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TH-02 The Rich Haven Repair Rats

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    TH-02 The Rich Haven Repair Rats

    Toddrick "Rick" Hunter

    Episode Two: The Rich Haven Repair Rats.
    June 25, 2022
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter One

    Rich Haven, New Jersey, was an almost mirror image port town replica of Richfield, Virginia, (Home of the Richfield Champions) which was a division of Teen Force International, a sub division of Mysteries Inc, London England. However, being a near mirror image of Richfield, Rich Haven had elements that would remind visitors of Greenwich Village in NYC. Todd's new home and repair shop were dock side.

    The coastal highway wound it's way just past the front of Todd's shop, which was now called Cycle Hunter Repairs. Todd's species had been professionally cleansed by Lord Don as he also swore the young man in with a ceremony that included Todd understanding the rules of being Aware and helping to protect the Laws of the Litany. Todd could join a Faction or Factions of his choosing at a later date. Cypher was obviously in two factions, as was Von Hammerstein. Vampires were cool, but not to Todd's personal liking. Wererats were also cool; but throwing Mage into the mix made things really cool.

    Rich Haven were full of loyal Techies, electronically capable Wererats whom repaired electronic devices as a profitable hobby. Norms also lived in Rich Haven as did a few other Faction members. As said before, this port city was a lot like Richfield down South in Virginia. But far more better monitored by the real Sept Lord. Todd had business from day one as anyone with a bike were coming in to see if the new repair expert was as good as Tony and Cypher were saying. By noon, during a lunch break, a few Techies were mounting Todd's new business neon sign on the front of his building, along with a smaller sign for his front window. The store front was noticeable from the open repair garage with an electronic bell to let him know when a customer came into his store front. The cash register and customer counter were point blank in front of where he would work and have meals. Coony made parts deliveries to Todd under the agreement that Maxy would never be told where Todd was. Tokala was sent private letters.

    On the weekends, Todd had a roadside coastal park area where he could do his artwork in nature or to do city scenes for the local newspaper. His current artwork would be signed as "Rick Hunter", which was part of his real name and would prevent people from associating the artist with supposedly deceased Todd/Foxy Hunter. It also would fool his parents if they ever learned of the East Coast artist. His mother was sure that Todd would come home the moment all business opportunities failed for him; but unknown to her, Todd's father made sure no one in Missouri would hire his son.

    Todd could care less in honesty; he was doing well at this new location and the local Factions all supported his new business. Not to mention, this boy could keep his mouth shut, unlike others they had known.

    Tony, Cypher and Tanya would come by frequently to check on him since they knew he was a decent person to know. The Homo Zone to the North was a bad influence on most males, thanks to Talon.

    Tony owned a movie theater in town although he personally lived in the Boston area. Coming to Rich Haven was an excuse to check on his theater business. And seeing Todd was always a bonus as well.

    Cypher provided Todd with some minor magic lessons, Cantrips per say, to provide the young man with some magical entertainment. Levitating light weight tools or paint brushes was always fun.

    Tanya taught Todd some self-defense lessons that the Elites of High Command in Europe would entrust to respected Aware contacts. Todd showed that he was a quick study and a good student.

    Weeks later in mid-Fall, the cycle shop got a phone call from someone that would start the trouble for Todd once again. "Cycle Hunter Repairs, Rick speaking," answered Todd after picking up the phone and pressing the trace call button the Techies had installed for him. On a small screen, a name and location popped up: Vincent Alexanderos; Roarin' Rhoades, CT, USA. "Mister Rick, word reached me that you are preventing my shop here in Connecticut from getting the business we used to be getting. I am asking you sincerely to close your doors or else suffer the consequences."

    Todd as Rick replied with a grin since all of his incoming calls were being recorded as well as being back-traced, "Mister Alexanderos, does Sept Lord Don the Were-Pigeon know that you are harassing one of his loyal Aware citizens in this manner? What do you think he would say once I told him and let him listen to the recording of this phone call? Your threat is an empty one if Talon and Maxy are trying to use you to find my dead cousin, Todd Hunter. I have work to do, so good day." And he hung up the phone without waiting for an answer. Then he used his computer to send Sept Lord Don the latest threat he got.

    Hours later, Don, Tony, Cypher, Von Hammerstein and Tanya were in Todd's shop where the recording was played back for all those present. Don said with some disgust, "You did the right thing by contacting me when you got this phone call; but Vincent nor Talon should even have your shop's phone number. Whom do you think the leak is?" Todd sighed. "I was having Coony send private letters to Tokala whom I still care about. If Talon commanded Maxy to order Tokala to reveal everything he knew about my current whereabouts, then a loyal Thrall would have to obey. Maxy and Talon were both told that I was dead; then Vincent contacted former customers whom were taking their business elsewhere all of a sudden and he heard the new business name, he asked Talon about it; seeing the name Hunter in the business title, Talon jumped on the idea that he was lied to about my death; he then gave the order to Maxy and once the link was made, he had Vincent call the number to see whom would answer."

    Todd then added, "The voice modulator the Techies installed worked perfectly making my voice over the call sound like someone other than Todd. I am sure they shit themselves when I mentioned you, Don."

    Don grinned. "All three of them did. They were all in Vincent's office when they made the call. I clearly heard three people passing wind on the recorded call when you mentioned my name."

    Don then said, "Because they know where this place is, I am going to magically move the town and citizens over to Long Island, just outside of NYC and have all phone numbers and zip codes changed."

    Todd asked, "That seems to be a bit extreme. Why are you doing that for?"

    Don explained, "Talon might claim the your business was in his Zone on the mainland and moving the city to Long Island would stop him in his tracks cold. I know the local Norms would hate it, which is why they get to stay at the old location in a duplicate of the city; we can always sell the new homes to interested Norm buyers. Your old business location would go back to being an empty store front on the docks. I am glad the State is not mentioned on your signs. We can always make new business cards for the shop itself. Our printers would do anything for me. Rich Haven, N.Y. on Long Island."

    He then added with a smile, "We can even duplicate that favorite nature park you like to do art in. I happen to enjoy the park myself."

    Todd said, "Then perhaps I should officially change my name to Richard "Rick" Hunter, cousin of Toddrick "Foxy" Hunter with the New York legal system. That way, Todd officially disappears on the mainland and I stop sending letters to Tokala altogether even though I still care about him. If he were free of Maxy, I wouldn't have to be as big a prick as his Master is being. But he works for the Thrall Stars Nightclub in Foxville. We couldn't have their whole business just pop into Long Island. So it's better to sever ties entirely despite my feelings for him. He and Coony were the only ones whom were honest to me."

    Don said, "Let me ask around before you cut him off entirely. I know some honest Were-Foxes in my territory."
    End of Chapter One