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[DW3] AZ-10 Weekend at the Dinner Theater

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    [DW3] AZ-10 Weekend at the Dinner Theater

    Arcadia Zoe: Episode Ten

    [DW3] AZ-10 Weekend at the Dinner Theater.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter One

    Ravens Roost, Idaho; Highway 93 North

    Paul then approached Roger. "I need to ask you something, Roger... do you know how to slice and prepare vegetables for another chef to make a meal with the ingredients? Vance Shou has the three nights of the full moon thing coming up and it starts tonight. We need someone to fill in for him temporarily while he is off doing this. We're not asking you to move into the Dinner Theater, but now we are a food preparer short. I need to find someone whom can do this for us."

    Roger smiled at Paul. "My mom taught me how to do that. I'd be glad to Help out as long as it didn't interfere with my magic lessons with my Arvandorian Faun instructor."

    Kevin said, "Poor Vance. I remember how excited he was to be given that job initially. Full moon nights must suck for a Were."

    Lorenzo nodded his head. "Indeed, Kevin, but support from friends, like Paul, make the after rewards worth it. How is the Changeling Wolf doing?"

    Doing cartwheels down a cross hallway was the wolf boy in question, completely in the fur.

    Paul grinned. "Thanks to Augusta's rule, no more itchy clothes. Stanley is very happy."

    He then added, "I wish I could be there for Vance so he wasn't alone. Stanley and I both like the guy."

    Arcadia said, "Sorry Paul, too dangerous. however, perhaps there is something I could arrange for you and Stanley from the safety of your apartment. A way to view Vance's ordeal without being in harm's way. You guys have a TV, right?" Paul said, "Yes... but if you are about to suggest that we do what Nick Roberts had been doing, then you are as bad as he was." Lorenzo smirked. "He stopped you there, Arcadia."

    He then added, "When you saw how Michelle's father was keeping an eye on his daughters, you got angry. How do you think Vance would feel if he knew his friends were spying on him?" Arcadia looked Lorenzo in the eye. "It wouldn't be spying if we got his permission first. Besides, Paul wants to be there for him. That is far more dangerous with a Wererat." Lorenzo said, "He is standing over at his locker looking upset and depressed that he is going to let Kevin down this weekend."

    Arcadia walked over to Vance's locker and said, "Vance? Paul is wanting to do something that I know is dangerous and I want to arrange a way he could do it and stay safe. But I would need your permission first." Vance slowly peered over his shoulder at the Goddess. "He wants to be there for me. It's too dangerous as you already know. What is the safe idea?" Arcadia replied, "With your permission, we could set up the TV in the apartment to view your three nights ordeal and even record the highlights for review later."

    She then added, "Paul could be there for you safely. Then when you came home, you could watch the abridged version with your roommates and explain things as they happened in the video."

    Vance smiled at Arcadia. "Unlike Richards, you want my permission to view my ordeal safely for Paul and Stanley."

    Arcadia said, "I know Paul; if I didn't offer a safe way, he would go out there and be point blank with you while you were doing it; he is your friend."

    Vance said, "Please don't let Paul lose himself to my species. It is not a fun ride the first time. When I am feral, I don't know friend from foe. I might bite him and regret it."

    Arcadia smiled. "This is why I wanted to ask you first. You are not the first Were I have met. They all have their own methods of dealing with the full moons."

    Vance remarked, "You can set up the TV and recorded video of my ordeal for safe viewing. But please don't let Paul come out to where I have to be alone at tonight."

    Arcadia nodded her head and returned to where the group was standing. "Permission gained. Paul, he asked me not to let you go out to where he would be tonight; When he's in feral mode, he doesn't know friend from foe; he might accidentally bite you and then you'd also be caught in his ordeal and the first time is completely awful according to Vance. He doesn't want you to lose yourself no matter how much you care about him."

    Paul said, "After business hours tonight, I was going to get our apartment laundry started. We need to do it so we have clean clothes for next week."

    Arcadia almost face-palmed herself. "Laundry! I need to get mine done too! That was the last thing on my mind!"

    Kevin grinned. "Sounds like this weekend will be a laundry weekend in the laundromat that I thankfully installed for the apartments usage. In fact, Vance and Paul were the ones whom reminded me that I forgot to install one when I was setting up the business and then they made P.U. jokes in regards to stinky clothes. Stanley suggested skunk costumes. The business is on the highway front and the apartments are located on the street behind the main drag businesses. There is a covered walkway between the two buildings so we can take a short cut."

    Irene then approached the group. "Kevin and Arcadia. Just the people I need to see. My parents are finally giving me permission to live away from the estate. They said as long as I was there, I'd still be grounded. But living with my friends would stop that. Do you have extra space, Arcadia?"

    Kevin said, "Irene, there is the work trade-off rule for living at the Dinner Theater. Everyone has to contribute something useful to the business during the evenings. Arcadia waits on tables, Paul runs the cash register in the arcade and dance hall, Vance normally chops vegetables for another cook to prepare meals with. Stanley mops floors after hours. Linda and I alternate on washing dishes, I sometimes run the restaurant cash register personally. Doing these jobs pays for your rent to live there. What can you offer to the business?"

    Irene smiled. "I can prepare Oriental cuisine. I am not just another pretty face, Kevin. I did learn how to prepare meals at the estate. Grandparents are the pickiest customers in existence. You mess up a dish with them and they let you know it."

    End of Chapter One

    Chapter Two

    Just before Sundown, Paul was helping Vance in preparation for his outing. "Would it still be dangerous to see you when the moon was fully down and the sun was up?"

    Vance replied, "I don't want you to throw your humanity away, Paul. I will be up on the East mountain where Augusta has a Were-Beast Ordeal hunting ground set up."

    Paul said, "Is there a food drop off point up there so someone can take you a meal once the moon was completely settled where you couldn't see it?"

    Vance showed all of his teeth in a hiss. "I mean it, Paul. Stay where it is safe. Don't become another Mr. Richards." And then he turned and headed out. Losing one's temper was not a good indicator for where the moon was. Vance was naked as he ran up the East trail toward the mountain top. As he reached the top, he could see the moon starting to rise. "That's what I thought. I got here just in time."

    At that moment in Richfield, Idaho, the mayor was talking to a traveling family whom had been making inquiries. "I'm sorry folks. I've never heard of Linda McVann in this town part of our school system or otherwise. I apologize for not being more helpful."

    The man, whom was non other than Josh McVann said, "Maybe you can still help us with something. Do you know where Augusta Richards lives in Idaho? She always claimed to come from this town. Yet I can see now that the town's layout looks nothing like the sister city in Virginia."

    The mayor said, "Oh, Mayor Augusta Richards! She looked over this town once and she said it was too populated for her project needs! She lives in Ravens Roost to the North of here on highway 93. Her citizens choose to wear some fantastic costumes in her canyon city. The skiing is awesome during the Winter."

    Josh smiled. "Thank you, Mister mayor. My wife and I need to get going now. So I stay on 93 North until we reach Ravens Roost."

    The mayor said, "That's right. Although most people don't drive through the pass at night. The safe stopover city would be Salmon which is a county seat up that way."

    After the two left, the mayor went back into his office and he opened his Rolodex to find Augusta's cell phone number. After placing the call, he heard her voice.

    "You've reached Mayor Augusta Richards of Ravens Roost. How can I help you?"

    "Augusta? This Richfield, Idaho Mayor Dakota Montana. I just got visited by a strange husband and wife pair whom were looking for a girl and then they asked me where your ranch was. I accidentally told them where to go before recalling that the main seemed rather oily while his wife had this annoyed indifferent attitude as if she though it was pointless to ask for directions to find their daughter. The girl they are looking for is Linda McVann. I hope I didn't make a mistake, Ms. Richards."

    Augusta wanted to scream; dealing with the crooked McVanns this soon would make her lose her temper. She knew that neither Kevin nor Linda deserved that. "No, you are fine, Montana." And she ended the call as he lifted her voice. "Arcadia! I need your aid here at my farm this second!"

    Arcadia whom had just barely gotten into her waitress uniform appeared in front of Augusta. "You bellowed?"

    Augusta then laid it on the line for Arcadia on what she was just warned about. "What I want you to do is wait until the McVann car reaches a lonely spot in the road where they have no chance of encountering other vehicles, say on a curve, and then I want you to transport their car and them up to Highway 3 in New Hampshire just South of Happy Corner. They are coming to reclaim Linda for some stupid plot that they suddenly need her for. If they arrive in this town, I will kill them; this way they get to live."

    Arcadia said, "Good thing you asked me to do this before opening time. Kevin wants to get in some decent work time at the Dinner Theater. The arcade and dance hall have been a hit with the teenagers. One redirect coming up as long as Josh McVann isn't some secret super villain in disguise. The old United Crime Syndicate have been popping up out of the woodwork recently every time we have to deal with someone's stupidity."

    Mrs. McVann had been paying attention to the mile markers along the roadway. when they drove through Salmon, she had seen ID-24 and then ID-23 but as they were going around the curve in the road, the teleport happened and the next mile marker she noticed almost hidden in the snow was NH-32. "Honey? I think someone teleported our car and us to New Hampshire. I was watching the mile markers and it went from ID-23 to NH-32. Someone doesn't want us to reach Ravens Roost."

    Josh reached a spot where he could turn the car around and then he said while facing South. "We will let them think they succeeded. Something I never told you back before you first met me on Wall Street... is that I used to work for the United Crime Syndicate. I never had a warrant for my arrest, not like Richards stupidly did. I've been all over the country in the old days. So I know the roadways better than they think I do. We are going to teleport into Montana on Highway 93 and drive South right into their town."

    Mrs. McVann said, "So whom did you used to be?"

    Josh said, "You know how Linda ended up with Nova Powers? She inherited them from me. I used to be Flaming Pharaoh. My enemies were the Nova Twins from Planet Heliopolis."

    "That means you can fly. Why bother with a car if you have that kind of power?"

    "How could I keep you with me without a car? There were several floozies whom wanted to mate with me thinking they could gain immortality from a Phoenix."

    Mrs. McVann said, "So when are you going to teleport us? It is starting to snow here." Josh said, "I was giving Augusta time to let her guard down again and I was checking the Google Maps app to find an area along highway 93 to set our car down in Montana." And in the blink of an eye, then car was on highway 93 near mile marker MT-32 facing south. "32 miles to the border and then we surprise that stupid Richards brat."

    End of Chapter Two


      Chapter Three

      At the Dinner Theater, Arcadia informed Kevin what she found out from Augusta. "If they keep trying to get into town, you will lose your aunt and uncle to the Grim Reaper."

      Kevin said, "Knowing Josh, he won't give up. Linda doesn't want to be part of their crooked family anymore. Linda told me that her parents true goal was to claim Borva Bay and remake it into a legal resort town but once the government was tipped off that it still existed and came in to destroy it, Josh and Regina left town after leaving Linda with me. I would say the land is now for sale again and they want to buy it for their plot but in order to get a loan, then need capital and proof of a child for the welfare department to approve of."

      Arcadia said, "What a bunch of stupid assholes! I guess I will have to do what Hazardous Materials was reported to do the British Isles to the land at Borva Bay. Since it wanted to be a bay so badly, I make it into one. Uncle Poseidon would be so proud of me. We know no one lives there currently so sinking the land wouldn't harm anyone. We can say the sinkholes claimed the town property when it got wet from a rain. The very mines the McVanns created caused the disaster."

      Kevin said, "Let me move the marble deposits into the Ravens Roost Quarry and then you can sink to your heart's content." And he focused on doing that.

      Arcadia then poked a hole to the ocean into the now empty mines and the water poured in and the land above shuddered and quaked before cracks opened in the ground and the entire former Borva Bay shelf simply slid off into the ocean, sinking beneath the waves as it fell off the continental shelf into the Atlantic Ocean. "No more tempting land development plot for villains. And I did get a mental message from Poseidon when I did that. He quoted, Good one, grand-niece. You make me so proud, unquote."

      Kevin was laughing.

      Just before the Idaho border in Montana, Mrs. McVann suddenly got a message from the real estate agent in D.C. to inform them of what the purchase property had happen to it. Apparently whomever dug the mines weakened the integrity of the land and when the ocean poured into the mines, it cause all of the land to break off from the mainland to fall off into the Atlantic Ocean. There was nothing to buy at that location now. he apologized before hanging up to inform other bidders of the catastrophe.

      Regina said, "Honey? That was the real estate auctioneer. He said the mines were breached to the ocean and the land broke off and fell into the ocean. He said there was nothing to buy at the location anymore. Do we still go after Linda or do we make a new plan? It is hard to own a bay where the land used to be."

      Josh stopped the car and said, "Call him back up, Honey. Ask him how much the new bay would go for. DC Comics did this once and so can we. We will still have a resort city that we can control. Our earth money may be depleted but I still have galactic funds that I can use to make the purchase and hire a galactic contractor to build Angel City, Virginia."

      He then added, "Once the city is established, we can file a runaway child report on Linda McVann to have her legally brought back to us. It won't be us going after her; the law will."

      Augusta then came into the Dinner Theater and said, "More stupid news. The McVanns are in the process of buying that bay you obviously created. I don't know why they want a body of water. That doesn't make any sense to me. I think they still want Linda." She then looked at the menu. "I think I'd like a Mexican meal with a margarita to drink. I need to take my mind off of their stupidity."

      Arcadia said, "I'll ask Gaea if she will make the land under the bay next to impossible to build on until three years pass and by then Linda will have graduated from high School."

      Preparing Augusta's meal was performed and then along with the drink she ordered, the meal was served.

      Back in the kitchens, Arcadia had a crystal ball set up as she said, "I think it is past time to verify where all members of the United Crime Syndicate are at right now. I am getting tired of these guys continuously popping up to harass us."

      Kevin said, "Do it, Arcadia. I think it is annoying that since we got rid of Borva Bay, they are suddenly re-materializing as if they were stored in suspended animation. Two-Gun Desperado shouldn't have lasted this long in truth."

      Irene opened her laptop and accessed the Mighty Courageans and SHE-Force web sites. "We can look up the main arch-enemies in the hero database and then use the crystal ball to see where they actually are. That way, we don't waste a lot of time and we don't do accidental repeats on people." And then they pulled open the roster of the team members from the classic teams. And it was quite the list with full color pictures and profile information.

      "Assisto's arch-nemesis is Dark Cult, also known as Donald Collins, Australian dentist. Real alias, Darkon Franklin of Mythelonne. Former Headmaster of the War Wizards Academy of Evil Magic. Ousted and banished by the new headmistress, Wendy Gliddle, the Witch, he arrived in Australia where he chose to law low and put on the guise of a super hero down under. He fell in love with a local woman name Collins he fathered a son named Bradford Collins. Brad went on to join Maximum Force in Washington D.C. Misidentified as a villain in America after he heard the Witch was throwing her weight around in America and we went to banish her back to Mythelonne, he instead encountered Assisto whom recognized his visage from the Headmaster Hall of Infamy. She was stopped in her tirade of attacking him when he was identified by U.S. government agents as one of Australia's greatest super heroes."

      Kevin remarked, "Good gods! I'll bet she was mad when they stopped her from causing an international incident!"

      "Captain Leo's arch-nemesis is none other than the original Nighthowl Fireclaw, also known as Blood Fang. Struck in the ass by one of the Holy Pouch's enchanted holy golf clubs, he found himself embedded in an ice shelf in Antarctica until global warming freed him and he learned that someone matching his original enemy was still alive in Hollywood. The original Captain Leo was still stuck in a suspended animation orb along with his original team and original arch enemies."

      Arcadia said, "That's two for two. They are both still alive since neither are human."

      Roger glanced over from his temporary fill-in job. "Man, Nighthowl is a sexy lion dude. Too bad he joined the wrong side."

      End of Chapter Three


        Chapter Four

        "Although currently Living Legend, Code "H" Girl's arch-nemesis had been Code "V" Boy (currently Vanguard of the SHE-Force,) also known as Robert Victory. As Code "V" Boy, he could transform into any comic book super villain in existence with all of their powers except it was always random. He would say "Villains Rule" to make the transformation. Code "H" Girl would say, "Whammy Weirdo! Super Hero!" to make her transformations as she became the female version of any male comic book super hero, also randomized unless she mastered a form. When Code "V" Boy's puberty hit him hard, his powers changed and he found that he needed the SHE-Force's help to iron out his now fucked up Mutant powers. He often said to Code "H", if this happened to me, then when your puberty hits, this is going to happen to you. When her puberty hit she simply became more womanly and her powers got stronger."

        Irene said, "Despite starting as a villain, Vanguard is currently a hero with the SHE-Force."

        "Although currently the mutant known as Colorado, the rainbow hero, Colorado Kid's arch-nemesis had been Two-Gun Desperado, also known as Nick Roberts. Originally without powers, his skills were old western abilities such as trick shooting, horsemanship and cattle rustling. Losing a shootout with Colorado Kid led to his first arrest in the mid-60s. He was angry that a teenager defeated him in a shootout and he vowed eternal revenge. Addendum: Nick was recently turned over to authorities again, this time by Teen Force."

        Arcadia said, "Nick is still sitting in his prison cell and the other prisoners are razzing him for getting caught by those pesky kids."

        Everyone laughed.

        "Darla Diamond-Worthington, later to call herself Diamond Girl, was all the time fending herself against the Notorious Crook, Ivan Kingsley. His real name had been Ivanovinski Kingslokov born in Siberia (circa 1837 A.D.) His mother died giving birth to him. The Grim Reaper witnessed the birth and has been regretting it ever since. Captured by the Victorians in the late 1860s, Ivan was placed in a Russian prison until his release in 1931 at the age of 94, he took a trip to the Mediterranean where he helped to save a centaur girl and a satyr boy whom rewarded him by sharing their special wine with him. Overnight, Ivan was rejuvenated to the age of 14 for his second chance at life. But as temptations go, he was not able to resist using his Unlocking Touch mutant power. Robbing a Moscow bank in 1942, he was confronted by Captain Leo, Captain Lea and Captain Detona. He fled to the States in 1950."

        Arcadia said, "He must have done it again, guys, the crystal ball is showing him to be younger than a teenager."

        Kevin said, "Captain Detona went on to become Admiral Kaboom. She really doesn't like Ivan at all."

        "Eagle Kid's arch-nemesis is Purple Condor, also known as Evan Richards. He could fly and control dust storms. During his early career, he was all the time attacking Eagle Kid's Indian Reservation. After sitting in jail for a while, He learned that Eagle Kid got hired by the Mighty Courageans and he followed his enemy to New York where he blanketed nearly the entire city in a dust storm. The Witch got angry with his stupidity and killed him with one of her spells which was called Pain from the Gods. That was the day the Witch got the switches."

        Roger said, "What a way to go."

        Irene said, "There is an addendum: proving to be an honorable adversary, Eagle Kid paid the Arranger to revive his enemy and have him transported back to a hospital in his home town."

        Kevin said, "At least he got a second chance from instant death. Man, villains hate each other."

        "Flasherino's arch-nemesis was Cover-Up, also known as the prudish man called Orville Closet. Cover-Up had no powers and was killed by Doctor Science and Madame Borva in 1968."

        "Although currently called Phantasm, Girl Intor's arch-nemesis was a crazy Ghost Buster wannabe called Banisher, also known as Homer Belview. His family had previously hunted Vampires, but he made his living hunting ghosts. His last appearance on Earth occurred when he shot his banishing ray at her and she held a mirror in front of herself and the ray bounced back and sent the crazy man to the very dimension where he was sending all the ghosts to. And they ripped him apart."

        Everyone said, "Ew!"

        "Formerly known as Cackling Crow, Hee Hee Hee Kid's arch-nemesis was called Boo Hoo Hoo Girl, also known as Rita Laughn. Booed off of a comedy stage for not being funny enough, a part-time janitor came out to get the stage cleaned for the next act the audience started laughing at the costume he was wearing. It was the Cackling Crow in his civilian job. Angry that a nobody had stolen her thunder, she tried to kill him right on stage. As she swung an ax over her shoulder at the costumed janitor, a long sticky rubber band shot in and caught the ax and made it hit the floor behind her. Knee-Deep Frog in his frog man costume intervened to save his friend's life. The police took Rita away but she vowed revenge against these animal costumed freaks. Some years later in New York after several clashes with her enemy, Shadow-Wing got tired of her useless non-funny power and teleported her ass off to his home planet; Slythe World. After failing to make the Slythes laugh, they devoured her as a tasty dish. Amazingly enough, the universe laughed when she died proving that old song true... I finally died, which started the whole world living."

        Everyone again said, "Ew!"

        "Known to one and all as Uncle Rocky on Morning TV, Kangaroo Kid often fought against his arch-nemesis, the Poacher. He was an early version of SKaM before SKaM ever existed. He claimed that Uncle Rocky was a dangerous were-kangaroo that needed to be either killed or captured for scientific study. The Poacher was last seen when a holy golf club smacked him in the ass and he flew through the sky toward the North Pole. Kangaroo Kid is Mathilda's number one joey."

        Kevin smirked. "She sure gets around."

        "Currently known as Space Ranger, Kid Ranger's arch-nemesis is the now retired cowboy known as Bart Black, or more famously known as Black Bart. His real name was proven by birth records to be Bartholomew Dalton. He has since fathered three children, Juan Dalton, a famous rodeo star, Carena "Reena" Dalton whom joined Hazardous Materials and Adam Dalton formerly in a wheelchair for most of his life until he got an emergency surgery that restored his mobility to him just in time for his mutant powers to activate. Mythic creatures love this boy."

        End of Chapter Four


          Chapter Five

          After serving a few more evening customers, Irene and the others returned to the kitchen to check out the rest of their research.

          "Knee-Deep Frog's arch nemesis was formerly known as the Gigger, a bayou hunter whom hunted without a permit, although later after falling into radiation saturated swampy sea water, he would emerge as the mutated powerhouse known as Poseidon. When he had been human, his real name had been Gregory Geiger. After losing his humanity, he spread a rumor that Knee-Deep Frog had murdered Greg Geiger and had disposed of the body. Although Knee-Deep Frog professed his innocence, he agreed to sit in jail for the false crime. He was later cleared when Pentacle revealed that Poseidon was none other than Greg Geiger in a new identity. Knee-Deep Frog returned to full hero status and bounty hunters went after Poseidon whom is still on the run to this day. Hiding out in dismal swamps and other such lonely places."

          Kevin said, "What an asshole! Lost his humanity and blamed his death on a hero!"

          Paul said from a side door, "It takes all types, you know."

          "Galactic Law Enforcement Wizard, Magicko all the time fought against evil scientific genius Doctor Science, also known as Earl Redd from the infamous Redd scientist lineage. After serving nine sentences in jail, he vowed that there would never be a tenth time. After getting out, he went to the U.S. Government and offered to share everything he knew with them which included former secrets of the super heroes and super villains all in one fell swoop. Now a government informant, Dr Red continues to figure things out for the government."

          Arcadia said, "Talk about turning over a new leaf! It's a wonder his old cronies haven't tried to off him for doing that!"

          "Although currently called Metalon, Metal Boy's former arch nemesis had been an inventor whom figured out how to rust open star metals. Alaska Sextant, known as Rust Maker. The backlash to his invention was that it created a poisonous vapor that could cause death if inhaled by humans. He entered his cellar labs one day to get more of the solution and he walked into a cloud of this vapor and he died instantly. Metal Boy's girlfriend Plastic Girl was called in to get his body out of the cellar since Metal Boy couldn't approach it at all."

          Everyone said, "Ew!"

          Then came then one that caught them off-guard...

          "The Nova Twins' arch-nemesis from the planet Heliopolis was Phoenix Stardawn, also known as Flaming Pharaoh. On their home world, it was illegal to use your powers for personal gain, even though the royal family did this often with no repercussions. On Planet Heliopolis, Phoenix Stardawn was a phoenix man, but after arriving on Earth, he took on this appearance. we are providing this on our profile in case you happen to see him in his human identity of Josh McVann." And the full-color picture showed Josh McVann in the appearance they all knew.

          When Arcadia focused the crystal ball on Flaming Pharaoh's actual location, they saw Josh and Regina sitting in their car in Montana just North of the Idaho border. They were not moving.

          Kevin said, "Oh my god! They are back within striking distance of this town already?!"

          Arcadia mentally contacted Augusta to come into the kitchens if she had not left already. When she came in, she saw what they were looking at in the crystal ball. "We were researching the whereabouts of the United Crime Syndicate, Augusta, and when Flaming Pharaoh came up it was revealed that he had the human identity of Josh McVann."

          Augusta said, "I knew I didn't like him for some reason. Well, I have the Nova Twin's hot line number. I'll just tell them where he is and we can watch the fireworks distantly."

          One phone call later and the crystal ball view was pulled back to show the car being destroyed as a huge phoenix erupted out of the flames. "How dare you kill my wife, you murderers!"

          Arcadia's eyes twinkled and Regina McVann found herself alive and without singes laying on the green of Hole One of the nearby golf course where she got to overhear her husband's rants.

          "I needed her worthless ass to rebuild the money I needed to establish a new Heliopolis here on Earth! The Richfield Champions kidnapped our daughter after we left her for a temporary visit with her cousin Kevin McVann. Richfield Virginia was being demolished by the government and Regina and I were going to go get a new home elsewhere for ourselves and our daughter. When we returned for her, no one knew where she was. And you call yourself heroes! What do you have to say about a kidnapping case? Either I get Linda back right now or else I'll set off my planetary Super Nova power and wipe out all life on this planet! You have sixty seconds! 59!"

          Arcadia popped off to where Linda was standing and said, "Hold still for a moment, Linda. Your father is in fact Flaming Pharaoh and is threatening to engulf the Earth in a Super Nova unless he gets you back right now. So, I am going to do what Gavin did to me one time and send Shadow-Linda with a small copy of your deteriorating powers to Josh so he stops his threat. In case they forgot, they arranged for a demon to drain your powers so he could get extra spending funds. So it will be no surprise when Shadow-Linda loses her powers entirely."

          Linda said, "Do it."

          Moments later as Josh was reaching 27!, Shadow-Linda appeared on the roadway to the South and shouted, Mom? Dad? Are you all right? I escaped from the Richfield Champions! We can get out of here now!" When she saw where her mother was laying she flew over and landed to help Regina to her feet. "We should get back to Virginia or even New York City where the apartments are cheaper so we can make new plans."

          Regina said, "We don't have a car anymore. The Nova Twins destroyed our car."

          S-Linda said, "They were aiming at stupid dad. You know how that goes. However, I borrowed something from Roger Rogers and this should help us get back to the East Coast. Since the Richards are no longer using it and they have bedrooms, we will just take over their ranch house at Black Water, Virginia since we need it on a temporary basis." Flaming Pharaoh landed near his family as he glared up at the Nova Twins. "You know that selfish power law back on Heliopolis, the royal family was all the time breaking that law when I was last up there."

          End of Chapter Five


            Chapter Six

            S-Linda utilized some sort of black cube to create a shadow door supposedly leading back to the East Coast. S-Linda went through it first, followed by Regina and then hesitating for a moment, Josh went through it. On the other side in galactic patrol containment cards appeared Regina in one card and Flaming Pharaoh in the other card. S-Linda was no where to be seen. Regina shouted, "What trick is this? Let me out of here! Where did Linda go?!"

            Outside of the Containment card windows, they saw the Nova Twins along with Galactic patrol officer Arclight and Wizard World Officer Magicko. Arclight said, "Next stop, Galactic Base."

            Magicko added, "The Galactic Judges want to see you two. Funny you should mention kidnapping when Linda's genetics don't match either one of you two at all."

            Regina bitched and complained while the phoenix simply kept his beak shut.

            Arcadia said, "And that's the end of Josh and Regina."

            "Plastic Girl's arch nemesis is called Rubber Band, a former aspiring rock musician named Rockford Umber. He was in love with her civilian identity and after her accident, to show he still loved her, he staged a similar accident to himself except he used liquid rubber from a rubber band factory instead of plastic like her accident. Confronting her later, Rubber Band said he was still in love with her and she rebuked his advances for being so stupid to deliberately do what she had done by accident. She said she would never love him."

            Irene remarked, "What a freak!"

            Kevin smirked. "I agree!"

            "Currently known as Guard Captain Fusion, Steam Mouse was once a member of the famed Heroes from Hell and later, the Soldiers of the Eternal Flame. The Soldiers were Twilight Force re-imagined but far worse to encounter at night. His arch-nemesis was a former demon hunter/Catholic Priest whom hunted him specifically. Terrence Sound was his name, and during the Courageans, his villain name was Mouse Trap. During the stint with the Soldiers, Terrence fell into an Abyss pit while fighting Fusion and when the hero pulled him back to safety, he swore to leave Fusion alone for good after that as long as Fusion swore off Hell for good. Fusion, whom was dating Air Force pilot Polly Westerly, the White Parrot of SHE-Force, made that vow easily and the two parted company with a handshake and never saw each other again, except during their official wedding."

            Arcadia said, "The Crystal Ball shows that Catholic Priest Sound went back to his original job as a Priest and is keeping his word."

            Augusta said, "We know that Monty still drives that cab of his, so he didn't totally accept the deal. The cab is a Hell Dragon in disguise. One of Monty's tamed pets."

            "Super "Sock"er's arch-nemesis probably shouldn't have become whom he ended up with, but... stranger things happen. Galactic Mercenary Draklan having been found guilty of nearly wiping a species out of existence was tasked to raise the survivor eggs and their spawn on Planet Earth. He begged for death when he heard his sentence; but it was too late. Taking survivor eggs to Los Angeles, the first hatched and Draklan now calling himself Drake Lane named the first hatched as Victor Lane and told him to safe guard the others until they hatched. Once one egg had hatched, Drake Lane, calling himself Laundry Man, named after a weird hero he had seen in a laundry truck, departed for New York where he joined the syndicate and quickly got into battles with Super "Sock"er. Jailed a few times, his cronies always got him out and then, he had heard that the youngest hatched was a female named Victoria Lane whom had joined Hazardous Materials, a division of Teen Force and she was palling around with his retired criminal friends Notorious Crook and Silver Surge. On the plus side, she was running a massive all-female street gang. That made him proud that she wasn't totally good."

            "Daughter of Hurricane Queen, Tidal Wave's arch-nemesis were three Maine fishermen whose boat got damaged by a hurricane. They thought Tidal Wave had caused it when they refused to let her rent their boat to go research something in the ocean. Hook, Line & Sinker, also known as Hector Silvers, Linnie Blackbeard and Stuart Bluebeard. One day, after getting confronted by the three, Tidal Wave told them that Hurricane Queen controls all of the hurricanes of the Atlantic Ocean and despite being her unwanted daughter, if the three could convince her to give up destroying coastal communities from now on, she, on her word as a Mighty Couragean, would stop being Tidal Wave forever. She mentioned that heroes always keep their word. She never saw the three again. After that, Hurricane Queen came after Tidal Wave with a vengeance and with Magicko's assistance, Hurricane Queen was encased in ice and magically transported to a water world in a distant galaxy that had no space travel and was in fact a red zone sector. Hurricanes in the Atlantic then returned to their normal patterns. Tidal Wave and Magicko then went looking for the fishermen's boat and when they found it smashed on a lone island, they also found Hook, Line and Sinker nearly starved."

            Irene said, "There is an addendum that they were taken to Dr. Remedy for a full recovery treatment. Upon their release, Tidal Wave presented them with an all new fishing trawler ship courtesy of the Mighty Courageans. They vowed only to do fishing from then on and they no longer attacked Tidal Wave. They are lucky to be alive. And Tidal Wave replaced their fishing ship with a professional model that common Fisherman would drool over and desire for themselves."

            "Wolf Boy's arch-nemesis ended up being Slythe super criminal Shadow-Wing. His girlfriend, Shadora, injected his black gelatinous pudding body with female gladiator hormones which permitted his body to become like a male gladiator although his head under a rubber mask was as hideous as the politicians of Slythe World. Shadora loved him no matter what. Calling himself Joe Nightsky while on Earth at first, he ran Joe's Bar in New York City right next to Central Park. Then in the 1980s, he closed Joe's Bar and opened a bar in Rocky Falls, Missouri called the Come as You Are Bar and he changed his name to Joe Shadow-Wing. At that time, he announced that he was married to Shadora and no one questioned it at all. He is still operating the riverside bar to this day. They see very few fights and he does not miss the villain days at all. In fact, he sometimes gets Prince Wolfen as a visitor."

            "This version of the syndicate was overseen by Professor Heimlich von Schlepper. When he retired, he began publishing his unused plots in a series of books that became known as the Joke Book series of plans you should never do because of unforeseen consequences. He was making millions at that point and he published more of his plans as well as new plots that he thought of after retiring."

            Kevin said, "Fun is fun, but we have a restaurant to run and laundry to do later. We will cover the rest of the syndicate on another night."

            Arcadia said, "At least we don't have to deal with Two-Gun Desperado and Flaming Pharaoh anymore."

            End of Chapter Six


              Chapter Seven

              The next morning, even though some laundry was still spinning in the dryers, Paul was having Arcadia help him to put together a cheese and wine food package for Vance up on the mountain.

              Arcadia said, "You must really care about Vance Shou to be doing this after he told you to stay where it was safe."

              Paul smiled. "At least I asked if you would escort me so I had a witness of safe passage there and back. Cheese and Wine as well as an emergency thermal pup tent. I checked the upcoming nightly temperatures forecast and either tonight or Sunday Night will be colder than usual. I don't want Vance to transform into a frozen Rat-sicle; he has no clothes with him and I would be upset if he froze to death."

              He then added, "If Vance died, I might do something stupid to myself to honor him."

              Arcadia said, "Touche, Paul; if I wasn't a goddess, I might do the same thing to honor Irene even though she is as stupid as Michelle used to be."

              Michelle and Linda walked through the kitchen at that point as Michelle said, "Irene was asking the school newspaper editor in school during the week if she could possibly be a newspaper reporter for the school paper and she was told, quote, Your parents told me that if you were to ask to deny you that privilege. I never asked why. Get their permission and I might change my mind, unquote. Irene was fuming after that that her parents were covering all the grounded bases."

              Linda said, "Then on Friday morning, they told her that if she was living on her own, the grounding would be lifted even if that was with her friends. And sure enough, she asked you if you had room in your apartment. Kevin put a halt to that immediately by mentioning the work to earn your keep rule. And Irene offered to provide Oriental Cuisine which no one has ordered any of as yet. Perhaps if Kevin were to change one word on the signs outside of town to mention that we have international cuisine available the situation may change."

              Kevin came in and said, "I just changed the signs by adding pictures of said foods to the billboards along the highway. However, I may not be staying here for long and here's why... Leonardo Raven approached me and reminded me that the only reason he joined Richfield initially was to play the Richfield Raven mascot; He said that if he couldn't fill that role as he was promised, he and his law enforcement parents would pull out and return to Virginia to re-establish another Richfield Virginia at an obviously new location; he asked me if I would support the plan since I cared about the original city and this Ravens Roost shit hole smelled a lot like Captain Coercion in female form. He called it a shit hole, guys. He can't play the mascot and his parents positions in the police force were reduced which was an insult to their former officer standing."

              Arcadia said, "Oh my god! Just when we think we are about to resolve everything, one of the new guys senses something amiss!"

              She then added, "We can't leave Vance up on the mountain. He is undergoing his three full moon nights ordeal. And Paul cares about him."

              Kevin said, "The new Richfield shouldn't be anywhere near the old one. And it should reside in a pretty much unpopulated zone. We should get Gaea's Chosen on our side when we do this so the new Nexus town is established right. And we need to let Lorenzo know what's going down. We know he's on our side. Did you know he isn't even the counselor at the high school currently? Augusta already had her own staff so all incoming staff and faculty were downgraded."

              Roger then said from the door, "My parents had a similar complaint this morning, guys. Here's your mail, Kevin." And he handed it over. "My parents are way down the totem pole in the postal service now and any idea they know would improved the service locally is vetoed immediately without even considering the pros and cons of doing it that way. My parents agree that this is a shit hole that smells like a super villain. We just don't which one."

              Kevin was opening an envelope from City Hall and he nearly used his teen aged Elder powers to obliterate the distant building. "Augusta is charging me a business fee to have my business in her town payable by Wednesday or close my doors for good. It says it right here. Now I agree, this is a shit hole of a trap and we stepped into it. The fee is more than we would normally bring in within a single week. I don't have the funds to run this business if this is the crooked deal. I would imagine a lot of people will also leave town when we do."

              Arcadia said, "Let me mentally call Gaea's Chosen to let them know what we just found out. I think they would frown on this town the way it is set up. In public or leave town is a joke." She then said, "Gaea's Chosen just answered me and I am giving them the low down on what Augusta is doing over here in this mockery of a Nexus Town. They are asking it there is any Nexium under this town at all."

              Kevin grinned. "Let me check. I never ported in the stuff we brought. Well, they won't be happy. This town is right out in the open, Arcadia. Anyone can fly over and see this place."

              Arcadia said, "They are saying that it is only a Nexus town if it is hidden from the Norm public. Having it in the open is grounds for a Command attack from the Wolves With No name."

              She added, "They are telling me about a place North of Highway 53 in Western Virginia in the Cumberland Mountains National Park where we can re-establish the new city. They will help us to officialize the city name with the government. They are saying that as long as we help to protect the national park, they will back and support the re-build. And they are commending you, Kevin, for not placing the Nexium in Augusta's joke of a town. They are suggesting we be out of this shit hole by Wednesday because by then, the town will be at war."

              Kevin asked, "Whom do they suspect Augusta really is?"

              Arcadia replied, "They are saying that she is likely a SKaM informant whom tricks special folk into joining her town so they can be captured and killed."

              Paul said, "By Monday, Vance will be back with us. I am really worried about him now."

              Arcadia said, "We will scan the mountain to make sure only he is up there."

              Paul smiled. "Thank you. I don't want to lose Vance."

              End of Chapter Seven


                Chapter Eight

                By Monday, Augusta was standing outside of Kevin's restaurant waiting for it to open. But no one was ever seen inside the building at all. The arcade wasn't even open. The school had reported a bunch of absentees that morning. If Augusta knew that this was really just a shell of the business with a powerful bomb set into it, she probably wouldn't still be standing there. Someone had to show up eventually, she thought. Had she thought to look up on the Western hill, she would have noticed the missing buildings that used to be there.

                Even the Hill family Horse farm had been moved again. And Michelle was nowhere to be found at all. She hadn't even done her one easy chore that morning.

                Someone on her loyal postal team eventually called her and informed her that delivery locations had vanished out of Ravens Roost as in -- just gone. Empty lots.

                Augusta nearly exploded when she heard that as she forced her way into the dinner theater building seconds before the entire town was hit by an explosion so great that it dropped the entire city and highway down a hole in the ground a good thousand feet destroying buildings and wrecking cars and homes as everything fell! Augusta's farm was destroyed! It had been like an earthquake or a volcanic eruption chose to destroy that part of the Rocky Mountains! And then water began filling the hole from an unknown source turning the dirt below into a thick goopy muddy morass! Ravens Roost was completely destroyed as the muddy hole then spit out people and parts to the North and South of the hole as if it was the new Old Faithful! The sight was seen several counties away and the shock wave was felt for hundreds of miles across both Idaho and Montana!

                New Richfield, Virginia; Western Interstate 53 along the North side;
                Just past an official designated camping zone in the National Park

                Gaea's Chosen were having Kevin and Arcadia to assist them with establishing the new city and highway access road into the town itself. The only catch was that they had to provide a park ranger station with living quarters on the south side of town near the camp grounds. Kevin and Arcadia thought that would be a piece of cake. And it was.

                They were allowed to put up new billboards along the interstate on both sides of the turn off access highway. By Wednesday, the town was again open for business and everyone from the former Richfield had their jobs back. The city of New Richfield was a marvel to behold since some of the skyscraper buildings were covered in greenery and vines. It looked like a natural part of the national park from the air. The Nexium deposits were fully in place and the place unless you directly looked at it was invisible to Norms but findable if you had directions. The government and Sloan were both informed of where it was since the government had to clear the new city name registration. City income was up to the people, but they still had to pay annual taxes to remain hidden to the public and hunters. Their laws were theirs to control once again.

                Inside Lorenzo's office at school, Kevin was having Arcadia use her crystal ball to show Lorenzo what he suspected about Augusta. "You won't be sorry in viewing this, sir."

                Lorenzo said, "I hope your suspicion pays off, Kevin."

                He muttered, "Me, too." then aloud he said, "Okay Arcadia, have the Crystal Ball show us Captain Coercion's actual daughter in exactly those words."

                Arcadia made the request and withing the Crystal Ball, they saw Augusta getting medical treatment for concussion blast injuries. "Looks like you nailed it, Kevin. Augusta is Nick Roberts actual daughter created when he had his powers. That would explain why the Sh'maukin Ravens said the place smelled like a female Captain Coercion. They knew what fake Mr. Richards smelled like and then they got a whiff of Augusta and it was an instant match. But notice that neither Michelle nor Karen ever appeared in the Crystal Ball just now."

                Lorenzo said, "That would imply that they are not his daughters at all. I wonder whom he kidnapped them from or killed to acquire them?"

                He then added, "You two need to get to class. I think we can finally get Karen back in here safely. As for Irene, I can give her another chance to be newspaper editor as long as he posts stuff about herself from now on. No more biased stuff. Please inform your friend that she will be reinstated. I hope Michelle had a fun date with Clifford on Monday. I know Roger learned some more spells from the faun. Even he said that he didn't like Ravens Roost because of how it smelled like a trap."

                By lunch hour, Irene was back to being happy and at that moment. Mrs. Runway Model Richards came in with Karen and helped her to get a meal before taking her over to Michelle's table and letting her join her sister. Karen was quieter than usual and looked lonely. Mrs. Richards then left the cafeteria to sign the final papers with Lorenzo. Karen quietly asked, "Pass the salt, please?" Michelle hated this; her sister sounded so timid. Michelle handed her a few salt packets before glancing toward where Arcadia was sitting as she mentally said, "Arcadia, a little help here, please. Karen is back but she sounds so defeated and afraid." Arcadia then came over with her meal and sat down as she said, "Welcome back, Karen. We will try to help you catch up with everyone so you don't need to worry about being behind."

                Karen lifted her head to look at Arcadia. "Have we met, Miss? I am Karen Richards, Michelle's twin sister. I just underwent psychiatric reprogramming to restore me to my kind and docile self. I know Michelle, but I've never seen you before." Arcadia knew that this would be trouble for everyone in the school whom knew her yet she remembered nothing and no one. She reached out mentally to Roger and told him what was happening. "Be polite and not snotty like the old McVanns."

                Roger then came in with Jason and Keven and after getting their food, they made a stop at Michelle's table. "Hey Michelle, this must be your twin sister we have all been hearing about. I can see the resemblance. Hi. I'm Roger, this is Jason and the other boy is Kevin. We usually sit at the study hall table. We all three know what its like to be sad and lonely but you will soon have friends all over the place. Come on guys." And they headed on to their table.

                Karen said, "it would help if I could remember whom our father was. Do you remember, Michelle?"

                Michelle said, "Arcadia has a side hobby in Crystal Balls. perhaps she can look into this for us and discern whom he really was." She mouthed, 'Please. Give her some hope.'

                Arcadia said, "I can look into it. Is there a vague memory you have of him at all; think carefully." Michelle thought that Arcadia had flipped by asking that question. But Karen said, "He had been a World War II ace pilot. He couldn't wait to raise a family. That's all I remember." Arcadia smiled. "You have given me enough information, Karen, I will know something by the end of school. Now I need to let you eat your meal. And I mine." She returned to her table.

                End of Chapter Eight


                  Chapter Nine

                  Finishing lunch quickly, Arcadia went and located Mrs. Richards whom was still in Lorenzo's office. Arcadia said, "Forgive the interruption, folks. I asked Karen if she had any vague memories of her's and Michelle's father. She mentioned that he had been a World War II ace pilot and after the war, couldn't wait to start a family. Do you know anything about this, Mrs. Richards or was she simply reciting a false memory. And please tell the truth so you don't end up like Nick Roberts."

                  Mrs. Richards said, "During the final part of the psychiatric repair, I had been asked to tell Karen a true story from her father's side of the family. Mark Richards was her grandfather whom had been an ace pilot in World War II with Eagle Squadron. He flew medical supply flights into enemy territory to allied camps and even transported patients out to hospitals when the need called for it. He had several awards and commendations. When offered promotions, he would simply say, It was the right thing to do."

                  She then added, "When he settled down with a WAC officer to start a family, he had three sons and two daughters. One of his sons, my husband, Dominick Ace-Eagle Richards, met up with me at a New York fashion show where I had just made a new line of military fashions for the armed forces. We were instantly in love and were married within a few days afterward. When we learned I was pregnant, he said he would be a good father and raise them so I could continue to work. One day he said he was going to go watch air force planes take off."

                  Mrs. Richards then frowned, "The man whom returned looked like Dominick but my sixth sense told me not to trust this man. He asked me if it would be okay to shorten his first name to Nick, so the children wouldn't have trouble with a difficult name. I knew immediately he wasn't Dominick at that point. The next time he was away from the house, I called his father and let him know what was going down. He showed up with several military friends and they laid in wait for his return that night. Mark asked him one question and the fake blew it."

                  She then said, "When the fake named a phony middle name, Mark shot the man in a vulnerable spot and he started bleeding profusely. he then revealed that his daughter-in-law called him about the switch replacement and that was why he was there. To find his real son. Nick was holding the wound in one hand. A hero had never shot him before and this was a first. When he lifted his free hand it caused it to glow, that's when the other military officers opened fire on the stupid villain. Nick had been ambushed and he was cursing up a storm."

                  Mrs. Richards said, "Mark commented that no son of his talked like that. Then he demanded to know where the fiend had left Dominick Richards at. Nick named off a storage warehouse on the back side of an air force strip and they took him there with them to see if Dominick was there. Nick tried to escape as they were entering the air force flight grounds and the soldiers opened fire again while a sniper had shot nick in a vital vein in his neck. Bleeding from two locations now, he knew he needed a doctor or he'd never survive that ordeal."

                  She finished up the tale by saying, "Nick activated a teleporter device and vanished out of there. My husband had been found in an old WWII plane that was marked for demolition. He was making grunting sounds through his gag and that's how they found him. When I was giving birth the second time, he stood right there and stated that his father's sister had been named Michelle Brandy Richards and she was a real firebrand of a woman whom didn't take lip from any man."

                  She smiled. "I suggested my great grandmother's name, Karen Starlight Richards, whom had been a devout woman of the cloth. Her bible hurt more than her fists or her feet. And she could really wing that ruler she carried around. That's when the doctor told us that I had birthed twins. Our son Royale had taken up the interest of acting and performing. Thus the more well behaved daughter became Karen Linda Richards and the unruly daughter became Michelle Firebrand (shortened to Brandy) Richards."

                  Mrs. Richards then said, "Taking the children home, Royale met them one time and then he headed off for college. He was a child prodigy in acting. When I was well enough to return to work, Dominick had another encounter with Nick and this time, my husband wasn't just hidden away somewhere. So if you can find him and bring him home, I'll appreciate it. My children deserve their real father. Nick was such an asshole with that coercion power."

                  Arcadia summoned her divine Crystal Ball. "Show me the true current location of Dominick Ace-Eagle Richards!" And then image within the Crystal Ball wasn't the best image. "I'll return soon." And she teleported out of the school to begin her hunt. Borrowing Marsha Brandon, they then went back in time to see about rescuing a lost father. When they arrived in the past, they found Thoth's number one ibis man known as the Scribe recording the event yet he said nothing as the two ladies appeared; he was only doing his job.

                  Arcadia said, "When he jumps, open a hole down the well so he falls into the time stream instead of dying at the bottom of the well."

                  marsha said, "Nick is such an asshole. Okay, let's do this."

                  Nick was wearing the Captain Coercion costume as he said, "Jump down the well, Dominick. It is your ticket to freedom. I command you to jump."

                  Dominick walked up to the well's edge and he said, "Though you are controlling me to do this, someone smarter than you will be your downfall." And he jumped into the opening. After falling ten feet, he found himself in a female teenager's arms as she stood on the Rainbow road within the time stream.

                  Arcadia went over to the scribe and gave him a kiss on the side of his beak. "I may want to speak to you later, handsome. See you later, stud boy. You are getting erect already." Re-entering the time stream, the two returned to the location of Lorenzo's office in New Richfield which Marsha hadn't visited as yet.

                  Lorenzo was up instantly as he helped to untie and medically examine Dominick Ace-Eagle Richards. Mrs. Richards said, "Thank you, Arcadia. I owe you greatly."

                  Arcadia said, "Just doing what Teen Force is good at. Saving lives."

                  Lorenzo said, "As soon as we get Dominick cleaned up, we'll take him to the cafeteria to make sure he gets a decent modern meal. He's been out of action for a decade."

                  Dominick said, "A decade! But I was only commanded to jump down a well minutes ago."

                  Arcadia said, "We went back in time to rescue you, sir. For you it's only been minutes. For us, it has been a decade."

                  She then added, "Your twin daughters are teenagers now and Royale is part of a very popular TV detective show called Star Luck. The impostor is in jail with no powers."

                  End of Chapter Nine