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[DW3] AZ-07 If Wishes Were Horses

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    [DW3] AZ-07 If Wishes Were Horses

    Arcadia Zoe: Episode Seven

    [DW3] AZ-07 If Wishes Were Horses.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter One

    Blackwater, Virginia; Five Years Ago...

    Hanging on to Michelle and Marsha, Arcadia made the time jump into the past to prevent a demon trick from ruining a good friend's life. From the time stream, Marsha commented that she was detecting Roger Rogers in Blackwater, Virginia sitting off by himself feeling sad about something that is affecting him deeply. "I don't detect a demon yet." That was when she saw the disguise that Arcadia had magicked up to wear for when she was to confront Roger. Arcadia was wearing the ensemble of Glenda the Good Witch of the North from Oz. "Marsha, you and Michelle land just out of sight while I appear to Roger in the same way Glenda appears to Dorothy. And here I go..." And she leaped out of the time stream causing a glowing orb of light to surround her as she slowly glided down to land just in front of the very depressed young man whom was Roger Rogers.

    "Why are you crying, young man?" asked Arcadia to the past version of Roger Rogers. He was wearing a Unicorns Rock tee-shirt and khaki summer shorts and sneakers.

    Roger without bothering to look at the female replied, "My birthday is in two days and my parents are moving me out of town to a place I've never heard of. All of my friends are here in Blackwater. Instead of a birthday party, I'm being moved out of town. My parents hate me."

    Landing some distance away in the woods, Marsha and Michelle landed softly in the leaves. Marsha quietly said, "Stay put while I monitor a time disturbance near here. And for God's sake, please stay out of trouble. You told Arcadia that you wanted to do something good before your punishment happened in the Summer."

    Michelle said, "You do your Time Trekker job and I will stay right here. I gave my word to Arcadia already." But I ain't promising you anything.

    The moment Marsha had taken her eyes off of Michelle to focus on the time disturbance in the time stream, Michelle stepped away from that spot and crouched down in a dry ditch that ran along the back of the forest and she pulled out her cellphone and she dialed her own cellphone number. Surprisingly when the call was answered on the other end, she heard her own younger voice. "Make it good. My dad is mad at me again." "Michelle, you may not believe this, but I am your counterpart from another dimension. I am about to tell you how you can get out of the trouble with your dad so he doesn't find a way to change you into a cow for an entire Summer. I just went through a punishment like that and I don't want that to happen to a nice tomboy like yourself." And she proceeded to explain the event that her younger self was in trouble for and then she said, "Find your father and tell him that you didn't mean to have that result happen. You saw a trespasser and when you went to make him leave the cattle farm, you accidentally bumped the" item " over on its side. Your dad will believe this because he would have seen the stranger himself by the time you speak to him. And now for one last bit of information to help you get ahead of life in Richfield. You know a guy called Kevin McVann?" "Yeah, but no one in town seems to like him much. His parents are rich snooty snobs." Michelle then said to her younger self. "His parents hate him and he is very lonely. The parents shower his sister with all manner of praise if she manages to succeed at the littlest thing. But what little he does scores him nothing with the snobs. It would make him feel special if you asked him out on a date. And then carry through with the date. He really needs you and any other friends. I got to go now, Michelle. Be sure to heed my warning. Be honest to your father and then be a hero to Kevin. You won't regret it. If you continue to be a problem to your dad, he will call Augusta to come in to escort you back to Idaho. So be good for a change and you will come out on top. Bye and good luck."

    Michelle then ended the call and put her cellphone away. "That should prevent my getting punished in the future." She was about to climb out of the ditch but then she saw the demon unicorn buck arriving just down the ditch from where she was sitting. "Now to keep my word to Arcadia. Better me than Roger." And she trotted down the ditch line toward the unicorn.

    Back with Arcadia, she reached out and lifted Roger's head up so he could see what she looked like. "A nice boy like you should have a birthday party even if your parents are not the ones to give it to you."

    Roger smiled. "I didn't know you could come out of Oz for a nobody like me. But what's the use... no one is going to give me a birthday party this year. I wish I was dead."

    Arcadia held Roger's hand and said, "What are three things you have always wanted, handsome? You tell me your desires and I will make sure you get them for free. Birthday wishes may not have been granted to you before, but that was before I learned that you were depressed. So lay it on me, my friend. What have you always wanted?"

    Roger said, "Okay, I'll give you a chance, Miss Witch. I have always wanted to be able to meet non-human hoofed mythical creatures, whether one-toed hoof or cloven hoof; it doesn't matter to me. I have always wanted to be friends with a few young dragons, one of which has to be male. And I would really like to be able to learn real magic from someone I would meet in the future. Since my desires have never been granted, I guess I've stymied you because I don't see the first desire appearing in front of me."

    Arcadia then said, "My how fast you give up. Your parents don't know this, but the town they are about to move you to has all three of the things you are desiring. The town is what the special folk call a nexus town where fantastic and mythical things dwell in hiding from normal eyes. I know there are Centaurs, Satyrs, Fauns, and Unicorns living in that town; some in the nearby woods. There are also several dragons living in that town but when you meet them, they will be wearing their human disguises. And if you speak to Kevin McVann and school counselor Lorenzo Stancliffe about magic, you may learn something wondrous. Just remember to keep an open mind to everything that goes on around you in that town and you will have more friends than you can possibly imagine. Besides, you can always write to your old friends or call them on the phone. Friendships are forever, young man. I think you should go home now; I have to go find the Wicked Witch of the West before she gets herself into some serious trouble."

    Roger was excited. He didn't know that dragons could hide in human forms. Now he really wanted to go meet some new people and see if he could identify mythical people. "Thanks." And off he trotted toward his home neighborhood.

    In the meantime, Michelle spoke to Lord Tarcornis in private about a request. "There is a goddess in the area watching over the normally naive boys locally. But I'll make you a deal... You give me a magical medallion and when I encounter a naive boy in my travels, I can touch the medallion and then I can ask him what is the one thing he has always wished for. You will be listening through the medallion, of course, when the boy makes his wish, you can arrange to meet with the boy later. I will be your go-between in exchange for a request that I really need done for myself. Heck, I am already slated to receive a punishment from my dad when I get home." Tarcornis rubbed his chin and said with a smile. "That would be a far better way to meet boys without running into the planar law. They make it harder to make a decent living. Especially with that anti-recruiting law that they passed in Hell. What is your request, young lady?" Michelle replied, "I wish that just before something occurs that would lead me into getting a punishment, fate intervenes and puts me back on the better path." Tarcornis hummed. "You ask for so little, young tomboy. The medallion is now yours; if you don't guide me to naive boys, then I will change you into a boy, before teleporting you to my realm."

    End of Chapter One

    Chapter Two

    Arcadia met up with Marsha in the woods just as Michelle returned from the back ditch where she conducted a bathroom break so she could say that is where she had gone for a moment.

    Michelle said, "How did it go, Arcadia?"

    Arcadia replied, "As far as I know, Mission accomplished. Now we need to go with Marsha back into the time stream and let her scan our present to make sure we can go back there without any serious problems. This is the danger of altering the past. If we change something major and it shows to Time Authority, then we could be locked out of our own time period."

    Moving up through time slowly allowed Marsha to monitor the time stream for anomalies. But as they closed in on their original time period, Michelle suddenly disappeared out of the time stream even though Arcadia had been holding her around her waist. "Where did she go?" asked Arcadia looking around frantically. "I cannot believe we lost the tomboy of Richfield!"

    Marsha then said, "You aren't going to believe this, Arcadia, but I am detecting Michelle sitting on a school park bench with Kevin McVann and they are holding hands."

    Arcadia said, "But she was just here in the time stream with us, Marsha. We both saw her before she vanished. How did she get back in the time zone without our help? Maybe you should call the Father of Science and ask him what just happened. I shouldn't re-enter the time zone until we know exactly what occurred."

    Hovering in mid-air in front of Marsha and Arcadia was a window where just beyond, a huge horse man sat in the nude within what seemed like a quiet museum. "What is your inquiry, Marsha Brandon?"

    Marsha said, "Tennessee, we had made a trip into the past to prevent a demon from granting Roger's wishes and during our return to our own time, Michelle Richards whom made the trip with us simply vanished out of the time stream. Moments later, I detected her sitting on a park bench with Kevin McVann. Now here is the weird part, before we started this time trip, Michelle and Kevin were not speaking to each other and Michelle was on the verge of a family punishment as a cow. We need advice, sir."

    Tennessee Queen, the Father of Science, replied, "I have two separate time records, although the original is slowly fading even as I look at it, Marsha. In the first record, it is as you said with Michelle and Karen being twins; but in the second record, Mr. Richards has triplets, two females and one male and the male, a boy named Michael, is currently missing. I am thinking that Michelle changed something major in her own past during your trip and this change replaced her in the time period with a version of herself whom was not going to be punished, while the female whom had been with you changed into the male before being summoned by the person whom granted her wish."

    Arcadia was now cursing like a salty sailor. "I knew it was too good to be true! Why did I let her come with us?! I am tempted to let her suffer in her own brand new Hell. She obviously made a deal with Tarcornis in the past to fix her future problems and when he got impatient with her like we usually do, he summoned her. But the main problem with this demon is that he is gay and cannot stand females. Why would he want Michelle in his realm?"

    Tennessee replied, "If he changed Michelle into Michael, then she wouldn't be a she anymore; she would be a he and likely stuffed with one of the demon unicorn's eggs."

    Arcadia then said, "Did my changes mess up anything with Roger in our time both past present and current present records? Roger was the whole reason for making the trip."

    Tennessee asked, "Roger who?"

    Arcadia replied, "Roger Rogers, the son of Richfield's mailman and postal clerk lady. They live in a home that was remodeled from an old barn."

    Tennessee said, "I can see the mention of him in the old record, but in the new record, I don't see a Roger anywhere. Wait... a couple moved in for all of a day and when their son ran away from home, they chose to leave town unhappy that they couldn't share the new home with their son. There were a few sightings of the boy before he was no longer seen at all."

    Arcadia growled and cursed some more. "Now I am going to have to go back and stop Michelle from messing up the whole trip. I knew I couldn't trust her. Thanks for your help, Mr. Queen. We will be in touch to make sure we do this right. Come on, Marsha. Time to barbecue a Richards brat!"

    Back in the past, Marsha and Arcadia arrive in time to see Arcadia in the Glenda costume and Marsha being called away mysteriously. But before Michelle could step away from the spot where Marsha had left her, she turned and saw Marsha and Arcadia angrily looking at her. "What the? How did you guys get behind me?" And then they frisked her and took her cellphone away from her. Arcadia angrily said, "You almost wiped out your original family's existence as well as Roger from the present. We were on our way back and you vanished on us. Tennessee Queen informed us that your changes were wiping out the time line that we had come from. I knew I couldn't trust you. Since you want to act like a cow, you can be one." And instantly, Michelle was back in her cow form. "Stupid cunt. Now to make sure Roger doesn't die from your tampering." And she waited until Glenda departed before she popped directly in front of Roger. "I forgot to mention one last thing, my friend... Please don't run away from home after the move or else you will cause your parents more suffering than you think they are giving you. Be good, and I promise you will see me again without my good witch clothes in the school you will be attending. I know you to be a wonderfully nice young man. Now for the seal of my promise..." And she gave him a kiss on the lips before vanishing. Back out in the woods, she gathered up the cow and Marsha and they once again made the time trip to the present.

    "Come in Tennessee Queen. This is Marsha Brandon. Did the fix we made repair the time line?"

    Tennessee's image appeared again and he said, "The new historical record briefly vanished and the new one appeared that mentions that Roger and his new hoofie friends are playing music and using magic left and right. Michelle the cow is under her punishment and Karen is lonely since she doesn't have a boyfriend at all."

    Arcadia cursed loudly once again. "What did I do wrong this time?"

    Tennessee replied, "Fixing a time error is not an exact science, Arcadia. And getting mad will not make it any better. I think you accidentally used your awe power on Roger so when he went to Richfield, he didn't fall in love with Karen, but instead, he fell in love with you."

    End of Chapter Two


      Chapter Three

      Arcadia said, "What if I cast the remove divine curse spell on Roger moments before he walks in the door of his blackwater home? Will that undo what I may have accidentally have done to him? I just wanted to remove the demon debt that he was tricked into receiving. Not destroy the entire Richfield time line."

      Tennessee said, "Now that you have calmed down and are thinking clearly, make do with the latest idea and I will keep you informed of what change it causes."

      Arcadia looked to Marsha. "One more time, Marsha. I do not envy your job."

      Marsha said, "You think I like it? Let's go..."

      From the time stream, Marsha pointed toward Roger who was about to arrive at his blackwater home, which was a pretty nice looking property with a treehouse in the backyard. Arcadia prepared the Remove Divine Curse spell and cast it upon Roger as he approached his parents house and he went inside. "Call Tennessee right now. I do not want to go back and forth without a positive result this time."

      Moments later, Tennessee was speaking to them in the time stream. "Karen and Roger are together again. Although the part about Roger's musical and magical hoofie friends is still on record. He is still learning magic from the Arvandorian Faun, but when he isn't with his human friends he is out in the woods at the hoofies camp site. The time line seems stable at the moment, I don't see any outright anomalies that are screaming FIX ME. But just in case, Marsha, keep a careful watch just in case. Same with you, Arcadia. Now head on home and drop off the cow that is Michelle back at her ranch. Make sure you change her back or else Billy might knock her up. And I am sure the Richards family do not want a Minotaur as a grandson."

      Marsha grinned. "He would be a Cowboy of Moo Mesa... Upholding the code of the west..."

      Arcadia said, "Time to head home. I just hope there isn't something that we have overlooked."

      Arcadia dropped off Marsha at the arcade, and then Michelle was returned to the step just outside of her front door where Mr. Richards was waiting. "Sir..." Arcadia handed over Michelle's cellphone. "I am very upset with your daughter. If she messes up again, I will glue her to Augusta's ranch in Idaho." and Michelle was instantly back in her human form facing her father, moments before Arcadia telported off to Roger's home to check on him.

      Arcadia found Roger sitting in his backyard with anthro unicorn youth whom was playing a mandolin instrument. "I am really glad to see that you are spending time with a friend, Roger. I was worried about you."

      Roger smiled at Arcadia and said, "The minstrel clan and I have been friends since I moved to Richfield, Arcadia. I've told you that before. Pan was happy that they helped me to learn to play the instruments that he initially taught me the basics of at the camp out. Although this Summer, I will be at Lorenzo's magic school adding new magic to my spell knowledge. How are you going to spend your Summer, Arcadia?"

      Arcadia said, "Divine lessons and learning more languages for the most part. I am already wanting to start the next school year. Do Unicorns still Rock?"

      Roger grinned. "All the way; in every day! I still have that tee-shirt!"

      Arcadia then asked, "How are you and Karen doing? Any changes?"

      Roger stopped playing his instrument as he turned and looked at Arcadia. "With the unicorn ability to sense purity, I recently found out that Karen had been with someone before I moved to town. Her dad would have a conniption if he found out that she had already been laid by someone before I came along. I am careful about that sort of thing; besides, I am bisexual these days as my unicorn friend can tell you."

      The unicorn youth said, "Roger is family and friend to us in spirit and song. We would do anything for him."

      Arcadia then gulped as she chose to admit the truth to Roger since he was a good friend. "Roger... recently we learned that a demon had you under an unfair debt before you moved to Richfield and I chose to get Time Trekker and go back in time to fix it so you never incurred the debt in the first place. If I did the wrong thing, yell at me and tell me how dumb I was. With Michelle's tampering, all of Richfield almost got wiped out. Thankfully we corrected her stupid input to the time fix and now I am back to check to make sure everyone is how they were supposed to be. I can see that you are happy with your minstrel unicorn friend and Karen might have been impure before the time trip; I didn't know. But what about your relationships with Jason, Kevin, Gavin, and Estos. Are they okay or did you do something different. I know where Gavin and Estos are supposed to be. As for Jason and Kevin, I last knew that you had been talking to them at school. I just want to be sure that we didn't overlook some portion of time that is about to slap us."

      Roger said, "If you mean by overlook, Karen's twin brother Michael whom is still missing, then yeah. He is the only one not accounted for. Michelle is the younger bratty sister as you are sure to recall. She was always razzing you in school."

      Arcadia wanted to release a string of curse words but she refrained because she always watched her mouth around Roger. "Roger... before this time trip, Michael never existed; Karen and Michelle were twin sisters although Michelle wore tomboy clothes and Karen was always prim and proper. Michelle was Lightning and loud, while Karen was thunder and quiet. Our Richfield joke in regards to Karen was, its the quiet ones you got to watch. With the appearance of Michael, I don't know this person. Where did he come from?"

      The unicorn youth then said, "You said that Michelle altered the past in some way, correct?" And when Arcadia nodded her head, the unicorn continued. "Suppose her calling herself was not the only thing she did. If she made a deal with the demon, then correcting time won't undo a registered deal with a demon. Sad to say, you are going to have to contact a demon hunter in order to resolve this. In the original time line, Roger never willingly made a deal with the demon. So that is why you got to change his stuff. But when Michelle did willingly make that deal, it became a registered offer. All the demon had to do was grant one wish to Michelle and the deal would have been permanent."

      End of Chapter Three


        Chapter Four

        The unicorn youth then said, "Since you had the real Michelle with you up to the moment she vanished out of the time stream, at that point, the demon chose to collect on the deal when Michelle didn't fulfill her end of the contract. And that explains where Michael came from. The original Michelle whom everyone is tired of putting up with became Michael, while Time itself recreated a new Michelle for reality to deal with. I would say that the original Michelle, whom is now Michael, is stuck in the demon's home realm pregnant with one of the lord's eggs as a demon unicorn himself. You could choose to be as sleazy as Hades (or as petty as Ares) and just leave him in his predicament; or you could do the right thing by contacting a professional demon hunter as well as the head of a pantheon. Now that Michael exists, he deserves to be rescued, even if he is permanently gay as a result of Michelle's own stupidity."

        Roger then commented, "Michael might actually be decent in comparison to Michelle's former manners."

        Arcadia then stood up and said, "Thanks Roger. You have always been wise and smart when you could figure things out before anyone else. And your unicorn friend is a credit to your circle. Not to mention, he is very cute. Am I still pure, minstrel?"

        The unicorn youth's horn lit up with a soft light one time before he replied, "No one has dared to plunder your treasure vaults as yet."

        Arcadia leaned over and gave the unicorn youth a kiss on his cheeck. "That is for being a good friend to Roger. I have to go now. My work is not done yet." And she then walked out of Roger's backyard. She could have rudely teleported, but her friend deserved better than that. Once she was a good ways away from Roger's home, a huge boulder got blasted by divine energy reducing it into small pebbles in a smoking pile. "I never knew how much trouble this one girl could be. She makes me so mad."

        Athena was suddenly there in front of Arcadia. "You cannot go around rearranging the landscape just because a mortal than no one likes is being a proverbial pain in the ass. Now give... tell me the whole story."

        Arcadia explained the whole thing and how it started as a simple noble mission and how Michelle fouled it all up with her interference which caused this new boy to be created whom now needs to be rescued from Tarcornis. "I always thought Michelle was smart enough to know not to make deals with demons. I guess I was wrong."

        Athena said, "Come with me, Arcadia. There is a young man I want you to meet. He can help us with this. Underworld citizens will bend over backwards for this boy."

        One teleport later, resulted in Athena and Arcadia arriving in a clean and vibrantly colored small town in Georgia. There were streamers on every light post and festive flags in front of every shop. The two went to a farmhouse located just outside of the small Georgia town where out in a corral, two kangaroos sparred with battle batons and a nice young man and a young stallion horse watched from the side railing. Athena approached with Arcadia to the young man who was of average height with an athletic build and had blue eyes, short blond hair and fair skin. He currently wore a red headband, a white tee shirt, blue jeans and faded sneakers. The young stallion was black, red, and orange in coloration like a smouldering camp fire. The two kangaroos proved to be Devil Kangaroos of the Underworld red variety, having small devil nubs on their heads between their ears. The younger roo wore a bandana around his neck which had the word Styx written upon it.

        Athena said, "Princess Arcadia Actaeon of Zoe, meet Gerard Dandelion Prince, the number two operative of Project: Dream Boy's Champions division. Although number two in the project; number one for the purpose we need his assistance with."

        Arcadia shook hands with the nice boy. "Hi. You can drop all the titles and just call me Arcadia. We have a doozy of a mission to tackle. Athena said you could help with this."

        The young stallion smiled. "Told you that I wasn't the only one whom doesn't like the royal titles, Gerard. Nice to meet you, Arcadia. Just call me Lighty. I am Wildfire and Sarah Cavannaugh's son from Planet Darshan."

        Gerard folded his arms over his chest. "When Athena needs me for something it usually means that an Underworld problem arose in your home area. Am I wrong, Arcadia?"

        Arcadia blinked her eyes. "Wow. You aren't stupid. But once you hear what our issue is, you will likely just kick our butts off of your farm and tell me to handle it myself." And what followed was the noble mission screwed over by a selfish brat of a girl whom was thinking of herself and not the mission at hand. "I should have been more suspicious when she volunteered to come along to help with the mission in time. But then she made a deal with Lord Tarcornis and now we have to rescue Michael Richards from his own imprisonment in the demon unicorn buck's realm. Athena said we should ask you for help."

        Gerard looked at the Devil Kangaroos with a sly smile as both roos came over to the corral fence. "You guys up for a trip to the Underworld with this nice boy. Or should I call Charley and Itchy?"

        The older Devil Kangaroo said, "Ah'm Lord Boomerpaw and this is my charge and realm citizen, Arnie Roo. Lord Tarcornis is not evil, miss. But like any underworld citizen 'e gets bored quite often. When an Underworld Lord gets bored, they go topside and offer wishes and favors to naively sexy young 'uman boys so they 'ave someone to play with. Tarcornis is not fond of girls, so if a girl made a deal with 'im and reneged on that deal, then yes... she got changed into a male demon unicorn and butt fucked by the lord of the realm. Pardon my foul language but that is the bottom line, pardon the pun."

        Arnie Roo then said, "Even if yas save this girl turned boy, Time has already created a replacement for 'er in the time line and even restored to 'uman form, 'e will still exist as a male member of the family and since 'e experienced gay sex, the bloke will continue to love it even after returning to Earth. All in all, yer stuck with this new boy that time 'as accepted. But surely yas know someone whom is suffering worse than this bloke."

        Arcadia sighed. "Kevin McVann's parents do not like him. I just think he should be in someone else's household what with the way his parents throw parties for his sister when she wins any challenge over him. But when he wins, a handshake and an insincere compliment. No party, no gifts. Linda gets it all and Kevin gets the shaft. She is a nova using mutant and Kevin is an Arch Mage mutant. I sometimes wonder if someone didn't switch babies in the hospital to land Kevin in that family. He cannot win for losing in that household. I am not sure what to do for Kevin. Michelle Richards does not like him and the only people in Richfield who do show any attention to him aside from me are Jason Lee and Roger Rogers."

        End of Chapter Four


          Chapter Five

          One hour later, the group of ladies and boys arrived in Chaosmire at the border of Tarcornis' realm. The first comment Arcadia had about this realm when they arrived was... "Hey, it doesn't smell like Tar, Mud, and Glue around here. What gives?"

          Boomerpaw replied, "The Merchants Union passed a law some time ago in regards to realms near or on Merchants Road. The union learned that a realm sometimes 'ad an aroma so alluring that it would often trick travelers into willingly entering a realm where a scent was enticing and then the traveler couldn't leave the realm without permitting the realm lord to 'ave sex with them. The new union law is that a realm's aroma or odor cannot enter Merchants Road at all. If you want to safely smell the realm's scent, you have to penetrate the border with yer nose and in'ale. Although most travelers on these roads are male and the realm smell 'as no effect on females although if yas get stuck in a realm, the sex rule still applies. The realm rules 'ave no effect on Greater Gods, Arch Lords, and Princes. All else is open game."

          Gerard approached the realm border and called inside by cupping his hands around his mouth. "Hey Lord Tarcornis! Its Gerard Prince! I need to talk to you over by Merchants Road! I'm at Mile Marker 741! No one is in trouble, but if you don't have time to look at a sexy boy, then I can go away and let another lord look at me!"

          Within moments, several black demon unicorn bucks were gathered at the border where Gerard was standing. Most of them looked to be pregnant or just overly obese. Gerard then said, "I know that all of you cannot be Lord Tarcornis. Do you take me for a fool? But you are all quite gifted and good looking."

          Arcadia mentally said to Athena, That is amazing! He calls out and the whole herd flocked to the border. Do they love this boy that much?

          Athena mentally replied, As I told you before, Arcadia... they would do anything for this boy.

          Eventually, Lord Tarcornis approached the spot from just down Merchants Roads. He was on the road with the group of people. "I came, Gerard. But since you got the herd close to the border you better be willing to pet on all of them. We still remember your last visit. Now what do you want and why are these other... people ...with you?"

          Gerard rubbed on Tarcornis' nose as he replied, "Lady Athena and Lady Arcadia came to me to ask for my help to get someone out of your realm. The boy's name is Michael Richards. From what I understand, he was once a girl and I know that you have no interest in girls, not even transformed ones."

          Tarcornis smirked. "Oh that ungrateful wench! I'll make it easy for you gods... Either three million credits paid to my account or three virgin naive human boys handed over to me right now. As in today. And I do know that Time has already replaced this person in the world, so when you get him back, you get him back as a male human. I cannot undo what Time does. Haven't you people punished Destiny and Fate for screwing with Time yet? However, be that as it may, Michael is still pregnant and will be until he lays the egg I knocked him up with."

          Arcadia then said, "What was this stupid deal that she made with you that she reneged on? We all know how untrustworthy she can be."

          Tarcornis smiled. "Fair enough. Even I thought it was a stupid deal when she stated it. Listen good and see the folly of this girl's greed."

          Michelle spoke to Lord Tarcornis in private about a request. "There is a goddess in the area watching over the normally naive boys locally. But I'll make you a deal... You give me a magical medallion and when I encounter a naive boy in my travels, I can touch the medallion and then I can ask him what is the one thing he has always wished for. You will be listening through the medallion, of course, when the boy makes his wish, you can arrange to meet with the boy later. I will be your go-between in exchange for a request that I really need done for myself. Heck, I am already slated to receive a punishment from my dad when I get home." Tarcornis rubbed his chin and said with a smile. "That would be a far better way to meet boys without running into the planar law. They make it harder to make a decent living. Especially with that anti-recruiting law that they passed in Hell. What is your request, young lady?" Michelle replied, "I wish that just before something occurs that would lead me into getting a punishment, fate intervenes and puts me back on the better path." Tarcornis hummed. "You ask for so little, young tomboy. The medallion is now yours; if you don't guide me to naive boys, then I will change you into a boy, before teleporting you to my realm."

          Tarcornis then said, "During her travels was the key words. As Time Trekker could tell you, when you travel through time, even though no time at all passes for the traveler, the years still pass for the rest of us and when she didn't open the way for a naive boy for me to claim after a year, I got impatient for being tricked and I chose to lay the punishment on her. Had she simply travelled normally, then a year would not have passed. But time traveling can be your undoing when you make a deal with a demon. Athena, am I wrong?"

          Athena was mentally looking up these laws as she was asked this question. "Oh my... it is inscribed in not only my own records but in Amon Thoth's records as well. Three boys in under a year is permissible. So when Michelle went to go back to her own time period to make good on what she promised to the demon, she didn't know the agreement rules and there in, she got caught in her own misworded trap. Once she made a deal with Tarcornis through free will, then her humanity was already forfeited which is why Time replaced her in the normal time period and added in the data that Michael was a lost member of the family. Had she said, when I get home, that would have been permissible, but she said, during my travels."

          Arcadia growled as she said, "What a stupid shallow cunt! I cannot blame you for obeying the agreement rules, Tarcornis, but as a divine hero whom is somewhat smarter than Hercules, I still have to try to rescue Michael from the spot he got himself into." She then smiled with a side thought. "Once he was a male, how was he, sir?"

          Tarcornis grinned since it was obvious that Arcadia wasn't fond of Michelle either. "As a male, I cannot complain. I sincerely hope he learned just how good it was. When I claimed him, he lost all of his mutant powers. However, he might still have the ability to change into a black unicorn buck once he is human once again. But being female is forever gone."

          Arcadia then said, "The money is a bit of an issue, I don't have a fully functioning pantheon as yet and I did not join the Greeks either. I got tired of their game. Does it matter what kind of naive boys you get or do they have to be of a certain quality?"

          Tarcornis smiled. "You are nice, Arcadia. Even though I don't like girls, you are making an effort which is more than I can say for most gods and goddesses. The Naive boys will end up naked when they get into my realm and once transformed into demon unicorns, they will automatically be sexy stud bucks soon to be pregnant the first time. The three boys can be of any human variety that most people would not miss if they were slated to be in a punishment anyway." Arcadia smiled sweetly. "I think I know just the boys to send your way. Although I am also thinking about starting my own pantheon. It would be nice to have learned lords to support this new pantheon. If you're interested, just keep me in mind."

          End of Chapter Five


            Chapter Six

            Back at Gerard's farmhouse in Georgia, he was saying to Arcadia. "I almost thought you were going to make a stupid deal yourself with Tarcornis at the end. But did you have to give him twelve naked boys like that? And where did you get those guys anyway?"

            Arcadia smiled. "I aimed for a juvenile boy's work farm where the boys in question were plotting an escape and the caretakers didn't give a shit about them anyway. Tarcornis looked so happy that he agreed to give up twelve of his herd members to make room for the new ones he was getting. One of the twelve was Michael. The remaining eleven can either live here at your farm or be moved into a hoofie community in Richfield. There is already a hoofie unicorn community there anyway."

            Just then, Gerard's communicator necklace sounded, "Gerard! The Champions need you in Nashville! A prison escapee has high powered weapons and we could use your expertise in handling this!" Gerard replied, "I read you, Jag!" He then looked to Arcadia. "Duty calls, ma'am."

            Gerard stepped out into the center of the farmyard and exclaimed, "Level Up!" He was covered in a Spandex outfit which had black form-fitting pants, a gold belt with the letters 'C' and 'R' in the center of it, the torso was covered in a form-fitting Spandex white tee shirt with a cool looking blue leather jacket having the Dream Boy Junior symbol upon the right hand side of the chest. His leather gloves and boots were blue and he had cool looking light sensitive goggles with a communicator ear piece built into them. The whole ensemble had a style all its own. His human form then glowed brightly as his body became that of an anthropomorphic rabbit in the build of Ace Bunny of Loonatics Unleashed. Then he did a leap and performed some martial arts moves before landing with a shout, "Captain Rabbit! Online!"

            Captain Rabbit said, "Cap on the way, Jag!" He smiled at Arcadia. "Gotta go, beautiful."

            Arcadia pointed a finger at Captain Rabbit, "Nashville!" and Captain Rabbit vanished from the spot to appear in Nashville in the blink of an eye.

            Athena was finishing the dressing of the new human boy in his casual male clothes as she said, "That was nice of you to help him on his way, Arcadia. I have Michael dressed. Time to get him back to Mr. Richards."

            Arcadia then said, "After we drop him off, I still want to help Kevin with his family issue. I think it is strange that his family hates him and they shower Linda unconditionally. I just know that there has to be a mystery behind this behavior."

            Later at the Richard's ranch, Arcadia and Athena handed Michael over to the boy's father. "We found Michael, Mr. Richards. He was stuck in the Underworld but we got him back. We need to get going to work on the other mystery." And the two ladies left.

            Just outside of the McVann estate house and sitting on the roof, Athena and Arcadia set up a magical viewer globe to tune in on the McVann parents' thoughts in the household in regards to Kevin specifically.

            In the viewing globe, Mr. And Mrs. McVann were laying in their bed awake as Mrs. McVann commented to her husband. "Honey, can't we just have Kevin killed or shipped off to New Mexico so Linda doesn't have to share her inheritance with that worthless boy?"

            Mr. McVann said, "We talked about this already. I promised my deceased brother that we would take care of his son. Kevin already owns the dude ranch at Star Lake, New Mexico. When he graduates from high school, I will tell him about his inheritance and then we will only have to marry off Linda and then; we can go off on our second honeymoon in the Mediterranean."

            Arcadia muttered, "Stop the presses, we just hit pay dirt! Now we know what is going down in the McVann household. Linda and Kevin are not even brother and sister. Kevin's real father is dead and his step mom cannot stand him at all. I won't stand for this."

            Athena said, "What are you going to do, niece?"

            Arcadia said, "I am going to resume dating Kevin since he showed an interest in me originally anyways. And since I am the legal charge of Remus, if Kevin marries me, then he will be marrying into the family that owns half the town. And the McVanns will throw a hissy fit over his getting that kind of bonus. And if Linda interferes, I'll wipe her off the face of the planet with an evil grin. I need to tell Irene about this turn of events. Whether she likes it or not."

            Grabbing Kevin out of his bed and grabbing his good clothes and shoes for him, the two goddesses teleported their group directly into Irene's bedroom where she was rubbing scale oil all over her green scales and when the invasion occurred, Irene started to tail slap the intruders before stopping short when we recognized Arcadia. "What in the HELL are you doing in my bedroom? I almost performed a kill strike on you guys!"

            Arcadia and Athena set up the viewing globe for Irene and Kevin; then Athena turned it on while Arcadia held Kevin in her arms.

            In the viewing globe, Mr. And Mrs. McVann were laying in their bed awake as Mrs. McVann commented to her husband. "Honey, can't we just have Kevin killed or shipped off to New Mexico so Linda doesn't have to share her inheritance with that worthless boy?"

            Mr. McVann said, "We talked about this already. I promised my deceased brother that we would take care of his son. Kevin already owns the dude ranch at Star Lake, New Mexico. When he graduates from high school, I will tell him about his inheritance and then we will only have to marry off Linda and then; we can go off on our second honeymoon in the Mediterranean."

            Arcadia muttered, "Stop the presses, we just hit pay dirt! Now we know what is going down in the McVann household. Linda and Kevin are not even brother and sister. Kevin's real father is dead and his step mom cannot stand him at all. I won't stand for this."

            Kevin was sobbing as he leaned into Arcadia's shoulder; The truth hurt. Irene was in shock but there it was for everyone to see and hear.

            End of Chapter Six


              Chapter Seven

              Arcadia said, "Kevin really is a McVann, but he comes from the nicer stock of the breed. Linda is related to the Mayda Munny version of the clan. Her mom thinks that Linda can do no wrong while Kevin whom was the nephew of his uncle, or surrogate father, was on the judgment block all the time in that household. Kevin, I want you to resume dating me. We went to the dance that one night and we got along great. You were even nice when we went to Athens for Nicodemus' birthday party. And you helped Roger to keep his sanity in Arvandor. It is obvious that Michelle would never want to give you a chance. As if you wanted to marry the Richards' cow anyway. As the official charge to Remus, if you someday married me, then you would be marrying into the family that owns half the town. Your step parents would have coronary if you did that."

              Kevin sobbed but he nodded his head. "I tried my damnedest to be a good son and impress them just a little, but for nothing. If Roger and Jason weren't there to support me when I needed it the most, then I might have committed suicide long ago."

              Arcadia said, "Roger and Jason both deserve to be in your life, Kevin. You are a good person. Just let it all out. We aren't going anywhere."

              Irene said, "To remedy this problem, I will allow Kevin to be a reporter on the school newspaper. I will tell Linda that there is a contest going on to see who can bring me the best non-divine news-worthy story. The winner gets to stay on the paper officially, the loser is fired. The best story gets front page printing in the school newspaper. And the main story that we will give with your tagline, Kevin, will be the truth about your family. Since you owe them nothing at this point anyway. The only way Linda could beat that would be to defy her parents and reveal all of the crooked deals that the her side of the McVanns performed to gain property rights to most of Richfield back when they came in to buy everything up and got stopped by Mr. Remus and the Richards family. Linda will never do that and you, Kevin, finally win."

              Kevin then said, "I wish my step parents stock prices would crash overnight!"

              Arcadia looked to Athena, "Should I?"

              Athena smirked. "Maybe not you, but what happens in the divine wind is only for the gods to guess at."

              Arcadia asked, "That fast?"

              Athena smiled. "Cheetahs only wish they had it this good."

              Irene reached over and opened her laptop and surfed over to the stock market web page. Every stock that the McVanns owned something within were sitting at Zero. "Oh wow! Divine power is something else. I can just imagine what their reactions will be like when they wake up tomorrow morning."

              Athena said, "Anyone not a McVann were direct deposited a refund of their stocks that they owned in a McVann designated stock company before the average hit zero. I protected anything connected directly to Kevin. He is still wealthy, but the rest of the family are as broke as Arcadia was before Remus took her in."

              Arcadia said, "Irene, instead of simply having one reporter, why not permit anyone in school to bring you newsworthy stories for the school newspaper and then everyone in school can feel important? I also seem to recall that it was Kevin whom called you to remind you that you were going to choose a new reporter by that one Monday and Linda never even bothered to remind you at all. A newspaper deadline is serious business and Kevin was the one to remind you of your own deadline to make that decision, and you gave the position to Linda whom in turn got a party thrown for her, which Kevin chose to go to the arcade to sulk where he got joined by Jason and Roger to cheer him up. We girls often miss things that are going on in the boys lives and the boys happen to recall the schedule of the Richards family better than we can. You remember how pale Michelle got initially when she was reminded of the vet and the re-branding week. I still personally think she should be locked into Billy's stall for the length of the Summer."

              Kevin sighed. "No. Billy doesn't deserve that kind of punishment, Arcadia. He is a nice bull as Roger has likely already told you."

              Arcadia then asked, "Since Roger is going to be with Lorenzo nearly all Summer, what are your plans going to be while he is gone?"

              Kevin replied, "I promised Roger that I would keep an eye on his Arvandorian holdings as well as to check on Estos and Gavin for him. And unlike most people, I like to keep my word once given. Of course, I might get a chance to see Chester in Arvandor since that was one of the powers that the Stallions of Kestron gave him when they gave him new powers to replace the Trojan Iron Horse insult costume. He only has to spend an entire hour each day in his full stallion form in order to keep the powers."

              Arcadia rolled her eyes. "The things a boy will do to keep super powers. I swear... I got to meet Captain Rabbit recently and he is a lot like Chester. But his powers are real."

              Athena then said, "I do need to get back to Olympus, my friends. Arcadia? I noticed that your powered aura is a lot like Lord Frey's aura. Did you make a deal with him recently?"

              Arcadia replied, "Remember when I told Tarcornis that I didn't join the Greeks and I wasn't playing their game any more? Lord Frey offered to help me learn all of the basics and the full powers of a god in one day instead of having to wait a thousand years. He called it the Greek Game that the Olympians like to play with people whom have Hercules' status. He only asked that all of the Richfield Champions attend a dinner at his place, one time, as repayment for his assistance."

              Athena said, "I recall a time when all of Hazardous Materials attended a dinner at Frigga's Summer Home in Asgard. Andrew Rook got to ride Goldenrod without permission. He is lucky to be alive. He apologized to Frigga's golden hind afterward and earned major bonus perks from the planar animals of the entire planar arc. That is why they like him over all of the other mystery solvers. When he makes a mistake, he makes with a good apology."

              Kevin asked, "When you say planar arc, what all does that encompass?" Athena replied, "Asgard, Arvandor, and Olympus makes up that planar Arc. Arvandor is actually the Elfin Olympus; Asgard has their own Elfin Asgard zone where Lord Frey and his sister Freya dwell and rule over. Magni Thorson chooses to live in Frey's zone; right on the border of Arvandor." Kevin then said, "I ask in case I happen to cross into someone's realm by accident while doing Roger's requests in Arvandor." Athena said, "Stay honest and you won't have problems."

              End of Chapter Seven


                Chapter Eight

                The next day was Tuesday. Linda showed up at school and when she sat down at Irene's school newspaper work table, she saw her brother already sitting there. "Kevin? I thought you ran away from home. All of your belongings were gone from your room and no one knew where you had went at all. Not even the loyal butler."

                Kevin held up the proposed front page of the school newspaper and showed it to his step-sister. It read: McVann Family Not Even The Real Parents of Kevin McVann. Byline by Kevin McVann. The picture under the headline was the image of Mr. And Mrs. McVann where they lay in their bed having their damning talk.

                As Linda read the news story, her mouth dropped open. "But you're my brother, Kevin! How can this be true?"

                Irene opened up her laptop and turned on the recorded video that Athena and Arcadia taped when they were investigating Kevin's claim that his parents hated him. Linda was again in shock as she heard her own parents make the admission to the facts that Irene was about to release to the school.

                Kevin said, "I cried last night when they chose to show me the evidence before calming me down to discuss what I wanted to do about this. Revealing this to all of Richfield will likely net me a lot of sympathy and honestly earned friendships. But if you want to one-up me again, there is a way to do it. Tell her, Irene." And he leaned back in his chair to let the Dragon talk.

                Irene then pulled out the alternate proposed school newspaper headline and she showed it to Linda: The Real Reason The McVanns Tried to Buy Out All of Richfield! Byline by Linda McVann. Irene remarked, "Bring me the dirt on why your father wanted to buy all of Richfield before he got stopped by Remus and the Richards. And why there is a mineral mine on your home property that slants down under the town? What is so damned valuable under the town that your father wanted to buy out the zone and force everyone to move away from it? You do realize that the land is owned strictly by the U.S. Government. We live here as caretakers. This is a nexus community. Bring me the real story by Friday morning and Kevin's big story will be replaced by your big scoop. But since you are loyal to your parents, there is no way in Hell you will betray your family just to keep this job."

                Linda looked at Kevin again. "How could you tell Irene about the family mineral mine? It is supposed to be a secret."

                Kevin shrugged his shoulders. "Your parents never told me about the mine, Linda. I didn't find out about the mine until the local Were-Gopher mentioned having found an unauthorized tunnel under the bank in Richfield to Remus and Mr. Richards. He said it looked like a mine shaft and most of whatever had been down there had already been mined out. He said that if we were lucky, the town wouldn't fall into a huge sink hole during the next heavy rains we got. There is a government inspection team down there right now trying to determine what had been mined out of those tunnels. I would say that Uncle Josh and his wife Regina are about to be in very arresting trouble with the government. We already showed the government the video clearing me of the family. So I won't go down when the family does. Thankfully, all of my money is in a different bank."

                Linda was silent for the rest of the day. Highly unusual for the most pompous snob in Richfield, only second to her own mother. During lunch hour, when the Richards brood came in to get their meals, Michael sat with Kevin, Roger, and Jason, while Michelle and Karen sat with the ladies at their table.

                Michelle said, "It took a lot of begging and ranch chores, but dad isn't going to make me be a cow for the Summer. Instead... and sometimes I am too clever for my own good... I have to go to work with Dad at his place of business and be a secretary for the Summer. He said it was either that or the cow or Idaho. He did mention that Sleipner doesn't want me as a mate. So that option fell flat. Also, I learned that Cecelia Saddler is spending all of her Summer at a girl's correctional farm in, get this... Idaho."

                Irene ended up laughing over that bit of news. "Ironic, you might say."

                Karen then asked, "So what news have we missed during all of these tests we have been taking?"

                Irene handed copies of the School Newspaper to Michelle and Karen. "Linda McVann has until Friday to trump her brother with the scoop of the century."

                Michelle gasped as she read how Kevin wasn't even related to the local McVanns. "I guess that makes sense now that I think back on something he showed me one time. He had a rodeo trophy for a dude ranch in Star Lake, New Mexico. The name on the trophy read as Kevin McVann, Sr. When I asked him whom the guy was that had his name, he said that the trophy people engraved the wrong information on it at the time he was to receive it. But if they didn't use the incorrect information, the Kevin McVann Sr. was actually Kevin's real father."

                Karen added, "I saw his ID card once and it had the words, Kevin McVann II written on it. I never asked him why the number two was on his ID, but it does make more sense now."

                Irene then explained the rest of what they had learned that morning about the mine tunnels.

                Karen asked, "Do you think Linda will fess up to retain her job as your star reporter?"

                Irene stated, "Lady Athena predicted that Linda wouldn't do it. It would be better if she fessed up before the government investigators finish their report on what the McVanns were mining out from under our town without our knowing about it. She already blurted out at the newspaper table this morning that the family mineral mine was supposed to be a secret. Kevin didn't know anything about it."

                Karen said, "I guess we owe Kevin an apology. I am glad that Roger and Jason bonded with him when they did. Kevin didn't deserve half the crap we unloaded on the rest of the McVanns."

                Michelle said, "The real source of bad manners in the McVann family is from Mrs. McVann. She influences Linda and she also owns and runs one of the two Richfield banks." Irene hummed. "So you are saying that Kevin's uncle might be redeemable?" Michelle nodded her head. "A lot more redeemable than Paul Lockwood's mother turned out to be. After she dumped him off in the orphanage, she skipped town with a sleazy rich gambler. Its a shame we cannot arrange a miracle for Paul's father; Mr. Lockwood did not deserve to die in the house fire that Hades assassin's hired goons caused in their attempt to get at Arcadia whom wasn't even home. If Paul hadn't already been in his mother's custody, he would have died too." Irene hummed again. "Perhaps we should ask Arcadia to get Time Trekker for one more time mission. Or we force Hades to make restitution for the unwarranted deaths."

                End of Chapter Eight


                  Chapter Nine

                  At the Remus estate, Arcadia's adopted cousin, Paul Lockwood, sat in the backyard with Vance Shou (San Francisco Wererat martial artist) and Stanley Fenris (Romanian mutant Changeling Wolf Man with Black fur and with the extra ability to use Dark Magic.) The latter two were in their human forms. Paul said, "I am really glad I am going to get to school with nice looking young men like you guys."

                  Vance said, "As you know, I am a Chinese martial artist and Stanley is a Romanian Druid aspect... so what are you into, Paul?"

                  Stanley hated lying about his heritage, but the local enlightened citizens mentioned that Norms couldn't handle the truth.

                  Paul replied, "Oh, I have interests in non-American Rock Bands and Australian mythology. The Dreamtime really intrigues me. I really liked the Skippy the Bush Kangaroo cartoon."

                  Stanley asked, "What did your parents have to say about your interest in the Dreamtime?"

                  Paul sighed. It wasn't a good subject since his mother had divorced his father and then his father was assassinated. "Mom told me to forget such nonsense and focus on subjects that would help me to become a successful businessman in the real world; dad, on the other hand... and this is another reason mom hated him... dad told me that dreams help to develop young people to realize their full potential later in life. He urged me to learn about my interests and tell business people to shut up."

                  Vance giggled. "Tell business men to shut up... that is so funny."

                  Paul then brightened. "You know, since you guys are making an effort to be my friends, I want to show you my tattoos. Had mom known that I had gone and done this, she would have killed me during a spanking. But I cannot show you these marks in public; we are out in the open and I need to take my clothes off."

                  Vance said, "I know where we can go; just ignore the smell and no one will know we are there."

                  One hour later, the three boys were seated just under a drainage grate behind the Remus estate. It was like a secret clubhouse with enough room near the grate for four slender teen aged boys. Vance was removing his tunic to show off his own well toned slender body and abs. Stanley was doing the same although he was also removing his pants since like Paul, he also had some tattoos. And Paul was disrobing entirely; not because he had to, but he often forgot that in order to show his tattoos he only had to lift his shirt or pull his pants down slightly.

                  Soon, all three naked boys were seated next to each other as Paul showed his new friends the sworl marking in the center of his chest and a similar smaller tattoo identical to the first directly over his tail bone. "I looked up this marking and it is Aborigine for Dreamtime Gate. I had the tattoo artist place it on me in two different locations in case mom was to have one medically removed from me."

                  Vance then showed his new friends his own clan tattoo which looked detailed. Stanley then showed his Changeling tattoo marking which all in his clan received during their rite of passage. When Stanley looked at Paul's two tattoos, he impishly licked the two tattoos which caused the two marks to glow briefly. When Vance noticed what the changeling had done, he also licked the two tattoos which implanted another enchantment upon the markings.

                  Paul then asked, "May I lick your tattoos like you guys licked mine?"

                  Stanley quickly said, "I think that's a fine idea! I've always wanted to suck on Vance's teats!"

                  Vance growled, "I don't make milk that way, Stanley!"

                  Paul proceeded to lick Stanley's changeling clan tattoo marking which had a charcoal taste and then he turned to Vance and he gave Vance's tattoo a healthy lick. "Hey! Your tattoo tastes like three cheese meaty pizza with the extra sauce, Vance!"

                  Vance was blushing after the human boy said that; indicating that was what the wererat had for lunch. Stanley then licked Vance's tattoo. "You're right, Paul! Vance is delicious!"

                  "That was my lunch, fur for brains!"

                  Paul then remarked, "Guys... I don't want to worry you but there seems to be a snake directly behind Vance's rear end and it is moving in an agitated manner. I don't want to get snake bit." And then he saw that Stanley had a black furred tail sticking out of his backside. "Stanley, how come you have a tail?"

                  Stanley grabbed his own tail as well as Vance's tail. "Looks like our tails betrayed us, Vance. Just when I was really starting to like Paul a lot." He sounded sad at that point.

                  Vance held his tail out for Paul to examine up close. "Paul... I'm a Wererat and Stanley is a Changeling Wolf. We rarely make good friends like you and now that you know the truth about us, you will never want to be friends with us ever again." He also sounded sad.

                  After feeling the Wererat tail and the Changeling Wolf tail, the human boy pulled the two close to himself in a tight hug. "I knew the magical world was real! Please be my friend so I can learn more about the magical world! I promise not to tell normal people about you!"

                  At that moment looking down through the drainage grate, Remus, Mr. Shou, and Mr. Fenris were heard. "This isn't the way I wanted the boys to bond, but since Paul made a promise to your sons, I say we permit this arrangement. Remember Paul, a promise among the special folk is supposed to mean something. You will be instructed in whom is okay to discuss these things with. But only those people. Yes, I am fully Aware myself. As is Gavin and Arcadia. Welcome home, Paul."

                  End of Chapter Nine


                    Chapter Ten

                    At a secluded and partially dark location, Hades and Persephone were meeting with Irene Dragon, the Richards Girls, and Kevin McVann. Hades said, "I came primarily because you said that this would be beneficial to both of our parties. Especially in regards to Arcadia Zoe. Although I can see that she is not here. What offer do you have for me?"

                    Irene replied, "Way back when you hired the neutral female assassin whom was supposedly the best of her craft, she took the money you paid her and she hired two mortals, whom I will call Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb, and she had them burn the Lockwood home to the ground in the hopes of catching Arcadia in the home and then she would have perished in the house fire herself. Sadly, she was not there because she was spending the night with me conducting a homework assignment for school. When she spent your money to hire people you had not approved of to burn a locale and kill people whom were not on your strike list, she broke the contract. The Lockwood family did not deserve to die, Hades. Mr. Lockwood, a Norm, was actually quite funny in regards to the rest of mankind. He had told his son, Paul Lockwood, whom is currently an orphan, young people should follow their dreams and tell business people to shut up."

                    That statement actually made Hades crack a smile.

                    Irene then continued. "Because the assassin spent your money to kill people outside of the hit list, you are responsible for their deaths. And before you complain, hear me out... later you quoted an ultimatum to Arcadia which she seemed to miss hearing although she did heed it without remembering that you had suggested it originally. This ultimatum was for Arcadia to stay out of the Greek Pantheon. Therefore, since she is pursuing a different divine role, she heeded your advice and as payment for her actions, we, the Champions of Richfield, have a small request for you, Hades. Return the Lockwood family to life where they would awaken in the hospital in the next county. History states that people died in that fire, but since no autopsy was performed due to the bodies being cremated, these people could have been anyone. Even citizens of Hades of whom you could be tired of dealing with. Since they want out of Hades so badly, they can be the ones to die in the house fire to offset the replacement for the Lockwood family and the family dog. The balance of time has to be maintained, after all. In exchange for you doing this, we will make sure Arcadia stays out of the Greek Pantheon. What do you say?"

                    Hades arched an eye. "Does Arcadia know that you came to pitch this offer at me?"

                    Karen spoke up at that point. "Had she known what we were planning, we feel that she would had tried to stop us. Despite what people may believe, Arcadia has not ever been a permanent nor authorized member of the Richfield Champions. Roger joined when the offer was given to him; Kevin and Linda both joined against the wishes of Linda's parents; And there are other former Norm members of our group whom are currently Aware and have agreed to help keep our secret. We are like a rebellious teen aged pantheon of super powers whom are also card carrying members of Mysteries Incorporated of London, England, and Teen Force Worldwide. Arcadia has never been offered membership, nor has she joined us."

                    Michelle then said, "In truth, we could have handed her over to you whenever we liked... and I felt like doing it a few times... but then she spared my life and she helped to find and rescue Roger, whom is a member of our team."

                    Kevin then said, "This is a mercy mission, Hades. Your assassin fucked up. If that is what is called the best of her creed, then someone lied to you. Our plan is to go back in time to the night of the fire; replace the Lockwood family and dog with the undesirables of your realm; leave the family in the other hospital; then we return to our own time. Arcadia would remain as Remus' charge until Mr. Lockwood returned to request her return to live with the Lockwood family. Since Paul had been with his gold digging hateful mom, he would still eventually end up with Remus; we like Paul. He reminds us of how Roger was originally. And even you eventually came to realize that Roger was not your enemy. He is a good boy. So will you help us, or have we wasted our time tonight?"

                    Hades turned to look at his wife one time as he turned to face the Champions once again. "I think you are doing this because you saw Arcadia change time and get away with it. In other words, she is acting like Hercules. And now you want to undo her idiot unplanned activities that got not only Michelle in trouble with not only an unplanned twin brother but almost mated to a centaur that no one cares about, but also caused Roger to get raped multiple times, and to top it off, drag a boy from another Teen Force group into the gay rape activities as well. Chester Hill wasn't gay until it was arranged for him to get fucked by Estos in Arvandor. So yes, Michelle, you had a chance with him before they did that to him. As for you offer, I foresee one flaw with your plan... allow me to elaborate..."

                    At that moment, Zeus, Hera, Athena, Ares, Poseidon, Hermes, Pan, Tyche, and Circe all phased in directly behind Hades and his wife.

                    Hades said, "After getting a lot of flack from dealing with your team, I wised up. When I got the invite to come to your parley, I contacted the Pantheon and invited them to eavesdrop and hear for themselves on what your plan and offer was to be. And now I turn this matter over to the Pantheon. Parts of their offer is justified, but then there are the portions that scream human greed."

                    Before the gods could react, they saw Irene smile as her eyes flashed in that emerald reflection. "We figured you might call in your brothers and sisters, Hades."

                    Two gigantic dragon eyes appeared in mid-air directly behind the Champions as did four Arch Angels and three Angel Dogs. "You aren't the only one with backup. I call Lord IO as well as Heaven's Elite. Since when is it okay for the gods to condone rape upon innocent human beings whom wouldn't have even been involved with them otherwise?"

                    Lord IO said, "God is busy preparing for the second coming with his son. Otherwise he would have been here himself. The Lockwood family and their pets number as many people as Greek gods that have appeared for the parley. Are you saying that you are volunteering to take their place in death?"

                    Hermes, Pan, and Circe all vanished immediately at those words. Apparently some gods were smarter than others.

                    Zeus caused a divine flash of light which caused the eyes and angels to all vanish. "Illusions are good for scaring the lesser powers, Irene."

                    Irene said, "You were right IO; the trick didn't work." And that was when his real eyes appeared with the full fear aura turned on as every god went down both legs. "The lessers are the only ones whom got to stay constipated! Now you will grant Irene what she is asking for and let them learn for themselves of the consequences! For learning is not done through warnings! Learning is acquired through actions! The Champions cannot hear what I am telling you! Let it happen!"

                    End of Chapter Ten.
                    End of Episode Seven.

                    Stay tuned for the next episode, Let It Be.