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JFA-01 Super Furries

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    JFA-01 Super Furries

    Justice Furries

    Episode One: Super Furries
    By Darrel James Vanwinkle
    July 3rd, 2007

    When Super Duper Crazy Cat turns up as missing, the Justice Furries of Americat band together to try and located their fearless leader. Will they succeed in their mission, or will the evils of Tex Luthor win the day? Perhaps with the arrival of their soon to be newest member of the team they will be triumphant.

    Coming up next on Justice Furries of Americat!
    "In the great hall of the Justice Furries
    There are assembled the four greatest heroes!
    From the cosmic legends of the tooniverse!

    Super Duper Crazy Cat!
    Wonder Dog!
    Marine Otter!


    Those three junior furry fans...
    Wanda! Marcus!
    And Muddy Hawg!

    Their mission...
    To fight injustice
    To right that which is wrong
    And to serve all furry kind!

    They are...
    The Justice Furries of Americat!"

    Zale Kent, Super Duper Crazy Cat; an Orange Catniptonian Tabby Cat
    Bruce Prince, Wonder Dog; a White Amazonian Collie
    Diana Wayne, Flittermouse; a Black American Bat
    Richard Grayson, Redbreast; an American Robin
    Arthur Atlantis, Marine Otter; an American Otter
    Harold Jefferson, Donkey Guardian; an American Donkey
    Dr. Scott Hayley, Atomic Squirrel; an American Red Squirrel
    Prof. Tony Farley, Hawk God; an Egyptian Hawk

    Jack Roodolph Jr., Outback Jack; an Zoostralian Kangaroo
    Veronica Carmichael, Cheetahna; an American Cheetah
    Billy Moosden, Captain Moose; a Canaduckian Moose
    Peter Hancock, Gay Dragon; a Mexicollie Dragon

    Robert "Rob" Rabbit, American Rabbit; an American Grey Rabbit

    Muddy Hawg - Seer of the Unknown; an African Warthog
    "Wanda"; female human of the Hendricks and Johnson Universe
    "Marcus"; male human of the Hendricks and Johnson Universe

    Tex Luthor; an American Longhorn Bull
    Vultor; a European Buzzard

    Chapter 01

    "...and this has been Felicia Lane reporting live from the Last Loony Bank. Back to you, Phil."

    "And that's a wrap!" said the on the scene news producer. "You did a good job as usual, Felicia. But I just wonder what did happen to Zale Kent this time?"

    Felicia hummed. "It's weird that he always disappears whenever Super Duper Crazy Cat is seen flying in the sky over the city."

    The news producer, a tall skinny cartoon ferret, replied to the cartoon Persian cat, "Maybe Zale is diving for cover. You know how bad SDCC is when it comes to his landings. He hits the ground like an atomic bomb and causes more damage than the criminals do."

    Felicia smiled. "But his Theatrics Rating is really high. Isn't that what counts?"

    The ferret replied, "That is true, Felicia. Let's get the news van back to K-MEW."

    Standing on top of a nearby building, Wonder Dog scratched his collie's chin and hummed. "Just where is Zale Kent this time? It's not like him to be missing for an entire day. Maybe I better call together an emergency meeting of the Justice Furries of Americat."

    Wonder Dog activated his communicator. "This is Wonder Dog in ASPCA City calling the JFA Satellite. Come in, please."

    On board the JFA Satellite, the regular back up members of the JFA were doing their assigned menial chores when the call came in.

    Cheetahna said, "I'll get that, guys. It's probably a check in from the Creators to make sure we didn't miss a spot." And she zipped over to the console and activated the viewing screen. "Cheetahna at the JFA Satellite... Oh hi, Wonder Dog. What's up?"

    Wonder Dog said, "Code Yellow, Cheetahna! Push the big red Super Emergency Alert button! We need to call together an emergency meeting of the Justice Furries of Americat!"

    Outback Jack poked his kangaroo head out of the bathroom. "Did 'e say Code Yellow?"

    Captain Moose emerged from the kitchen wearing an apron. "Code Yellow? We never get one of those!"

    Gay Dragon came prancing out of the bedrooms wearing a French maid outfit. "Oh my! I better get the place mats arranged! We're about to have company!"

    Cheetahna reached over and hit the big red button with all her might, which sent out the summons to all of the regular members of the Justice Furries of Americat, no matter where they happened to be.

    Wonder Dog said, "I'm heading to the Satellite right now! Over and out!"

    While at a hidden location in the city, the shadowy silhouette of a bull man laughed as he turned toward a feline prisoner he had captured earlier that day. "Those fools you call your team will never find out where you have disappeared to!"

    "They will find me," exclaimed the feline in shadows of his own although weakened by his holding container. "When you cross wits with the Justice Furries of Americat, you match wits with the best!"

    "You say that now, but look how easily I caught you!" smirked the mystery bull.

    The feline then said seemingly to no one, "A little help here Narrator?"

    The Narrator replied, "It is against regulations of Toonmasters for me to interfere with a plot that is in the script. Sad as this will be to say, you will have to be rescued by your team."

    From a darker corner, a new voice said, "As I told you, Tex, without their leader, the Justice Furries couldn't find their way out of a paper bag." Then the mystery villain laughed.

    The feline, obviously the missing Super Duper Crazy Cat glanced up into the air. "Tex Luthor has a new partner? Is that in the script, Narrator?"

    The Narrator replied, "I'm looking... um... it doesn't mention his name on this page. But apparently someone petitioned to team up with Tex and this is his debut episode."

    SDCC then said, "At least tell me if the guy has a superhero arch enemy of his own. The JFA could use another smarter team member."

    Before the Narrator could reply, the mystery voice said, "I'll save you the trouble, you foolish feline! That red, white, and blue bunny from San Franciscolt, the American Rabbit, is my arch-nemesis. He is a disgustingly goody-goody type who wants to do what is right; I despise that lapine with my entire being. He is always ruining all of my best plans. He is responsible for capturing my most trusted right-hand jackal, Rodney Rotten of the Jackal Motorcycle gang."

    End of Chapter 01

    Chapter 02

    At that moment in Gag'em City, a jewelry heist was about to be rudely interrupted. That nefarious super villain known as The Quizzler was matching his rat like brains against his arch nemesis, that beautiful but deadly dark bat of justice, Flittermouse, and her sidekick, Redbreast.

    "Quizzle me this, Flittermouse!" he said with a wild look in his beady pink rat eyes. "What goes up and down yet carries no people? And what kind of dairy liquid requires no cows?"

    Flittermouse folded her arms over her breasts. "What does that have to do with jewels, Quizzler? What's your game this time?"

    Redbreast was finishing up his part of the caper by tying up the Quizzler's henchmen. "Jumping Jehoshaphat! Flittermouse and the Quizzler are matching wits again! Why don't they just tie the knot already and quit beating around the bushes...?" He simply shook his head to and fro and he tied the last knot.

    Just then, Redbreast heard the Super Emergency Alert beacon chime out of his wristband! "Bouncing Betties! It's the JFA's Super Emergency Trouble Alert! I better tell Flittermouse!"





    "Come on, Flittermouse!" the Quizzler said. "I've even thrown in a clue with that last sentence! Where's your sense of fun?"

    Flittermouse grabbed the Quizzler and threw him up against the wall! "With the Gag'em City Police Department. I'm taking you in, Quizzler!"

    "Mighty Mary's Mountain Monkeys!" exclaimed Redbreast. "Flittermouse is really into taking him in, this time! Flittermouse! I hate to interrupt your plans, but we just got a call from the JFA! They're calling together a Super Emergency Meeting!"

    Flittermouse glanced aside at Redbreast. "Really? Dammit... in that case, I won't be taking you in, Quizzler."

    The Quizzler released a sigh of relief.

    "Instead, I am going to call your mother and rat out on you." Flittermouse said with a grin.

    The Quizzler squealed in terror! "NOOOOO!!! Not my mother!"

    Just south of Fort Chippendale, Floridolphin, at the water arena known as Ocean World, Marine Otter was performing water acrobatics for a local charity along with his sidekick, Shark Lad. They leaped out of the water along side two of their dolphin friends and a killer whale, gliding easily through a flaming hoop, and diving back into the waters once again. The crowd applauded the show, loving ever moment of it.

    Moments later in the dressing rooms, the manager of Ocean World approached Marine Otter. "While you were performing, Arthur, your duffel bag began beeping pretty loudly."

    Marine Otter went to his locker and pulled out his duffel bag. Opening the latch, he reached in and pulled out his JFA communicator. "Looks like my friends are calling together an emergency meeting. I have to get going. Shark Lad? Remain here and give the crowd another round of entertainment. I'll return as soon as I can."

    Shark Lad replied, "You can count on me, Marine Otter."

    "You are welcome here any time, Arthur. Good luck at the meeting. Shark Lad will certainly bedazzle the crowd with his water magic."

    And Marine Otter then headed off to find the nearest JFA teleporter booth.

    In Buntown, Massachusetters, that beautiful female kangaroo Amazon, Wonderoo, had received a call from her partner, Wonder Dog. "SDCC is missing, Galatea. Take a look around Buntown and get word back to me after your patrol."

    Wonderoo replied, "Right away, Bruce. I'll ask the local visiting hero if he has seen the resident Crazy Cat. After that, I will get word back to you at the satellite."

    Wonder Dog nodded his muzzle. "I'll be expecting your call, Wonderoo." As he ended the call, he noticed the looks from the backup members. "Can I help you?"

    Cheetahna asked, "How come you have never invited your sidekick into the backup portion of the JFA?"

    Wonder Dog replied, "Wonderoo is older than I am, Cheetahna. How would it look if you had an older female in the backup team?"

    End of Chapter 02


      Chapter 03

      At that moment in deep space just beyond Satyrn's orbital rings, the Donkey Guardian was using his power ring to shield a researcher's space craft from a deadly meteor shower.

      "It's a good thing I was patrolling this sector. Those simian scientists almost bought the human farm this time."

      And that was when he heard his Trouble Alert beacon go off!

      "It's the JFA Super Emergency alarm." Donkey Guardian remarked. "I better fly over that way and see what the emergency is."

      He then finished clearing the meteor shower and flew off back towards Toonmasters.

      Back on planet, in the desert sands of Ygept, Atomic Squirrel and Hawk God were fighting their arch nemesis'... Kleptoglyph and Cleobastra. The scene was a newly discovered Ygeptian temple with a sealed crypt.

      Atomic Squirrel continuously changed sizes during the fight making him very hard to strike.

      Hawk God and Cleobastra threw godly spells at one another.

      Though the action was fast and furious, the entire battle came to a halt when one of the archaeologists that were translating the glyphs on the sealed tomb exclaimed, "These super villains were after THIS...?! It's the lost tomb of Court Jester Laffenkhanen!"

      Kleptoglyph and Cleobastra looked quite disgusted. "You mean we wasted a better part of the day in a battle over that?" And with those words, both lionesses vanished in a puff of smoke!

      Atomic Squirrel said, "Good thing they left, old friend. The JFA has been trying to reach us."

      At the JFA Satellite, our heroes were finally gathered at a huge round table while Gay Dragon served coffee and cupcakes.

      Atomic Squirrel said, "When is Super Duper Crazy Cat going to get here for the meeting?"

      Wonder Dog replied, "He is the reason for this meeting. He's missing."

      Flittermouse remarked, "So just call up Zale Kent. He seems to always know where SDCC is, regardless."

      Wonder Dog replied, "Would be if we could... but Zale Kent is also missing."

      Hawk God hummed. "Felicia Lane doesn't have him locked up in her bedroom?"

      Outback Jack said, "The sheila can be sadistic sometimes, mates, but she's not responsible this time. Something else 'as 'appened to Zale Kent."

      Redbreast exclaimed, "Gordon's Golf Balls! If Felicia doesn't have SDCC, then who does?"

      At that moment, Captain Moose said, "Eh friends. Why don't we go down and just search all of ASPCA City for the hoser, eh? Surely someone knows where he is, eh?"

      Marine Otter then commented, "I don't think we have much of a choice, guys. Let's go search the city for him. We need to find some clue as to his whereabouts."

      And within the next few hours, the entire Justice Furries of Americat were combing the city with a fine toothed comb. And a few toothbrushes, too.

      Alas, our fearless heroes found no trace of their friend and returned to the JFA Satellite.

      Flittermouse said, "Guys, we're going to need some outside help with this case. We need some special insight about where to look for Super Duper Crazy Cat."

      Cheetahna said, "As much as I hate to admit it, we better call on Muddy Hawg and see if he can give us a hint. We really need some clue this time."

      Even Gay Dragon remarked with distaste! "No! Not Muddy Hawg!"

      Wonder Dog said, "We really don't have a choice." He then walked over to the viewing screen and adjusted the frequencies. "This is JFA Satellite calling Muddy Hawg, Seer of the Unknown! Come in please! It's an emergency!"

      On the viewing screen appearing in an African mud wallow was a cartoon warthog with sparkling fairy dust floating around the mud itself. "My friends. I know why you have called me. Remember the Alamo and go dine on Dallas Rib-Eye and see a Rodeo. In these places, you will find your friend." And then he hefted up a slimy yet satisfying bug and he ate it for all to see. "Pardon my manners, heroes; but you interrupted my dinner."

      End of Chapter 03


        Chapter 04

        Misinterpreting Muddy Hawg's clues, the furry superheroes immediately headed to Texass where they explored the Alamo, dined at all of the fancy restaurants, eating Dallas Rib-Eye steaks, and frequented every rodeo they could find in the Lone Starfish State.

        All to no avail.

        Marine Otter said, "Where are we not looking, guys?"

        Wonder Dog replied, "We searched the entire Alamo. Inside and out."

        Flittermouse remarked, "And I couldn't eat another Rib-Eye even if it was free. I'm stuffed."

        Donkey Guardian added, "And we visited every Rodeo we could find. And even won a few prizes for competing in the Rodeo games."

        Atomic Squirrel said, "But still no Super Duper Crazy Cat. And no one we've spoken to down here in Texass has even seen him."

        Hawk God hummed. "Perhaps we should call back to the Satellite and see if the backup crew have received any calls about SDCC's whereabouts."

        On board the JFA Satellite, the backup heroes were playing charades out of boredom.

        "...sounds like... trunk... spunk? skunk! It's skunk!"

        Just then, the monitor system alerted them. "This is Hawk God, calling the JFA Satellite. We need a status report on SDCC's whereabouts. Has there been any word from anyone on where he is?"

        Gay Dragon took his turn to answer the monitor. "Hi Hawk Stud." He said in that gay sounding almost high voice of his. "We haven't heard a word from SDCC, but if you come to bed with me, maybe we can make a new SDCC. What do you think? Hmm?"

        *CLICK* Hawk God hung up immediately.

        Gay Dragon glanced back at the others. "He hung up again."

        Cheetahna said, "Gee, I wonder why?" She was being sarcastic. She knew why!

        Outback Jack hummed. "If the JFA are 'aving trouble finding SDCC based on Muddy 'awg's clues, then perhaps it is time that we made an emergency transdimensional call of our own."

        Captain Moose said, "You don't mean...?"

        Outback Jack nodded his kangaroo muzzle. "Yes. It's time to call our Junior Furry Fans... those two 'umans called Wanda and Marcus. Ah sure 'ope they're willing to 'elp us."

        At that moment in the HAJI Universe, Wanda and Marcus were tossing a Frisbee in a local park just after a small picnic that they had together.

        "Good catch, Wanda!" Marcus said, having just thrown the plastic disc.

        Wanda was checking her watch. "It was, wasn't it? We have just enough time to get the picnic basket back to my house before the Toon Titans cartoon comes on TV."

        Just then, both of the human teenager's rings began flashing and making a soft beeping sound!

        Marcus exclaimed, "The Justice Furries are trying to contact us!"

        Wanda nodded her head. "Yes, you're right! Let's head back to my house and see what they want!"

        After picking up their picnic supplies and taking a short bike ride, Wanda and Marcus entered Wanda's bedroom at the young girl's home. Wanda then opened her doll house which revealed an emergency monitor that had only one use only.

        Marcus said, "Turn it on. The JFA'ers rarely ever directly call us. So this must be super important. And I really like helping them."

        Wanda activated the monitor and the images of the backup members appeared on the screen. "Wanda and Marcus here, JFA'ers! What's the emergency?"

        Outback Jack explained the situation and the clues that Muddy Hawg had given then. "...and the JFA all 'eaded down to Texass to try to find SDCC, who is still missing." The looks on the backup members faces told the human teenagers just how serious this was.

        End of Chapter 04


          Chapter 05

          Marcus hummed. "Yeah, the clues do seem to be pointing at Texass, but knowing Muddy Hawg like we do... I'd say that going to Texass is the wrong interpretation."

          Wanda then said, "Do any of you have a local newspaper for ASPCA City? If so, try browsing through the newspaper and see if the three clues are mentioned together on the same page within."

          Marcus smiled. "Yeah! I'll bet that's what the clues are referring to, guys! Give it a try!"

          Wanda said, "Marcus and I will head down to the comic book shop in a while and see if the new JFA issue is on the shelves yet. If you still have trouble finding SDCC, call us back tonight and we'll see about helping you guys again. We love you guys."

          Marcus added, "Talk to you later. You're our favorite superheroes. Bye."

          Wanda waved. "Bye, JFA'ers." And she turned off the monitor.

          Marcus smiled. "I sure hope they find SDCC soon. I'd hate for anyone else to be the leader of the Justice Furries of Americat. Our cartoon is about to come on, now. We timed it just right." The two human teenagers went into their living room to watch their cartoon show on TV.

          Back in Toonmasters in Buntown, Wonderoo had located and was speaking to that heroic lapine from San Franciscolt, the American Rabbit. As Wonderoo finished explaining what Wonder Dog had instructed her to make an inquiry about, she said, "...and without Super Duper Crazy Cat, all of ASPCA City would be under the whim of their worst enemies."

          The American Rabbit said, "I haven't seen my old enemy Voltor the Vulture in quite some time. So maybe I should look into the Crazy Cat's disappearance personally. Thanks for giving me the heads up, Wonderoo. Your cookies are super delicious. The White Brothers Band send their thanks for the cookies you baked for them."

          Wonderoo smiled. "I am always happy to bake cookies for musicians as nice as the White Brothers and their sexy pianist, Rob Rabbit. Good luck searching, American Rabbit. And thanks again for listening to my news request from Wonder Dog."

          The American Rabbit took a short run and leaped into the air, flying Southward toward ASPCA City. "Wonderoo thinks Rob Rabbit is sexy. I almost blushed when she said that. Then my secret would have been revealed right then and there. I sure hope Vultor isn't involved with the missing super feline. But it just sounds like his MO."

          Within a subterranean basement under a legitimate warehouse, Super Duper Crazy Cat was held in a stasis chamber that was being bathed in Catniptonite radiation, a means of preventing him from using his super powers. Standing over at a control board and super monitor was that malignant force of super intelligent evil, SDCC's arch nemesis, Tex Luthor, a long horned bull.

          "Your comrades apparently contacted Muddy Hawg again and they all went down to Texass," he said.

          "Your team is the biggest joke in the universe," said Tex with a laugh. "What made you think they were ever going to be able to work together as a team, SDCC?"

          SDCC replied, "We were all sober when we formed the team, Tex. You and your cronies ought to try it sometime."

          Tex grinned, as he turned to watch the monitor again. "You are still upset that I caught you off guard so easily."

          SDCC sighed. He was thrown off guard by Tex's appearance originally. The bull had a new costume. To him, it was a nasty bright purple and dark green. But villains seem to choose colors that no one would want to look at.

          "I can't believe the whole team went to Texass to look for me."

          "See for yourself..." Tex stepped out of the way to show the super group on the big screen to his arch enemy.

          SDCC frowned for a few seconds. But then he realized that the back-up members were not among the others. He still had a chance after all if they chose to contact Wanda and Marcus. Those two non-toon non-furry humans were perhaps the smartest contacts that the JFA had going for them. And having access to The Comic Book Shop in the HAJI Universe was a huge PLUS, too. He had a good chance of being rescued. He would even give Gay Dragon a kiss if he got out of this.

          Meanwhile aboard the JFA Satellite, it was indeed Gay Dragon who finally said, "I FOUND IT, GUYS! Right here in the Movies and Entertainment section of the newspaper! On one side it says, "Remember the Alamo" will be playing at the "Dallas Rib-Eye" dinner theater. And on the other page, it says, A lot of citizens will "Go see a Rodeo" this weekend at... The Luthor Invitational Stadium, next to the Luthor warehouses." And there is a picture of Tex Luthor on the page above a prison story. It says, "Tex Luthor escaped from the ASPCA City Penitentiary earlier this week and his whereabouts are unknown."

          Outback Jack hummed. "Ah'll bet Tex Luthor 'as Super Duper Crazy Cat prisoner in the warehouses that 'e owns! Way to go, Gay Dragon..." he paused then added hesitantly, "...mate."

          Captain Moose said, "Then we better get down there right away, eh hosers? Tex probably has some more Catniptonite!"

          End of Chapter 05


            Chapter 06

            Cheetahna announced, "To the transporter, team! Back-up members, away!"

            And the four dashed into the transporter and teleported auto-magically to the Luthor Warehouses.

            And it wasn't five minutes after the back-up members departed that the Justice Furries returned to the satellite. Hawk God was literally the first to notice how quiet it was.

            "Gay Dragon actually didn't run out and try to ambush me for a change?" he asked, looking around in surprise.

            The Donkey Guardian scanned the satellite with his power ring, as Wonder Dog found the newspaper open on the central command table. He quickly put two and two together for where the back-up JFA'er members went and he was now worried about them.

            Arriving at the Luthor Warehouses in ASPCA City, the American Rabbit powered down to his Rob Rabbit identity so he could look for clues for Vultor's whereabouts without tipping off any villains that his alter ego was in town. He knew that the Jackals motorcyclists were all in jail; although Rodney Rotten was on the verge of an early release for good behavior.

            Moments later in front of the Luthor Warehouses, the JFA backup members arrived and entered the building completely unaware of the other heroes' presence.

            Cheetahna led Outback Jack, Captain Moose, and Gay Dragon through a darkened warehouse corridor. They hadn't gone far when they found someone else who was also looking for someone, although for different reasons. Outback Jack was the one who first spotted the white rabbit guy with glasses. He had the look of a pianist.

            Outback Jack grabbed the rabbit's shoulder, saying, "'ere now, mate. What are yas doing in 'ere?"

            The rabbit played it smooth, saying, "Oh, um, I'm looking for a buzzard. Black feathers, bald, yellow beak. He speaks with a deep New Englander accent. You can't miss him. Say, aren't you Outback Jack, the superhero?"

            Outback Jack smiled, striking a pose for an apparent fan. "Aye, mate. That's who Ah am. Back up member of the Justice Furries of America. My friends and Ah are looking for Super Duper Crazy Cat and 'is arch nemesis, Tex Luthor. We 'aven't seen any buzzards, but if we find one, Ah'll make sure yas get first crack at 'im. What's yer name, 'andsome?"

            The rabbit smiled. "Robert Rabbit. My friends call me Rob. I'm a pianist for the White Brothers Band." Then he got serious. "If you do encounter the buzzard, please don't challenge him yourself. He's very, VERY, dangerous. Probably more dangerous than Tex Luthor. So please be careful, Jack. I would hate see a cute kangaroo like you get hurt because of him."

            Outback Jack smiled. "Don't yas worry, Rob. We're pros. We can 'andle an old buzzard."

            Cheetahna stepped forward and said, "Have the rabbit get out of here, Jack. This is serious business. Let's go." And then she returned to where she had been searching.

            Outback Jack looked at Rob. "The Sheila is right, mate. Yas better just get out of 'ere and let us 'andle the situation."

            Rob nodded his head and left the heroes in the warehouse, but the moment he was outside in the alleyway, he quickly dashed aside behind some crates. "I know how dangerous Vultor is. And the JFA are going to need my help, like it or not." And with that, he prepared himself for the transformation to come.

            Rob began to run in a circle picking up speed, faster and faster he went, until red and white stripes were streaming off of his body, and a field of blue with white stars streamed off of his ears. And when he stopped, he was wearing golden roller skate wheels on the soles of his feet and looked like an American flag painted over a white rabbit.

            "But maybe they would accept help from..." He struck his pose. "The American Rabbit!" He then dashed back into the warehouse and quickly discovered the secret door that the backup members had found and entered. He quickly dashed in and eventually located the backup members in the same fate that Super Duper Crazy Cat was in -- all within holding capsules.

            And worse, Vultor was perched near Tex Luthor at the super computer.

            American Rabbit was instantly concerned, but he kept his cool. He quickly looked around, then saw something of importance. It was Outback Jack's JFA communicator. The kangaroo had dropped the communicator there when he was trying to use it to call for help. The rabbit picked it up and dashed out of the warehouse and he activated the communicator. "This is the American Rabbit calling JFA Satellite! This is an emergency! Come in please!"

            Aboard the JFA Satellite, Atomic Squirrel answered the call. "I don't know how you got this frequency, American Rabbit, but I recognize your voice from the one time that we teamed up in Buntown! What's your emergency?"

            American Rabbit said, "Your back up members and Super Duper Crazy Cat are prisoners of Tex Luthor and Vultor! Home in on my signal! I'll wait for you here!"

            Moments later, the entire JFA team had arrived in front of the warehouse where Wonder Dog shook hands with the rabbit hero. "I see that Wonderoo got the message to you. What is the situation inside their lair?" And after a brief explanation of the layout of Luthor's new villain lair and where Vultor was perched, Wonder Dog said, "Donkey Guardian will make a power ring illusion of the JFA and American Rabbit charging into the only known entrance of the lair and that way, if there any traps for intruders, Luthor will activate them on the illusions, then the rest of us can storm the lair without having to worry about the traps capturing us."

            End of Chapter 06


              Chapter 07

              Within the Luthor Warehouse, Cheetahna was trying to get a message to Captain Moose who was in the next holding capsule. It took some patience but when Captain Moose did focus on Cheetahna, he saw that she was wordlessly trying to get him to sing. Apparently as most of the JFA knew, when Captain Moose sang any songs, glass shattered and electronics had trouble operating due to the Canaduckian hero's shrill high singing voice. Taking Cheetahna's actions as a clue on what to sing, the good moose captain launched into the Lumberjack song. However, the villains had the microphone to Captain Moose's capsule turned off. So they couldn't hear anything he was saying. When he got frustrated over how the glass seemed to be reinforced to resist vibrations, Captain Moose lifted his head up toward the top of the capsule and he shouted, "SHAZAM!"

              Just as the JFA were in the process of sending in the illusions of themselves, the magical lightning flashed and shattered Captain Moose's holding capsule sending shards of glass all over the laboratory. Then Billy Moosden exclaimed, "SHAZAM!" And instantly he was Captain Moose once again where as he punched Cheetahna's holding capsule as hard as he could which caused it to domino into Outback Jack's capsule, Super Duper Crazy Cat's capsule and Gay Dragon's capsule. The Capsules shattered loudly which made both Tex and Voltor look toward the backup team members surprised that they broke out of their holding capsules. As Voltor started to fly toward the exit, he saw the American Rabbit standing in the opening blocking the way out. "You are going to prison this time, Voltor," exclaimed the American Rabbit as he grabbed the vulture by his legs and slammed him into the floor.

              Outback Jack then tail slapped Vultor across his beak as he said, "Who 'as my JFA communicator that Ah dropped on purpose, mates?"

              American Rabbit handed it over to he nice kangaroo. "It is a good thing you did drop this, Jack. It permitted me to call in your team."

              Gay Dragon and Cheetahna were helping SDCC up to his feet and shouldering him toward the exit as the rest of the JFA flooded into the chamber to go after Tex Luthor. Donkey Guardian used his ring to trap Tex within a green energy bubble making easy transport to get Tex back to prison. Donkey Guardian said, "Your buddy Otis misses you, Tex."

              Tex rolled his eyes as he grumbled, "He is NOT my buddy! I should have known not to work with some unknown criminal who didn't even know about the Toonmasters' Villain Union rules."

              American Rabbit commented, "Vultor thinks that rules are meant to be broken as long as he wins in the end. If he was the one who tricked you into leaving prison, then perhaps your return to prison may not last as long as you think since he kidnapped you for a failing plot."

              Tex sighed, realizing that the heroic rabbit was right. "I will return to the prison willingly, American Rabbit. I had about served my time anyway. If you place Super Duper Crazy Cat under a yellow sun lamp, he will recover his powers faster than normal. I didn't have to tell you that, but... this whole venture was a fiasco."

              American Rabbit said, "I will take care of him. You are lucky he survived this; without him, you have no comic series to be in."

              The Narrator then said, "I really wanted to help SDCC myself, but narrator rules and regulations prevented me from getting involved in a scripted plot. The Crazy Cat is my entire reason for feeling alive. Without him, I would likely request a purge. I love him."

              Now Tex really felt bad; SDCC's Narrator was a fan himself who needed the cat to live. "Just take me away."

              On the way out, Tex said to SDCC, "Your backup members are pretty smart heroes, Crazy Cat. You JFA'ers should treat them better. They found you when the rest of your team couldn't. I hope you have a good way to reward them. A pat on the back and saying good job isn't enough; that is like saying that you don't really appreciate what they do. Word of warning... Vultor was trying to get me to fund an all-new villain team to fight against the JFA. I never once wanted anything to do with the new plot. You are my adversary; not the JFA."

              SDCC replied weakly, "I will talk to the prison release board on your behalf, Tex. Thanks for not going along with his villain team plot. According to the American Rabbit, Vultor is a rule breaker. And I know you are above breaking the rules."

              Tex smiled. "We need each other, Cat; what would I be without you to make me rethink my plans? TexCorp actually sees a pretty good profit even without villainous activities. Although someday, I will claim Felicia Lane for myself. I know you cannot stand being in her lair."

              SDCC grinned. "Just like old times. If only you had a weekend with her... I don't think you would want her after that. She treats my alter ego like a joke; she only wants the Crazy Cat."

              Once Tex was taken out of the lair, SDCC said to Gay Dragon, "Peter, lean in close for a moment. There is something I promised myself to give you when I get rescued." And when the Mexicollie homosexual dragon leaned in close, the Crazy Cat gave him a big smooch on the lips; exactly as he had promised himself that he would do.

              Gay Dragon keeled over on the floor with toon hearts spinning around his muzzle. He couldn't believe how open minded of a kiss the Crazy Cat had for a team member like him.

              Cheetahna who was keeping SDCC steady anyways, asked, "Why did you do that for? I am having trouble carrying you by myself. I don't weigh as much as you do."

              Redbreast then came up along side the two heroes and he also began to help SDCC out of the Warehouse into the open air of the city. "Flittermouse may not say this herself, Zon-El, but we really need you in our lives. I look upon you as a big brother figure since I don't have a lot of friends otherwise. Please don't let something like this happen to you again."

              SDCC then got serious which was something he rarely ever did. "You know, guys, the old promotion itinerary of progression in the JFA is as follows: the successful completion of a mission with minimal help from other heroes; then you become a backup member; then you enter the Junior Justice Furries after another successful mission; As long as your powers and original hero identity do not change during the course of these things, then the highest in the league you can hope to get is the title of Second Stringer. But that is about to change; From now on, the JFF title will be reserved for Wanda and Marcus. During the next meeting, I am going to ask the team if they will allow you backup members full status in the team."

              End of Chapter 07


                Chapter 08

                Cheetahna blinked her eyes. "Full status! We backup members have talked about this before, Crazy Cat, and we know that there are a few members who would never agree to allow sidekicks full status in the Justice Furries of Americat. We would be better off forming our own team. The current rule of progression is just dumb in the JFA; The only votes that count are those from the Core membership. And you know that Flittermouse would veto a junior member getting full access. She would never want Richard here to be more important than she is."

                Redbreast remarked, "She is right, colleague. And as you all know, I am the only one smoothing things over for Flittermouse in the JFA despite her being against my having full status in the team itself. If I left the JFA, it wouldn't be long before the rest of you fired her from the team. What was that joke that Wonder Dog said about her that one time? Oh yes, In space, everyone can hear you bitch and complain. The current JFA satellite is not sound-proof. You always know when she arrives for anything on the satellite."

                SDCC remarked, "So when is the new team plan to come into fruition?"

                Redbreast replied, "That depends upon if the JFA can get new members or not; what is the unofficial word on new heroes coming in, Zon-El?"

                SDCC said, "Both Wonder Dog and Atomic Squirrel want American Rabbit in full status in the JFA and as you know from the old progression system, I think he would say no to backup membership. He originates from Toonmasters West; he can be funny when he wants to be without being forced to be funny. A few of the Law Reserve portion of the JFA are keeping their sidekicks out of the JFA due to the unfair backup membership rules. Marine Otter has two sidekicks; I have a cousin I don't mention at all; Wonder Dog has a full partner in Buntown; Outback Jack has a friend in the Zoostralian Outback who thought about being in the team, but Jack talked him out of it; I have a young female neighbor on Mount Asspen where I have my chateau who uses magic as good as Zatarabbit does; American Sparrow recently announced that she wanted out of the JFA due its strict rules that were playing havoc on her ability to recruit potentially interested heroes into the team. So you aren't the only ones complaining about the Backup Membership rules in the JFA. I want to rewrite the rules, but to do so, I would have to temporarily disband the JFA for a week; I asked Shticky Fox about it one time. The temp disband is used when you feel there is corruption in your team that you feel needs to be cleaned up. And these rules are definitely corrupt enough to enforce a temporary disband. I am just worried about how Wanda and Marcus would react if the team were disbanded even temporarily. I really like those two human teenagers."

                Cheetahna said, "And with the integrity issues in the old satellite, the disband would be the ideal time to build an all-new JFA satellite while the rules were being re-written to become more fair. But I feel that you should let Donkey Guardian and the others construct the new satellite; that way, if anything happens to you, SDCC, the team will still have their headquarters in space. But as for a new team for Richard and the rest of us, we need to see who all is going to want to stay with the JFA first. If it weren't for my father, I wouldn't have gotten a chance to work with you guys at all originally."

                SDCC giggled. "The Silver Age Terrificat Tornado is your father and boy did he get mad when you wore his costume to help us with that one mission."

                Cheetahna also grinned. "But I did a good job and we helped to stop the son of my father's arch enemy. He had to relent toward letting me go in case the stupid son got out of prison and tried his dumb plot again."

                Redbreast then said, "Flittermouse has this really dumb selfish rule in regards to the Redbreast name; She had it copyrighted in her name and she once stated that if I left the JFA, then I couldn't use the name nor the costume of Redbreast anymore. So if I am to found a new team, I will need a new identity as well. I happen to like that one costume the hero in Kangador was using back when you and I had to go there to help solve a crime. He called himself Nightflight. And even though Kangador doesn't exist anymore, I really liked his costume and his identity. If I am to found my own team, SDCC, will you help me to acquire that costume and the gimmicks to go with it?"

                SDCC smiled at Richard and said, "For you, I would do it; the costume is yours any time you want it. I store it in the Crazy Lair in the Chateau itself. I sometimes wish you were my sidekick and partner, Richard. Flittermouse treats you like garbage. Where would you want your new headquarters if you did this?"

                Redbreast replied, "That one island in the ASPCA Harbor within view of Gag'em City. There is currently an old abandoned lighthouse out there at the moment. The two cities haven't quite decided what they want to do with the property. But having a hero team on call from that location might generate new interest on the East Coast."

                SDCC said, "I will have Shticky Fox speak to you on running a team and making good rules. That way you have everything legal before you act without thinking about something important."

                At that moment, the American Rabbit was standing in front of SDCC. "Wonder Dog told me that your team needed some fresh blood to stir things up in the JFA. As long as the activity doesn't interfere with my alter ego's chosen profession, you may call on the American Rabbit from time to time. I will evaluate over time if I want to accept full membership or not. Mess up once and then you will have to work twice as hard to get my attention again."

                SDCC looked the rabbit in the eye as he honestly told him what they had been discussing a moment ago. "If you want to work with the JFA, you may; but if you want to help Redbreast, you may do that as well. The current state of existence for the JFA needs an overhaul and new rules in place before I could ask you to join with a clean and fresh conscious. You did help the backup members in my rescue and that I thank you for. Too bad you are straight and into girls, or I wouldn't mind dating you from time to time, Rabbit."

                American Rabbit blushed. "Calm down, cat; I am a nice guy and I am open minded. But not right now; my alter ego is seeing a lady and she might have hurt feelings if I went the gay route just to satisfy a wild urge. But I will let you know later when I have time. I have to return to Buntown now; important event tonight and all."

                Before the rabbit could fly off, SDCC grabbed his wrist and pressed a JFA communicator into his open palm. "This will enable you to find me whenever you like. Thanks again, colleague."

                The American Rabbit looked at the device before he hugged the Crazy Cat one time and said, "No pockets on this colorful ensemble; but thank you." And he flew off toward Buntown to the North. Yes, the Crazy Cat did interest him in that fun brother sort of way. He didn't know all that many cats, but Zon-El was one of a kind. Just like Ping-Pong the Gorilla.

                End of Chapter 08


                  Chapter 09

                  Over the course of the next year, several events caused work on revamping the JFA to take a back seat until the other events could complete themselves. One such event occurred when Lord Thunderbird of Earth (in the Dreamtrail sector) asked Super Duper Crazy Cat and the Furniverse's own Captain Americat to team up with a select few heroes from Dreamwolf and a couple of varied Power Rangers to go into Dreamtime to save the Unknown Devlin. (A reference to the Finest Hour: Lost Joey Justice episode.) And then SDCC was warned that his comic book was in danger of being canceled which coincided at the same time that the Power Rangers Dragon Soul team chose to take a vacation in Toonmasters and come to see him specifically. (A reference to the Power Rangers Dragon Soul: In Toon With Justice.) Later in their year, Muddy Hawg chose to retire and he unloaded his magical powers on his chosen successor, Gay Dragon, transforming him into the ever powerful MagiDragon. It was about at that time that Outback Jack went out and got new powers of his own from the tribe that Apache Skunk originated from as he became Kangaroo Chief. Then the Backup Members chose to leave the JFA when it seemed that they were not getting promoted as Peter and Jack had; SDCC hated the JFA rules which caused the backup members to get overlooked - yet again. (A reference to the Toon Titans: Profiles.) And then Vultor escaped from Prison and brought together a selection of toon villains to form the infamous Legion of Groom. This action cemented American Rabbit's decision to fully join the JFA. Later, the Legion of Groom launched an idiot campaign to control the fans on Earth using cellphone technology. (A reference to the JFA-Special: Cell Phone Furry.)

                  With all of that out of the way, SDCC contacted Shticky Fox and initiated the JFA temporary disband to revamp the team, the rules, and the satellite. The JFA was in bad need of revisions and they needed to get this done ASAP, now that they could count on the newly formed Toon Titans to fight crime while they were doing serious revisions within their own team.

                  American Rabbit had been calling the Law Reserve as JFA West. A selection of heroes who could survive without Theatrics, a practice that was all well and good on the East Coast, but had no place among traditional serious toons that deserved to exist as much as the funny toons did. Not to mention the new Theatrics Bell System which was annoying to any West Coast toon who heard it ring and this was starting to cause a rebellion in the West (now the Dark Times setting.) If a solution wasn't found soon, Toonmasters would be in World War III.

                  And then the latest event occurred to take the JFA away from Toonmasters which again placed a delay on the JFA revisions. The JFA had to go defeat some of their enemies in deep space. And the cranky bat on P.M.S. was not making the task an easy one. At least she was in her own Flitter Jet; Wonder Dog wouldn't let the bat anywhere near the Invisible Jet that Wonderoo had built for him. Not having Redbreast in the team was beginning to take its toll on the JFA team members. They either wanted a live Redbreast (Richard) or a dead Flittermouse.

                  On the return trip, SDCC was using his super ventriloquism to speak directly to Wonder Dog and Donkey Guardian. He was excluding the cranky bat since she was part of the problem. {Guys, I don't care what emergency comes up when we get back; I want to get the JFA revamped before the year ends; or else, you can just find a new team to be a member in. We all want Richard back and the bat is driving us crazy. Can't we fire her ass?} He wasn't happy with Flittermouse.

                  Wonder Dog replied, {I agree that the team headquarters needs to be rebuilt and the rules need to be streamlined. As for Flittermouse, maybe we will get lucky and she will marry the Quizzler. He certainly seems to love her.}

                  Donkey Guardian commented, {I have the building supplies gathered for the new satellite. But the villains have been keeping us hopping so we couldn't get any work done on our team. I think the best time to fire Flittermouse is just before you call the team back together again after the rebuild. Just don't invite her back. And with the new transport codes on the satellite, she won't be able to get back in.}

                  Marine Otter had been riding in the Flitter Jet when he suddenly opened his communicator and said, "Guys! Flittermouse just vanished out of the pilot seat of the jet and I don't know how to pilot her jet!"

                  Hawk God looked inside of the cockpit of the Flitter Jet and then he said, "Time to call the Toon Titans and ask them to be on the look out for Flittermouse!"

                  (A reference to the Toon Titans: Birthday Concert for a Shark and the Toon Titans: The Quizzler's Wish List episodes.)

                  One hour later, Flittermouse reappeared in her jet angrier than ever and complaining twice as loud as before. Anyone who said that sound cannot travel in space didn't know Flittermouse very well. She defied all rules when it came to making herself heard. She was griping on how the Quizzler and Richard had gotten married they had forced her to watch as a witness and how they wouldn't let her Speak Now to prevent the wedding farce from continuing.

                  MagiDragon commented over his communicator, "Yas mean they are treading my side of the fence? Ah cannot wait to tell Dr. Unicorn about it!"

                  Now Flittermouse was really pissed. She had forgotten that MagiDragon was part of the team and that he used to be Gay Dragon. She shut up immediately afterward, silently fretting and fuming as she piloted the Jet back toward Toonmasters.

                  SDCC said to Wonder Dog and Donkey Guardian, {So that's what it takes to shut her up! Now we know...}

                  Donkey Guardian replied, {And knowing is half the battle!}

                  Wonder Dog exclaimed, {J.F.A. The Greatest Americat Heroes! JFA are there! They'll fight for silence where ever there is Flittermouse! JFA are there!}

                  The Theatrics Bell was ringing in space despite no one but the JFA hearing it.

                  The rest of the flight back to Toonmasters was conducted in silence since they had a lot of work to do upon arriving. Not to mention the bridal shower for Richard and Max Grayson.

                  SDCC knew that Richard would be asking him for more advice in the coming months. Toonmasters seemed more protective toward their villains than they were toward their heroes.

                  End of Chapter 09


                    Chapter 10

                    During the build of the new JFA Watchtower satellite, and while SDCC was in the process of writing up the new JFA rules, Toonmaster himself called the Crazy feline of steel and told him how the fans had voted for a new Crazy Cat story line where Red Catniptonite was going to be responsible for making SDCC act and perform in a creepy serious manner for a year. He was even going to get a new costume just for going along with the fan story line. SDCC told Toonmaster that the plot could start right after the JFA's current issues were completed. If Toonmaster attempted to force SDCC into doing it too soon, the mouse would be the first victim of the creepy serious version of the Crazy feline hero. (A reference to the Toon Titans: Lost Future Dragons Deux Play and the Toon Titans: Bigger Foes Means Better Unity as well as the Toon Titans: Theatrics Revised episodes.)

                    Having gotten the JFA rules and new headquarters ironed out, the year-long plot story line began and it was during this time that SDCC's Narrator was given a temporary leave to permit the creepy serious Narrator to do his job. However, it was discovered very quickly that the new Narrator was some sort of villain ploy to discredit the heroes once again and his original Narrator challenged the serious Narrator to a fight to win back the rights of narrating for Super Duper Crazy Cat. It was on that day that SDCC learned that his narrator had a name: Irvine Huxford, who was also a true fan of the Crazy Cat.

                    Near the end of the serious fiasco, Shticky Fox who was getting tired of the villains being in more control than the heroes, initiated an AUDIT on the Toonmasters Sector. The dirty word of all dirty words... An audit. It was also at this time, that the Toon Titans built a new base in orbit, much like how the JFA's Watchtower was in orbit.

                    What followed was an extended vacation in the Dreamtrail Sector in which the toons invaded the Australian Outback during Power Rangers Boomer Force and Power Rangers Outback Rescue. In the end, it was discovered that the Creators were recreating Toonmasters West (Dark Times) as its own Anime Masters world in the Toonmaster Sector. All heroes were giving a choice when the vacation ended; return to Toonmasters and abide by the rules there of, or go to Anime Masters where a more serious toon existence was to be found. But nowhere near as serious and as strict as the Furniverse where Captain Americat lived.

                    When Super Duper Crazy Cat opted to move to Anime Masters with his then male-mate, American Rabbit, the entire JFA thought that the Crazy Feline had lost his mind. But like Shticky Fox, SDCC was tired of the manure that would humiliate the heroes every time the Master Mouse farted and how the villains were constantly protected with no repercussions whatsoever. Good guys needed permission to visit Toonmasters while villains had free reign to come and go as they pleased. Zon-El was tired of this. Not to mention, he wanted to raise a family since he and the rabbit had accidentally gotten each other knocked up during the vacation. Morning sickness was not fun for either JFA hero. It was a good thing when Zale had hired Joseph Devlin to come work for him at his new Chateau as the Earthian Manservant.

                    After the birthing of their children, Joseph Devlin helped to raise and educate the young feline and the young bunny rabbit which gave the two elder heroes a chance to re-establish the new Anime Masters version of their old team: Super Furries - Advanced Justice. In the new team of heroes, SDCC (Zale "Zon-El" Kent) and American Rabbit (Robert "Rob" Rabbit) had brought together a rightfully serious team of anime heroes and toon fans from HAJI. Blackpaw Prince was Wonder Wolf, a male black timber wolf; Angela Wayne was Darkwing Mouse, a female vampire bat; Sambo Toro was Space Guardian, a male brown bovine; Marina Current was Princess Marina, a female Atlantean dolphin; Wanda Hendricks was Silver Streak, normally a human female teenager from HAJI, but when suited up she became a female silver sable; and Marcus Johnson was Cell Signal, normally a human male teenager from HAJI, but when suited up he became a male elk. And then the team had a brand new Narrator. Apparently when a new team in Anime Masters was formed but was based off of a counterpart in Toonmasters, the team was automatically assigned a new narrator to guide the team in their adventures and to provide insight when the team was stumped; completely different from how narrators performed before.

                    On Anime Masters, Theatric Points were replaced with universal Activity Points. What this meant is that no matter where the anime toons were performing, as long as they were doing it in public where their narrator could see their actions as well as the public at large, then they could still score points. Their Narrators were also their Points judges and they scored their assigned toons fairly. The new scripts handed out to narrators covered what the anime characters and every guest star said and did regardless of their being around or not. The new system was far more fair and nice to work with.

                    SDCC was glad that he didn't have to do the serious act anymore but it was so easy to get into and out of. It was like having two separate heroes in one creation. The Theatrical Crazy Cat and the Anime Crazy Cat with an internal flip-switch. But as time went on, he found that he was going to need a new costume once again. The serious and foreboding costume was going out of style and the fans were asking for something more shiny. Thus Super Duper Crazy Cat version three was introduced with mirrored armor plating. Zale was a happy kitty when he finally received the costume that he had been hearing about.

                    This was not to say that Zale didn't miss his good friends from the original team, although he continued to occasionally see Donkey Guardian during time off visits when he could get news from the Toonmasters version of the team. Apparently, a second Audit was initiated by another Creator and this time, Toonmaster was not as prepared for the fall-out as he was caught in the act conversing with the known villains and receiving bribes to keep the toon world villain friendly. After Toonmaster's arrest, the toon world was acquired through auction by none other than Irvine Huxford, SDCC's original narrator, where he had plans to revive the world as it had been before the villains had nearly ruined it for the toons and visitors alike. Nearly everyone was on Irvine's side since they knew that he would fight for toon rights and he would defend the toon he was assigned to. He had the support of the entire sector.

                    Irvine had gotten his financial funding directly from HAJI's founders, Lord Scarlet and Madame Blue. This meant that all of Toonmaster Space was now a HAJI protected zone. Irvine had plans to revamp the JFA and Toon Titans adventures from the beginning so that both teams would have a better start the second time around.

                    As Zale Kent and Rob Rabbit lay in their lawn chairs next to the Crazy Swimming Pool at their estate, the toon feline said, "The new Toonmasters will be something else, love."

                    Rob Rabbit replied, "They had plans on having all new versions of ourselves there; so why are you thinking about Toonmasters again? We are free of the manure that we both agreed would be the death of the old world. Besides, we have children of our own and soon, grand-children."

                    The crazy feline said, "That would be like your giving up playing the piano, love. Any chance of that happening?"

                    The anime rabbit replied, "I suppose you are right. If they need us, they will remember that we came here as a just in case backup plan. They will call us if and when we are needed."

                    End of Chapter 10
                    End of Episode One

                    Stay tuned for the next episode, Justice Revived