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[APT-01] THT-01 Clubbing Time

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    [APT-01] THT-01 Clubbing Time

    Cloud Kingdoms - Animation Production Territory

    [APT-01] THT-01 Clubbing Time.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter One.

    14 years prior...

    Near the end of a standard Care Bear mission on Earth, Brave Heart Lion and Champ Bear were in the extra cloud car and they were about to follow Tender Heart, Cheer Bear and True Heart back to Care-a-lot when the unexpected happened. A powerful beam of light from a nearby city's concert stadium spotlight hit both Brave Heart and Champ Bear directly in the eyes which made their cloud car descend toward the beam of light's source. Fearing a crash, Brave Heart and Champ Bear braced for impact only to have their cloud car land in a safety net that had been stretched across the open area of the stadium. When the dazzle of the powerful light began to fade from their eye sight, they saw an African American teen age boy clamor across the netting to the cloud car where upon he got into the back seat with the two and buckled up.

    "I wasn't sure how that was going to work, guys. My name is Johnny Guitar; no that is really my last name. My dad builds electric guitars for rock bands. Today is my birthday and the only thing I have ever wanted was to go see Jasmine in concert. I found out through the groupies web site that she has a gig tonight at a nightclub in the Cloud Kingdoms called Hopes and Dreams. Since my parents didn't know how to get me to the nightclub, I knew that I would have to flag down a Care Bear in order to make the trip. If you guys can take me there, you will cheer me up something fierce. I was on the verge of doing something really bad to myself if I couldn't go see Jasmine on my birthday. I just turned 16. I sure am lucky I saw you guys finishing a caring mission. I am sorry I used the high powered City Stadium spotlight. Can you help me? I still believe in Care Bears and magic."

    Champ Bear shook the stars out of his eyes. "Well, Sports fan! If going to one of her concerts on your birthday will cheer you up, then we will be glad to take you there and back home afterward! Its what Care Bears and Care Cousins do! Isn't that Right, Brave Heart?"

    Brave Heart didn't look happy. "I just want to go home to my cave to get some sleep." But then he saw the crest fallen look on the boy's face. "But... one last mission for the night couldn't hurt anything. My bed will always be there."

    This resulted in the dark brown haired young man giving Brave Heart a fond hug as he said, "I knew I could count on the King of Feelings! Thank you, Brave Heart!"

    Champ Bear grinned. "It will only be for a few hours. You could be back in your cave by midnight, sports fan."

    Johnny said, "I love you guys if we can get to see Jasmine in concert. I don't know whom the opening act will be. But her profile says she likes to give new talent a chance."

    Since Brave Heart and Champ Bear had never heard of a nightclub in the Cloud Lands, they had to rely on the directions that Johnny had gotten off of the web site.

    Hopes and Dreams Nightclub; Unicorn Legacy Peninsula

    When Brave Heart pulled the cloud car into the parking lot of the nightclub, both he and Champ Bear were surprised that this place even existed. They thought they had explored every part of the Forest of Feelings and they had never seen this place before. As Champ Bear turned his head to look at Johnny, he noted that the young man was removing all of his clothes and storing them in the floor board of the cloud car. "What are you doing, sports fan?"

    Johnny replied, "They have a clothing rule at the door, Champ. No clothes permitted beyond that point; they have had problems with customers concealing weapons in cloaks; so now to get in, visitors must bear it all like the natives. All I need is the door fee for the three of us and then we can go inside. The door fee pays for us to watch the concert and to get any food or drinks in the club. I can pick up my clothes when we go to leave later. I'm not embarrassed over the rule here. It could be worse."

    Champ Bear then removed his sports jacket and stored it within the trunk of the cloud car. "I feel naked without my sports jacket, Johnny. But if you are not bothered by the rule then I can play by the rules as well. I just hope this never ends up in one of our TV shows. Although Mr. Nelvana approves some pretty bizarre things."

    Brave Heart grinned. "You look good in the natural, sports fan." He giggled after getting to use Champ Bear's phrase against him.

    Champ replied, "You think you're funny, don't you?"

    Brave Heart laughed. "And me without my camera."

    At the door, a burly rhino with a fist over a heart symbol on his tummy said, "How many?"

    Johnny said, "Three, please. Tonight is my birthday; I just turned 16 and I've always wanted to see Jasmine in Concert. I am not looking to get a discount, Mister."

    The rhino arched an eye as he noticed the speaker was a naked human boy. "This is her last night here at the Hopes and Dreams. We are gonna miss her when she moves on. Six dollars. Jasmine's opening act tonight is Frolic Faun from Passion Park. He is a faun with fox legs instead of having goats legs. His head is much like a fox. He plays a Saxophone as well as a Clarinet. He bills himself as the Sounds of Frolic. I heard him practicing earlier. He is pretty good. Jasmine can sure pick these guys. She is braver than I to be in Passion Park."

    Once they had cleared the door, Johnny asked Champ Bear, "Just what is Passion Park, Champ? I've never heard that place name in your TV show."

    Champ Bear blushed. "It is an sexually adult zone; word is that they sleep all day and have weird sex all night. If you walk in at night, you are open game."

    Brave Heart said with some fear in his voice. "Swift Heart Rabbit almost got caught in there one night when the sun set during a supply run."

    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two.

    After getting some food and drink, Champ and Brave Heart found a table close to the stage while Johnny used the lavatory. While the boy was in there, the foxy faun came in and used a space next to his before emerging to wash his hands in the free flowing water sink basin. Frolic glanced to one side to look at the boy. "Aren't you the birthday boy?"

    Johnny smiled. "Yeah, that's me. Johnny Guitar. And no, I have no idea on how to play the guitar. It's my dad's surname. You're that really handsomely cute Frolic the Faun from Passion Park or so the rhino bouncer said. "I knew Jasmine gave new talent a chance to open for her. I didn't know you would be chosen to be the opening act on my birthday. Um... may I pet on your tail?"

    Frolic grinned. "Only if I can give you a blow job. Small price to pay for a tail petting. Of course if you want to go beyond a tail petting, you can show me what you know about sex and I will see to it that you can meet Jasmine in her dressing room. Are you interested?"

    Johnny hugged Frolic and said, "I am so glad I got a chance to chat with you, Frolic. Wanna be friends after tonight is over?"

    Frolic grinned again as he hugged the boy in return. "I would love to be one of your boyfriends. Those two you came in with seem a little nervous and innocent. How did you bag two virgins like them?"

    Johnny giggled. "They are virgins? That shouldn't surprise me... but how can you tell?"

    Frolic quietly explained how a virgin puts off an attraction scent to both females and males of all species and how everyone paying attention will notice.

    Johnny then explained, "Champ Bear is a sports fan. Just talk sports and sporting terms to him and he will be in some nice date's pocket; Brave Heart Lion is the King of the Forest of Feelings and while he doesn't act like a king, he is rather innocent and he has a soft spot for other felines."

    Frolic started chanting, "Jasmine will get a boyfriend. Jasmine will get a boyfriend." He then stopped chanting and he said, "Lets go see if the bartender has my meal and drink ready. Then you and I can sit down in my alcove where I can have my meal and you can pet on my tail as we agreed upon. After I finish my meal, I will give you a blow job and then you can show me what all you know about sex in exchange for getting to meet Jasmine early."

    Out in the club itself, Champ got up to try his luck on the dance floor. He was the athletic bear and he did know how to dance most of the new dance movements. When he finished, he was approached by a set of twin pink female bears with no tummy markings. "We are tennis players, handsome. Perhaps you can shoot the breeze with us on tennis terms while we prepare for our upcoming tennis match. Do you play yourself? You seem like the athletic stud."

    Champ Bear straightened up proudly as he replied, "Why of course, sports fans. I try to learn every sport at least once. The only Care Bear whom beat me in Tennis was Cheer Bear. But I was showing off so my loss was expected."

    Brave Heart sighed as he looked down into his glass of fruit punch. He was choosing not to drink anything with booze in it. He was the designated driver and he needed to be sober for that. Just being in this nightclub made him nervous. He kept expecting to see either No-Heart or Beastly walk out of the crowd at any moment.

    One hour later, a cleaned up Johnny and Frolic came and found Brave Heart. "Hey Kingy. I helped Frolic with a task and as a reward, he is going to introduce us to Jasmine before the concert. We were thinking that you could come with us because Jasmine is feeling a little down and a nice strong presence like yours could cheer her up. Um, what happened to Champ?"

    Brave Heart sighed as he slowly stood up. "He went out on the dance floor where he met two pink bears whom said they played tennis and the three of them went off somewhere together. Since Champ left me by myself, I can come with you guys so I am not all alone out here. I keep expecting to see No-Heart or Beastly show up."

    Frolic grinned. "They came here once a long time ago and they got their rumps handed to them as they got thrown out. They haven't been back since. I think they are afraid of this place now. Don't worry, you and Johnny will be with me. Besides, I think I know the two twin pink bear ladies. They come to this club a lot. They've been looking for a boyfriend."

    The three of them were soon backstage at the doors for the performers. Frolic knocked on the door and when the door opened, The female jaguar smiled when she saw Frolic and she smiled more when she saw a naked human boy and a sexy lion stud. "Hello Frolic. What a nice looking young man. And whom is this new lion I have never seen before?"

    Brave Heart gently shook the Jaguar's hand. "I am Brave Heart Lion and the boy is Johnny Guitar. My friend Champ Bear got nabbed by the twin pink bear ladies. Frolic told me that you were feeling a bit down and perhaps needed my help to lift your feelings. That's what Care Bears and Care Bear Cousins do."

    The Jaguar smiled as she allow the three to enter her quarters. "I am Jasmine Heart Jaguar of the Steel Clan. I am a stage performer where I entertain those not as fortunate as the rest of us. Tonight is my last night here at the Hopes and Dreams. I really love this place but it is so far out of the way, they don't get the customers they could make each night."

    She then escorted Frolic and Johnny off to a side area where musical instruments and song scripts were stored at. Then she returned to spend some quality preparation time with Brave Heart Lion. "Thank you for caring about a lonely jaguar like me."

    When Frolic didn't hear the lion reply right away, he said to Johnny, "He is scared, isn't he?"

    Johnny smiled. "He is trying to uphold his nobleness and gentlemanly mannerisms in front of a lady. But yeah, he is scared."

    End of Chapter Two.


      Chapter Three.

      Jasmine eventually escorted Brave Heart and Johnny back to the door leading back to the club. "Frolic and I will be starting the concert in the next few minutes. Johnny, you are lucky to have a birthday on my last concert night locally. Frolic tells me that you and he made friends earlier. He keeps his promises in regards to friendship. He doesn't care how old you are as long as you want to be his friend. As for me, Brave Heart and I plan on taking a moonlight stroll after the concert ends. That will give you some more time with Frolic."

      Johnny smiled at Jasmine. "Thank you for doing this concert on my birthday. This is the best night of my life."

      Jasmine hugged the boy. "I should be thanking you. I would never have met a nice lion like Brave Heart had it not been for you wanting to come see my concert. Frolic and I need to get the stage ready. We will dedicate some songs to you, Johnny. Bye for now."

      As Brave Heart and Johnny sat down at their table, they noticed Champ Bear returning from where ever he had been dragged off to earlier. Johnny said, "How did you escape from the twins, Champ?"

      Champ Bear slowly sat down as he took a sip of his drink. "I told them that I was on a caring mission with a nice young man whom was having a birthday and I didn't want to fail in my mission. They let me go in exchange for a kiss on the mouth and an exchange of home locale information. If those two show up in Care-a-lot, the producers will go bonkers."

      The Bartender then held up a microphone and said, "And now for the main event, everyone! The Sounds of Frolic! Be fair to the nice faun; Jasmine did pick him over all the others!"

      When the curtain opened, the fox faun was seated on a small padded bench made over to look like a moss covered boulder as he played his saxophone with a rendition of Marvel Chaos. Then he switched over to his clarinet as he played the Merry Care-a-lot Birthday tune. Then he took a drink of water as he switched back over to his saxophone as he played a rendition of I Lost My Way a local favorite most of the Legacies in the area knew all too well. And after a request to play it again which he did, he took another sip of his drink before switching the Clarinet one last time and he played the Beachcomber Friends tune.

      The Bartender smiled as he held the microphone and said, "Let's give a warm round of applause for the Sounds of Frolic! Coming up next after a small break to reset the stage props, the lady you all came to see... Jasmine Heart Jaguar!"

      Applause was given and then when the applause died down, Frolic joined Johnny and the Caring team at their table. "I was really scared that I would mess up the local favorite. But I seem to have gotten it right." He then gave Johnny a kiss on the mouth as he said, "I wish you could be having a birthday forever. You motivated me to play better. And now, as promised, I will provide you with a magical way to return another day or night without having to bother the Care Bears. You have earned it by agreeing to be my friend."

      As the lights in the nightclub dimmed and a spotlight illuminated a circle on the black sparkling curtains, the bartender held up the microphone and said, "From the far away Steel Clan territories comes the heart throb of entertainment... Jasmine Heart Jaguar!" Special effects explosions went off as the black curtain glided open to reveal the jaguar lady wearing... NOTHING! She then slunk around the stage in a come hither manner of movement, akin to a hypnotic snake as she grabbed the microphone from its stand and she sang Hey Big Spender. Although her eyes were solely upon Brave Heart alone.

      Brave Heart Lion being a gentleman of a Caring Cousin, the second he caught a glimpse of her nudity, his paws went right up over his eyes. Talk about an innocent kitty.

      Although wanting to laugh over his innocence, she would keep her performance professional for now. Swishing her tail as she walked back to where the black curtains were closing behind her. She poked her head out and said, "Now don't go anywhere studs. I have to put on my next costume. And Brave Heart, I will be dressed in the next number. I appreciate your not wanting to ogle my nudity; but I was brought up this way... I've done far worse for a crowd. Be good or I will have to come sit in your lap. Could you imagine me surprising you in your lair later?" She giggled before she withdrew to change into her costume.

      Champ Bear grinned. "Way to go, Brave Heart! I didn't know you had it in you! I cannot wait to tell Playful Heart later!"

      Brave Heart lowered his paws as he growled, "You will tell Playful Heart nothing!"

      When the curtain opened the next time, Jasmine was wearing a formal gown made of palm leaves as she sang Cab Calloway's The Jungle King song. After this song ended, another quick costume change and she was back in party clothes as she sang Never Too Old To Party which was Jasmine's favorite birthday song from the Steel Clan. And then she changed costumes one last time and this time she emerged in a black sequin gown that covered her body respectfully as she began her final song, A Moonlight Stroll For Two. For this number, she left the stage and wandered around the nightclub before nimbly taking Brave Heart by one paw hand and pulling him up to his feet as she led him off toward the back door of the nightclub... still singing.

      When the two were out the door, the Bartender smiled as he raised the Microphone and said, "And that was Jasmine Heart Jaguar giving us her last performance! We want to thank all of you for showing Jasmine your support these last few months! Along with all of the opening acts that she has helped to get their start right here in Hopes and Dreams! Soul Bridge! The Love Pirates! Charlie's Booty Boppers! Hareem's Harem Hearts! The Hope Heroes! Ball Game Blues! Snowing Hell! Noble Strings! Celestial Memories! and The Sounds of Frolic!"

      "Please enjoy the remaining hours we have open since we will be closed for the Winter! And remember, my friends! Your continued support is always appreciated! Until next year!" The bartender put the microphone down as the lights in the nightclub returned to normal and the jukebox was fired up for anyone wanting to use the dance floor.

      Although Brave Heart and Jasmine Heart would be involved out at the promontory where the statue of Dream Heart Unicorn stood, it would take almost two hours before Brave Heart rejoined his friends in the nightclub itself before a final lavatory visit to get cleaned up and then a final order of food and drink to go was acquired, before taking Johnny back home.

      End of Chapter Three.


        Chapter Four.

        12 years prior...

        It was the middle of the night in the Forest of Feelings. Two shadowy figures closed in on Brave Heart Lion's cave. "Are you sure he lives in an old cave? I thought a king would have a castle." The second figure replied, "I watched his movement for a week before tonight and when he is tired he always returns to this cave. Moments after he goes in, snoring sounds are heard. This is where the king sleeps." The feminine figure holding the two year old cub said, "I am rather nervous about leaving Timesy with his father if the king doesn't even have real furniture like we do. We can be barbaric at times; but at least we have real beds." The Shaman like figure replied, "That is why I brought along the mining equipment and building supplies. If need be, the prince will be constructed new quarters to live in. If push comes to shove, we can ask the Duck if he has room for the prince." The female said, "He will hear you digging a hole in the back of his cavern, elder." The elder shaman said, "That is why I brought ear muffs and a scroll of total sleep. He will not even know we expanded his cave until we are long gone." The female said, "I am still bothered by the fact that he has no furniture. Even the nightclub bedrooms where I would stay had clean and decent beds."

        Moments later deep in Brave Heart's cave, a spell was laid on the sleeping lion and the ear muffs placed over his ears before the elder Sergal Shaman used his powers to begin mining a side hallway that would lead to the cub's bedroom chamber. Not long into the dig, the elder Shaman said, "You should see this, Jasmine. I was starting to carve out the bedroom for Timesy and when I hit a spot on the back wall in the hallway, it crumbled to reveal an underground stone bedroom which is already furnished. I think I accidentally found the Earth Tyrant King's Lost Palace. Who knew that Brave Heart Lion would have his cave directly in front of the Lost Earth Palace without his own knowledge? I am going to explore this find and make sure it is safe for both the king of the Forest of Feelings and the Steel Prince."

        During his exploration, the elder Steel Shaman came face to face with Doom Heart Duck whom had heard the mining noises and had come to check out the intrusion. "A thousand pardons, honored Imperial Adviser; my intrusion was not intentional. We were crafting a new bedroom just off of Brave Heart Lion's cavern for the Steel Prince's usage. His birth name is Times Heart Tiger and he is currently a well behaved cub; unlike Hugs and Tugs whom both seem to be stuck in baby age and mentality."

        "We're all doomed, but there is a silver lining." Doom Heart Duck placed his arms over his chest with a sly beak grin. "If I didn't like children, I would be blowing you to kingdom come right now for invading the Rebel Palace. Fate Heart Fox knew all about this place in the old days and he assigned me to safe guard it from the other Tyrants."

        At that moment just behind the duck, a young rat boy holding a lit candle said, "Doomy... is everything okay down here? The guys are scared; you left so suddenly. Are we going to have a new friend to play with soon?"

        The Duck turned and looked at the rat boy whom had a tummy symbol of a lit candle over a crescent moon. "Its okay, Night Light. The Shaman's granddaughter had a son just like we read about in the old stories; the rebellion will live on. Very well, Sword Heart; I will help you to replace the internal bedroom door leading into the Rebel Palace with a secret door which Times Heart can learn about to use later in life to have adventures away from his father. His father was a great explorer before he became the King of the Forest of Feelings. He stupidly touched the Brave Stone. He was lucky he wasn't killed on that day. The explosion was spectacular; I was impressed."

        With Doomy's assistance, the palace door was replaced by a magical secret door which the young tiger would know about yet others would not. The normal bedroom door and frame was moved across the room to the exit leading out to Brave Heart's cavern. The Duck while holding the rat boy around the waist smiled at Jasmine. "Nice to see you again, Jasmine. Did the fireworks operate exactly as you were asking for during the concerts you were doing?"

        Jasmine smiled. "And then some. I think several drinkers made a mess when I set those things off during my one number. And me without my camera."

        The Jaguar then showed the sleeping tiger cub to both Doom Heart and Night Light. "This is Times Heart Tiger; mine and Brave Heart's son. He has a time manipulation power when he uses it. We already instructed him in when to use it and when not to use it. The differences between right and wrong as well as Steel Clan skills and knowledge. Now he needs to learn about caring from his father. That is why we brought him here. I didn't know Brave Heart lived in a cave."

        Doom Heart grinned. "I will help to teach Times Heart about love, hope and friendship. He will have many friends among the rebel boys."

        Jasmine then said, "It is time to introduce Brave Heart to his son. Thank you for your kind offer, Doomy. It was nice to meet you, Night Light." She then joined Sword Heart as they departed Times Heart's new bedroom and returned to Brave Heart's main sleeping chamber where the ear muffs were removed from his head and then the wake up spell was applied to the sleeping lion whom stirred slowly before nearly cringing against the back wall when he saw Jasmine and Sword Heart standing there looking at him.

        "Um... Jasmine... I am so sorry. What ever I did wrong, I apologize. Please don't punish me." His scared act was actually pretty funny.

        The jaguar lady came over and sat beside the lion as she showed Brave Heart the sleeping tiger cub in the blankets. "This is our son, Times Heart Tiger. I have already weened him; now he needs to learn about caring from you. He will answer to Timesy to make it easier for you. My grandfather, the shaman, mined out a bedroom in the back of your cavern to became Times Heart's new bedroom. He's never slept on the cold dry ground before; that is why he needed a real bed. He is already potty trained; so you won't have to worry about diapers. His favorite food is fish. His favorite dessert is ice cream which he finds to be funny. I have to be going now, love. I will return once a year for his birthday. He just turned 2 last night. His birthday wish was to meet and learn from his father; that is why we are bringing him to you now. Be good to him and you will have many more happy moments with me, Brave Heart." She then handed over Times Heart to Brave Heart before standing up and moving back to stand with the Shaman. "Come on, Sword Heart; and my love... Merry Christmas. I love you both. We have to return to the clan grounds. We are not supposed to be traveling during the Winter Months. But Timesy had a specific request. At least it is warm in your cave."

        Jasmine and Sword Heart were then gone... via teleportation.

        Brave Heart smiled at the cute bundle of tiger joy. "My Christmas cub. Happy birthday, Times Heart and... welcome home."

        End of Chapter Four.


          Chapter Five.

          10 years prior...

          A few months after Times Heart Tiger turned four years old, Noble Heart Horse collected Brave Heart Lion, Bright Heart Raccoon and Timesy to make a trip with him to a distant cloud land where he apparently had business. Also, he had promised to get Times Heart some ice cream at a local eatery in the distant cloud land. The tiger loved ice cream.

          After traversing the outskirts of Arbor Heart's forest and getting permission to pass through the pass in the Glacier Heart Mountains, they stayed one night at a Gypsy Donkey caravan where they watched a show and dance before sleeping for the night and then traveling on along an old merchant road where they soon passed through an endless plain of golden wheat. As they reached an old signpost. They were confronted by Rogue Legacy Cousins whom were survivors of the old Empire of Destiny.

          "Four travelers, Noble Heart," said the head wolf bandit. "Four silver; pay the fee and your group may pass."

          Noble Heart was starting to pull out his coin purse when something crazy occurred. All natural sounds around the area just stopped and apparently so did the bandits.

          Times Heart said, "I am not too good with Time Stop, Noble Heart. Lets get out of here before it wears off."

          Brave Heart held on to Bright Heart and Timesy as he said, "Lets go, Noble Heart! You wouldn't give in to Beastly; why were you going to pay these bandits?"

          Noble Heart would not budge as he said, "Because you do not know the whole story, Brave Heart. They have families and children whom are suffering and their fathers are their only source of income. What they were asking is so little. Or have you forgotten the Care Bear mission already? If it weren't for their children, I would have just ran past them. Turn off the time stop, Times Heart. Please."

          When the equine patriarch of the Caring Family put it that way, Times Heart felt ashamed that he almost made other children starve. The time stop ended as the sounds around them resumed as normal. Noble Heart then continued to pay the bandits the fee of passage. "Four silver, gentlemen. Of course, I know your families cannot possibly survive on four silver alone and I know that not many people travel this road anymore. Therefore..." Noble Heart pulled out four gold coins and added that to the four silver. "Make sure your families get the aid they need to live another day."

          The head wolf bandit said, "Your heart is bigger than your generosity, Noble Heart. If the Empire had not fallen, we wouldn't be in this sorry state of affairs now. When Fate Heart Fox simply cut off the payments to his outpost soldiers, we fell on hard times. Please pass on through. Although I am curious; I know you are capable of making a cloud car. Why do you insist on walking the ancient merchants road?"

          Noble Heart replied, "Had I used the cloud car, how would I be able to donate to your family's cause. I enjoy meeting up with you gentlemen when I make this trip. We have business at the Rainbow Estate in Funtasia."

          The group then continued on past the starving ex-soldiers of the old empire. Times Heart sighed. "Are things that bad, Noble Heart?"

          Noble Heart replied, "The old empire used to encompass all of the Forest of Feelings, Care-a-lot, the Glacier Heart Mountains, both sides of Funtasia, a great expanse of the Turbulent Sea and the islands therein, as well as outposts along the Rainbow Sea Shores. They had the best gem mines at the time. The War decimated the livelihoods of the citizens of the empire and now... you saw how bad off those former soldiers were. So yes, it is that bad currently."

          After a few more hours of travel, they passed out of the Golden Plains of Wheat as they entered a fantastical green valley where flowers and butterflies dotted the horizon. And Times Heart got his first few of the winged fillies and unicorn ponies. They even had two human girls and a human boy among their number. A miniature baby dragon held on to one leg of the human boy. Noble Heart said, "Be on your best behavior here, guys. This is Pony Land otherwise known as the Duchy of Funtasia. This was once the seat of magic in the empire."

          When they reached a small town near the Rainbow Estate, Noble Heart Horse said, "Brave Heart... Take Bright Heart and Times Heart over to the Malt Shop and get your son some ice cream. You will find other goodies for sale in there. Just remember not to over-indulge. Here is a pouch of coins to pay for what you buy. I will be over here at this lavender colored cottage where I will be doing my business." And they parted company in the center of the town.

          Brave Heart led his friend and son into the Malt Shop where a female pony was preparing bakery goods while a handsome male pony was tending to the counter. The male pony had gold cup symbols over a blue ribbon on each flank. His fur coloration was a rich Terracotta Bronze while he had the prettiest blue eyes. "Welcome to Bonbon's Malt Shop, friends. What can I get for you today?"

          Brave Heart said, "My son, Times Heart Tiger, loves ice cream. Noble Heart Horse told us that you people could make the best. He is in town currently on business. Bright Heart and I need a few moments to decide on what we want."

          The male pony smiled at the tiger. "Come on over here and have a seat. My name is Champion Pony. I am currently apprenticed to Bonbon to learn how to make all varieties of ice cream. Since you love ice cream so much, tiger, perhaps you could help me to judge my efforts. At the moment, my talents are for vanilla, chocolate and strawberry mint flavors."

          Times Heart walked over and sat himself on a padded stool at the counter. "Um... you are really beautiful, Champion. I am sorry if I am being forward but you are hot."

          Champion blushed as he said, "I am the youngest of three brothers of Lord Bronco. Thank you for the kind words, Times Heart. I think you are special, too."

          End of Chapter Five.


            Chapter Six.

            7 years prior...

            Times Heart was now seven years old and Spring was under full swing. He heard Noble Heart calling out from the entrance to the cavern Timesy and Brave Heart shared. "Brave Heart! Wake up! I need to talk to you! This is important!" When the tiger youth opened the door of the cavern, He saw Noble Heart standing there with True Heart and a selection of adult humans wearing business suits.

            Times Heart Tiger said, "Dad is really out of it, Noble Heart. That last caring mission made him so tired, he said he would only get up if No-Heart and Beastly were attacking the Forest of Feelings. Who are these people? Do you want me to get rid of them?"

            Noble Heart Horse shot a small smile and a wink at the tiger; a sign that he felt the same way, except he said, "No, they are here because American Greetings has given these people permission to film a Care Bears Movie detailing how the bears and cousins ended up in the cloud lands. Since they want to film an event that occurred before you were born, Timesy, you won't be able to be in this movie. And that also means, no No-Heart and no Beastly."

            Times Heart remarked, "Oh, so they want Uncle Dark Heart to re-display how scary he used to be. Well... he isn't as scary as Doomy can be. Are they going to chance talking to the duck?"

            Noble Heart replied, "We already spoke to Doomy to clear these humans for being in Care-a-lot at all. They work for Nelvana Limited in Canada."

            At that moment a cranky Brave Heart Lion emerged from the cave as he stood in the open sun light and release a terrifying roar! "Are there children in trouble?"

            True Heart Bear said, "No, but..."

            Brave Heart asked, "Are No-Heart and Beastly causing problems?"

            True Heart Bear again said, "No, but..."

            Brave Heart turned and re-entered his cavern. "Then I am going back to bed. Go fuck yourselves." And he vanished down into the cavern.

            Noble Heart Horse chuckled. "I tried to warn you that he would be like this."

            The Director smirked himself. "That you did. I would like to tell our boss what he said without losing my job." He then squatted down to look at the tiger. "You said you were Brave Heart's son, didn't you?"

            The young tiger said, "Yes. I am Times Heart Tiger. I am seven years old. Brave Heart is my father and my mother is Princess Jasmine Heart Jaguar of the Steel Clan. Although they resent intrusions by non-locals. They are permitting me to live with my father and learn caring from him. Collectively, they refer to me as the Steel Prince. My power is to manipulate time. I just learned how to time travel last year. Some time agents suggested I acquire a Tardis, but I do not like the title of the vehicle. It sounds retarded to me."

            The Director said, "I may have a solution for you in regards to a time vehicle. Rip Hunter from the Comic books had a time travel vehicle called the Time Bubble. He could take passengers with him within the time bubble. We were going to ask your father for permission to have you escort us safely through time so we could film the Dark Heart origin event. How would you like to work with a professional filming crew and perhaps learn part of the trade for yourself?"

            Times Heart grinned widely. "That sounds awesome! Can Bright Heart Raccoon come with us? I am not supposed to make time trips without another Caring Cousin or Care Bear escort."

            The Director said, "Of course he can come along with us. So you will help us in filming this movie?"

            Times Heart replied, "I'd love to help film a movie. What would I be billed as in the credits?"

            The Director thought about it before saying, "How does Historical Adviser sound to you? We can have that in bigger print followed by your name underneath. I only need to get American Greetings' permission to refer to you in the movie's credits. They are not going to know who you are so I hope we can prove your claim to them if they should ask about your lineage. American Greetings are the ones who created the Care Bears and Care Bear Cousins originally. In order for them to accept you, they would have to include your picture in an official greeting card that the public could then purchase."

            Times Heart asked, "Like a Father's Day card? I made a crude one for dad once. He said the art was good. He laughed when I colored the hair ball on legs pink. Aka Beastly."

            The Director laughed at the thought of a pink Beastly. "Come on, Times Heart. Lets go get Bright Heart, build the Time Bubble and then go do some filming. We can do some fishing afterward. Noble Heart told me that you love to fish."

            Times Heart smiled. "I love to fish and then cook them properly for a fish dinner. As long as you treat me good, I will treat you good."

            And this was how Times Heart Tiger acquired his first Time Bubble and his start of gaining the Nelvana Director's trust. This would come in handy later as the filming years prominently overtook the Care Bears' lives in Care-a-lot. But this is Times Heart's personal story; stay tuned to learn more about this tiger.

            End of Chapter Six.