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TWT-BK-07 The Rabbits of Ramona

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    TWT-BK-07 The Rabbits of Ramona

    The continued account of the history of a man turned wererat and of how he was rescued and returned to join once again with his fellowship. Young adults from another world join him on his adventure and his quest. Enjoy the drama and the humor of events as they unfold. (This is Episode Seven.)

    (The thumbnail is from the old 1st edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual, back when the artist made wererats look sexier than he should have. Compared to werewolves, these guys were hot. Sadly, the artist passed away several years ago.)

    male female human elf rat wererat paladin knight barbarian cleric battlemage mage thief rogue party fellowship fantasy cure

    Te'rue Wererat Tales

    Beast Knights, with Te'rue the Rogue and Dominic Douglas
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    Started on December 29th, 2021

    Episode Seven - The Rabbits of Ramona

    Chapter One.

    With the night of the play completed and the Were-Kangaroos satisfied on how well it turned out, Orion was focused on a new distraction as he had opened a gate back to Earth and brought over another group of role players to join them at Majestic Port.

    After giving the new group the typical warnings and instructions on what to expect in this alien fantasy world, Orion went back to business of checking in with his Dragonhound brothers.

    The new group consisted of friends they knew from a separate location on Earth. Lari Kingston Knight, Edison Alec Trent, Daryn Hayes "Daz" Stanley, Talis Paul Hayley, Heath Cliff Flowen, David William Irons, Delta McCartney, L. J. "Jason" Scott, along with another group of their friends which included Ren "Renny" Rainger, Maxter Rathbone, Damon Christian, Richard Longier (He had spiky blond hair, blue-silver eyes, and an African American complexion. He wore street clothes and sneakers; but he often held a worn looking plush rabbit with a dopey grin on it's muzzle. His surname was pronounced to sound like 'Long Ear'), Lad Phelps, Bradford Fortmont (Good old boy, Hard working, Likes coffee; Black Hair, Brown Eyes, Fair Caucasian, Gold Stud Earring, Red Plaid Work Shirt, Blue Jeans, High Top Work Boots, Cap), Aiko Khan, Sheila Ravenwind and Delilah Spencer.

    Lari's group played at being Rangers while Ren's group often portrayed Magic-Users.

    L.J. had located a few of Orion's Dragonhound brothers and he was petting on them since he had a thing for canines. "You guys are the best built scaled canines I have ever seen."

    The Dragonhound he was petting said, "We are Dragonhounds and our pack are bonded brothers to Orion. We patrol the port city to make sure it stays safe. But we do enjoy it when someone pets on us like you are doing. But if you want to get sexual with us, we won't do that in public. We can take you back to our lair for that sort of thing. We won't destroy your clothes since we consider ourselves to be a decent bunch of hounds. Our old master expected us to be overboard in gay sexuality. So we are well versed in the art of pleasing a boy."

    L.J. asked, "And where is your lair located? I might want to come see you guys when you are resting."

    The Dragonhound replied, "We can show you although the entire pack doesn't settle down in there until after sundown. The Beast Knights have the night patrol if you're into Were-Beasts."

    L.J. went to stand up and his hand accidentally rubbed over the hound's slit and he remarked, "You guys have male voices but no sheathes nor sacs. I suppose you will show me how you do it when we get into your lair, right? I've never seen a male hound with a pussy before." Every Dragonhound giggled at those words. L.J. then said, "I'm sorry; did I say something funny that I simply don't understand? I'm just concerned that you males don't seem to have the right tools and you aren't worried about it."

    The Dragonhound (along with the patrol he was with) ushered L.J. back behind the Thespians Guild Hall where there was a back alleyway and on the other side from the guild hall was the headquarters for the Dragonhounds. Once they got the boy inside, they asked him to disrobe so his clothes didn't get messed up and then the Captain sprawled himself out and he reached down and opened his slit as the others helped L.J. to slide his feet into the opening, then his legs and rump. This was quite surprising to the young man that the space beyond the slit seemed to defy the logical space of the hound's inner body. Once the boy was inside, the other patrol members all went inside one at a time and they escorted L.J. back to a soft spot along one wall where they had him press his butt up against one of the flesh like openings in the back wall. They did the same and a mental signal was sent to the captain as L.J. suddenly felt the smooth knotted hound cock enter his anus and tie him to the spot on the wall on all fours. After a few minutes, he felt the cock begin filling his insides with a warm thick sticky fluid that made him pass out and just enjoy taking what he was being given. Normally they wouldn't do this to one of Orion's friends...

    But after the pussy humor, they felt they had to show him that they had cocks to use on nice boys.

    And once L.J. was passed out in position, another Dragonhound gave the boy a deep throat activity with his own cock and he filled the boy's stomach with brotherhood cum before pulling out and cum covering the young man entirely in the pack fluids. He then placed his muzzle down under the boy's groin and he sucked the boy's cock until the young man came into the Dragonhound's muzzle entirely. L.J. would make a fine Dragonhound as long as no one complained about their claiming him.

    As Orion recalled when it happened to him, L.J. was changed into a Dragonhound rather quickly in under an hour of sexual activity with these horny Dragonhounds.

    Down at the seashore, Richard was casually walking along when he noticed a large ship sail into Majestic Bay but instead of coming into the port, the ship dropped anchor and Richard saw lion men row ashore on the mainland to go speak to the Were-Kangaroos. While they were ashore, Richard saw what looked like a weak scrawny rabbit boy jump off the ship and he went under the water immediately. Richard ran and jumped into the water and swam out to dive down and see about finding the poor little rabbit boy. Lu'trane arrived and he helped the rescue.

    Richard and the Druidic Were-Otter pulled the shackled and chained Were-Rabbit boy ashore and out of sight of the big ship as Lu'trane called for Te'rue to come help and remove the locks and shackles from the young Were-Rabbit. Richard applied CPR to the young Were-Rabbit as well as mouth to mouth as he got the water out of the lapine's lungs and he soon had the young Were-Rabbit breathing fresh air comfortably. "Tell us about that ship you escaped from, handsome."

    The Were-Rabbit said, "The Were-Lion Slaver Warriors raided our fishing and farming village of Ramona and my family are still prisoners aboard the slaver ship. They were looking for a black market that permits slave sales to dump us off for some quick cash. They knew the Du Mobfoot Were-Boomers set up a plantation locally and they were going to ask them where the underhanded black market was located to sell off my people. But you saw me drowning and you came to save me. You're my hero, sir."

    Te'rue growled a little. "Slavers are worse than Pirates, Lu'trane. We need to rescue those villagers and make sure they are safe. Orion would appreciate our actions. Besides, the black market they are looking for used to be in Diamondpoint Bay. But then the military took over the port there and now every ship is searched before they can make sales. I am sure they would hate hearing that little snafu."

    Lu'trane smirked. "What if we were to magically paint a black spider on the ship and let Haw'zarr see it?"

    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two.

    Moments later, The Beast Knights were alerted to the Slaver Ship by Orion whom had been informed of it by Richard and the Were-Rabbit boy from Ramona. Orion wasn't too happy when he learned how brazenly courageous and cowardly these Were-Lion Warrior Slavers were being. Draekon had Aeloanthea and Haw'zarr loaded up for the flight out to the slaver ship.

    Draekon hated Slavers and he was ready to perform the rescue of the villagers. He had just told Haw'zarr that slavers supported Bugs. "Me Smash Slavers for liking Bugs!"

    Richard was personally keeping an eye on the Were-Rabbit boy from Ramona since he had a huge interest in bunny rabbits. Not to mention, Richard's clothes were soaked from jumping into the bay water to save this poor lapine from drowning. So Richard and the were-bunny were both wrapped up in a huge towel by a drying furnace while Richard's clothes were hung up to dry nearby. The were-bunny boy was thrilled to see his hero naked and under the towel with him.

    "Don't worry, handsome. The Fellowship and the Beast Knights will get your family and the other villagers to safety. As for the Slavers, Orion knows places to send them."

    The Were-Rabbit boy asked, "I appreciate your saving me, but my question is this... your friends said you liked rabbits a lot. Have you ever wanted to be one?"

    Richard said, "When I was younger, I was often afraid of the dark and my parents purchased a raggedy old stuffed bunny toy for me to hold when I slept. It was like a security blanket. I would talk to it and hold it close when I slept. Sometimes I asked it if I could be Bugs Bunny, a rabbit actor from back home. The toy never answered me and I still own the toy. As I got older, I realized that since I was born human, I'd always be human. But I really thought that if I was a rabbit that I wouldn't be so afraid of things in life anymore."

    The Were-Rabbit boy hugged Richard and kissed him on the mouth. "My older brothers and my father could help you to become a rabbit. Under-aged rabbits like me haven't developed the power to change people into Were-Rabbits yet. My people are likely going to have to rebuild Ramona just so we can have a place to live and work at. The Slavers burned our original home and village to the ground as they were rounding us up. I think my oldest brother got away since I never saw him on the ship."

    Richard kissed the bunny boy back and said, "As soon as we're both dry, we can go ask Tim to help us magically locate your older brother and see about getting him here."

    The Were-Rabbit boy said, "I believe he told me one time that he couldn't wait to start his own warren village away from Ramona. He said the adults were all the time preventing fun."

    Elsewhere at that moment, Majere and Argos were meeting with Orion at one of the walls of Majestic Port where a clear view of the Slaver Ship could be seen. "Orion?" asked Argos, whom had been informed by Majere of whose ship that was out there. "Why is the Slaver Armada Ship of Ramona parked in our bay?" Orion arched an eye. "What species are these slavers and what is their favorite trick to use?" Majere replied, "They are Sorcerer Were-Rabbits whom use trickery and magic to get their victims to lower their guard before they capture you for sales in far away locations. Their best recruiter is a young looking almost dwarven Were-Rabbit Boy whom lies to his intended victim so get them to open the gates so the hard core slavers can get in and clean out the populace." Orion quickly pulled out a dragon gem and activated it. "Draekon! Return to Port immediately. It's a trap!"

    Orion then led Argos and Majere down to the building where Richard was keeping the young Were-Rabbit company and the moment the young recruiter saw Majere, he knew the gig was up and he tried to fight his way out of the drying chamber. As he reached the door and opened it to get out, he got hit by a combination between Draekon's fire breath and one of Aeloanthea's Flaming Inferno spells. The recruiter died on the spot as he turned to ash.

    Draekon said, "That was one of Ramona's best recruiters! The others are going to be pissed when they learn that we killed their recruiter!"

    Argos and Majere were checking out Richard to make sure he was okay. "Did he bite you? Did he have sex with you? Did he get you to taste his saliva?"

    Richard replied, "The last one. I knew he was lying near the end when he accidentally called his brother his father during his story to me but since I like rabbits so much, I just couldn't make myself get away from his presence. He was a slaver? Then what of the Were-Lions whom went to speak to the Du Mobfoot family at the plantation? They got off the Slave Ship themselves."

    Majere said, "Mind controlled prisoners doing their sorcerer masters' bidding. Had Giovanni's people seen the Were-Rabbits of Ramona, there would have been a nasty fight for sure. Now to remove his fluids from your mouth so you don't lose your humanity when the moon rises later. Had the recruiter gotten you transformed all the way, then you'd be in the same pickle as the Were-Lions believing whatever your new master told you. On the defense of the good Were-Rabbits in the world, they all are not like the Ramona Sorcerers."

    He then added, "I'll see to it that you get to meet some of the good Were-Rabbits if you still want to have one as a friend."

    Richard sighed. "I'm the rabbit's fan, Majere. Thank you. So let's get this recruiting fluid out of my mouth. Thankfully I didn't swallow any of it; at least, I don't think I did."

    Utilizing the elfin Sage's cure-all concoction, Richard's mouth was washed out with the cure and he gargled with it to make sure. Then he got his clothes back on and said, "I still want to meet some good Were-Rabbits, Majere. I take it that they are secluded and hard to find most times. Am I right?" Majere nodded his head. "I'll have to make the arrangements." Richard said, "In the meantime, I should go check in with Ren and the others so they can see that I am okay."

    Orion said, "I plan on sending the Slaver Ship and their evil occupants to some far away location. Since they wanted to visit Diamondpoint Bay so badly, I'll do the military a favor by sending that boat up there via one of our emergency gate portals. Or... we send the nasty blighters to Moonscape where we have been sending other evils we encounter. By the way, Majere, Is Dominic still getting Acrobat training out at your place or is he spending time with Jack again? We haven't seen him in a while."

    Majere smirked, "He ended up pregnant and had to give birth to one of Jack's new sons. I hope he learned a good lesson. And yes, Richard, human boys can get pregnant in this world."

    End of Chapter Two.


      Chapter Three.

      Richard looked to Orion. "Whom all has been pregnant so far, Orion?"

      Orion blushed. Which was rare for him. "I've laid Dragonhound eggs for my hound brothers. And now counting Dominic and his Were-Donkey boyfriend, Deryk gave birth to a foxtaur kit whom was adorable. Ricky birthed out a Fae Donkey Boy Faun for their tribe while he was drunk. Wally laid some dragon eggs for Silversong the other day. Although Tim has had sex with Scrollpaw the Hellhound, he's evaded the pregnancy bullet for now. Mike has been hanging out with Te'rue and heaven knows how he's avoided getting pregnant. Stanley is too distracted by art to find a boyfriend or so he says. The girls have been too angsty to let anyone get them pregnant. And I think that covers everyone in the LARPers."

      Richard said, "And with the two new groups in the port, it's only a matter of time before someone else of the boys gets it. Right?"

      Orion nodded his head. "Pregnancy is not the only danger; changing into the species can happen too. So that's another thing I have to be on the lookout for. I will do a head count every night to make sure no one is missing. But I feel it might already be too late for a few. I need to handle the slaver ship for now. Ramona is about to lose several sorcerers. I'm sorry the cute Were-Rabbit turned out to be a recruiter, Richard. I know how you really love rabbits."

      Richard said, "Majere said he would arrange it so I could meet some good and nice Were-Rabbits."

      Majere said, "Richard, you come with me. Orion, I am going to escort Richard to meet with the rabbits in question. They are a nervous lot and don't like coming topside very often. So if Richard is to meet them, I will have to take him to where they live. If you want to instruct Richard in anything, please do so before we go." Orion nodded his head. "I can understand their being cautious, Majere. Just don't leave him there to fend for himself. And if the rabbits get sexual, Richard; be polite; I think it will be common nature for them to be sexually curious about the boy whom says he likes rabbits. Things are bound to happen and if they do, just remember that we have a way locally to remove lycanthropy if you aren't ready to commit toward being a Were-Rabbit. And Majere, make sure the Were-Rabbits know that our markets are open to them whenever they would like to visit. I think that's it."

      As Orion headed off to send the Slavers to Diamondpoint Bay, Majere took Richard to Dominic's personal quarters where the shortcut between the port island and the lairs were located. The two were soon on the mainland traversing along a dimly lit tunnel that led down away from the Wererat Lairs and they soon came upon a Were-Rabbit guardsman of the Owlsa. "Majere? Why are you traveling with a fresh smelling human boy. Why did you bring him here?"

      Majere replied, "On behalf of Orion's new mercantile port in Majestic Bay just off coast of this continent, this young human is a rabbit fan whom had a close encounter with the Slavers of Ramona and after we dealt with the slavers, this rabbit fan of a boy voiced an interest in meeting with good and nice rabbits that I knew of. His name is Richard Longier and his desire is neither dangerous nor harmful to your people, this I swear. I understand that we would need the Chief Rabbit's permission to let this boy visit with the citizens."

      Within the Chief Rabbit's chambers, Richard noted an impressive and important looking rabbit warrior sitting on a padded throne except he had a simply cloth blindfold covering both of his eyes. "What's up with the blindfold, Majere?"

      Majere replied, "The Chief Rabbit sustained an eye injury during a battle against an evil Were-Rabbit rebellion and to indicate this injury, he sits here wearing the blindfold. He is still a fantastic fighter as would be befitting his role as leader, but not as sighted as he once was."

      Richard remarked, "I'll bet his hearing is still sharp. Tell me, your grace... without the blindfold, is your vision all black or does it seem to be caught in an unending light?"

      The Chief rabbit sat up twitching his ears at those words. "How did you know, youngster? The unending glare is all I can see. You speak of this as if you know of it."

      Richard said, "If you were truly blind, your vision would be black. But seeing an unending glare of light indicates that the enemy used wig powder on his fists so when he punched you in the eyes, the powder would transfer from his fists directly into your retina. There is a cure for this, your grace. All I request in return is the ability to visit with your citizens during my stay in your warrens. Orion has opened an invitation to your merchants if they want to acquire anything from the port's marketplace."

      The Chief Rabbit said, "Cure my eyesight and your request will be granted. And as an extra reward, you will have advisor status among my court."

      Richard said, "I have to ask you to hold your eyes open while Majere and I are doing this. Otherwise, the cure will have trouble working. And you should be laying on your back during this process. We are going to flush the powder out of your eyes and then your eyesight should return slowly. Overnight is the best evaluation. When you awaken the next morning following this treatment, close your eyes tightly one time and then your eyesight should be restored."

      Having Majere fetch some of the Sage's cure-all fluids, the treatment on the chief rabbit began with a few of the Owlsa watching this unusual treatment attempt. All of the Warren healers failed to restore the Chief Rabbit's eyesight during all of their attempts. So if this worked, then the young human was likely going to be very popular among all of the leverets and teen aged Were-Rabbits. After the treatment, the Chief Rabbit was helped to his bed while Majere and Richard retired to a guest chamber nearby. While Richard rested in his bed, he became aware of a teen aged Were-Rabbit standing to the side of his bed. "How long was father supposed to rest after you guys treated his eyes?" Richard replied tiredly, "Six to Eight hours would be for the best. Is he already up testing his eyesight? He has to be patient."

      And then he was alone again as there was a discussion in the Chief Rabbit's sleeping chambers. "SIX TO EIGHT HOURS, DAD! GET YOUR ASS BACK IN THAT BED OR ELSE WE FIND MOM TO BRING IN HERE TO TREAT YOU LIKE A BABY!" "Dammit son, I know what I am doing! Now get out of my bedroom!" "EITHER DO AS RICHARD SAID, OR ELSE A LOT OF US WILL GO MOVE IN WITH HIM IN THE PORT CITY! DON'T MAKE WHAT HE DID FOR YOU BE A WASTE OF HIS TIME! HE DIDN'T HAVE TO GET YOUR PERMISSION TO SPEND TIME WITH US! I GOT A GOOD LOOK AT THE SEXY BOY! HE SMELLS GOOD, TOO!" Majere smirked from his own bed as he said, "Congratulations, Richard. You made a friend. He has half a mind to actually move in with you back in port. I'd say he is the Warren Prince." Richard said, "I wonder if the fight the Chief Rabbit got into was with his own son. I mean, they are getting loud."

      End of Chapter Three.


        Chapter Four.

        The next morning, Richard awoke to find the Were-Rabbit Teenager standing next to Majere wearing what appeared to be traveling clothes and dark cloaks. In fact, he had quite the following of other Were-Rabbits with him both male and female. In fact a few former Owlsa members were also with the Warren Prince all dressed similarly.

        Richard mouthed quietly, [What's going on?]

        Majere mouthed back, [Get dressed. We have to leave. The Chief Rabbit somehow screwed up the cure you formulated for him and now he claims that his vision is entirely black. He wants to have you killed for trying to murder him. In truth, I think he is fibbing since he refused to receive the cure like a patient member of royalty should and this tantrum is his latest vie to make himself look more powerful. His people are tired of this and have sided with the son to pull out. They want to talk to Orion.]

        Richard started getting his clothes on immediately as he mouthed to Majere, [Where is the big baby at right now?]

        Majere grinned. [He is trying to get his battle armor on along with his helmet. His former servants won't help him since they all claim that a blind rabbit has no business going to war.]

        The large group were soon quietly making their way out of the Warren tunnels which was nothing more than a tyrant's prison at that point and they all wanted out of there. Far back behind them, an angry rabbit's voice was complaining that his helmet's visor wouldn't open and he couldn't see anything with the damned thing closed like that. Richard commented, "Blind, my ass. How can a blind rabbit see with his battle helmet on? Is it magical?"

        The Warren Prince replied, "No. But I welded the visor closed last night in preparation for what I knew he would try once it was learned that he wasn't really blind. His blind story backfired once you identified the what he thought was a made up medical condition to prevent him from seeing. And worse, you knew the cure. Had he allowed you to cure him, his idea of gifting you would have had you stuck as the species without your humanity for the rest of your life. I told Majere this morning and that's why we had to get out of there."

        He then added, "As you suspected, the last rebellion he thwarted was my own when I wanted to go start a new warren without his supervision I called him a tyrant to his muzzle and he backhanded me really hard. Mother punched him in the eyes with her make-up powder all over her paws and that's how he got powder in his eyes. Later, I couldn't find mother anywhere. The Owlsa told me that the Chief Rabbit had her banished for trying to murder him. And now you know everything. We still want to establish a new warren elsewhere."

        Richard said, "I am sure Orion would listen to your request, my friend. Although you don't have to live in the port city if you don't want to. There are plenty of spaces out on Majestic Island to set up a new Warren at. As long as your people didn't cause any problems on the island, Orion would likely let you set up anywhere within reason. The Beast Knights patrol both the island as well as the bay around the island."

        The Warren Prince said, "We will consider it if you help us in establishing the new warren after we get permission. Besides, I owe you some personal time for caring about our people."

        Richard said, "Let's acquire the permission first and then we'll see about helping your people with their new civilization."

        Meeting up with Orion, the Warren Prince and Richard looked over a map of the island that showed available places to set up a new warren community. The ideal location they chose ended up being half way around the Fairy Dragons Confection realm near the back side of the island. It was located along one of the Beast Knight patrol routes so they could be checked on once in a while. Orion then shook hands with Majere. "Thanks for keeping an eye on Richard. As for the head count, we had one person unaccounted for last night at dinner. LJ; a boy."

        Majere said, "Did you check in with all of the approved species on the island first to clear them?"

        Orion said, "Not yet. LJ was a canine fan and I aim to talk to my pack brothers first after breakfast. I know how it can get if you are naked around them. Personal experience."

        He then looked to the Warren Prince. "If you guys dig a tunnel down to the sea level, please monitor that tunnel so no pirates or slavers get in that way. Lu'trane patrols the waters around the island itself. He is our Beast Knight Druid. Aside from that, Welcome to Majestic Island. I am sure Richard will be glad to spend time with you people. He loves all lapines. For now, I need to get back to other business. I hope LJ ended up with the Dragonhounds or else I'll have to get Majere to search the mainland."

        At the new Warren dig site, Richard noticed that a lot of the Were-Rabbits were removing their traveling cloaks and clothes except for leather collars that identified each one of them. Richard felt he should fit in so he began removing his clothes until he only had on his socks and sneakers on his feet. Then he joined the diggers in their work at getting the new tunnel started. The Warren prince looked over the blueprints for a warren idea that he had originally thought out that his father never agreed with. He did notice Richard in the nude.

        After a day's worth of work, the digger rabbits helped Richard to a resting spot before they settled down to regain energy themselves. "Thanks for the help you gave us, Richard."

        Another said, "You are definitely one of us despite being human. You can work with us anytime."

        The Warren Prince came over with a cleaning cloth and a bowl of water and he wiped the grime and sweat off of the diggers before he did the same with Richard. "The diggers think of you as one of us, Richard. When we get the first Warren level completed, I will reward each digger whom helped with some personal sex. If you are still helping us by then, you can receive it as well. I still have to reward you for helping us to get away from my stupid father. I think you would make a fine rabbit like us."

        Richard said, "I will not give up after only one work day, my prince. The diggers appreciate my help. If you want to be sexual with me, how can I say no?"

        The Warren Prince said, "You are a brave young man, although the diggers may want a turn as well. I hope you allow them that pleasure when we reach day three."

        End of Chapter Four.


          Chapter Five.

          Backtracking to that morning, Orion met with his pack brothers the Dragonhounds. "Guys, one of our new human boys whom likes dogs is missing. I was doing a head count last night during dinner and he wasn't present. He is called L.J. Scott, but he will answer to Jason. Could you find out if one of the more frisky brothers convinced him to check out their slit for me?"

          "Sure thing, Orion. You know that we love you and would never betray you. If L.J. is a Dragonhound by now; and as you know from experience, it doesn't take long; what should we do?"

          Orion hugged his brothers and kissed them on their muzzles. "I don't mind that your fellow pack members made a friend out of a dog fan, but I want L.J. to be able to retain his memories and his mind. He can be a Dragonhound for a while, like I was. This would be a good lesson for him for being too curious. But he has to be able to remember whom he was at the end. As you all know, I frown on recruiters, kidnappers and slavers. Act like Mr. Horny and get sent where we sent him. I am serious about that, bros."

          "Don't worry, we'll find him. If he's still on the island as a guest to one of our frisky brothers, we will find them. Otherwise, we'll let you know that we failed."

          "Just don't banish us to Mr. Horny. We love you, Orion."

          Orion got up and said, "I have other daily business to attend to. I am just glad we didn't lose all newcomers we got in the other day. Richard is with the Warren Prince and their people setting up that new warren on the other side of the island. Majere spoke up on their behalf so I hope my trust in a Were-Beast's word isn't misplaced. We've been fooled before and I don't want to wake up with a Were-Pig's cock up my ass. I only love you guys."

          And the meeting ended as the hounds set off to question their pack members before the morning patrol.

          Orion then met up with the others whom were still findable. He explained the situation to them and added, "If you end up in a species you didn't mean to become, we can restore you; I expect the girls to be more careful, but anyone can get caught unaware, so be careful anyway. As for you boys, if you get stuck and are liking it so much you cannot get back to us for help, we will look for you. Richard is with the Warren Prince building the new Warren; Deryk and Wally went to visit Giovanni on the mainland and L.J., I suspect, met up with the Dragonhounds whom are more playful than my serious pack brothers. If he is transformed, we will get him restored, but he may resent being rescued if he is the species. They are not recruiters but as I said before, anything can happen here in the fantasy world. Be polite; but also be friendly in public. If the topic of getting naked comes up, decline politely."

          After Orion headed off, a few of the visiting boys said to each other, "If we wanted to be coddled in safety under our parental rules, we never would have accepted Orion's invitation to come to his little fantasy adventure world. Besides, he literally just said that as long as we watched each other's backs and kept our clothes on, we would likely not get in any trouble. He as much said that even the girls could figure that out. Besides, I am not here to be a nudist."

          Ren said, "All the same, guys, I am going to stay close to the base as the check-in for our group. But as you guys said, I didn't come on this vacation trip to stay in safety while everyone else is having fun. Orion cannot even keep his own team from befalling this stuff. So I am giving you guys permission to do as you like within reason. I wouldn't want word to get back to our parents about how you got raped by a Minotaur or a Unicorn."

          With Ren at Thespian base for now, Lari, Edison, Daz, Paul, Heath, David, Delta, Maxter, Damon, Lad, Brad, Aiko, Sheila and Delilah made plans on what to do with themselves. Daz, Aiko and Sheila all chose to hang out with Barbara, Becky and Janice for now. Planet Janice was the ass kicker. Maxter and Damon chose to check in with Stanley the tattoo artist. Lari and Edison decided that they wanted to go see the unicorns at the nearby glade. Paul and Brad chose to go find Ricky since they were a lot a like. Lad and Heath chose the Fairy Dragons.

          Not long after the friends all departed, Ren saw Dominic emerge from his quarters wearing what appeared to be a rubber donkey costume from his neck down his entire body. Ren went over and helped Dominic get into the port's public Steam House where Dominic had Ren use a sharp carving knife to carefully cut the rubber donkey costume off of his body while the steam partially melted the costume itself. When it was entirely off of Dominic's handsome body, He said, "The Were-Donkey elders told me before I came home that Orion had paid them to keep me at their herd grounds while he was doing something back at port. I am beginning to suspect that their may be a magical evil clone of Orion running around loose. I didn't know that you were in port, Ren. When did you arrive?"

          Ren washed the rest of the goop off of Dominic as he replied, "Orion invited our two groups to the port city from Earth to have a fantasy adventure vacation for a few weeks. But after L.J. disappeared right out of port, Orion suddenly contradicted what he had told us originally by telling us that we had to stay safe while they looked for L.J. In the meantime, Orion gave Richard permission with Majere's guidance to go see some good and safe Were-Rabbits and when they returned, Orion looked a bit upset that Richard brought nearly the whole tribe back to port to set up a new Warren on the island. But then again, you know how Richard is. What do you suspect is going on, Dominic? It's a good thing I recognized your head sticking out of this rubber donkey's body and helped you. You were barely moving."

          Dominic said, "I suspect that the fake Orion is actually Faiala in disguise back on this world to get revenge on our group for defying her divine rule over on her evil tyrant world."

          He then added, "Help me get back to my room so I can get my adventuring gear back on and then we can pull the plug on fake Orion's plot.

          At Dominic's chambers, while Dominic was getting back into his gear with Ren playing lookout, Mike and Tim arrived and when Mike saw Dominic he said, "When did you get back? Orion told a bunch of us that you were going to be training with Majere for a few months. But since Orion was asking suspiciously, I followed him afterward and he went straight to the parent's forge town and that's when I found out that mine and Tim's parents were not among the parents whom joined us in the adventure. I also learned that Mrs. Devlin's artificer book was missing and Mr. Devlin didn't have any of his demon hunting equipment something they never leave home without. And then the final straw occurred when I found the sorcerer robes in your parents' closet in their own home of the forge town. They tricked us, Dominic. When you originally opened that gate back to Earth for I and my gang to use to go home..."

          He then finished up by saying, "...They used the portal to join us in the fantasy worlds to help Faiala in defeating us for stealing their magic to use to make our trip."

          End of Chapter Five.


            Chapter Six.

            Mike said, "In other words, Dominic, your parents never made the trip to join us in the fantasy world. They are still back on Earth. That's why these sorcerers seemed to give up on trying to follow us after we left Faiala to go back to Evermore. But they already had you prisoner elsewhere as a punishment when Tim learned the real you was in trouble."

            Dominic said, "I knew it was too good to be true. That means that this entire island provided to us by the evil goddess is nothing more than an extension of her power in this world. I hate to do this, but we need to rescue all good species and abandon the port island and send the damned thing to where we sent Mr. Horny, Dragonfox and Silverfire. After they are gone, we are going to have to build and reinforce an all new port city on the nearby continent. Having an island seemed to be a bit suspicious anyway. Aeloanthea will help us to do this."

            Mike said, "I am sure the Warren Prince will be upset that the start of their work was for nothing. But better before they got too much accomplished before they learned that they would have to abandon it all. Richard has been helping them to build the new Warren. Do you have an alternate location in mind for the new port city, Dominic. It would save time if you already knew a location."

            Dominic said, "Thankfully yes. Majere was showing me a map of the continent before it went into ruin. There had been cities all over the continent but in one particular area, it had all the markings an an ancient port city. I think we should claim that area and make that into our new port city. With it being on the mainland already, we can set up a market to port highway between the Were-Kangaroo plantation and the port so they don't have to move their plantation. The Fairy Dragons revealed how easy it was to move their confection plateau."

            Mike then said with distaste, "As bad as this next part will sound, and you won't like it, Dominic, but Faiala once told fake Dominic that Drom was a trusted Faiala herd messenger to her faith. We are going to have to abandon the unicorns when we leave. A shame we couldn't meet good unicorns. But if he is working for Faiala, then we can no longer trust Drom. It was his fault that Wally, Orion and later Deryk and Draekon had to go deal with the recruiters on the plateau. He's also the one whom told Ricky about the Donkey Boy Fae Faun tribe."

            Dominic lightly growled, "Let's get to work."

            Locating the Fellowship was the easiest task. Finding Majere and send him to fetch Richard and the Were-Rabbits would be the next task. Then they located Tim in his learning cave and asked him to recast the spell that was used to locate the real Dominic but to aim it this time toward the real Orion instead. In the meantime, the rest of the human young adults were brought quietly back to the port city for the extraction. Majere did his job and he soon had Richard and all of the Warren Prince's people back in the port city in their traveling clothes. The Real Orion was being held in a kennel enclosure where apparently he had never been restored to humanity when Draekon went to rescue him from Mr. Horny and apparently all of the Dragonhounds were in on the plot. "Being good, my ass! They are still recruiting!" muttered Dominic.

            They also located and rescued L.J. at the same time so he could be human again as well.

            The Warren Prince, his diggers, the Wererat Scouts, and nearly all of the community elves were willing to help with the port city rebuild since it meant getting personal space for their new home lairs under the city and new farm lands and elfin villages for the elves. The new port city was on the opposite end of the continent of ruins. And the fellowship's tower also got moved as well. The crooked Were-Donkeys were banished at the same time as Majestic Island, Drom's herd, the Dragonhounds and any other left over recruiters whom got found out.

            Mr. Horny's slit was fat with Dragonhound samates once again. And he didn't seem to mind at all since he knew his loyal samate hounds would eventually mess up.

            It took a month without divine assistance to get the all new Majestic Port set up at the new location. The Warren Prince whose name was Hazel insisted upon retaining his friendship with Richard since the young man worked right along side the diggers during the rebuild at the new location. The Were-Rabbits had their new home, the Wererats had their new home, the Fairy Dragon's plateau was located just outside the city with no weird unicorns in the way. And the elfin farms and villages were scattered around the open grass lands outside the city.

            Once everything was up and running again, Dominic and Argos sent word to Diamondpoint on where they had to move their port city to and how to get there. The Beast Knights as well as the Elfin Army had lookout towers along the coast to make sure pirates and slavers stayed far away. Majestic Island was on Planet Toonscape where Port Moonscape was located. Dominic's magical shortcut between Majere's quarters and his own residence was reestablished so he could still get rogue training from the Wererat Scout.

            Majere was speaking to the Elfin Sage whom had a tower within the city. "You think you know your neighbors and it turns out they support an evil deity."

            The Elfin Sage replied, "Well, those Were-Donkeys can keep Drom and the others company on Toonscape now. Even the evil sorcerers needed outside help to get out of Toonscape."

            By the next morning, Argos reported to Orion and Dominic that the Du Mobfoot Plantation had been magically moved along with the market highway to a location just down the coast from the port city and it seemed to still be in full operation. When Dominic and Deryk went down there with Majere to find out if it was the same Were-Kangaroos, they were told by Giovanni that the deal was still legit and by moving the port city, it made them think that they had done something wrong. So they used a magic scroll to move the plantation and personal docks along with the new highway to a location further South where the temperatures and the weather were more to the mob's liking. When Giovanni got told why the humans had to do the rebuild, he indicated that he knew there was something fishy about the unicorns and Dragonhounds since normally only wandering Unicorns and actual Hellhounds could ever be that good.

            A few crates of the plantation's finished products were handed over to the humans and Majere to be taken back to the port markets and more was promised for later since that was the deal.

            They had moved the highway to prevent bandits, pirates and slavers from making use of it later. They still had the Were-Lions helping to guard the plantation having been freed.

            Back in the port city, Dominic reported in to the allies and friends. "Giovanni said that if the species has a slit or is allied to an evil deity... to always be suspicious even though some dragons can be good but dragon hybrids tend to retain their naughty sexual sides regardless. Your name never came up in the discussion, Draekon, so for now, you are part of the good dragons list." Draekon replied, "I would never and would never want to have any of you bed my samates. The more samates a dragon has, the less control they have over what occurs."

            End of Chapter Six.