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MFC-01 Gaea's Seed

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    MFC-01 Gaea's Seed

    Misfit Crew - Zero One
    Gaea's Seed
    Feb 11 2004
    By James Ghaleon (Aragh Darktalon)



    There are worse places to end up, I suppose.

    If everything would stop spinning, that would help a lot.

    For some reason, I knew I wasn't in New York City anymore. Nothing in New York City could produce this kind of horrendous effect. At least the explosion hadn't killed me.

    But I am getting ahead of myself.

    Who am I, you ask?

    My name is Jackson Starre. I am a fourth generation private investigator. I am about nineteen to twenty years old, with have medium-length brown hair and fair skin. Oh yeah, I have a weird blue-silver star-shaped imprint on my forehead. My father blamed it on devil worshipers, while my mother swore it was done by little green men from Mars.

    With that kind of background, you can quickly see why I catch a lot of flack. I should feel fortunate that my star doesn't glow in the dark. The jokes are bad enough.

    Could it be? Yes! The damned spinning is finally slowly down. I hoped to God that I wasn't dead. Why would being dead be an option? Because my superhero friends, with their arch-enemies, were fighting a really powerful new super villain. Angelyn and Dark Cult teamed up and unleashed a power called the Big Bang Stopper. Instead of this attack doing what they were hoping, this new super villain exploded.


    After that, I ended up here. Where ever here is.

    Thank God that the spinning is stopping. Even without clear vision, I can tell that my clothing is shredded. I suppose that this is better than being totally naked.

    Not much better, but better.

    My eyesight is finally clearing. Why is everything so fuzzy?

    Oh my god!

    It isn't my eyesight that is fuzzy, it's everybody. Where in the Hell am I? No! Please don't let it be Hell! I've tried really hard to be good.

    The uniformed dark-furred wolf with two earrings in his left ear patted my shoulder. Worse, he spoke. "Don't worry, mister. You'll be fine once I get you back to home base."

    I, of course, did the only natural thing to do in a situation like this.

    I fainted.

    <>-----<>End of Prologue<>-----<>
    "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

    ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon

    <>-----<>Chapter 01<>-----<>

    As I was waking up, I heard two voices talking in the next room.

    The first was the talking wolf. "Will he be okay, Doc?"

    The second voice was also male, yet softer and more understanding. "He'll be fine. It was a faint. No serious damage. Being that he's human, I'd say that seeing a morphic wolf was a shock to him. About like seeing a morphic rabbit would be."

    The wolf then said, "I'm glad he's not seriously hurt. I thought maybe I caused it. When I found him floating near-lifeless in space, something just told me to bring him in and take him with me. Imagine my shock to see that he was still alive."

    The second voice hummed, then said, "I wonder how he got clear out here? I mean, Earth is over 14 light years away. I can imagine that he's going to feel distressed over not being on Earth."

    The wolf was quiet a moment, then said, "Maybe I can get him to tell us what happened to him."

    I then sat up, opening my eyes. It appeared to be a doctor's office, only very hi-tech. I got off the examination table and grabbed my favorite jacket, sliding it on. I then headed for the door and braced myself for what possibly lay on the other side. I opened the door.

    The wolf turned toward me, and then, so did the doctor. He was indeed a rabbit. White and dark gray, in coloration. I gulped and slowly came out of the room. "Where am I exactly?"

    The doctor replied, "Don't be alarmed. You're at a space port on Tarsen III. The only other thing on this planet is the Scouts Academy, as your wolf friend well knows. You're lucky to be alive."

    I released a breath of air and turned to stare out of the plate glass window over the alien landscape of the star port, as well as the arriving and departing star shuttles.

    The wolf came over and stood just behind me. He rested a paw on my shoulder. "What are you thinking?"

    I sighed. "I am wondering what's going to happen to me. I was a private investigator for a band of superheroes on Earth. When the explosion occurred... I thought that was the end of me. Instead... I wake up here... on another planet. What do I do now?"

    The wolf smiled, massaging my neck. "I am Commander Fazek Moonsinger. Ever thought about becoming a Stellar Scout? It's sorta like being a private detective, only on a much larger scale. What are you called?"

    I turned to Fazek and replied, "I am Jackson Starre. If you're offering me a place to stay and something to do, then you have yourself a white starre. Sign me up, Fazek."

    <>-----<>End of Chapter 01<>-----<>
    "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

    ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon


      <>-----<>Chapter 02<>-----<>

      Fazek escorted me back to the Stellar Scouts Academy. He took me into processing, where I received a fingerprint scan, eye-retina scan, and a physical examination. I was in surprisingly good health, and thus, a prime recruit. Fazek waived the entrance and insurance fees, and helped me fill out my personal profile forms. Fazek showed me the recruit's uniform, and I just shook my head. I wasn't going to wear it, at first. I thought it was a fashion clash. I finally ended up wearing the damned thing, but with my favorite jacket over the top of it.

      At least the uniform didn't make me look like a woman. But it still sucked. All white has never been my idea of a good time, unless you're working out in the gym.

      But as healthy as I seemed to be, Fazek and I started suspecting that something was definitely wrong. This suspicion started the day when a giant-sized morphic armadillo got drunk on Mur. Mur is a galactic alcohol 1,000 times more powerful than Earth's strongest brew. The armadillo was causing damage in the Scout's docking platforms.

      I had been walking with another new recruit named Arthon, a morphic ratman who was a pretty sharp dresser. We rounded the corner at about the moment this armadillo came charging at us. Rather than moving, I held my ground. And when he was within range, I swung my fist and gave him a nice upper-cut.

      We knew something wasn't right, but certainly not with the results of my strike.

      The armadillo was suddenly flipped up in the air off both feet, flying backwards through the air, and colliding head-first into a refrigeration unit.

      He was out cold.


      Arthon and I both blinked our eyes, then we both looked at my fist. My fist wasn't even bruised. Arthon and I went to see the doctor anyway, just in case. But the doctor couldn't detect anything wrong. When Arthon and I reported back to Fazek, we got the full report on the armadillo's condition. Fazek told us that the armadillo was still unconscious.

      I was pleased that evening when I found out that Arthon had been assigned my dormitory room. I really liked him. Arthon reminded me of a cleaner version of Ratplague, back on Earth. Arthon was pleased to see me too. We spent a good part of the night talking about various things.

      When the morning came, Fazek told Arthon and me that we were being partnered together. That suited us just fine. I then asked about the armadillo. Fazek told us that the armadillo was still unconscious. That worried me. I had struck people in the past on Earth, and my punch wasn't strong enough to keep a person unconscious.

      Arthon and I attended our Scouting classes during the coming weeks after that event. It took five weeks for the armadillo to recover. I was glad when he woke up. But the coming weeks would lead Arthon and I into even more unusual discoveries.

      <>-----<>End of Chapter 02<>-----<>
      "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

      ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon


        <>-----<>Chapter 03<>-----<>

        When the armadillo recovered enough to be mobile, he came and found me. He actually thanked me for stopping him from destroying more property. When I asked how his jaw was, he rubbed it a little and remarked that he could still feel some of the sting there from where I had "tapped" him. We went out to dinner, saw a show, and parted ways. He wasn't all that bad a guy.

        Another week passed.

        Arthon and I were assigned to an outpost in Sector H-12. It was a scouting outpost between two unexplored planets. Arthon and I were given menial cleaning assignments. That seemed like an insult to my abilities as a detective. Arthon expressed a lot of his displeasure by tail-whipping anyone who got too close to him when he was working.

        One day, a small scouting star ship docked with the outpost. The person who came on board was not what I was expecting, but in outer space, you can't really expect anything. I was on cleaning detail, and about finished with that section of the outpost. Suddenly, a big wad of spit hit the floor where I had just cleaned. I looked up and standing there was a rhinoman who made the armadillo look small. He just sneered at me when he saw my displeasure, and started to spit again.

        Well, he started to...I don't know why Arthon and I did what we did. Fazek was mad at us both afterwards. But as far as I was concerned, what I did was justified.

        Arthon tail-whipped the rhinoman in the back of the head, right on the ear-tip, at almost the same instant that I rammed my fist directly into the rhinoman's ball sac. The rhinoman captain of the star ship was lifted up, into the steel ceiling, and came crashing down, with my help, almost through the floor. The rhinoman was out cold.

        Arthon and I transported his sorry ass back to his ship and literally threw him into his own ship's garbage disposal unit.

        Needless to say, we got reported for the attack on a captain.

        Fazek listened to my rendition of what happened, then to Arthon's account of the event. Fazek had already heard from the rhinoman captain, who was also in the chamber. Fazek shook his head and said, "You're out-ranked, Jackson. Surely you know how to respect an officer, don't you?"

        I replied, "The only officer I see in this office is you, Fazek."

        Fazek blinked his eyes. "Captain Ducornik is an officer." Fazek was indicating the rhinoman.

        I replied with a sly grin, "Him? I thought that was a pile of..." I said something obvious and vulgar.

        Ducornik growled, "I'll kill him!" He immediately threw a punch at me, and before Fazek could stop me, Ducornik experienced what the armadillo had experienced: only I didn't pull my punch this time. My aim and strike was deliberate. Needless to say, Fazek ended up with a new window, while Arthon and I ended up with three months in the brig. Ducornik ended up with the next three years in the hospital.

        <>-----<>End of Chapter 03<>-----<>
        "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

        ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon


          <>-----<>Chapter 04<>-----<>

          Three months later, Arthon and I found ourselves assigned to an outpost station on Equus IV. At first, I thought Arthon and I had been exiled. But upon arriving at the station, I changed my mind. The whole population consisted of studly anthropomorphic equines. I don't normally use that word to describe other guys, but let's face it. These guys were built!

          Arthon and I were assigned to a skimmer repair shop. A far cry from my normal knowledgeable pursuits. Being a private investigator.

          At one point, I told an equine officer that he'd be better off riding a lawnmower. And probably get to where he was going faster, too. The officer just laughed, and I scored a huge tip in pay that day. It's nice to know that a few aliens have a sense of humor.

          Probably one of the most interesting tasks was the moving of the replaced engines from the workshop, out the back to the dismantling machine. We usually use a hydraulic forklift for this task. But one day, the antique forklift broke down. Arthon checked to make sure the coast was clear, and then... I picked up the whole trailer and carried it out to the dismantler.

          And I almost got away with it, too. Almost.

          "Oh wow, mister! You're strong!"

          Arthon and I both flinched.

          Standing to the side, where Arthon failed to check just moments earlier, was a teen-aged Equusian wearing only a leather apron. He was perhaps of a Thoroughbred breed, if one was to use Earth terminology. The boy worked in the smithy that was directly behind the dismantler.

          As I carefully set the trailer down, I turned to the boy. "I'm sorry you saw that. The forklift was busted, and we needed to move these old engines."

          The boy stepped forward and shook my hand. "They call me Hozarr." He then whispered, "No one knows what my real name is... not even me..."

          Arthon fuzzled the boy's head fur. "Aren't you the cutie. You can't tell anyone what you just saw here, Hozarr. Jackson could get in a lot of trouble if word of this got out."

          Hozarr grinned! "I won't say anything. But hey! Why don't you enter the local games? The prize is a star ship! If you entered the games, you could say that any strength you have was in preparation for the games."

          Arthon and I looked at each other. We were both getting that Let's get into trouble! look on our faces. And worse, we were grinning.

          I hugged Hozarr and replied, "I'll do that, Hozarr. And if I win, I'll give you the star ship. Somehow, I don't think the Stellar Scouts Academy would let me keep it."

          <>-----<>End of Chapter 04<>-----<>
          "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

          ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon