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TWT-BK-04 Finding the Majestic Adventurers Club

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    TWT-BK-04 Finding the Majestic Adventurers Club

    The continued account of the history of a man turned wererat and of how he was rescued and returned to join once again with his fellowship. Young adults from another world join him on his adventure and his quest. Enjoy the drama and the humor of events as they unfold. (This is Episode Four.)

    (The thumbnail is from the old 1st edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual, back when the artist made wererats look sexier than he should have. Compared to werewolves, these guys were hot. Sadly, the artist passed away several years ago.)

    male female human elf rat wererat paladin knight barbarian cleric battlemage mage thief rogue party fellowship fantasy cure
    Te'rue Wererat Tales

    Beast Knights, with Te'rue the Rogue and Dominic Douglas
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    Started on November 24th, 2021

    Episode Four - Finding the Majestic Adventurers Club

    Chapter One.
    The next morning, Mike and Janice entered Majesty Castle with the other Beast Knights and the Fellowship of the Rose. Standing in the main courtyard were that unicorn Drom, Dominic, Deryk, Barbara, and Becky in some sort of conversation. Dominic growled, "There you two are! I ought to bust your asses for not telling us where you two were going!"

    Janice said, "Calm down. We went with the Beast Knights to help them against the spider and the pirates. I even brought back a barrel of the falls water in case our friends got transformed into stupid things while we were gone. It turns out the Mystic Falls were a divine test for the Were-Beasts and resisting getting the Cure gave them Beast Knight status like you have. So I assume the rest of the club are missing at the moment. I can't wait to kick Ricky in the nuts when we find him."

    Dominic sighed. "Forgiven... those missing at the moment are Stanley, Orion, Wally and Ricky. What's bad is that Orion and Wally were with Deryk and Barbara at Drom's unicorn grounds. I don't know when Stanley slipped away from us. But he's into art and that would attract him like a fly to a glue strip. Ricky left sometime after the Were-Beasts set sail. Drom suspects that Ricky might have gotten involved with some gay wine making Donkey Boy Fauns and might be one at the moment at one of the elfin festivals to distribute their wine."

    Janice growled, "What did I tell you, Ms. Falcon?! Several Boys!"

    Dominic looked to Drom. "Just before these two walked in, I had asked you to describe how yesterday morning went, Drom. Take it from the top so we can learn whom all visited you and how long they stayed. You're not in trouble yourself, Drom. We just want to find our friends and help them get home." Drom nodded his unicorn head. "Let's see... yesterday morning... it began like this..." *STORY MODE*

    "It was before dawn... I was making my rounds to make sure every herd unicorn and fawn was accounted for before the full day started. I remembered that Dominic had told me that he was going to ask the clubs members to help me clean the herd grounds and help with the unicorn medicals. Stanley showed up with a sketch pad and charcoals. After etching a picture of me and showing it to me, he asked me where there was some fantastic artwork for him to study and make sketch drawings of. I told him about the elfin festival and gave him directions to the place. It was to last for several weeks. I told him to mention me to the elves and explain that he was an artist. After that he left and I resumed my morning business. Soon, the sun rose and Deryk and Wally showed up and Deryk went straight to the young fawns with a grooming brush and he helped them to get cleaned up. The fawns enjoyed Deryk's attention immensely. Wally spent his time with me cleaning the herd grounds until he finished with everything he could find to do. He mentioned hearing someone singing and he wanted to go see whom had the nice male voice. I told him to be careful and he said he wouldn't go far and I should call him if someone got to looking for him. I soon checked on Deryk again whom was having a lot of fun playing games with the fawns. He had taught them how to play Tic Tac Horn. All of the fawns were playing separate games of the new activity and it was keeping them out of trouble. Around noon, Orion and Barbara showed up and my jaw dropped when I saw how beautiful Barbara was. I mentioned to Orion and Barbara how Wally had helped to clean and straighten the herd grounds before heading off toward the fairy dragon glades. At least that's where it looked like he was going. I mentioned how Deryk had cleaned every fawn and was now entertaining them with a simple game. After that, I got help conducting the herd medicals for everyone. Eventually, Orion mentioned that he was going to go see what Wally was doing since he had been gone awhile. And then he asked me where the safe road up to the Fairy Dragon Glades was located. Unlike Wally, Orion wanted to stay on the road. So I told him. Soon it was getting late and Dominic and Becky showed up and asked me where the club members were. Since I hadn't seen Ricky at all, I only mentioned the ones that had stayed in the herd grounds initially and I showed Dominic where Deryk and Barbara were. But by then, it was getting too dark to go looking for Wally and Orion. I asked Dominic to take the others back to the castle and if the others came back during the night, I would bring them to the castle. The night passed and when this morning arrived, I looked around the herd grounds for Wally and Orion and neither were there. The unicorn guards told me that they never came back to the herd grounds during the night. So I came down to the castle to make my report..."

    *END STORY MODE* Drom added, "Oh yeah, I recall Orion asking me just after they arrived if I knew of any sexual mythics whom might catch a young man off guard locally and I told him of the tribe of fay Donkey Boy Fauns whom have a gay lifestyle whom make wine for the elfin festivals. He mentioned that Ricky had been gone since that morning. Therefore, Janice, Ricky could be at their tribal grounds where the vineyard and wine press are located. If he isn't there, then he likely helped them to carry the new wine to the festival."

    Janice asked, "So girls would be safe around these fauns?"

    Drom said, "If they took the wine to the festival, then you won't see a single faun there. But as long as you kept your clothes on, then they wouldn't be interested in you at all. Like us unicorns and most were-beasts, they don't wear any clothes at all."

    Dominic said, "I don't want anyone to split up while we are looking for these guys. We treat this search as one of our LARPing outings. Safety above all else."

    He then added, "Mike, your gang members are helping the local Black Market merchants to guard the booths in case trouble breaks out. If you'd rather go check on them, feel free."

    Mike said, "I'm coming with you guys. Te'rue straightened me out during this last trip and I learned a valuable lesson. I'm trying to turn over a new leaf like him."

    Dominic sighed. "So the rat aroused you, did he? Is he good in bed? He won't give me the time of day when I ask. I saved his fucking life twice and he falls for you."

    Mike slapped Dominic and he was suddenly in Dominic's powerful grip... before he let the boy drop.

    "You're not worth it. Why should I soil my claws on your useless ass?"

    Mike was trembling. "When did you get so powerful?"

    Dominic replied, "Were-Beast Strength, Mike. It's not a fun ride unless you're with someone you can trust. That's why Argos and Randall are so close now."

    Mike was pale as he said, "But you used that strength in your human form, Dominic. I thought you only had it when you were in your rat man form."
    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two.

    Going back to the morning before... Wally had just departed the Unicorn Herd grounds when he had heard the male voice singing somewhere up the rise within the Fairy Dragon Glade. He had climbed the hill and pulled himself up over the rise at the top when he saw what looked like a young scaly boy singing a soft and joyful song.

    But when the scaly boy saw Wally looking at him, he started to bolt away through the glade.

    Wally called out. "Wait a minute... I won't hurt you! I was only admiring your beautiful voice and that nice song you were singing!" Then he sighed. "Dammit... I guess humans haven't been nice to his species. He has the sexiest tail I've ever seen on a humanoid scaly boy. I guess I should go back down to Drom's herd grounds and get back to work since I am obviously not going to get to make friends with the nice scaly boy."

    He turned to look back down the way he had come up from and he was suddenly pulled back by a large red and silver dragon and the scaly boy was standing between the dragon's legs. "You startled my companion, human. You really mean him no harm? You want to be his friend and admire his song and perhaps learn more about it? I am Silverfire the Magic Dragon of the Glade. Sammy is my companion whom I cannot live without. Humans are not nice to our people. As long as you promise to never hurt my companion, then I will let you spend time with him."

    Wally looked up into the dragon's gaze. "You have to be worth 38,000 experience points. Um, I mean, my name is Wally. I would never hurt someone whom has such a wonderful voice as his."

    Silverfire arched an eye. "What is experience points? Let me look into your mind for a moment." And the dragon got more than he expected when he saw how nice and full of light this young man was to everyone and everything. And then he saw the Live Action Role Playing rules and explanations on what creatures were worth in the game simply for encountering them. "Oh my, you aren't from this world. You have a lot of interesting knowledge. Sammy? Wally only wants to be your friend and learn your song you were singing. He is full of life. Maybe he'd like to come home with us for a night and learn more about you in your home environment. He could even see your brothers and friends if he did. A lot of my companions would love to make a new friend as long as you mean them no harm. They know a lot of fun games."

    Sammy stepped out from between Silverfire's legs and he reached out and he shook Wally's hand. "Hi. Sorry for getting scared of you. Humans mistreat our people but the master says you are nice and full of life. All you want is to be friends with me? Really? I could use a friend whom wouldn't mind helping me with my chores back home. I'll be glad to teach you my song. We each have a song we sing when we are happy."

    Wally then smiled at Sammy. "What is your species called? I know Silverfire said he was a dragon of the glade, but what are you and your brothers?"

    Sammy grinned. "We are Kobolds. The more civilized variety, of course. If you want to learn more, then spend an evening with me and I will teach you much."

    Wally said, "My friends and I live at Majestic Castle just East of Drom's herd grounds on the coast. I am done with my chores for the day so if you'd like for me to spend the night with you, I'd be glad to help you with your chores so I can learn of your species and that nice song I heard you singing. Are there any rules I should know of before we go there? Like my wearing these pesky clothes; I mean, you aren't wearing anything and neither is your master."

    Silverfire said, "We won't have you get naked here. We can wait until we reach our personal lair on the other side of the glade. We were over here to get news of the month long elfin festival that is going on over in Golden Valley. One of my cousins lives and works there with his companions. Goldice of the Gem Cluster Mines. He's the one to talk to about elfin jewelry needs. Everything food and drink related are free at the festival. Otherwise, the solid wares have quite the hefty price tag." He picked up Sammy and Wally in his arms.

    Wally said, "Sure beats walking. Your master sure is nice. And I like how your tail looks on your body."

    Sammy giggled as if the tail and his species were part of a secret joke.

    Silverfire then took flight and flew over the entire glade which from the air looked to Wally that it might have taken a week or more to cross on foot and he saw golden flowing streams of honey instead of water streams; they flew over about four such streams as well as what looked like a river of sticky tar before the dragon came in for a landing on a small wooded island in the middle of the tar river. Within view of the river, he set the boy and 'kobold' down and said, "I'll fly ahead and tell your brothers that you are bringing in a new friend."

    He then took off over the wooded area following an apparent wooded trail.

    Wally asked, "Are we still in the Glade? It seemed as if we flew a distance that would have taken a week on foot."

    Sammy smiled. "Yes, this island is in the Glade. You can remove your clothes now. no sly peepers will see your nudity out here. Carry your clothes with you when we walk through the woods to our home. You will find it warm enough around here that you might sweat if you were clothed. And sweaty clothes might get cold on your body at night otherwise. I can't wait to see what your slit looks like, Wally."

    Wally was removing all of his clothes as he heard Sammy mention his slit. "Um, Sammy... human boys don't have slits with internal tools. Our goodies are on the outside of our bodies. That's why boys wear clothes so girls don't see our fun goodies all the time. Girls have slits but theirs don't have ding dongs inside. I still like how your tail looks. How does it feel to have a tail like that, Sammy?"

    Sammy hugged Wally. "I can magically show you when you spend the night tonight, Wally. I think you'll like it. Now come on and we will go inside where we live."

    Wally hugged Sammy in return as he picked up his clothes and followed Sammy into the wooded trail which had an arousing scent to it. Wally was already erect from the smell.

    End of Chapter Two.


      Chapter Three.

      At the end of the wooded trail, there was a nearly perfectly round opening in the side of the gully they arrived in. Sammy walked over and opened a hatch cover and said, "You can put your clothes in here until you are ready to leave tomorrow. No one will bother them once I close the lid." Enzyme Powered Clothing Destruction Chamber. Clothes in; never seen again.

      Believing what his new friend was telling him, Wally dropped his clothes into the hole under the lid before Sammy closed the lid and led Wally deep inside the arousing scented hole.

      Not long after they entered, Silverfire closed his slit and got up and slowly trudged inside his cavern lair where he settled down to await the arrival of his newest slit companion.

      The boy will lose track of time not knowing how long he's been in there and it won't take long for him to become a Samate like the other scaly boys. An easy catch.

      Inside the slit world tunnels, Sammy led Wally into a chamber where hundreds of other scaly boys all seemed to be standing inside clay like holes in the floor of chamber. And they were all bouncing up and down in the holes smiling. Wally asked, "What are these others doing?" Sammy replied, "Remember when you asked me how it felt to have a tail? Well, they are getting their tails massaged while enjoying a tail hole massager at the same time. This is how you can try out the feeling of a tail without having one. No matter how it feels; remain calm."

      Arriving at available holes in the back of the throng of scaly boys, Sammy quietly said, "Jump in both feet first into the hole while facing the back line of my brothers. I'll be in this hole right next to you. Once you are in, you will feel a knotted cock in your rear end, feeling weird at first, but then it will feel great. After that... just bounce up and down like the others are doing. There is a game involved if you couldn't tell. The scaly boy whom gets the most knots up their butt in the fastest time wins. You don't have to attempt this."

      Wally asked, "How many knots are there on the cock object?"

      Sammy smiled. "Nine. The first five are small sized; the next three are a little bigger; and the last one is the biggest but capable of fitting in your rump if you force it in. They are all coated in lubricant to make it easier. The bouncing is to make it so you have a better chance to get the knots. When you win, you will feel a shot of creamy fluids inside your anus and it will make you feel super awesome. You can play the game as many times as you want during your visit. Well, let's get this started." And he demonstrated jumping into the hole.

      Wally seeing how easy it looked and not wanting to disappoint his new friend did exactly as Sammy had done. Almost immediately, he felt his feet sink into what felt like warm tar or glue his legs were straddled over a lubricant coated knotted cock and his tail hole took the cock upon landing and he got the first knot easily. And then he began bouncing in place exactly as Sammy was doing next to him. "Um, I forgot to ask, Sammy... How do we get out of these holes later when we are ready to do something else?"

      And then it felt as if something with massaging suction had taken his cock and balls into it and he felt a blow job feeling occurring while he was bouncing.

      Sammy said, "Please don't be mad when I say this, but the only way out of the hole is to get all nine knots in your tail hole. I really want you to be my friend."

      Wally said, "I'm not mad, Sammy, I just don't want to make a toilet mess in your game hole later if I am still bouncing in place and I need to go poop and pee. Outward tools cause that."

      Sammy smiled. "I think you will like this next part then, the cock seat and the cock sucker will take care of those needs for you when you need to go. You won't have to interrupt your fun at all. You aren't the first friend of the brothers to ask that question. But you are the only person that wanted to be my first friend upon meeting me. My brothers have friends whom all visit occasionally usually via teleportation. They usually wear Kobold Costumes that are anatomically correct." Aka, they got samated and are still lost inside the dragon.

      It took Wally about two hours to succeed in getting the knots up his butt before he felt the creamy butt shot filling as he began to feel his tail growing out and then without warning, his entire body got sucked down into the hole in the floor and he landed in a chamber full of lubricant which coated his entire body in what felt like liquid latex as he made his way back to the surface and swam over to what looked like a shoreline. He just barely got ashore and took a few steps away from the pool when he got hilted on a new cock which stretched him in place as his face inflated like Sammy's snout and muzzle had been. And then his cock and balls pulled inside of his newly developing slit. He had webbed clawed hands and webbed clawed feet just like Sammy. And his scaly tail hung down in back as he learned how to control it. Finally, his small Samate wings formed on his back as he shrank to Sammy's size.

      When the last change happened to him, the transformation cock released him and he panted raggedly as he crawled out of that area into what looked like a tunnel that led both up and down. Since he didn't know how to use his wings yet, he ended up sliding down the tunnel toward the lower chambers. as he arrived down there, he began to smell chocolate fudge he followed the smell until he found a seating area which he sat in and he began to get the taste of the chocolate fudge in his mouth. However, it was addictive and he couldn't stop.

      Wally was surprised that his new body could take all of this fudge inside of his body. When he was able to get free, he slowly trudged off to look for the way out. He couldn't understand how he got separated from Sammy. "Where is he? He said he wanted to spend the night with me. I can't believe I got lost in his house. I really hope someone comes looking for me; NOT one of the girls. I don't want them to see that I am naked." And then he noticed that he was a scaly boy like Sammy. "Oh no! I'm not human anymore!"

      Wally was freaking out now. "Now I do want to get out of here! I have to resist any more cock in my ass! How does Deryk resist the temptation?" And then he saw an alcove with fresh air coming from it. There was an almost unreadable sign which read 'emergency flight exit' There were two slick metal poles against one wall that went all the way up. But there were no rungs. Not letting that stop him since he had clawed hands and feet now, he clamped his claws into the poles and slowly made his way up the air shaft being careful to use his claws.

      Climbing this way took nearly two hours but he finally reached the top where he pulled himself carefully out of the opening which turned out to be the dragon's tail hole. Silverfire was sleeping on his stomach although his tail was enough aside for Wally to get free and out of the lair back out into the wooded trail. It was well after dark when he got outside but it wasn't cold. Searching for the clothing storage hatch revealed nothing. Meaning they destroyed his clothes.

      He followed the wooded trail until he reached the edge of the woods where he smelled the tar floe river. Still not able to fly, he took off at a run across the floe barely making it.

      End of Chapter Three.


        Chapter Four.

        Backtracking to the afternoon when Orion had just departed the Unicorn Herd grounds to go check on Wally within the Fairy Dragon Glade. Following the road meant not stepping into a honey pool by accident. As he arrived in the glade, in the far distant sky, Orion saw a red and silver dragon flying to the far side of the glade. He just just missed seeing Wally.

        Heading on into the Fairy Dragon Glade, Orion noted that the honey scent was everywhere. And in most cases, it was a very loud honey smell. Oddly enough, he saw no Fairy Dragons at all.

        While attempting to head over to the ridge that overlooked Drom's Herd Grounds, Orion often found that there was no direct route, we was constantly skirting honey pools and what smelled and looked like marshmallow pools until he finally misstepped while dodging a sticky pool of some sort of sweet stuff and he fell right off the edge of the shoreline and dropped in up to his neck in brownish chocolate marshmallow stickiness. It was like being in taffy and he wasn't alone in the pool either. Very close to where he fell in was what appeared to be a hound with dragon features and scales instead of fur. The Dragonhound creature was not wearing a thing and then Orion found that his clothes were also no longer on him. "Oh man... not what I meant to do. Are you stuck in this stuff too, Mr. Hound. I am Orion from Majestic Castle. I was looking for one of my friends whom came up here to the glades."

        The hound turned his head and smiled at the now naked sticky covered boy. "I am Chocomall, a Dragonhound whom is employed by the Fairy Dragons to make sure the marshmallow pools don't get solid. I accidentally lost my balance and fell in a few hours ago. The Fairy Dragons all went to the Elfin Festival and won't be back until the festivities end a month from now. As for your friend, did he look like..." And he described Wally in perfect detail. "? If that is your friend, then he's likely in worse trouble than we are. Silverfire nabbed him."

        Orion asked, "Whom is Silverfire?"

        Chocomall replied, "He's a red and silver dragon whom lives on the opposite side of the glade on an island in the middle of the only tar floe river in the glade. He has his sexual companion, a Samate named Sammy, sing a beautiful song in hopes of attracting the attention of a male traveler on the trade route and when that traveler comes up to see whom was singing, they trick the guy into agreeing to be Sammy's friend and then come home with him to spend one night with him. Those whom fall for the trick are changed into Samates."

        Chocomall added, "The island is a week's journey on foot to reach across several honey streams and finally the tar floe itself. It takes Silverfire a couple of hours to fly home."

        Orion said, "Since the Fairy Dragons won't be back for a month, is there an alternate way for us to get out of these pools?"

        Chocomall said, "There is one way I can; but you have to be touching me or else when I do it, you will get left behind. I don't do this very often. I am usually more careful than this."

        Orion struggled to move himself closer to the Dragonhound until he could slowly place one arm around the hound's barrel. "I can only move one arm around you. The other is stuck to my other side. I hope this is good enough. I'll help you get this goo off of your nice coat once we are free." The Dragonhound kissed Orion on the mouth without warning and then he activated his emergency teleport back to lair power aiming for the ultimate solvent clean-up tub indicating this happens more often than he let on.

        Within the solvent tub, the marshmallow glue simply dissolved right off of their bodies and Orion was finally able to move his other arm once again. The chocolate marshmallow mixture had stained Orion's skin and hair so he looked the same color as Chocomall. When Orion turned around to climb out of the tub, Chocomall was right up behind him as he sank his cock and knots deeply into the boy's anus and fired off a numbing relaxant inside of Orion's body. Now he was helpless in Chocomall's paws and lap. "I didn't say you could leave."

        The next thing that happened was that his feet were inserted into the Dragonhound's slit along side the cock and knots and then he was slowly pulled inside Chocomall's spacious slit world. Only dragon hybrid alphas could get slit worlds installed into their slits. Once he had cleared the slit opening, Orion was planted into a hole in a back room away from the entrance exit where his conversion could occur in privacy. Then Chocomall went and had his sexual companions go back in to entertain their soon to be horny and playful brother.

        When Orion the Dragonhound woke up after his transformation, true to Chocomall's word, he felt extremely horny and he got involved in a gay orgy with his new brothers both anally and orally. The more fluids he got, the more fucked up he became and the more he thought he was just another one of the hound boys. Apparently when the Fairy Dragons were away, recruiting ran rampant among the other dragons and dragon hybrids.

        At the elfin music festival, Stanley looked right at Ricky and never recognized him. However, Stanley was a big hit since elves were having him sketch them professionally. Not a bad skill for a visiting human whom Unicorn Herd Leader Drom approved of. The new Wine Coolers were also a hit since no one had ever had anything like them. you could over indulge without getting drunk. It took a lot to get an elf drunk.

        At the fay Donkey Faun encampment, Janice and Dominic and the others had found Ricky's clothes laid out as if he had deliberately removed them. Janice was pissed, of course. All of a sudden, a shout went off from the fairy dragon side of the encampment as a scaly boy ran out of the bushes and went straight over to the upset girl. "Janice! Thank the gods I found you! It's me, Wally! A trappy dragon named Silverfire captured me and changed me into this species but I escaped before he could mind wipe me!"

        Draekon immediately said, "He needs to be dipped in the Mystic Falls water and he needs to drink a little of it too. Otherwise, he will be like this forever. Wally, listen to me, the species for dragons is referred to a sexual companion, but the official species name is Samate. Its a good thing you escaped before you spent longer than twenty four hours inside of the bastard or else you would find yourself willingly going back to him to get more slit fluids inside you or worse case scenario... you simply drop dead."

        Wally said, "I think all of the Fairy Dragons went to the elfin festival. If you have a way to restore me, I'll take any punishment you guys dish out to me. I was starting to like bouncing up and down on the cocks inside his slit world."

        After fetching the barrel of the falls water, they had him drink a cup of it and then he was dipped into the barrel and pulled out and laid to one side. Slowly, Wally transformed back to normal except... he was still the Samate standard size. "Oh shit I'm still shrunk; I'm as big as a Samate. I still have the scaly tail. I thought I was going to be totally human."

        End of Chapter Four.


          Chapter Five.

          The next morning at Majestic Castle, Dominic and the others were having a meeting with the parents while a shrunken Wally sat to one side wearing a night gown while seated on a pillow looking depressed and holding his new scaly tail in his hands and lap. Not only did he still have the tail but he still had the slit with internal male tools. Otherwise, he looked human.

          Wally sobbed. "They caught me off guard with that friendship offer and the nice singing voice. I am so stupid."

          Even though Janice had said she was going to punish the boys after their restoration, just seeing Wally humiliated and wallowing in depression changed her mind.

          How could she punish Wally when he looked and felt like that?

          Dominic said, "So you see, folks, Wally got captured by a dragon, escaped and came to us for help and when we tried to restore him to normal, this is the results we ended up with. He's as human as we could get him. We fear that Orion is in a similar trouble in the glade since he went up there looking for Wally and he never came back. The Fairy Dragons could probably help us but they won't be home until the elfin festival ends in a month. Stanley supposedly went to the Elfin festival to look for new artwork. He know how he gets for art."

          He then added, "As for Ricky, he got together with some gay Donkey Boy Faun wine makers and we found his clothes at their encampment but he was no where to be seen and all the fauns took their wine to the festival so, like the Fairy Dragons, we have to wait for them to come back to ask about Ricky. The moment we have more information on the others, we will call you back to give you the information. I just hope no one else goes missing while we're waiting to get word on the others."

          Soon the parents went home glad that they were being kept in the loop which showed a lot of responsibility for the Adventurers Club itself. There wasn't a lot they could do. If they went looking for their children, they might get stuck themselves. And how bad would it be if the parents needed rescued by the left over children? When it was just Dominic and the others, he said, "Waiting for a month might give the kidnapper a chance to do something else with Orion. And I'd like to get him back immediately. Any ideas?"

          Wally got up and came over to Draekon. "I have a suggestion based on education so no one else befalls a trappy slit like I did. Draekon, sit on the floor and spread your legs and open your slit so it looks like a cave opening. All of the humans move in and just look at the opening so you can be educated in the similarities between his dragon slit and what I am about to share with you. There is a chance that Orion befell another creature with a slit or slit world. And no two are alike. Janice, a dragon's tools are always on the inside."

          Draekon sat on the floor and did as Wally suggested. "Please, my friends, you can look but for the love of your gods, don't go in. Unlike most dragons in the world, I do not have any Samates. Also, I do not have a slit world. Slit worlds are for dragons whom have over a hundred Samates. The inside of a Dragon's slit has an enzyme mist that can destroy clothing entirely. That's why I asked you not to go in. I am sure you all don't want to be butt naked around a bunch of hard up Beast Knights. Take it away, Wally..."

          Wally got as close as he dared to Draekon's slit opening. He could feel the slit allure inviting him to the safety of the master's slit. Apparently once you've been Samated once, it is like facing the Mystic Falls to resist the temptation to go back in. "Please note," he pointed to the edges of the slit opening. "what the surface texture of the slit walls look like around what may seem like a cavern opening. The floor and ceilings also have the same texture coating. For a dragon like Draekon, the opening leads to his singular dragon cock which at current is simply laying there waiting to be in use by his own will or a new sexual companion willing to pleasure him which in truth hurts neither the dragon nor the new companion. It is like being stretched as if you were a Stretch Armstrong doll from the early days. Instead of hurting, it feels awesome. That's the trick they use to make you like it. For a dragon with a slit world, the cavern like opening may seem to go a long way into the dragon's body for an impossible length in distance and this is where slit worlds become vastly different. Some may lead into a chamber where Samates may look like they are playing a bouncing game. It is addictive to watch and you may find yourself participating. Or the chamber may appear to be an educational class room with a huge TV like monitor on one wall. Once you sit down to see what the lesson is about, a smaller dragon cock plugs into your anus and then you are stuck until the class day ends which can be several hours or even several months. Once you are plugged in, your bathroom needs are automatically taken care of and you slowly transform into a male Samate like all the others. You never get hungry nor sleepy while plugged in. The only thing you may realize is that you are having so much fun that you don't want to leave. It gets worse when you are granted mental access to the Samate network which can be used long distances. Even now, I can hear the other Samates asking me where I disappeared to."

          Wally then said, "You can close it now, Draekon, and get up again. Thank you for helping with this lesson. We don't want any more of our friends befalling a hole like that. Your slit smells like it needed to be cleaned with oil but dragons with slit worlds may have their slits smelling like the thing that you like the fragrance of more than anything whether it be perfume, your favorite foods or any number of other things."

          Draekon said, "That is a good point to bring up, once you are inside a slit world, you cannot rely on your normal sensory abilities while in there. Only a fresh air draft like Wally encountered let him escape. Sometimes air passages are mislabeled to trick you into going inside only to get drenched in Samating fluids or super slippery oil. Metal poles are also almost never left in place within an air intake shaft, so Wally got lucky that someone accidentally left it in position." he got back up to his feet. "So about Dominic's inquiry..."

          Deryk stepped forward. "Draekon, you can fly. Why don't you carry me while we fly over the glades so we can many see where Orion might have gone and what he might have fallen into. Everyone else can get directions from Drom to go visit the Elfin Festival to look for not only Stanley but to find the Fay Donkey Boy Fauns. Maybe if it is explained that we want Ricky back, they will simply hand him over without any incidents. And if he is transformed, maybe they or the elves might know a way to restore him that might also work on Wally."

          Dominic said, "I really don't want to split the team up, Deryk. But since you mentioned being with Draekon I think we can permit that. Also, the girls might enjoy seeing what the elfin ladies call fashion at this Elfin Festival. It might be good for all of us. I am just sorry that you might miss getting to see any cute new species at the festival, Deryk. You seem drawn to them like a magnet and they are always friendly to you. We have our plan, guys. Let's get to traveling."

          Wally told Deryk, "Don't even think about getting inside Draekon's slit. I am still feeling the desire to be in there myself. I'll be angry at you if you do it."

          Deryk grinned. "Yas worry too much, Wally. Back in Australia, everyone always called me Tight Ass. Ah 'onestly doubt Draekon could fit. Besides, this is business."

          End of Chapter Five.


            Chapter Six.

            While hovering in the sky, Draekon and Deryk watched Dominic and the others get directions from Drom and then they waited for the others to head out toward the Elfin Festival. However from the sky, Deryk indicated being able to see pennants flying from flag poles in the distance. Draekon grinned and admitted that those pennants were flying over the festival.

            "That was a good sighting of the festival Pennants, Deryk. Now we know where it is without being told, although it is still more distant on foot than it would be flying or teleporting."

            Deryk asked, "Wally said that Silverfire went to sleep after claiming 'im as a Samate. What is the normal sleep pattern for a dragon claiming Samates?"

            Draekon replied, "Wally was likely the last claim Silverfire needed to gain his next age rank. I will try to explain age ranks to you so you get an idea on how it works."

            "This is the Dragon Aging Chart:
            Age Rank 1: Hatchling (Very Young) 1-5 years
            Age Rank 2: Deregh (Young) 6-15 years
            Age Rank 3: Shadodrak (Sub-adult or Teenager) 16-25 years
            Age Rank 4: Drake (Young Adult) 26-50 years (1-100 samates possible)
            Age Rank 5: Draconian (Adult) 51-200 years (2-400 samates possible)
            Age Rank 6: Centurion (Old) 201-400 years (3-900 samates possible)
            Age Rank 7: Guardian (Very Old) 401-800 years (4-1600 samates possible)
            Age Rank 8: Warrior (Ancient) 801-1,500 years (5-2500 samates possible)
            Age Rank 9: Paragon (Eternal) 1,501-5,000 years (10-10K samates possible)
            Age Rank X: Legend 5,001 + years (100-1M samates possible)"

            Draekon then said, "Dragons can only start claiming Samates at Age Rank 4. Upon meeting the quota to reach the next age rank, a dragon has to have the minimum number of Samates inside their slit before they go to sleep. Their bodies and slits/slit worlds increase in size while they are sleeping. In order for a Rank 4 dragon to reach Rank 5, they have to have one more than the minimum number for their age rank. Then the Dragon has to sleep for a number of years equal to the new rank. Silverfire has been Rank 8 for a while. Warrior rank."

            Deryk smirked, "So the stupid bloke is gonna sleep for the next nine years. No one will 'ave to worry about 'im recruiting for a while. Does the rank rule apply to 'ybrids, too?"

            Draekon replied, "Actually yes. Although, the dragon hybrids get to claim Samates the moment they learn about sex. They don't have to wait until Rank 4 to start."

            Deryk said, "Follow the road like Orion did that one afternoon and then we will see where 'is scent and tracks lead us to."

            Draekon did exactly that and then, separating Orion's human scent from the honey and marshmallow pools was even easier for a dragon until finally Draekon was hovering over what seemed like a chocolate scented mud hole. "This is where Orion's scent trail ends. He misstepped and fell into this Chocolate Marshmallow Pool. However, there seems to be a Dragonhound scent here as well and their scents simply vanish as if they teleported. We've reached a dead end, Deryk."

            Deryk said, "Maybe not, Draekon. Ah see what looks like a giant fox sunning 'imself within view of that pool; hover down close to 'im and Ah will ask 'im if 'e knows where the Dragon'ound lives when 'e isn't making 'is rounds."

            Draekon remarked, "Only dragons and dragon hybrids live in the glade, Deryk. That makes that creature a Dragonfox. You will be safe as long as he doesn't get his cock in your tail hole." And he flew over to hover near the fox.

            Deryk smiled. "Top of the morning to yas, mate. We're looking for the Dragon'ound whom likely met up with a 'uman boy within the last day or so. Do yas know where the bloke lives?"

            The Dragonfox lifted his head up a little and opened his attractive eyes which caused Deryk to get aroused simply from the fox's eyes. "He fucks every boy he catches off guard. As for his lair, you shouldn't go in there yourself; let your dragon friend go in and you stay safely outside. Just remember that the Marshmallow Pool-Stirring Dragonhound, that's his job, can teleport. Sometimes he pretends to be also stuck in a pool just to trick a nice boy into agreeing to help get him out and when the boy falls in and loses their clothes, then the dick teleports himself and his catch back to his lair to supposedly get themselves cleaned off in his solvent tub. Once the sticky goop is no longer on them, he lets the boy turn his back to his host to climb out of the tub and the Dragonhound then pounces and sinks his cock and knots deeply into his new sexual companion before pulling the boy inside of himself."

            The Dragonfox added, "He has a lot of Samates, for the record. I only have a few myself. I don't go around tricking people. If a cute boy wants to be my mate, make it worth my while."

            He then got up and nimbly began to lead the way around the pools until they reached an opening down the slope from the pools where he stepped off to one side and said, "This is the entrance. As I said, you shouldn't go in if you don't want to join his Samate club. Let your dragon friend go in to wring his neck and make him give up whomever you are looking for. You should stay out here with me. When the Fairy Dragons are away, most of the dragons and dragon hybrids go on a recruiting binge. I don't bother since I have standards."

            Deryk climbed off of Draekon and he began petting on the Dragonfox. "Can Samate victims be cured of their unwanted conditions by any cure yas may know of. Yas said yas 'ad standards."

            The Dragonfox replied, "Cures for different factions won't work on Samate Victims or else you end up with weird side effects; staying Samate size and retaining the tail and sex parts as well as retaining the clawed hands and feet on their human bodies. In order to restore a Samate Victim, it takes a very special cure that does not smell good at all to the victim nor to the dragon or hybrid that caused it. I'll instruct you in the ingredients while your friend goes in and roughs up Mister Horny."

            End of Chapter Six.


              Chapter Seven.

              After waiting long enough to get the cure information, Draekon went inside the Dragonhound lair to find Chocomall, if that was even his real name. Recruiters often lied their asses off when tricking their victims into getting into their slits. Draekon would be in the lair for a while to find the sack of shit.

              Deryk on the other hand said to the Dragonfox, "Since yas are covered in fur, may Ah see one or a few of yer Samates without my 'aving to go in to see them."

              The Dragonfox smiled since while he had standards, his Samates often didn't. But there was still Draekon to contend with. "Not here, Deryk. How about later just out back of that castle you and your friends live in? I could come down and sprawl out on one of those sunset view stones and let you visit with my mates at that point. You might get in trouble with Draekon if we did that here. My answer isn't no; I just want you to have the freedom to play without your babysitter watching you. When I come to visit, don't tell anyone where you're going."

              He then added, "You do pet nicely."

              Deryk sighed before asking, "Would it be okay if Ah peeked inside and see them just for a moment? It would only be for a moment and Ah wouldn't be going in."

              The Dragonfox mentally told his Samates, This nice curious boy whose been petting on me wants to peek at you guys for a moment. When he sticks his head in, squirt some 'be my friend' juice into his open mouth; later when I go to see him behind that castle they live in, I am going to let him visit and pet on you guys in privacy. You can be as naughty as you want then. I have standards, but I am glad you guys don't. I can't just suck him in now because there is an island dragon watching over him. So later without the babysitter, we play.

              Yes, Master. You must really want him since you are letting him pet you.

              Unlike Mr. Horny, I don't nab people right out in the open; I have standards.

              The Samates all giggled and got some of the special juice ready.

              The Dragonfox said, "I'll wrap my tail around your ankle and when I hear Draekon returning, I'll tug on your ankle so you know to get your head out of there."

              Deryk smiled as he moved around behind the Dragonfox and feeling the tail wrap around his ankle, he stuck his head up inside the slit which was under the Dragonfox's rear body. And the moment his head was inside and he started to say 'Hi', the Samates squirted the 'be my friend'/'join us willingly' juice into his mouth which made him swallow it before he could stop himself. He coughed a little and then he said, "So like all companions, yas guys are super playful and really cute. Yer Master said that Ah cannot come all the way in until later."

              Deryk doesn't even realize he quoted what the Master said incorrectly because the juice is that effective.

              One Dragonfox Samate said, "When you come to see us later behind the castle, we can share everything fun with you. But you should remove your clothes first or you won't have them after you play with us. We coated in sexual enzyme which keeps up lubricated and clean. The Master thinks you are nice since you pet on him good and not mess up his fur. You want to know anything about us since you are here?"

              Deryk hummed. "Yer master said 'e 'ad standards and 'e only took a new Samate if they made worth 'is while. In what way did yas guys make it worth 'is while?"

              Master? The boy asked the taboo question!

              The Dragonfox hybrid master tugged on Deryk's ankle which made him apologize for having to pull his head out and then he pulled out of the hybrid's backside. Deryk's hair was all slicked back as if he had dipped his hair in oil. "We need to get your hair cleaned up before Draekon sees you with wet oily hair. Were my Samates nice to you? I would be upset if they were rude to you."

              Deryk said, "They were fine except they squirted some sort of sugar like water in my mouth when I stuck my head in. And now I have a hard on again. None of them were sitting on cocks and your slit didn't look like a slit world when I was peeking in there. But it smelled really clean." And then the Dragonfox helped Deryk wash his hair in ordinary water to get the slit oil out of his hair. They had just barely returned when Draekon emerged from the cavern entrance holding a struggling Dragonhound Samate in one clawed hand. "What 'appened to Mr. 'orny, Draekon?" Draekon said, "He feigned knowing what I was talking about when I mentioned Orion by name but his shifty eyes gave him away and then I grabbed him around the neck and threatened to hand him over to the Spiders if he didn't reach in and pull Orion out. He tried to hand me a few fakes at first until I squeezed pretty hard invoking the Dragon God's name."

              The Dragonfox shivered. "Invoking the Dragon God's name is a scary endeavor, he has only shown up once in my entire lifetime. Thankfully, I was not the one in trouble."

              Draekon glared at the Dragonfox and said with serious meaning, "If your Anti-Samate Cure doesn't work on Orion and Wally later, I will invoke his name non-stop when I come after you."

              He then added, "Deryk is not leaving my side until both boys are cured. And if you did something sneaky with Deryk while I was in there, he will get the cure too when the others get it."

              The Dragonfox made a putrefied face when he thought about the nice boy stinking of the cure. "Just go. I will visit with Deryk another time. He pets nicely." And he loped off.

              Deryk said, "So are we going back to the castle?"

              Draekon said, "No. We are going to the elfin festival to find the others and see about making the so-called cure there. I don't trust hybrids."

              End of Chapter Seven.


                Chapter Eight.

                At the Elfin Festival, Dominic and his team arrived and made inquiries about Stanley the Artist that Drom vouched for and the whereabouts of the fay Donkey Boy Fauns. Not surprisingly, Stanley was a big hit among the elven lords and ladies. As well as a few elven teenagers. Dominic said, "Stanley? We were worried about you. Half the team is in trouble."

                Stanley asked, "Whom all is in trouble? You know I'd do anything for Orion's Club."

                Dominic explained, "Wally got captured by a dragon whom used one of his musical singing Samates to lure him in and promise to spend a night with him at his home across the Fairy Dragon's Glade. It turned out to be a trap and Wally got Samated. Orion decided to go looking for Wally and he befell something else at the Glade and is likely also transformed by now. Draekon and Deryk are looking for him right now. Wally escaped when the dragon went to sleep and we tried a cure on Wally and something went wrong. That's him over by Janice and Barbara. Ricky befell the fay Donkey Boy Fauns whom came to the Elfin Festival and we thought if we were to ask them for Ricky, they would give him back to us without further problems. They got him butt naked and drunk on their wine before having gay sex with him, we suspect because we found his clothes in their encampment. Have you seen the fauns at all?"

                Stanley pointed across the way at what looked like a wine display and the donkey fauns were there handing out samples of the new wine. Apparently it didn't have the full kick on elves.

                Dominic walked over and made the inquiry to the fauns and they took him to a passed out Donkey Boy Faun whom looked like he had a horrible hangover.

                "He was fine until he took a drink of water out of the fountain in the Festival Square; then he fell over and mentioned that he had a massive headache. We didn't mean to have him in the form for longer than a few hours. He wanted to learn how to play the pipes we have and he wanted to learn our dance. We never tricked him, I swear. To change him back, he has to drink a mug of Silver Honey Nectar in one shot. I hope you brought his clothes because when he changes back, he is going to be butt naked."

                At that moment, Draekon landed at the Elfin Festival. "Is the Elven Scholar available? I need to verify a cure we learned of to make sure it isn't something other than what we were told. A Dragonfox told us about it. And for the record, I hate dragon hybrids. The one I am holding is a Samate victim."

                The Elven Scholar approached Draekon and spoke to him briefly before the scholar said, "I am glad you didn't try that stupid mixture on the victims. It would have teleported them back to the ones whom captured them and re-hilted them back on the masters' cocks. In order to cure the victims, have them bathe in and drink of the waters in the Festival Fountain."

                He then added, "I have it enchanted to remove unwanted ailments. For the fauns, it cures drunkenness although they said that one of their number was a transformation victim and that dilemma takes Silver Honey Nectar to cure. They know how to make the stuff and will make it if they are sweet-talked into doing it. I assume you are with a special group, Draekon? It is about time you stopped being a loner."

                Draekon said, "Deryk? Bring Wally over to the fountain! Just do it!"

                Deryk went and got Wally and brought him over to the fountain. "Now what, mate?"

                Draekon said, "Both of you drink the water; and then put Wally entirely into the fountain. The Elven Scholar has it enchanted to remove unwanted ailments. The cure the Dragonfox told us about was a lie to get the victims sent back to their masters via teleport." Draekon shoved Orion's Dragonhound toward the water and he turned his muzzle away from it. Deryk then said, "If yas drink the water and take a bath, cutie, Ah'll give yas a body rub like Ah know nice doggies like yas really likes. Please... Pweeease. Ah like nice doggies..." Sniffle.

                Whatever power Deryk had over animals with that voice of his and those sniffling eyes seemed to take all the fight out of Orion and he drank of the water before Draekon submerged him into the fountain for his cleansing bath. Wally and Deryk both drank of the water and then as Deryk was putting Wally into the Fountain, Wally pulled him in as well. SPLASH! Draekon said, "Keep them in and wash them, Deryk. I'll fetch you a towel to get dried with." And he went to get a few for the soon to be naked human boys.

                Several Elven Male teenagers fetched some of their older clothes they didn't wear anymore and when the restored human boys found themselves sitting butt naked in the Elfin Festival Fountain, a few were embarrassed but Draekon had towels for each one to get dried off with. And then they were fitted into the older Elven male clothes. A few female elven teenagers decided to do the same for the human females so they also had elven fashions that they didn't wear anymore. Dressed for success, Orion and his club members got up on the music stage and using the instruments they found there, they performed a few bubblegum pop songs from Earth such as... Sugar, Sugar; Every Beat of My Heart; Simon Says; and Up, Up and Away. The elven lords and ladies as well as their children were digging the new age music that these human teenagers seemed to know to make the Elfin Music Festival even more successful.

                Orion and his club members finished up their performance with Age of Aquarius. When the Moon; is in the Seventh House; and Jupiter aligns with Mars; peace will guide the planets; and love will steer the stars; for this is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, Age of Aquarius... Then the put the instruments down and got off the stage to the applause of the elves and other festival attendants alike. The Elven Scholar said, "A fine performance for a bunch of young humans. But I mustn't quibble; you teenagers sing better than some people do."

                Orion said, "I think we are all glad you had the cure ready for us when we arrived."

                A rather large Fairy Dragon flittered over and landed near Orion. "Am I to understand that a few of our citizens have been recruiting when we are gone to festivals? We told them that they could stay as long as they didn't bring a bad reputation to our glades. I wish there was somewhere we could send these rotten pukes for bringing shame on the glades. We run one of the largest candy confectioners on the continent and now we learn they are doing this." This Fairy Dragon Lord looked upset over the whole matter. Janet said, "Planet Toonscape."

                Wally stepped up with Deryk as they gave names. "Silverfire nabbed me by using a singing voice trick from one of his Samates. I still like Sammy, but trying to get me Samated is a line drawing conclusion." Deryk said, "The Dragonfox swears he has standards but his Samates obviously play naughty games and the master lies about cures." Orion then added, "Chocomall the Dragonhound or as the Dragonfox likes to call him, Mr. Horny, stirs Chocolate Marshmallow pools when you are watching, but when you go somewhere, he traps people and Samates them."

                End of Chapter Eight.


                  Chapter Nine.

                  Wally then asked, "Is there a succession system with Samates that we haven't been informed of that we should know about? I am wondering this now since Dragons themselves have a succession system that starts at Age Rank 4 and hybrids can start the moment they learn about sex."

                  The Elven Scholar looked to the Fairy Dragon Lord and asked, "Could you have Kaleidoscope come out here, please?"

                  The Fairy Dragon Lord nearly bent over as he opened his slit and reached inside to fetch his only Samate. When he finally did straighten up, sitting in his lap was what looked like a miniature Fairy Dragon whom looked like an explosion of several kaleidoscope effects. Deryk smiled. "What a sexy cutie!" Kaleidoscope giggled and blushed. He wasn't called cute very often. "Thank you, nice boy. I'll bet you are sexy, too."

                  The Elven Scholar then said, "These nice boys asked that one question about Samate Succession and since you are the expert on that field of study, I thought I'd let you explain it."

                  The Samate Scholar grinned. "Meaning you forgot what I told you last time."

                  "I admit it. I have so much garbage in my memory."

                  The Samate Scholar smiled at the boys and said, "Not every dragon wants cute boys inside their slits but it is so hard to find the good ones among the naughty ones. Am I right to assume that a few of you have been changed into Samates against your will and only recently got restored to normal?" The boys nodded their heads blushing. Orion said, "Mr. Horny nabbed me." Wally said, "Silverfire had Sammy use his voice to lure me in. But I still like Sammy. If they hadn't changed me into a Samate, I'd likely still be visiting with Sammy."

                  The Samate Scholar nodded his head. "The whim of the Master when they are trying to meet their quota for succession often supersedes common sense. Punishing the Master is permissible, but often the Samates do not deserve to be punished along side the Master. They are only doing as he asks. Sammy may actually think of you as a friend, nice boy. And when you disappeared without warning, he likely cried. When you become a Samate, your aging ability changes."

                  "The following Chart explains how a Samate progresses in their succession:
                  Age Rank 1: Joiner 0-1 year
                  Age Rank 2: Trainee 2-5 years
                  Age Rank 3: Graduate 6-10 years
                  Age Rank 4: Samate Bronze Officer 11-20 years
                  Age Rank 5: Samate Silver Officer 21-40 years
                  Age Rank 6: Samate Gold Officer 41-60 years
                  Age Rank 7: Samate Platinum Officer 61-80 years
                  Age Rank 8: Samate Diamond Officer 81-100 years
                  Age Rank 9: Paragon Samate 101-500 years
                  Age Rank X: Legendary Samate 501 + years"

                  "Your former species aging is disregarded once you become a Samate. You may still remember whom you were during the first two age ranks. After that, you just want to have fun as you celebrate being finished with your training, which includes bouncing on and milking a cock with your anal muscles. Starting at Age Rank 4, you begin to desire to bring in others for your Master. To progress at that point, you have to bring in ten times your age rank. This continues on until Age Rank 9. At that rank, the Samate may opt to become a dragon themselves and in doing so, they get to choose their favorite Samate friend to become their very first Samate when they leave the Master. If Sammy thought you were his favorite friend, then you are the one he would want. But in order to be chosen, you have to stay in the Master's slit until the Samate is ready to become a dragon himself. Then you serve the new dragon lovingly."

                  Wally asked, "How many Samate catches does he have to bring in between Age Rank 4 and Age Rank 9 before he gets to choose to be a dragon?"

                  The Samate Scholar said, "Mind you, they can choose to be their own dragon, but more often they will want to stay with their loving Master. The exact total needed is... 300 Samates."

                  Kaleidoscope asked, "Do you love him, cute boy?"

                  Wally sighed with a frown. "Part of me says that I do, but my other side is saying that he tricked me. I've never been in love with a Samate before. I do want to be his friend."

                  Orion said, "I've been hearing the other Dragonhound Samates in my head occasionally. What is causing that if I am cured, Kaleidoscope?"

                  Kaleidoscope replied, "When a new Samate is converted, within the first hour after taking on the Samate form, the Samate Mental Network is established in your mind. Sadly, there is no known cure for undoing the network once you have it. You will always hear them. And they will always hear you if you direct messages at them. Same for the other cute boy. It works no matter what the distance is. But if you really want to stop thinking about Samates, you should NOT speak to them at all. They can over time convince you to come back to join them."

                  Deryk asked, "Are there any more Samates in your Master with you, or are you a special case?"

                  Kaleidoscope grinned. "The Master figured out a way to cheat the system. I am sure Draekon will be pleased to learn this. When you reach Age Rank 4 for Dragons, your body will make you take a Samate, but in order to resist the urges after that, simply hilt a plush or rubber animal on your extra cocks occasionally and it will trick your body into thinking that you have more Samates in addition to the first Samate. The Samate gets toys to play with and the Dragon no longer feels that urge to stick more people in."

                  End of Chapter Nine.


                    Chapter Ten.

                    After the Samate lesson ended, Deryk went off and visited with the visiting Taurs at the Festival. He was always curious about new species he's not met before. And Taurs are so awesome to talk to and to pet on.

                    Orion was doing a head count on their friends and the Beast Knights. "I think we have learned much, guys. Ignoring the Samate Network is going to be hard since the other Dragonhound Samates never did anything to me to get me stuck in Mr. Horny. He did it all on his lonesome. I am glad Draekon choked him. Like Wally, I cannot fault the Samates but Mr. Horny should be given a Vagina that emits a 'please fuck me now' odor to other males of his species."

                    Janice added, "...and make it itchy, too."

                    Orion arched an eye. "Do I even want to know about itchy vaginas?"

                    Janice grinned. "Not really. Just admit that you've heard of them and let it go at that."

                    Orion accidentally sent a message to the other Dragonhound Samates by saying, "My teammate Janice just grossed me out." And he described the itchy vagina she mentioned.

                    "Regardless of what what Chocomall did to you, Orion, we still like you and think of you as one of our brothers. You can punish him, but please don't punish us with him."

                    Orion face-slapped himself as he realized what he just did. "I don't blame you guys for what he did. I could have been a good friend without getting fucked and transformed."

                    He felt several mental hugs at that point but not a single mention of his coming back to join them.

                    Orion mentally asked, "Can you guys exist outside of his slit world? Or would removing you cause damage? We have an idea on how to punish him; I want you guys going to be safe."

                    They replied, "Yes, we can exist outside of the slit world, although we will need an oil bath at least once a week to prevent our drying out. Draekon will know what that means."

                    Orion was glad that his hound brothers all still wanted to accept him as is. He never had brothers growing up and this was actually exciting. "Draekon, I need to speak to you, please."

                    Wally was sitting to one side as he heard Sammy mentally singing a sad song. He seemed to be miserable because he lost Wally. "If you become your own dragon, you could see me again, Sammy. My friends hated what Silverfire made you do to me. I am no longer in the slit world. I went to the Elfin Festival with my friends. I never got a chance to make friends with your brothers but I still love your beautiful voice. I am sorry I am so selfish... but I like being human. Draekon and Kaleidoscope explained your situation to me."

                    Sammy stopped singing as he replied, "When you fell out the bottom, I searched everywhere for you. I wanted to teach you my song; I can sense you are musical. I can be my own dragon?"

                    Wally happily told Sammy what Silverfire was obviously not instructing his Samates in. The entire Samate Succession system. Sammy seemed happy to learn this. "I have a favorite Samate friend, Wally, and it's not you. I forgive you for escaping. But I still want to teach you my song, but I cannot survive outside the slit world. Until I become a dragon, I have to stay in the slit. I am sorry I lied about being a Samate. I used to be a Kobold before Silverfire captured me when I tried to steal from him."

                    Wally asked, "Out of the 300 extra Samates, how many more do you need to bring into Silverfire's slit? If it isn't a lot, I might be able to send some idiots your way."

                    Sammy replied, "Not counting you, I need nineteen more Samates to bring in. You got counted before Silverfire went to sleep. Whom are you going to send my way and are they dumb enough to walk into a slit world? We don't need them to remove their clothes. That will happen after they come in."

                    Wally said, "We know about twenty stupid greedy humans whom are worse than Mike and his boys. I'll give you their names and then it will count that you are bringing them in since you learned their names. I'll have Dominic help me to open a gate between those fools and a chamber you are in. After you earn the right to become your own dragon, you can leave."

                    Sammy smiled. "I love you, Wally. I am glad you want to be my friend."

                    Wally got up to go find Dominic to inquire about sending the dumb squad after their own pirate's treasure so Sammy could be free before they punish Silverfire.

                    Deryk had his shoes and pants off as he was waist deep in a magical Foxtaur costume which allowed you to feel everything as if the lower portion was your own. He was running around with a natural born Foxtaur teenager in the back fields of the festival. "This is loads of fun. I know you said that your dad normally sells a lot of these costumes at carnivals, fairs and festivals, so how come he hasn't been selling any at this festival?"

                    The Foxtaur teenager said, "I'm not sure. I'm sorry I couldn't snag you a fox hood to wear while you are wearing the lower body. How is it holding up? Can you feel everything?"

                    Deryk blushed. "Well, there is two parts that I am not sure I can feel or not. I am embarrassed to ask since to you it is probably not that bad at all."

                    The Foxtaur smiled. "You can only ask and if I can, I can help you to see if you can feel those parts or not."

                    Deryk slyly replied, "If I were to be mounted by another Foxtaur, would I feel the cock and knot in my lower portion's tail hole or would I feel my cock in another Foxtaur's rump?"

                    End of Chapter Ten.
                    End of Episode Four.

                    Stay tuned for the next episode, Taurs Are Us.