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TWT-BK-03 Majestic Castle

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    TWT-BK-03 Majestic Castle


    The continued account of the history of a man turned wererat and of how he was rescued and returned to join once again with his fellowship. Young adults from another world join him on his adventure and his quest. Enjoy the drama and the humor of events as they unfold. (This is Episode Three.)

    (The thumbnail is from the old 1st edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual, back when the artist made wererats look sexier than he should have. Compared to werewolves, these guys were hot. Sadly, the artist passed away several years ago.)

    Tags: male female human elf rat wererat paladin knight barbarian cleric battlemage mage thief rogue party fellowship fantasy cure

    Te'rue Wererat Tales

    Beast Knights, with Te'rue the Rogue and Dominic Douglas
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    Started on September 3rd, 2019

    Episode Three - Majestic Castle

    Chapter One.

    "What do you mean they weren't there?!" shouted Assassin Lord Kelthorak to his top assassins. "What did you find?"

    The Assassin Captain replied, "We traveled the road under the cover of darkness as we were trained to do, sire, and when we reached the target location, the road simply runs up to the coast line and stops. The keep as well as the docks were gone as if they had never been there at all. We questioned some farmers about the keep and we learned that a dark electrum dragon arrived pulling ten ships. And the barbarian was heard yelling that Te'rue the Rogue was back. And after the farmers rested for the night, they got up to do their farm work and saw that the keep was gone. Whatever happened to them occurred in a single night... the day before we arrived to assassinate them, sire."

    The Assassin Lord placed one hand on his chin. "Send me the royal seer. Perhaps he can tell me where Argos and his fellowship have gone. And how they moved the entire keep without making a mess all over the landscape."

    Meanwhile across the sea, on the Eastern shores of the Faialan Continent... Several pixies were watching Faiala anchor the Keep of the Rose to its new location along a trade road as well as arranging a crafting town of humans up the coast where dwarves and gnomes once resided. And finally, Majesty Castle was placed up on the bluff overlooking Rose Keep also along the trade road. Young humans as well as a few were-beasts and a dragon were taking up residence at the castle.

    A few of Mike's gang boys were getting a lesson in removing poison traps and picking locks from Te'rue when they voiced wanting to learn how to do it. Barbara, Becky, and Timothy were getting a magic lesson from Aeloanthea. Orion, Janet and Ricky were with Argos getting a lesson in the knighthood. Mike was with Haw'zarr learning how to use the longbow for those emergency times when the revolver was for a very last resort. Deryk and Dominic had gone with Faiala to Goldenhorn's unicorn glade to make the inquiry about his unicorn pool. Dominic was saying to Faiala, "...And you told the fairies that we meant them no harm? That is a good thing, I suppose. Despite Janet being the firecracker of the Larpers. Deryk can vouch for that."

    Deryk was glancing around at their surroundings as they traveled. "Hey, is that Goldenhorn up ahead peeking out of the woods into the trail toward us?" On up the trail was a golden furred unicorn with a silvery spiraled horn and cloven hoofs.

    Faiala giggled. "No, Deryk, that is not Goldenhorn. But if you want to go on up to the nice unicorn and pet on him, Dominic and I can wait for you back here."

    After Deryk began to head on ahead to greet the buck unicorn, Dominic quietly asked, "Because we are staying back here, what is wrong with that particular unicorn?"

    Faiala turned to look Dominic right in the eye. "He has a male preference; Goldenhorn is decent. Drom won't hurt Deryk and maybe your perverted friend will learn something. We are deep in unicorn territory, for the record. Many have been eying us since we entered their forest."

    Dominic turned to look directly toward what seemed like thick bushes and said, "Friend unicorns... I am Dominic Douglas of Majesty Castle. If any of you ever find that I have brought harm to your forest and your tribe, feel free to trample me hard into the ground to teach me a lesson."

    Faiala remarked, "Hopefully an unnecessary offer, Dominic. But your words to the unicorns perhaps have impressed more than a few."

    Dominic then turned to the goddess and asked, "Do they know what you really are or do they assume that you are simply a priestess of Faiala?"

    Faiala replied, "Oh they know. That is the only reason you and Deryk haven't been ran down before now. Had I not been walking with you two, you boys would likely have been pounded by the unicorn guardians whom are closer than you think."

    "They are behind me, aren't they?" he asked without looking back there.

    She smiled. "Not directly behind, but very close."

    Dominic then said, "I don't see Deryk and Drom anymore. Do we continue to wait for them or should we continue on to see Goldenhorn?"

    Faiala glanced off into the forest. "We will likely have to rescue your friend from Drom's amorous ways but that can wait until after we speak to the head unicorn."

    Dominic said with a sly smile, "And then there were two. Lets go, my friend."

    Not long after they proceeded up the trail, a young male unicorn fawn jumped out into the trail and said, "My friend is stuck in the bramble thorns again. I need to get the herd leader to help me get my friend free."

    Dominic said, "Perhaps I can help your friend to get free so the herd leader is not upset that you and your friend were playing in that area against his wishes. I have to go see the herd leader anyways and if I help the young unicorns, then perhaps Goldenhorn will react more favorably to my request. Lead the way, my handsome friend."

    With Faiala following the two, they were soon at a thick tangled spread of bramble thorns and the other young male unicorn fawn was stuck nearly in the middle of it. Dominic called out to the young fawn and said, "We're going to get you out of that mess, my friend. But you have to be very brave and remain calm." He then unpacked what appeared to be large metal scissors from his backpack as well as thick work gloves. He put the gloves on and then he began cutting each bramble thorn vine carefully and with precision, as he moved each vine out of the new path he was making through the tangle of thorns.

    End of Chapter One.