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[DW3] AZ-11 Back to Business

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    [DW3] AZ-11 Back to Business

    Arcadia Zoe: Episode Eleven

    [DW3] AZ-11 Back to Business.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter One.

    Back in New Richfield, Arcadia and the others arrived back in town to resume plausible deniability. Before departing the new volcano, Hades and Remus made the floes smell like the stench swamp at the bottom of the Abyss. That way, no one would ever want to go near the place for any reason. At the dinner theater, Arcadia put on her flight jacket and took her place within the business to do as she promised Kevin she would do. Thankfully New Richfield was no where near the volcanic stench.

    When Sloan arrived with more families from the South, he spoke to Kevin about what had occurred just South of Washington D.C at the old Richfield site.

    Arcadia stepped over close and said, "When was the government going to tell the rest of us that they gave our city to the United Crime Syndicate? One of our allies saw the rebuilt town."

    Sloan irked as he got surprised by Arcadia's stating the facts. "I promise that I had nothing to do with that decision. But with a stinky volcano at that spot, no one would ever want to go there ever again. Hannah Seasons seems to be missing, although her son is with Ivan Kingsley in California. At the moment the government is checking to make sure no civilians got hurt in that blast."

    Arcadia handed a folder over to Sloan. "Every civilian identity of the United Crime Syndicate we uncovered in our personal investigation. Make good use of it."

    Kevin said, "I think the Space Master Records from both the Video Archive and the Scribe's personal scrolls should be checked to see where the Syndicate members were during the blast."

    Sloan said, "I'll look into that as soon as I escort these WWI military families back to their homes in the South."

    Kevin said, "The plan is to do one of these special theme weekends once a month. My employees might get upset if we did it more often than that."

    At that moment in Arvandor, Roger in the midst of a lesson with his faun instructor was told what action Arcadia Zoe had performed on the old Richfield. "I'm sorry, Master, but there is no way Arcadia would have did what whomever this fake Arcadia is supposed to have done no matter how angry she was. Is there any way we can prove that the powers that be are pulling a fast one again? Remember back when Shadow Arcadia was running around and not even the gods could detect that she wasn't the real Arcadia Zoe?"

    The Faun used his powers to call for the Scribe to appear to answer an inquiry. The Faun didn't trust Space Master's Satellite since anyone could go in and mess up the records.

    The Scribe settled down and asked, "What is your inquiry?"

    Roger restated what he was told and then he asked, "When was the last time the real Arcadia Zoe was seen around the rest of the Richfield Champions group of friends? I am having trouble believing that this current Arcadia is really her."

    The Scribe began to go over his scroll records of the real Arcadia Zoe from the beginning; her adoption into the Lockwood family; her friendship with Irene; her direct association with Roger time and time again; her disgust over Michelle Richards; and then the Scribe stopped and said, "She was last seen just after she and IO had a major fallout over Irene, Karen and Michelle and Arcadia spun the Pantheon like a top to get the answers she wanted. According to my records, Arcadia is currently in Lord Frey's library in Elven Asgard."

    Roger said, "Exactly as I surmised, Master... I said it couldn't be her and now the Scribe is saying that she is with Lord Frey while the Flying Ace weekend event is going on and she is supposedly down there helping them with duties there."

    The Faun got up and went over to his pool of water as he waved a hand over it. "Show me Kevin McVann." The image in the water was Kevin wearing his Flying Ace costume jacket but in the background were also Irene and Arcadia also wearing their jackets. "Scribe have a look at this. You just said that Arcadia was at Lord Frey's library."

    When the scribe looked at the images in the water, he said, "That is NOT Arcadia Zoe. Roger nailed it once again. You have an alert student." He then glanced at Roger. "Where are your clothes, young man?"

    Roger replied, "We discovered that my wearing clothes dampens my ability to learn magic so when I come for my lessons, I strip out of my gear and put them into my backpack."

    He then shot a wink at the Scribe. "You've seen a naked boy before, haven't you?"

    The Scribe blushed as he gathered up his scrolls and turned away. "I try to be a decent ibis, Roger. There are those whom would have you laying eggs." He then departed.

    The Faun waved his hand over the pool of water. "Show us Lord Frey." And in the image of the water, Lord Frey and Arcadia were in the library with the warrior goddess known as Sif as well as Thor himself. Lady Frigga was also in the library with them. "Pardon my interrupting your study session, noble deities... it is I, the Arvandorian Faun whom teaches Roger Rogers magic during the weekends. Sad to say, there is a fake Arcadia causing chaos on Earth and she is with Kevin and the others right now."

    Roger added, "The fake caused a volcano to erupt under the old Richfield location, Arcadia. I knew that you were more polite than that so I refused to believe it was you."

    Arcadia glanced toward the faun's voice and she blushed somewhat before saying, "Again, I get to see Roger naked. I am glad he is my friend. Thank you for informing me of this shit."

    Thor remarked, "You don't sound too surprised that Roger is naked with the faun, Arcadia. Why is that?"

    Arcadia replied, "Roger is friends with a lot of mythological beings and I am sure he is on his best behavior around them. I don't sense him being pregnant."

    Roger blushed hard as he now remembered that Arcadia knew of nearly all of his sexually minded mythological friends and boyfriends.

    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two.

    Arcadia said, "I suppose it is time to let Richfield know whom is the real greater goddess from rags to riches is. And if Hades is responsible for this shit, then I'll put him in his place at the same time." And with a wave of her hand, Arcadia was dressed in her Greater Goddess battle armor gear. "You stay with your faun friend, Roger. Talk to you later." And she vanished along with every deity in the library.

    Roger looked to his magic instructor. "She gets scary when she gets like that. I think I will obey orders and stay right here with you."

    The Faun nodded his head. "You were doing well in your lessons before the interruption. Shall we try to get back into this? I'll let you rub my legs again since that helps you to focus on your lessons."

    On Earth, Arcadia and her divine allies appeared just outside of the former borders of Richfield/Borva Bay. "It's a good thing I remember what the landscape looked like before the shit hit the fan. Time to heal the Earth and restore this nexus." But before she could do anything, Kevin Seasons suddenly appeared with Brad Collins. Kevin said, "Before you do this, Arcadia, the government told me to make sure you got this folder when you next reappeared in the area. I think it contains the Richfield agreement they had with the government. Please don't zap me; I am just doing what I was told."

    Arcadia arched an eye as a divine spell activated to reveal that this Kevin and the Brad with him were phonies. And in the next instant, both fake friends were stretched over Dildo Trees in Hell, butt naked.

    "Next time you try to mimic my Teen Force friends, make damned sure I cannot detect the location of the originals in their home zones. Now back to business."

    This time when she attempted to restore the land, several powerhouses arrived via teleport and began attacking Arcadia immediately. Lord Frey and his Sister Freya grinned as then pulled their swords and Lady Frigga snapped her fingers and floored all of the opponents in fell swoop. "This is how I handle my husband Odin as well as that troublemaker, Loki. Get busy, Arcadia; if they pop a third wave in, I'll summon Volstagg and is Warrior Three friends right out of their alehouse." Arcadia grinned since she remembered a former time when Andrew Rook accidentally summoned a Norse brawl on top of Atlanta Georgia in more recent times. The Moondog Bard had spunk. And Arcadia scanned the land to see what was there that someone didn't want her to see.

    What appeared via the scan was the town of Richfield containing Military troops with their tanks aimed directly at her. The government had taken over the empty town. "Lady Frigga... have fun! If I do something, it might rearrange the entire North American continent!"

    Lord Frey smirked. "Perhaps you should do that anyway, Arcadia. Or simply rewind time and make it so the government never entered Richfield. Imagine conducting a Philadelphia Experiment in your home town."

    Arcadia grinned. "No, I'll let the army think they have stymied me. I won't restore this area at all..." Then she went silent as she watched the soldiers breathe a sigh of relief. Then she lifted one hand on high and completely reversed every stupid thing her fake had done. Hurricane Queen reappeared on Earth free of her ice block and madder than ever; her arrival zone was right outside of Washington D.C. where the weather and wind immediately went crazy as if a natural hurricane sneaked into town without warning. Mentally to the Atlantic Supervillain, Arcadia said, "You can thank me later for bringing you back to Earth, Hurricane Queen; the U.S. government arranged for your exile! Have fun with the weather!"

    The army immediately began to pull out and go to where the villain report was targeting the nation's capital city at.

    Arcadia chuckled. "With that distraction in place, I can now focus on restoring this area. The enemy of my enemy is my friend."

    In the blink of the eye, Arcadia ported the entire military controlled town to the Northeast side of D.C. in the Maryland coastal area complete with the roads already connecting the available towns. The next miracle to perform was to set the protections for the zone back into place exactly as she remembered them to be. The spot in the forest along the highway was for special folk primarily; norms could live there within reason as long as they were a rank two ally. Arcadia was through fooling around.

    Arcadia then made sure Kevin McVann's in-town business was added into the original layout of the town so he still had a home and a business.

    Roger's allies' section of the forest was restored to its former glory. Arcadia always wanted her magic learning former norm friend to get the right treatment.

    It was while she was working on things when a Werewolf of Importance was suddenly beside her as he laid one clawed hand on her shoulder armor. "Ms. Zoe. Unless you simply want your friends to continue to get harassed in this state, I have an offer for you."

    Arcadia almost growled. "Make it good; I am a little busy."

    "I am known as Hemisfang, or Number One of the U.K.'s High Command. Since I have been having to come over to America anyways here lately, I noticed your activity and I want to help Richfield to find more secure peace. And if you attack me or try to banish me, you will have the entire High Command as your enemies from now on. We are the representatives of the Western Hemisphere's special folk. What the government did was without our permission and certainly without consulting the special folk of Earth. As a member of the real Chosen of Gaia, we have been trying to repair what the dragons did to the Scottish Unicorn Sages a decade ago. The sole survivor of that attack is dwelling in California right now. Have your people choose a state and we will help you re-establish Richfield in that zone."

    Arcadia turned to look this guy in the muzzle. "How do I know if you are on the level?"

    Hemisfang grinned showing all of his fangs and teeth. "Had the government tried this trick in Coopersville, Georgia, the flagship community of the special folk, there wouldn't be a U.S. government at this very moment. Norms have tried to get rid of our kind once before; it failed then and it will fail now. Like you, I am immortal to some degree. But unlike you, no one sane wants my job. Oh the stories I could tell about being a leader. And you're just starting. Being point-blank in their face will not end well. That's why I am asking you and your people to choose a state and we will get you legally re-established in that location. I had been tending to the Wererats of Michigan when your activity got my attention. They recently had to re-establish a new community and we were asked to help them."

    He then asked, "Where is the Special Folk in charge of Richfield and why are they not present assisting you with this effort? Without their presence, you do not have High Command's permission to be doing this."

    Arcadia calmly said, "Tell me whom they are supposed to be and I will ask for their presence. I had been living with Uncle Remus before all this divine shit started. You know, the Asgardian Wolf and brother of the Greek Wolf, Romulus."

    Hemisfang replied, "The main representative of Richfield according to our records is none other than a Witch Cat Lord named Lorenzo Stancliffe; being a high school counselor being his public identity."

    Arcadia smiled. "Oh, I am familiar with him; he is a decent person as long as you don't jerk him around. Let me give him a mental call and see what he has to say."

    A few moments later, Lorenzo was standing beside the two. "I see you met High Command's main leader. Are the other two still dating?"

    End of Chapter Two.


      Chapter Three.

      Hemisfang giggled. "Oh, you do like to bring humor into a conversation. When are they not dating would more be the question? Anyway, I was informing Arcadia of the pact of your agreement with us and her activity here was not authorized since you were not present."

      He then shared what his former offer had been. "Now that you are present, Lorenzo, what would your input be?"

      Lorenzo remarked, "I have never liked the locale that fake Mr. Richards moved Richfield into originally. Too many people knew of the location. There was nothing wrong with the original site of Richfield's home location. Virginia's original Teen Force Protectorate had been the Maximum Force team currently residing at Peabody and Sherman's Arcadia which is legally in Virginia but within Washington's city borders. Richfield itself had originally been in Western Massachusetts while the parent Teen Force of the state had been the Salem Prowlers. That should explain why I am a black Witch Cat warlock. I always worked with U.K.'s High Command. Fake Richards told the townsfolk that he had High Command's permission to move the city to Virginia since they didn't have a Teen Force. I thought that was suspicious."

      Lorenzo then said, "Recently, I contacted Kathleen Crane of London and I asked her for a verification on Teen Force locales by state. That's when I learned of Fake Richard's lie. Had the special folk in original Richfield known this, we wouldn't have agreed to go with him."

      Hemisfang nodded. ""I remember that area now. The government road maps incorrectly called it Richmond, Massachusetts. It was located just North of I-90 and Southwest of Pittsfield near the New York state line. It was far piece off of the beaten path from the Teen Force Protectorate and the two in New York were no where near that location. Kathleen once said Baltimore's Teen Force were complaining that Maximum Force had encroached into their zone as if they owned the place. But it makes more sense now if MF is supposed to be Virginia's actual team. Do you need more proof, Ms. Zoe?"

      Arcadia looked at Lorenzo. "Summon an old map of the original Richfield in Massachusetts before Fake Richards screwed with the town. I want to see the location on paper before I choose to do the right thing. The government is lucky I didn't spin the continent like I had with Mount Olympus in Greece. I wonder if Zeus and the others are still cleaning up the vomit?" She chuckled from the memory as Lorenzo summoned the old map and unfolded it in front of Arcadia to look over. "Hmm... you are right, Lorenzo. I don't see anything wrong with that location at all. But since we know about the Borva Bay plot, changing the name to Richfield was likely part of some illegal plot to slide the villain mecca back into public without the authorities learning about it. Looks like you did the right thing, Hemisfang. Time to correct things."

      She then explained to Lorenzo that the Arcadia in the current Richfield locale was a fake and that Roger, bless his heart, was the one to raise the suspicion alarm. And how they got it verified by having the Scribe identify the fake on sight via viewing pool.

      Lorenzo hummed. "Faking you would indicate a Hades stunt except his last gripe was that he didn't want you joining the Greek Pantheon and with your forming an all-new pantheon, under Frey's sponsorship, then you are certainly staying out of Olympus."

      Arcadia said, "Time to get Richfield back into it's original locale in Massachusetts. Would you come along and make sure I do this right, Hemisfang? I certainly wouldn't want to continue to mess things up. The fake me caused a stinky volcano to appear at this location but when I popped in to repair the land, this fake Richfield with the government's army was sitting on this spot instead. There wasn't a volcano at all to be found. Even Poseidon verified that the volcano had been here. How do you move an entire volcano? I am rather lost on that one... unless a god was involved. The more the Syndicate tries to get their way, the more I want to send them to the Underworld one-way. If I was really mad, they would be popped into the heart of Heaven where there is a want for nothing."

      Hemisfang said, "I'll come along for the legal record to witness the town's original restoration. No one would dispute my witnessing the town's restoration. And from now on, Lorenzo, always contact our High Command to verify a Norm's claim to have our permission."

      Lorenzo then said, "Also, before you go wild on remaking the town, Arcadia... Mr. Fake Richards was the one whom renamed the original town to Richfield. The original name had been Ravenwood. And now you know why the School Mascot is the Raven."

      Using Divine power, the fake town's name on all signs were permanently converted to Borva Bay and would not be able to be changed even if the villains tore down the signs and put up new ones. They wanted this town so damned badly, it would have to be public. In the meantime, the original Ravenwood, Massachusetts was restored using the same layout as the original town so citizens would not get mixed up trying to find their way around. Finally, all Special Folk monuments and magical locales were transferred back to the original Ravenwood zone. When all was said and done, Arcadia, Lorenzo and Hemisfang toured the restored town to make sure it was indeed as it had been originally, save for the extra building that Arcadia added to house Kevin McVann's theme business and dance hall. This would be located just South of Ravenwood where accessibility to the Interstate could net the best business. Ravenwood would otherwise be a gated community for approved locals only. Shopping in the town would be permitted, but living there was by approval only. You couldn't just buy a property and move in. Lorenzo and the rest of the Special Council would have to approve those wanting to be part of the community.

      Not being near the Atlantic Ocean would take some getting used to. The Prowlers Teen Force would be contacted about its Western state counterpart, the Ravens Teen Force, although the absolute overseer authority in Massachusetts would be the Prowlers.

      The last detail of business would be transferring the citizens back into their legal town. Minus any Norms whom loved the name Richfield to the point of only wanting to live there. The Richfield at the newer location of Eastern Virginia would be taken over by Norms and they would never see a Special Folk ever again. Embracing Two-Gun Desperado and Flaming Pharaoh's way of living would be their undoing. They wanted to live in a lie, then they would get to stay in that location. Although everyone would be given a chance to prove that friendship and honesty would supersede greed and dishonesty. Arcadia wanted to wait until Kevin closed the business for the night before moving the townsfolk minus the Arcadia fake whom would be sent to Cerberus' doghouse in the Underworld.

      "Free doggy style sex toy; mount up, Cerberus!"

      Just after midnight when Arcadia was sure everyone was asleep, citizen transfer occurred. Sloan would be informed of Kevin's business relocation and why it had to be done. And not to tell his government bosses where the new place was located. ...or else...

      People to be left behind had their memories altered to accept that they had always lived in Borva Bay and the school mascot had always been the Broncos. The school officials were all Norms whom would also swear they had been there their whole lives. Only a few Norms made it on the approved list for getting to join the Ravenwood citizens in the original location. Roger's parents were glad to be part of the accepted list of citizens to be allowed to work and live in Ravenwood. The Hill Horse farm was also on the approved list. Chester and Clifford were happy for that. Chester's father wouldn't learn where Chester went for a while, although his mother would be informed and to keep the cranky FBI father in the dark for a while. If he was so good at his job, let him learn where the place was.

      Ravenwood, Massachusetts; the following morning...

      When Kevin came downstairs to open the restaurant for the breakfast crowd, he found Arcadia in her full divine armor standing with Lorenzo in his full Witch Cat Lord form and High Command's Hemisfang standing just inside the main entrance blocking the front door. "What's going on, Mr. Stancliffe? I am getting ready to open the business for the breakfast crowd before we close up and head off for school." Lorenzo patted Kevin on the shoulder. "We could use some breakfast, Kevin, while we explain a few things to you. First of all, we are no longer part of the Richfield trap. We are back in Ravenwood."

      Kevin arched an eye and said without thinking, "But Mr. Richards told the townsfolk that the old location was no longer safe for dwelling there and..." He stopped as he suddenly caught on to what he had been about to say. "Oh my god... he lied to us to see things his way."

      Arcadia remarked, "Captain Coercion lied to all of us, Kevin. The fake Arcadia had you fooled the night before but she is getting hers right now under Cerberus' tender mercies. I am the real Arcadia Zoe, Pantheon Head of the new age gods, sponsored by Lord Frey. I worked all night with these nice gentleman's assistance to get Ravenwood re-established in the original location. The old Richfield is currently occupied by nothing by Norms. Before Two-Gun Desperado's lie, there had never been a town called Richfield in Virginia. It had been Borva Bay all along. I verified this through the government's own township records. I rescues all non-corrupt citizens of our town and moved them here where Hemisfang and Lorenzo made sure they were going to support the original town."

      End of Chapter Three.