this is the reason why you should be careful when choosing gods or even arguing with them. Even though you had been tricked by the demons to choose Hidengo as your god, you were apparently not freed from his following properly and thus... as a parting shot, he laid this curse upon you; only the god who placed it upon you can lift it."

    Dasher sighed. "So what is the proper way? If you will recall, he was in the process of possessing me and was going to not only transform me into his species, but make me get pregnant with an evil demon tainted joey for him to claim. Also, he initially told me that he was not going to make me do silly things that other gods would have me do. And then he hit me with this garbage... exactly as he claimed that he would not do. What kind of curse is this? And how can I get rid of it? I do not want to join his species."

    Harmony the Lion God of Healing replied, "Bender of Gaeon and Jimmy of Pathbinder both did this for Lord Hart to help free him of a god that Hart really did not want to be following. They fought the hippo sex god and won, but as a parting shot, the horribly fat hippo asked the two to have sex with him. They killed him and cut his body pieces into tiny cubes which they cremated in holy flames. This freed Hart so he could choose a proper deity. If you will recall, Lord Khan is not a god and he could care less about religions at all. Despite using the divine axes, he is a mortal, Dasher. A mortal whom dislikes all gods since none of the ones he turned to would help free his brother. And he hates all evil demons since a demon possessed his brother and since the gods would not help him to save his brother's soul, he took his brother's life to free his spirit from being controlled by demons."

    Starshine and Ruvuleroo both said at the same time, "You are cursed with being a Shadow-based Were-Kangaroo." And then Ruvuleroo added, "When 'e was inside yer body, Dasher, 'e infected yas with the Moon-touched curse. Either two gods will need to defeat and/or kill this rotten god or... get Lady Luna of the Moon Dancing Wolves to conduct a cleansing rite upon yas to lift the curse. Normally a cleansing rite costs many gold and silver. Luna 'erself must do this; no one else can remove this curse except for 'idengo himself... IF yas can convince 'im to lift it. Worse, yas need to 'ave this lifted before yas transform under the light of the moon. At that point, yas will be stuck as yer new species."

    At that moment, Dasher got a mental communication in his head from someone he wasn't all that thrilled about. "Ah see yas learned why mortals should not play with artifacts, mate. After Ah was bounced out of yer body, Dasher, Ah reappeared in Rale regenerating within one of my temples. 'armony is a smart lion, mate; since Ah was angry that a mortal was pretending to be a god, Ah laid the curse upon yas. Erasing my name off of the Retcon sheet will not remove me as yer deity. There are specific rules in play to be free of a god. Ah obey these rules, Dasher, my boy. 'ow is it different that yas were going to let another roo god mate with yas, yet yas won't do that with me? Ah 'ave to cry foul on that idea. Ah am still yer god whether yas like it or not, Dasher. Do you want to earn yer way out my following? Or would yas rather Ah go away so yas can learn that Luna cannot lift yer curse? By the way, mate... the three days and nights of the full moon starts in four days. Whether yas can see the moons or not. First time transformation is very painful and yas will rip out of all of yer clothes and armor; it is better to be naked. And yas should be out where yas can 'unt fresh game or else yas will kill and eat someone yas really like."

    Dasher focused on Hidengo's voice. "So, regardless, you are not going to lift this curse, are you?"

    Hidengo mentally replied, "That depends upon if yas want to earn the right to be free of it. If yas choose not to earn it, then Ah will be silent during the full moons so yas can focus on being a feral Were-Kangaroo. Yas will also lose any and all powers yas currently 'ave when yas transform... as in gone forever. Yas will also lose yer voice and while feral, yas will act like any other wild beast. When the full moons end, yas will revert back into yer reindeer form where ever yas last were at as a roo. But even then, yer powers will still be gone; species or earned through learning. Doesn't matter. Gone means gone. A powerless Sage Antler Reindeer wouldn't last very long in the adventuring worlds. So... do yas want to earn being free of me and get the curse removed so yas don't lose yer powers or do yas want to rough it out on yer own."

    Dasher chose to respond with, "If I find your words to be true, I will contact you about the deal in three days. Before the full moons. Now I would appreciate your not spying on me. Had you kept your original word that I wouldn't have had to do silly things like other gods would ask of a follower, then we wouldn't be in this spot now. Until next time. Bye."

    Dasher was glad when Hidengo didn't respond with a retort. Then he began to tell the three gods what Hidengo just informed him about. "If Luna cannot lift this curse, then my powers are gone. I will be useless in Centralia. And I will have no chance with Comet at all. I know he will never want to be with a powerless were-kangaroo that looks like that god."

    Ruvuleroo then said, "If yas can get 'im to lift the curse, then yas could join my religion and 'ave my protection from any other tricks 'e may decide to lay on yas. But as we said before, yas cannot join my following while yer cursed. So per'aps agree to 'is terms for now to get 'im to lift the curse."

    Dasher said, "He was upset that I was going to let you mate with me; yet I wasn't going to let him do the same. He asked me what the difference was between you and him."

    Ruvuleroo replied, "The big difference is that Ah am not a Were-Kangaroo. It is safe to play with me. Can 'e say that?"
    End of Chapter One

    Chapter Two
    Meeting with Luna was as expected. "A ritual cleansing can only be done under the light of the full moon. And from what you have told me, if we wait until then, you will lose all of your powers and your voice. I will mention this one little fact, Dasher. The Moon-touched keep their word once given. If Hidengo promised to lift your curse in exchange for having you do tasks for him, then that is your only hope. Unless..."

    Dasher arched an eye. "Unless...? I could use some hope."

    Luna turned to Harmony and lowered her voice to speak to the lion god in private. "Could you have Daniel go to Dasher's home on Earth and fetch a hair brush from Dasher's bedroom to bring back to us? I am keeping this talk quiet since Hidengo might be listening through Dasher's ears and mind. I find it suspicious that the shadow recruiter god would mention me by name to tell Dasher that I wouldn't be able to help the boy."

    Moments later, Daniel the Archon Lion priest returned holding a plastic bag as he handed it over to Luna and Harmony. "Everything in this bag smells like Dasher did when I first met him as a human. I can tell there is clipped hair in the bag as well as something that smells like lady's powder. The bottle has the words 'Ban Roll-on'. I don't know what that means."

    Luna then whispered, "Now, go fetch me a small cup of Comet's semen. Make him provide it if you have to. This is important if we are to save Dasher."

    As Daniel departed yet again on the second task that he was not looking forward to, Starshine and Ruvuleroo returned from their outing with a casket. Starshine quietly said, "The Sages were not too thrilled that we came to ask for this, but they surrendered it to us for your task."

    Ruvuleroo smiled. "When we told them that it would 'elp the legendary 'ero's fellowship, they were more cooperative."

    Luna quietly remarked, "It wasn't a lie. You must really like Dasher if you are helping us with this so freely."

    Ruvuleroo said, "When Ah 'eard that 'e 'elped another Boomertod out of a witch's spell, Ah knew that Ah 'ed to 'elp 'im. Especially since 'e requested to join my followers."

    Daniel then returned with the small cup of freshly acquired donation. "Comet is worried about Dasher. He was crying when I found him. Here... this wasn't the nicest thing I have ever had to collect." He handed it over to Luna before leaving to wash his hands in a fountain in Harmony Court.

    Luna's high priest then approached Dasher with a mug of what smelled like tea. "Luna requests that you drink this and then lay yourself flat on your back and close your eyes. She says that if this doesn't work, then no harm done. It is an attempt to help you."

    Dasher took the mug and without inhaling the tea's scent, he lifted the mug to his lips and swallowed a heavy load of the brown broth like fluids. Then he handed the mug back to the wolven priest as he laid himself back on the bench and closed his eyes. He was then immediately unconscious. If Hidengo had been spying and listening, he could hear no more.

    Daniel then returned and allowed his god to touch his forehead to get the perfect memory of how Dasher looked as a human and then the memory was combined with Dasher's clipped head hair from the plastic bag Starshine then cast the tissue and body restoration spell on the skin tissue that held on to the roots of Dasher's human hair. And over time, an exact copy of Dasher's Dustin Montgomery body formed on the table before the gods and Archon feline. Starshine then had Ruvuleroo help him to extract Dasher's spirit and soul out of his cursed sleeping body where it was then divinely linked into Dasher's new human body. The next step was to combine Comet's semen with the genetic material that was part of the deceased Sage Antler Reindeer's body in the casket. The new combination was then injected down the new human body's throat where it arrived inside Dasher's new stomach. Once this was done, the human body then slowly transformed into what Dasher's Sage Antler Reindeer body had appeared as before.

    As the other gods did their task, Luna then opened a viewing orb into the past where she had the light of the full moon beam through and coat Dasher's old body entirely, causing the old Reindeer body to shift into a black furred feral Shadow-based Were-Kangaroo which had no powers and no memory of having ever been human nor reindeer. Dasher's new body was then lowered into the Sage Antler Reindeer casket and the lid was closed despite the casket having air hole for Dasher to continue to get fresh air without being seen.

    Luna then said out loud, "Well, that didn't work! I guess I failed to lift his curse! We best just send this Were-Kangaroo back to Hidengo's lair back on Rale!"

    Harmony remarked, "It is a shame that we couldn't save him! But Hidengo did predict that you wouldn't be able to do it! I just hope the other adventurers understand why we had to attempt this cleansing!"

    Ruvuleroo stated, "Drat! Ah was looking forward toward 'is serving me! But per'aps Ah will get lucky next time! Ah need to return to my temple!" And he briefly stepped outside of the temple to await the signal to come back. All in all, this was a fun game. Only gods could get away with lying to each other and get away with it.

    Starshine made sure that the old body truly had the Hidengo god choice linked to it, and it alone; while the new body was clean of god choices, exactly as they planned. Dasher would get a brand new chance to do it right this time without trickery. Luna then sent the unconscious feral Were-Kangaroo back to Hidengo's temple on Rale.

    When it arrived, Hidengo prematurely celebrated as he had sex with the sleeping were-roo body.

    Think that he had won, he removed the curse from the body and then he proceeded toward getting pregnant from his follower, having forgotten that once transformed that the Were-roo would be feral and not even recognize Hidengo at all. During the event of mating with the feral beast, it awoke and attacked the god for disturbing it. The fight lasted for several hours until Hidengo had to kill the beast himself to preserve his own life. "Not wot Ah 'ad planned, dammit! At least Ah got a joey out of the stupid boy before Ah 'ad to kill 'im."
    End of Chapter Two


      Chapter Three
      When Dasher awoke the next time, he found himself in a pile of soft furs and caressing his naked body was Ruvuleroo. "Um... where am I? What day is it? Am I still asleep?"

      Ruvuleroo smiled as he replied, "Yas are in my personal chambers, Dasher. Are yas ready to join my religion as we spoke about before? Yas are no longer under the nasty curse."

      Dasher smiled as he said, "I am ready, sir. Will this hurt?"

      Ruvuleroo climbed on top of Dasher and kissed him deeply on the muzzle as he began to mate with the nice boy whom was willing to believe in him.

      Time passed in the personal chamber and when Dasher next awoke, he felt like he was giving birth to something with strong lungs and a hefty kick.

      Ruvuleroo said, "Ah time displaced the chamber so yas would only be pregnant for the length of time that Cosmic's test 'as been occurring. For yer body, it 'as been three months. And yas are birthing out the healthiest set of joeys that Ah 'ave ever 'ad a follower give me. Both male. Yas really earned my blessing, Dasher. When we are done 'ere, we will get yas cleaned up and then yas should return to Comet and show yer boyfriend a good time. 'e is really worried about yas."

      Dasher then asked, "How do I show your religion proper respect when the fellowship is traveling abroad?"

      Ruvuleroo replied, "Say the word, 'Oye', and 'op in place one time. Since yas 'ave been through so much already, Ah am making it easy for yas, mate. Oh! And use the word 'mate' as often as yas can, even if it annoys yer friends. But if they are really yer friends, they won't even blink twice."

      Dasher smiled as he kissed the god on the side of his muzzle. "Whatever you say, mate! Oye!" And he hopped in place to test it out.

      Ruvuleroo giggled. "Good boy. Let's get yas cleaned up so yas can go mate with Comet. By the way, My clan name is Renny which is short for Reynard. Ruvuleroo is the name of the religion, sexy. Time for that bath. Renny Todboomer. Boomertods look like fox people, while Todboomers look like roo people."

      After a good and thorough cleansing inside and out, Dasher presented himself within Comet's personal chambers where he found the scout looking somewhat miserable on his bed. Dasher slid into bed in front of his friend and he gently hugged him while lip locking his muzzle to Comet's mouth. "I'm home, Comet. I got a clean bill of health and no more curse. I heard that you made tears for me. I still love you, Comet."

      Comet smiled when he realized that Dasher had come home to him and he hugged the boy turned reindeer tightly and proceeded to show him the best time he could muster. "I am so glad you still want me, Dasher."

      "We all do stupid things, Comet. Remember when I first told you that? Thankfully there are those whom are smarter than the ones that cause the trouble whom can help us iron it all out. When Daniel had to milk you to get the cure semen, I know he wasn't happy that he had to get it; but how did you feel about giving it to him?"

      "He told me that it would help to save your life in the most ultimate way. Once he said that, I made the effort to give him as much as I could during one session. Filling a small cup wasn't easy, but once it was done. I apologized to Daniel since I could tell he didn't like the task. The poor lion is only legally allowed to mate with his apprentices and no one wants to become one of his apprentices. So he has none."

      Dasher then said, "That is hardly fair to Daniel. He has more than earned the right to receive some loving; Harmony should permit Daniel to play around once a year. We know that Daniel really isn't interested in full time sexual fun, so once in a while should be fine. But perhaps I should just keep my nose in my own affairs and stop trying to make gods more reasonable. They probably think us mortals don't know what we're talking about."

      Comet kissed Dasher again. "I don't want to get either of us pregnant tonight, love. Since the thirty day test ends tomorrow, I would like to get our fellowship ready for another outing. We have been sitting here idle for the last thirty days and even Eclipsa was beginning to ask if we were going to go do something fun. Even Lord Rayne was starting to look antsy. We have to go do something or else all we did by coming here was to send ourselves into a prison hole as a punishment."

      Dasher returned the kiss deeply as he remarked, "As long as you are happy, mate, I am glad to do anything you want to do whether in the field or here in bed. But you are right... we need to go adventuring while we have the Summer left over. When Summer ends, I have to return to Hollywood High to attend my school classes. And that means meeting up with other young people my age. Some are pretty wacky in their interests. But none of them will ever be more wacky than an elephant barbarian whom travels with three religious icons."

      Comet smiled. "Being stuck somewhere without furry adventurers is going to be so boring for you. But I understand: it's an education in the human world."

      Dasher kissed his boyfriend one more time before the two pulled the covers up over themselves to get some sleep for the night. Dasher couldn't be happier.

      The next morning, Comet and Dasher took a morning bath together after which they dried off and got dressed before heading off to get some breakfast. In the dining hall, they saw Wilbur the Druid Rat seated next to Bender of Gaeon looking absolutely miserable. "Am I ever glad I cannot hear Arakoth's priests and followers anymore. How can he put up with a lot of the filth that they pray for? I never want to hear that stuff again."

      Dasher smiled. "Sounds like you learned a valuable lesson about bitching to the gods' muzzles about things you really don't understand. I would say that he has an internal turn-off switch or a volume control so he doesn't have to hear all of it non-stop as you and the others had to deal with. Anyway, Comet and I need to find our fellowship and plan an outing."
      End of Chapter Three