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[Wolf Star] TR-01 Joining The Legend

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    [Wolf Star] TR-01 Joining The Legend

    Sea Spray Hills, California - Camp World

    [Wolf Star] TR-01 Joining The Legend.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    September 2nd, 2020

    Chapter One: Can I Keep Him?

    ["Hi, I'm Tom Rivers, a typical farm boy on the edge of the Wolf Wilderness. I am sure you have already read about my friend Lightning Star (from the Wolf Stars TV show,) but this my tale of how I became Sea Spray Hills newest Lupine Hero. You see, I am an animated human boy; I'm not a wolf like the other locals in the wilderness. But I am stubborn; I take responsibility seriously. My dog is my dog; I don't care if he is a wolf. Why don't you take a look into my story and see for yourself."]

    Lightning Star was born as part of a litter of wolf pups to a pack hunter and daughter of the alpha. The pack wise wolf evaluated each pup one at a time. She had interesting things to say about each of his brothers and sister. One was to have defeated a bear; another was to have climbed the highest mountain in a foreign land; and another was to become a great tracker. But when the wise wolf looked upon Star, she went silent; a glossy look covered her eyes and... she muttered something about the splitting of the hills and the sliding of the ebb of life. Then she spoke of blood and the moon and how the stars would dance around me as I stood over them all. Then she glanced at the alpha one time and she said, "He will outshine you, my liege, unless you cast him out." The alpha declared that he needed time to ponder this over. The hunter, Star's father, was his closest friend. They went off together alone... and spoke until the sunrise in quiet tones. Then Star saw him return. The Hunter picked Star up by the scruff of his neck and carried him up the mountain to an overlook.

    At that point, he pointed off to a far away land and he said, "Customary when a wise wolf casts your path... you receive a name. When life splits and the stars dance, it is said that Lightning reigns down upon us all. It is not a good omen at all, my son... it is a bitter one. Sadly, you have that path. And so as much as it pains me to do this, you are Lightning Star. And now... with a name... you die." And the hunter threw Star off from the overlook as hard as he could. And Star fell into the darkness of the valley below.

    Star should have died. But; the fates had spoken his path and destiny would not let him die. Through chance... he landed hard in the back of a hay truck whose owners were were taking the hay to a nearby farm in exchange for necessary grain for their own farm. When they unloaded the hay, the farm owner's son, Tom, noticed Star roll down the hay looking unconscious. The boy had always wanted a dog and he begged his father for permission to keep the pup. Huge responsibilities begin with small hearts, Star would learn. Permission was given and they nursed his injuries and the boy played with him and trained the pup to protect not only the farm but the livestock as well. As Star got older, however, the farm owner began to realize that his son's dog was actually a wolf. And that worried him greatly. During Star's stay with these people, the boy had named him Starlight because his fur often looked like it had the stars of the sky within it.

    One night, farmers reported that a pack of wolves were hitting farms in search of fresh livestock and food. The farmer knelt before Star and he pointed a finger at the wolf-dog and said, "I know you are a wolf, Starlight; but my son loves you. You must defend this farm from the other wolves or else I will shoot you myself. Get me? Do not let any other wolf near the barn or else." Star was then left on guard wearing his collar in front of the barn's only entrance.

    Around midnight, it happened.

    A pack of the new hunters had stealthily entered the farm yard and were making their way toward the barn. Something about the farm had them on edge; a familiar scent. Star's own scent in fact. He was a wolf they had not learned about. And that night... Star's path began.

    The sky darkened and black clouds ominously rolled in as Star stood at the ready in front of the barn's doors. When the hunter pack saw his eyes shining like stars in the darkness, they briefly cringed. But then the oldest hunter of the pack stepped forth and he sniffed at Star. "You're a wolf; a collared wolf. Cowardly slave; what do you think you are doing? Humans are your enemies. Now move aside or else." And he stepped forth once again only to hear Star's growl. He was NOT moving aside. Star had his orders. Defend or die. And he didn't fancy dying as fun. So he remained where he was.

    The hunter, of course, growled in return. And then came the opening of the path... as twin bolts of lightning arced down out of the cloud and struck Star full tilt where he stood... but instead of dying... Star briefly floated in mid air where his body began to transform, ever so slowly with arcs of electricity lighting up the farm yard which caused most of the hunters to pull back. And then Star remembered his birth... his path... and his name. He gently landed on two feet and stood there before the hunter wolves; a wolf man with dark fur, dimly glowing pin points of light, and glowing eyes.

    The fight that followed was horrendous. Every time a wolf tried to get past Star to the barn doors, a bolt of lightning shot out of his eyes and electrocuted the wolf where he stood in mid step before falling on the ground smoldering. Then the farmer and his son came out on their back porch. The farmer had his gun at the ready, but his son stopped him. "Don't shoot, dad! It's Starlight! See the collar? He's defending the barn like you told him to!"

    Soon it was just the hunter leader and Star. The hunter was angry because Star had killed the entire hunting pack. And he was the only one left of this strike force. "Who are you, cowardly slave? Who are you that you can defeat a whole pack by yourself?" And then came the answer that opened all eyes. "I am the omen that was cast out of the pack at birth; left to die as I plummeted off the mountain; cared for and healed by these farmers and their son; I am the path... I am destiny... I am..." And thunder rolled over the farm at that moment which made the hunter leader cringe as Star towered over him and lightning flashed behind his silhouette.

    "...Lightning Star. Remember that name, you worthless cur... run back to your cowardly alpha and stick your head up his ass. He ordered my death as a pup, yet here I am. Perhaps next time he should do the job himself. If you or any of the pack ever return here, I will wipe them all out."

    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two: Starlight's Path.

    After the hunter leader fled with his tail between his legs, Star became aware of his boy slowly approaching him. "Don't come any closer, Tom. I'm still covered in electricity. Master Rivers... you better call the vet. Please. I don't know what happened to me. Why did this happen to me?" Farmer Rivers had the vet on one touch dialing and he pressed the button on his cellphone. In the meantime, Tom came as close as he dared. "Starlight... I still love you. Even if this happened to you. You protected the farm. You're my hero." You have to love the boy who raised you. Star wanted to hug him but not while he had lightning coursing all over his whole body. He needed the vet; plus, he was actually scared. He expected Tom's father to shoot him anyway. But he didn't; Star thought that he should have.

    The vet soon arrived and while wearing rubber gloves, he slowly checked Star out. The wolf-man held still for him. Star had always held still for this vet. He was one of the few Star liked. Finally, the vet turned to look at Farmer Rivers. "Mike... your guard dog is a werewolf like those in Studio City. I don't know how this happened to him, but from what he told me... Lightning Star corresponds to a legend out here in the farmlands. When he was born, his Alpha had him thrown off of Wolf Mountain in hopes that the fall would have killed him. Instead, he landed in that hay truck and your boy raised him with the one thing he has never had before. That one thing is love. Without that, he likely would have died. The legend goes something like this, Mike... Lightning Star was prophesied to grow up to be a mighty warrior and a fantastic hero. He was to have fought against the evil wolf leader... Baron Von Wolvenklaw. However, his Alpha misinterpreted the prophecy to mean that his grandson was going to grow up to kill him. And that is why he was thrown off the mountain. But now you have a chance to help him achieve that goal. Mentally, Starlight is still your guard dog. But he remembers everything. True, he is a wolf; but you and your son raised him; not the pack. Starlight is loyal to you and Tom. But if you want me to take him away from here, I can. They can help him in Studio City."

    It was Mike Rivers' choice on what to do with Star. But Tom wasn't about to let his dog go so easily. Tom really cared about Star. "Dad, please... if you send him away, I'll go with him. I raised him. You said he was my responsibility. If I didn't put up a fight now to defend him, then that would prove that I had no responsibility for raising a best friend like him." You have to hand it to Tom; he was ready to defend Star. But werewolves wasn't something his father wanted to deal with. Even though he had defended the farm from the pack, more would come. Not to mention what the other farmers would say when they learned that Starlight was a wolf himself. So the decision was made: Star was to leave the farm. But Tom wasn't about to let his wolf get away that easily. He ran into the house and not more than five minutes later, he emerged with a suitcase which he loaded into the back of the vet's car and he then he got in himself next to Star and held on to the wolf's hand tightly. And that is when he got a shock. Even though Star wasn't coursing with electricity anymore; there was still a bit of static electricity in Star's fur. The vet thought it was funny. "Are you sure you want to do this, Tom? I am going to take him to a distant training farm where werewolves learn how to control themselves so they can function in Studio City. I know he has no plans on going to the city, he still needs to learn these things. So before we leave... think this over carefully; are you sure you want to be around other werewolves?" Again, Star's boy was loyal. Tom did raise Star; Tom believed in his dog.

    The vet took Tom Rivers and Lightning Star across the river, through the woods and across yet another river. Neither Tom nor Star had ever been this far away from the farm before. And then they heard the distant howl even though they were in the car itself. It seemed to be from a wolf they had never heard before. Strong lungs, nice nasal passages, Star thought. And powerful since they heard his howl inside the car.

    "What was that?" Tom had asked the question Star was curious about himself. Star knew it was some sort of wolf but from the strength of the howl, the guy had to be as large as he was. But still, it was nice of his boy to ask so he didn't have to. The vet chuckled as he drove the car. "That was the werewolf farm's instructor, actually. He spotted my car coming and he sent out the alert to the others at the farm. He is a Titano Werewolf named Buddy. He's always in a good mood and has a cookout every Friday night. Usually canine males only, so I don't know how he will react to your being there, Tom. You're not a wolf." Bless Tom's heart. "Where Starlight goes; I go. And if this Butt-Buddy doesn't like that, I'll kick his butt." Tom talked big when he defended Star.

    The vet pulled his car into parking and they all got out. There were other cars there, which surprised both boy and wolf since they weren't aware that werewolves could drive cars. They walked up the path and we were about to the front of the porch when all of a sudden, a werewolf leaped out of the bushes directly toward Tom with his claws extended. And in the next instant, fur was standing on end all over the property as a loud thunderclap went off and the werewolf dunce was shaking the Rochette She-Wolves out of his eyes where he lay against a far tree. But Tom said with a stern voice, "Stand down, Star. They were probably testing you." Star, of course, obeyed his boy immediately. This would be useful later on during Star's training once Buddy learned that Star would only do as Tom said.

    The next werewolf came leaping in from the other side, but it was the vet who was at the ready this time with a tranquilizer gun and the werewolf fell on the ground looking dopey. "Aw, doc... why do you make me... see... sworlie... cuullers...." And he was hallucinating after that. The vet shouted out at that point, "Stop pouncing or no treats later!" Apparently doc's treats were to die for, as the saying goes. Even Star knew how good those treats were. Behave or you don't get one. And Star was always good for the doc. Maybe someday Star would feed Tom one of those treats so the boy knew why dogs liked them so much. On the other paw, it might make him sick since he was a human, but one never knew. Tom did raise him; his boy.

    That's when Buddy came into view. That werewolf stood nearly fourteen to fifteen feet tall or so they thought; and he looked to weigh about 700 to 800 pounds. They would learn later that Buddy was bigger and heavier than the estimated guess.

    "Doc!" said Buddy with a happy outlook. "Glad to see you! And who did you bring this time? Some of the boys are in heat... I hope they didn't scare you too much!" In heat... that was a phrase around the farm that they had heard many times but usually it was implied of the female species. This was the first time the boy and his wolf had ever heard it used for the male gender. Boy, did they have a lot to learn!

    End of Chapter Two.


      Chapter Three: Lupine Life Lessons.

      "Buddy, nice to see your smile again," started the vet slowly. "This is Tom Rivers and Starlight. Tom raised Starlight back when he didn't know the lug was a wolf. And now Starlight is a werewolf. Can you take him in and help him learn about himself? And now for the surprise... Tom will be staying here with Starlight, as dangerous as that might be... but he won't abandon his friend."

      Buddy sniffed over Tom right there and on the spot. Yes, this was a typical werewolf recognition maneuver even though Star started to growl when Buddy approached Tom. The snarl was enough to make Buddy tread lightly around Star's boy. When he was done, he withdrew and Star's growl stopped. "Starlight... you are going to have to learn the difference between scent recognition and an actual attack. If I wanted to attack your boy, there is nothing you could do about it. Since he is going to be living here with you, I needed to learn his scent so I could warn the other werewolf students out here."

      "Sorry. My boy treats me good. I have to protect him." Star's reply was pretty subservient. He just stated the fact for all to hear; his boy meant everything to him. Cross the line and pay the price. A few of the other werewolf students were now arriving from where ever they had been before. Some looked totally like werewolves; the others looked as human as Tom. This surprised Star.

      Buddy smiled as he shook Star's hand. "Right after I show you and Tom your shared quarters with your roommates, we'll get you started on something simple." They were getting two roommates. Oh well.

      While Starlight (Lightning Star) got bunked with a Werewolf student named Crescent, Tom found himself in a nearby cabin with a Werewolf student named Devin Wolfe, although his werewolf name was Bardsong. Devin spent most of his downtime in his human form. He admitted to Tom that one of the cars out front belonged to him. Overall, Tom found Devin to be enjoyable to be around. Of course the first time Tom got to see Devin's odd looking Werewolf form, he wasn't sure what he was looking at or if Buddy was playing a joke on him to see if the farm boy would run away. Which he didn't. He was adamant about staying at the werewolf farm with Starlight. "Um... Devin? Is that you?"

      Bardsong replied, "Yeah, it's me, Tom. Move aside so I can get clean in the bathroom. I'm a second year student at the farm, so I tend to get into some crazy things around here during what Buddy calls training. I think he does it to see how long a human can stomach being around a bunch of wolves. His sister is a whole lot nicer to be around."

      Tom asked, "What's wrong with your fur and what's with that weird look in your eyes. I've never seen a canine with that look nor appearance before."

      Bardsong replied, "You really don't want this crap on you. Just please let me get to the bathroom so I can get cleaned up, Tom. You can come in with me and I will talk to you while I am cleaning my fur." And as Tom moved aside, Devin stalked past him and went straight to the bathroom.

      Tom remarked, "It almost smells like some variety of poop. If this is something Buddy does to you guys, it really doesn't seem like a nice thing to do."

      Bardsong slowly glanced back at Tom. "Thanks. Star is so lucky to have a friend like you, Tom. All of my old friends dumped me once I learned about my wolf side."

      Tom smiled. "There is plenty of me to go around, Devin. I'll be your friend. Being a farm boy where the closest neighbors were over a mile away didn't grant me many friend making opportunities during the Summer months. The only friends I got to see were in school. And most of them thought I was weird for making a stray into a pet. But what a stray turned pet he turned out to be. Starlight is one of a kind. He kicked the asses of the hunter wolf raiding pack that tried to get into our barn before Starlight found his werewolf side."

      Bardsong sat in the tub and cleaned himself thoroughly. "In a few weeks, I will need to go up on the nearby mountain top for a planned test outing, I am allowed to bring a witness meaning you could come with me when I made the outing. Rules for going for me is no clothing at all while I commune with the moon spirits. The witness can only wear shorts. Clothing can make it so spirits won't respond to an inquiry."

      Tom said, "As long as I can wear my shoes on the trip up there, I'd be glad to come along. My feet are not endurable like a werewolf's padded paw-feet are. Before you started your commune, I could remove my clothes entirely and sit naked nearby so you don't fail your spirit communal. Did Buddy suggest that you ask me to be your witness? Earlier today, he mentioned that in order for Star's training to really sink in, I shouldn't be around for the really hard core stuff. I don't know what he meant by hard core."

      Bardsong smiled. "I have an idea on that. What that means is to train Star really hard to the point of exhaustion and then part of the training is for him to drag himself back to his dorm quarters under his own power. If you were there to help him in any way at all, he would fail his training. That is the only reason Buddy suggested you not be around for the really hard core stuff. As long as we tell Buddy that you have agreed to come with me on my test outing, he can tell Star himself if he asks where you are at any time."

      Tom stated, "If Star gets riled, he might forget to ask Buddy where I am. He's already sworn that he would hurt anyone whom tried to do me harm."

      Bardsong smirked. "I forgot that he made that statement earlier this afternoon."

      End of Chapter Three.


        Chapter Four: Camping With The Poet.

        During the course of the next several weeks, Buddy at first permitted Tom to be around when Star trained. But as time went on, Tom was around less and less until Star began to suspect that Buddy had something to do with it. Tom was approached by Bardsong one evening just after the poet werewolf finished cleaning up. "Tom? I need to go up on the nearby mountain this week and Buddy wants me to bring along a witness to oversee the tests I have to do up there. Buddy suggested that you only wear shorts and sneakers up to the testing zone since too many clothes may make the spirits avoid the testing zone. Will you agree to accompany me up there? We wouldn't be gone but for a few days. Starlight could ask Buddy where you were if he starts missing you."

        Tom replied, "I would rather tell Starlight myself since he sometimes gets forgetful if he is agitated and he might not remember to ask Buddy if he's angry. Star could be a problem if he cannot find me."

        Bardsong stated, "If you are that concerned about Starlight overreacting, then perhaps you should ask Buddy to tell Star before his training session is to begin. That way, he knows that you went somewhere local with your roommate and you will be back. I know you would rather tell him yourself, but Buddy has Star in his deepest werewolf training sessions at the moment. And that means Star is not to have any scent contact with any non-werewolves until he completes that portion of his training. I know it is hard; we have all been through it."

        Tom thought it over and said, "I haven't seen Star in days; he doesn't even stick his nose into our cabin anymore. I guess that training is why. I will go with you when you are ready."

        The next morning, Tom confronted Buddy about the warning in regards to Star since he was planning on heading out with Bardsong to the testing site. Once the information was given, Tom and Bardsong headed off out of the farm toward a nearby mountain. The hike was uneventful and Bardsong showed Tom where fresh water and edible food sources could both be found along the trail. When they reached the top of the mountain, there was a circle of stones for a fire and a nearby cave large enough for two.

        "Um, what should I do during your testing?" asked Tom as he watched Bardsong gather dry branches for the campfire.

        Bardsong replied without looking at Tom. "Go into the camping cave and remove your sneakers and shorts so you are naked. Store them to one side of the cavern. The spirits do not like the presence of clothing and won't heed a summons if even the witness is clothed. Later tonight, I will provide the body warmth of my fur as your blanket when you are ready to sleep. And if you are game, I can teach you about werewolf anatomy while we are resting. It could be helpful to Star later on." He added that last part on since he really wanted to have sex with Tom and if the boy thought it would help Star, then he might be more inclined to try it.

        Tom crawled into the small cave and removed his shorts and sneakers. He was glad the cave provided a buffer against the night air on the mountain. Despite the smell within the cave giving the boy a nice erection which he felt was inappropriate to his cabin mate. (Not realizing that Bardsong knew about the erection scent since he had placed it there.)

        Bardsong had been planning this outing for a long time since getting to share a cabin with Tom; the farm boy turned him on. Bardsong got some flint and steel that he had hidden near the fire pit to use in getting the campfire started. When the flames got to a nice roaring pyre in the stone fire pit, he turned and proceeded to enter the small cave to show Tom a good time in preparation in making the boy into his loyal thrall. At least that was the plan until a female voice announced, "Who lit the alert signal fire on Trouble Mountain?!" Bardsong was planning on keeping silent; except Tom whom had recognized the voice replied, "Gala! Bardsong is preparing himself for his tests with the spirits! He got the fire started and then he came into the cave for a moment! It's me, Tom Rivers!"

        Bardsong was then hauled out of the cave by his werewolf tail by a female werewolf whom stood at the same size as Buddy as the female werewolf said, "Tom, come out of the mating cave and if you have any clothes with you, bring them!"

        Tom grabbed his shorts and had them on himself pretty fast followed by his sneakers. Then he emerged from the cave where he saw Buddy's sister, Gala, towering over the both of them.

        Gala growled as she had Bardsong held around his stupid neck! "Lighting a fire tells the spirits to stay away, Tom! Besides, you are likely going to want to kick this damned werewolf's ass when I tell you this next part! He successfully conducted his tests at the official testing site some three weeks ago! He was about to graduate from Buddy's werewolf farm! He brought you up here to claim you as his loyal sex slave, otherwise known as a thrall! I've been hearing lightning going off back at the farm! I am taking you both back there this instant! I think Star noticed your being missing!"

        The evening before, Star had dragged himself back into his quarters and as he peaked into Tom's shared quarters, he noted that his boy had his back to the door while sitting in a chair and he was playing cards with his room mate. Everything seemed fine so Star went on into his own quarters and went to bed. Earlier the the next evening, in truth a few hours ago, Star peaked into Tom's shared quarters. And 'Tom' was in the same chair playing cards with his roommate. Star chose to walk right past his quarters and once he was 'out of sight', he sneaked back around to the window where he could see into his boy's shared quarters. Sitting in Tom's chair was not Tom at all. It was some other boy who he knew to be a werewolf; in fact, Tom and Star had seen this guy the first day. But he was wearing Tom's clothes. Growling, Star marched right in there and flipped the guy's chair entirely over, slamming the guy on the floor as he shouted, "WHERE IS TOM? MY BOY! YOU ARE WEARING HIS CLOTHES!" Star was very angry that they had pulled this trick on him; he wanted answers. The fight in the quarters that came after that was not a pretty one. They had Tom secreted away someplace and Star wanted him back.

        End of Chapter Four.


          Chapter Five: Outta There.

          As the students were learning, you didn't get between Star and his boy. Eventually Buddy had to get involved to stop him. Buddy got slammed by a lightning bolt twice before Star felt the tranquilizer dart striking him in the rear end. Sneaky no good Vet... Star was out pretty fast after that.

          The werewolves at the farm cringed when they saw Gala stomp into their midst with a death grip around Bardsong's neck with one hand and gently carrying Tom with her other hand. When Tom saw the scene, he was very disappointed in Star. But he was also upset that the werewolves had worn his clothes. And worse... ruined them beyond repair. Tom only had a pair of shorts and his sneakers left. He was otherwise... well... pretty hot to look at. Tom scolded Star for attacking the other students and Buddy, their host. Tom said that Star should have went to Buddy first before initiating a fight since their host was well aware of where Tom had gone and why. Star slunk back to his quarters and lay on the floor in the corner, whimpering. There is nothing sadder than a scolded pup whose boy just reprimanded him in front of everybody.

          Gala went in to where Star was laying and she said, "You did nothing wrong, Legendary Hero. As for this piece of slime... he better hope he isn't placed in front of you in a combat pen later on." Then she left Star laying there as she went and confronted Buddy while still holding Bardsong in a deadly throat grip. "Brother, sniff Tom for a moment! NOW!"

          When his sister used that voice, it was business.

          Buddy sniffed Tom and he arched an eye as he sniffed Tom a second time. "Why do you smell like Thrall Claiming Scent? I do not permit the claiming of Thralls on my farm! Whom did this?"

          Tom of course told Buddy the truth followed by what Gala had said about the mountain and cave that Bardsong had taken him to. Gala then growled in Buddy's face which blew his fur backward! "Bardsong did his spirit tests three weeks ago! Because you were distracted with Star, he tricked you into allowing him to take Tom to the Breeding Cave on Signal Mountain!"

          And at that moment, Star was standing in the open door. "Come on, Tom! We're done here! Gala is the only werewolf with any honor on this farm! We're leaving!" Star had lightning cascading over his fur while his eye sockets and muzzle were sparkling with electrical sparks.

          Buddy looked at Star and said, "I haven't finished training you yet, Star, and-"

          Star cut him off. "I'M STRAIGHT! DOUCHE BAG!"

          Gala smirked. "Now I know whom to go to when my electric curling iron needs a recharge." She had trying to be funny but Star sent a glare at her next.

          "Thank you for saving my boy from this gay raping cur! But I am taking Tom and we are leaving this homo farm tonight!"

          Gala said, "You two will need a decent place to stay. I own a property and home up by the Stunt Wolf Union in Studio City. Buddy never goes into town and none of his queer boys will go near my place after you're moved in. Once you calm down, Star, Buddy could help you to learn how to control this power so you don't accidentally electrocute your own boy. While in Studio City, you will need to get some kind of job so you can provide proper comfort for Tom. I can help you boys once in a while, but you need a job. I would suggest that you talk to the leader of the stunt union, Star. As for you, Tom. If you want to earn your own keep, just keep in mind that Studio City is controlled by wolves. You could get a part time job locally, but don't expect high pay unless you are sucking wolf cock." She looked back to Star at that point. "Pardon my language, but that is how the male wolves think. When you are ready to go, I will take you boys to the house."

          Buddy said, "I think this is a mistake, Gala. Star isn't ready for the big city just yet. He's a farm dog in nature; one loss of control and Umbra will want to dispose of him."

          When Buddy said the name Umbra, there were wolf growls all over the farm.

          Tom said, "If the other wolves don't like whomever she is, then the homo farm wolves won't come near our new home."

          Bardsong then managed to say, "As my cabin mate, Tom... your virgin scent was driving me crazy. Star kept claiming that you belonged to him, yet his scent wasn't on you and you still smelled virgin. If he owns you, then your virginity should be gone and it isn't. Star should stop saying that you belong to him if you are not going to sport his claiming scent. The rest of us have just as much right to you as he claims to have."

          Star started laughing as he went out and he returned with a chain which was connected to an old dog collar. "You spend a week as a dog chained to the front of Buddy's house and if you survive the wild treatment for that length of time before you ask Buddy to release you, then you have the right to make that complaint. If it rains, you get wet. You don't let anyone but Buddy pet your head. You only accept food from him. No daily baths nor showers. You stink like a dog the whole time. Or will you shut your mouth? Come on, Tom; we're outta here."

          Buddy started laughing as well at the ultimatum as Gala escorted Star and Tom away from Buddy's Farm, but not for the last time.

          End of Chapter Five.


            Chapter Six: Life in Studio City.

            After getting groceries and being left in the house, Star headed off to speak to the owner of the Stunt Union as per Gala's request and Tom chose to rake leaves in the yard since the yard looked as if it needed it. As he raked, he managed to find all manner of coinage and money clips laying beneath the leaves. Placing all of the money in a bowl on the kitchen table, Tom resumed cleaning the yard completely unaware of the two acting wolves watching him from the fence which faced the sidewalk along the street.

            One said, "He must be one of Gala's new groundskeepers. She never can seem to keep anyone working for her."

            Tom glanced over at the two wolves and said, "No. Gala is permitting my friend and I to live here since we recently had a fallout with her weird brother. My name is Tom Rivers. Whom are you guys?"

            One said, "I am Adolph Valentino and this is my associate, Doglas Fairbanks. We do acting over at Star Line Pictures. Recently our producer said that a boy could do a better job that the prop mutts that arranged set props. So if you needed a part time job, this could be your big break at our studios. Since you're not a wolf and you wouldn't be doing this to get on TV, you wouldn't need a screen test. However... you do have an issue that might cause you trouble later. You are sporting a very strong virginity scent that will drive a canine out of their minds. Until you get someone to have sex with your anal hole, then you will continue to produce this scent. They don't have to claim you since that would be barbaric. They just have to stay in long enough for your anal ring to stop making that scent. Even your friend could help you to do this; but in the event that he won't, then we can help you ourselves; we would not be getting any personal enjoyment out of this since that is not what we are about ourselves."

            Tom said, "Starlight went to the stunt union to see about getting a job. He will be back soon."

            Doglas asked, "Is he a wolf?"

            Tom replied, "Yes, although he is a very special Werewolf, even though when I raised him, we didn't know that he was a wolf at all."

            Doglas then remarked, "Unless he submits to an unusual screen test, then no one will hire him."

            Tom arched an eye. "What kind of unusual screen test?"

            Doglas sighed. "He has to be able to prove that he can do porn in front of a video camera; whether it is straight porn or homosexual porn; either or the other. It is a strict rule of Studio City. If a wolf wants to work in this town, he has to do it at least once. Adolph and I both have had to do it. We didn't enjoy it, but we did it anyway. And now we are stars."

            Tom folded his arms over his chest. "Since Starlight is straight, he won't mount me for any reason. And he is super over-protective where my welfare is concerned. So you would have to get his permission before you helped me to lose this virgin scent. Since I raised him, I am his boy; friendship-wise. Not claim-wise."

            Adolph remarked, "And let me guess... the claim-wise incident with your scent is why you had a fallout with Buddy?"

            Tom said, "Buddy didn't do it; one of his farm students tried to claim me as a thrall which failed horribly when he got caught by Gala."

            Adolph and Doglas were laughing after hearing that. "Sounds like someone failed their stealth saving throw!" Then Adolph said, "When Starlight comes home we will speak to both him and you in private so we can help you both to fit in better without any more problems."

            At that moment behind both wolves, Star's voice said, "My boy is off-limits!" Then he entered the yard and he hugged Tom. "They won't hire me since I am an unknown. I don't want to go back to Buddy's Homo Farm."

            Adolph and Doglas re-introduced themselves to Starlight and then they came inside and sat within the kitchen with the boy and his wolf pup. The explanation was then given once again to Starlight exactly as they had explained it to Tom. "So you see, Star..." said Adolph. "This screen test is a short porn film between you and another wolf. Since you claim to be straight, the other wolf does not need to be male; it can be female; just don't go for the mating. Pretend you are enjoying someone you really care about and the screen test should be a massive success. As for your boy, Tom... he is producing a virgin scent that you yourself do not seem to be noticing. If you were to block out Tom's normal scent and focused on the scent that is emitting from his nether region, you would know exactly what we are talking about. In order to help Tom so he doesn't make this scent anymore, someone has to mount him;" Star started to growl, but Adolph quickly added, "...but they do not need to claim him, like that sleaze at the Farm tried to do. The person mounting him could even be you, Star. Except you've been telling everyone you meet that you are straight. So in order to help Tom, we have offered to help him -- with your permission, of course."

            Tom was petting on Star's legs and sides and even more so when he started to growl. "They said that as long as I continued to make this scent, Star, eventually someone worse than Bardsong will get the drop on me. And I know you don't want that. Otherwise, in order for anyone to hire you, you are going to need to do at least one screen test."

            End of Chapter Six.