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Te'rue Wererat Stories

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  • Te'rue Wererat Stories

    Te'rue Wererat Stories
    Ratseye Winesewer
    September 13th, 2012


    Where to begin. I guess it is better to explain where we were when the event happened. And in doing this, you will learn who I and my fellowship members are.

    I was on one knee as I knelt in front of the old door using my lock picks to carefully turn the tumblers in the lock. At least I had been doing that before I switched tactics to removing the trap from the lock. "Poison trap. Someone really doesn't want us going in this way, guys."

    The northerner wielding a massive spiked club grunted one time. "I don't see why we couldn't just storm the front gate." Yes, he was our human barbarian. Haw'zarr the Jackass, or so he claimed. "Why must we always do the sneaky thing?"

    The elven beauty in red, gold, and orange robes replied, "If you fancy fighting through Lord Kelthorak's warrior assassins as fun, then be our guest, Haw'zarr." This lady was our most powerful wizard, Aeloanthea the Firefrosted Falcon. Battlemage of Fire, wot? "Personally, I do not wish to waste any spells simply in gaining access to the old city tunnels."

    The half elven lady in green wearing a vine wreath in her braided hair rolled her eyes as she glanced at the man in the shining red and silver armor. "Can't you do something about them, love?" This woman was our cleric of Faiala the living goddess.

    And the red human knight she spoke to was the party leader, Sir Argos Rhodes. "They are merely venting a little steam. But upon my oath to Torm-Katholos, we will win this day and bring the riches of the ill-gotten forth to our employer." Yep, a paladin. The joy killer of any adventuring party.

    I simply chuckled as I finished up with the trap and lock. You guessed it; I'm a rogue. Unlike these other fancy gents and ladies, I don't have surnames, titles, nor warning sigils around my name. My working name is Te'rue. If you want to know more, get to know me first. And bring gold and a meal. I don't work these jobs cheaply. I used to be a hireling until Sir Rhodes offered me a place in the fellowship. Don't know why I accepted his offer. But that meal later certainly helped. Didn't like the bath following though. There is such a thing as being too clean.

    I stood up and opened the door for the others. "We are in, my friends, and I use that term loosely. Gold is my only friend."

    The barbarian had his club pointed toward the open doorway as he looked as pale as a sheet. "BUG!" And he then leaped to the attack and his club immediately struck the giant spider enough times to awaken the demon queen of the drow in the underdark. He then panted as he sheepishly looked at the others. "Sorry. I hate creepy crawly things."

    The red knight sighed as he shook his head and patted the barbarian on the shoulder. "No more bug, big guy. Now let's go get rid of the kobolds and goblins."

    After entering, I brought up the rear of the party. Being in the rear often gave me quite the view of the lovely backsides. Better those than looking at the barbarian's hide covered rump. If you have seen one barbarian backside, then you have seen them all. And this was one I did not want to see.

    The first small patrol of creatures we encountered were some goblins with crude weapons and leather vests. They even had pet wolves with them and even though the cleric didn't want to hurt the animals, once they tried to bite her, she smacked them with her enchanted mace. Trust me... I know it is enchanted.

    When we encountered the kobolds they didn't react the way we expected them to act. They were nervous but polite, surprisingly enough. In exchange for not killing them, they told us where all of the goblins were hold up at in the tunnels, where all the traps were laid out, and where all of the hidden treasures were stashed. But then came something we weren't expecting... the warning. One kobold told us to avoid the shrine of the grain mouse or we would be very sorry. We hadn't heard of this before and before we could ask more about it, the kobolds fled.

    "What do you think that was about?" asked the half elven cleric as she glanced around the now empty kobold meeting place.

    "What does it matter, Madame Pointy Ears?" I remarked with a smirk. "They basically told us about a new location with good treasure in it. I say we go have a look at least. It might be stolen."

    The paladin led the way further into the tunnels. Although he had no intention of leading us to the shrine of the grain mouse, something told me that we might end up there eventually anyway. I mean, stealing from shrines was naturally a bad thing. But if the loot was already stolen to begin with then we would only be getting it back for the rightful owners. Hey, I'm a thief! Sue me!

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    Te'rue Wererat Stories
    Ratseye Winesewer
    October 16th, 2013


    The shrine of the grain mouse wasn't like we thought it would be. In fact, if didn't even look like a shrine nor a temple like anyone would have suspected it to appear to be. There was two golem guards in front of the door which the barbarian easily took out. True, the battlemage of fire shouldn't have placed that illusion of bugs over their heads like that, but we all know how to use the barbarian's greatest fear to our advantage. Once inside, the first chamber had rotting cheese and barrels of moldy barley grain. It was pretty rank and there was nothing of value there. Within the next corridor came that which would change my life forever.

    There came a dark corridor some twenty feet wide with almost unseen alcoves every ten feet or so. None of us would even have known they were there. Not even my current rogue skills detected them... until I was pulled into one by accident. Sir Rhodes had just told everyone to stay close and most of them were doing that. The barbarian was out front where he liked to be, and I, true to my art and form... didn't listen to him. I skulked along one of the walls. We were about seventy feet down the hundred foot long corridor when it happened. I had just quietly crept along one of the unseen alcove openings when suddenly a fast though silent ratty glove reached out and clapped over my mouth and pulled me into the alcove, out of sight of the others.

    In the darkness facing me was a humanoid with glowing beady red eyes. He had me pinned to a wall with one hand over my mouth and the other with a wet knife to my groin. Normally when a girl threatens my manhood, I do whatever she says. But this wasn't a lady.

    "Ah see we 'ave a new initiate," came the Cockney sounding quiet voice, with a dry rasp yet having a slick tongue. "Now Ah can be free, mate, and yas can carry the torch." And with that, he bared his teeth and bit me on the neck while placing some sort of clan mark on my thighs with that knife.

    I must have made some sort of noise when this creature attacked for not more than a few moments into the bite and cutting, a massive fireball just barely missed me and set the beasty on fire. And then the barbarian's club smacked the beast in the face and flung it down a hole in the back of the alcove. The priestess was tending to my wounds immediately after that as the red knight held a torch over the hole where he and the battlemage saw a great many more of the creatures below scrambling to climb the old black ladder. Well... they tried, until the battlemage cast her serpents flame tongue spell down the hole. And then the dying screams filled the air like no other.

    The priestess cast a light spell in the corridor just in case the other alcoves held similar dangers which she fortunately did just in time as many more creatures shirked back from the light and vanished back down their holes.

    "Let's get out of here!" shouted the Firefrosted Falcon. "Nothing is worth dying in the middle of this many creatures! I don't care what the treasure is!"

    I couldn't help but to tempt the mage, although I shouldn't have. "What if its a spell book?"

    "..." Yes, it made her stop and think about it. Sadly though... "NO! There are safer ways to get new spells! Besides, once we have you patched up, we'll search for the Tomb of the Golden Colt! It only has undead in it!"

    "If we can't have this treasure, then I'm gonna make sure no one else gets it either!" And I pulled out what looked like an explosive charge from my backpack. "We'll seal it up so no one else can get in and what's in there... can't get out!"

    Then to my surprise, Argos smiled and said, "That is actually a good idea. And it will protect the rest of the city from this menace. Go for it, Te'rue."

    I groaned as I felt sick to be doing something NOBLE for a change. But the red knight was right. If we didn't seal it, these things might come looking for me. And so...


    Okay, that explosion wasn't as weak as the vendor said it would be when detonated, but... it sealed the entrance to the shrine of the grain mouse. It would take an army to dig out that rubble. Ironically, we would learn later that we would need to get back in there. And we had just sealed off just one of the entrances. More on that later.

    We were both thankful and pained when we did get out of the now smoke filled sewers under the city. If there is one thing that was worse than a sewer smell it would be the smell of cooking sewer fluids. When we emerged outside of the way we had gone in, it was clearly night and when we emerged from the smoke, I saw the moon... and I knew something worse was about to occur.