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A Star is Born

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    A Star is Born

    When you are everywhere, you are nowhere
    When you are somewhere, you are everywhere

    The following are the descriptions of the races involved in the story. This is so that the reader (and the author) will know which race is what species. More races will be added as the story progresses. Please enjoy.

    Oryceterion—aardvark – The reporter

    Guloian—wolverine – Captain Ray

    Scrofan—wild boar

    Arctoian—brown bear

    Pardalian—ocelot – Lex

    Accipian—hawk – Kort

    Equusian—horse – Dr. Whexler

    Tockusian—hornbill bird – Phara
    When you are everywhere, you are nowhere
    When you are somewhere, you are everywhere


      The tavern was filled beyond capacity that hour. The young Oryceterion made his way nervously through the crowd. When he had first thought of what he would do for his extra credit it sounded so exciting. But now he realized just how frightening it really was. He wasn’t prepared to be in this kind of environment.

      He was looking around for the elderly Guloian he was supposed to be meeting. The only problem with this prearranged meeting was that he had never seen a Guloian before, not many had in fact. Most of the highly educated simply believed the Guloians to be a myth. He was trying to make his way to the bar when a heavy paw landed on his shoulder.

      “Look wha’ we ha’ ‘ere, boys!” the large Scrofan shouted to the others standing around him. “Ha’ not seen yer like round ‘ere b’fore. Ar’ ye lost, lad?”

      The Oryceterion nervously pushed his eyepiece back into place, as he tried to muster up the bravado to reply.

      “I would not do that if I were you, LAD,” a low, but firm voice said from behind the Oryceterion.

      He watched in awe as the Scrofan’s eyes widened in shock and he turned white beneath his dirty fur. He jerked his hand away and was backing up as he muttered an apology and beat a hasty retreat with his small crew of friends.

      “You should really have chosen a less dangerous location for our meeting, child,” the elderly Arctoian said as he took the Oryceterion by his elbow and lead him to a quiet back room.

      “But, I thought I was meeting with a Captain Ray,” he said, taking a seat at the small table as the Arctoian carefully sat across from him.

      “Well, child, I’m not a Captain any longer, but I am Ray,” he replied with a chuckle.

      “But… I thought you were a Guloian.”

      Ray laughed. “Haven’t you ever wondered why everyone thinks my race is a myth? It’s because we can pass ourselves off as Arctoians whenever we feel the need. Which is usually anytime we’re off our home world. But you didn’t want to meet with me to discuss me or my race did you?”

      “Well…no. I actually wanted to find out if the legends were true.”

      “Legends? Is that what they call them now?” Ray chuckled. “Well, lad, let me tell you a story. Legend? Maybe. But true, nonetheless.”
      When you are everywhere, you are nowhere
      When you are somewhere, you are everywhere


        “Let me just start by saying that I am as proud of my daughter as any father could hope to be. Now of course, I have no wife, and no mate, so many may wonder at how I came to have a daughter. But while she is not a daughter of my blood, she is the daughter of my heart and that means more to some than actually being involved in the conception of a child.”

        It was during the Third Stellar Age, when systems were dying, super novas abounded, and new systems sprung up from the remains. In the midst of the bloodiest Galactic War to date. Not because of warring factions killing each other off, but because the delicate balance of the galaxy was, for lack of a better description, cleansing itself.

        My crew and I found ourselves close to becoming part of the ‘Lost Many’ as the dead systems were coming to be called. Of course the ‘Experts’ were just saying that the end was coming, but they didn’t know the end to what. But as a wise, old Gypsy Moth once told me, “The end of one is the beginning of another.” And that turned out to be the case with this.

        “Cap’n, the vortex thruster is completely out of commission,” the large hulking Pardalian stated as he struggled to read the instruments of the violently shaking battle cruiser.

        “Capatain, our verilian shields are non-functioning. That last hit we took from that Nebulan cruiser knocked it out of commission,” the female Tockusian stated, from across the bridge.

        “Hold it together as long as you can, Phara, and Lex, see if you can get that thruster up and running. I’m getting a bad feeling about this sector.”

        Little did I know how correct that feeling was going to be. You see, we had pursued a Nebulan Pirate cruiser into Sector 9. And for some reason, which I’m about to enlighten you to, all contact with Sector 9 had been lost for some time.

        “Cap’n, the Nebulan cruiser has stopped on the other side of the 7th planet of this system,” Lex said, eyeing the monitor as he worked on the panel next to him.

        “What are they up to?”

        “Captain Ray!! My sensors are going berserk over here! This system is completely unstable!” the Accipian male shouted over the now shrieking alarms. “The readings on the sun are off the charts!”

        “Shut off that damn alarm, Kort!!” Ray shouted. “Lex, is the thruster ready yet?”

        “Negative, Cap’n, and Ah’m losing all power!!” Lex cried, working harder on his instruments.
        When you are everywhere, you are nowhere
        When you are somewhere, you are everywhere


          “By the Spirits,” Phara whispered, staring at the main monitor. “Capatain, LOOK!!”

          As we watched, powerless to even turn and save ourselves, the sun heaved, contracted, and then spread out in a blinding nova. Our ship was tossed and shook like an old rag. We were out for some time before we came to, surprisingly alive. Luckily, we were just outside of the system, sparing us from any life threatening damage, but our ship sustained heavy damage from the nova.

          “Is everyone all right?”

          “Ah believe so, Cap’n,” Lex said, shaking his head.

          “None the worse for wear, Capatain,” Phara said as she started a system check.

          “Just a bit shook up, Sir,” Kort answered, checking the sensors.

          “How did the ship hold up, Phara?”

          “We are running on auxiliary power at the moment, Cap’n. I’ll go and check the power core and see if it sustained any permanent damage,” she said, exiting the bridge.

          “Kort, did anything besides us survive that?”

          “Believe it or not, Sir, I’m picking up a single life form. But, I don’t believe this, it is at the center of the system, what’s left of the core of the sun.”

          “And it’s alive?”

          “Yes, Sir. Shall I direct our course to intercept it? All my sensors are showing the system to be cold now. We could safely cruise in and pick it up,” Kort said, checking some other sensors.

          “Capatain,” Phara’s voice came over the communication system. “The power core is undamaged, but with all the shaking it temporarily shut itself down. I should have it up and running in a few moments.”

          “As soon as Phara has the core back up and running, set a course for the system center. We’re going to pick up whatever was fortunate enough to survive that.”

          “Yes, Sir,” Kort said setting the coordinates.

          “Are you sure that’s wise, Cap’n?” Lex asked, looking nervous. “I mean, if it can survive that it can’t be something that we would want to deal with. What if it destroys us?”
          When you are everywhere, you are nowhere
          When you are somewhere, you are everywhere


            “Well, Lex, we survived a Nova. We’ve survived this bloody war so far. If one lonely life form can manage to wipe us out after all that, then I’d say it was long past time for us to go.”

            Lex nodded, seeming to agree, on some level anyway, and went back to his post. I was pretty shaken up myself, but of course I couldn’t let my crew know that. Of course, I was scared to death of what we’d find in the center of the now dead system. Not much that I knew of, actually nothing that I knew of, could have survived a Nova of that size.

            Sure enough, though, Phara got the main power core back up and running and returned to the bridge to her post. When she heard what we were doing, she wasn’t too pleased.

            “Capatain, I must protest!” she shrieked.

            “Phara, I’ve already given the order.”

            “But…” she began.

            “We are going to pick up that life form!” I interrupted. I truly didn’t mean to lose my calm with Phara, but sometimes her logic drove me to madness.

            “Yes, Sir,” Phara turned back to her controls.

            We headed into the center of the system then. Slowly of course, since our thrusters were completely out and our shields were also non-functioning. On the bright side, no pun intended, the pirates hadn’t escaped.

            The crew was silent. I’m sure they were all thinking that I’d lost my mind. Perhaps I had finally succumbed to Warp Fever? Whatever they were thinking I know it didn’t prepare them for what we found in the center of that system.

            Floating there in the void of space, in the remains of the core of the now dead sun, was an infant humanoid. I was stunned, to say the least. And so was the rest of the crew.

            “By the Spirits,” Phara whispered in awe.

            “Bring it in!” I shouted, roused out of my stupor.

            Lex locked our transporter on the infant and brought it into the infirmary. I was already on my way there. Dr. Whexlar, our resident healer, was attempting to look over the infant. I don’t think I’d ever heard a child scream that loud in all my days.
            When you are everywhere, you are nowhere
            When you are somewhere, you are everywhere