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SS-01 When Seven Become One

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    SS-01 When Seven Become One

    Super Stars
    Episode One: When Seven Become One.
    By Darrel "Lord Pouchlaw" Vanwinkle

    Chapter One.

    The flying winged unicorn steed known as Merlin, who carried the heroic man of the Golden Realms who was known as Emerald Knight, exclaimed, "I wonder why Knight Stalker is doing all of this? Why would he steal the Sorceress' Stone and the Key Amulet?"

    Emerald Knight replied, "I don't know, Merlin, but whatever the reason, it cannot be a good one. King Starfall commanded us to stop Knight Stalker at any cost. But where could he be taking the stolen items? I can't even begin to imagine what dastardly invention those items would be a part of."

    Just then, Knight Stalker and his winged nightmare steed Apocalypse were seen flying just ahead. There was some sort of bizarre device strapped on to Apocalypse's head.

    Merlin exclaimed, "What the heck is that thing?"

    Emerald Knight watched in amazement as Knight Stalker activated the device, aiming it toward... nothing... "What is Knight Stalker aiming at? There's nothing there."

    As the armored hero watched, the ray beam shot out 500 yards in front of Apocalypse, striking a spot in mid-air, creating a huge swirling dimensional gateway!

    Knight Stalker then urged Apocalypse forward into the gateway.

    Emerald Knight exclaimed, "I don't know what Knight Stalker is up to, but we can't lose him now, Merlin! Let's go after him!"

    Merlin exclaimed, "I'm on it! Hang on tight!" Merlin spurred himself forward, flying into the center of the dimensional gateway!

    At that moment, on the world known to its locals as Earth, the heroic vigilantes known as The Leaper and Angelyn were deeply in a fight against their arch-enemies, Doctor Red and Devil Girl.

    Angelyn fired her Judgment power at Devil Girl, as she exclaimed, "Lucky we happened to catch these two during whatever their newest plot is!"

    The Leaper fired his Knockout Shoulder Cannon at Doctor Red's location. "As smart as I am, I can't figure out what they'd be trying to acquire from this dump! I mean, it's a dump!"

    Suddenly, in mid-air above the fight, a dimensional gateway opened, as Knight Stalker and Apocalypse came flying out of it, almost upside down!

    Doctor Red shouted, "It's about time, Knight Stalker! Did you get it?"

    Knight Stalker replied, "ALL ABOARD!!!!!! And yeah, I got it!"

    Doctor Red and Devil Girl leaped upwards, each grabbing a hold of one of the stirrups, as Apocalypse carried his three passengers off into the distance!

    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two.

    Angelyn glanced at The Leaper. "What was that all about? And who is Knight Stalker?"

    The Leaper exclaimed, "A new villain! That's all we need... I wonder what Doctor Red was having him get?"

    Just then, Merlin and Emerald Knight emerged from the now closing dimensional gateway, also arriving nearly upside down! Merlin quickly righted his equilibrium, as he came to hovering halt in the new location!

    Emerald Knight shouted to The Leaper and Angelyn, "Did you two see a black armored knight on a winged nightmare fly through here?"

    Angelyn inquired, "Are you his enemy?"

    Emerald Knight removed his helmet, revealing a sandy blond haired young man with fair skin and blue eyes. "Permit me to introduce myself, fair lady... I am Sir Andrew Stevens, though more commonly known as the Emerald Knight. And this is my companion mount and friend, Merlin."

    Merlin spoke up with a smile. "Greetings. I am pleased to make your acquaintance. And who are you and your companion?"

    Angelyn levitated The Leaper into the air, and said, "I am Angelyn, heroic maiden of Heaven. And this is my friend, The Leaper, master of mental prowess and acrobatic skill. We were fighting our arch-enemies, Doctor Red and Devil Girl, when they made good their escape with the knight you described just now. We have no idea on why they would be teaming up."

    The Leaper smiled. "It's a pleasure to meet a good knight, Emerald Knight. But if our enemies are teaming up, then it cannot be a good thing. We, too, will also have to team up. What say you? An alliance between our forces?"

    Emerald Knight put his helmet back on and replied, "Merlin and I will gladly join forces with you. Whatever Knight Stalker and Apocalypse are doing in your world, they must be stopped."

    Angelyn nodded her head. "Then come... our foes flew off in this direction!" And the three flew off to the east.

    Meanwhile, in Rocky Falls, Missouri, Mystical Ninja and Black Eagle were fighting against their arch-enemies, Rat Lass and Hunter "X". Rat Lass worked for an evil Yakuza organization, while Hunter "X" was a bounty hunter who hunted people who he was paid to seek and kill. Both villains wanted to kill their arch-enemies.

    Black Eagle was glad that Mystical Ninja had chosen to get involved. Hunter "X" had about cornered him, when Mystical Ninja and Rat Lass had burst out of the side of the building within the alleyway where the battle had been occurring. It was probably fortunate that the villains were not working together, like the heroes had been.

    End of Chapter Two.


      Chapter Three.

      "This is Amanda Andrews, reporting live from downtown Rocky Falls, where the super villains known as Rat Lass and Hunter "X" are battling their enemies, which include the local favorite, Mystical Ninja, and the visiting hero from Europe, Black Eagle. At current, the battle seems pretty evenly matched, as neither side is gaining any ground."

      Amanda handed the microphone over to her friend, then hummed. "They aren't gaining any ground, so perhaps..." Amanda ran into a nearby phone booth, where a flash of magical power was emitted, as Magical Ninja emerged running into the alleyway, where she hurled a volley of shuriken throwing stars at Rat Lass and Hunter "X". "Need some assistance, Mystical Ninja?"

      Mystical Ninja replied, "Always glad to have a partner, Magical Ninja!"

      Rat Lass growled, "That's not fair! Where'd she come from?"

      Hunter "X" exclaimed, "Too many people! I'm out of here!" He was already boarding his Hunter Cycle, as he barreled out of the alleyway, leaving Rat Lass to her fate!

      Rat Lass exclaimed, "You haven't heard the last of this, heroes! You'll rue the day you sided with the marked ninja clan!" She then side-stepped through a non-space portal, which quickly closed behind her.

      Black Eagle released a slow sigh of relief as he leaned against the alley wall.

      Magical Ninja went over and began bandaging Black Eagle's injured arm. "Had quite the tussle, didn't you?"

      Black Eagle had to smile at that. "Always do, where Hunter "X" is involved. I'm lucky you guys were around."

      Mystical Ninja hummed. "Rat Lass wasn't actually after me, this time. She was stealing a huge ruby from the museum. I just happened to catch her in the act, yet she still got the ruby. I have a very bad feeling about all of this."

      Magical Ninja exclaimed, "The Ruby of Power? That ruby?"

      Black Eagle thought a moment, then replied, "I've heard of it. It's part of a set of gems which, when brought together, can imbue their holders with unheard of super powers."

      Mystical Ninja exclaimed, "That's terrible!"

      Black Eagle continued, "Yes, but there's a drawback... the final gem was blasted out of this world ages ago, and no one could determine where it had gone. The worst case scenario would be if the villains actually found a way to get the last gem."

      Magical Ninja replied, "If that's the case, then we have to stop them!"

      End of Chapter Three.


        Chapter Four.

        Carlisle, England; The Colonel Sabre Day parade.

        Colonel Sabre turned to Lord John Lochmond. "This is actually pretty embarrassing for me, John, though I do appreciate the coverage from the locals. I didn't know I was so well known in England, being a Pacific Theater hero."

        John chuckled, "When I heard that Churchill was having you in England, I just had to get you up here to Carlisle. So, I pulled some strings, made some donations, and a promise or two, and... here you are."

        Suddenly, Rudolph Szrashav was behind the two of them. "John? I hate to interrupt your fun, but I thought you should know... Redfang Bloodstryker and Kamikaze Queen are both in England. I knew that you'd want to know about this right away. I wish I could help you, but... my other side hates your other side's guts."

        John stood up. "You did well, Rudolph. You better get yourself back to the bunker before nightfall." John turned to Colonel Sabre. "Looks like you're going to get some adventure, after all."

        Colonel Sabre chuckled, "If Kamikaze Queen didn't show up, I'd truly be worried! If it's a dogfight she wants, it's a dogfight she'll get!" Colonel Sabre activated a device on his belt. Suddenly, his special jet fighter was hovering in the sky, as a rope ladder dropped down to his grasp. "Sorry to cheer and run, but duty calls, John. Thank you for thinking about me." He then began making the climb up to his plane.

        Meanwhile, John and Rudolph ran to John's private car and into the back seat.

        John exclaimed, "Rudolph! Have you forgotten?"

        Rudolph blushed. "Sorry, John. The werewolf causes me to do some strange things, even in human form. Good luck against Redfang." Rudolph got out of the car and returned to his own car.

        John sighed. "Some day... some day we'll help Rudolph get himself under control."

        John's chauffeur and long time best friend, Edin Carduel, inquired, "What's the plan, Master John?"

        John smiled. "You don't have to call me that in private, Edin. But the plan is, make like you're returning to the castle. I need to summon my other side."

        Edin smiled, as he got the private car underway.

        John lifted his voice, making his hands into fists, as he shouted, "Rheutan!!!" There came an immediate flash of light, as his clothing vanished and his body seemed to grow a good foot. A halo like glow of light surrounded his head, as his tailbone grew out forming his lion's tail. Then, the rest of the his body took hold, as the halo transformed into a majestic lion's mane. His lion's muzzle grew forth, as his ears moved to the top of his head. His claws then set into place on both hands and feet, while his feet became padded like a lion. Finally, the guard's armor of Lion Valley appeared over his special costume, affixing itself all over his body. John had transformed into Captain Leo, as he let loose a huge lion's roar!

        End of Chapter Four.


          Chapter Five.

          Edin exclaimed, "I wish I could do that, Leo! I never get tired of watching you transform!"

          Captain Leo chuckled, as he leaned forward and licked Edin's face. "This is the first time John has initiated the change inside his car. But where Redfang is involved, emergency changes have to be done. I hope I didn't ruin any of the upholstering during my change. I am a good foot taller than John, and my claws are sharp."

          Edin stopped the car and popped the trunk open. "John thought it'd be more convenient to carry a spare shield in the trunk of the car. Good luck, Leo. I'll see you when you return to the castle."

          Captain Leo got out of the car and grabbed his shield out of the trunk. "Edin is a good man. I wish I could grant his wish. He'd make an interesting lion man, I am sure." He then leaped into the sky taking flight under his own power and wearing the shield on his back just under his cape.

          Within moments, Captain Leo located Colonel Sabre over the English countryside.

          Colonel Sabre exclaimed, "I thought I might see you up here eventually, Leo!"

          Captain Leo grinned. "It's good to see you again, as well, Sabre! Where are our enemies?"

          Colonel Sabre replied, "They seem to be at Stonehenge, but they aren't alone! There seems to be a large gathering of evil beings gathered there! And that cannot be a good thing, as you well know, old friend!"

          Suddenly, on board Sabre's plane, a mystical doorway opened, as Mystical Ninja and Black Eagle walked into the plane! Mystical Ninja exclaimed, "Pardon the intrusion, my friend, but Black Eagle and I have need of your help!"

          Colonel Sabre laughed! "Look out and down out of the plane and tell me if this is your emergency!"

          They both glanced toward Stonehenge.

          Black Eagle said, "What luck! You're right on top of the problem!"

          Sabre's dog, Brains, barked happily when he saw Mystical Ninja, then he sniffed at Black Eagle before wagging his tail.

          Colonel Sabre smiled. "Welcome aboard, Black Eagle. Brains thinks you're okay, so you're okay with me."

          Brains wagged his tail and barked again!

          Captain Leo exclaimed, "Sabre! Incoming from the west!"

          End of Chapter Five.


            Chapter Six.

            Colonel Sabre turned his gaze to the west. "I know two of them! The woman is Angelyn! She's pretty damned powerful! Claims to work for God! The man she's carrying is The Leaper! He's super intelligent and the best athlete I've ever encountered! As for the knight and the winged unicorn... I've never seen them before!"

            As Angelyn, The Leaper and Emerald Knight got within range, Angelyn exclaimed, "Colonel Sabre! If you're here, then it must be worldly important!"

            Colonel Sabre replied, "It is! All of our arch-enemies seem to be together at Stonehenge! But who is your knightly companion? He's a new face to me!"

            The Leaper exclaimed, "We'll save you the long protocol and just say that he is Emerald Knight and Merlin! They're from another dimension and they chased an enemy of theirs to our world!"

            Captain Leo hummed, then exclaimed, "If our enemies are going to join forces, then we, too, should join forces against the uncommon threat that our enemies are posing to the world!"

            The Leaper exclaimed, "Super stars like us should always work together whenever it's necessary to do so!"

            Brains barked happily at that statement!

            Colonel Sabre snapped his fingers! "That's it! We're the Super Stars! That's who we are when we have to join forces! The Super Stars!"

            Emerald Knight smiled. "Like a fellowship of adventurers in my world, we must have ideals that we, as a team, must uphold! Like justice, truth, brotherhood, loyalty, courage, humility, and unity!"

            Angelyn exclaimed, "When seven become one, Super Stars are born! I like it!"

            Mystical Ninja chuckled. "You guys are crazy! Some of us have lives... but... I can see the benefits of teaming up from time to time! But don't be calling me for a ridiculously silly monthly meeting or because you need a ninja to help you change a light bulb!"

            Black Eagle laughed! "I'll help you change a light bulb! I know how!"

            The seven heroes and Merlin then shouted, "SUPER STARS!"

            Brains helped out by barking!

            Suddenly, in front of the gathered heroes, the image of Rheutan appeared. "The goddess approves of this joining, Leo. Remember what she suggested when you first came to England." his image then vanished.

            Colonel Sabre asked, "What suggestion?"

            Captain Leo said, "A headquarters for our team! We'll worry about that later!"

            End of Chapter Six.