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[AMF-01] IX-01 Social Study

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    [AMF-01] IX-01 Social Study

    Brookhaven - Animated Marvel Furniverse

    [AMF-01] IX-01 Social Study
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter One.

    Teen aged Gerard Marshall Hopkins was being escorted to a government controlled shopping outlet by C.I.A. agent Leonard Arthur Prince. True, this was not the assignment that Agent Prince would normally be undertaking, but in truth, he really enjoyed the company of this particular male Brookhaven Research Ward charge. Agent Prince had tried to have a son of his own, but after producing nothing but daughters, he chose to subject his semen samples to the research labs for evaluation. The project Doctor's surname had been Hopkins and since Leonard wanted to have a son named Gerard Marshall, the research test resulted in a healthy son produced from a combination of Hopkins' egg cells and Prince's semen samples. Since Agent Prince was married to a woman whom would have been a jealous bitch, Gerard Marshall Hopkins became a Research Ward and he was never told that Leonard was in truth his father. Agent Prince was told that Gerard was in truth his son and to never reveal this to the jealous Mrs. Rianne Lombard Prince. Apparently Rianne could only produce female children. Thus Gerard would stay at the research labs in Brookhaven, Long Island, New York.

    Until not long after this particular day.

    Within the clothing outlet, Gerard responded to a Furniverse contest questionnaire. And without having known about the Furniverse at all, he aced every single question on the contest. Leonard was surprised that his test tube son did so well on this contest questionnaire. The next step was to fill out the contact information and drop the entry into the sweepstakes box next to the check out cash register. According to the entry rules, there was only one day left to enter this particular contest. The grand prize was a trip for two to the Marvel Furniverse where the winner would spend two weeks with Starbolt (Stanley Marvel, an empowered rat man hero whom had a new team in the animated version of Brookhaven, New York within the Furniverse itself.) Leonard couldn't just up and disappear for two weeks, but he could arrange for another research ward charge to make the trip with Gerard should he actually win the prize. A two-week vacation for a couple of boys whom might not ever get the chance to spend time with some animated comic-book style cartoon characters in the furry version of the Marvel Universe.

    The rest of the shopping trip went without incident. Gerard was in need of some new track and field sneakers and a selection of pants, shirts and undergarments. While wearing his new clothes, Gerard admired himself in the shop's full length mirror. He had bouncy Steel Grey hair with Silver-Blue eyes and tan skin. He stood at five foot ten inches tall and weighed about one hundred sixty-five pounds. His IQ averaged out around three hundred marking his intelligence as super genius. And despite having a score that high, he was only the second smartest boy in the Brookhaven Exceptional Childrens Research Labs. But for what he lacked in smarts, he made up for with uncanny luck. He was otherwise athletic and handsome. Handsomeness ran in the male side of Leonard's family as well as in most of the Hopkins' family on both sides. Leonard even purchased Gerard a new wallet and he stocked it with prepaid government approved calling cards in preparation for if Gerard won the contest. And with the boy's uncanny luck, he just might win this fantasy trip.

    Leonard then purchased Gerard a new government issue agent cellphone; again in preparation for if the boy won. IF? Leonard had witnessed this boy's luck on more than one occasion. There were carnival game owners who hated seeing this boy near their game booths. Despite weighting the games and applying cheats to prevent people from winning, Gerard could make the rigged games do what he wanted them to do. The first and only time a crooked road carnival asked Leonard to get the boy out of their carnival, the F.B.I then raided the road show shortly after the C.I.A. agent took the boy away.

    The two then returned to the Brookhaven Exceptional Childrens Research Labs.

    Leonard told Dr. Patricia Hopkins what Gerard had gone and done this time and what the prize would be when he won. The good doctor did not seem all that upset by the report. She only asked which other boy would make the trip with Gerard when he won. After some brief discussion, the boy chosen was a Native American boy named Tam Arnold Meadowjumper. He had the highest IQ at the research center at three hundred fifty-five. He also had long black hair and dark brown eyes with a Native American complexion. He had a fondness for Hawks and Eagles. His talent had to do with Aeronautical Expertise. Tam stood at a height of five foot seven inches tall and weighed about one hundred thirty-five pounds. He usually only wore Native American garb made of tanned hide leather with moccasins on his feet. He had a hawk feather necklace which also had a bronzed eagle talon supported on the black leather cord. Attempts to swipe his jewelry usually resulted in one Hell of a fight. Which the native boy always won.

    Two nights later, the desk phone rang in Dr. Hopkins office to which she answered the call. "Brookhaven Exceptional Childrens Research Labs. Dr. Patricia Hopkins speaking."

    "Dr. Hopkins? This is Stanley Marvel with Furniverse Productions. A young man named Gerard Marshall Hopkins entered our promotional contest the other day. Would Gerard be available for a last minute discussion? We were going over the entries and we needed to make sure we had the correct data on file."

    Five minutes later, both Gerard and Tam were seated in Dr. Hopkins' office seated near the speakerphone. "Mr. Marvel? This is Gerard Hopkins. I am the one who submitted the contest entry. Dr. Hopkins said you wanted to ask me some questions."

    The following questions were unusual and Gerard answered every question until an inquiry regarding aeronautics came up. That was when Tam spoke up and gave his opinion on the matter. When Gerard added in his two cents, Stanley Marvel heard what sounded like a chalkboard session occurring where Tam was proving his point to Gerard, which at the end, Gerard commented. "I concede to your explanation, Tam. You know more about flying than I do."

    Stanley then said, "I cannot wait to meet both of these boys. Please tell me they will both be coming, Dr. Hopkins."

    Dr. Hopkins replied, "The plan was that if Gerard won the contest then Tam would accompany him on the two-week holiday."

    Stanley then said, "The grand prize includes a fine arts scholarship at a Furniverse college of our choosing. This would mean that your boys could get a college degree in the arts that you could be proud of their acquiring." Tam then said, "Since you were only verifying Gerard's data, I suppose we will await your next call if Gerard wins this contest at all." Then and before Tam could reach for the door knob to leave the office, Stanley said, "That's just it. Gerard won the contest. The extra questions were a test to see if his answering the contest questions as he did was a fluke. When can you boys be ready to make the trip to the Furniverse gate portal in Medford, New York? I really cannot wait to meet some really nice boys whom are as smart as you two are."
    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two.
    Dr. Hopkins personally drove the boys with their suitcases down to the nearby Medford Furniverse gate portal. Upon arriving, Gerard had to once again, demonstrate his question answering expertise as Dr. Hopkins provided ID proof of whom the two boys were. Perhaps worse, the media were present at the gate portal to get a glimpse of the contest winner. As the reporters approached Dr. Hopkins, they were stopped and grabbed by government soldiers whom pulled them away from the woman and the two boys. It seemed that the Contest winner was being protected by the U.S. Government. But in truth, that wasn't it at all. The soldiers thought the reporters meant to do the good doctor bodily harm.

    Patricia said to the boys, "I'll return to the gate portal in two-weeks to pick you both up. Or if I cannot make it, I will have Leonard come and escort you both home. Have a good time, boys." And they parted company as the two boys stepped through the gate portal which transported them off to Furniverse Long Island's Animated Medford. Upon arriving, the boys saw a rat man holding up a sign with their names upon it. The rat man was standing next to a black limousine with tinted windows. The license plates on the limo read as Furniverse Productions. The boys loaded their suitcases into the limo before getting in themselves.

    The rat man then got in with them as he signaled for the driver to pull out of the parking lot. "Hello Boys. I am Stanley Marvel. Here are my credentials and photo ID." He showed them his photo ID Card along with his Furniverse Productions badge. "Code phrase, please."

    Gerard spoke up and said, "Friends Together; Heroes Forever. It is still a silly code phrase. But you suggested it, Stanley."

    Stanley smiled. "Good, you remembered the whole thing. Anyone could have said the first part but knowing the last two lines is special. I need your help with a special problem. That is why I ran the contest. The winners get to help me solve a team problem that my hero group are having. Not to mention, you both get to design new team members to join Infinity X. Smart boys like you can surely create something very useful and unique."

    Gerard said, "Starbolt, I cannot imagine a team leader like you having a problem at the degree that you're hinting at."

    Stanley explained, "The Mighty AvengeFurs are holding down the fort in Manhattan. But due to poor planning, Infinity X was not prepared for the enemies that surprised my newest team and captured nearly all of them in one battle. That is another reason I needed outside help."

    He then said, "If you two can help me to rescue all of my team members during your vacation here in the Furniverse, I will grant you both permanent vacation Visas and Passports to return to the Furniverse whenever you like."

    Gerard replied, "Tam and I will do our best." Tam then muttered, "Tam of Ages, Hear Our Plea; Give us The Power, From Infinity!"

    Stanley arched an eye as he repeated the phrase to himself. "I like that, Tam. A good energy boosting chant during times of need."

    Gerard then said, "We may need that energy boost if we are to rescue Infinity X. But first, we will need to design our new team members whom you hired in your state of emergency."

    When the limo ride ended in Animated Brookhaven at the exact same location in the Furniverse for where the Brookhaven Exceptional Children's Research Labs would reside on Earth, both boys began to get suspicious. They had super genius IQs and the Infinity X headquarters locale just seemed too coincidental. However, neither young man made a fuss about it because they were supposed to be on a prize vacation.

    During a moment when Starbolt was not close enough to overhear their private whispering to each other, Gerard and Tam decided to test Starbolt to see if he was paying the attention that he was claiming that he was performing back when he made the mistake of permitting his team to get captured by the enemy. The first trick was for Tam to distract Starbolt while Gerard used a pay phone booth for privacy to make a phony mandatory call in to Dr. Hopkins when in truth, Gerard was going to call information and get the true phone number for Furniverse Productions and see who exactly answered the phone when Gerard made the connected call. If the call was answered by Stanley then Gerard would just hang up. However, he and Tam suspected that this Starbolt Rat was a phony despite his being a good looking rat man.

    The Operator was a pretty nice ewe and she mentioned that the Furniverse Productions main studios were located in Manhattan. She then forwarded the call in for the nice boy to the phone number in question. After hearing the phone ring twice, someone did pick up the phone. "Nick Furry; Rats of S.H.I.E.L.D. Who is calling please?"

    "Nick? This is Gerard Hopkins from Brookhaven, Long Island, normally of Planet Earth. My friend and I supposedly won a contest to help Stanley Marvel, the CEO of Furniverse Productions here in Animated Brookhaven. However, upon arriving at the supposed on-site hero headquarters for a team called Infinity X, my friend and I began to get suspicious. Could you and Captain Americat come out here and collect up myself and Tam Meadowjumper. We are finding it difficult to believe that the rat man claiming to be Stanley Marvel is for real. Since I feel he is a supervillain of some sort, we could really use you guys' help out here. Our current coordinates are as follows..." and Gerard gave Nick Furry exact directions to where Starbolt had brought him and his friend to.

    Nick then said, "I am glad you called in, Gerard. Stanley Marvel is a rat man like I am, but he does not have an alter ego called Starbolt. In fact, Starbolt is a wanted supervillain. The real Stanley Marvel is currently missing. We were at the production studios investigating his disappearance. I will gather Captain Americat and the Mighty Thare to come and give me backup in Brookhaven. Again, thanks for being suspicious, Gerard. Nick out." And the call ended.

    Gerard headed out and tagged up with Tam as he said, "Tam and I need to use the restroom, Stanley. Do you mind?" The rat man barely had time to say they could go use the restroom when both boys grabbed their suitcases and ran toward the restroom. When the boys entered the men's room, Gerard quickly whispered, "Bad Carbon Copy." He kept the message brief before moving himself and Tam into a stall where they locked the door and waited for the chaos that Gerard had arranged with Nick Furry, Captain Americat and the Mighty Thare. It didn't take long before one Hell of a fight was heard outside of the phony base which even shook the building at one moment.
    End of Chapter Two.


      Chapter Three.
      The boys soon heard someone in the men's room. "Gerard Hopkins? Its Nick Furry. You called me on the phone. I need to get you boys to my secured transport."

      Gerard then unlocked the bathroom stall door and he and Tam came out and joined Nick Furry as they sneaked out of the building and avoided the fight the heroes were having against Starbolt. Tam was about to get a rare pleasure as he and Gerard were loaded into a flying transport and flown up to the S.H.I.E.L.D. Flying Fortress. Now that they were with Nick Furry, Gerard explained the whole contest promotion that the real Stanley Marvel had been running and how Starbolt had shown up pretending to be the CEO of Furniverse Productions even going so far as to accept a phony code phrase that was a word or two different from what they had been told to say. Nick then said, "You boys were promised a vacation and that is exactly what you are both going to get. I think when we locate the real Stanley Marvel, even he will agree to let you boys have a duplicate of the prize even if you were not the official winners. Getting the drop on Starbolt is a great heroic act anyway. He has a reward on his stupid head."

      Gerard then said, "We did like the sound of a superhero team called Infinity X; so if we were permitted to create teen aged heroes for this AvengeFurs expansion team, then Captain Americat and the others could occasionally keep an eye on the new team. Maybe even call it a back up training team. When none of the other AvengeFurs were available for a mission, bring in the back up heroes of Infinity X."

      Tam then said, "I get the feeling that humans are normally not permitted to live in the Furniverse, Mr. Furry. We wouldn't want to get any locals in trouble for letting us stay among your people for two weeks."

      Gerard smiled. "Maybe so, Tam, but Nick is so gosh darn sexy for a rat man. Although Rats are only one of my collection of animal likes. The others in no particular order are Great Danes, donkeys, and rabbits. It was cool seeing the Mighty Thare in action. Although that long hair has got to be difficult to keep clean."

      Tam grinned. "I love all animals that fly, as well as flying machines of all sorts. When it comes to aeronautics, I am the genius."

      Nick remarked, "Normally being the key word there, Tam. But for alerting us as to whom might have Stanley Marvel prisoner, I think we could make an exception for you boys. We could even give you both a transformer that would allow you to change from your human forms into your furry characters. Of course, Stanley would have the final say-so on that."

      Gerard asked, "Are you offended because I think you are a hot rat, Mister Furry?"

      Nick smiled as he petted on the boy's head. "I can spend time with you when this business nonsense ends. I am sure you pet a rat nicely."

      Tam gave Gerard a look. "You flirt."

      Gerard winked. "I'm a winner. My luck holds out. Besides, he owns the flying machine."

      Nick smiled. "I can tell that you two are friends. Only friends can get away with treating each other as peons and not be ripping each other's throats out at the end. As soon as we get Stanley Marvel back safely, the final decision on your vacation could be decided. Is there anything else you would like to see?"

      Gerard replied, "I am interested in looking over the labs of the AvengeFurs. They always look so fantastic in the comic books. I am sure Tam would love to see their jets."

      Tam remarked, "And how!"

      AvengeFurs Labs

      After letting Gerard into the labs, Nick escorted Tam off to the AvengeFurs Hangar and stayed to keep an eye on the flying expert primarily to make sure the young human didn't take a joy ride in one of the dangerous jets. Other young heroes had done this in the past and now they were on guard if a youngster showed an interest in the team jets. This suited Gerard just fine since he knew how Tam was about piloting. If Tam got the chance, he would be in the air.

      As Gerard explored the lab, he came upon an empty table space that he recalled from one of the comics was supposed to contain a regeneration project of an alien species that had helped the AvengeFurs on one mission and an enemy's plasma canon had reduced the space hero to protoplasm. "What was that space hero's name? Oh yeah, Rab! In his armor, he appeared to be an armored digital rabbit man. The AvengeFur's promised his people that they would revive him and send him home. But many issues went by as the Regen project remained right here in this spot not being touched nor even looked at. In fact, the last time I saw it in the AvengeFurs comic book was last week and it was still sitting here as Mouse Man and Insect Woman walked by the experiment talking about Starbolt's latest plot. So where is the Rab experiment now?"

      Noticing dirty wheel tracks on the floor going from that spot toward a rear door in the labs just beyond a computer databank, Gerard followed the wheel tracks and he stepped through the rear lab door and promptly stepped into ankle deep sticky off-white fluids all over the floor of the rear lab chamber. In fact, the entire chamber smelled as if a couple of horny gay rabbits had an orgy within the labs and fired themselves off all over the place. "I'll need to clean my shoes later." He slowly and carefully continued.

      Just ahead, and just beyond what looked like the Regen protect cart within a Plexiglass holding cell was what looked to be a naked Stanley Marvel being held in suspended animation within a holding cell. The cart was parked in a weird sideways position as if it had been wheeled around the side of the lab chamber. The sticky off-white goo was dripping off of the Regen Project. Rather than retreating to get Nick Furry, Gerard continued forward toward the cart and the spot where Stanley was being held in suspension. Too late did Gerard realize that the open lab floor between himself and the project cart was actually a deep retaining pool full of the stuff he had been walking through as he walked right off into the middle of the sticky gooey sex liquid and sank over his head in the fluids. His clothes were eroded instantly and he had an erection as he struggled to surface.
      End of Chapter Three.


        Chapter Four.
        At the combat zone, Captain Americat had just locked the anti-power cuffs on Starbolt's wrists behind his back when the Mighty Thare noticed an electronic light turn on upon Starbolt's neckband. "What is that light on your neckband, Starbolt? I noticed it when it lit up just now."

        Starbolt slyly grinned. "It either implies that someone set off the trap where I hid Stanley Marvel in an underground parking garage or they tripped the trap at AvengeFur's Mansion. I really hope it's the latter since that one can change a species from one straight species into a homosexual species. The trap in the parking garage is simply poisonous gas that can kill a cat in thirty seconds; hardly all that much fun."

        Captain Americat activated his comm unit and said, "Come in Nick! One of the boys fell into a gay transformation trap in the labs! Go check on him! Thare is going after Stanley and I am transporting Starbolt to Rikers Power Prison!" Nick's reply was, "The main prize winner of your contest was looking over the lab! I'm with the other boy here in the hangar! We're on our way!" and Americat ended the call. "Time to get you to lock up, Starbolt. Galactic Authority has a bounty out for your capture."

        At the Mansion, Nick escorted Tam into the labs where it seemed that nothing was amiss yet Gerard was no where in plain sight.

        Nick asked, "Is there anything in the labs from the comics that would normally get his attention?"

        Tam said, "Gerard mentioned something a few times; there was a small lab cart with a Regen Project involving the space hero known as Rab. Except I don't see the project cart."

        Nick proceeded to search the lab for the missing project cart until, like Gerard, he saw the dirty wheel tracks and followed them.

        Upon opening the almost hidden lab door in the back, Nick and Tam both exclaimed, "PHEW!" And Tam pulled out a clean handkerchief and tied it over his nose and mouth. The he pulled out Nick's clean handkerchief did the same for the rat. "Um, Nick, the floor inside that lab is covered in what looks and smells like sexual semen. That is what is causing the smell in there."

        Nick looked to the floor and said, "Good sighting, Tam. But I think your friend went in there. And I can see from here on why he might have entered that lab. There is a Stanley Marvel mannequin in the back Plexiglass freezer made to look as if he is not only naked; but in suspended animation as well."

        Tam glanced into the lab and noticed something else. "Nick? What is that open section devoid of lab tables in the back of the lab suppose to contain? I can see the semen fluids rippling and bubbling at a certain spot at about that location."

        Nick looked to where Tam was indicating. "I think those bubbles is where Gerard fell into the chemical retaining pool in the lab. He is likely stark naked by now, I think we can get him out from here using a control panel just inside the lab on the wall. Sure am glad I wear gloves." And reaching inside to the side wall, he lifted the latch on the side panel to reveal the control panel also covered in the semen fluids. Producing a clean stick from one pocket, he used it to press a few buttons which opened a secondary keypad and miniature joystick control. Discarding the first stick, he produced a second stick and tapped in a code before tapping enter. What looked like a diving cage rose out of the retaining pool and then Nick used the joystick to move the cage toward them so they could better reach what was in the cage... a naked semen covered rabbit man shaped liquid blob nearest to their side of the cage. Nick then said, "Tam, go over to the storage lockers back where we came from and retrieve a fiberglass body robe and bring it to me to wrap around Gerard. You don't want to touch the stuff that is all over his body."

        As Tam was pulling the robe out of the storage locker, The Mighty Thare, the Scarlet Bitch and the real Stanley Marvel all came into the labs at that point. Tam said, "Nick is in the back of the labs waiting for this Fiberglass Robe for my associate Gerard Hopkins. He lost his clothes when he fell into the sexual chemicals in the rear labs." Scarlet Bitch levitated the robe over to Nick and then she said, "The AvengeFurs are all enroute back to base. We got the message that Starbolt was captured."

        Stanley said, "Normally humans are not permitted in the Furniverse, young man. Could you inform me in as much detail as possible in regards to how you and your associate got suckered into coming here?" Tam had hung on to the fake contest form and he pulled it out, handing it over to the rat man to read while he filled in the blanks to the contest that Gerard entered and won, what the grand prize supposedly was, meeting Starbolt, hearing his fake story of a new hero team, their suspicion and then their calling Nick.

        Stanley remarked, "We will have to perform a medical restoration on your associate to hopefully return him to his human form, or else... what you are seeing is all you will get back of him. Starbolt set up that back lab so if anyone fell in over their head in those semen fluids, they would become a rabbit like Rab's people and the victim would have a massive erection wanting to mount every male around. Those fluids can erode clothing and only Reflec Plexisteel can resist the fluid which is why Rab wore a suit of it."

        Tam then explained Gerard's side idea of salvaging the phony team to make it of good use to the AvengeFurs. "When the AvengeFurs were busy with other missions, Infinity X could be called in to help with the emergency at hand; kind of like a Sponsorship team to the main heroes. And instead of permitting us to be here in the Furniverse illegally, arrange it so our created heroes for the team could make the crossing to the Infinity X base when we are needed. On Earth, we would be humans, but in the Furniverse, we would automatically assume our furry hero forms. And I already have an idea in mind for my hero to be. Once upon a time in the AvengeFurs during one of your super-sized annuals, two falcon warriors accompanied Horus from Heliopolis to assist the Mighty Thare in a temporary mission before going home. My new hero would be of their species; Name: Falcon Lord."

        Scarlet Bitch said, "If Gerard swallowed Rab's fluids, then Tam's idea combined with my magic may be the only hope for restoring Gerard to normal. The only possible side effect could be that he might have the ability to become the rabbit on Earth instead of only in the Furniverse. I know he would likely rather be a rat, but because he swallowed those fluids, his species is now preset. Starbolt is a jerk for doing this to nice human boys."

        Captain Americat arrived at that moment with Dos Dragon, a former raccoon scientist turned lizard transformation victim, whom had been studying dragons before his accident.
        End of Chapter Four.


          Chapter Five.
          Captain Americat said, "Dos Dragon is offering to help restore the victim to normal in exchange for his getting restored back to his original species. When I dropped Starbolt off at Rikers, Dos begged me to let him help with the current case since other heroes had often made promises to help him and then nothing ever resulted from them."

          Tam arched an eye. "You'd be willing to give up all of your current abilities and powers so you can be normal again?"

          Dos said, "If you were stuck as something you didn't want to be, wouldn't you want to give it all up?"

          Tam went quiet at that statement. He would only want to be able to fly. "Touche."

          Dos Dragon put on a Hazmat Suit and he approached Gerard whom Nick permitted to take over the handling process. Scarlet Bitch also put on a Hazmat Suit as she also approached to do as she offered. Americat smiled at Tam. "So you're the flying expert. Did you get a chance to look over the Freedom Flier, the rebuild of the WWII plane that my old partner Bucky Barnes piloted in the old days? He was a reindeer, for the record."

          Tam smiled. "Not yet. I only got to look at the AvengeFurs jets that were parked in the hangar."

          Within a detox vat, Gerard in bunny form stood naked at the bottom of the shower while the others were above his location. Dos Dragon exclaimed, "While I hose you down, young man, Scarlet Bitch is going to cast an Induce Vomiting spell on you to get Rab's fluids out of your stomach and body! Please aim the vomit toward the drain in the bottom of the vat! After the semen fluid is out of your body, she will attempt to restore you to normal! If it doesn't work, there is always the Species Separator that Mouse Man invented!"

          And the cleansing process then began. And lots of vomiting followed.

          Scarlet Bitch soon attempted the species restoration spell and it failed, exactly as Dos Dragon suspected it would. "What do you make of that, Dr. Cooners?"

          Dr. Curtis "Curt" Cooners (Dos Dragon) replied, "I suspected that would be the case since Rab's fluids are assuming you are trying to restore him and not the human victim."

          Scarlet Bitch remarked, "So it is up to Mouse Man's invention exactly as you were going to utilize yourself."

          Dos Dragon Replied, "His invention is my only hope and possibly this boy's only hope as well. Help me get him to the species separator so we can get this done. I would like to be a coon again in all honesty. That other boy was really shocked that I wanted to give up my lizard form. I guess my return question got him to thinking of what I might have been putting up with previously."

          Scarlet Bitch levitated Gerard the rabbit out of the vat along a corridor to Mouse Man's private labs. Once within, Curt strapped himself into one of the separator seats while Gerard was strapped into another Separator tank's seats as Scarlet Bitch stood at the controls. "Tank one, Dragon to Raccoon; Tank two, Rabbit to Human. Activating now!" She activated the two devices which caused the seats in each tank to spin around the tank causing centrifugal force until it appeared that the occupied seats split like an amoeba.

          The two seats slid away from each other down the rods they were attached to until reaching the ends of the rods before the seats rotated around back toward the center. Within tank one, Dr. Curtis "Curt" Cooners the raccoon scientist was sitting in one of the seats on the rod while at the other end was what looked like a miniature cute dragon strapped into the other seat. Curt said from his coon body, "It worked! I'm me again! How's the boy, Scarlet Bitch?"

          Within tank two, a teen-aged rabbit boy was strapped into one seat while the other contained the adult Wraith-Hunting lapine warrior known as Rab fully reformed. Rab exclaimed, "May I put my armor back on now? I don't like being naked around decent minded allies. My species are homosexual, if you will recall. Whom is the teenager that vaguely looks like my species? He is damned cute, if you know what I mean... And I think you do." Scarlet Bitch levitated Rab's armor to him and he proceeded to get dressed.

          Scarlet Bitch said, "Gerard's restoration didn't work, Dr. Cooners. What do we attempt now?"

          Dr. Cooners replied, "Use your magic to give the boy a magical transformation trigger. I recall that Stanley Marvel once said that humans cannot normally exist in the Furniverse. If what he said is true, then Gerard should revert to normal human form the moment he returns to Earth. Since he got transformed into a Fur in our universe, he cannot become anything non-Furry while he is here. To return to normal, he simply has to go home. Let's get him back to the others."

          Within the main labs, Scarlet Bitch, Rab and Dr. Cooners arrived with the still naked but unconscious Gerard Hopkins. They reported the results to Stanley Marvel whom in turn instructed Scarlet Bitch in what to do in regards to the boy. "I had been planning a new Rabbit hero for the Furniverse and since this boy is now stuck with the lapine species, his new hero gets to be this new hero. I am just sorry he won't get a say-so in the ending product. The new lapine hero is to be called Cryptic Cottontail, a magic-using rabbit."

          He then explained the rest of the Infinity X understudy idea that both boys had come up with as a sponsored team to the AvengeFurs. The boys would be human on Earth but upon making the crossing to the Furniverse, they would assume their furry hero forms. "This means, Scarlet Bitch, you would get to mentor Gerard in magic use. I have to find a flying hero to mentor Tam's alter-ego, whom will have wings. I think he chose a good form in all honesty. Horus' falcon warriors as a base from the Super-sized annual. Falcon Lord."

          Scarlet Bitch remarked, "I agree then; those bird warriors were sexy hotties! Too bad they had to leave!"

          Stanley said, "Infinity X will be based out of Brookhaven's research labs; the location on Earth is where Gerard and Tam live with the Exceptional Children's Research Labs."
          End of Chapter Five.


            Chapter Six.
            The next day with Gerard wearing a temporary robe and boots made for a rabbit, Stanley took the boys, their suitcases and the entire AvengeFurs team out to the Brookhaven Research Labs which had been closed for years when the scientists chose to move into the big city. Gerard was awake now that he was out in the fresh air.

            Stanley said, "Okay, AvengeFurs! I want you guys to convert this entire property into a fully functional junior superhero base for the Inifinity X understudy team!"

            He then turned to Scarlet Bitch. "I'll show you where the magical shortcut between worlds is to be set up according to a location Tam told me about this morning. He said it was not used for anything important on Earth and it would be ideal for team members on Earth to use to make the crossing secretly without any snoopy adults seeing what they are doing. Although we will have to tell Dr. Patricia Hopkins what we are doing so she doesn't freak out when she cannot find the boys."

            Gerard said, "You mean we don't get to attend a college of your choice in the Furniverse like the contest said?"

            Stanley replied, "You will still get to do that, but you have to attend those classes in your furry forms; humans are not supposed to be in the Furniverse. Starbolt should not have arranged for you nice boys to make the crossing without transformation protection as you are now figuring out after your accident, Gerard. When you make the shortcut trip back to Earth, you will automatically change back into your human form. As soon as you arrive, open your suitcase and put on a spare selection of your human clothes and shoes. When you make the trip back over here, you become furry again and you will automatically change into your junior hero costumes which you will attend classes at college in. The rest of the time, you and Tam will be members of Infinity X here in Brookhaven, the understudy team to the AvengeFurs. Never tell other humans about your adventure unless they want to join Infinity X themselves with the same rules you have to obey while in my world. Minus the college classes since that was part of your prize. Never ask them if they want to join first; let them figure out that the new heroes in the comic book are actually you boys and then let them ask you how to get in."

            He then added, "Send me a message about them and we'll enroll them in the junior hero team. Unless they are enrolled, the shortcut won't work for them. Any questions?"

            Tam said, "In truth, there are really only two other young people whom would ever want to join us on an adventure like this, Mr. Marvel. They used to live at the research center until their parents took them to learn the family business in Europe. Last we heard from them... they miss us and they are bored out of their minds. Board-Dumb Room Meetings and managing employees in different portions of the corporation. They hate it."

            Stanley asked, "Which corporation is it?"

            Gerard smirked, "They also hate their first and middle names. Anyway, it is the Zamak Corporation. Their youngest sibling is attending primary school in London. Big Hoss Zamak and Patricia Zamak own the corporation but they want to shove the business off on the two oldest children. They write to us since they are allowed to. Jamie once wrote, HHHHHEEEEELLLLLPPPPP!!!!! The Insane Asylum in New York would be better than this! More later! Mom and dad hate it when I start a letter like this!"

            Stanley giggled when Gerard described how the other children were doing and their cries for sanity and help. "Once you learn the magic, Gerard, you could summon them back to the research labs in Brookhaven for a visit occasionally. But when the visit ended, you would have to send them back. Having them in the labs full time would be better. You won't get your Cryptic Cottontail costume until you return to Earth at least once and then return here to the Furniverse. Due to your accident, you will have your powers on Earth."

            Tam said, "I am content to only having my powers in the Furniverse since my alter-ego can fly."

            Gerard asked, "So I might have my magic bunny form on Earth? But I thought Furniverse powers weren't normally available on Earth."

            Scarlet Bitch said, "Normal Furniverse powers that would defy Earth physics aren't allowed; but magic as usual defies all the rules. So you will have access on both sides."

            Stanley said, "And please resist the temptation to punish bullies with your powers while on Earth. They have no resistance."

            Gerard asked, "Would making someone's pants fall down around their ankles without explanation be a punishment?"

            The Mighty Thare whom was about to ask Stanley something in regards to the build looked at Americat and had a sly smile on his Assgardian bunny muzzle. "An embarrassment, maybe in my opinion, as long as they weren't harmed by your power. Mr. Marvel, I need to ask about a section of the property facing the nearby shoreline. The land deed says the shoreline is part of this property. There are some fishermen down there whom say we are trespassing on their fishing grounds and we heroes should go back to the city."

            Stanley looked at the boys. "And now I have to play the legal card and make a deal with those guys. If you will excuse me. Scarlet Bitch, get the shortcut completed and start Cryptic Cottontail on his basic magic lessons." And he walked off with Thare using his phone to call in his lawyers. Captain Americat looked to the boys and Scarlet Bitch. "Tam came up with another idea while you guys were reviving Rab and Cooners."

            The good feline captain smiled at Scarlet Bitch. "The suggestion was for you to use your powers to reach back in time to just seconds before the bomb kills my former partner near the end of World War II and transport him unconscious to our location so he can be the leader of Infinity X in the same era as me. Can you do it? I so miss his company and he was always open to the idea of young heroes in training to become lawful heroes after training. This would be a dream come true for Captain Freedom."

            Scarlet Bitch said, "He will need some tutoring on the modern world, Cap. But for you and the boys, I'll do it."

            She got to work on making the reindeer dummy with blood sacks and meat within to be exchanged with the living Bucky Barnes from the past. And then the magical exchange occurred.
            End of Chapter Six.


              Chapter Seven.
              While the pros worked on Tam's suggestions, Gerard sat off to one side going over the magical abilities he now had. Due to his not having form insurance before entering the Furniverse, he was now a part time localized citizen. He wasn't all that keen on the rabbit aspect, but at the same time, he didn't want to deprive Stanley of his Cryptic Cottontail character either. Getting up and heading back into Mouse Man's private labs, he looked over the Species Separator and examined how it likely worked. Apparently, you input two species into the Desired Results indicator and then you strapped the subject into the primary chair and activated the device. At the end, the two species would be in their own bodies. It was obvious that Tam got to choose his own species for interaction here, but everyone was so intent on making this rabbit, that no one thought to give Gerard his own desired species. It was high time to repair this error. utilizing his new magical powers, he fabricated a new costume for his empowered rat identity and laid it out in one position.

              Then he stripped out of the Cryptic Cottontail costume and laid it out in the next position. He then used his super smarts to design the all-new rodent hero of Ratimus Squeak, Sorcerer For Hire. Then he programmed the Species Separator with the two results of Cryptic Cottontail as Warren Hopper while Gerard Hopkins would become Ratimus Squeak. Then he set the device to automatic start and stop and he strapped himself into the separator and when the timer reached zero, it activated. The seat in tank one began to spin around causing centrifugal force until it appeared that the occupied seat split like an amoeba. The separated seats slid away from each other down the rods they were attached to until reaching the ends of the rods before the seats rotated around back toward the center. In one seat was Stanley's creation of Cryptic Cottontail albeit naked and erect. In the other seat was Gerard in his Ratimus Squeak identity fighting to keep his own arousal down. Apparently using this device caused homosexual arousal which Gerard was not ready to try out. Cryptic was obviously as gay as Rab's home species were back on their home world. Gerard had been straight, but these feelings were making him open-minded since he didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings.

              Warren unstrapped himself as he went over and helped Gerard out of his chair. "Like Rab, despite being gay, we try to control ourselves. Perhaps after we get our costumes back on, we will regard each other decently once again. Although I won't lie when I say that as a rat, you are turning me on. Let's go get into our costumes and thank you for giving me a secret identity. I may not want to be in my magic user costume all the time. However, you are going to have to tell the others what you went and did."

              Gerard replied, "I know. When they last saw me, I was stuck in your body. But since we can both use magic, I can still use the magic that Scarlet Bitch taught me."

              Warren and Gerard began to put back on their costumes. Warren then said, "You were originally told that you might have access to your form and powers back on Earth. I hope you didn't screw that up by separating us into our own separate beings." Gerard replied, "It was a calculated risk that I was willing to take. My friend Tam got to choose his species to be a hero in, but because of my accident, I wasn't given that choice. So I wanted to do something about it. I wonder if we could do the effect of the device without using the device?"

              Warren straightened out his costume and made sure his tail was in the right place. "You mean magically? Scarlet Bitch implied that she couldn't restore you to normal with her powers."

              Gerard straightened out his own costume making sure his sexy rat tail was able to perform freely. "Important note, Warren: She isn't a pure magic user like us; she is a mutant whom can duplicate magical powers. Doctor Sable Strange educated her on duplicating the magic that he could use. He's actually magical; she isn't." Warren had that light bulb effect over his head at that moment. "So you think that as pure magic users, we can perform as Strange and others like him can. Mutants duplicate existing powers; but we can actually use them."

              Gerard smiled. "Now you're getting it. Let's go face the music. I am sure Stanley is done with the legal thing involving the fishermen. I don't mind their being there since fish dinners might be delicious around here since we can't go to a restaurant every day. I certainly have no local Furniverse money." Warren smirked. "Neither do I." Gerard then said, "Time to go fess up. Stanley gets his cottontail and I get my rat. But you _are_ attractive."

              Warren blushed as he and his fellow magic user went back up front to speak with the sponsored mentors.

              Nick Furry saw the new rat first as he said, "Damn! Where did you come from? I'm getting aroused just looking at you!"

              The magical rat replied, "It's me, Nick... Gerard Hopkins. I utilized the Species Separator to split Cryptic from my new identity. The Species Separator doesn't have a protocol for knowing what a human is, so the end result of using it with rabbit and human simply created two rabbits. But when I designed an all-new rat sorcerer for hire and set the controls for rabbit and rat, it split us properly. Stanley gets to keep Cryptic and I get to be Ratimus Squeak, Sorcerer For Hire."

              Scarlet Bitch asked, "So which of you is my magic student?"

              Gerard replied, "In truth, SB; since you are a mutant, you don't actually use pure real magic; you can only duplicate magical powers; Sable Strange taught you how to do it."

              Stanley approached Cryptic and examined him carefully. "As long as it works, Gerard, I will approve of your experiment; but I fear you might have messed up your empowerment."

              Gerard folded his arms over his chest. "Tam got to choose his alter ego; you simply decided to strand me in the gay rabbit body. Would you rather I embrace Detectifur Comics instead?"

              Stanley paled when Gerard brought up the competition in that particular way. "Forget I said anything. But you boys will still get your prize. And don't forget your Bored-Dumb Room Meeting allies you agreed needed a reprieve occasionally. Captain Freedom will be the leader of Infinity X while Falcon Lord, Cryptic Cottontail and Ratimus Squeak will be the starting members of the new junior team. If your two allies want alter egos to join this group, make sure to contact me before just bringing them over."

              Tam then said, "Boy, you can surely make some awesome rat people, Gerard. Um Stanley... I know you said this base would be the hero headquarters here in your world, but when Gerard and I attend college, will we be living on campus or will we have an off-campus house to stay at close to the college? And do we need part time jobs as well? Neither of us have Furniverse money of our own."

              Stanley hummed. "Sable Strange owns off campus buildings near the Green Sorceress Village in New Yak City. I can arrange a short cut between the hero base and one of those apartments."
              End of Chapter Seven.