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    Brookhaven - Animated Marvel Furniverse

    [AMF-01] IX-01 Social Study
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter One.

    Teen aged Gerard Marshall Hopkins was being escorted to a government controlled shopping outlet by C.I.A. agent Leonard Arthur Prince. True, this was not the assignment that Agent Prince would normally be undertaking, but in truth, he really enjoyed the company of this particular male Brookhaven Research Ward charge. Agent Prince had tried to have a son of his own, but after producing nothing but daughters, he chose to subject his semen samples to the research labs for evaluation. The project Doctor's surname had been Hopkins and since Leonard wanted to have a son named Gerard Marshall, the research test resulted in a healthy son produced from a combination of Hopkins' egg cells and Prince's semen samples. Since Agent Prince was married to a woman whom would have been a jealous bitch, Gerard Marshall Hopkins became a Research Ward and he was never told that Leonard was in truth his father. Agent Prince was told that Gerard was in truth his son and to never reveal this to the jealous Mrs. Rianne Lombard Prince. Apparently Rianne could only produce female children. Thus Gerard would stay at the research labs in Brookhaven, Long Island, New York.

    Until not long after this particular day.

    Within the clothing outlet, Gerard responded to a Furniverse contest questionnaire. And without having known about the Furniverse at all, he aced every single question on the contest. Leonard was surprised that his test tube son did so well on this contest questionnaire. The next step was to fill out the contact information and drop the entry into the sweepstakes box next to the check out cash register. According to the entry rules, there was only one day left to enter this particular contest. The grand prize was a trip for two to the Marvel Furniverse where the winner would spend two weeks with Starbolt (Stanley Marvel, an empowered rat man hero whom had a new team in the animated version of Brookhaven, New York within the Furniverse itself.) Leonard couldn't just up and disappear for two weeks, but he could arrange for another research ward charge to make the trip with Gerard should he actually win the prize. A two-week vacation for a couple of boys whom might not ever get the chance to spend time with some animated comic-book style cartoon characters in the furry version of the Marvel Universe.

    The rest of the shopping trip went without incident. Gerard was in need of some new track and field sneakers and a selection of pants, shirts and undergarments. While wearing his new clothes, Gerard admired himself in the shop's full length mirror. He had bouncy Steel Grey hair with Silver-Blue eyes and tan skin. He stood at five foot ten inches tall and weighed about one hundred sixty-five pounds. His IQ averaged out around three hundred marking his intelligence as super genius. And despite having a score that high, he was only the second smartest boy in the Brookhaven Exceptional Childrens Research Labs. But for what he lacked in smarts, he made up for with uncanny luck. He was otherwise athletic and handsome. Handsomeness ran in the male side of Leonard's family as well as in most of the Hopkins' family on both sides. Leonard even purchased Gerard a new wallet and he stocked it with prepaid government approved calling cards in preparation for if Gerard won the contest. And with the boy's uncanny luck, he just might win this fantasy trip.

    Leonard then purchased Gerard a new government issue agent cellphone; again in preparation for if the boy won. IF? Leonard had witnessed this boy's luck on more than one occasion. There were carnival game owners who hated seeing this boy near their game booths. Despite weighting the games and applying cheats to prevent people from winning, Gerard could make the rigged games do what he wanted them to do. The first and only time a crooked road carnival asked Leonard to get the boy out of their carnival, the F.B.I then raided the road show shortly after the C.I.A. agent took the boy away.

    The two then returned to the Brookhaven Exceptional Childrens Research Labs.

    Leonard told Dr. Patricia Hopkins what Gerard had gone and done this time and what the prize would be when he won. The good doctor did not seem all that upset by the report. She only asked which other boy would make the trip with Gerard when he won. After some brief discussion, the boy chosen was a Native American boy named Tam Arnold Meadowjumper. He had the highest IQ at the research center at three hundred fifty-five. He also had long black hair and dark brown eyes with a Native American complexion. He had a fondness for Hawks and Eagles. His talent had to do with Aeronautical Expertise. Tam stood at a height of five foot seven inches tall and weighed about one hundred thirty-five pounds. He usually only wore Native American garb made of tanned hide leather with moccasins on his feet. He had a hawk feather necklace which also had a bronzed eagle talon supported on the black leather cord. Attempts to swipe his jewelry usually resulted in one Hell of a fight. Which the native boy always won.

    Two nights later, the desk phone rang in Dr. Hopkins office to which she answered the call. "Brookhaven Exceptional Childrens Research Labs. Dr. Patricia Hopkins speaking."

    "Dr. Hopkins? This is Stanley Marvel with Furniverse Productions. A young man named Gerard Marshall Hopkins entered our promotional contest the other day. Would Gerard be available for a last minute discussion? We were going over the entries and we needed to make sure we had the correct data on file."

    Five minutes later, both Gerard and Tam were seated in Dr. Hopkins' office seated near the speakerphone. "Mr. Marvel? This is Gerard Hopkins. I am the one who submitted the contest entry. Dr. Hopkins said you wanted to ask me some questions."

    The following questions were unusual and Gerard answered every question until an inquiry regarding aeronautics came up. That was when Tam spoke up and gave his opinion on the matter. When Gerard added in his two cents, Stanley Marvel heard what sounded like a chalkboard session occurring where Tam was proving his point to Gerard, which at the end, Gerard commented. "I concede to your explanation, Tam. You know more about flying than I do."

    Stanley then said, "I cannot wait to meet both of these boys. Please tell me they will both be coming, Dr. Hopkins."

    Dr. Hopkins replied, "The plan was that if Gerard won the contest then Tam would accompany him on the two-week holiday."

    Stanley then said, "The grand prize includes a fine arts scholarship at a Furniverse college of our choosing. This would mean that your boys could get a college degree in the arts that you could be proud of their acquiring."

    Tam then said, "Since you were only verifying Gerard's data, I suppose we will await your next call if Gerard wins this contest at all."

    Then and before Tam could reach for the door knob to leave the office, Stanley said, "That's just it. Gerard won the contest. The extra questions were a test to see if his answering the contest questions as he did was a fluke. When can you boys be ready to make the trip to the Furniverse gate portal in Medford, New York? I really cannot wait to meet some really nice boys whom are as smart as you two are."
    End of Chapter One.

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    Chapter Two.
    Dr. Hopkins personally drove the boys with their suitcases down to the nearby Medford Furniverse gate portal. Upon arriving, Gerard had to once again, demonstrate his question answering expertise as Dr. Hopkins provided ID proof of whom the two boys were. Perhaps worse, the media were present at the gate portal to get a glimpse of the contest winner. As the reporters approached Dr. Hopkins, they were stopped and grabbed by government soldiers whom pulled them away from the woman and the two boys. It seemed that the Contest winner was being protected by the U.S. Government. But in truth, that wasn't it at all. The soldiers thought the reporters meant to do the good doctor bodily harm.

    Patricia said to the boys, "I'll return to the gate portal in two-weeks to pick you both up. Or if I cannot make it, I will have Leonard come and escort you both home. Have a good time, boys." And they parted company as the two boys stepped through the gate portal which transported them off to Furniverse Long Island's Animated Medford. Upon arriving, the boys saw a rat man holding up a sign with their names upon it. The rat man was standing next to a black limousine with tinted windows. The license plates on the limo read as Furniverse Productions. The boys loaded their suitcases into the limo before getting in themselves.

    The rat man then got in with them as he signaled for the driver to pull out of the parking lot. "Hello Boys. I am Stanley Marvel. Here are my credentials and photo ID." He showed them his photo ID Card along with his Furniverse Productions badge. "Code phrase, please."

    Gerard spoke up and said, "Friends Together; Heroes Forever. It is still a silly code phrase. But you suggested it, Stanley."

    Stanley smiled. "Good, you remembered the whole thing. Anyone could have said the first part but knowing the last two lines is special. I need your help with a special problem. That is why I ran the contest. The winners get to help me solve a team problem that my hero group are having. Not to mention, you both get to design new team members to join Infinity X. Smart boys like you can surely create something very useful and unique."

    Gerard said, "Starbolt, I cannot imagine a team leader like you having a problem at the degree that you're hinting at."

    Stanley explained, "The Mighty AvengeFurs are holding down the fort in Manhattan. But due to poor planning, Infinity X was not prepared for the enemies that surprised my newest team and captured nearly all of them in one battle. That is another reason I needed outside help."

    He then said, "If you two can help me to rescue all of my team members during your vacation here in the Furniverse, I will grant you both permanent vacation Visas and Passports to return to the Furniverse whenever you like."

    Gerard replied, "Tam and I will do our best."

    Tam then muttered, "Tam of Ages, Hear Our Plea; Give us The Power, From Infinity!"

    Stanley arched an eye as he repeated the phrase to himself. "I like that, Tam. A good energy boosting chant during times of need."

    Gerard then said, "We may need that energy boost if we are to rescue Infinity X. But first, we will need to design our new team members whom you hired in your state of emergency."

    When the limo ride ended in Animated Brookhaven at the exact same location in the Furniverse for where the Brookhaven Exceptional Childrens Research Labs would reside on Earth, both boys began to get suspicious. They had super genius IQs and the Infinity X headquarters locale just seemed too coincidental. However, neither young man made a fuss about it because they were supposed to be on a prize vacation.

    During a moment when Starbolt was not close enough to overhear their private whisperings to each other, Gerard and Tam decided to test Starbolt to see if he was paying the attention that he was claiming that he was performing back when he made the mistake of permitting his team to get captured by the enemy. The first trick was for Tam to distract Starbolt while Gerard used a pay phone booth for privacy to make a phony mandatory call in to Dr. Hopkins when in truth, Gerard was going to call information and get the true phone number for Furniverse Productions and see who exactly answered the phone when Gerard made the connected call. If the call was answered by Stanley then Gerard would just hang up. However, he and Tam suspected that this Starbolt Rat was a phony despite his being a good looking rat man.

    The Operator was a pretty nice ewe and she mentioned that the Furniverse Productions main studios were located in Manhattan. She then forwarded the call in for the nice boy to the phone number in question. After hearing the phone ring twice, someone did pick up the phone. "Nick Furry; Rats of S.H.I.E.L.D. Who is calling please?"

    "Nick? This is Gerard Hopkins from Brookhaven, Long Island, normally of Planet Earth. My friend and I supposedly won a contest to help Stanley Marvel, the CEO of Furniverse Productions here in Animated Brookhaven. However, upon arriving at the supposed on-site hero headquarters for a team called Infinity X, my friend and I began to get suspicious. Could you and Captain Americat come out here and collect up myself and Tam Meadowjumper. We are finding it difficult to believe that the rat man claiming to be Stanley Marvel is for real. Since I feel he is a supervillain of some sort, we could really use you guys' help out here. Our current coordinates are as follows..." and Gerard gave Nick Furry exact directions to where Starbolt had brought him and his friend to.

    Nick then said, "I am glad you called in, Gerard. Stanley Marvel is a rat man like I am, but he does not have an alter ego called Starbolt. In fact, Starbolt is a wanted supervillain. The real Stanley Marvel is currently missing. We were at the production studios investigating his disappearance. I will gather Captain Americat and the Mighty Thare to come and give me backup in Brookhaven. Again, thanks for being suspicious, Gerard. Nick out." And the call ended.

    Gerard headed out and tagged up with Tam as he said, "Tam and I need to use the restroom, Stanley. Do you mind?"

    The rat man barely had time to say they could go use the restroom when both boys grabbed their suitcases and ran toward the restroom. When the boys entered the men's room, Gerard quickly whispered, "Bad Carbon Copy." He kept the message brief before moving himself and Tam into a stall where they locked the door and waited for the chaos that Gerard had arranged with Nick Furry, Captain Americat and the Mighty Thare.
    End of Chapter Two.