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[DW3] AZ-08 Let It Be

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    [DW3] AZ-08 Let It Be

    Arcadia Zoe: Episode Eight

    [DW3] AZ-08 Let It Be.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter One

    Richfield, Earth E

    The first week of June had arrived and Arcadia had gone to the Dragon estate to meet up with Irene for their planned outing that they had spoken of in school during finals week. "What do you mean she's not here, Grandpa Dragon. She and I have had this study outing planned for several weeks. Do you know where she has gone?"

    Grandpa Dragon replied from the marble column that he enjoyed being coiled around, "Lord Io initiated some sort of educational task on Irene to teach her a lesson in regards to some matter of extreme importance and when a dragon god says Jump, you reply with How high?"

    Arcadia nodded her head as she turned to leave. "I won't question IO's methods of teaching, good sir. But it isn't like your granddaughter to break an engagement that she has promised to perform without some warning. I suppose I will have to find another study partner. Thank you for your kind reply." And she departed.

    Sometime later, Arcadia spoke with Mr. Richards at the cattle farm where Michelle and Karen stayed. "Mr. Richards? Is Karen here? Irene reneged on a planned Summer study outing we had planned since before Finals week. Grandpa Dragon said that Irene was on some sort of educational punishment lined up by Lord IO."

    Mr. Richards replied, "Where ever Karen is, Michelle is with her. Neither girl has been home since Finals week ended."

    Arcadia remarked, "The three most powerful Richfield Champion females in town are all missing? I find that highly suspicious. I could understand Lord IO punishing Irene for something since it was likely some very dumb dragon matter. But both Richards girls gone at the same time? I'm sorry, sir; I just don't buy it."

    Mr. Richards said, "I will listen to your ideas on how to find them, Arcadia. What do you have in mind? There are many chores the girls should be doing and for both of them to be missing doesn't make any sense. So do what you think you have to do."

    Arcadia took Mr. Richards over to a watering trough that the horses would normally drink out of and she waved a hand over the waters. "Show Mr. Richards and I what all three girls had been doing before they vanished off of our Earth!" The images in the water wavered and an image started to form before fading out of sight. Arcadia summoned a divine lightning bolt and aimed it at the waters! "In The Name of the Divine! Reveal what I have asked!" she commanded and again the images briefly showed the Greek gods before fading away again.

    She then growled, "Hades is going to be pissed; but it looks like I am going to have to go to Mount Olympus to get the answer! Wanna come?!"

    Mr. Richards said, "Perhaps I should. With Roger off with Lorenzo, perhaps you should have a male presence. How do you plan on getting into Olympus in the event that they have the borders closed?"

    Arcadia grinned as the Greater Goddess glow erupted all around her aura. "There are two ways to get in, Mr. Richards. I can either obliterate Mountain Olympus entirely and pick through the bodies until I find what I want or... We go in through the back door that Roger told me about recently."

    Mr. Richards then asked, "And how did Roger learn about the back door?"

    The young lady smiled. "A certain blabbermouth of a satyr got a little too drunk at Estos' little weekend party once and he told everyone at the party about the emergency back door. And the password to open said door as well. Shall we get going?"

    After one teleport to Arvandor... The two were surprised that Arcadia's landing zone was not within Ren's Summer Home as it should have been. Arcadia approached the bartender with her full Greater Goddess aura turned up full blast as she asked, "What have the Olympians done to Arvandor?!"

    The elfin bartender was greatly shaken. "Recently they made all instructors not part of Olympus leave Olympian properties and then they closed the Olympian border."

    Arcadia then asked, "Did they also seal Lord Eddie's merchant cavern?"

    The bartender was still cringing as he whispered, "Yes."

    Mr. Richards could barely keep up with Arcadia as she stormed out of the elfin tavern and she headed off in the direction of Olympus to the North. As she arrived at the Olympian borders, she saw Ares' army of loyal soldiers in the way of the border.

    Arcadia shouted, "Move it or lose it! I am the Great Grand-daughter of Artemis!"

    When the army didn't budge, all hell broke loose as soldiers and battle machines flew to the sides being broken into tiny pieces as Arcadia waded through their midst toward the border!

    When Arcadia reached the borders she reached out and she touched the closed border and felt Zeus' direct power fueling the barrier and that was when Arcadia grabbed Mr. Richards and she teleported the two of them to the base of Mount Olympus on Earth in Northern Greece where she used her powers to cut the mountain off from the Earth at its base.

    And then she placed the entire mountain on a children's playground style merry go round and she then began spinning the mountain around faster and faster!

    As the odor of puke began to seep out of Mount Olympus, Mr. Richards asked, "When are you going to stop it?"

    Arcadia smiled. "As soon as one of them tells me where all three girls are, I will stop spinning the Pantheon."

    End of Chapter One