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MMU: MD-03 Mega Moonlight

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    MMU: MD-03 Mega Moonlight

    While visiting New York City with his parents so he could shop for an important costume for an upcoming masquerade ball at the school, our hero to be meets Dr. Light and is offered a tour of the Light Laboratory. Within a nearly forgotten closet, the young man finds what looks like a mock up prototype of a robot dog designed to be humanoid. Fearing that Dr. Light wouldn't let him use it for the school dance, he secretly borrows it with the intention of returning it later and has an encounter with Dr. Wily where the young man manages to save Megaman from a trap. Removing the suit later turns out problematic which prompts him to return to Dr. Light for help to remove the costume.

    Aside from the canon Megaman characters who will be guest starring in various episodes, other more unique allies will be appearing. Dr. Jewel is a female scientist whom Dr. Light enlists to aid the young man in his new heroic career; Paulie "Spike" Burnston is normally the high school bully but when he sees the costumed Felix in action later he chooses to help the hero as often as possible; and Angeline Wick is a girl whom Felix knows little about although being a practicing witch with real magical powers is always helpful.

    Felix Smythe (our hero) is a young teenager of below average height (if Rush could stand up like a man, he would be taller than Felix.) He has spiky brown hair, green eyes, and fair skin. He normally wore a Red and Forest Green striped tee shirt, blue jeans, and sneakers. When wearing the dogbot suit, he stands a bit taller (almost making him eye to eye with Megaman) and he has a Black, Gold, and Dark Green armored suit with a canine like helmet. As Mega Dog, his suit is a lot like Megaman's except for the helmeted dog head and tail. He uses a transformation device provided to him for his use by Dr. Jewel so he can change between his human form and his hero form. Rush likes Mega Dog a LOT!

    This is a Megaman Universe fan fiction story! Megaman, Rock, Roll, Rush, Dr. Light, Dr. Wily, Protoman and all other canon characters of the genre are owned by Capcom. They are used here as support characters only. I am not challenging the copyrights of stated characters in any way, shape, nor form. All rights are reserved.

    [MMU: MD-03] Mega Dog
    Episode Three: Mega Moonlight
    Started on April 6th, 2018
    by Darrel "Lord Pouchlaw" Vanwinkle

    Felix Smythe, Mega Dog
    Paulie "Spike" Burnston, Mascot
    Angeline Wick, Magica
    Robert Porter, Ace Man

    Dr. Jewel
    Istanbul, a black cat (familiar to Angeline whom is a witch)
    Officer Dave
    Aunt Malva Wick
    Aunt Hagatha Wick

    Guest Starring:
    Dr. Light

    Guest Villains:
    Dr. Wily

    Chapter One: Twinning.

    Being Istanbul's apprentice certainly seemed to do the trick. Felix no longer had to wear the hologram inducing transformer. And he could once again enjoy his favorite foods and drinks. The only drawback was that whenever Felix wasn't busy as Mega Dog and the fun cat needed him, he was instantly teleported to the cat. Fortunately this never occurred in school or else the gig would be up. Not to mention what Angeline might do to her own cat for causing that mess.

    On this particular afternoon, Mega Dog was dealing with Crush Man and Frost Man once again. Istanbul and Rave were close by keeping Flame Man and Cut Man busy so they couldn't over power Mega Dog with a dog pile maneuver. Protoman 2 was also being engaged by Ace Man which wasn't an easy task since Ace Man knew all of Protoman's tricks and battle techniques. Megaman and Rush were apparently being kept busy in New York which explained why they were not available to help Brookton's local hero.

    Mascot and Magica then arrived on the scene having gotten word from both Istanbul and Dr. Jewel. Mascot was affected by a strength spell that Magica had cast upon him as he went to help Mega Dog while the witch girl went to assist Ace Man against his wicked counterpart. Last to arrive was Roll as she joined Mascot and Mega Dog. "That's right, Dr. Light. Most of Wily's Robots are here in Brookton keeping Mega Dog and his team busy. How is my brother doing against Wily's new super robot?"

    Dr. Light's voice emerged from Roll's communicator. "He is having some difficulties but Rush is doing his best to assist him."

    Mega Dog did a back flip and landed next to Roll. "A super robot, huh? So that is what Wily is up to. How did he free himself from the quick drying diarrhea steel that he was stuck in?"

    Frost Man then said, "How did you know what he was stuck in? We spent several hours cutting him out of that stuff."

    Mega Dog remarked, "Two witches put the whammy on him for transforming me with science instead of magic. They thought he was insulting their magical talents."

    Suddenly Crush Man exploded into a million pieces and Cut Man's snippers turned on himself. Flame Man and Frost Man were back to back unsure of what was going on and then they were instantly within a water globe which turned to solid ice before the whole thing vanished into what looked like a Blue and White Poke Ball. Protoman 2.0 fired his blaster toward the entrance where the shot changed into flower petals and fell to the floor. Standing in the opening were three ominous gentlemen wearing pitch black clothes with obvious arcs of power vibrating around them.

    Istanbul irked as he exclaimed. "It is the Grand Tribunal. Word must have reached their ears that I was doing good deeds unselfishly. And out of curiosity, they came to see for themselves."

    One of the gentlemen pointed a finger at Istanbul and the cat suddenly transformed back into his human warlock identity. "Istanbul! We are here because we learned that you illegally gifted someone with an apprenticeship which you are forbidden to do while under your punishment! We need to evaluate if your actions are just or not! As for the one who thought he could harm us, he can tap dance and do ballet at the same time until we release him! He will also sing the Pinocchio song of I've Got No Strings!"

    Protoman 2.0 then began to move in dance and he was singing although everyone could see that he was trying to resist the power futilely.

    Mega Dog then stepped over in front of Istanbul and said, "I am the one he offered the apprenticeship to so I could be gifted with the power of Twinning because I was slowly transforming via science into a robotic dog instead of having it happen with magic. I would be able to stay human as long as nothing bad happened to Istanbul as a fun magical cat. He stated that I wouldn't have to learn any other magic at all unless I changed my mind and chose to learn such later. If he did the wrong thing to help someone other than himself, then I am doomed to lose my humanity and then I cannot finish high school. I am only a teenager, sirs."

    Tribunal member number three came over and examined Mega Dog lightly. "I sense something unusual about your body. What substance did science use to make this change happen in you?"

    Mega Dog replied, "Dr. Wily used Form-Fitting Rubber. Later Dr. Light told us that this vile stuff had nearly the same properties as Mutagen from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic book. He said I was lucky I was still human underneath the changes but then the vile stuff started to take the rest of my humanity away from me. Everyone searched for a solution and Istanbul offered his solution which seemed to work. I am assuming that it hasn't, is that what you are implying?"

    Tribunal member number one approached and said, "Witches and Warlocks discovered this vile stuff centuries ago and tried to destroy the knowledge of how to make it. If a scientist recreated it once again then he has unleashed true terror back into the world. If you are infected with this stuff then you must receive the cure before you lose everything about your life entirely. Do you like being able to become this canine hero to beat off bad people in the defense of other humans?"

    Mega Dog sighed. "I like being a hero, yes, but I am what I started as; that would be like asking a witch or warlock if they liked using magic. The obvious answer would be yes, but how they use it should be the deciding factor. I am sorry that Istanbul forgot the rules when he offered to help me to retain my humanity. What other choices did we have at the time?"

    Suddenly Istanbul was back in his black cat identity. And a new female witch strode into the warehouse chamber. "Who chose to restore Istanbul without my direct permission?"

    Istanbul whispered, "It is the Head Witch. Normally you don't do anything without her direct permission."

    Tribunal member number two went over to the Head Witch and quietly explained all of the events up to that moment. Mega Dog was then being examined by the Head Witch. "It has been rough for you, hasn't it, young man?"

    Mega Dog replied, "I wasn't aiming to get transformed like this; but the end result has been useful for my home town. Please don't be mad at Istanbul for helping me to stay human."

    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two: More than Normal.

    The Head Witch snapped her fingers and the entire scene around herself and Mega Dog stopped moving as if a time stop had occurred. In fact, Mega Dog and Rush both had experienced something like this before. Mega Dog then found himself laying flat on his stomach on a wooden table with the Head Witch standing directly beside it. "What's going on?" The Head Witch replied, "We need to drain all of the Form-Fitting Rubber out of your body or else your entire form will become like that of a rubber toy with no mobility at all. Istanbul should have sent word to me the moment he knew of this situation. I only hope we can save you from becoming nothing more than a life-sized toy. I am assuming you want your human body to be able to transform into (and out of) Mega Dog so you can defend your home town of Brookton while still being able to complete high school when the hero is not needed. Correct?"

    Mega Dog replied, "That is correct, ma'am. I am curious... what was the horrible crime that Istanbul did that has him under a punishment? He has only been polite and kind from what I have seen since meeting him."

    The Head Witch sighed. "Istanbul was the original creator of Form-Fitting Rubber. But when he made the original recipe, it was only supposed to be used in the construction of Golems; when it was learned that the rubber could change human victims into controllable Golems, we removed the vile stuff and sealed it away under what is now the Gulf of Mexico. We later learned that Istanbul had an army of Rubber Golems at his disposal in preparation for taking over the human world to make himself more powerful. Since he chose to hide his army of Rubber Golems, we transformed him into a cat and assigned him to grade new and upcoming young witches. His current assignment is Angeline Wick. When he learned through Angeline that you were changed by his old product, he took a huge interest in your well-being. He should have reported this incident to the council of witches; that would have gleaned him with points toward getting his sentence lifted. Instead, he had you agree to be his apprentice which is the same as his controlling a new Rubber Golem. Therefore, the first thing we need to do is remove his magical agreement from you and siphon all of the Form-Fitting Rubber out of you at the same time."

    Mega Dog felt disgusted now that he knew that the cat was responsible for making this vile stuff to begin with. "Do what you need to do, ma'am."

    The Head Witch then asked, "What element did Dr. Wily use to energize the rubber to change you into Mega Dog?"

    "He activated an electrocution circuit that sent live electricity through my entire body; that is what changed my skin into metallic dog parts and began to, over time, to change my insides into rubber robot parts. I almost died from drinking my favorite cola one afternoon."

    The Head Witch said, "Hold as still as you can; this is not going to feel good at all."

    And before Felix could question what she meant, he felt what seemed like reverse electricity cascading throughout his entire body as it felt like an opening between his legs opened up to spew out a steady stream of molten liquid rubber from his nether region. In fact, it felt like his entire inner shell had turned to liquid and was pouring out of his bottom as fast as permissible. Near the end, Felix lost consciousness as the last of the rubber exited his body. The rubber had filled a metal barrel which was teleported off to the self-same holding zone where the rest of the Form-Fitting Rubber had been banished to. At this point, Felix's body was magically cleansed of all left-over rubber fluids as his humanity then returned to him... moments before the Head Witch granted Felix the magical solution that had been promised to him; the ability to magically transform from a real human boy into a more powerful and safe version of Mega Dog. The new Mega Dog would be like Mega Man, Rush and the Road Rovers combined. The Head Witch made Mega Dog more like a police dog Road Rover in appearance although with a metallic looking hide and the Mega Armor to go with the ensemble. He would only be like Mega Man and Rush when suited up; otherwise, his human form would be one hundred percent real. No more worries over losing his humanity. And then Felix felt himself reawaken while still laying on the table. "Is it over?"

    The Head Witch said, "In order to effect the transformation, you think the species you want to change into. To become Felix, you simply think your name; to become the humanoid Mega Dog, you think Mega Dog; to change into a feral metallic dog, you think the word Feral. I have added some extra powers into Mega Dog to make it up to you for having to undergo your encounter with the Rubber in the first place. Just remember... we will be watching you to see how you use these powers. As for Istanbul, we won't punish him too much for his breaking the rules. Although he will have to spend the next few days at the Wick household without getting to make any outings. Your deal with him is defunct. I will let him know of this development so he doesn't try to control you again. Had Angeline offered you Twinning, Istanbul wouldn't be on the hot seat right now. Time to go back into normal time, Mega Dog. You have a crime scene to clean up. As for Mega Man, perhaps you should go bale him out of his current situation."

    With the snap of her fingers, the wooden table was gone and so were the Tribunal, Istanbul and the Head Witch. Mega Dog then hit Protoman 2.0 so hard that he fell on the ground stunned. He then picked up the villainous robot and took off toward New York with him as if the DC Comics Flash was carrying the robot villain. Moments later, Mega Dog stopped directly beside Mega Man as he released the robot body out of his hands which sent Protoman 2.0 directly into the stomach of Wily's super robot! SLAM!

    "Are you okay, Mega Man?" asked Mega Dog with a smile.

    Mega Man replied, "I am now; thanks to your timely arrival! You look shinier than ever, chum!"

    Mega Dog grinned. "I got an important upgrade, ally! Where is Rush?"

    Mega Man sighed. "The stupid super robot injured him and Dr. Light is doing a repair job on him! But since you're here, want to team up and be my Rush temp for a while?"

    Mega Dog thought 'Feral Mode!' And Mega Dog changed into Mega Feral followed by his shifting into the Mega Rocket Sled which Mega Man then hopped on as the two took off at high speed back toward Dr. Light's labs. When they arrived, they saw Dr. Wily confronting Dr. Light in regards to another plot demand. Mega Man leaped off of the sled to land beside Dr. Light and then the rocket sled thought 'Mega Dog!' and transformed back into Mega Dog as he landed on the other side of Dr. Light.

    Dr. Wily said with surprise, "You should be an inert pile of rubber, Mega Dog!" To which, Mega Dog replied, "So sorry to disappoint, Wily! Istanbul's bosses intervened and completely undid your dirty trick! I am as good as ever and more able than a new item from the production line!"

    End of Chapter Two.


      Chapter Three: Evaluations - Part One.

      After Wily was escorted away by the police, Felix informed Dr. Light and Megaman what had happened with Istanbul back in Brookton and how the head witch had restored his humanity as well as powers to a more powerful upgrade. "The catch is that they are going to be monitoring me to see how I use these powers. But right now, I am worried about Rush. Can I see him? I still care about the greatest robot dog in the whole wide world."

      As Felix was allowed to enter the workshop, he heard Rush whimpering on the operating table. But when Rush saw Mega Dog standing near him, his vitals on the machines jumped back up to capacity. "Hi Rush. I heard what that nasty robot did to hurt you. If anything bad happened to you, who would teach me how to growl at bad guys?"

      Rush slyly grinned as he pointed a paw at himself. "Ree! Rats Roo!" Then the robot dog got a head petting by Mega Dog which seemed to help in the robot dog's repair process.

      "As soon as you're all healed up, what do you say about you, me, Megaman, and Roll tossing around the old metal disk in the park?" Rush replied with a, "Ruh Ruh Ruh!" Felix then leaned in and he gave Rush a metal muzzle to metal muzzle kiss on the mouth. "My hero! I want you to get better, Rush. I better let Dr. Light finish working on you. I love you, Rush." And then Felix backed off and returned to Dr. Light and Megaman. "He should be okay now, I hope. I want to throw the metal disk in the park with him after he's better. He is my most favorite hero, sir." After the repair job was completed, a fun afternoon was had by one and all in the park with the metal disk.

      It was then a few days later in Brookton when Felix was approached by Robert and Angeline to ask about going on a patrol and they saw the boy looking a bit depressed as he sat near a CB unit listening to a police outing while doing his homework. "Felix?" inquired Angeline. "Ace and I are thinking about doing a patrol along one of our usual patrol routes near the factories. Why do you look as if there is no reason to do this anymore?"

      Robert whom was actually Aceman said, "This isn't like you, Felix. You are usually more enthusiastic about doing these outings."

      Felix quietly got up and escorted Robert and Angeline into the private communications portion of Dr. Jewel's labs and he activated a audio history data file for the two to listen to. In the audio, they heard Dr. Jewel speaking to a police officer over the phone in regards to a robot strike occurring in the middle of a school day. "Dr. Jewel! We need Mega Dog out here right now! Wily's robots are throwing our cars around like tinker toys!" The reply was, "Mega Dog is involved in something major at the moment, Officer Haley. He likely won't be available until this afternoon." Then the spoken request was, "Could you please send anyone of his team out here to help us? We need assistance fast!" Dr. Jewel then said, "The only member of his team whom is here at the moment is his canine companion Rave. I could send her out to help you. ETA in about 2 and a half minutes. Try to hold out against the robots." Then Felix activated the next file in succession for an hour after the first one. Officer Haley was saying to Dr. Jewel after getting Rave back to base, Thanks to Rave's timely arrival, the robots were defeated. You know, Dr. Jewel; when Mega Dog first appeared in Brookton, the city was led to believe that he would be available against these robot attacks whenever they showed up. Today we learn that our issues weren't important enough for him to give us the assistance we requested. If Rave hadn't arrived, we would have been defeated. You tell Mega Dog that that the original deal is on shaky ground. If he is not going to fulfill his promise to the city, then he is worse than Wily's robots. The only canine hero we can trust is Rave. I need to get back to the precinct." And the tape ended.

      Felix then said to his friends. "The dilemma is that these recordings occurred two weeks ago. We were stuck in school and Rave was sent out. Now the police department don't think so highly of me anymore since I can't show up on a dime when they need us anywhere in the city. They only request Rave when they have problems. Since they want Rave, there is no reason for me to go out on outings anymore. How can I possibly tell them that I am a teenager in school without the whole city learning that during the day we have an obligation to the school? We cannot just tell the teachers to go screw themselves just because the police need us to stop Wily's robots."

      Angeline was starting to look angry. "All it would take would be for Wily's robots to make two strikes at the same time and then the police would see that Rave alone cannot handle the work load." Then she noted that Felix didn't look convinced. "Now what's the problem?"

      Felix said, "Dr. Wily sent out just such an attack last week during school hours. Rave went to one hit location and the robots committed a robbery at the other location. And worse, Wily built his own ugly looking wolf like robot that was helping the robots to commit the crime. I didn't learn of this strike until Wily called my wrist communicator and told me that he was upping the attacks on Brookton and how his new Wolf Bot could destroy both Rave and Rush. He bragged about it before ending the call. I sent word to Megaman about it and he said he would keep Rush near him at all times. I also told him that Rave was stealing my thunder up here. He was going to talk to Dr. Light about this but to date, I haven't heard a single thing in regards to the inquiry. Since I am yesterday's news, I was thinking about surrendering to Wily and admitting defeat publicly."

      Robert then said, "I think I know of a possible solution to this, Felix. Meet with the mayor in private and let him know why Mega Dog cannot be available during the non-Summer months. I mean, until you graduate high school, your hero time is limited. When Wily was only making his attacks in the afternoon, you were on top of every city attack without fail. When he switched over to making attacks during your personal in-school time, that's when the problems started. Just tell the mayor that much and perhaps he will be understanding enough to make a deal with the school for those times when the city needs you."

      Suddenly, the Head Witch was simply standing next to the group. "The only problem with getting the school to release Felix when the police needs him is that the school would need to be told whom Mega Dog really was. And then no more secret identity. Civilians, or what we call Norms, cannot keep a secret to save their lives..."

      End of Chapter Three.


        Chapter Four: Evaluations - Part Two.

        The head Witch then continued, ..."and then that solution would only be for Felix, not the whole team. If too many of you disappeared out of school to go fight robots, then someone would put two and two together; and again, secret identities blown. My suggestion would be to pull out of school entirely and get home schooling with a registered tutor. Then you could apply for your GED certificates and continue to play hero when the city needed you. There is another solution, but no hero would go that route."

        Angeline asked, "What solution would no hero do, ma'am?"

        The Head Witch replied, "Destroy the high school so no teenager could be in school and then during the rebuild, play the hero to the city. As I said, no hero would do that. Gotta go; stupid warlocks are having a duel in Europe." And she was gone.

        Felix look to his friends. "She is right that no hero would do that; Wily's goons might. But if we suggest that they do it, then she is right. We are no hero."

        Robert then said, "I just had a thought, guys... doesn't it seem strange that the Head Witch indicated that when she helped Felix to remain human that she was going to be watching to see how he used his new powers and now she directly pops in and suggests that we get the school destroyed as a possible solution? I mean, the moment the mayor solution was suggested, she was suddenly here to debunk our pursuing that solution to the problem. Angeline, would it be possible to have Istanbul pop in so I could ask him a question in regards to this suspicious behavior? He was only supposed to stay in the Wick household for a few days without getting to make an outing and its been that."

        Angeline nodded her head. "You are right. I will see about summoning him. I know he will be glad to see Felix again." And moments later, Istanbul appeared on a table top near Angeline looking somewhat pleased to be able to get out of the Wick household. "Istanbul? Robert wants to ask you a question in regards to the head Witch's odd behavior earlier."

        The black cat arched his back and flicked his tail as he looked directly at Robert. "What did she do this time?"

        Robert took the liberty to start at the beginning and to replay the two recordings for the cat to listen to before explaining what the discussion had been afterward before the Head Witch popped in to input her two cents into something that she wasn't even a team member within. "So you see, we think it is unusual that she indicated that she was only going to watch Felix and then she got directly involved the moment I suggested that Felix as Mega Dog confide in the mayor to explain that the newest heroes are all teenagers whom are attending school and the Head Witch suggested that we get the school destroyed so we could battle Wily's goons. What is your opinion of this?"

        Istanbul had been licking his legs during the explanation but when Robert finished up to ask him the question, he straightened up and replied, "I suggest we call in the Head Witch. If she told you that she was only going to watch, then that's what she would be doing. Anyone else popping in claiming to be her and you doing as the fake suggested would make it seem as if you were a wicked Norm instead of a hero. I like Felix a lot. As for Rave stealing your spotlight, the robotic dog doesn't run your team; you do!"

        The black cat then lifted his head up and chanted what sounded like an ancient spell. "Volo vocari caput eu velit." And almost instantly, someone whom looked entirely different from the Head Witch from the other day and different from an hour before appeared in the chamber. "Ah, Valencia. Thank you for coming so quickly. Mega Dog and his team are having an issue where a fake pretending to be you supposedly cured Felix Smythe and laid a punishment upon me to get me out of the way apparently so I could see a trick she was going to enact upon the local heroes. And now that you are here, I am going to update you on everything that has been occurring from when Felix became Mega Dog on up to the present. I only hope you are not angry with me afterward." And he began to retell the story from the beginning which included what Wily had lined the dog helmet with that infected the human boy unwittingly. "I was going to make a report to you about the Form-Fitting Rubber and then the fake you showed up and I didn't dare denounce that she wasn't the real head witch in front of non-witches."

        The Head Witch, whose name was apparently Valencia, snapped her fingers and the rest of the world was once again in the time stop as she examined Felix up close. "Oh my... she only pretended to cure you, young man. You are still infected. It is a wonder you didn't die from her tampering. I have many enemies whom try to discredit me in the Witches Council. The creator of the Form-Fitting Rubber was actually Hagatha Wick, Angeline's wicked aunt. Istanbul was assigned to Angeline in order to keep an eye on Hagatha's activities so as to learn where she hid the Rubber Golem army. For you see, Istanbul is an undercover magical investigator whom prefers to stay in his feline form. He considers himself to be a full member of your team, for which I approve. You need someone like him around. Dr. Wily accidentally discovered one of the lost Rubber Golems and he performed a makeover on it to change it into a humanoid dog robot suit and then you unknowingly put on the suit so you could attend the high school masquerade ball. When Wily activated the electrocution circuit, it melted the rubber causing it to merge with your skin changing you into a dog bot golem. When Instanbul learned of your accident, he informed me that science had caused this accident; but before he could report the discovery of the Form-Fitting Rubber portion of your accident, the fake witch showed up and convinced you that she was curing you and canceling your deal with Istanbul. Had you permitted Istanbul's spell to stay on you, then the conversion progress would have halted. The evil witch enchanted your stomach so you could continue to eat and drink your favorite foods while making you think you had been cured. In truth, you need help desperately."

        Felix sighed. "I knew it was too good to be true. How far gone am I at the moment? Am I even human anymore?"

        Valencia petted Felix's head. "You stopped being human the moment you were infected with the magical rubber. You haven't been human since Wily's interference. Had he not activated the electrocution circuit, then the suit could have been removed safely from your body. But afterward, it was too late. You still have your soul and your spirit which is why there is a chance we can remove all of the dangerous gunk from your system, but you will never be human again. I can give you a spell so you can appear to be human so you can finish high school. But once you had your diploma and by the midnight following, you would lose the enchantment and become Mega Dog full time."

        Felix looked to his team. "We were tricked into thinking that I was cured. And then the fake tried to get us to perform a wicked deed. Would you guys still support me if I were to agree to learn magic so I could rightfully earn the transformation spell; making it so I could still use my human form occasionally?"

        Robert looked to Angeline and then when she nodded her head, he replied, "We will support you, Felix. You are our leader and we care about you."

        End of Chapter Four.


          Chapter Five: Mega Dog For Real.

          With the agreement to get Valencia's assistance, and the request to learn magic in addition to the powers he would have as Mega Dog, the next few hours were spent detoxing and cleansing the former human boy's undressed body of all infectious material and evil magic. When the evil magic spell was lifted, Felix vomited almost endlessly. When he was empty, the rest of the rubber fluids were removed from his body in a process that made it seem as if his pores, nose, mouth, penis, and anal cavity were gushing like oil wells. The black stuff continued to pour out of his body until all of the rubber and oil had been drained out of his body. Valencia then dipped Felix's body in a clear fuel like liquid that smelled like fur tonic and baby oil combined. And then he was pulled out and the remaining goo was drained out of his body.

          When that stage was finished, Valencia force-changed Felix into a German Shepherd which forced any and all remaining infections out of his body. And then she changed him into a Cano-Sapien German Shepherd where upon she gave him another dipping into the fur tonic/baby oil mixture before helping the young man to magically get back into his armored uniform. "Since you offered to learn magic to rightfully earn the magical transformation ability, Istanbul will become your instructor although Angeline may also help you to master the spells you will learn. As a heroic warlock in training, you can either use my transformation gift or you may choose to learn the appropriate spell within the time stop so when we go back into normal time, you will be a few ranks lower than Istanbul, although Angeline will always be more magical since she was born with the ability. What is your choice, Felix?"

          Felix smiled as he struck a pose in his Cano-Sapien German Shepherd form. "Feels good to be real again. My choice will be to learn the magic here in the time stop. It would be better for all of the team if I wasn't having to learn magic while fighting Wily's goons."

          Over the course of the next few hours of real time, Felix and Istanbul were in lessons together while Valencia advanced Angeline's spell knowledge in some extraordinary and fantasic magical skills to make her more formidable in case Hagatha tried to get the upper hand once again. Istanbul taught Felix how to use the magical dimensional gate spell which would enable him to go to other hero universes and back. Little did Istanbul realize what kind of trouble that one spell would cause later on. Normally the spell was used by natural born magic users to attend conventions held in other dimensions. But in the paws of a mortal born magic user, only time would reveal what the results would be.

          Finally, Felix mastered the transformation spell to change himself from Cano-Sapien to full canine to human boy. In fact Istanbul had Felix perform this spell a few times in different combinations to make sure he knew every possible angle to master the spell. And then, Valencia said, "Now that you are a warlock in your own right, it is time to enter normal space once again. Just remember that you have an empty stomach currently, Felix. Go get a meal and a drink to feed upon. I declare you one hundred percent cured. And with this extra power, you should now know how to resolve your dilemma with the Brookton police department. If you need me again, call for me to return. And use my real name since if a fake tries to use it, then they will ignite in holy fire. One more thing..." And she placed a new collar around his neck which had his name and crime fighting ID on it. "This collar will always stay with your canine forms. It doubles as a communicator as well as a tick and flea collar. This way, you don't scratch yourself to pieces."

          Valencia then lifted one hand into the air and she ended the time stop with a snap of her fingers and she vanished along with the time stop.

          Felix smiled. "It is rather cool how she can multi-task like that. Now I better go find me a real meal to get back into my body. Come on, guys. You too, Istanbul."

          After the meal, Mega Dog gathered his team and they went to city hall in Brookton to speak to the mayor since that seemed like the smarter solution. The mayor was seated at his desk with the window open to let in some fresh air when the team entered the window to stand before his desk.

          The mayor said, "This is a surprise, Mega Dog. What can city hall do for you today?"

          Producing a tape recorder with the two recorded messages from their archives, they played the data for the mayor to listen to. And then Mega Dog said, "The reason we were not available that day, sir, is because all of us except Rave and Istanbul are teenagers whom are attending Brookton High School. We couldn't just tell the teachers in our classes to go screw themselves simply because Wily's goons chose to attack the city. We showed responsibility by remaining in school. Although I did promise the city that I would be their new super watch dog with recommendations from Dr. Light, Wily's robots hit the city during school hours. We were stuck, sir. What else could we do?"

          The mayor thought about this dilemma that was presented to him as he said, "This information is the first I have heard of this situation at all, Mega Dog. The police never informed me of these statements. I will probably be going out on a limb here, Mega Dog, but since you are teenagers, staying in school was the right move to make. I don't care what the police say; you gave me your word to protect our city. You didn't have a team then, so only you are under that obligation. Perhaps if Dr. Jewel could provide the police with stronger equipment for handling out of control robots, then you could help out when your school hours didn't hamper your crime fighting activities."

          Mega Dog smiled as he shook hands with the mayor. "Thank you for the vote of trust, sir. My promise still stands; I will tell Dr. Jewel what request you are making on behalf of the police department. We are going to go and resume one of our patrols now. Thanks again." And he then led his friends back out the window and down to the street where they could get back to the real business at hand -- Protecting the city.

          Magica remarked, "He didn't even try to guess whom we were in school; totally unlike what the fake tried to make us believe."

          Mega Dog said, "One more test, guys. Let's go find Officer Dave and let him listen to the police voices on the tapes. He can tell us whom they were, if he recognizes them."

          At the street corner where Officer Dave kept watch over traffic, Mega Dog and his friends let Dave listen to the tapes to see if he knew whom was speaking.

          After reviewing the taped voices, Dave said, "Those guys are no one in my precinct, Mega Dog. And I think I would have remembered seeing Rave running around by herself."

          Mega Dog looked to his team and said, "The fake doctored our archive tapes, guys. The crummy bum almost made me give up being a hero."

          End of Chapter Five.


            Chapter Six: Talking to Dr. Light.

            Returning to base and deactivating Rave before packing her into a delivery crate, Mega Dog and his team traveled down into New York to visit Dr. Light so they could ask him an important question. Upon arriving, Megaman, Rush, and Roll greeted their allies as the team were permitted into Dr. Light's labs.

            "Dr. Light? Did you, or did you not, deliver this robot canine companion to Dr. Jewel's labs within the last month to be the Rush replacement? If you didn't, then someone whom was disguised to look and sound like you said the canine companion's name was Rave. Due to recent events that have made our team suspicious, I am now returning Rave to your labs so you can either positively or negatively identify this robot. We deactivated it for your safety just in case."

            Dr. Light opened the crate and looked at the immobile Rave. "I am glad you brought this robot here, Felix. This is the first time I have ever seen this robot dog. When Megaman and Roll told me about Rave, they never said that I had supposedly delivered this up to Brookton for you. I was to understand that Dr. Jewel had made this companion robot. Time to open her up and see what the programming looks like."

            As the good doctor reached for Rave, the robotic canine companion suddenly sprang to life and made a lunge at Dr. Light as it emitted a voice that stated, "You will not change my programming!" And just as suddenly, a massive lightning bolt flattened Rave to the floor, causing the robot to literally come apart at the seams. Angeline and Istanbul lowered their still glowing wands from the side as Magica said, "Too close. We saw Felix deactivate that robot, sir."

            Aceman said, "Back when I was the old Protoman, you only hit me with one lightning bolt. But two at once... good thing I only had to have one to put me on the good path."

            Dr. Light said as he took a breath briefly before speaking, "Thank you for the quick save, Magica and Istanbul. Now to see what the inside plate looks like." And he flipped over the power plate which was once attached to Rave's back. And for all to see was two markings. One was the marking for Dr. Wily and the other was Hagatha's personal sigil.

            Angeline said, "I don't believe it; that's my Aunt Hagatha's sigil marking superimposed over Wily's crest. I always wondered why she could humanize Aceman but she wouldn't do the same for Mega Dog. Now it makes sense; the two were working together. That's the only way Wily could have gotten a hold of a Form-Fitting Rubber golem from Hagatha's arsenal. What should we do now, Dr. Light?"

            "Call the Head Witch first and then call your Aunt Malva. You did say she was the nicer of the two aunts. When we show the Head Witch this marking on Rave's power plate, I think she will get the message pretty fast."

            One call later, and Valencia was standing in the labs being shown the dual marking upon Rave's power plate. And then Aunt Malva was called. When the short chubby witch appeared in the lab, she paled when she saw Valencia present with the others. Then she was shown the dual marking of Wily and Hagatha. Needless to say, Malva was not happy.

            Malva said, "I often wondered why Hagatha had a Head Witch's costume in her bedroom closet. I found it one day while cleaning. When I asked her about it, she said that a former Head Witch had left it there during a visit a long time ago."

            Valencia said, "You mean last Century's fashion model? We voted out that costume in favor of the more modern witch's wear; Hagatha hated the update and kept the originals for a rainy day. She told council that she was going to dispose of those robes. She obviously lied because she was the one whom wore it during the supposed Head Witch encounter during your robot fight in Brookton. I am afraid that we are going to have to place Hagatha under arrest for her deceit and her defacement of my standing and the Grand Tribunal."

            The Head Witch then turned to look at the heroes. "I am about to reveal my real name to you heroes for I believe that you can keep a secret. I was originally known as Valencia Switch; a good witch of the original council of witches. Hagatha, whose real name was Saturna, had formerly been banished to the isle of fire and ice until she teamed up with a Warlock named Mordo and then the two were sealed into a bottle and the bottle was locked up in the vaults of the Grand Tribunal where Mordo and Saturna fought each other continuously until an inept apprentice whilst cleaning the vaults accidentally knocked the bottle out a window and the bottle shattered on the rocks of the cliffs below. Mordo ended up with amnesia while Saturna in order to hide herself changed her appearance to take on the form of a tall lanky witch known as Hagatha Wick. She had known the old Hagatha before the former's death centuries before and becoming Hagatha was child's play for the wickedest witch in the land. Moving into Wick manor outside of Brookton, she was initially there to get revenge against my young friends (Rupert Brown and Amelia Daley) whom had helped me to defeat her originally except, the two had long since moved away from Pepperdine Elementary School, although only Rupert and his male friends attended High School at Brookton; Pepperdine High School had been supposedly damaged in a wind storm forcing him and his friends to take classes at Brookton. Amelia's parents had moved her down to Arlington Virginia years before to live near her grandparent's homestead. Rupert was a Sophomore when you joined the school as a Freshman, Felix. You would have recognized him by his glasses and his always working in the school labs."

            Mega Dog said, "I know the boy you are talking about now, Miss Switch. But when I saw him originally, he was in a wheelchair and when I asked him how he got that way, he said that he had been in a motorbike accident which left him nearly paralyzed from the waist down. I didn't want to be too nosy, so I left him to his lab work. I never learned his name at that time. Do you suppose that Hagatha happened to him to cause that accident?"

            Valencia's eyes sparkled as she seemed to be looking into the past toward a distant event. "I believe that you may be on to something, Felix. However, I cannot just leave him crippled like that. He helped me when I really needed it."

            Malva was then saying to Aceman, "Hagatha and I didn't change you into a real boy, Robert. I contacted the real Blue Fairy myself and she personally rewarded your honesty with the gift of being a real human boy. Hagatha had said it was useless to help a Norm to do anything. She hated the whole Angeline wanting to help Mega Dog thing."

            Angeline then asked, "Am I even related to Saturna at all, Auntie Malva?" Malva turned to her niece and said with a comforting smile, "Heavens no, child. While I am your true aunt, the original Hagatha died centuries before as Valencia said. The reason I come across as a nicer witch is because I am a good witch, like Valencia herself."

            End of Chapter Six.


              Chapter Seven: A New Team Member.

              Mega Dog then said, "Would it be possible to not only heal Rupert but to have him join our team? With the fake Rave no longer on the team, we once again have an opening for a new team member to help us against Wily's robots. I mean, he doesn't have to join us, but getting to work with Angeline whom has a connection to you, Miss Switch, might perk up his day something fierce. And getting to spend time at Dr. Jewel's labs in Brookton might be a fantasy come true for him."

              Valencia remarked, "I think that might be a fine idea, Felix. In fact, now that I know of Rupert's predicament first hand, I will enact his restoration personally. I can tell him that Mega Dog let me know that he had been crippled."

              Mega Dog said, "Thanks for directly intervening in our dilemma, ma'am. I am sure Rupert will be glad to see you again." He then turned to his team. "Now that we don't have to put up with Wily for a while, we need to get back to Brookton. And I am sure Rupert will contact us later when he is able. Thanks again, Dr. Light, Valencia." And they headed out.

              Back in Brookton, Mega Dog and his team were back on full patrol and not even seeming as if they were on the verge of quitting. Hagatha was watching for a private spot and then she noted that Rave was not among the patrol at all. "Now where did that mechanical spy get off to? Wily said that it would fool any naive norm."

              Suddenly to one side of where Hagatha was positioned, she heard Valencia's voice. "Saturna! Mega Dog let me know that you were back in town! Either surrender or be banished to the realm between worlds for the rest of your life!"

              Hagatha turned and she saw Valencia Switch in her full regalia along with the Grand Tribunal. "You will never take me, Switch!"

              Valencia remarked, "For someone whom hates Norms being in charge, you certainly put your hatred aside when you willingly worked with Dr. Wily."

              Hagatha's visage vanished at that point revealing Saturna. "I don't know how you found that out, Switch; but the truth won't give you the upper hand over me!" And as she stepped backward to flee, she stepped into a sigil that she had not noticed being placed on the rooftop just behind her and she was immediately encased in an array of lights which became a prison made of prism glass. From within the prison, she was seen but not heard complaining and screaming!

              Istanbul padded around the base of the prison before he padded by Valencia. "One prison seal as requested, Ms. Switch. I need to return to Angeline and Mega Dog now." And he vanished.

              Valencia exclaimed, "For crimes against the Arcane and for associating with evil Norms, you are banished to the Prison between worlds until such a time as you might learn the error of your ways. I strongly doubt you will for the next time you cause such trouble as this, I will contact Hera, Circe and Lady Frigga to oversee your activities."

              Saturna went silent at what Switch was suggesting. And then Saturna's prison was sent to the prison between worlds.

              Valencia looked to the Grand Tribunal and said, "From now on, when the head witch is present always mention my true name out loud. If it is a fake, she will ignite in holy flame. Now I must go out and undo all of the wrongs that Saturna performed while she was loose this time. Including my old friend Rupert whom put an end to the Computa-Witch originally."

              The leader of the Grand Tribunal remarked, "She has an uncanny way of fooling us, Valencia. But perhaps this newest solution will prevent this from happening from now on. We didn't know Istanbul was working directly for you. We were so used to seeing Bathsheba that we didn't recognize your aura around Istanbul."

              Valencia said, "His aura is cloaked so evil witches don't detect my involvement until it is too late. I need to get going now." And all of the witches and warlocks then vanished.

              At Rupert Brown's wheelchair accessible lab building to one side of his parent's newest home in Brookton, Valencia quietly appeared and saw that Rupert was indeed wheelchair bound. He was writing some notes about his latest scientific observation when he heard a female voice say, "You misspelled Hypotenuse." Rupert went back and as he was correcting the word, he suddenly placed the voice that had just spoken. "Miss Switch... I thought you had forgotten about me. What brings you back to me this time? Is Saturna being a pain or is Amelia in trouble again?"

              Valencia smiled as she stepped around to Rupert's side. "How could I forget a friend as good as you, Rupert? Mega Dog told me that you were crippled and this isn't right since Saturna was involved with your accident. I came to restore your mobility and extend an offer that Mega Dog made recently. He suggested that you be permitted to work with Dr. Jewel at her labs in town and then you could be directly involved with Mega Dog's heroic team. You may decline but I aim to restore your mobility regardless."

              Rupert smiled. "I didn't even know that Mega Dog had noticed me. And I will always accept gifts from you, Miss Switch. I got a letter from Amelia the other day to let me know how she was doing in Virginia. So I am not entirely out of the loop yet. Working with Dr. Jewel would be a dream come true. I know she makes security systems. But I didn't know she was involved with Mega Dog."

              Valencia explained, "Mega Dog has an opening on his team and he originally suggested that after your recovery, you might fill that opening yourself. He further said that he had met you in his civilian identity in school when he handled the two lesser bullies that no one liked."

              Rupert adjusted his glasses and said, "If Mega Dog did that, then he can only be that Freshman boy named Felix Smythe. Rush was all the time palling around with him after the Masquerade Ball. Since he wants me on his team and he is giving me an opportunity to work with Dr. Jewel, how can I say no to such a selfless offer. My motorbike was a total loss during the accident. The doctors said I was lucky to be alive."

              Valencia wheeled Rupert over to an operating table. "Lets focus on getting you upright and mobile again. You can tell your parents that Mega Dog's teammates performed this miracle."

              End of Chapter Seven.