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TWT-BK-08 Making Dragon Friends

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    TWT-BK-08 Making Dragon Friends

    The continued account of the history of a man turned wererat and of how he was rescued and returned to join once again with his fellowship. Young adults from another world join him on his adventure and his quest. Enjoy the drama and the humor of events as they unfold. (This is Episode Eight.)

    (The thumbnail is from the old 1st edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual, back when the artist made wererats look sexier than he should have. Compared to werewolves, these guys were hot. Sadly, the artist passed away several years ago.)

    male female human elf rat wererat paladin knight barbarian cleric battlemage mage thief rogue party fellowship fantasy cure
    Te'rue Wererat Tales

    Beast Knights, with Te'rue the Rogue and Dominic Douglas
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    Started on June 22nd, 2022

    Episode Eight - Making Dragon Friends.

    Chapter One.

    Within the Safe Visitation Chamber, Dominic came in and sat on the couch where he had a clear view of where Bouncer was back on Cock Number Thirty-Five. Soon, Archiver came in and he applied some healing cream to Dominic's anal ring to relieve the painful feeling that was left over from his being seated on the Master Control Cock. Then Archiver sat himself in the young man's lap and milked on his cock.

    Archiver smiled at Dominic and said, "The master said that you helped to solve a leftover problem from a forgotten part of his slit."

    Dominic said, "I found Hank and he was still dishonest and bitter. Goodsell handed Hank over to Io's high priests. And the Dredger Samate workers at the egg fluid pool said that fifteen Samates need to be brought in to replace those whom got egged accidentally or deliberately. Bouncer was supposed to relay the message when he saw you. But I can clearly see him back on his cock looking super happy." Then Bouncer waved at Dominic and the boy waved back.

    Archiver smiled again. "Bouncer said you were fun to be friends with and nice to walk with."

    Dominic said, "I think he was fun too. As are you."

    Archiver said, "Despite how fun I am, Dominic, I have to get back to work. If you plan on spending some more time with Bouncer or using the Education Cock Chamber, stick your head outside of the Safe Visitation Slit for a moment and take a few deep breaths of fresh air to reset your timer. Just don't entirely leave Goodsell since different dragons have different ideas and if a dragon sees a handsome naked human boy, they might stick you in and Samate you. Goodsell made the promise not to do that to you, but no other dragon did."

    Dominic said, "The Education Cock Chamber seminar is covering a subject that doesn't interest me since it seems of interest only to Samates. Hardly educational. The Joy of Cock Sitting."

    Archiver giggled. "I would have to agree, then; that should come natural to a Samate." He then got off of Dominic's lap and departed to the archives chamber/the library.

    Dominic went over and stuck his head out the Safe Visitation Slit to get some fresh air to reset his timer. Directly in front of Goodsell was one of Io's High Priests and the Samate sitting in his slit held up a sign which read, 'Boring!' But then he stopped and smiled when he saw the nice boy getting some air. The high point of that Samate's day in truth. The high priest noticed and shoved the Samate back inside. Dominic withdrew himself at that moment and went back inside.

    When Dominic arrived in the empty Safe Visitation Chamber, He looked through the open doorway into the Cock Bouncing Chamber and he saw that Bouncer looked asleep while bouncing on the cock in Cock Hole Thirty-Five. Walking into the chamber and skirting the room carefully, he went to the far back row of holes where Bouncer had mentioned that the holes and cocks back there were the best. Dominic located a hole in row ten near the back wall directly behind where Bouncer was positioned. The number behind the hole was One Hundred Nineteen. There were twelve holes in a row.

    The holes on either side seemed occupied with Samates whom seemed to be affected by the bliss effect while being neck deep in the holes. Neither Samate were actually bouncing but they did move occasionally to indicate that they were still alive. Taking a ready breath, Dominic jumped feet first into the hole facing forward and hoping he didn't have trouble getting free afterward. Unlike the hole Bouncer seemed to be in, Dominic was up to his neck like the two on either side of himself immediately and he felt the cock quickly intrude up inside his anus using the healing lube to remove any pain.

    The first knot swelled into his colon just past his anal ring and held him in place. As before all bathroom needs were handled and his eyes glazed over like those next to him as he realized that the first knot was the Bliss Knot. Normally, the first knot experienced was the Entertainment Knot which helped to make the experience more soothing and enjoyable. Either Bouncer lied about the back row or he was instructed to make the back row seem safer to entice Dominic to want to try it, because it worked. The Bliss Knot also prevented you from trying to talk verbally to those around you.

    Mentally Dominic heard in his mind, {Did Bouncer convince you to try the back row like he did with the rest of us? Bouncer used to be a Master Recruiter and Master Trapper in the old days.}

    Dominic tried to think toward the voice he heard, {Yes, he said these cock holes were the best in the chamber. Maybe I shouldn't ask this next part based on what you just said, but what was Master Goodsell like before he became a Dragon Merchant? You just made it sound like Bouncer tricked me into getting stuck in here with you guys. I was wondering if he did this on his own or if the master instructed him to tempt me into wanting to try it. I can barely move, but I feel the next knot trying to go in.}

    The Samate in Hole One Hundred Twenty mentally replied, {You are likely going to be pissed. The back row contains the neck deep glue cocks. Normally only the official Trapper of the Dragon can get someone stuck in these holes. If a common Samate ever did it, they said the guy committed a crime and had to be sent to a time out chamber. I don't know whom Goodsell is, But the name I know the current Master under is Quicktrainer whom uses Glue Cocks and Instamate Cocks to make new Samates for other dragons whom have trouble getting Samates on their own. It is like a merchant.}

    The Samate in Hole One Hundred Eighteen mentally added, {You must be Dominic Douglas from Majestic Bay. The Port there used to be a Dragons Recruiting Outpost for trafficking newly acquired Samates to be. It was a stopover weigh station to trick those looking for their loved ones in losing track of those they were looking for. Your group must be a bunch of newbies since someone in the world should have warned you guys before you restored that port city. Dragons will be going there often once they know it is open again and once they see the sexy humans, they will think they hit the jackpot.}

    Dominic nearly forced his mouth to growl verbally although the Bliss Knot fought to prevent it. {How do we normally get free of the bouncing hole cocks? Maybe I'm not fully stuck yet since I just entered.}

    The first Samate said, {There are two ways. Turn your body counter clockwise until the first knot exits your tail hole; But if you cannot make your body turn, then teleport out of the hole to the spot you were standing in just before you jumped in. If you get free, reach down and turn our bodies counter clockwise and we'll pal around with you for a while. Anywhere in the Slit would better than this. Even the original Education Cock Chamber outside the Slit World would be better than this. The new one that last six hours is programmed to make you forget how long you've been there. So if you resisted that one...}

    The second Samate said, {As long as you can turn us so the knot pops out, it isn't against Dragon Laws and you won't get in trouble for helping us.}

    Dominic found that the Bliss effect prevented turning, so... He used his personal teleport power that he had access to and was out of the hole. Then he turned the bodies of the other two Samates.

    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two.

    Free of the bouncing chamber, Dominic and the two Samates made a necessary pit stop at the safe visitation slit entrance so Dominic could reset his timer with more fresh air. Then the two Samates took him back into the maintenance tunnel where they opened yet another hidden maintenance passage and escorted Dominic within its tunnels.

    One Hundred Twenty said, "My real name is Flax of Amethystia Elf Village Fifty and his real name is Barkley of Amethystia Elf Village Seven. You can drop the village references since we got Samated."

    Barkley stated, "But we proudly remember our origins and we will honor your assistance for getting us unstuck from those holes. You're the first nice human we've ever met."

    Dominic asked, "Where are you taking me currently?"

    Flax replied, "Our personal quarters within the old tunnels outside the Slit World. Fresh clean air there and the original cocks for us to rest upon and receive meals on. You'll be safe there."

    Barkley said, "The Slit World simply made both the dragon and his existing Samates more naughty. Hardly an improvement. And the master calls himself absolutely neutral."

    Dominic asked, "Have either of you heard of a dragon called Draekon?"

    Flax said, "I believe he was the one whom voted against having Slit Worlds. Never found out what happened to him afterward. I think he got banished for disagreeing with the current Dragon Lords."

    Barkley nodded his head. "That's right. The Dragon Judges said that he was to be punished for not voting for the Slit World Betterment Project. Anyone disagreeing were banished to another world."

    Dominic growled, "What a bunch of hypocrites! Vote our way or be banished into a nasty punishment! What purpose did the non-Dragon villages serve before Slit Worlds came to be?"

    Flax replied, "Dragons either bought us from slavers and placed us into the servant villages or they would steal/rescue us from the slavers and drop us off in the servant villages. The overall goal was to eventually Samate the younger offspring of those in the villages when they came of age and could be tricked into getting the dragon's cock up their asses before being sucked inside to be Samated as the dragon's newest internal servants. If they ever got tired of a Samate, the dragon would either sell the Samate to another dragon or they would mind wipe the Samate and retrain them in the Education Cock Chamber."

    Dominic was getting very angry now. "Sounds like I nailed it when I called them hypocrites. With their new Dragon Law making it so others cannot steal nor rescue a Samate out of the Dragon in question, they in effect outlawed the very thing they had been doing to others before the new laws and rules went into effect. And to make it harder for a Samate trying to escape, they made it a law that the Samate can only attempt to exit out the Tail Hole Shaft which is the most dangerous way in and out of a dragon. A shame you cannot exist outside of the dragon after being Samated or I'd let you hang on to me via teleport."

    Barkley then spoke up, "But we can exist outside the dragon for a week at a time as long as we have a tub of oil to soak our bodies in. But if we could find that Elfin Sage whom was working on a way to undo the Samating effect, then perhaps we could be restored to normal. In your travels, Dominic, have you heard of this sage I am speaking of? Word is that the Dragons banished his entire village for daring to try to find a solution to a condition that they themselves said was permanent."

    Dominic slyly grinned. "I know exactly where that sage is, boys. Would you like to be restored to normal? We've done it once for a friend."

    Both Samates grabbed a hold of a jug of oil and then they held Dominic on both sides, "Teleport us to the Sage, Dominic. This jug contains a week's worth of oil just in case it doesn't work."

    Dominic teleported back to the marketplace in Majestic Bay where he picked up his clothes and then he teleported a second time directly to the Elfin Sage's tower where Draekon was having tea and a discussion with the elf in question. As the young human and the two samates appeared, Draekon almost got up to leave until Dominic shouted, "I found out that Goodsell lied about you, Draekon! Stay put! I need the Elfin Sage to prepare the Anti-Samate cure for these two former elves and I may need to bathe in it too since I was inside Goodsell or rather, Quicktrainer, for a bit!"

    Draekon growled when he heard the alternate name. "The Head Dragon Trapper of Amethystia for catching and selling Samates! That was him? He must have changed his appearance!"

    The Elfin Sage said, "Had you gotten Samated, Dominic, then your return home trick wouldn't have worked. The dragon's slit would have been your new home. Next time Draekon gives you a warning about other dragons and their practices, you should give him the benefit of the doubt. Orion was pissed when Goodsell vanished with you inside of his slit. He asked Sir Rhodes what he and his fellowship knew of Amethystia and Aeloanthea said it was once the dragon slaver capital of the world until the laws changed."

    Dominic watched the Elfin Sage prepare the cure water as he stated, "The Dragons haven't changed all that much despite the new laws. One of Lord Io's own high priests shoved a Samate back into his slit."

    Draekon snuffed one time. "And they called ME a criminal against Dragonkind!" He then sighed as he looked to Dominic. "I'm sorry I wasn't honest about my former past with them."

    Dominic said, "It's okay Draekon, but you didn't make it better by running away when Goodsell started nailing you to the wall."

    "Even Orion apologized to me after he got the report from the Fellowship," said Draekon as he watched the Elfin Sage place the two Samates and Dominic into the cure tub. "You know the drill."

    Dominic said, "One hour of full scrubbing and drinking the cure at the same time. Don't forget to wash your anuses to get the love dragon cock fluids out of yourselves."

    As the bath was ending, Orion arrived with Majere, Deryk, and a Foxtaur boy perhaps sexier than his Aussie father. Orion smiled. "Good. You made it back."

    Dominic said, "The blond haired elf boy is Flax and the evergreen haired elf boy is Barkley. And yeah, Goodsell nearly trapped me until I met these two."

    End of Chapter Two.