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  • MC-02 Sweltering Steam

    MC-02 Sweltering Steam
    By Darrel James Vanwinkle
    February 18th, 2008

    Chapter 01

    "...and that is that, Nora," said Stanley in the laboratory of the their new headquarters, as he turned off the machine and was reading the print out of the results. "A blueprint of your current genetic structure. And let me say this now... I have never seen anything like this before."

    Nora nodded her head. "I figured you hadn't, Stanley. Like I explained a few weeks ago... the scientist I was helping was entering new unexplored fields. I think his work was actually supposed to have been a military project for the Pentagon, sort of like the Philadelphia Experiment, except... centered on a wearable device rather than a field effect. Instead, I was transformed by the energy it created and the scientist was killed."

    Code H Girl, who had been standing nearby watching to make sure Stanley wasn't doing inappropriate things, stepped forward and said, "How does it look, Stanley? Do you think you will be able to help her get back to normal?"

    Stanley looked at Code H Girl, who for the record had still not told the team her real name, and replied, "There is always a chance, Code H. We have to help her because that kook, Banisher, won't stop bothering her. That attack just last week proves that he doesn't care about anything or anyone else other than his hired job. To banish Nora. Deciphering these unknown genetic markers in Nora's pattern will take some time, but we can't lose hope."

    At that moment, down in the new recreation building, Magicko was practicing his magical spells, while Wolf Boy and the big blue space dragon named Scott wrestled on a huge floor mat nearby.

    Magicko chuckled. "You are lucky he hasn't squashed you yet, Wolf Boy. Scott is no lightweight, obviously."

    Wolf Boy grinned, replying, "Scott and I play like this all the time. He won't hurt me on purpose." Then he paused and said, "What kind of charm does Stanley have that we don't, Magicko? The girls are hanging out with him. Aren't we good enough?"

    Magicko laughed at that point. "Only you would ask something like that. Being a Wizard World space elf, I don't really think about dating human females. My magic and my law training keeps my mind occupied. Besides, Nora and Code H are too young for me. I don't think either of them are 21 yet. I am over 300. I know where my priorities lie."

    Meanwhile at the NYPD headquarters in New York City, Commissioner Charles Reivax was watching TV in the ready room with his officers and the mayor.

    "...and Ratt Lass was easily taken down by Super Sock'er's super enlarging gym sock, which packaged her up nice and neat for our boys and girls in blue to escort off to jail. Our city's new superheroes are obviously the best idea that the mayor has ever come up with. And in related news, the local polls show that popularity for the mayor have drastically increased, making his running for the upcoming elections a sure victory."

    The Mayor turned off the TV, and turned toward the grinning Charles with a smile himself. "Okay, Charles. I have to admit... your project has really turned the tide. And the people think it was my idea. You were right; your team can stay. But what are you going to call this new team of yours?"

    Charles said, "My team and I have been debating on that topic for the last few weeks or so. We can't seem to settle on a single choice. Wolf Boy is the only one who hasn't voiced an opinion on the topic yet. I was wanting to call them the Mighty Heroes of Courage, but Magicko and Code H Girl both hate that title. Girl Intor said that whatever we choose should be limited to two words or less. And Super Sock'er has suggested... Super Sock'er and his Amazing Sidekicks."

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    Chapter 02

    At that moment in an abandoned Catholic School building/church...

    "Are you sure, Adramelech?" asked the anthropomorphic five foot tall mouse guy which light tan fur, dark brown hair atop his head, small horns on his forehead temples, and wearing a modified Cabbie uniform. He had been speaking to a very handsome donkey man with a peacock feathered tail and horns, who wore a black business suit.

    "Prince Dispater made an announcement in the underworld that he was indeed heading up to the surface world to raise Hell on Earth. And he plans on converting New York City," replied Adramelech.

    "Call up the Heroes from Hell!" the mousy Cabbie exclaimed. "We have to do something!"

    Adramelech said, "You know we can't call them together, Guard Captain Fusion. We promised your father that we would disband the team at the end of the 1950s. My hands are tied."

    Fusion growled, "If you won't do something, then I will!" And he turned to storm out of the office.

    "Defying your father... And what are you planning on doing?"

    He stopped and looked over his shoulder at his superior. "There is a hero group forming on the East side of New York City. I'll go to them and ask them to help us. And if I have to, I'll join them."

    Adramelech stood up. "And you will have the entire city screaming that the Devils have returned, too. The Heroes from Hell is still fresh in the minds of a few of the religious minded citizens. If you plan on being out in public, please hide your horns and don't call yourself Fusion at first. Come up with something else. Otherwise, you'll be burned at the stake."

    Fusion grinned, having fond memories of those days. "Quite a good time we had. We even befriended that boy who eventually became Anti-Grav. True, the religious idiots DID try to burn me at the stake a few times. That one Catholic Priest really got a shock the day he splashed Holy Water all over my muzzle and... it didn't do anything." He chuckled.

    Adramelech sighed. "Only you would think something like that was funny."

    Fusion grinned. "The anti-Holy Water toxin shot I had received earlier that week really worked. Probably saved my life."

    "So what is your plan when you meet up with these heroes?"

    "Because you are so worried about me... I'll wear that really dorky caped costume I wore on Halloween one year and I'll call myself Monty Springfield. I'll tell them that my hero name is Steam Mouse and I have steam powers. Later on, once they are used to having me around, I'll slowly change back to Fusion and hopefully by then... those who remembered me will have passed on and the new folk won't go bonkers crazy when a mouse with horns is seen in public."

    Adramelech sat down again and hummed. "I'll try to explain this to your father when I contact him tonight." He then noticed that Fusion was almost out the door. "AND DON'T MOLEST ANY CUTE BOYS THIS TIME!"

    The mousy Cabbie grinned. "If they keep petting on me, I can't stop possible molestation. I'll try to be good." And after that, he was out the door and off to a rendezvous with destiny.


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      Chapter 03

      Spending the day away from Hampton University, Wanda Danvers sat on a deserted open beach along the Chesapeake Bay pondering what she should do with her knowledge and her unusual powers. Adopted in the early 50s by a kind family called the Danvers, she had a normal childhood until she reached the age of puberty. And that was when everyone started to suspect that something wasn't quite right about her. At around that time, Wanda began to attend church for spiritual guidance for the answers she hoped to find.

      It had been one rainy Sunday and Wanda had just gotten out of Sunday School when they had heard that a flood had trapped several families, including her own, at an adult meeting place. Riding to the edge of the flood with the Sheriff, they could see the parents trapped on high ground surrounded by flood waters. Wanda stepped out of the police car and calmly asked God to make the water go away so the adults could return to safety. And that was when something wondrous happened... a long trench in the flood waters suddenly opened like Moses parting the Red Sea. And more fantastic, the water was holding in place by the air itself. After everyone was brought to the safety of the medics, the trench collapsed and the flood continued. Soon after, the local media began calling her Little Miss Moses, because it was her prayer that caused the waters to part to save so many.

      Thus, Wanda was now spending some time at the local beach where she started to deliberately test her powers to see what she was capable of doing. And then, during one moment when she had created a perfect wave and had it stopped in place... the ideal name came to her.

      "Tidal Wave. That's who I can be."

      She then made the wave return to normal and was about to head back to her car when she heard a man's voice.

      "An apt name for a lovely lady with water control."

      Wanda turned to the source and saw a New York City uniformed officer standing there. "Where did you come from? I thought I was alone out here."

      "I am Commissioner Charles Wallace Reivax, the sponsor for the Mighty Courageans, a superhero team," he said. "I came here to hire you to be on our team. With powers like yours, you could save many lives. How would you like to become a paid superhero?"

      Wanda arched an eye. "Are you kidding me? I just got my Oceanography degree and you want me to be a superhero?"

      He smiled. "Before you decline, at least come back with me and look over the Blue Star Oceanography Labs near our headquarters. Since you did get your degree just the other day, I am sure no one has offered to hire you yet, correct?"

      She hummed. "That is correct. I had to ponder out my powers and my public standing. Very well, I'll come with you to look over the labs. Um, how much does a paid superhero get, out of curiosity...?"

      Needless to say, as Code "H" Girl had learned, the paid amount was indeed quite a bit. A lot more than being a scientist would pay. And the Commissioner was offering her an Oceanographer job as well. If one thing didn't work out, perhaps the other would.

      Wanda exclaimed, "Are you pulling my leg?!"

      Commissioner Reivax pulled out the wad of money on the spot and flipped through the stack as he smiled at her. "What do you think?" He then started to put it away, but her hand was quickly on his wrist and she nodded her head. After that, they went to pack up Wanda's gear from the college and soon thereafter, they would be off for New York City.