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[Dasher] LAW-DM-02 The Jade Crown

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  • [Dasher] LAW-DM-02 The Jade Crown

    Dustin "Dasher" Montgomery

    [Dasher] LAW-DM-02 The Jade Crown.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    January 01, 2018

    Chapter One

    Montgomery Estate; West Hollywood, California; Planet Earth.
    Darren Montgomery asked, "What exactly was that, Dustin?"

    Dasher while still holding the iron machete stepped back over to stand with his parents, Darren and Alicia. "That was a demon lord, dad. They are after something I found that I no longer have. It was a magical patch of fur which permits them to teleport across worlds and dimensions. When I had a priest out here blessing my estate house last night, I showed him the patch of fur and he said he would dispose of it properly back at the Catholic church. So I no longer have the thing the demons are looking for. But they don't know that, dad."

    Darren crossed his arms over his chest and said, "Nice try, Dustin. Unless you forgot, I have to deal with lying actors and actresses back at the studios every single day. What's the real story; tell me the truth and I won't punish you."

    And this is why I should never try to craft a safe story to use for my family's benefit. My dad has to put up with liars at work and when one of his kids tells a fib, he doesn't buy it for a second. I took my parents back inside my estate house where I put the machete back on the wall and I prepared myself some breakfast as I told them the whole truth while utilizing some magic as proof and changing into my reindeer man form to add credibility to my story. When I finished and was sitting down to have breakfast, my parents stood there in silence. But I had shown them my reindeer man form and used some magic that my sister didn't even know as yet. I wasn't sure what was going through their minds at this point.

    Dasher's mother, Alicia, then said, "So the Dragon God of Rale, Arakoth, kept the patch of fur and that is why you don't have it anymore."

    Dasher replied, "That's right. And just before you knocked on my door this morning, the Archon Lion known as Daniel a high priest of Harmony blessed my entire home to protect me from the forces of evil here on Earth. But when you guys knocked on the door, Daniel went back to Rale fast. If a demon even so much as tries to enter my house now, they will feel like they are burning and will be in agony."

    Darren said, "And in Rale, you are Dasher the Seeker. Can your reindeer fly like most other magical reindeer do?"

    Dasher switched to his War Reindeer form once again and he had his father sit on his back and then he began floating inside the house and flying from room to room before returning to the kitchen where he let his father get off and then changing back into his human form again and resuming the eating of his breakfast. "I would have to say yes, I can fly."

    Alicia said, "I assume your new friends want you to come visit when you can, right?"

    Dasher replied as he finished up his breakfast. "Yes. But please keep in mind, regardless of how long I spend in Rale, only one hour passes here on Earth. And yes, modern conveniences do work in Rale despite the place being a magical world."

    Darren then said, "Then there is something you can do for us while you are there. If I give you a miniature solar powered camcorder with an extensive life video storage unit, could you fly around their capital city and video tape a random every day life tour of the city to bring back to us for production purposes?"

    Dasher replied as he was washing his dishes, "I can ask Lord Hart for his permission to film the capital city. I know it is a request that no one has ever made before."

    Darren said, "Do this for me and you can spend as long as you like with your new friends."

    Dasher smiled. "Its a deal, dad."

    Darren said, "I will go fetch the camera unit for you, son." And he headed back to the main house to get the camera.

    Alicia remarked, "Don't tell your father I suggested this, Dustin, but when you first cross back over to Rale, cast a detect evil spell on the camera just to be on the safe side. I don't want you to endanger your new friends. If it passes the test then you can continue to do as your father asks."

    His mother then departed the house right quick but she returned easily before his father had a chance to return. She then handed over a small book to Dasher and said, "Pocket this and then have your magic user friends read through this book and see if they can learn anything from it."

    Dasher quickly pocketed the book just as his father came back into the estate house.

    "Here you go, son," said Darren. "One fully prepared camera for your filming job in Rale. As we agreed upon, spend as much time as you like with your friends in Rale."

    Dasher could see right away that this was not a cheap model camera; this was one of his father's executive camera units for filming on the go. He had always wanted to play with one of these cameras but he never wanted to take a chance of breaking one since he knew the price tag was way up there. "We should have the family pool cleaned before anyone chooses to swim in it. A demon lord was in that water. Since my dishes are washed, I will change forms and head over to Rale right now. For now, you both should get to work. I don't want you to lose your jobs." And after he made sure his parents were out of his estate house. He locked the door from the inside and then he went into his bedroom and stepped into the walk-in closet.

    "I hope mom is wrong about this camera. I have always wanted to play with one of dad's mini-cameras." And then he transformed into his War Reindeer form as he cast the Detect Evil spell on the camera while still on Earth. When the camera lit up with a red light, Dasher sighed as he disposed of the camera in the trash compactor. "All yours, Darth Vader."
    End of Chapter One