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TH-01 My Name is Todd

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    TH-01 My Name is Todd

    Toddrick "Foxy" Hunter

    Episode One: My Name is Todd
    July 22, 2017
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter One

    A small cabin with garage along an unpaved county road in Northeastern Missouri.
    Standing about five foot nine inches tall, the young Caucasian male with short foxy reddish brown hair and brown eyes was about to open the garage to see about getting his motor bike started when a minivan with Vermont plates stopped in front of his small cabin where upon the driver honked his horn as he was rolling down his window.

    "Hey kid!" the slender male driver shouted. "Can you direct me to the closest motorcycle repair garage in this county? My bike broke down recently and I cannot find a service shop anywhere in this area!"

    The teenager said, "You won't find one that services bikes, but I have that skill myself. I own a motorbike and if you don't mind an artist like me looking over your bike I can see about getting your ride running again. Just back your minivan into my driveway and I will open my garage and get my tools ready." He then turned to open his garage while the minivan driver pulled up a bit before backing his vehicle into the driveway and then getting out as he went to the rear and opened up the rear doors to pull out his motorcycle. The teenager waited for the slender man to wheel the motorcycle into the garage before he propped the bike up on his work bench and began to give the nice looking ride an examination. "What sort of sounds was it making when it broke down?"

    The slender man with shoulder length brown hair tied in a pony tail replied, "Before the major conk out, the sounds were like zooga zooga cough cough zooga cough. Then it sounded like rahr rahr chicka chicka sproing cough ugh. I was hoping to get this fixed while I was in state; I would hate to drive home to Vermont to get my friend in Rhode Island to repair this for me. I would miss the Illinois track meet next week. If you could get my cycle running again, I could put in a good word for you with my friend in Rhode Island who owns a motorcycle sales and repair shop in the valley he owns. He was telling me just last month that he would like to hire a new mechanic for the garage. Would you be interested?"

    The teenager smiled. "Are you kidding? Damned right I would be interested. Ever since I got my trade certificate in motorcycle repair, I've been trying to get hired into any cycle shop in my home region all to no avail. They think I am not old enough to have the experience necessary. I am nineteen with a trade school certificate in motorcycle mechanics and a minor art degree. No one will hire me even after I show them my legal certificate. And my art has only been purchased once by the county newspaper when I was asked to draw the county courthouse since they were about to renovate the old building to make a new county courthouse. They were not likely expecting my level of expertise when I submitted the final sketch."

    Within the minivan, a second person whom had been laying down in a second row hide-a-bed sat up and was seen pulling his shirt on over his slightly chubby body. "Hey Maximilian? How come you didn't wake me when you stopped the van? I have to use the toilet." He slid open the side door and hopped up revealing that he wasn't just short and chubby but he was also of African American nature as well. After he hopped out of the minivan, he smiled at the teenager as he fumbled to put his glasses on his face. "Hiya handsome. Which way to the rest room. I promise I won't mess it up. Ricardo Decoonis. Financial consultant, at your service."

    The teenager replied, "From the front door, its the hallway to the right as you cross the living room; the bedroom is at the end of the hall. The bathroom door is in the middle. You can admire my paintings after you finish your business in there. And ignore the buck deer head over the fireplace; my father bagged that one on a hunting trip years ago." He then turned to the slender man who was obviously Maximilian. "Since your friend accidentally gave me your name, I will tell you both my name. Theodore Richard (Toddrick) Hunter. And no, I don't come from a family of hunters; we get that silly question all the time. My father is a logger while my mother is a fabric factory worker. I ran away from home when I finished high school after I had an argument with my parents over my chosen occupation in life. Dad wanted me to become a logger like him; mom said I would have to earn money for extra training and dad's business would be good for that. They didn't know that I had already been accepted into a trade school up in this county. They weren't going to let me leave home originally. This hunting cabin belongs to my father, hence why I would love to get a job out of state so they couldn't accidentally find me living up here in the family deer hunting cabin. I've been lucky so far that my father hasn't had time to go hunting like he once would have in the past when I was younger. Sorry if I sound like I was rambling but I get that way when I talk about my background to new people. You said you had a friend in Rhode Island who owned a bike shop. I am very interested in that. What about yourself, Maximilian?"

    Maximilian replied, "Corporate petroleum refinery chemist. In Vermont it is called the Fox Oil Refinery. We make gasoline, road tar and asphalt, motor products and wheels for all vehicles. My friend in Rhode Island has a discount with my company. So it is good business all around. The highway department is often making purchases from my company at affordable rates." He then shook hands with Toddrick. "Maximilian Fox. And yeah, I get as many jokes from another friend as you likely do for your surname. Ricardo prefers to be called Coony and I usually go by Maxi or Mack. If I had a bigger body and lifted weights, I could have called myself Big Mack." He winked with a deliberate smile after saying that.

    He withheld that his biggest customers were dragons who liked to buy his oil not only in bulk but by wholesale as well. Dragons often paid well for refined oil.

    Todd said, "After I get your cycle up and running, I could be packed and ready to go to Vermont within an hour. As I already told you, I don't own this cabin; my dad does. I am willing to relocate to find a job."

    While the teenager worked on Maximilian's motorcycle, Coony finished up in the bathroom within the cabin. When he finished, he looked over the boy's artwork and paintings. "Man... this boy's eye for quality is great. I would love for him to come back to Vermont with us. Hopefully Maximilian can convince the boy to join us. I would even let the kid share my place. I know Max gets a little wild sometimes when he parties with Jason and Nick."

    Coony pulled out his cellphone and activated a one button call to a colleague in Greenwich Village, New York City. "Hey Cypher, it's Coony. We're in Northern Missouri. Maxi's motorcycle broke down and we chanced upon a kid who is not only a mechanic but an artist as well. Let me show you some of this art with my camera phone." And he proceeded to show whomever Cypher was the professionally rendered paintings all with the signature of Todd. "Anyway, the boy is a natural. I would like to get this boy back to Vermont. He is living in the family deer hunting cabin but he wants to relocate to get a cycle mechanic job. No one locally will hire him. Do you think I can buy a magical suitcase spell from you to transport the boy's goods to my place in Vermont. Um... no, he isn't Aware; He is more of a Lost type of Norm. But just to get this art and his skills, I would be willing to take a chance with him. His full name is Theodore Richard (Toddrick) Hunter. He says he is not from a family of hunters; he thinks the question is rather silly. An artist of his quality is worth taking a chance on, Cypher. Will you help me when he chooses to pack his gear? Magical Camera Phone storage. Yeah, let's go with that."
    End of Chapter One

    Chapter Two
    Foxville, Vermont (just South of Montpelier)
    It was about one week later and Todd found himself living on a spread of property owned by Ricardo Decoonis within a cabin and garage which was strikingly similar to the one he had been living in back in Missouri. In fact it was eerily identical right down to a post carving that Todd had etched his name into on the back porch where he often did his painting during good weather. There was even a similar stuffed and mounted buck deer head on the same wall as the cabin back home. The furniture was even arranged identically. All Coony would tell Todd about the cabin was that he had taken phone camera pictures of the house and garage and a friend of his in New York came up to the Foxville property and recreated the cabin and garage exactly as it had stood in Missouri. At least that is what Coony said that he had done. However, even the bed felt the same when Todd slept in it. Aside from the cabin now being on a paved street instead of a county dirt road, everything was identical to where he had been living before. Todd was impressed that someone was this good in recreating a home in another state. When he wasn't marveling at how identical the cabin was, Todd was repairing motorcycles right out of his own garage in a supported business getting parts and tools from Maximilian Fox's Refinery Corporation.

    Maximilian was having Todd run a business of his own locally to get experience before being referred to the friend in Rhode Island. And a lot of people in the Montpelier area had motorcycles. Todd often learned that Maximilian was advertising the cycle repair shop to his fur suiting associates and other business friends. Since Ricardo owned the property, Todd only had to pay a reasonable amount of his earnings to Coony as rent. Coony made sure Todd's cabinets and refrigerator stayed stocked with food as well as making sure Todd always had electricity, heat and air conditioning as well as having a groundskeeper mow the laws of both properties and to keep the trees and hedges trimmed in the area. Coony had a nice area.

    Todd also learned that the property where the cabin and garage now stood was once the designated picnic and barbecue field often used by Coony and Max when they held gathering events for their friends. Fortunately the backyard still had plenty of room for those functions.

    One evening as Todd was preparing to get in some painting time on the back porch of the cabin, he saw Coony and Max leading a large group of fur suit wearing people along with a barbecue grill and several boxes and picnic tables out into the back field. It was a verifiable zoo in truth. Todd had no idea that Max and Coony had a function planned for that afternoon. Maximilian came over and looked at the canvas to see if Todd had started as yet. "Big football game tonight, Todd. We will be setting up the big screen projection TV to the side of the field and we're going to be having steaks. You are more than welcome to join us. Or you can continue with your art project if you are not into sports that much. Coony and I both agree that your artwork is superb. When the steaks are ready, I will introduce you to my friend in Rhode Island who came up here for the back yard party for a change. He rarely gets out and about but I did mention you and your work to him a few days ago. He told me that he will have a position open in a few weeks but he would like to meet you beforehand and have a look at your garage workshop. You don't mind, do you?"

    Todd smiled at Maximilian and gave him a light hug. "I would still be stuck in Missouri if you and Coony hadn't helped me get moved up here to Vermont. I want to thank you for getting business directed to me. I've been enjoying the work that I can do on the cycles. How is that beast of yours running?"

    Maximilian smiled. "Purring like a kitten ever since you fixed it. You know your work. Tell me something, Todd, this hasn't come up before but have you ever played any fantasy role playing games?"

    "A few during high school. I wasn't all that good at it; but the guys really loved it when I would draw their characters in that professional style of mine. Why do you ask?"

    Maximilian glanced at the fur suiting friends briefly before looking directly at Todd once again almost nose to nose. "I was thinking about having a fur suit crafted for you. I would need to know what animal or animals you are fond of the most."

    Todd smirked. "I had a donkey boy blacksmith when I played Monsters and Maidens. He was light brown over all with a mane and tail tuff in the same colors as my own hair. It was even spiked up like my own hair usually is. His name was Foxy the Blacksmith since his body was often so sexy that even the GM at the time said that my character's charisma should be raised to a twenty minimum. I have the character's profile in two poses if you would like to see it." After retrieving his art portfolio, he opened it up and displayed his character so that Maximilian could see for himself just how nice the donkey humanoid looked in the medieval setting. One picture showed him from the side working at a forge; the second picture showed him in partial chain mail and partial leather leggings. Instead of hoofs, the character wore black leather steel toed boots. The smith's weapon of choice was the forging hammer.

    Maximilian was secretly disappointed since he was thinking about inviting Todd to join him as a were-fox that very weekend. A donkey threw a monkey wrench into the plan. "Yes, you have a fine talent for character art work. But what do you think about foxes? Honest opinion if you please."

    Todd replied, "There are only two foxes I have ever fantasized about in animation. One being Konn Fox from The Little Fox and the other being Swift the Fox from David the Gnome. Konn was more to my liking since he could talk. I think I humanized Konn one time... let me find the picture..." and he dug through the portfolio once again before displaying the Konn Fox thief character. He had Todd's build almost exactly and Todd's spiky hair style. But the rest of him was pure Konn. He wore the outfit of a RPG thief with short sword, dagger, short bow and quiver. He wore leather armor with no shoes. Preferring the natural stance over shoed adventurers. "Konn Fox as a M&M thief. The GM wouldn't let me play him since the group had an aversion to thieves."

    Maximilian smiled. "How would you like to play Konn this weekend at my place?"

    Todd asked, "What sort of group will I be joining, Max?"

    "Some friends and I have been wanting to play a game called Fantasy Fox Five but we've never been able to get five fox loving players together to play it. Will you come and join us?"

    "As long as I can play Konn, I'll join the group and help everyone successfully win the day," said Todd.
    End of Chapter Two


      Chapter Three
      Fox Gaming Chamber; Maximilian's Corporate Offices, Foxville
      When Todd arrived at the gaming chamber on Saturday night, Maximilian handed him an ice cream bar shaped like a donkey on a stick. "Thank you, Max. Where did you find an ice cream bar in this shape? I've searched all over for custom made ice cream bars and I was always told that they were not made."

      Maximilian smiled. "I have a friend who can make custom order ice cream bars and I ordered a box of them specifically for you. I know you will have a good time playing Konn tonight."

      Todd bit into the ice cream bar with a smile while Maximilian watched from the side thinking, Once my were-fox fluids are in his body, he will slowly learn how much fun it is to be a fox like the rest of my thralls do. I did the same thing to the others to get them to join me and no one ever complains after they come to embrace their fox side.

      After devouring the delicious ice cream bar treat, Maximilian brought Todd to the table where the other players were already seated in their realistic fox costumes. "Boys, this is Todd Hunter, he will be joining us tonight in Fantasy Fox Five. Todd, from left to right, we have Crevan the Appraiser;" and the fox teenager lifted one hand and waved for a moment before focusing on his character sheet once again. "Tokala the Fighter;" and the hefty looking fox lifted his head with a smile as he also waved seeeming happy to see a new player. "And finally, Rennard the Enchanter." the last fox nodded his head as he pulled out a chair between himself and Maximilian's seat for Todd to sit in. Todd took the seat (which had no back but was otherwise padded) and he opened his portfolio and the other fox boys then got to see the professionally rendered Konn Fox the Thief for the first time.

      Tokala said, "That is an awesome rendition of your fox character. Could you do one for the rest of us, Todd?"

      Todd blushed somewhat as he replied, "I would be glad to do character art work for all of you. We're going to be a team, after all."

      Rennard smiled at Todd as he rubbed a paw hand over Todd's back. "I hope you enjoy role playing with us tonight. I'm the guy who handles the ordering of the cycle parts you use in your mechanic shop. So if you ever need a special order, I'm the one you get a message to."

      Crevan said, "I work in a jewelry store in Montpelier; I am the guy who appraises all incoming goods there. I've seen some classy pieces."

      Tokala grinned. "I work as a bouncer at a nearby disco nightclub. You might call me one of the two hired muscles at the place."

      Maximilian sat down and said, "I'll be playing MacBalgair the Cleric tonight. I will help to convert Konn Fox's stats over into the game we're to be playing tonight; in the meantime, Todd can get the basic sketches for your characters started. Sunday is is main art day; he has some awesome paintings at home."

      While Maximilian converted the character for his newest player (and soon to be were-fox thrall,) Todd sketched out the basics for each of the others' fox characters in their full gear and equipment. Todd was getting along great with the other three players. He found Crevan to be rather reserved and almost withdrawn around strangers. Tokala and Rennard were far more open to Todd himself. Rennard was often rubbing a paw hand over Todd's shoulders while Tokala's line of sight seemed to be focused more on Todd's groin and rump. Although all three fox players were very polite and none of them were inappropriate at the gaming table. Finally Maximilian said, "Okay, Todd, I have your character converted over into the current game's stats. I think we are about ready to start. We will play up until about nine P.M. and then we will take a dinner and bathroom break. Then we will conduct part two of the session up until midnight. And Todd, I have procured some pajamas for you for the sleepover. You can share space with either Tokala or Rennard. Or both. Crevan has requested some private time with me tonight which I plan on granting. And boys... the first of the three full moons is tonight starting at two A.M. As you all know, Coony and I have to go to Rhode Island tomorrow for the monthly check-in. We will be back the night after. Shall we have some fun tonight?"

      The first four hour session went as expected; Todd proved he was a team player right down to his duplication of Konn Fox's voice during game play. When nine P.M. arrived, everyone was not surprised to hear Todd's stomach growling just a bit. "Sorry about that, guys... this is rather embarrassing for my stomach to be letting me know that its hungry."

      During dinner, Todd finished up the character renditions in his sketch book and applied the colors as according to what the players had asked for. "All done. I could do a better job if I was doing this on my canvas back home. In fact, I might just do a painting of our adventuring group."

      And then following the pizza and pasta dinner, Maximilian handed Todd another donkey shaped ice cream bar. "Thanks for making the boys happy and for making this game night a total success. You are the best fox to ever join us, Todd. You do Konn proud." And then he hugged Todd and kissed him on the mouth before pulling back and using a napkin to lightly clean Todd's mouth as well as his own. "I am sure I taste like mint breeze milkshake but you taste like an ice cream bar. Now everyone use the men's room and report back to the table for the ending portion of our gaming session. Then we'll clean up and prepare for bed. In the morning, Todd, I'll wake you up and get you ready for your return to your cabin so you can spend a day painting. You have some motorcycles to work on come Monday."

      Within the men's room, Tokala struck up a quiet conversation with Todd while the others finished their business, washed their paw hands and departed. Tokala finished up his business and then he joined Todd at the sink. "I really like you, Todd; and to show you how much you can trust me, I am willing to give you a blow job. And it isn't as dirty sounding as the acts in the nightclub where I work. May I show you a good time while we're here?"

      Todd replied, "Let me wash it first; I don't think you want the taste of urine in your mouth. Unless that club is even nastier than an unwashed penis."

      Tokala smiled. "Some nights they are that bad. But you actually care which is why you are so nice of a guy to make friends with."

      After the wash up, Todd permitted Tokala to show him a good time between friends. Surprisingly, it was the all time best fellatio Todd had ever received; he really liked Tokala.
      End of Chapter Three


        Chapter Four
        Upon the completion of the gaming session, Todd again proved to be a team player when he offered a portion of his rewards to the other players. Maximilian smiled. "You are too kind, Todd or would you rather I call you Konn? Either way, you did as you said you would. You helped us win the night and you are the fox's hero." Maximilian then noticed that Todd was squirming in his seat. "Are you okay, Todd?"

        Todd replied, "I'm not sure; it feels like I need to use the men's room again."

        Maximilian looked to Tokala and said, "Take these pajamas and escort Todd to the bathroom and help him get settled and into his pajamas. You don't mind, do you, Todd?"

        The human teenager replied, "I don't mind; Tokala is a helpful fox. Come on, Tokala." And before Tokala could fully get up, Todd was already out the door heading toward the men's room.

        Tokala looked to Maximilian and quietly asked, "How much were-fox fluid formula did you give him, master?"

        Maximilian replied, "You saw what I gave him; I had the formula injected into his ice cream bars. He ate two of them tonight. And only two; I learned the other night that he likes donkeys and foxes. So I had our friend make ice cream bars in the shape of a donkey so Todd would be more interested in eating them. Donkey on the outside and were-fox on the inside."

        Crevan then said, "Tokala's concern is a point, master. When you recruited us, we never had that reaction to having two doses of the fluids. If he is okay, I think Todd will make a great fox for our little fox den of thralls. He is a team player and I think we all like him. I had to warm up to him during the game but he is worth it."

        Rennard said, "I wonder what his initial transformation tonight will be like. I hope he ends up looking just like his character."

        Maximilian handed a bottle of water and the folded pajamas to Tokala. "Make sure he stays hydrated, Tokala. The food may have been a little rich for his digestive system. But he should develop his foxy side tonight. Also make sure he gets the chance to learn about sex later tonight. I don't want his first time to be with me; He should do it with a good friend first."

        Tokala took the pajamas and the bottled water and headed for the men's room with Rennard following along closely behind.

        Once the two were gone, Maximilian and Crevan packed away the role playing books and properly packed up Todd's Art supplies and portfolio. Then the two retired to Maximilian's bed on the top floor where Crevan got treated to a promised sexual session.

        When Tokala and Rennard entered the men's room, they heard Todd whimpering in agony as it seemed that he was on the floor at the base of the toilet stool. His shoes were laying against the wall under the sinks and his pants seemed to be ripped down the seams. His shirt was likewise ripped. Tokala and Rennard could see right away what the problem was. Todd was undergoing his transformation that very second rather than later under the full moon. Todd's head and muzzle had started to inflate and grow out in the definitive fox shape with fox ears. His bushy tail had already grown out and had torn his underwear beyond repair. Tokala and Rennard came over to Todd and moved him out into the open part of the bathroom floor to give his body more room to develop.

        "I'm here, Todd," said Tokala as he held the young man's furry hand. "Grit your teeth and try to breathe through your nose. Rennard will help you get your legs and feet sorted out."

        Todd whimpered as he said through his pain, "What's happening to me?"

        Rennard then said, "The game master may frown upon this, Tokala, but honesty is what cements a friendship early on. Todd... you are transforming into Konn Fox. Maximilian wanted to surprise you with the ability to change into your furry character; the change was supposed to have taken place while you slept but apparently the magical spell was miscast because you started changing at the gaming table instead of painlessly in bed."

        Tokala rolled his eyes to look at the ceiling after Rennard told that lie. "Todd, I am going to massage your legs and body; that will help to diminish the pain. As you can probably guess, we are not wearing fox costumes. We can magically change into our foxy identities. But make no mistake, Todd... we all really like you a lot; I am sorry you had your first change with a lot of pain. If you want to beat me with your fists, I will permit you you do that."

        Todd was currently gritting his teeth in his new muzzle as he was trying to breathe through his new snout. "Just make the pain go away, Tokala. I like you too much to hit you. Whomever made the spell deserves my anger for fucking it up and making the after effect hurt. My clothes are ruined." Yes, he was more concerned over his clothes than his changing into a fox man.

        The next few minutes were spent helping Todd to alleviate the pain out of his new body. A straw was inserted into the bottled water and Todd learned how to drink the water through his new muzzle. And then Todd was dressed in the new pajamas which had the convenient spot for the tail in the back. All in all, the pajamas made him look decent. Tokala and Rennard helped Todd to balance on his new legs and foot pads as he stood at the sink looking at himself in the mirror. "I cannot be mad at Maximilian for wanting to give me Konn Fox's body. The only thing missing is Konn Fox's custom made leather and cloth armored clothes and his equipment."

        Tokala said, "I have a friend who lives in Haji Pass, New Hampshire. He is a pro at making worn leather clothes and larping gear. We can have him make you Konn Fox's gear based on the full color picture you have of the character. As for the weapons, another friend will have to help with that."

        Todd then asked, "You guys don't stay in your fox fursonas all the time, do you? How do I change back to my human self later?"

        Rennard replied, "You are going to have to absorb the direct light of the full moon tonight. After that we will teach you how to make the change at will."
        End of Chapter Four


          Chapter Five
          Todd rested up until two A.M. and that was when Tokala shook Todd awake and helped him out of his pajamas. Tokala and Rennard were already undressed wearing nothing but their fur. They brought Todd out on to a balcony where in the sky in full view was the full moon shining directly upon them. Seeing the full moon in that particular manner made Todd feel both funny and aroused at the same time. It felt like all of his fur was standing on end. Not long into this new experience, Todd blacked out.

          When he next awakened, he found himself within a shower room with Tokala who was helping him clean himself entirely. Rennard was nowhere to be seen. "Um... Tokala? Where are we?"

          Tokala smiled as he gave Todd a muzzle to muzzle kiss. "We are back at my place. Don't worry; no one saw you in the fur and I had Rennard bring your art supplies over from the corporation to my place. You went on a hunt and got a little messy. I had to track you down and bring you home. Most new foxes don't frenzy under the full moon like you did. Thankfully, you only killed a chicken and not a cute human. I don't know why foxes are always drawn to fowl during a hunt."

          Todd then asked, "Why does my butt feel like I sat on a rubber dildo? It still hurts somewhat."

          Tokala replied as he steeled himself up for a slap or a fist to his muzzle. "I had sex with you, Todd. It was the only way to bring you back to your senses. If you are upset with me, go ahead and slug me. However, you might want to hold that strike so I can tell you the rest. We are not transformed into our characters. We are were-fox thralls and Maximilian is our master. When you agreed to join us last night, he gave you the initiation into the were-fox family. I wanted to tell you the truth when you were transforming in the bathroom but Rennard beat me to speaking by telling you that you were changing into Konn Fox. Like a werewolf, we are empowered by the moon and can go into a frenzy during the first full moon embrace. This is what happened to you last night. Please don't be mad at Maximilian. We didn't lie when we said that we liked you, Todd. Your name literally means male fox. My name also means male fox. As does Rennard and Crevan. Maximilian's surname is fox."

          Todd sighed looking not upset but lost in expression. "Do I get to return the favor on you, Tokala; or was sex with me one way? I would have been more upset had you not brought my art supplies over to your place after getting me here. How big of a mess was I before the shower?"

          Proving to be the good friend he wanted to be to Todd, he was already getting into position to let Todd mount him with there in the shower. "Mount up, Todd. I am a share and share alike kind of fox. I like to give and get. I really like you. If you get tired of living in the cabin, feel free to move in with me and I will let you stay here rent free. As for your other question... you were covered in chicken blood from head to foot. I think you ate the chicken raw. There were feathers all over the kill zone. I got you away from there before anyone could notice a fox man covered in chicken blood. I brought you back to my place to help you get cleaned up. I live on the top floor of the Thrall Stars Disco Club. There are two exits from my penthouse apartment; either through the club or down the fire escape into a back alley. I usually come and go that way. I have a nice view from my penthouse; please consider my offer to live here with me. I really like you, Todd. I own several buildings on this block. The building next door across the alleyway is being used as a warehouse, but you could convert that into your new motorcycle repair station. Then at the end of the day, you could just cross the alley and come home. Not to mention, if you lived with me, you would have VIP access privileges to the club where I work as a bouncer even though I own the club as well."

          Todd found himself moving into position behind Tokala; there was just something likable and trusting about Tokala that made Todd feel calm and relaxed to be around. "How far can I go, Tokala? I don't want to hurt you."

          Tokala felt Todd make the insertion as he replied, "I think you are a sweet friend. Go all the way, Todd. I'll let you know if you're crossing the line. You cannot be worse than the were-bear who mounted me last month." He then raised his voice a bit. "Give it to me, Todd! Fill me up!"

          Todd felt obliged to do as Tokala asked of him as he soon found the activity to be a lot of fun. His friend was as much fun as he tried to be toward him. Todd was seriously considering moving in with Tokala since he had made the offer sound so nice and inviting. And then he felt himself unloading deeply within Tokala's fox man body. The activity continued for several hours as they each took turns until finally, they made the conscious decision to get cleaned up since the morning sun was starting to rise just out one of the windows.

          Tokala then kissed Todd again with a smile. "Now, I will teach you how to change back into your human form. When you change back, it will feel like a lot of semen will pour out of your rear end but we did fill each other multiple times during the night. Once we're human again, we will take a final shower and give ourselves an enema before drying ourselves. So, about my offer for you to live here... would you like to live on this side of Foxville? I could even arrange to get your cabin and original garage moved to the rooftop of the neighboring building. One of Max and Coony's friends is a real Mage; moving your cabin and garage would be no problem at all."

          Todd then asked, "If my personal garage is on the roof, then how would I get my personal motorcycle down to the street when I want to ride it?"

          Tokala smiled. "Cargo elevator, of course. just wheel your ride inside, close the door and activate the lever to take you the floor you want to go to. So you are interested?"

          Todd hugged Tokala and kissed him on the mouth. "Yes, I am interested. Those Sunday backyard barbecues have been getting annoying and they often times interrupt my painting time. If my cabin and garage were out of that field, then the party goers could have their field entirely back to themselves and I would have some peace of mind. Plus, I could spend some quality nights with you, Tokala. Do you think Maximilian would be upset over my moving my living quarters and garage over to your place?"

          Tokala replied, "I don't think he would mind; he told me to take care of you while he was gone to Rhode Island. We could get this started today. You needed a bigger shop anyway."

          Sunday was spent transporting Todd's Cabin and Garage from the old location to the new location by using the Magical Camera Phone storage device. Tokala covered the rooftop of the warehouse/garage shop with green AstroTurf to give it that trimmed grassy look and then the Cabin and Cycle Garage was moved and connected to the plumbing of the building in the position and facing that Todd was requesting. His back porch could take advantage of the sunset; perfect for his artistic moments. Then they redecorated the insides of Todd's new garage and cycle shop. Once everything was arranged to Todd's liking, they sprawled out in lawn chairs in Todd's new AstroTurf backyard where they took advantage of the sun to warm themselves.
          End of Chapter Five


            Chapter Six
            Todd Hunter's Motorcycle Sales and Repairs; Foxville, Vermont
            Monday morning brought about new business to Todd's more conveniently located cycle shop and repair garage. Maximilian and Coony were back in town and they had found Tokala's polite note to explain how Todd had relocated his home and business to one of Tokala's buildings in the business district of Foxville. Coony came over to do an inspection of the new business and to make sure Todd's finance's were in order. Maximilian contracted another friend to make and erect a new sign for the business over the front entrance of Todd's shop. A nearby twenty-four/seven gas station and quick stop made the repair garage that much more convenient for other business owners in the were-fox district. Despite being called Foxville, less than twenty percent of the local population were were-foxes and of those, only seven were masters while the remaining number were thralls. Unlike other lycanthrope masters in other areas; thralls were permitted to live on their own and hold down their own businesses for the working class were-fox population. For those who were unemployed, the master permitted them to live and work in their home business. The rest of Foxville were either Changelings or Norms. The greater population of Foxville were not Aware although a few suspected things but kept their mouths shut in regards to what secrets Foxville held.

            Todd enjoyed the solid and railed bridge connecting his rooftop yard with Tokala's penthouse apartment. This made evening visitation a lot easier for both of them.

            While Todd was working on a motorcycle engine, a young man of the Norm variety came into the garage and looked around briefly before walking directly over to where Todd was working.

            "Mr. Hunter? My father told me to get a job if I wanted extra spending money. And I noticed that you don't have a cashier in your shop. Would you be willing to hire someone like me?"

            Todd glanced up from where he had been working on the motorcycle. "I can give you a try. And if you do well, I could even do a character portrait for you in addition to giving you wages. Is this to your liking? What is your name, young man?"

            The young Caucasian male with freckles and short red hair had green eyes and stood at around five foot six inches tall. Like Todd, he had a slender build. He wore a long sleeved plaid shirt, blue jeans and dirty sneakers. "Vance Devoss. My grandmother once told me that my name meant the swampland fox. I really miss her. She passed away about eight years ago. She said Foxville was a fun place to live. So are you hiring?"

            Todd replied, "First things first... drop the Mr. Hunter part. Just call me Todd. If you work here, we stay on a first name basis. Mr. makes me feel as old as my father back in Missouri. He's a logger. I am not that old yet and hope never to end up that age in all honesty. Why do you need extra spending money?"

            Vance said, "I am trying to save money to buy a used vehicle. And I am also trying to save money so I can attend a furry con in another state. My dad doesn't know that part yet. I would rather he didn't find out. He might come home drunk and beat me again."

            Todd was a little upset by Vance's statement now that he knew that the boy was getting abuse at home. Fortunately, Maximilian and Tokala came into the shop from the back warehouse section. "Max, Tokala... this is Vance Devoss; he wants to work for me here." Then he closed the distance with Maximilian and Tokala as he told them what he boy had told him moments earlier. "is there anything you can do about Mr. Devoss so he doesn't end up killing his own son?"

            Out loud, Maximilian said, "Ricardo mentioned Vance as being a good lawn mowing young man a few years ago. I say you should hire him." Then in a hushed tone, he said, "I am aware of Devoss. He is a drunkard who was laid off from his steel industry job and any money that comes into the household is used to buy booze for himself. If Vance mentioned getting beatings from his father, then there is something we can do about the man this coming weekend. I have connections in the clinics for drug and alcohol treatment. However, if we get this man into the clinic, then the boy will have to live here in your building so he isn't home alone. There are apartments upstairs inside the building itself. Since they are Norms, you cannot talk about thralls and were-critters to him unless you make it sound as if you are talking about a role playing game. If he shows interest in the role playing game, then you get word to me through Tokala. If Mr. Devoss comes around to threaten you, signal Tokala or use your last name as a horror story. I'm a Hunter; you know the term, in exactly those words. Unless you want to end up like this deer head on the wall, then you better leave. That's what you tell Mr. Devoss. If that doesn't work, then use self defense while you wait for Tokala to arrive."

            Maximilian then stressed one last part: "What ever you do, do not transform in front of a Norm. They cannot handle it."

            Todd then asked, "Are you upset that Tokala moved me over into his properties?"

            Maximilian replied, "You should have told me that the backyard barbecues were bothering you. I would have helped you to move. I am not upset. I like Konn Fox the Thief."

            Todd then added, "Your one friend who wanted to meet me and look over my work told me to keep practicing since my level of skill was not what he was currently looking for. So he rejected me as was. I am not sure what he told you but since he doesn't want to hire me and I am doing quite well here in Foxville, I think I would rather stay here with Tokala since he really wants me here. And I think I'm in love with Tokala. He is like a best friend I've never had before."

            Maximilian made an annoyed looking face. "Oh well; Vincent's loss is our gain. He is a fickle were-lion. He told me that he hired a guy named Douglas Maguire who has a killer slender body and the guy doesn't mind modeling in the nude in front of the windows. Sounds like he just wanted some eye-candy for his convenience store. A shitty shame, in my opinion."

            Tokala smiled. "I really want Todd to stay here with us anyway, Maximilian. As you said, Vincent's loss is our gain. How could he not see Todd's talent?"

            Maximilian replied, "Just consider him in the same frame of mind as the guys in Missouri who wouldn't hire Todd there. We are lucky to have Todd here."

            Todd replied, "Tokala, show me and Vance where the available apartments are upstairs and we will let him choose one to use as his own while he is working for me."
            End of Chapter Six


              Chapter Seven
              The following day, Todd was working on another motorcycle in his garage as his mind briefly drifted back to the night before when Maximilian came by and gave him the official master to thrall mounting which marked Todd as belonging to Maximilian. He also explained that he had researched Todd's birth moon phase in accordance to his birth date and that was why he had to wait until the appropriate night after the full moons to give Todd the official mounting. Todd had been born the day after the third full moon and that was the only day Todd could be officially claimed by the master. Now Todd had the official protection from other were-creatures no matter what their phenotype. Maximilian would also be able to tell when Todd was in danger from Norms. This was important if and when Todd needed backup of some sort.

              While he was working on the motorcycle, he suddenly heard what sounded like a crate falling over in the basement under the garage. He hadn't bothered to ask Tokala what was down there and hearing a sound like that made him want to investigate. Grabbing a flashlight, Todd went to the basement door and opened it. Briefly in the darkness at the bottom of the stairs, he saw what looked like a rat man keeping watch at the stairs before he pulled away into the darkness.

              Todd exclaimed, "Hey, you guys have nothing to worry from me! I was just concerned when I heard the crate fall over down there! If you need anything from me, Todd Hunter, say after hours, my Cabin sits on the roof of this building! I can share my dinner with you later!" He then paused as he waited for any sound whatsoever. It was dead silent. Quietly stepping inside the doorway and closing it soundly behind him place him into an instant darkness. Although thankfully for his were-fox night vision, he could now see clearly down the stairs as he noted the rat man step back over to the bottom of the stairs and just freeze in position as he seemed transfixed on Todd's shining eyes. "Its okay, Mister Rat. I'm not a Norm."

              The rat man released a sigh of relief as he looked relieved that Todd was special like they were. "You gave me quite a fright, Todd. Tokala and Rolf never told us that you had set up a business on the ground floor. You need to be more careful about making offers to strange animal people whom you don't know. I am Winworth the Were-Rat although my friends call me Wink I work next door at the Thrall Stars night club. There is a connecting door in the basement between the two buildings. My brothers and I live in the basement under the club. We came over here to get some supplies stored in your basement. My newest brother accidentally knocked over the crate which you heard. So what faction did you join, Todd?"

              "Maximilian got to me; do the math," replied Todd. "So I am like Tokala whom I really like. I haven't met Rolf yet. What is he like?"

              Wink smiled. "He is one of the only three werewolves in this town. He isn't a victim like most; he was born that way. He is a wolf whom becomes a wolf man. He wears a collar marking him as a police canine. But make no mistake; he is a wolf."

              Todd then asked, "Do you know Vance Devoss?"

              Wink made a pained face. "Nice kid; but his father is a drunken prick. Word under the street is that he beat his son just last night for not bringing home money so he could go buy more booze. I wish we could hide the kid so he doesn't end up in the morgue. His father supposedly had something to do with the grandmother dying. His wife divorced him and left the state."

              Todd said, "Vance is working for me at the main counter up front. If I gave him an advance on his wages would that help at home?"

              Wink replied, "Don't do it, Todd. There is only one thing that will help Vance stay safe and that would be to make Mr. Devoss disappear from Foxville. If we could sneak a laced bottle of booze into the household so when the man drank it, he would pass out and stay unconscious long enough for some strong men to transport the man's sorry ass off to a far away place with no ID and no cash. I have connections with a changeling dragon. We knock the man out and have the dragon fly his ass down to Mexico in the dead of the night. While we're doing that, move Vance entirely out of that house and into one of the upstairs apartments; protect your employee. Give the word, Todd, and we will make it happen tonight."

              Todd hummed to himself. "As long as it would protect Vance... okay, Wink; make it happen. I'll see to it you and your brothers have a nice meal tonight. What do you guys like to eat? I have a motorcycle to repair. Although I am going to get Tokala and we will have a look at Vance in the men's room. It makes me mad that Vance's father is beating him."

              Wink slyly grinned. "We prefer pizza and Chinese rice. We have watered cheese-wine in abundance." At that moment, he noted that Todd's eyes flicked over to a spot just behind him to the left. He turned his head to see Rolf and another rat man standing there. "Its okay, Rolf. Just having a chat with Tokala's cute boyfriend, Todd. We're going to rescue Vance later tonight. Todd has agreed to my plan."

              Rolf whom was in his full wolf form looked up the stairs and he sniffed at Todd before saying, "You are lucky, Todd. If Tokala had not spoken for you, I would have killed you for putting Wink on the spot just now. I happen to like him and his brothers. Despite being rats, they are cleaner than most weres."

              Todd said, "They have nothing to fear from me, Rolf. Although I am in love with Tokala, I want to be friendly to anyone he approves of. I haven't had a chance to see the club yet."

              Rolf grinned. "The club is officially open on both Friday and Saturday nights. Unofficially, it is open as a restaurant Monday through Saturday. But the main shows are on the weekend."

              He then turned his wolf head toward Wink. "Come on, we need to get those goods back over to the club." And he padded off into the darkness.

              Wink smiled at Todd. "Told you he was a sweetheart. I need to get back to work. Come on, Bro."

              The younger rat man replied, "Um... I was looking at sexy cute Todd; too bad he's already claimed." And he too headed off into the darkness of the basement.

              Wink chuckled. "My brother means well. We will be looking forward to that pizza and rice meal you are promising us. You have a motorcycle to repair; Later Todd." And he also headed off.

              Todd turned and turned the door knob and exited the basement stairwell to return to his garage to resume work. At noon, both he and Tokala would have a doctor check Vance for abuse.
              End of Chapter Seven