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MLP-RL-02 Troubled Boys

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    MLP-RL-02 Troubled Boys

    Rodeo Land (a male MLP series)
    Cloud Kingdoms - Ponyland

    MLP-RL-02 Troubled Boys.
    By James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon

    Chapter One.

    Christopher smiled back. "My full name was Christopher Saint, but before I got changed, the stallions had shortened that to Chris. After my change, they alternate between Chris and Saint. I am just glad they do not call me Mr. Saint."

    The princess said, "As I mentioned earlier, I was glad to see that your were already hovering because flight uses that as a base for doing everything else. While hovering, swish your tail and that will cause you to drift forward. Flapping your wings like a bird will give you additional lift. While hovering and moving forward, pull your head and horn upward which will tilt your wing angle diagonal and then flap your wings to climb into the sky. To fly downward, while moving forward, lower your head and horn toward an invisible target below you and your body will automatically begin flying toward that spot. To prevent yourself from going splat as you humorously put it earlier, bring your horn and head up so you can see forward and that will cause your body to make a swooping motion. I will demonstrate this at first and you pay attention to my body, wings and horn while I fly; then you try it."

    The following attempts were interesting to say the least. The only time Christopher had problems was when either Celestia or Luna flew too close to him and their proximity in relation to where he was in the air made him lose his balance. He even crashed into Celestia one time. Another problem was that he could not fly in the same manner as a pony. He could never acquire the Superman pose like he had seen the rest of the winged ponies pulling off. And they were younger than him. He seemed to be stuck in galloping feral form. When he flew, his legs constantly galloped.

    Christopher must have looked like he was about to call it quits when Celestia said, "Perhaps we should take a break, Chris. Canterlot wasn't built in a day and this is only the first lesson. I think you have learned a lot this first try. Everyone has their own style for flying. It is better that you use the method you are most comfortable with. We can try again in a few days. And do not worry about when you crashed on top of my back side like that. It was kind of fun in a brother and sister sort of way. Do not give up hope, Chris. Believe me, you did well for the first time. Some ponies take months to get as far as you did."

    Watching Celestia and Luna depart, Christopher growled at himself. "I suck at this. Every time someone flies too close to me while I am in the air, I fall out of the sky. I stink at this. I am never going to get good at flying. I wish there were an easier way."

    At that moment, a rather adorable looking young buck reindeer came trotting into the meadow where Christopher was once again hovering. "Hello Saint. Dad said I could play out here where you could see me. Why do you look so sad?"

    Choosing to tell the young buck the truth seemed to help him release some of his tears he had been holding back. "I suck at flying. I guess since I was born human, it is holding me back in learning how to do something as natural as breathing to a Pegasus."

    The young buck then said, "I shouldn't do this but since you are more deer than pony at the moment, there is an easier way. And you only have to do it once. After that, I can teach you how to air walk which extends into air running. You see, Reindeer don't really fly as you might have heard in Christmas stories. We air walk. And to learn air walking, you first need to eat some magic corn feed. I have some with me that I am not supposed to share with non-deer but since you are so sad at the moment, I want to help you without your making a mistake to ask a magic user for a short cut. Do you want to give it a try, Saint?"

    Christopher landed and accepted the magic corn from the young buck. Not long after swallowing the food, he found air walking easy to learn.


    We finally have the ranch in order for the troubled male teenagers, thought Saint as he and Oracle finished stocking the storage room. I think I did the right thing when I helped Bronco. The extra stallions have certainly helped to get things ready here on Rodeo's boys ranch. A few of the extras whom have been helping out are Ranger Pony, Adventure Pony, Lucky Pony, Disco Donkey, Angel Ass, Danger Donkey, Charger Caribou, Rusher Reindeer and Marathon Moose. They have all been very helpful around Rodeo Land. Discord taught me some more magic just last night; he said that I was learning better than anyone he has ever bothered to train in magic. Any way... the boys are due to arrive today and we should be seeing the first of the few arrivals within a few hours. I just hope they manage to stay human, unlike my stupid stallion or buck ass, whichever the case may be. It is rather weird that I am both stallion and buck rather than one or the other...


    Princess Celestia flew into view as she said, "I just saw the new boys disembarking from the train at the depot earlier, guys! They should be out here within the hour! They looked depressed; I sure hope you boys know what you are getting yourselves into!" And then she flew off in the direction of Canterlot.

    Rodeo then emerged from the boy's quarters and on to the porch of the boys ranch house. "We just got finished. Brighteyes, Applejack and Big Mac will be escorting the boys out here so they don't get lost."

    Christopher as Saint stepped forward and said, "I recall when I first arrived at the correctional ranch on Earth and how depressed I had been when I thought that I had been shipped off to the middle of nowhere. These boys are going to need to see that they are not alone. Of course, they will also need to be assigned a few chores so they can earn their reformation award. I had to do it but it was far harder on Earth; you guys are a pleasure to be around."

    Oracle then called out, "Hey Champion! The boys will be here soon! How is that ice cream coming along?"

    Champion smiled from the kitchen door. "Just finished adding in the last few ingredients and I have it hooked up to the automatic churner! It will be nice and cold for when the boys join us out here!"

    End of Chapter One.
    "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

    ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon

    Chapter Two.

    Saint then asked, "How is that tiger boyfriend of yours, Champion? I know you went to see him the other day but since you returned, you haven't mentioned a word about him. Is he okay?"

    Champion's happy face turned into a sad one at that point. "He started drinking Scotch when he found out that the production crew over in his homeland would not let him be in his parents' TV show. When I went to see him, his breath almost bowled me over. The leader of their kingdom told me not to let him get his paws on any Ponyland liquor from now on or I could lose my friend. They have him on a double 'A' watch. Yet he still has liquor stashes all over the place. They have been trying to find them all and I was asked not to see him until they could get him cleaned up enough to be decent. After my dating him for several months, now I don't have a boyfriend anymore." He held back a quiet sob.

    Saint said, "I am so sorry, Champion. I didn't know. Had you told us when you returned, we could have shown you better support."

    Champion said, "I did not want to take the focus away from getting the ranch ready for the incoming boys."

    Rodeo then said, "You are our brother, Champion; of course we want to show you our support. Why don't you relax in the kitchen and we can bring the boys to see you once they get settled in. Your ice cream is the best, you know."

    Champion hugged his brother Rodeo fondly before backing off and going back inside the kitchen. "I'll try to cheer up before the boys check on me later. What are their names anyway?"

    Rodeo began reading off the rap sheet on the boys one at a time. "Kim O'Keeffe is the first of the troubled boys. Both of his parents are deceased while his brother Kelly works as a photographer for the Digitech Rescue Corporation. Kim likes hoofies a lot. He was arrested after breaking into a grocery store multiple times to get food for himself. His brother made the arrangements with the court system to get Kim sent to us here at the boys ranch. Next up is Thomas Newton nicknamed as Tommy. He spread Instant Wonder Glue all over the school faculty toilet seats after hearing about it in a Ray Stevens song. The faculty were not amused and they pressed charges when he was picked up by the police. Last up for this rap sheet is Jayceson Jordon or Jay for short. After his family died in a shooting, he ran away from every foster home they tried to place him in. He would have been sent to the same correctional ranch you attended, Saint, if they hadn't closed down after your stay." Saint said, "So we are his last hope for a turn around; is that it?"

    Rodeo nodded his muzzle. "That is the hope and concern of the courts on Earth. When the judge learned that you had joined the staff of our project, she pushed to get Jay signed up into our first year's program." Saint smiled. "We will certainly do our best to help all three of them. We can feed Kim; teach Tommy responsibility; and I can simply be Jay's friend. All in all, I am sure we can make their stay a good one."

    Oracle then said, "The mares and boys are arriving guys! Its show time!" Rodeo said, "Time to go meet our newest charges. Champion, you stay with the ice cream. Come on, Saint." And he led Saint outside of the ranch house to join Oracle on the porch.

    Coming around the corner of the ranch house on the nearby road were Brighteyes, Applejack and Big Mac while on their backs were the three boys and their suitcases. Rodeo and the other stallions then stepped out into the open. "Welcome to the Rodeo Land Boys Ranch. I am Rodeo. This is my brother Oracle. My other brother, Champion, is in the kitchen getting the ice cream ready. And this is our friend Saint. And no, he is not a minister nor a preacher. We will introduce the rest of the stallions, jacks and bucks tonight."

    Oracle and Saint then stepped off of the porch into the open where all three boys got their first look at the hottest stallion/buck on the ranch. Saint then said, "I used to be human; I joined the staff here to help Rodeo by using my previous correctional experience as a guide."

    Jay hugged Saint. "Will you take me on a flight later, Saint?"

    Saint blushed since he only recently learned how to fly. "Of course I will, Jay. But if you are planning on jumping off in a Blue Jay high dive, then you can forget it. I always have a few friends watching me when I am flying since I only recently learned how to fly. They will catch you. And if you land in the wrong area, you might get mounted and that will hurt."

    Jay had that look of 'Darn it, he knows!'

    Saint said, "I had the same thoughts when I was a troubled youth, Jay; the idea and reaction are not new. But I think you might cheer up if you get some of Champion's ice cream."

    Jay then said, "Saint, you guys didn't mention a tiger... I see one near the edge of the ranch house."

    Saint trotted over to the corner of the Ranch House and said to the tiger. "Champion is in the kitchen, Timesheart. He is sad over your condition. He was warned to make sure you didn't get any more Ponyland liquor. We know about your Double 'A' watch. Behave yourself and you can help us with the Boys Ranch. I am Christopher Saint, now known as Saint Pony since my transformation. Champion loves you, Timesy. Are you really going to take that away from him?"

    The tiger leaned his face into Saint's neck and sobbed. "They had me under house arrest. I couldn't even go to the bathroom without one of them coming with me. They were driving me crazy. I finally had to escape. Which wasn't easy. My friend Lighty showed up and I used him as the escort so I could get out of Care-a-lot."

    Saint asked, "If he was your escort, then where is he now?"

    Timesy smiled. "His twin siblings caught up with us as we were arriving at Kal's Chocolate factory. Lighty is trying to keep them out of the sticky chocolate; I gave him the slip and came up here because I knew today was to be the boys' arrival day and I wanted to see some joy before being dragged back to Care-a-Lot. Or more to the truth... Confine-a-Lot. It's the place to lock you up. Preventing you from having fun. Confine a lot... a jail in the clouds without sun. Makes me want to chuck-up."

    End of Chapter Two.
    "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

    ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon


      Chapter Three.

      Saint escorted Jay and the tiger in through the back door and into the kitchen. "Hey Champion! Look who came to see you!" Saint was luckily not in the line of pounce when Champion sailed through the air and landed on Timesy to hug and kiss on him!

      Saint dished out some ice cream for Jay while Champion was on top of the tiger. "This should do for now, Jay. Later, I'll show you where we ponies sleep at night. I share stall space with Oracle."

      Jay ate some ice cream before saying, "Are you still going to take me on a flight later, Saint?"

      Saint said, "As long as you don't jump off anywhere, I will give you that ride."

      "I won't jump now that I got to see Champion pounce his lover," he said with a smile. "I didn't know he could take down a full grown tiger."

      Champion grinned. "Ponies are powerful creatures; My brother Oracle can take down a full grown dragon."

      At that moment, a young male horse arrived with twin fillies. "There you are, Timesy. Grams is going to be wondering where we got off to."

      Timesheart grinned from under Champion's body. "I came up here to see the new boys on their arrival day, Lighty; Champion got the drop on me and I got to meet sexy Saint."

      As Lighty took his first look at Saint, his twin siblings both giggled as one said, "Lighty... Mister Happy is peeking out again!" Lighty irked as he noticed what they were referring to as he said, "Give my siblings some ice cream while I go deal with this." And he departed through the back door heading off toward the bathing hole to defuse the embarrassment of his dong coming out in front of Saint.

      Timesheart just laughed. "You are really something else, Saint. Of course, this isn't the first time his tool had a mind of its own."

      Saint smiled. "This is Jay; the other two boys are still out front with Rodeo and the others. They are Kim and Tommy. I got assigned to Jay since he would have been sent to the same boy's ranch that I got processed through if they had not closed their doors after my time with them."

      Jay took his empty bowl over to the sink and rinsed it out before leaving it there. "Saint is going to take me on a short flight so I can see the surrounding area. After that, I will likely get my assigned chore started here at the ranch. I was depressed coming here, but I have seen a few things to cheer me up. Watching Champion take you down was a wonder, Timesy."

      Timesy grinned as Champion got off of him to get the fillies some ice cream. "Maybe you will find yourself a boyfriend around the ranch grounds, Jay. If not anything else, some of the males around here make for good best friends."

      Jay smiled. "I will keep that in mind, Timesy." He then looked to Saint. "Shall we go sightseeing?"

      Saint took the boy outside to the front yard where he informed Rodeo that he was about to take Jay on a flight to see the surrounding area. He also informed the male pony what had happened in the kitchen to make Champion so happy.

      Rodeo smiled. "I am so glad you could cheer my brother up. Although it wouldn't be the first time that Champion has been on top of the tiger. Have a good flight, Saint. Remember, the boys need to be back inside the ranch house by eight P.M., so we can feed them and assign the morning chores for them to do after a good night's rest. And don't let your boy jump off anywhere. Surviving a fall like that would not be pleasant."

      Once Saint and Jay were in the sky, Jay asked, "Does every pony know what we boys are thinking?"

      Saint smiled as he replied, "The brothers cannot read your mind, if that is what crossed your thoughts. Oracle could if he focused on doing it; he is the one with magical powers. I am going to show you what Bronco showed me the first night when he gave me the tour. The only difference is that we will be seeing it during the day light hours."

      Jay inquired, "Oracle is the one dating the chocolate dragon, right?"

      Saint snickered. "Yeah, Kalador is a nice dragon who makes the tasty treats in that factory of his."

      Soon into the flight, Jay could see the entire Ponyland layout from the air. As they approached Princess Celestia's palace, Saint said, "Jay, this is the Celestia's palace in Canterlot. A lot of female ponies like to mill about over here, just like you might see in the TV series. And now to show you Bronco's home territory. As I do this, I will explain exactly what Bronco told me." Saint then flew over the Storm Stallion Wilderness and into the valley, making sure Jay got to see the official road which led into the valley. "And this is the official way into Rodeo Town. It is also the safest way to leave Storm Valley. Going across land is not wise, as you might encounter a dragon or any of the other species who live beyond the mountains." Jay asked exactly as Chris had done originally (especially since he wasn't aware of what could occur around the outskirts of Ponyland,) "What is so bad about meeting new species?" Saint replied, "Some of the species living out here are far worse than a curse; a few would rip your clothing to pieces before raping you, while others would try to transform you permanently into one of their own kind; transformation means, ripped and ruined clothing. Not every species in the mountains think about sex, but the majority cannot think of anything else. Once changed, no one would recognize you and they would even regard you as one of the others from the mountains." Saint then hovered directly over the donkey recruiter's building just South of Rodeo Town.

      End of Chapter Three.
      "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

      ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon


        Chapter Four.

        While hovering over the donkey building, Saint said, "The last time Bronco guided me over this location, there was a full blown male on male donkey pony orgy going on in the enclosure of that building. Later, the DJ donkeys for the local radio station told me that one of his brothers were celebrating a herd mate's birthday on that night. Now for the safety warning, Jay, and to prove I am not a prick. I wouldn't mind your making friends with the donkeys as long as you didn't visit them at night. Make it a day visit and it should be okay. Just remember that you will have a chore to do tomorrow morning. Also, there are a few donkeys and deer that help out around the boys ranch; you boys were to meet them during dinner tonight."

        Jay remarked, "Let me guess... they are not as playful as the ones whom live here, are they?"

        Saint replied, "I am not sure what the local donkeys are like; I didn't get to meet them that night since Bronco was my escort. Time to get you back to the ranch. If you behave yourself, I will permit you to watch my magic lessons with Discord tonight before you have to go to bed. He likes meeting new boys; he doesn't seem to care much for the fillies."

        Jay then said, "Saint? I think a see a donkey peeking out of the building at us down there. He looks... handsome yet tired. He definitely yawned when he poked his head out to look at us."

        Saint glanced down and smiled. "That was a good sighting, Jay. I'll hover lower so you can talk to him for a moment. Timesy did say that you would do a lot better of you made some friends while in Ponyland." And he proceeded to lower himself closer to the donkey so Jay could talk to him.

        Once they were close enough for Jay to get a good look at the male donkey, the boy said, "Hi handsome. My name is Jay. I am one of the new boys over at Rodeo's boys ranch. What's your name? And would you like to be friends with me?"

        The donkey lifted his head up to lick and sniff Jay's outstretched hand. "When I saw Saint flying over, I thought it was Celestia and no one really likes her in this region. My name is Jack-Ear, and I would love to be friends to a nice boy like you. Hopefully you can spend some time with me later when you don't have your babysitter with you. But I don't mean anything bad by what I just said about Saint, since Bronco speaks so highly of Chris. My brothers are all off at work. I and a few others are mostly night donkeys, but I wouldn't mind having a nice boy as a friend. Will you give me a kiss on my muzzle, please?"

        Jay leaned down as far as he could where as he planted his lips on the donkey's mouth and he gave Jack-Ear a deep kiss on the muzzle. He found that Jack-Ear's mouth tasted like chocolate and some sort of arousing mint. "How was that for a kiss, Jack-Ear?"

        Jack-Ear smiled. "I think you are swell, Jay. I may try to come see you later if you can't get away to come see me. I need to get back inside and get some rest."

        Jay replied, "See you later, boyfriend. I am glad we can be friends. Sleep well."

        Jack-Ear blushed somewhat as he headed back inside the donkey building.

        Jay smiled at Saint. "I think I did pretty well with this outing, Saint. But we better get back to the ranch unless you want to show me where Bronco hangs out first."

        Saint said, "Bronco has several of his ponies out at the gem mines so we would have to go there if you wanted to see him. When he isn't at the mines, he stays at the saloon in town."

        Jay said, "Maybe another day, Saint. We really should get back to the ranch so Rodeo can see that you didn't lose me."

        Saint turned his flight back toward the boys ranch following the road so Jay could see the way to visit his friend later. "I am flying along the road so you can see Jack-Ear later."

        Jay said, "Thanks, Saint. You won't regret this."

        Upon returning to the boys ranch, Saint dropped Jay off in front of Rodeo and said, "I've cheered Jay up something fierce. He will be okay now. I am going to go check on the other boys. Where are they?"

        Rodeo had the look as if the boys had gotten in some trouble already on his muzzle. "Tommy met up with Discord while you were gone and they struck up a conversation about sticky stuff. The next time I saw Tommy, he was magically stuck to the toilet seat in the outhouse building. I don't know where Discord got himself off to. Kim took a walk with one of the forest guardian bucks and they haven't come back as yet. I thought the job would be easier than this. I guess I let my guard down, Chris... I'm a flop at running a boys ranch."

        Saint placed one hoof leg (arm) around Rodeo's neck and he leaned in and gave the male pony a kiss on the muzzle. "You were supposed to have help to keep an eye on the boys. I upheld my end of the bargain by entertaining Jay. Where is everyone else? Keeping an eye on three boys is not easy, Rodeo. I certainly wouldn't want to do it by myself."

        Rodeo sighed. "Nobleheart Horse and Wildfire arrived with Trueheart Bear, Tenderheart Bear, and Braveheart Lion. Apparently the Double A watch on Timesheart is arranged so that an official Care Bear presence must be with him at all times. He was restricted from coming to pony land and he used Lighty as an excuse to escape his Double A watch. Wildfire is here to take Lighty and the twin siblings back to Darshan. The others are giving Timesheart a lecture in the kitchen. Champion is on the verge of tears once again. Oracle is out looking for Kim."

        Saint then said, "You keep an eye on Jay for a moment. Like I said, it was his idea to return to the ranch early, so he is agreeable. I will head into the kitchen to play mediator for the guys in there. Champion should not be alone in the kitchen." And he headed off for the ranch house kitchen.

        Jay smiled at Rodeo. "Saint let me make friends with one of the DJ donkey's brothers. His name is Jack-Ear. He was really nice."

        End of Chapter Four.
        "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

        ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon


          Chapter Five.

          Rodeo smiled at Jay. "I know Jack-Ear. You met one of the better ones. As long as he lets you stay human, you may be friends with him for as long as you are with us at the boys ranch. They originate from a family of recruiter donkeys who used to work for Pleasure Island. When his family retired from that line of work, they moved to my father's section of Ponyland."

          Jay arched an eye. "He didn't come across as a recruiter. He was really nice to me."

          Rodeo chuckled. "Politeness is what helped his family to be so successful in the old days. Jack-Ear was born after the family moved to Gray Ponyland. That used to be Bronco's slang name for Storm Hills originally. It implied that all the males in the land were gay as in homosexual. Truthfully speaking, most are still like that and they cannot help being that way. You know how all the female ponies tend to stay over near Canterlot and very few males can be found there? Well, most of the rest of the males are in Storm Hills living an alternate lifestyle. Remember how the female ponies in the 1980s version of the MLP show suddenly had baby ponies yet all of the ponies were female? Unless those ponies were Lesbian or Hermaphrodite, then they had to have had some males someplace. I think some concerned parents caught on that there were rarely any males in Ponyland and they had to change the show to make it decent. In the original series, males were always depicted as being evil or wicked. Megan's adopted little brother, Danny Williams, as well as the pink (or sometimes bluish purple) dragon, Spike, and the Moochick's rabbit, Habbit, were all exceptions to the rule; you almost never saw good male ponies. They were always up to some mischief in the original show with the exception of the six Big Brother ponies. Knight Shade was being controlled by an evil shadow entity reminiscent of Dark Heart in his reddish black cloud form."

          Jay then said, "So the boys ranch is an attempt to show people that male ponies can be as good as the female ponies. I think you tackled a really hard way to prove yourself to the public. But as long as the authorities see positive results from your project, then they will agree that you guys are good. And with Saint present, that is a given. Non-humans always get initially erect when they first lay eyes on Saint."

          Within the ranch house kitchen, Saint entered the room where as he saw Champion looking miserable once again and that was all Saint could stand as he planted himself in full view saying, "ALL RIGHT! WHO NEEDS A FLAMING CROSS SHOVED UP THEIR ASS?!"

          Nobleheart retained his composure although Wildfire, Tenderheart and Braveheart all had to leave the room as they felt parts of themselves that should not be seen in public trying to get a rise. "And just who are you?"

          "I am Saint Pony. A former human young man from Earth named Christopher Saint. I originated from a Christian family with good values, although I became a troubled youth for a time and I got help to get cleaned up. My father refused to believe that I had reformed. And then Discord made sure my mother and I learned of Rodeo's new project to help other troubled boys. I had an accident while helping Bronco to have a curse removed from himself and that accident got me transformed into this shape. Everyone calls me Saint Pony. One of Timesheart's suggestions to help one of our boys actually panned out and I gave the tiger permission to stay for the Summer provided that he stayed clean. One drop of Scotch and back to Care-a-lot he goes with a likely cross shaped brand on his rear end. He promised me that he would stay clean for Champion. And you are going to permit him to be here during the Summers; besides, he told us how your producers won't let him be in the show back home so that isn't even a good excuse to have him returned to Care-a-lot. He is happy here."

          Nobleheart looked to Trueheart, who in turn nodded her head one time indicating that this new pony had told the truth. He then said, "In your own words, Saint - Timesheart must stay dry or we get to take him back to Care-a-lot. As long as you enforce that statement, he can be with Champion during the Summers." Nobleheart then looked to the tiger. "You heard him, Timesy. Stay dry and you get to help Rodeo with the boys ranch. Mess up once and we get to bring you back to Caring Memorial for a detox. Take-Care Bear is still working out a cure to your alcoholism problem. Will you stay dry for Champion? Or are you fancying the cross brand tattoo on your butt fur as the alternative?"

          Champion was glad that Saint had returned just in time and had taken a stand to help defend his tiger boyfriend.

          Timesheart lifted his head as he looked to Saint. "Thank you for coming back to settle things for me." He then looked to Nobleheart. "I will stay dry for Champion. I feel more welcome around him than I do back home. Besides, the new boys arrived today. Just seeing new boys cheered me up. Its a shame I cannot interact with the human youths who come to Care-a-lot, but those are the producers orders."

          Trueheart remarked, "Cheer Bear is working out a solution to that problem. She has been in contact with child welfare agencies on Earth and her offered program would allow anyone to be a big brother or big sister to a needy Earth human boy or girl. Yes, even you, Timesheart. But you would have to stay dry while doing the job. They don't want a drunk helping a young person. That is another reason we want to help you get cleaned up; the producers cannot say a thing if Cheer Bear gets this program green-lit."

          Timesheart smiled a little. "I could have my own boy? Really? I didn't know Cheer Bear was doing this. No one ever talks about good things when the producers are around."

          Nobleheart placed a hoof arm around Timesheart's neck as he said, "Despite all else, we are family, Timesy. When Cheer Bear's program gets green-lit, you can use the experience you learned here to help you with your new charge in the Big Brother program. We think a lot of young people would benefit from having a big brother or big sister around to help them once a week." He then looked at Saint once again. "Boy, you really turned out hot after your transformation. I assume the loss of controlling the groin is an effect that you don't control?"

          Saint replied, "It is controllable as long as the victim isn't staring at my groin and butt. Therefore, thank you for keeping your eyes up at eye level, Nobleheart."

          Wildfire, Tenderheart and Braveheart then returned and they were updated on the new deal. Tenderheart said, "Timesy? The whole family believes that you should be in the show with us, but as even Discord might agree, the producers are being filly-holes." From the nearby window, Discord smiled. "Filly-holes. Oh my, that is a new phrase I had not thought of. You people are so funny. Don't forget, Saint, magic lesson tonight."

          Saint smiled back at the lord of chaos. "Jay wants to watch you give me the lesson. I think he might be the better of the boys that arrived here. Is Tommy still stuck to the toilet seat, Discord? No one else can use it if he is stuck there."

          End of Chapter Five.
          "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

          ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon


            Chapter Six.

            Discord said, "No, he is upstairs using the bath tub to clean himself properly. When I originally magically stuck him there, I told him that if he could free himself, then he was justified in playing the prank at the school. Otherwise, he was in the wrong. When I came back later, I asked him if he wanted to be free. He said yes. And after I freed him, he had the balls to say that he was about to free himself anyways. He made me so mad... but I have an alternate punishment lined up for tomorrow."

            Saint said, "One out of three ain't bad. Jay and I are getting along. Tommy is acting like the king of the world whom can do no wrong and Kim runs away a lot. Once I appealed to Jay, he became agreeable. But how to break the other two? If your revenge doesn't work, Discord, maybe change it slightly so just as he feels the need to go, he actually does down both legs. Once he sincerely apologizes to you and doesn't turn right around to make a new retort, then you can remove it. But if he makes a retort, secretly turn it back on and walk away."

            Discord fell over laughing right out the window.

            Nobleheart then said, "I can see that you get along with Discord, although I am not sure how."

            Saint replied, "I went through my can't stand girls phase once a long time ago. And Tommy is acting just like the pompous whiny girls from that group. If he doesn't straighten up, he might lose his maleness for a few days. Making him go through a few hot flashes might teach him how to be respectful... or that time of the month."

            Nobleheart then said, "No alcohol for the tiger or else he might die unexpectedly. Can you keep an eye on him to keep him dry or do you have enough on your plate without having to deal with this one other thing?"

            Saint said, "He already gave me his word, Nobleheart. You and the other Care Bears need to go back to Care-a-lot before Queen Chrysalis learns that you people are in Pony Land. I know you care about the tiger, but your being here could cause problems. Timesheart has a legal reason to be around. The rest of you don't. Now if you will excuse me, I have real work to do."

            Nobleheart arched an eye. "Real work?"

            Saint said, "One of our new boys is unaccounted for and I need to go find him. He went for a walk in the woods and he isn't back yet. I know there were a few forest ranger deer watching him; but all it would take would be for him to encounter someone whom doesn't care about clothes and then the boy would be in trouble." And then he turned and exited the ranch house. Dealing with things that were outside of the job description was not high on his likes list. Saint just wanted things to quiet down so they could get on with the program.

            Saint took flight over the forest and he located the Forest Ranger deer first and when they saw him in the sky, they pointed in one direction. Saint continued to fly in that direction until he saw stepping stones across what appeared to be a tar floe that came out of one of the mountains and flowed off to the Northern bog countries. He noted that they were positioned about evenly across the floe until about the middle where the stones seemed just a bit further apart than the others meaning that a pony would have to make a planned leap to continue beyond that point. And the jump for a human boy would likely result in falling into the floe. Checking the distant shore and finding no human foot prints, he then flew off to the north following the flow and looking carefully for where Kim might have been swept off to. Eventually, he saw a naked tar covered Kim laying on a small island in the middle of the tar floe looking exhausted. "Found him. But he's sticky all over. I don't want tar finger prints all over my fur. I guess I'll have to use one of my magic spells that Discord taught me."

            From mid air very close to Saint, he heard Timesheart's voice. "I followed you via the time stream passage. I can open a time door on the island and then you can levitate him through the door and I can use my time stare on him to remove all the tar that is covering his body. Like you, I don't want black hand prints all over my fur. Once he is through the time hole, fly back to the ranch and then we can see about clothing him with clothes from his suitcase. I hope he has more shoes other that what he was wearing. I can see that he lost his shoes."

            Saint was almost startled. "Open the time hole, Tiger. I will cast the levitate spell on Kim."

            Working together, the levitate spell was cast just as the time hole was opened just in front of the tar-covered boy. Using the spell to lift the boy, Saint magically moved Kim through the open time hole and then he set him down on the ground in front of the ranch house before turning off the spell. After that, the time hole closed.

            Saint then banked hard to the left and he began flying back toward the Ranch. As he flew over the deer, he told them that they sent Kim back to the ranch and to head back to get a meal. He then continued his flight and as he came over the tree tops, he saw the gathered care bears and Timesheart using the Care Bear Stare to remove the tar from the boy's body. Apparently they had not left as yet. Discord was transporting the tar back to the floe to get rid of it once it was no longer on the boy's body.

            Rodeo had brought the boy's suitcase downstairs and had it ready on standby so the boy could get on fresh clean clothes. "No shoes, but plenty of socks. I guess he won't be going many places without shoes. At least I hope that's the case. I've known boys to go barefoot just to get their way. I sure hope he learned something from this little misadventure. Had Saint not flown out there, there is no telling when anyone with decent thoughts would have found him there."

            Jay came out of the house and he assisted Rodeo with getting some clothes ready for Kim.

            Kim was heard to say eventually, "Whom removed the middle stepping stone? Had that one not been taken out, I wouldn't have fallen into the tar."

            Discord remarked, "Nature removed it hundreds of years ago, Kim. It hasn't been in place for a long time. Back when that floe was a clean river with crystal water."

            Saint said, "The Ranger Bucks were worried about you, Kim. I am glad we got you back. Dinner will ready soon. Bonbon should be arriving soon to get dinner started."

            Tommy came out of the house with spare shoes. "My stupid parents made me bring too many shoes. You can use some of my extras so you don't end up with sore feet. How far did you get?"

            End of Chapter Six.
            "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

            ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon