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TMH:TS-01 Legacies Continued

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  • TMH:TS-01 Legacies Continued

    TMH: Toonsiders
    Episode One: Legacies Continued.
    By the Anime Masters writers

    Zeke Kent, Super Duper Crazy Rabbit
    Joseph Devlin-Kent, Outback Cat

    Others will be added to the team list...

    Chapter One: All Good Stories...

    Super City, Cowlifurnia; Anime Masters

    While the Calico colored anime rabbit male worked in the labs of Super City, his anime human male husband worked in the nearby Experimental Gardens where he grew chemically altered vegetables for the DFA (Drug and Food Administration.) Joseph Devlin was good at this sort of thing despite his lack of skills and lack of experience... no thanks to his poor childhood back on Planet Earth. But he found employment as the manservant to Super Duper Crazy Cat and the American Rabbit who were both at the time... pregnant. This pregnancy resulted in a boy rabbit with feline eyes and a girl feline with a bunny tail. Assisting his employers to raise the kids was not an easy task as they, having powers, were hard to control... often resulting in embarrassing misadventures where their parents had to come bail them out of the trouble they got themselves into.

    When Zeke reached his senior high year and was able to show his parents his diploma, he shocked them both by proposing marriage to Joseph. But it was his decision and Joseph was shocked... but he said yes to the proposal and not long after... they were married. Zeke's sister went on to become a model in Manbattan, New Yak, and her image was seen often in advertising magazines and on TV. She was one hot feline. So shapely.

    Now the two lived in Super City on the West Coast where they lived in a very nice mansion on a fair sized estate overlooking the city.

    This might have been the end of a very short story and we could say they lived happily ever after. But this is Toonmasters Space. The peace was not to last.

    One afternoon, a rumbling vibration was felt all over the west coast as a gigantic meteor penetrated the skies over Super City and collided with the Experimental Gardens destroying it in a magnificent explosion. Zeke, fearful of his mate's life immediately went into action.

    Zeke began to run in a circle picking up speed, faster and faster he went, until red and yellow stripes were streaming off of his body, and a field of blue with white stars streamed off of his ears. And when he stopped, he was wearing the new age Super Crazy Armor and golden roller skate wheels on the soles of his feet with a blue cape adorned with white stars in a justice pattern. "Super Duper Crazy Rabbit! Evil shall know no rest tonight!"

    "Hang on, Joseph! I'm coming!" he shouted as he flew out an open window and dove down into the smoke filled and weirdly glowing crater that was once the Experimental Gardens. But as he found his mate and was picking him up, too late he saw what every Crazy Hero feared... Red Captonite! "Oh no!"

    And in a flash, the deed was done... the Red Captonite vanished yet it didn't seem to do anything to Zeke at all as he flew his mate out of the crater and he took him to the nearest hospital.

    Once in a hospital bed, Zeke called for a doctor then he came back over to his husband and... kissed him deeply on the mouth... and that's when it happened.

    The Red glow appeared again as it copied the super feline portion of Zeke's form and powers... and sank them deeply into Joseph... who immediately transformed from the anime human form he had earned while in that world... to an anime feline form equal in size to Zeke and of the same color. It was like someone had caught Zale Kent in a taffy pulling machine and stretched him out to be Zeke's and Rob's height. Then it was over. The glow was gone.

    The doctors came in and gave Joseph a medical exam as Zeke called his parents to let them know what had happened. But after that, Zeke was going to stay with Joseph no matter what. He loved him despite his being an anime feline now.