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[TO-01] HM-AH The Chosen of Silvanus

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    [TO-01] HM-AH The Chosen of Silvanus

    True Origins - 01
    Hazardous Materials

    Alexander Hazard: The Chosen of Silvanus.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    Original Prologue Written on: May 2nd, 2004
    Full Origin Written on: June 1st, 2022


    Sixteen years earlier...

    "Merchant 9? Where are you? You're not appearing on our scanners."

    "You really DON'T want to know where I am..."

    "Merchant 9? You're breaking up. Where are you?"

    "Don't make me tell you... You really DON'T want to know..."

    "Tell us where you are!"

    "...I'm in Quadrant 69-Z headed toward Sector 13-E..."

    "Oh no... You're not..."

    "Afraid so... I'm being forced to make another fucking trip to Earth..."

    "Who's forcing you to go there?"

    "Um... I'm not supposed to say... Especially not with this laser gun pointed at my head."

    "Merchant 9? Merchant 9? Damned! He's not responding... We better call in the Galactic Patrol."

    One year later...

    The chauffeur, Reggie Thompson, carried the Crate Delivery Ticket through the maze of crates and boxes in the old warehouse. He couldn't understand why his employer, Reginald Ramsden Hazard the Second, had insisted upon having this crate delivered to him in the middle of the night. The darkness of the Los Angeles California streets were not a place to be caught out in after curfew. And not because of the police; but moreso because of the gangs. You never knew who or what you'd encounter if you weren't careful.

    Just as Reggie was rounding a corner, he collided with a very large, muscular brute. The collision caused both men to drop their CDTs, though only Reggie was knocked to the floor of the warehouse. The brute merely growled something illegible at the chauffeur, then, he picked up one of the two CDTs, and hurried off into the darkness. Reggie picked up his CDT and looked at the number again. Lot 99. That was pretty close to where he was. He figured that he had originally held the ticket upside-down. Reggie found the crate, and, using a dolly, rolled the crate back to the Hazard's moving van.

    Back at the Hazard mansion, Reginald Hazard had opened the crate and was staring at the large unusual, glowing, techno-gridded egg. Reggie said, "It was right where you said, sir."

    Then, they both heard the crying of an infant within the strange glowing egg. The two men looked at each other, then back at the egg. The egg suddenly shattered in a flash of light, revealing, at first, the image of a beautiful unicorn colt. But as the image faded away, a young male one-year old child sat in the center of the egg's remains.

    Reginald hummed, then exclaimed, "No one must know of this. I will raise him as my own. I will name him Alexander after an older brother of mine who died of Polio long before I was born."

    End of Prologue.

    Chapter One

    August 2nd, 1979

    Greetings. I am an archivist whom works for Amon Thoth. I am called The Scribe. I am an anthropomorphic ibis otherwise known as a humanoid bird with a long slender curved pale orange bill. I have white and gold feathers and I wear a tan tunic and carry a large arm full of vellum papers and a magical quill for which I record the historical record of important non-human individuals on Earth. Where as Space Master only records humanity, Amon Thoth has me recording everyone else who appears on Earth as long as they are not extraterrestrial. We ibis archivists do not care for space aliens. I have a counterpart organization in space whom records what space aliens do. They are called the Inquizzies. No one likes them, I am told. Sadly, I have almost the same reputation. No heroic personage likes to know that I am around recording their exploits. Most of them have threatened to kill me if they catch me recording their lives. Sadly, I am only doing as the Egyptian gods have instructed me to do. Therefore, at times, I have to do my recording from the tops of tall trees or high cliffs and mountains. Or even from an invisible stand point.

    Enough about me; you have come to me because you cannot find mention of Alexander Hazard within Space Master's Video Disc Library nor within the Inquizzie Video Files. The explanation of this is quite simple. To learn where the young man's spiral originates, we must look into the Celtic and the Arvandorian Pantheon. I will call this tale, The Chosen of Silvanus. But make no mistake, this is the origin story of Alexander Hazard.

    "Mother! They kicked you off the Cornu Council?! But why?!"

    "They said my ideas were old and outdated. But their ideas are making our species stagnate and faded. I am almost tempted to go activate the Eggnator Device in the Palace Catacombs. As the last Royal Unicorn of the noble line, only I and few others of our family know how to set it off. Once activated, you have three minutes to get away or you die when the Eggnator explodes. If you are not outside the valley when it happens, then you go with it forever."

    "If you won't do it, then I will! The Council made a grave mistake! There are evil dragons looking at our valley, mother!"

    "Please, don't activate the device! If you change your mind after activating the device, there is no going back!"

    "What of the plan to allow a fresh minded select few unicorns to migrate elsewhere or did they veto that plan before kicking you out of council?"

    "They said that any buck or doe performing this action would be declared as traitors to the main herd and be marked for execution. I'm sorry. I did my best. Our tribe is doomed to stagnation. If we could breed with anyone, we might have hope; but sadly only Psionics and Wizards are capable of helping us to make eggs. And with the last few hatched bucks and does unable to breed, it looks like the end for our herd." She then sadly walked away to get some water from the herd spring.

    The oldest son headed off at a trot toward the Cornu Palace with determination. "I couldn't tell mother that I have already migrated several of the Royal Cornu unhatched eggs out of the valley to a Druid's cottage that I am familiar with. The herd will live on but not under the corrupted rule of the slaving council. By this time tomorrow, this valley will be gone."

    As he arrived at the palace, he saw a few Council guards guarding the entry point into the palace. A precaution for preventing his mother from pulling a fast one, perhaps. When he approached the guards, he firmly said, "I need to retrieve my favorite bauble from my sleeping quarters! Please step out of my way, good guards!"

    One guard exclaimed, "We have orders to allow no one to enter the palace under the orders of the Council! They believe an evil traitor is hiding within!"

    The son nodded his head. "If you are afraid that my mother might be in there, then I can assure you that she is down at the herd spring getting a drink of water. Although I would advise against drinking that water since I learned that someone has poisoned the main spring. I don't know what the poison does, but apparently it is related to our herd's current problems."

    Both guards took off at a gallop toward the main spring!

    The son slyly smiled. "Losers." And he headed into the palace and opened the door into the catacombs, heading down within.

    When the guards and the oldest son's mother returned to the entrance of the palace, they saw the son sitting on his rump playing with a ball while a small egg timer trickled sand down into the lower catch below.

    "Son, why did you tell the guards that the spring was poisoned?"

    "They weren't going to let me get my favorite ball, mother. Besides, do you believe in Heaven?"

    Looking at the egg timer she exclaimed, "What have you done?!"

    He glanced at the sand timer and said, "One minute left." And he began to sing the final crossing song in the ancient tongue.

    The mother took off at a fast run away from the palace screaming, "HE SET OFF THE BOMB! WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!!"

    Well outside of the hidden valley in one of the Celtic Wildernesses, the druid was gathering wild herbs when a rumble was felt which made him fall on his rump on the ground as the entire Western skyline erupted in a brilliant flash of light and the hill beyond the hill he was sitting on simply fell into a gaping steaming Abyss like chasm pulling land, mud and a part of the Northern sea into the hole with it.

    Then the air became very still as the sound of a great waterfall was heard just over the hill.

    The Druid said, "May you guide the innocent souls, Cornelius."

    End of Chapter One


      Chapter Two

      Rillifane Rallathil, the wood elven leaflord, and Lord Skerrit, the centaur forester arrived at the Druid's request one day concerning a matter of grave importance.

      Rillifane said, "So what is the super important matter that you would call two Arvandorian gods to Midgard to oversee?"

      The Druid showed the two non-human gods into his cabin and directed them to a cache of broken eggs of a strange pattern. "I recall the day when a unicorn buck brought me this clutch of unicorn eggs. Last month, the eggs glowed and one by one, they began to turn ashen grey before shattering and leaving behind a foul odor that I thought smelled like poison. Eventually, only this one egg remained and it is still as healthy looking as the day it arrived. I humbly request that you take this egg to Arvandor and submerge it in the Spring of Purification. As it is the only one left of the Royal eggs brought to me, it would be a shame if it perished when the others broke without the result of a birth."

      Skerrit asked, "What of the land the Unicorns came from?"

      The Druid replied, "Just West of the Celtic Wilderness I live in there was once a hidden valley the Unicorn glades dwelt within. Several months ago, I was out collecting wild herbs when I witnessed the destruction of the entire valley. The entire Western sky lit up after the explosion and most of the Northern Sea cascaded into the gaping chasm left behind after the catastrophe occurred. The Unicorn buck whom had brought me the eggs told me that if the Western sky lit up like that, that I should ask Cornelius to guide the lost souls to the other side."

      He then explained, "When the eggs began breaking like that, I sent word to you gods immediately. But I suppose it took time to make the journey to Midgard. Now only this one egg remains; I know not his father's nor his mother's names, but I beseech thee, noble forest gods. Don't let this last egg's existence be in vane."

      Rillifane said with conviction, "Seems as if we have a noble mission, Skerrit! Although we will take these other egg fragments as well to have them examined professionally! If poison is present, then someone was in the process of killing off their unicorn herd and that is a divine crime!"

      After collecting the evidence, the two gods opened a portal directly back to the Spring of Purification and the surviving egg was gently lowered into the spring. The moment it entered the water, a green and black haze burned off of the egg's surface and dissipated into the air above the spring which resulted in a rather pungent odor. The egg itself after the purification, began to glow with a noble gold and silver light as if a rainbow had been trapped inside.

      Skerrit coughed as he cast a gust of wind on the stench to blow it away. "That wasn't just poison, Rillifane; that was a dragon toxin. The dragons have gone too far this time. And now we have this one lone survivor to take care of. And we will need to speak to Lord Cornelius about this guy's parents."

      Weeks Later in Timeless Arvandor...

      "It hasn't hatched yet?" asked Skerrit as he looked at the egg in the bottom of the Purification Spring. "Any other mythical being's egg would have hatched by now."

      Rillifane remarked, "Have patience, forest brother. It is a survivor. Perhaps it lacks something we are not giving it."

      Skerrit slyly replied, "The only thing we haven't given this egg is a mother's love. And we are not mothers."

      Rillifane stated, "But Lady Frigga is. And she is visiting Arvandor currently on behalf of Odin and Forseti. Perhaps if we were to show her our project, then she could tell us what we are doing wrong. You said it yourself; we are not mothers."

      Skerrit said, "It's worth a try. I just fear that Loki will learn of what we have and he is a friend to evil dragons."

      At that moment in Washington D.C. on Earth...

      "What would you like for your first birthday, Kevin?"

      The baby boy held up his coloring book and showed his mother a picture of a unicorn. "Daddy get me horn horse."

      Hannah Seasons gulped quietly as she pondered where to get a unicorn for her son whom would soon be one year old.

      Back in Arvandor...

      Lady Frigga, Odin's wife was looking at the egg that Rillifane and Skerrit had been caring for. "Where did you get one of Lord Cornelius' unicorn eggs? Word is that the dragons wiped them all out right under Silvanus' nose."

      After the two explained the story to the Norse goddess, she remarked, "It is not hatching because it needs to be free in Midgard's air space. However, it should not be returned to the Celtic Wilderness on Midgard. Even though Silvanus lives there, the dragons are searching for any unicorns they may have missed. I know of a place where the air and sunny weather would be ideal for a survivor unicorn buck such as he. His mother was once the queen of the Unicorn Glade until the dragons arranged for her to be removed from her own council. Her eldest son had migrated several of the last few laid eggs out of the palace catacombs to Silvanus' cabin for their own protection. But sadly, the dragons used a toxin to pollute the unicorn spring so newly hatched unicorns were born without the ability to procreate. This egg you have was created before the toxin was introduced and thus, it is the sole remaining egg that the buck within can make new eggs from without actually going the gay route by having sex with his own father, Cornelius. Otherwise, Psionics and Wizards are the only possible mates a unicorn can have."

      Skerrit asked, "Where is this magical land of air and sunny weather that the unicorn would enjoy?"

      Frigga grinned. "The locals call it California."

      End of Chapter Two


        Chapter Three

        Washington D.C.

        A tall lanky man handed Hannah Seasons a wrapped package as he said, "Your son will just have to be happy with this, Ms. Seasons. All of the world's unicorns seem to be in hiding since the dragons declared war on their kind. This unicorn costume like sleeping suit will give young Kevin the look and feel of having a unicorn close by without trying to locate an actual unicorn. The Celtic Unicorns were entirely wiped out."

        Hannah held the package in her arms. "I hope Kevin understands how impossible the task was to find a unicorn. He is still young and he may not be satisfied, although he has a fantastic imagination. I am sure you did your best, Mr. Kron. Thank you for trying anyway. Here is your payment as we agreed upon."

        Money exchanged hands.

        Mr. Kron then said, "The pajamas may be adjusted as he grows bigger so he can always have his unicorn suit near him."

        Hannah showed Mr. Kron to the door. "Thank you for trying."

        Then she went to Kevin's room where she unwrapped the suit and showed it to Kevin. "Son, the nasty dragons are attacking unicorns and this is all we were able to get for you. The unicorns are in hiding and if we could find you a unicorn, your father and I would have done more to bring you one."

        Kevin in that way all his own didn't look convinced. "Horn horse!" And he pointed through the West Wall of the house.

        Hannah arched an eye. "Are you saying that there is a unicorn in America, Kevin?"

        The young boy nodded his head as he said it again, "Horn Horse!"

        Hannah hugged her son. "If there is one in this country, I will let you find it. But for now, these unicorn pajamas will have to do. Let's see how you look in them." And she began to put Kevin into Kron's unicorn pajamas, only to find that Kevin didn't like them. It was as if he knew something Hannah didn't.

        "I told Mr. Kron that you might not be satisfied."

        Pointing toward the West Wall, Kevin exclaimed, "Horn Horse!"

        An Old Warehouse in Los Angeles California...

        Frigga said to Skerrit, "Damned dragons are all over the place. We almost didn't get here. That was a good shot you made to kill that dragon, Skerrit. I didn't know you were that good."

        Skerrit said, "I hope Pallas Artemis doesn't find out that I borrowed one of her Vorpal Arrows to make that shot. Those arrows of hers can pierce and kill anything. She sometimes uses them to punish her brother Pallas Ares."

        Rillifane then arrived with a sticker attached to an empty crate. "I got the legal crate to store the egg within, Frigga. The clerk made some nice comments about my beauty and clothes. Lot 99 is where we are to place the egg. I hope you are right about the caretaker whom is to pick up the egg."

        Frigga said, "The Norns told me that Reggie Thompson is a kind and caring man whom can be trusted."

        Placing the egg within the crate, the gods placed the sealed crate into Lot 99 to await pick up. And then they left.

        That Night...

        The chauffeur, Reggie Thompson, carried the Crate Delivery Ticket through the maze of crates and boxes in the old warehouse. He couldn't understand why his employer, Reginald Ramsden Hazard the Second, had insisted upon having this crate delivered to him in the middle of the night. The darkness of the Los Angeles California streets were not a place to be caught out in after curfew. And not because of the police; but moreso because of the gangs. You never knew who or what you'd encounter if you weren't careful.

        Just as Reggie was rounding a corner, he collided with a very large, muscular brute. The collision caused both men to drop their CDTs, though only Reggie was knocked to the floor of the warehouse. The brute merely growled something illegible at the chauffeur, then, he picked up one of the two CDTs, and hurried off into the darkness. Reggie picked up his CDT and looked at the number again. Lot 99. That was pretty close to where he was. He figured that he had originally held the ticket upside-down. Reggie found the crate, and, using a dolly, rolled the crate back to the Hazard's moving van.

        Back at the Hazard mansion, Reginald Hazard had opened the crate and was staring at the large unusual, glowing, techno-gridded egg. Reggie said, "It was right where you said, sir."

        Then, they both heard the crying of an infant within the strange glowing egg. The two men looked at each other, then back at the egg. The egg suddenly shattered in a flash of light, revealing, at first, the image of a beautiful unicorn colt. But as the image faded away, a young male one-year old child sat in the center of the egg's remains.

        Reginald hummed, then exclaimed, "No one must know of this. I will raise him as my own. I will name him Alexander after an older brother of mine who died of Polio long before I was born."

        Reggie said, "I will take good care of him in the mansion, sir. I will do my best to educate him in all things proper and fun just as my mother did for me. He will know the ins and outs of your philanthropic organization and he will know how to placate the press when you feel that you don't want to meet with them in front of the cameras. He will also know the difference between right and wrong. And he will know what people to avoid."

        Reginald said, "Then I will leave his education and pleasure moments to you, Reggie. I only hope you are up to the task of care-taking a strange child such as this. I never expected to see the image of a unicorn; I am hardly pure."

        End of Chapter Three


          Chapter Four

          Age 4...

          It was a day at the park where Reggie had taken young Alexander for a day of fun in nature. Nearby, a man wearing a black magician's outfit with a standard wand was educating his son in magic. His son wore a magician's outfit of all white.

          "Now remember, Mark, it is all about focus and making the audience see something else of your choosing instead of what you are intending to surprise them with afterward. We combine sleight of hand with real magic to make our feats all the more fantastic. And most times, the public is none the wiser."

          "While you practice with the flowers and doves trick, I need to work with my Pyrotechnics illusion. You are not ready for this magic yet, son. You could get burned."

          Mark muttered, "Flowers and doves are boring. I want to really wow the crowds. Dad gets to do all the fun stuff."

          As Alexander watched, he saw the young magician mix sulfur into the illusionary trick instead of the traditional non-harmful white poof powder and in the next moment, a powerful fireball erupted around Mark's hand and white sleeved arm as the boy screamed aloud.

          Alexander shouted, "Ealain Mystic!" In Scottish Gaelic as he flew like a shot through the scene grabbing the young magician and holding the burning arm in a nearby pond.

          Mark was shocked as he noted that a handsome and sexy blond maned silver cloven hoofed unicorn man was dowsing his arm in the water. "You're... you're... a unicorn..."

          Alexander said, "Obey your father next time. And forget you saw me. Or else the dragons will be after you."

          "Mark Merlin."

          "Alasdair Cunnart. I have to go now." And he became a glow of light as he shot back across the park and as he landed near Reggie's Limousine. "Let's get out of here, Reggie!"

          Reggie opened the door for young Alexander and after he was in, he closed the door and got behind the wheel and burned rubber to get away from the park. "Your father won't be happy if he finds out that you did that, Alexander."

          Alexander remarked, "Then don't tell him. I saved a life."

          He then added, "The Merlin's owe the Hazard family a performance during our next charity event. I could have let the young magician burn for that stunt he pulled."

          Reggie smiled. "But you didn't. I'll smooth things over with Mr. Hazard. As I always do. Mentioning entertainment at the charity event will likely assist in making him forgive your actions."

          Alexander grinned. "If that doesn't work, then I'll set his butt ablaze. Why can I use magic powers so easily, Reggie?"

          Reggie replied coolly, "Because you are not human like the others, Alexander. You are a unicorn from another fantasy realm. Your ability to make friends is also fantastic."

          Alexander then said, "Occasionally... a name appears in my mind, Reggie. A young male named Kevin Seasons. He wants to make friends with a unicorn. I don't know whom this youngster is but his thoughts come through loud and clear."

          Reggie smiled. "I say entertain him mentally but never tell him exactly where you are. He could be one of those nasty tracking dragons trying to find you. But in case he is a nice human boy with magic or psionics, share other names with him like the boy you just met... Mark Merlin. I know the Merlin clan can handle a stupid dragon. Are you sensing any other names as of late?"

          Alexander smiled. "Up North, a kitty cat boy named Mikael Hawthorne. To the closer East, a bored jaguar girl named Katrina Tracker; but she hates her name and prefers to be called Trina and a female whom loves fast action called Erina Osborne."

          Reggie said, "I know of the last one. Erina Osborne is the daughter of Pentacle of Ireland and is currently a stunt woman in Hollywood. I don't know Katrina; but the famed Tracker Corporation are world famous bounty hunters. I didn't know that Mr. Tracker had a daughter with power. As for the kitty boy, he could be a familiar cat whom practices magic. As always, entertain these people mentally but keep yourself secret."

          Alexander smiled. "Sometimes Erina mentions stunts she is to perform soon in movies. Surely not everyone is a dragon."

          Reggie remarked, "Allow the few to prove themselves to you and be wary around the rest. Have you sensed any other Unicorns?"

          Alexander arched an eye. "Just that one strange one that calls itself a Neon Unicorn named the Gray Unicorn. I told father about it one time and he told me to never go there. Do you know anything about it?"

          Reggie said, "I think I know the place. Let's drive by there and see if there is actually a unicorn there. I want you to stay in the limousine in case it is a trap. I'll go inside and ask the owner about his Unicorn."

          Moments later, they were parked in the nearly empty parking lot since it was still daylight. The sign read, The Gray Unicorn. The huge sign was shaped in neon lights that were not lit up currently. Although the unicorn seemed to have a goofy grin.

          End of Chapter Four


            Chapter Five

            Age 8...

            Alexander found himself without his usual escort and he had just emerged from an ice cream shop and Reggie's limousine was no where to be seen at all; nor was he. He wasn't ever supposed to be out of Reggie's reach at any time and here he was - alone.

            While he was standing there, a strange looking van with pictures of magical myths and other fantastic things painted all over it pulled up to the curb where he was standing. The passenger door opened and a rather handsome young man spoke from the center of the double wide seat. "You look like you misplaced your ride. Need a lift?" The golden-furred teen age lionish humanoid smiled at the Hazard youth standing at the curb. "I don't bite."

            Alexander looked hesitant.

            The driver glanced over and said from his black furred Salem Witch Cat muzzle. "I've been sensing you long distance, kid. Just get in and I'll drive you back to the Hazard Mansion estate entrance. I know the way and I know you are usually with Reggie. He's a nice guy and I know you are wondering where he is."

            The smiles from the cat people finally convinced him to get into the cab with the two and he closed the door. Once the van was driving up the street, the black cat said, "Mikael Hawthorne is my name and this is my apprentice Lionel Flavelle. We live up on the South side of San Francisco. We come down to the Gray Unicorn on certain nights and we associate with Mark Merlin. His arm recovered nicely thanks to your quick thinking a few years ago."

            Alexander frowned. "What makes you think I was involved?"

            Mikael grinned. "Every action someone does is stored in their aura. You quickly saved his life. And yes, we know you are a unicorn but we magic using Feli-Sapiens know how to keep a secret. You can trust us, Alexander. Or rather, Alasdair Cunnart, son of Lord Cornelius and Queen Arastaral. She is deceased while your father is the main unicorn god in Arvandor."

            Alexander said, "All that is in my aura?"

            Mikael said as the Witch Van sat at the next light. "Let me teach you the basics of Aura Reading and then with practice you can see what all Reggie and Reginald may be hiding from you around the mansion. You will also know a good person from a bad person. And it will be a lot of fun for you. You will also be able to look in a mirror and read your own aura or even the aura around your own arm or even your hands. The Aura hides a lot of cool information that cannot be gotten anywhere else."

            Alexander asked, "Can a person actively hide their aura from being read? Or is that a pointless exercise?"

            Lionel replied, "Some people would like to think they can hide their auras; but it takes a very powerful creature to be able to hide their aura from a master Magic User or a Psionic Mind."

            Mikael smiled. "Lionel is correct. If you cannot read someone's aura, then you should be wary about giving them your trust until such a time as you can read their auras. I will teach you how to read the surface information of auras the first time and with practice, you can go deeper and see the rest. Never let a normal person know that you can read them like a book. It makes them nervous and apprehensive. They might even run and hurt themselves unintentionally. When you get good with this ability, then you can tell your guardians that you have learned how to do this. But keep the ability a secret at first."

            Lionel said, "At first, Mikael and I will permit you to view our top most surface aura information. that way you will know that you can trust us. We don't want to be your enemies."

            During the drive back to the Hazard estate, Alexander was educated on how to use the mysterious Aura Reading ability. As a unicorn, the ability was super easy to learn to use. It certainly explained how unicorns knew whom to trust in the ancient fairy tales.

            Just before the Witch Van arrived at the gates of the Hazard Mansion, Alexander had successfully learned the Aura Reading basics ability and was pretty excited about it.

            At the gates of the estate, Alexander got out of the Witch Van and Mikael said, "It doesn't seem that anyone is home, Alexander. Can you teleport yourself inside or do you have to be in your unicorn form to do that?"

            Alexander said, "I can get in without teleporting. I do it after getting off the school bus after school. I would invite you in but my dad doesn't like it when strangers are on the property."

            Lionel pointed up toward the sides of the gate and said, "Mikael... they have a McDowell Security system. See the twin cameras watching the private drive."

            Mikael glanced up and said, "I'm glad you spotted that, Lionel. We don't need to be recorded on someone's security camera film."

            Lionel said, "It's rare to see one of Scotland's finest security systems guarding a place in the United States."

            Mikael said from his window. "We'll be in touch, Alexander."

            And the Witch Van pulled away very quickly!

            Stepping over to the side behind a tall bush, Alexander smiled for the eye-level camera as he typed in his pass code. "Alexander Hazard." The security door opened and he stepped inside before the door closed securely once again.

            Walking up the drive to the mansion, he saw many more security cameras. His dad loved his privacy. Alexander then skirted the mansion and entered the back gardens where he could enter the mansion from the rear. It was closer to his bedroom.

            Once he was inside the mansion, Alexander picked up the closest phone and he called his father to let him know what had happened at the ice cream store and how Reggie and the limousine had disappeared by the time he was done in there. "I'm home now."

            End of Chapter Five


              Chapter Six

              Age 10...

              Alexander and his dad, Reginald Hazard were sitting pool side in the back of the mansion enjoying a Sunday afternoon when without warning a strange sound was heard over the swimming pool itself.


              A young man barely 10 years of age wearing a full set of clothes suddenly teleported directly over the water and with a resounding splash fell into the pool itself.


              Utilizing a pool cleansing pole with a net on the end, Alexander fished the boy out of the water to the side of the pool he and his dad had been sitting at. "Are you okay?" But after asking that question, he noted that the aura of this young man had a name he was familiar with. "Kevin Seasons?"

              Kevin grumbled as he loudly shouted, "My mom is going to kill me for getting my newest set of clothes soaked like this! I don't even know where I am!" Then he paused when he heard his own name from the youngster with the pole. "How do you know my name?"

              Alexander replied, "Some years ago, you were wishing for your father to bring you a live unicorn to have as a friend. I heard your wish but at the time, there was nothing I could do to help you since I didn't know where your voice was coming from. You are at the Hazard Estate in Los Angeles, California in Beverly Hills. This is my father, Reginald Hazard; and I am his adopted son, Alexander. Our chauffeur, Reggie is bringing you a body towel to dry yourself off with. And then we can get you out of those wet clothes and pop them into the dryer so they aren't soaked. Then you can get dressed in your dry clothes and hopefully your mother won't be the wiser. How did you teleport over the pool like that?"

              Reggie arrived and wrapped the body towel around Kevin.

              Kevin sighed. "Thanks. I'm not sure how that happened. I guess I have Psionic powers like my parents. I got mad at my mom and I focused on trying to find the Unicorn I was sensing to the West and then all of a sudden, I appeared over your swimming pool and I fell in. But I don't see the unicorn. I should have appeared in his presence. I guess I scared him away..." He sniffled.

              Alexander glanced at his father whom simply nodded his head quietly. He then knelt down and said toward Kevin, "In truth, Kevin... I am the unicorn you have been sensing. My past is as much the mystery as your own powers are. My father has been hiding me ever since we learned that evil dragons are attempting to wipe out all of the Earth's unicorns. I'm not even sure where my herd originated from. Although from what Mikael Hawthorne told me a few years ago, my herd lived somewhere in the Scottish Gaelic Celtic Wilderness. Aside from that, I don't know that much. His mentioning that my unicorn father being an Arvandorian god didn't help me to learn much more of my past."

              Kevin asked, "May I see your unicorn body, please?"

              Alexander replied, "Only for a moment. We don't want the dragons to find me, Kevin." And he transformed from his human form into his anthropomorphic white furred, gold and silver spiral horned unicorn form with a blond mane and tail, and silvery ivory cloven hoofs. Since he was wearing loose clothes, they didn't rip when he changed and he was still dressed. But then he quickly changed back into his human form seconds before an Air Force jet rocketed over the estate and circled around to make the return trip. From the trajectory, they were obviously tracking something normal people couldn't see.

              He then said, "That wasn't just a jet, Kevin. That was a dragon in disguise. They fly over this area once in a while and although my father has complained to the Air Force about their doing it, the Air Force have stated that the jet isn't one of theirs. Therefore, that leaves it as a dragon using a spell to disguise itself. And that means they are looking for me."

              Kevin glared up at the jet and he angrily and mentally shouted something scary. My mother, Hannah Seasons, can see you! And mysteriously, the jet vanished off toward the East and was heard crashing somewhere outside of Los Angeles in the nearby mountainous woodlands. "I believe you, Alexander."

              Reggie stated, "Sounded like the nasty thing crashed in the mountains, Master Reginald."

              Reginald was already on his cellphone calling the Air Force to report the jet's crash and where. "They said they would look into it. But I am getting tired of those things flying over my estate. If I have to set up a ground to air cannon to shoot at the dragons, then I'll do it."

              Sometime later, Kevin was dressed in his clean dry clothes and he exchanged his cellphone number with Alexander before stepping out into the middle of the room. "Time for me to head back to Washington D.C. I'll aim for a safe spot in Arcadia, which is a teen hot spot arcade where some friends of mine hang out. Thanks for letting me see the unicorn finally. I won't tell a soul about your secret, Alexander. And thanks for saving me from drowning in the swimming pool."


              And Kevin vanished out of the mansion.

              And then Alexander's cellphone rang. "Hello?"

              "Alex? This is Kevin. I made it to Arcadia. My friends are laughing about my landing in the swimming pool. My shoes are still soggy and making a squishing sound when I walk. I forgot to ask... is there an arcade you trust in your area?"

              Alexander grinned. "There sure is. My father doesn't like it, but you know how that goes. It is called the Gray Unicorn. It is generally tame by day; but at night, it becomes the gay and lesbian teen hot spot where Mark Merlin and Mikael Hawthorne perform their magic shows. I had Reggie check it out for me. Reggie spoke with the owner and he runs a clean ship."

              End of Chapter Six


                Chapter Seven

                Age 12...

                Alexander was dressed in a formal black outfit as he and his father attended a Hazard charity event. No more jets ever flew over the Hazard Estate since Kevin's visit.

                "This, my son, is the event to celebrate all of Hazard Corp's important economic progress in the world to make a difference for varied endangered species around our great big world."

                Reginald then whispered to Alexander, "And when I say endangered, I don't mean you, son. You are a valuable treasure of whom I am overjoyed to have in my life."

                Alexander muttered, "Reporters, father... compose yourself."

                "Ah, Reginald Hazard! The CEO of Hazard Corp, a former lead chemical production company whom in recent years cleaned up their assets and began assisting the very species around the world of which their chemicals had been nearly eradicating from existence! And what a strapping young buck of a young man in your present company! I don't detect a family resemblance to neither you nor your chauffeur! And whom are you training to take your place should anything happen to you in the future?"

                Reginald turned to his adopted son and said, "And this is how rude reporters speak when they believe they have the upper hand in their attempt to dig up untrue dirt for their rivals, TMZ."

                Alexander spoke up as he took a stand. "I'll thank you monkey suited and gaudy perfumed temptresses to not speak to my adopted father in this manner. Show some respect; or are you simply here on behalf of your television stations and rag newspapers? I don't recall seeing your employer's names on the list of donators this year, despite whom you represent. Now if you will excuse me, your nasty perfume is worse than the chemicals you speak of. I need to go throw up." And he sauntered off toward the local men's room.

                Hoping to get extra dirt on the inner workings of the Hazard Estate, a few of the main camera men and reporters followed Alexander into the men's room where...

                ...a massive dragon's tail slapped the rude media males directly into a wall, knocking them unconscious. And then Kevin Seasons used his developing mental powers to make all of them think that they got in a fight with each other to get the first scoop. Also in the men's room was Mikael Hawthorne and Mark Merlin, using their magical powers to make sure no one got killed by accident from the teen aged mutant Australian Shape Changing dragon from D.C. Alexander found himself being protected by Lionel and Reggie near the back wall.

                Alexander said, "Am I ever glad to see you guys, but why is there a dragon in here? I am supposed to be avoiding them."

                "Oy, mate! Ah'm not a natural dragon! This is simply my primary mutant form that Ah change into when Ah transform from my lovable Aussie Outback body into when Ah 'ave to do things with my Teen Force friends in D.C.! We 'ave quite the motley crew! Kevin is one of our best mates to 'ave fun with! Besides, we made a large donation to the charity event earlier! Just call me Brad Collins! Ah'm the son of a powerful Aussie Sorcerer!"

                Alexander smiled. "I'm glad you aren't one of the nasty dragons. They want to kill me. I'm the one that got away."

                Brad remarked, "If yas join up with Teen Force International, then yas will 'ave backup world wide if any of those nasty dragons try to get yas again. Although it might make it easier for yas if yas were to get training in whatever yer true species is. And no, Kevin didn't tell me what yas really are. Ah am just assuming that yas aren't 'uman if yas are friends with these blokes and weirdos. Ah think yer chauffeur Reggie is the only normal bloke in the men's room right now."

                Mikael said, "I think we should vacate the men's room before these guys wake up or before someone else comes in here. It might be hard to explain a bunch of animal people."

                Lionel hugged Alexander. "Sorry to donate and run but he's right, my friend. We allowed our illusions to drop so we could use our full powers. Which reminds me... I think it is time to teach you another ability to practice with. You game?"

                Alexander smiled. "I've been practicing with Aura Reading. What will you teach me now?"

                Mikael said, "Lionel wants to teach you how to use Minor Healing and I want to teach you how to control your ability to change between your two forms. Sadly to use healing, you have to be in your true form. And it is best that you know how to control using it. If only we could help you to learn how to use your ancestral heritage powers. But we don't know how to contact your true father. Only he can gift you with your birthright."

                Alexander asked, "Does anyone have access to a god or maybe the ability to use the Scry ability like with crystal viewing items. That way I could see about contacting Lord Cornelius myself."

                Mark replied, "I barely know how to use the ability with minor success. Sorry; what about you, Brad?"

                Brad grinned as he changed back into his Australian human form. "That is one thing my dad made sure Ah learned. Ah'll teach it to yas. My dad said it is a fun way to spy on people; although spying on gods can be dangerous."

                Moments later, A good lesson was had by all and Alexander had used Scry on the bathroom mirror and their group was admiring the most fantastic looking Unicorn Buck of Arvandor they had ever laid eyes on. But then he lifted his head up from where he had been eating clover and he seemed to look directly through the viewer. "It is rude to look without introductions. Why have you chanced to gaze upon me this day?"

                Mikael introduced himself and his friends to the buck before saying, "We have a Celtic Unicorn buck in human form among us. His aura revealed that he was the son of Lord Cornelius of Arvandor and the now deceased Queen Arastaral of the Glade."

                End of Chapter Seven


                  Chapter Eight

                  Mikael then continued. "We were hoping Lord Cornelius would help to teach his son of his birthright powers. Nasty evil dragons have been trying to find him here on Earth to finish the job of wiping out the Scottish Gaelic Unicorn Clan."

                  Lord Cornelius smiled. "So you are the lost egg that Lord Silvanus has mentioned to me. Alas, despite what your human name may be, your herd name was written in the stars long before your hatching for you are High Prince Aon Ailig of Arvandor."

                  He then said, "I will stop time for our group and then I will instruct you in your birthright powers. Make no mistake, Aon, you are a demi-god much like Hercules and Magni. Prepare to learn the following abilities if you don't already know them."

                  "Aura Reading; Command; Comprehend Languages; Comprehend Spells; Detect Alignment; Geas; Planar Gate; Quest; Teleport; True Seeing; and Wish Granting. Unicorns may also utilize Dimension Door a limited distance but performing this trick requires energy replenishment after performing the feat. Eating and drinking can suffice after using such a power."

                  Cornelius spent time in the lesson to make sure his son learned these abilities. Then he said, "Sadly, Until others gain your trust, I cannot allow you to remember this encounter with me at all although you will always have these powers. That also means that your current friends may not know that you spoke with me."

                  "When you come of age; you will remember all."

                  And then the mirror returned to normal and time resumed as everyone forgot what had just occurred. Mikael said, "It is getting late and we have places to be. The Gray Unicorn awaits most of us. Hope to see you again soon, Alexander."

                  As the special folk departed the men's room in their human guises, Alexander noted that Reggie had his eyes closed. "Are you okay, Reggie? You have your eyes closed. Do you need a doctor? Or maybe that newest ability that Lionel taught me?"

                  Reggie pulled out his diary device without opening his eyes and he typed in a lengthy message before clicking on SAVE. Then he pocketed the device and he slowly opened his eyes before he looked directly at Alexander. "I was exempt, Alex. Let's go."

                  Emerging from the men's room, Reggie took Alexander out to the limousine and drove him over to the Gray Unicorn where they got a table where they could watch Mark Merlin's magic show. Reginald would be upset if he knew that they dumped the event.

                  Alexander called his father on the cell phone and he said, "Father, the nasty dragons tried to nab me in the men's room at the charity event. Reggie got me out of there and brought me over to the Gray Unicorn because the dragons seem to be afraid of this place for some reason. We are at a private table watching Mark Merlin's magic show. Mark said he and his friends made a sizable donation to the charity event when they were in there. So to thank him, we are here to show our return support."

                  Reginald replied, "I knew I could count on you to tell me what had occurred. As for your being there, as long as Reggie escorts you there and back, I will permit your going there."

                  Alexander then told Reggie what Reginald had said with a smile.

                  Reggie commented, "Someday when you get your drivers license, we will see about having those visitation rules changed for you, Alexander. Because if you can drive yourself places, then my escorting you would be silly. I think you can be trusted."

                  "Ladies and gentlemen!" Announced Mark Merlin on stage. "May I have a fresh volunteer to assist me in performing a new illusion that I have been working on! An attempt to bring the Gray Unicorn to life right here on stage! What about the blond?"

                  Alexander was surprised that Mark was indicating him. Yet he got up and joined Mark on stage. Mark whispered to him. "When this happens, just make the same goofy grin that the neon sign has and saunter around like a gay guy and wink at cute boys."

                  Alexander feigned the scared look and held still for Mark's illusion. With a wave of his wand, Mark threw a white sheet over Alexander's head and he chanted some arcane phrases before yanking the sheet off of Alexander's head and body!

                  Standing where Alexander the human had been was what looked like an anthropomorphic unicorn buck glowing in the same pink and purple neon lights the sign usually displayed at night. Winking at Reggie and other cute boys alike, Alexander sauntered around like a homosexual buck and near the end, he planted a naughty kiss on Mark's mouth and held it there for quite a long time. And then in a very naughty voice, Alexander said as sultry as possible, "Want to lay my eggs with me, magic boy?" The crowd leered and cheered wildly as they were entranced by Mark's fantastic illusion. Mark remarked, "I'd make a lousy neon sign, you stud. Time to end the illusion." And he threw the sheet back over the neon unicorn and quickly cast the reverse arcane words to revert the neon buck back into his usual lovable self. Alexander then heard Mark whisper, "Feign not knowing what the buck did while transformed."

                  And when the sheet was yanked off of Alexander's head and body, no one was standing there on stage. Alexander had vanished. Mark was starting to freak out. "His father will kill me!"

                  Kevin Seasons whom had been seated at a nearby table said, "We'll find him, Mark! Just stay professional! Maybe the unicorn had to go use the little buck's room!" And he headed toward the rest room himself to make like he was looking for Alexander.

                  "Mark is the most awesome magic user ever! Yay!" shouted the crowd. They were overjoyed with Mark's unscripted act and illusion. Mark was hoping Kevin could find Alexander before their friend had to return to the boy's adopted father.

                  In Arvandor... at that very moment...

                  Alexander blinked his eyes as he found himself facing a very ugly looking black dragon whom looked excited toward having found the last unicorn of the lost herd. "And now you die, Aon!"

                  End of Chapter Eight


                    Chapter Nine

                    Illusions were not supposed to work like this! He back-stepped just as the dragon made a killing blow toward the human with the unicorn aura, causing the dragon to miss entirely. And then before Alexander could make another action, a fired yew bow ironwood shaft arrow barely missed Alexander's head and flattened the dragon on his back. Then a voice from the wood elf god was heard. "This way, young prince!" It was Rillifane the wood elfin deity of Arvandor. The arrow's Vorpal headed tip was sticking out of the dragon's forehead. Alexander quickly went to stand beside the forest elf god. "He kidnapped me right off of Mark Merlin's stage in Los Angeles!"

                    Rillifane remarked, "Your friend Kevin Seasons sent us a mental message that you got nabbed! We are going to send you back to him!" Then he paused as he looked at Alexander's aura. "Your unicorn father is an idiot! He taught you a bunch of stuff and left the detection ability turned on so anyone in the Outer Planes could find you! And then he made you and your friends forget you had met him! Well, since he fucked up, as Magni would say it, I am going to undo the forget magic he cast on you! Practice often with your abilities so dragons cannot do this again! Hold still!" And Rillifane removed the Amnesia spell from the young unicorn prince. "Now to send you back to Kevin! He cares about you since he always wanted a unicorn as a friend!"

                    The men's room at the Gray Unicorn...

                    Alexander appeared with his back to the wall and he saw Kevin standing there. "Thank you for calling the wood elf god, Kevin. You really are one of my best friends. A dumb dragon nabbed me."

                    Kevin said, "Let's get you back to Mark so he can see that you're okay. He really freaked out when he pulled that sheet off and you weren't on stage anymore."

                    Alexander hugged Kevin tightly. "I am so glad to be your unicorn. Let's go see Mark. Oh, one moment..." And his whole body shimmered as he resumed his human appearance. "Almost forgot to change back into my human form."

                    Kevin giggled. "That would have been embarrassing. Let's go."

                    Back at Reggie's table, Alexander held the chauffeur's hand. "A dumb dragon in the outer planes summoned me; the wood god saved me after Kevin contacted him. Rillifane is getter better with his bow."

                    Soon, Brad Collins joined Alex and Reggie at their table. "Glad to see yas safe, mate. Ah fetched the Teen Force International sign-up forms for yas to fill out. Ah think this will be a big benefit for yas. There are gods and other special powers 'elping to defend the Teen Force members world-wide. And yas can certainly use that. Yas fill out the forms and I'll take the forms to Kathleen Crane in London. She's the leader of Teen Force International as well as Mysteries Inc. She even came up with the funny sounding and catchy theme song..."

                    Oooh Eee-oooh, dun dun dun de doom... *Bong-Bong* Dun De Dum Dum, De Dum De Dum De Doo! Come on, everybody! Let's get involved! We got a mystery that we can solve! Here in the Isles, you can hang; with Kathy, Val, Natty and the rest of the gang! Come along and sing in sync! {I refuse to sing.} With the gang from Mysteries Inc! Many cases, are quite unsolved; It's reason 'nuff for us to get involved; Bad guys oft give a wale, when we send their butts, straight to jail! Come along and sing in sync! {I still refuse to sing.} With the gang from Mysteries Inc! *Bong-Bong* Mysteries Inc!

                    Alexander giggled as he filled out the application form. The theme song was catchy in the funny sort of way. It seemed harmless and spirit lifting. And if it provided him with extra protection, that was a bonus that even his dad would approve of. Maybe being part of this teen group would make the evil dragons back off finally. He finished up and he handed the forms back to Brad. "When will I hear more about this, Brad?" The Australian teenager said as he was standing up. "Before the end of the week, yas should get yer acceptance letter, ID card and the first official newsletter. There are even financial news world-wide that might interest yer father. See yas later, mate." And he teleported away.

                    Reggie said, "Financial news would please your father as long it was accurate."

                    Soon Mark came down off of the stage as he allowed Mikael and Lionel to take his place and he came over and sat with Alexander where he gave him a fond hug. "I was so scared when I lost you like that."

                    Alexander hugged the magician in return. "Not your fault; my unicorn father made a huge mistake which allowed an evil dragon to summon me. Rillifane fixed the error after shooting the dragon in the forehead; not the lower head."

                    Mark smiled. "Brad told me once that in order to shoot the lower head, you'd have to force open the dragon scale cod piece to get access to where they hide their family jewels."

                    Alexander laughed at how funny that sounded. "I am glad Brad isn't a real dragon. Before him, I had never met a good dragon."

                    Mark said, "Alex my friend... you are literally the last of the Royal Celtic Unicorn Lords. The evil dragons feared your family line for some unknown reason. Because Psionics and Magicians are compatible with you, you likely have the potential for being a powerful Mystic. Only another Mystic could educate you on this path and I don't know any, sadly."

                    Reggie then said, "Despite being simply a loyal chauffeur, I have heard stories before I came to work for Mr. Hazard. One story told of a Wolf Mystic in Northern Georgia. He lives in a cave where he has his workshop. The place is in the Comet City region. just South of Freeway 75 in the Chattahoochee National Forest. I don't know the exact location, but this is more than you knew before."

                    Alexander looked to Mark. "Do you think the cat boys would like to accompany me on a journey of discovery to help me find this wolf mystic? It has to be tonight because I fear my father would not permit me to make this kind of a trip if I waited for tomorrow morning. What do you think Mark? Any chance of learning extra skills for protecting myself from these evil dragons should be accepted if the other mystic will agree to help me. Please, pretty please... I played along for your stage show. You might learn a new magic trick that your father doesn't even know."

                    Kevin then said, "I can tell my mother that I am on my way back to the East Coast and then I'd have permission to make the escort trip with you guys. A guys outing."

                    Mark hummed as he shot a mental message toward Mikael on stage. When he got the reply, he then said, "Once Mikael and Lionel finish up their stint, we can go."

                    Just before Eleven P.M., Mikael and Lionel joined the others at their table. Mikael said, "Three hour difference to the East Coast guys. We cannot spend a lot of time over there or else Mr. Hazard will find out that Alex flew the coop."

                    Piling into the Witch Van with Reggie and the others, Mikael teleported his panel van over to Northern Georgia.

                    End of Chapter Nine


                      Chapter Ten

                      2 A.M., Just South of the I-75 Comet City Underpass; Georgia State...

                      The Witch Van finally had to stop when they reached a place in the forested road where there was no longer any road to follow. But there were a few motorcycles parked there. As the group of friends piled out of the Witch Van, Reggie said, "I can smell the lupine scent pretty strongly around here."

                      Mikael's eyes lit up briefly. "We are being watched, guys."

                      Brad said, "That's too fucking bad, mates. We blokes came to find a Mystic for Alexander. And we 'ave limited time to do this. We 'ave to get 'im back to California before the Western sunrise."

                      Mikael remarked, "Language, Brad... This isn't the Outback."

                      Alexander then said, "I saw something humanoid off in the woods that looked as if it was wearing a dark cloak that had glowing marks all over the shoulders." He pointed off in a certain direction. And when Mikael focused in that direction, he said, "The person we need to see is over there. Remember... when in his home, don't touch anything floating and glowing. Unless... you just like being butt naked for all to see. And I have never seen Reggie naked before, so that would be a bonus for this cat."

                      Reggie smiled. "Exposing myself in the woods isn't necessary, Mikael. But I do have an image to uphold."

                      They soon arrived at a cavern that had glowing rune markings all around the rim of the opening. "This must be the place," said Alexander. "It definitely smells like wolf around here."

                      As they entered the cavern, they saw a chamber full of floating glowing orbs, most of which had naked people stuck inside of them. Mikael remarked, "This is what I was warning you about, guys."

                      The humanoid wolf not wearing anything stepped out into the open path of the cavern just ahead, "Such a strange group to visit little old me. What do you want?"

                      Kevin held Alexander out in plain view. "This unicorn needs to learn the basics of Mysticism if he is capable of learning such. Evil Dragons have been trying to wipe out his clan. He is the sole survivor."

                      The wolf smirked. "I know of you, young man. How is your cranky old mom?" He then laughed. "Let me have a look at you, unicorn. I will determine if Mystic truly is your calling; and if it is, then you came to the right place."

                      Alexander stood still for the Mystic Werewolf but as he did so, the wolf did something and Alexander was suddenly in his anthropomorphic unicorn form for all to see. "I didn't mean to have that happen."

                      The Wolf smiled. "I did it. And you do have the Mystic Spark. Welcome to the Basics of Mysticism. I am sure Gaea, the spirit of the Earth, will smile upon your lessons. Afterward, I will educate you at night; long-distance."

                      During the course of the next hour, Alexander was educated on everything from the natural world that would come easily to him over time. He was soon able to make use of the simplest Mystic tricks of the trade which included visual alterations of himself and his surroundings which could help protect him from stupid dragons, which were enemies of the Litany anyways. when the lesson finally ended, The Mystic Wolf remarked, "It is late. Go home and practice with what I have instructed you in, Young Mysticko. And take this sapling and plant it somewhere in your backyard where it will not be mowed. When it matures, dragons will avoid it like the plague."

                      He then added, "And make sure to bathe so your father doesn't smell my stench on your body." He winked with a humored laugh.

                      The group then departed the wolf's magical cavern and they returned to the Witch Van and got inside.

                      Reggie remarked, "Master Alex... we reek of wolf scent; even the cats."

                      Alexander smirked. "Now we know why he told us to bathe when we get home. Let's go, Mikael."

                      Mikael said, "I think we will make a pit stop in Las Vegas where we can make use of the Luxor Steam Baths to get this odor off of us." And he teleported the Witch Van to Las Vegas.

                      One steam bath cleansing later and the party was moved back to the parking lot of the Gray Unicorn. Reggie and Alexander transferred to the Hazard limousine at that point. Mark got on his Merlin motorcycle so he could return to the Magic Mansion. The Witch Cats drove for San Fransisco. Kevin held on to Brad and the two teleported off for Washington D.C. Alexander held on to the Mystic Plant in his lap as he said to Reggie, "Are we going to go pick up my father before we go home or will you return for him later?"

                      Reggie said, "We will rescue Reginald from the charity event. No sense in making two trips."

                      One pit stop rescue later and Reginald Hazard was seated next to Reggie in the front seat. "Thank you for coming back to fetch me. The reporters were starting to press for more information on my son of whom I have no wife to explain where he came from. You are the family treasure, Alexander. What are you holding in your lap?" Yes, he noticed.

                      Alexander replied, "It is an anti-dragon deterrent sapling, father; when it matures, dragons won't be able to come near our property at all. I was given this as a gift from another ally."

                      Reginald remarked, "Sounds like it might be that rare plant known as Dragon's-Bane. The story goes that a Druid cultivated this plant to keep dragons away from his cottage and gardens in medieval times; but that was supposedly an old fairy tale, at best. If you have the real thing, then I won't scoff if it works for the family. Maybe those Air Force jets will finally leave us alone."

                      Alexander said, "Father... my unicorn name is Aon Ailig of Arvandor. I am the last of the Celtic Mystic Unicorn Lords." Reginald blinked as his son said those words. "You truly are a royal treasure."

                      End of Chapter Ten
                      End of Episode One

                      End of True Origins: Alexander Hazard.