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    DJ-01 Mom's Realm Guard

    Devlin Journals
    Episode One: Mom's Realm Guard
    by Darrel James Vanwinkle (Writing as Aragh Darktalon)
    January 23rd, 2013

    Deryk Arledge Devlin

    Also Starring:
    Captain Yardfoot
    General Pinker
    'Mom' aka Lady Mathilda
    Mudronny, crocodile recruit
    General Tailthud
    Roadkill, dingo recruit
    Captain Ramses

    Lexington Lonewolf-Sidarius
    Seth Sidarius
    Cutter Todd Devlin
    Dominic "Nick" Lion Kane
    Joseph Oslo Devlin
    Dirk Mark Devlin
    Auranea Martelle Sherwood-Devlin
    Valon David Dragonheart
    Derek Joseph McCartney
    Roe Phillip Kananatoth, proprietor of "The Boomer's Hole" tavern
    Zander Blake Dragonheart

    Roolock, black kangaroo warlock lord of immoral fun

    Chapter One.

    Deryk found himself in a heavy suit of training armor with one spear over his shoulders, a heavy spear at that which he had to hold with both hands, as he stood at near attention in front of the gates of the training academy. Every cadet had to do this at some time or another and you had to stand there for 24 hours without sleep. And then you were expected to give a report on every person who passed by and every event that occurred the previous day. Not an easy task. Deryk was stationed on the right hand side of the gate while another kangaroo was stationed on the other side where he was casually breaking the rules by using his tail as a resting support, something Tailthud declared as being illegal. Deryk was about to warn the kangaroo mate when Tailthud was suddenly in their midst looking at them.

    "Tell me Ah am not seeing a tail support!" he bellowed.

    The sudden shout startled the kangaroo so much that he fell over on the ground from the weight of the training equipment.

    "Since yas think that this task is a cause for leisure," started Tailthud. "yas can spend the rest of the day in the 'umility sweat box. Maybe once the sun 'as baked yas to a golden crisp, yas won't think to do something like this again."

    And that was the last Deryk saw of that kangaroo for the coming week or so. When Tailthud gave an order, you obeyed it. Deryk KNEW to always do exactly as the General asked, but there were still newbies who would mess it up. Deryk would warn a few when he could, but there was no time for the rest. Deryk was lucky to be ignored that day because of one, he didn't have a tail, and because of two, the General knew it.

    The left hand guard was replaced by a rather clean and swanky looking crocodile warrior recruit who seemed to take the position as a matter of pride. As if he had something to prove. Let's face it, the opposing side had a furless, scaleless human joey standing there. One who wasn't messing up. So there was something to prove.

    The day was long and hot. Being in that heavy metal armor without padding nor support wasn't helping matters any. Of course Deryk was once told that the task would be worse on a day when it rained because rust would form on the crude training armor and that would add weight to the job.

    The coming night wasn't much better. Deryk was feeling the need to urinate but he had his orders. He couldn't leave his post. Worse, General Pinker, the kangaroo who despised him, came by that night to harass the boy. This lasted a few hours until Captain Ramses was heard approaching then Pinker rapidly departed. How that visit would come back to bite him in the tail later on during Deryk's grading.

    Come the next morning, Deryk became aware of what sounded like snoring to his left. When he glanced that way, he saw the so called croc with something to prove sleeping in place. He simply shook his head slowly. Another recruit would be sacked for sure. Fortunately for him, his shift ended when Tailthud personally came to relieve him. Unfortunately, Tailthud saw the sleeping croc.

    "Yer kidding," he quietly commented. "'e fell asleep standing up?"

    "Yes sir," replied Deryk waiting for the word to leave his post.

    Tailthud was heard muttering, "...another one bites the dust..." seconds before planted a foot in the seat of the croc's armored pants.

    Deryk tried NOT to watch the exchange and the excuses that issued forth afterward but it was simply too difficult to ignore. Not to mention, he might get asked about this later on and he didn't want to fail that part of the grading should he be asked about it.

    Sometime later, minus the armor and spear, he stood in Tailthud's office in front of the desk at attention. He was now answering questions about his 24 hour assignment. Although he was trying to focus solely on the general, he couldn't help but to notice the more important kangaroo lord off to the side quietly watching the grading exchange. Whoever this was... he stood with the utmost surety and was clean to the utmost degree. This was someone important.

    At the end of the grading, Tailthud said, "Good job, Cadet Devlin. Go take a shower and get some rest. But be sure to be at the parade grounds at sundown."

    End of Chapter One.
    "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

    ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon