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Lepus Privateers

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    Lepus Privateers

    All species are permitted to follow along with our voyage, so don't be afraid of showing your fuzzy non-human pirate side. It would be nice to get a regular crew on board, otherwise all mentioned crew members will be fictional.
    Wednesday, September 23, 2009; Posted at 8:41 AM

    Arrh Mateys! Hop To It!

    Welcome aboard the sailing frigate under the Jolly Roger known to one and all as the Lepus Privateer! Some might say that you need a lucky charm to be a bunny of plunder like us. But with our crew, we all have at least two lucky charms. You can't beat these sets of beauties...

    *shows his rabbit feet one at a time*

    Signing up with my crew will change you into a bunny of plunder like the rest of us. You will have longer ears, a springier step, and a quicker gait. And let us not forget your starting weapons: a shiny new cutlass and a dagger for snipping those purse strings.

    Sailing the seas with the Lepus is a calming lot in life, and unless you botch a job for the captain, then you won't find yourself swabbing the decks or cleaning barnacles off of the outer hull. There be a treasure hunt awaiting one and all on the horizon, so climb on board and let us set sail for adventure. You can't ask for better than that, eh matey?

    Before I forget, we have an occasional dragon that flies along with our journeys. He is a friendly sort, though grafted with an odd array of cybernetic components. It's all Greek to me, but on we sail.

    Raise the anchor and unfurl the Jolly Roger! Arrh! We be sailing for the Island of Silver Cranes!

    Friday, September 25, 2009; Posted at at 12:57 PM

    Island of Silver Cranes

    Arrh Mateys! After a two-day sailing journey, our ship pulled into port today at the Island of Silver Cranes. At this location, a wandering storm dragon offered to fly along as an additional lookout for troubles on the horizon and being the goodhearted bunny that I am, how could I refuse his boyish charms?

    We loaded up a good number of supplies and trading goods to sale and trade for our coming destination, the Island of Lost Donkeys. While I was doing my business at port, I inquired for a new cabin boy. I gots to have me a cabin boy, Matey! These voyages can be a long and lonely trek. And a cabin boy is good for making that time pass by more pleasurably.

    We have been hearing rumors of late about an Atlantean minstrel, but no one among the Silver Cranes knew where to find him. Just my luck, by Blackbeard. Perhaps we will have better luck in the next port. But now it is time to weigh the anchor and set the sails unfurled for the next length of our journey across the Lampwick Sea. I have heard that the storms in that region can be quite tedious and I have no love of being marooned on a strange island there.

    Avast, ye Mateys! Time to set sail! Next stop: the Island of Lost Donkeys!


      Monday, October 12, 2009; Posted at 1:02 PM

      Island of Lost Donkeys

      That journey through the Lampwick Sea took longer (2 weeks) than we intended.

      A storm blew in from nowhere and we had to make temporary anchor on the shores of a small island where we harvested a new mast to replace the broken one aboard the ship. With a new mast in place, and the storm passed on, we once again set sail and arrived at the docks on the Island of Lost Donkeys.

      The lord there was more than glad to see us; you got to love other species with long ears like ourselves. There is a kinship like none other. We traded needed supplies with the donkey lord and received more information on the Atlantean minstrel. He had been in port a week before, but had long since departed for the island realm of Jewelandria. I have always wanted to go to Jewelandria and now we would get the chance.

      My crew spent a day at the lord's carnival and circus as he allowed us to see how long-eared recruits were acquired. It is akin to being shanghaied, to be truthful, and I am glad it didn't happen to us. Don't get me wrong... I love long eared species, cause I am one, but I wouldn't ever change a donkey into a rabbit, and I certainly don't want to be a donkey. Their hooves aren't meant for swimming, if you know what I mean.

      I am still looking for a cabin mate, er, boy, as the last one was claimed by that infernal storm we had dealt with. These things always seem to happen to us. Perhaps he is in a better place now.

      With our hold filled with new supplies and a fresh map laid out before us, we weighed anchor and set sail for Jewelandria. I should mention that we now also have a new crew member on board with us. A donkey navigator agreed to throw in his lot with us, therefore, we shouldn't have any problems at all in reaching Jewelandria with him on our team.