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[DW3] AZ-08 Let It Be

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    [DW3] AZ-08 Let It Be

    Arcadia Zoe: Episode Eight

    [DW3] AZ-08 Let It Be.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter One

    Richfield, Earth Empowered

    The first week of June had arrived and Arcadia had gone to the Dragon estate to meet up with Irene for their planned outing that they had spoken of in school during finals week. "What do you mean she's not here, Grandpa Dragon. She and I have had this study outing planned for several weeks. Do you know where she has gone?"

    Grandpa Dragon replied from the marble column that he enjoyed being coiled around, "Lord Io initiated some sort of educational task on Irene to teach her a lesson in regards to some matter of extreme importance and when a dragon god says Jump, you reply with How high?"

    Arcadia nodded her head as she turned to leave. "I won't question IO's methods of teaching, good sir. But it isn't like your granddaughter to break an engagement that she has promised to perform without some warning. I suppose I will have to find another study partner. Thank you for your kind reply." And she departed.

    Sometime later, Arcadia spoke with Mr. Richards at the cattle farm where Michelle and Karen stayed. "Mr. Richards? Is Karen here? Irene reneged on a planned Summer study outing we had planned since before Finals week. Grandpa Dragon said that Irene was on some sort of educational punishment lined up by Lord IO."

    Mr. Richards replied, "Where ever Karen is, Michelle is with her. Neither girl has been home since Finals week ended."

    Arcadia remarked, "The three most powerful Richfield Champion females in town are all missing? I find that highly suspicious. I could understand Lord IO punishing Irene for something since it was likely some very dumb dragon matter. But both Richards girls gone at the same time? I'm sorry, sir; I just don't buy it."

    Mr. Richards said, "I will listen to your ideas on how to find them, Arcadia. What do you have in mind? There are many chores the girls should be doing and for both of them to be missing doesn't make any sense. So do what you think you have to do."

    Arcadia took Mr. Richards over to a watering trough that the horses would normally drink out of and she waved a hand over the waters. "Show Mr. Richards and I what all three girls had been doing before they vanished off of our Earth!" The images in the water wavered and an image started to form before fading out of sight. Arcadia summoned a divine lightning bolt and aimed it at the waters! "In The Name of the Divine! Reveal what I have asked!" she commanded and again the images briefly showed the Greek gods before fading away again.

    She then growled, "Hades is going to be pissed; but it looks like I am going to have to go to Mount Olympus to get the answer! Wanna come?!"

    Mr. Richards said, "Perhaps I should. With Roger off with Lorenzo, perhaps you should have a male presence. How do you plan on getting into Olympus in the event that they have the borders closed?"

    Arcadia grinned as the Greater Goddess glow erupted all around her aura. "There are two ways to get in, Mr. Richards. I can either obliterate Mountain Olympus entirely and pick through the bodies until I find what I want or... We go in through the back door that Roger told me about recently."

    Mr. Richards then asked, "And how did Roger learn about the back door?"

    The young lady smiled. "A certain blabbermouth of a satyr got a little too drunk at Estos' little weekend party once and he told everyone at the party about the emergency back door. And the password to open said door as well. Shall we get going?"

    After one teleport to Arvandor... The two were surprised that Arcadia's landing zone was not within Ren's Summer Home as it should have been. Arcadia approached the bartender with her full Greater Goddess aura turned up full blast as she asked, "What have the Olympians done to Arvandor?!"

    The elfin bartender was greatly shaken. "Recently they made all instructors not part of Olympus leave Olympian properties and then they closed the Olympian border."

    Arcadia then asked, "Did they also seal Lord Eddie's merchant cavern?"

    The bartender was still cringing as he whispered, "Yes."

    Mr. Richards could barely keep up with Arcadia as she stormed out of the elfin tavern and she headed off in the direction of Olympus to the North. As she arrived at the Olympian borders, she saw Ares' army of loyal soldiers in the way of the border.

    Arcadia shouted, "Move it or lose it! I am the Great Grand-daughter of Artemis!"

    When the army didn't budge, all hell broke loose as soldiers and battle machines flew to the sides being broken into tiny pieces as Arcadia waded through their midst toward the border!

    When Arcadia reached the borders she reached out and she touched the closed border and felt Zeus' direct power fueling the barrier and that was when Arcadia grabbed Mr. Richards and she teleported the two of them to the base of Mount Olympus on Earth in Northern Greece where she used her powers to cut the mountain off from the Earth at its base.

    And then she placed the entire mountain on a children's playground style merry go round and she then began spinning the mountain around faster and faster!

    As the odor of puke began to seep out of Mount Olympus, Mr. Richards asked, "When are you going to stop it?"

    Arcadia smiled. "As soon as one of them tells me where all three girls are, I will stop spinning the Pantheon."

    End of Chapter One

    Chapter Two

    Richfield, Earth Norm

    Irene came out of her quarters with her backpack for the day's study session with Arcadia and she saw her grandfather in his rarely seen human form sitting at the base of his favorite marble column. "Why aren't you in your dragon form, Grandfather? Or did someone grease the pole again?"

    Her grandfather made a funny smile. "We are only Dragon in name, Irene. We have told you to drop these fantasies before you get us in trouble."

    Irene said, "I am going to spend the day with Arcadia Zoe at the library studying for next year's curriculum in school. We had this outing planned since the end of the school year."

    Then her grandfather said something that made her stop in her tracks. "The orphan girl whom died in the Lockwood home during the arson? She survived? That is a relief to my ears. Why didn't you tell me this information sooner?"

    Irene glanced up at the clouds in the sky and she adamantly stated, "Since I am no longer a Dragon in fact, then I do not have to hold any reverence to Lord Io and can freely switch my religion over to Lady Arcadia Zoe whom is sponsored directly by that handsome Asgardian elfin stud - Lord Frey! Therefore, I hereby dump my ties of following Lord Io in favor of Lady Arcadia Zoe effective immediately if not sooner!"

    A blast of thunder went off as the angry dragon eyes appeared in the sky with full fear aura turned on. However, since Irene didn't belong to that world, she was not affected by the glare. "You will do no such thing! Reinstate your faith to me this second!"

    Irene placed her hands on her hips. "Only if I can be whom I was before I woke up in this fake world! You have five seconds to undo this shit or I drop to my knees and start praying to Arcadia Zoe!" And when Io refused to budge, Irene did as she threatened. "Oh great and most powerful, Lady Arcadia Zoe! Summon me out of this world trap that Lord Io has us girls stuck in! I cannot believe he only did this to me since I was last with the Richards girls when we met with the gods to ask for a boon of Hades and he wimped out like a baby!"

    Io began growling as he could feel Arcadia's presence getting stronger. "Stop that, I say! This is supposed to be a lesson for thinking yourself better than the gods!"

    Irene then said, "I will even permit Kevin McVann to fuck me in exchange for your rescuing me, Lady Arcadia!"

    At that moment, Arcadia's brilliant image appeared right next to Lord Io's eyes. "Tell me the truth, Irene Dragon... what boon were you trying to ask of Hades that landed you and the others in this punishment? I am not in the world yet and until you are physically in front of me, I cannot accept your religious choice. Mr. Richards is with me this very second and we are spinning Mount Olympus like a top. Or rather, I am spinning the Pantheon for their trying to keep me out." She winked with a wicked smile. "And for the record, Lord Io, I know where your world coil link is located at and I could sever it whenever I wanted. Just do as I ask or else I get the Horse involved."

    Irene said, "I will always tell you the truth, Arcadia... listen to this request and see if you can detect where we went wrong." Irene then retold the events of the meeting with Hades and Persephone in Chapter Ten, Episode Seven; and how at the end, Hades got pompous to the point of accusing the Richfield champions of trying to do as Arcadia would do. Every portion of Irene's aura revealed no falsehoods from this telling and Arcadia could see the meeting as if she had been present. "Somehow, the Greek Gods convinced Lord Io that we were trying to play god to have the Lockwood family revived even though their deaths was Hades' own fault through his original assassin. So instead of manning up, he chose to play the I'm Better Than Thou Card. We thought if we asked Hades to undo their deaths, then he could focus on other things. The alternative was a suggestion made by Michelle that we didn't tell the Gods about. Go back to Gerard Prince and the Horse and have the boy summon the Angel Dogs to assist in undoing this travesty of justice. I didn't want to go that route, but from Io's own actions, maybe that's what we should have done. No one crosses the Boy and the Horse."

    Arcadia smiled. "Of course! Gerard Prince! No god, but respected by gods and demons alike! And no one likes the Horse, Irene! It's not even nice to say his name and full title without getting his attention! Lord Io, you undo this punishment before Mr. Richards and I get back to Richfield or the next person I speak to will be Gerard Prince where I will offer him an ANYTHING free of charge to help us!" And Arcadia's image vanished in a shower of glitter.

    Irene then watched Io's eyes rapidly vanish out of the sky with a look of fear in them. The Horse was bad news for gods and Arcadia just proved it. Then Irene felt her position shift and she then found herself with the Richards girls and Kevin McVann at the darkened meeting location but there were no gods present. Only the smell of inter-mixed vomit quite strongly coming from one direction.

    Meeting Place of the Gods

    Michelle commented, "Did the Otyughs decide to have a convention on Mount Olympus or did someone die and not tell anyone?"

    Karen slowly stood up and said, "Maybe we best keep our mouths shut and go home. There is no telling how long we were unconscious."

    Irene said, "Do the honors, Kevin. Make sure each one of us gets to our proper homes before you take your eyes off of us. The gods went too far this time."

    At that moment, Mr. Richards walked in from one side of the clearing. "They are here, Arcadia! We were about to depart when Arcadia heard your voices coming from this cavern of dark bushes to the side of where she was spinning Olympus like a toy top!"

    Arcadia said, "Change of plans, Kevin. We are not returning to Virginia just yet. We are heading to Georgia where the Boy is waiting for us. I just called him to meet with us. I don't trust the other gods not to try this again."

    Kevin smiled. "I finally get to meet this boy everyone thinks so highly of? Cool!"

    Arcadia smiled back. "His family used to constantly move his ass around nearly every two weeks. It is a wonder he had a private life at all." Irene said, "Later we learned why the government treated him like a national treasure. He was the second successful My Hero project subject. Something Chester Hill could have been part of."

    End of Chapter Two


      Chapter Three

      Terryville, Georgia; Gerard Prince's Farm.

      Within a clean and vibrantly colored small town in Georgia. There were streamers on every light post and festive flags in front of every shop. The group appeared at a farmhouse located just outside of the small Georgia town where out in a corral, two kangaroos sparred with battle batons and a nice young man and a young stallion horse watched from the side railing. The group approached the young man whom was of average height with an athletic build and had blue eyes, short blond hair and fair skin. He currently wore a red headband, blue jeans and faded sneakers although his white tee shirt was draped over a fence railing. The young stallion was black, red, and orange in coloration like a smoldering camp fire. The two kangaroos proved to be Devil Kangaroos of the Underworld red variety, having small devil nubs on their heads between their ears. The younger roo wore a bandanna around his neck which had the word Styx written upon it. There were several tar stallions within a dark corral nearby. Tarcornis' boys whom lived at Gerard's farm. There was also a scrawny German Shepherd with a halo over his head as well as a Dachshund Hound with a halo of his own over his head.

      Gerard Prince smiled at the visitors. "I called the angel dogs, Arcadia, as you requested. When I told them what Hades and the others were up to, they growled as expected."

      Charley remarked, "God frowns upon what the pantheons do to mortals. He gave us authorization to make repairs as the boy directs."

      Arcadia said, "Makes more sense now on why Mr. Richards says that everyone goes to church on Sunday so we are not led astray by the pagan gods."

      Mr. Richards stated, "It was a dark day in my personal past when I was almost claimed by a demon and what saved my life was embracing the word of God and heeding his message. The demon was outraged but against Arch Angels, he was powerless. After the demon was banished, the government asked me to safeguard Richfield personally as the local Guardian of the Nexus."

      Michelle asked, "Is that why you are always so hard on me, so I didn't end up down the path you almost fell into?"

      Mr. Richards nodded his head. "You have always been the rebel of the Richards family. The easiest for demons to manipulate. They hate me but they see you as the weak link to make Richfield's defenses fail. Cecilia Saddler was one of their pawns and she used you so easily to help the demons get a foothold in the school system. The original demon was summoned by Regina McVann in an attempt to have Remus killed when he stopped their family from buying up the whole town. But then the government contacted me to keep an eye on the McVann family after they found evidence that Kevin's father was murdered instead of simply having an accident like the reports often said. The statement that Josh McVann spoke to his brother before he died was a lie. It is hard to speak to a corpse. They were using you, Kevin to claim the entire McVann holdings all over the Americas."

      Mr. Richards focused directly upon Kevin at this point. "And they might have succeeded if the government hadn't began to investigate your father's mysterious insurance papers. They were filed well after your father had passed away but were dated before the moment of his death. The reason they knew these forms were forged was because an insurance agent contacted the government concerning a fraud case involving the McVann family."

      Kevin sighed openly. "My poor father got used by the De Ville version of the family, paying the ultimate price and then they held me prisoner as a means to get the rest of my father's fortune. They must have been pissed when they learned the fortune was entirely tied up in Rodeo Championships in New Mexico. Although I am curious on why Io and the Greek Gods didn't send me into the punishment with the girls when they sent them to the non-powered world. I was exempted from that even though I had been at the meeting myself."

      Charley said, "Permit me to scan each one of you Richfield Champions and I will see why your powers are different from the others." He paused. "Not you, Arcadia."

      The Teen Force then permitted themselves to be scanned one at a time since it could reveal some secrets. Lighty was glad he was not getting scanned since he laughed when getting a scan.

      Irene Dragon was indeed an Oriental Emerald Dragon in human form. Forcing a dragon to be a normal human took a lot of power. And was foolish.

      The Richards girls were indeed mutants with variant mutant weather powers. Karen was Thunder and Michelle was lightning. Hence the twins connection. It was revealed that if Karen got angry enough, she could cause a devastating thunderstorm that could potentially shatter windows throughout nearby cities. Both girls could fly if they chose to, but only Karen had the discipline to learn how to do it. Michelle was too wild and untamed to learn the ability.

      Then came Kevin's powers... He had been told he was a mutant, but when Charley scanned the young man, the angel dog had to step back and shake the sting out of his eyes. "Oh boy. You are not a mutant, Kevin. You are a bona fide naturally powered Arch Mage of a rank so powerful that you could rewrite reality on a whim, if you chose to. This is why the pagan gods could not send you with the girls into the punishment world. Your power rank which is equal to an Elder Power would not permit it."

      Michelle's jaw bounced off the ground when that truth was revealed about Kevin. She could have had the ultimate powerhouse for a boyfriend; but her pride got in the way of her ego.

      Kevin said, "So when Uncle Josh always said that I was a mutant like the other McVanns, he was lying. I am an Elder Power like the Arranger and Roolock."

      Charley remarked, "I am afraid you are, Kevin. Albeit a teen-aged version of them, though far more powerful."

      In the meantime, Arcadia and Gerard had summoned the Grim Reaper and had made an inquiry to him in regards to both the Lockwood family as well as Kevin's father to see if their deaths were legitimately within the Book of Life. The Lockwood family had been the victims of an arson caused by the henchmen of the hireling to Hades. The original target had been Arcadia except she had spent the night with Irene to do a school study session for upcoming school tests. Kevin's father's death had been questionable due to the bogus life insurance policy.

      The Grim Reaper was busy looking up this data since he had not been alerted to either death event.

      After a few minutes, the Grim Reaper said, "It will be legal to bring these people back to life since according to the Book of Life, neither event was authorized through Heaven's accounting department. In fact, I will make the report to God myself so he knows why we did this. And if he complains, I will let him deal with Genie while I go clean up my mess."

      End of Chapter Three


        Chapter Four

        Charley then remarked, "Roger Rogers, whom I just scanned distantly, was indeed a norm although he had an ancestor capable of performing stage magic around the turn of the century. That is where the magic interest comes from. As for the rest of the Richfield Champions: Linda McVann's mutant powers have been decreasing as she ages and it seems to stem from an unnatural source. She could be under a demonic curse to steal her nova powers. Jason Lee comes from a normal family whom develops a Western Dragon styled Guardian once every other generation. Chester Hill seems to have the empowerment gene even without the pagan interference. Had he waited until he turned sixteen, he would have come into his powers naturally, but by joining the empowerment program, it almost killed off his ability to have powers entirely. Stupid humans are always messing up things they don't understand. Other Richfield Champions no longer young enough to be called Teen Force members still have their powers but as with most, they simply await the call to defend the Richfield Raven."

        Gerard hugged Charley and said, "Its a go, stud. The Grim Reaper just cleared the resurrection efforts of the Lockwood family as well as Kevin's real father. Their deaths were not listed in the Heavenly register. They should have lived a lot longer. The pagan gods and the demonic forces messed up."

        Arcadia then added. "The Lockwood family must include the family dog. I don't care if all Dogs do go to Heaven. That dog is the only thing that keeps the children calm in that family. After my adoption, the dog had to get used to my scent before accepting me fully. Otherwise the dog growled at me every time we were alone."

        Itchy said, "It growled because of the divine scent. It didn't like it."

        Arcadia's expression softened when he said that. "In that case, I can forgive the dog for protecting the family from the stupid Greeks."

        Michelle said, "But they aren't all stupid. Pan and Hermes left the meeting before the double-cross to get us thrown off into the other world. I can forgive them. Not to mention, Hermes is a hottie!" Everyone could see where Michelle's mind went: straight into the toga. "Roger likes Pan so he is part of the package deal on behalf of Roger. Hey! I'm not a selfish prude all the time! Everyone likes Roger! Even Estos and Gavin fell for him! ...Lousy perverts..." Her attitude was ever-changing.

        Gerard said, "Lets get this started before any of my arch enemies show up to find out why I have gods and angels on the farm. But first... just to stay on the safe side..."

        Gerard stepped out into the center of the farmyard and exclaimed, "Level Up!" He was covered in a Spandex outfit which had black form-fitting pants, a gold belt with the letters 'C' and 'R' in the center of it, the torso was covered in a form-fitting Spandex white tee shirt with a cool looking blue leather jacket having the Dream Boy Junior symbol upon the right hand side of the chest. His leather gloves and boots were blue and he had cool looking light sensitive goggles with a communicator ear piece built into them. The whole ensemble had a style all its own. His human form then glowed brightly as his body became that of an anthropomorphic rabbit in the build of Ace Bunny of Loonatics Unleashed. Then he did a leap and performed some martial arts moves before landing with a shout, "Captain Rabbit! Online!"

        Captain Rabbit said, "I was the first Dream Boy participant to get the costume metamorphosis to correctly work for a team member. After that, they modified my style and added that to the others so they got their costumes correctly."

        He then activated his comm unit. "General Sloan? This is Captain Rabbit! I just suited up to assist the Angel Dogs in a resurrection attempt where possible attacks may occur to prevent our doing this. We have Teen Force on hand." The reply was, "I read you, Captain! Keep me informed and good luck! If you need the rest of the Dream Boy Champions, just call!" Captain Rabbit smiled as he left the communications unit open just in case. "All ready, Arcadia. You need to be present for the Lockwood family since they know you. Kevin needs to be present when his father is resurrected. Please make use of these two on-site medical buildings. Charley, Itchy! Time to make a chocolate cake! And yes, I am sure! Resurrection time! I will owe Dorwin a cake after this!"

        The two Devil Kangaroos leaped out of the training corral to stand next to Captain Rabbit and Lighty at that point. "If a bunch of stupid demons come 'ere, Ah will be disappointed in the Underworld Visa program!" growled the one labeled as Styx.

        Lighty then said, "Lets see how long I can hold the form, my friends! I've been practicing!"

        The young stallion stepped out into the center of the farmyard and exclaimed, "Level Up! Second Stallion!" His entire quadruped body then glowed briefly as he transformed into a humanoid horse of the Stallos II variety. He was covered in a Spandex outfit which had orange form-fitting pants, a gold belt with the letters 'P' and 'F' in the center of it, the torso was covered in a form-fitting Spandex white tee shirt with a cool looking red and black fiery leather trench coat having the Dar-Shan Royal crest upon the right hand side of the chest. His leather gloves and boots were red and black and he had cool looking light sensitive goggles with a communicator ear piece built into them. The whole ensemble had a style all its own. His equine form then glowed brightly as his body became covered in armors in his original equine colors (black, red, and orange like a smoldering camp fire) with a shimmering blue and white tint over the edges. Then he did a leap and performed some martial arts moves before landing with a shout, "Professor Frostfire! Online!"

        He had an almost unseen timer over his head which initially read as forty-eight hours before beginning its countdown to zero slowly. Frostfire said, "Bring on the baddies!"

        Captain Rabbit said, "I'll see to it that you get some of the cake later, old chum. Good job on maximizing the timer. Our fight should not last two days." He then grinned at the two Devil Kangaroos. "Lets do this! We're in place, Charley!"

        When the two angel dogs reached up and touched their collars, setting off the holy tones, the chaotic attack erupted instantly. Demons whom tried to invade the Lockwood building were sent directly to Niffelheim to meet with Lady Hela. Demons whom tried to get at the McVann males found that the boy had access to his full power and he sent the demons directly to the bottom of the Abyss - SPLUT! - head first. The Richfield Champions and Mr. Richards all participated in this fight of fights since they felt a stake in this outcome.

        During a moment when Mr. Richards was almost overwhelmed, a man in a toga and sandals holding an Aegis Shield appeared between Mr. Richards and the demons; and the demonic monsters turned to stone instantly. Hermes had arrived for the battle to assist the Richfield Champions. "Timely arrivals should not be scoffed at, sir."

        Pan had appeared next to the twins and Irene Dragon. "Medusa sends her best, ladies. Since my father and I never helped in what the other gods did to you, thank you for vouching for us."

        End of Chapter Four


          Chapter Five

          Pan then continued, "There are about to be huge changes on the Planar Wheel, Champions. My Father and I are about to withdraw from Olympus entirely and we will be joining Arvandor fully when the realm becomes its own plane on the inner circle. The Greater Planes will be on the outer circle while the Lesser Planes will be on the inner circle. Both Olympus and Asgard's borders will be brought together once Arvandor is moved. There are other lesser Greek divinities whom are also tired of the manure that rolls uphill. They will be joining us."

          During some of the crazy magic fights in the McVann building, Kevin Sr. was heard shouting out Arch Mage attacks toward his son indicating that the man was more than he seemed. Within the Lockwood building, Arcadia was heard to shout, "Do you demons know what these are? Ares won't be the only one to suffer if I have to use these on your man-hoods!" Demons were fleeing after that as if something worse than death was shown to them.

          And then the light of Heaven poured down out of the clouds all over the Prince farm as Arch Angel Gabriel arrived and demons vanished out of existence as fast as possible. Then the attack was over. Grim Reaper walked over to the arch angel to give his report on what had gone down before he had arrived.

          Hermes remarked, "I was wondering how I was going to clean my toga. Looks like I owe Heaven a cleaning bill."

          Gabriel glanced aside at the messenger of the deities. "The Heavenly seat approves of the plan to rearrange the planar wheel, Hermes. And don't worry about the cleansing bill. My arrival causes the after effect every time I perform it. No demon likes having his sin scalded off of his privates whenever an Arch Angel appears. It is like having liquid lye poured directly inside ones anal cavity."

          Pan grinned. "And people used to say that Heaven had no sense of humor... yeah, right!"

          Michelle said, "I get in enough trouble; so I'll refrain from comment this time. Although my Tom Boy clothes have never been so clean before. This is amazing!"

          Gabriel then made his rounds to check on those resurrected and to speak to Kevin Jr. and Arcadia. Eventually he returned to look at The Devil Kangaroo known as Styx. "Looks like it finally happened, young joey. Your last Battle Baton broke during the fight. According to Lord Boomerpaw's training laws, you have graduated from Stick training. How do you feel? I know you must have some sort of plans for your future."

          Styx sniffled. "But Ah was starting to like this Baton. Now its broken. Ah don't have a souvenir to show that I graduated."

          Gabriel smiled as he said, "Hold the broken sides, end to end, and I will repair your Baton. Now remember, Boomerpaw, he legally broke it; so a Heavenly fix is not grounds to make him to continue training."

          Boomerpaw nodded his head. "Ah agree."

          Styx held the broken ends together firmly as a flash occurred at the point of breakage and the Baton was like new again. Then he was all hippity hoppity smiles and bouncing all over the place. "Ah could just kiss yas, sire. But Ah don't want to muss up yer 'eavenly armors."

          Boomerpaw then asked, "With the Planar shuffling, does that mean that Underworld citizens whom are tired of living down there can move to the Inner Wheel as well?"

          Gabriel replied, "As long as they obeyed certain Planar Wheel laws, then yes, they could migrate. Beings of peace and Justice would be on one side of the Planar Inner Wheel while beings of war and Anarchy would be on the other side of the Planar Inner Wheel. Recruiters would be confined to the Anarchist side of the wheel. So as long as you abolished that practice from your people, then you could live on the Justice side. The Cat Lords of Nirvana have sadly proven themselves too chaotic to be left on the Justice side of the planes, Thus Nirvana and Limbo will be swapping positions. As for the Great Library formerly of Nirvana, it will receive its own planar Inner Wheel realm near Arvandor's new position. Sh'maki is to move over to the war side of the wheel although near the top since they have been able to prevent themselves from sliding into evil. As Pan said earlier, big changes."

          Karen then said, "Pardon my interjecting a thought into this plan, my lords, but on Earth Humans have often said that Justice was on the side of Right and Anarchy was on the Left. Rather than doing unnecessary plane moving why not move all Justice Planes to the Right hand side of the wheel and leave Anarchy planes on the Left. That way, you don't have to move Nirvana, Sh'maki, or Limbo. Arvandor would only have to be moved across Merchants Road to the Inner wheel. Asgard could take Heaven's place and vice versa, Olympus would replace Arcadia, and so forth. Although the Abyss should be on the Left and Hell should be on the Right since we have learned that some Underworld citizens are trying to end old practices in the Underworld. Pandemonium and Acheron would likewise switch places. Hades should be moved to the top and Elysium which has proven to be nothing short of an evil orgy should be moved to the bottom. Chaosmire is fine where it is and with Hell as its cross the road neighbor, it could only help the merchant trade. But since I am a mortal, what do I know? You know what they say... its the quiet ones you have to watch." She smiled knowingly.

          Irene Dragon then said, "We would call Karen the Voice of Reason back in Richfield."

          Gabriel said, "Her idea has better merit than the current plan. I will bring this up to the Planar Commission. Lord Frey, his sister Freya, Thor's son Magni, Sif's daughter Andromeda as well as many elfin Greek Gods will also be joining Arvandor when the time comes to sever ties with their home planes. With Lord Boomerpaw, Lord Yuskay, Lord Eddie, Lord Ren, the Rabbit Prince, Lady O'kali of the Oak and Lady Mystic, another new inner wheel plane may emerge."

          Michelle said, "I don't think we ever met Lady Mystic. Whom is she?"

          Styx grinned at the human female. "What would a rodeo be without clowns, performers and a fortune teller...?"

          Irene said, "Lady Mystic is a Gypsy goddess, Michelle. You know the types. Read your palm, see whom you will marry some day, see how many children you will have, discern how happy you will be in life. That sort of thing."

          End of Chapter Five