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[DW3] AZ-11 Back to Business

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    [DW3] AZ-11 Back to Business

    Arcadia Zoe: Episode Eleven

    [DW3] AZ-11 Back to Business.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter One.

    Back in New Richfield, Arcadia and the others arrived back in town to resume plausible deniability. Before departing the new volcano, Hades and Remus made the floes smell like the stench swamp at the bottom of the Abyss. That way, no one would ever want to go near the place for any reason. At the dinner theater, Arcadia put on her flight jacket and took her place within the business to do as she promised Kevin she would do. Thankfully New Richfield was no where near the volcanic stench.

    When Sloan arrived with more families from the South, he spoke to Kevin about what had occurred just South of Washington D.C at the old Richfield site.

    Arcadia stepped over close and said, "When was the government going to tell the rest of us that they gave our city to the United Crime Syndicate? One of our allies saw the rebuilt town."

    Sloan irked as he got surprised by Arcadia's stating the facts. "I promise that I had nothing to do with that decision. But with a stinky volcano at that spot, no one would ever want to go there ever again. Hannah Seasons seems to be missing, although her son is with Ivan Kingsley in California. At the moment the government is checking to make sure no civilians got hurt in that blast."

    Arcadia handed a folder over to Sloan. "Every civilian identity of the United Crime Syndicate we uncovered in our personal investigation. Make good use of it."

    Kevin said, "I think the Space Master Records from both the Video Archive and the Scribe's personal scrolls should be checked to see where the Syndicate members were during the blast."

    Sloan said, "I'll look into that as soon as I escort these WWI military families back to their homes in the South."

    Kevin said, "The plan is to do one of these special theme weekends once a month. My employees might get upset if we did it more often than that."

    At that moment in Arvandor, Roger in the midst of a lesson with his faun instructor was told what action Arcadia Zoe had performed on the old Richfield. "I'm sorry, Master, but there is no way Arcadia would have did what whomever this fake Arcadia is supposed to have done no matter how angry she was. Is there any way we can prove that the powers that be are pulling a fast one again? Remember back when Shadow Arcadia was running around and not even the gods could detect that she wasn't the real Arcadia Zoe?"

    The Faun used his powers to call for the Scribe to appear to answer an inquiry. The Faun didn't trust Space Master's Satellite since anyone could go in and mess up the records.

    The Scribe settled down and asked, "What is your inquiry?"

    Roger restated what he was told and then he asked, "When was the last time the real Arcadia Zoe was seen around the rest of the Richfield Champions group of friends? I am having trouble believing that this current Arcadia is really her."

    The Scribe began to go over his scroll records of the real Arcadia Zoe from the beginning; her adoption into the Lockwood family; her friendship with Irene; her direct association with Roger time and time again; her disgust over Michelle Richards; and then the Scribe stopped and said, "She was last seen just after she and IO had a major fallout over Irene, Karen and Michelle and Arcadia spun the Pantheon like a top to get the answers she wanted. According to my records, Arcadia is currently in Lord Frey's library in Elven Asgard."

    Roger said, "Exactly as I surmised, Master... I said it couldn't be her and now the Scribe is saying that she is with Lord Frey while the Flying Ace weekend event is going on and she is supposedly down there helping them with duties there."

    The Faun got up and went over to his pool of water as he waved a hand over it. "Show me Kevin McVann." The image in the water was Kevin wearing his Flying Ace costume jacket but in the background were also Irene and Arcadia also wearing their jackets. "Scribe have a look at this. You just said that Arcadia was at Lord Frey's library."

    When the scribe looked at the images in the water, he said, "That is NOT Arcadia Zoe. Roger nailed it once again. You have an alert student." He then glanced at Roger. "Where are your clothes, young man?"

    Roger replied, "We discovered that my wearing clothes dampens my ability to learn magic so when I come for my lessons, I strip out of my gear and put them into my backpack."

    He then shot a wink at the Scribe. "You've seen a naked boy before, haven't you?"

    The Scribe blushed as he gathered up his scrolls and turned away. "I try to be a decent ibis, Roger. There are those whom would have you laying eggs." He then departed.

    The Faun waved his hand over the pool of water. "Show us Lord Frey." And in the image of the water, Lord Frey and Arcadia were in the library with the warrior goddess known as Sif as well as Thor himself. Lady Frigga was also in the library with them. "Pardon my interrupting your study session, noble deities... it is I, the Arvandorian Faun whom teaches Roger Rogers magic during the weekends. Sad to say, there is a fake Arcadia causing chaos on Earth and she is with Kevin and the others right now."

    Roger added, "The fake caused a volcano to erupt under the old Richfield location, Arcadia. I knew that you were more polite than that so I refused to believe it was you."

    Arcadia glanced toward the faun's voice and she blushed somewhat before saying, "Again, I get to see Roger naked. I am glad he is my friend. Thank you for informing me of this shit."

    Thor remarked, "You don't sound too surprised that Roger is naked with the faun, Arcadia. Why is that?"

    Arcadia replied, "Roger is friends with a lot of mythological beings and I am sure he is on his best behavior around them. I don't sense him being pregnant."

    Roger blushed hard as he now remembered that Arcadia knew of nearly all of his sexually minded mythological friends and boyfriends.

    End of Chapter One.