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[DW3] AZ-06 Finals Week

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    [DW3] AZ-06 Finals Week

    During Finals week at Richfield High School, Lorenzo Stancliffe arranges for Roger to inform Irene about new students in the coming year, while making plans to further Roger's magical knowledge over the coming Summer. Michelle and Gavin's punishment enters rocky straits as the 'vacation' soon ends a little early for the punishment cheaters. Arcadia receives more training while meeting with her newest older adopted brother. And, Chester and Harley return; as if the guys could keep them away.

    Coming up next on the sixth episode of Arcadia Zoe!
    Arcadia Zoe: Episode Six

    [DW3] AZ-06 Finals Week.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter One.

    The School Counselor, Lorenzo Stancliffe, was glad to see Roger back in School just in time for finals week in Richfield. For the most part, everything seemed to be back to normal. But for how long? Everyone was far too happy.

    "Roger? May I talk to you in my office, please?"

    Roger smiled at Lorenzo. "Of course, Mr. Stancliffe." Roger walked down the hall with the school counselor.

    When they entered the man's office, Lorenzo turned and locked the door before walking around to sit in his chair and... then he transformed into his real identity of a humanoid witch cat lord. "I was informed that you no longer qualify to be a Norm, Roger. I was also informed that you are learning sorcery from an Arvandor Faun. I have a Summer offer for you as long as it does not mess up your magic learning schedule. I have acquired an opening in the magic learning Summer School where I teach classes at. Since you want to learn magic so much, Roger, I am more inclined to let you join us this Summer. Will you be available to participate or will I have to speak to your faun instructor about this?"

    Roger had walked around the man's desk where he was checking out the black cat close up and feeling his fur all over. "Wow... I never would have dreamed that you were an extremely sexy cat man, Mr. Stancliffe. But... you would have to speak to my instructor since once a week I have to attend to one of the Faun's sorcery lessons. He said I was progressing in leaps in bounds now that my spells were inscribed correctly in my spell book. I would be very interested in learning more magic. Had you shown me magic before Gavin did, I would have begged you to teach me magic. Was this the only thing would wanted to talk to me about?"

    Lorenzo said, "Actually, no. What is your opinion of Michelle Richards' year long punishment. Does it appear to you that she is under a punishment? When I was told about her punishment, my first words were, really? that is a punishment? she looks too happy to be under a punishment. What is your take on this, Roger?"

    Roger grinned. "Right after she put on a show of distaste of hearing of this punishment, she was approached by Gavin whom explained something useful to her and since then, neither one of them have been unhappy about the punishment. So you are right to be suspicious about this punishment. Once a month, Gavin is to have sex with Michelle during his longing periods. But aside from that, every day until New Years Eve, Michelle has to spend one hour per day romantically with him at his place. He reminded her that he can change into a handsome human form. When the punishment was first issued, I don't think they intended for Gavin to be out of his centaur form. Now it seems that he is regarding the punishment as a joke and he is letting Michelle enjoy it with him."

    Lorenzo said, "That's what I thought. So they found a way to make the punishment into a vacation."

    Roger then said, "During Gavin's longing period, Michelle has agreed to be changed into a female centaur so sex with Gavin would not hurt her human form. But even with that, it doesn't seem like a punishment since Mr. Richards is providing birth control to his daughter."

    Lorenzo grinned. "I know what to do now. Summer Vacation starts this coming Saturday, Roger. I need to speak to the Faun to see what schedule arrangement I can make with him so I can expand your magical education. As for other dockets of business, Starting next year, Richfield will be receiving a collection of new Students of both Norm and Aware humans. The Hill family are going to permit Chester to live with his grandparents and school at Richfield since Chester made friends with you, Roger. As for the other new students... here are their names. I will let you discuss this with Irene at Lunch hour... I will list the Norms first; then the rest."

    "First up," started Lorenzo. "Paul Lockwood; the only son of Arcadia's adopted father through a previous marriage. As long as Mr. Lockwood paid Alimony and Child Support, his ex-wife kept and raised Paul as her own. But the moment it was learned that Mr. Lockwood had been assassinated, she packed up Paul's belongings and sent him back to Richfield to live at the Orphanage. When we heard the underhanded shit she pulled, I convinced Eugene Remus to adopt Paul out of the Orphanage to be Arcadia's adopted older brother. Paul is a Norm as far as we can tell. Although he was always interested in non-American Rock Bands and he studied Australian mythology. He could someday be aware, but until we know for sure, we have to place him into the Norm category. Next on the list... Clifford Hill; Chester's cousin through one of Grandpa Hill's other sons. His father grew up in Richfield and he wants for his son to have the same nice experience. And now for the two Norm females... Denise Forester; Her family just settled down in Richfield this last year. They run a small jewelry store in town. In fact, the school tried out their business to order the new Senior Class rings; They delivered and are trustworthy. Denise is outgoing and she walks dogs for people whom needs someone for that purpose. She calls the service, Doggy Walkies. You might have seen her in town with at least five dogs on separate leashes. And for the other normal girl... Leigh Tanner; she is the daughter of the newest lady Veterinarian in town. She has one younger brother, Kyle, whom will be in the Eighth grade this year. She owns two dogs named after Asgardian gods and she often rides a black stallion with a white starburst on his forehead; the horse's name is Midnight Star. But he answers to simply Star when Leigh calls for him."

    "Now for the Enlightened few which includes Chester," stated Lorenzo. "Vance Shou, formerly of San Francisco. He comes from a family of Were-Rat martial artists. His uncle opened the new Martial arts studio here in town; his parents hired on to replace the last few sewer treatment workers we had previously. Yes, They are Chinese like Jason is; they are in control of their were-hormones. They are not here to recruit. Vance is Clifford's age. When Vance does a night outing, he wears a full body suit complete with a full head mask and hood. Almost Ninja style. Next up, Stanley Fenris; His black father is a retired circus performer from Romania; his mother is running the new candy store in town; her specialty is all-natural cotton candy; made to order in all your favorite flavors. I was able to get some Catnip Mint Cotton Candy. Anyway, Stanley seems to be a mutant whom is a Changeling Wolf Man with Black Fur and with the extra ability to use Dark Magic. I knew you would sense another magic user eventually, so I am giving you the heads up in advance. Leonardo Raven is a young man of the slender varsity variety. He is into tennis and ballet. He comes from a family of Planar Raven Warriors called Shou Mauki Winged Soldiers. They cannot be called angelic because of their black feathers and miniature devil horns. Fortunately, they can transform into humans when they need to hide themselves. His parents joined the local police department recently. In the female department, we are getting a young Mexican lady named Rosita Stevens; her mother is a retired stage dancer; her father is a renowned tattoo artist. Rosita's power seems to be more angelic than anything else. She has the miracle touch. Regeneration, Restoration, sickness removal, pain removal among other miracles. She has attempted to downplay her gift, but in other towns, the locals would try to profit from her abilities. Now she is hoping to have a normal school life here. Please show this folder list to Irene during lunch, Roger."

    Roger smiled. "You can count on me, Lorenzo. Meet with me after school and I will get you a meeting with the Faun."

    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two.

    During lunch period, Roger found Irene sitting at a table with Arcadia as he seated himself directly across from her and right next to Jason. "Irene, Mr. Stancliffe said that I should inform you about next year's incoming students of both the in and unaware types, if you know what I mean. I was only supposed to talk to you during lunch about the list so Arcadia; Jason, please do not be spreading gossip about this others to our friends or anyone else. Especially not to Michelle." Roger then handed the folder over to Irene whom quietly peeked inside to look at both the Norms list as well as the specials list.

    She knew Lorenzo always made sure that she got he heads up on the new kids in town long before a school year was to begin. "Let us see whom will be here next year, shall we? Hmm... Paul Lockwood, Clifford Hill, Denise Forester and Leigh Tanner; That covers the Norms. Now for the others... Chester, nuff said; Vance Shou, Stanley Fenris, Leonardo Raven and Rosita Stevens; That takes care of the In crowd. I personally requested Rosita because she just wants to finish high school."

    Arcadia said, "Paul is in Remus' household right now. He isn't exactly a Norm, but he acts like one sometimes."

    Jason said, "I know of Vance and Stanley; only vaguely so do not be thinking that I know them really good."

    Roger then said, "Lorenzo told me that Vance is Clifford's age."

    Arcadia then said, "Why are keeping quiet about this to Michelle?"

    Roger grinned. "Remember which one Irene said 'nuff said' about? If Michelle learned that he was getting ready to come back here, she might try to dump Gavin for Mr. Eligible. And he told me that she came across as creepy which is why she turned him off. And since during the school dance fiasco, she said that no one wanted to be her boyfriend. When Mr. Richards arranged for Kevin to date Michelle with permission, she was like, 'Hell No'. Then when she barely learned about Mr. Eligible, she quickly made plans to date him and to spurn Kevin, whom in turn sent the Maximum Force teens that warning email. That email made the rounds and eventually ended up in Mr. Richard's hands. When Ren and Circe were assigning a punishment to Gavin for being inappropriate to you, Arcadia, Ren suggested that Michelle not only help Gavin but spend time with him if Mr. Richards permitted it. Her father thought it sounded like an apt punishment. But then Gavin turned the punishment into a pleasure by reminding Michelle that he could assume human form during the non-longing periods. He even offered to change her into a female centaur during the longing periods so she didn't get hurt when he had to have sex with someone. Earlier, Lorenzo pointedly asked me if I thought the punishment was a fair one and I had to tell the truth. I didn't think it was. And then he got some sort of weird idea to have happen to them the moment Summer vacation started."

    Irene said, "It is surprising that you were not attracted to Lorenzo long before you met Gavin. I've known about Lorenzo using magic for years."

    Just then, Kevin ran into the cafeteria and crouched down behind Irene as he whispered, "The Richards girls are coming and here's the bad news, Michelle was bragging earlier about how a friend of her's in D.C. told her that Chester was about to enroll here at Richfield. She was also saying that she could finally dump Gavin for a real boyfriend."

    Irene growled a little. "We just barely found out just now. I swear she is starting to get on my nerves. First she finds a way around the punishment and now she can get information even before Lorenzo can. Well, this will be the last time." Irene pulled out her cellphone and she called Lorenzo to tell him the bad news in regards to what Michelle had said. She also suggested that Lorenzo contact Circe and Mr. Richards since Michelle was deliberately cheating with this punishment and how she had plans to ditch the whole thing.

    When the call ended, Irene barely put the cellphone away as Karen entered the cafeteria. As she got her tray of food, she said, "My sister is in another good mood, guys. I cannot figure out how she can be hateful one moment and super happy the next. I have to wonder if she's pregnant."

    Irene muttered lowly, "Not yet; but she will be."

    Roger said, "Bring your food over here, Karen. We need to ask you something important."

    When Karen sat with Roger and the others, she asked, "What's the word?"

    Roger asked, "Who is Michelle's D.C. contact friend in Washington? We know she has been cheating with her punishment and now she is being creepy toward Chester again."

    Karen replied, "It is a girl she met at one of the Junior Rodeos we attended last year. I never liked her that much since her attitude is like a cross of my sister and how the McVann's used to act before our involvement with Arcadia. Her name is Cecilia Saddler and she is the daughter of the D.C. school Superintendant. A total snob and prissier than any Richfield girl we have. A complete norm. She supposedly tried to get a date with Chester before Mr. Hill rebuked her advances threatening to have her arrested if she didn't back off. No one in Maximum Force likes her at all."

    Irene then said, "Michelle's learning of Chester's enrollment here at Richfield is likely going to result in his parents changing their minds and keeping him far away from here. Lorenzo just sent me word of his coming today. And your stupid sister found out before he and I did. Now she's planning on dumping the punishment she is in just so she can be with the eligible Hill boy. I happen to remember that the Moravian Were-Worg is fond of the young man because he smells good. I just have to wonder if there is something deeper than that going on. Moravian Were-Worgs don't bond to just anyone according to Kelly Frost. And this one bonded to Chester."

    Kevin then said, "I think Chester's enrollment is to make it so Harley cannot interact with him within the same area. If Harley comes down here after Chester is enrolled here then it will be proven that the son of the bounty hunter is stalking the Hill boy. If Chester comes here and Harley shows up, then everyone will know that Harley goes where Chester goes."

    Jason remarked, "I know who we can ask, but the guy isn't someone to be around at night nor by yourself. The local werewolf in Richfield. He generally keeps to himself."

    End of Chapter Two.


      Chapter Three.

      But before they could plan anything further, Mr. Richards, Circe and Lorenzo appeared without warning and they were standing just behind the students' lunch table. Lorenzo said, "I got them, Irene; Circe said that she suspected that Gavin would not obey a punishment."

      Irene said, "We have more information now; Michelle's contact friend in D.C. is a girl named Cecilia Saddler; no one in Maximum Force likes her. Mr. Hill threatened to have her arrested if she didn't stay away from his son. But aside from Gavin and Michelle's cheating on the punishment, we are discerning another mystery that was mentioned before but we are just now recalling. We will let you adults deal with Michelle when she comes in; we are going to focus on the Were-Worg and his liking of Chester that doesn't make any sense."

      Just then, Michelle came into the cafeteria looking as cheerful as could be. She headed over to get her tray of lunch and her drink. For some reason, she didn't seem to be able to see her father and Circe standing near the wall behind Irene and the others. Roger suspected that this was some magic to prevent Michelle from noticing the trouble she was about to be in. He knew that Invisibility in a radius to include multiple people was a spell in the third circle of spell power. Lorenzo obviously knew how to make the magic without making the magic noticeable to other spell casters. Michelle then walked over and she sat at the table the others were at. But before she could make a comment about what they were reading, Irene chose to speak up and tell a deliberate lie.

      "It is a shame that Agent Hill learned about the false story of his son supposedly migrating to shcool in Richfield. The boy would have made a nice school mate. I mean, he is cute. Right, Roger?"

      Roger didn't want to be in this conversation but he played along to include data of what happened on the camping trip. "More than cute when Estos convinced everyone to remove their clothes. That tattoo declaring his love for Angela Pfeiffer was quite blatant. I almost wish I could date him."

      Irene arched an eye when Roger said all that with a straight face. However, both she and Arcadia could see that Roger's aura revealed that he fibbed about the tattoo. Arcadia chose to read Roger's mind and she almost gagged on her milk when she saw that Roger's memory showed that that the tattoo said that Chester would be friends with someone called Von Carlos forever. But since the tattoo looked like a frightening wolf like head with the words around it in a circle, it was definitely not a declaration of love. And maybe that was for the best. Arcadia quietly excused herself to go clean up her mess in the ladies rest room.

      Karen was dying to know what had affected Arcadia in that particular way but she remained seated.

      Kevin chose to go over and get his lunch since he hadn't gotten any as yet.

      Michelle arched an eye since her contact was hardly ever wrong in her reports. "What do you mean by saying that Chester Hill isn't coming here? I have it on good authority that he is coming to Richfield. True it won't be for another three months in the Fall; but I do have my punishment to undergo. Besides, Gavin should be over his longing by the time Fall arrives. His own words."

      Irene grabbed Michelle by one arm and affixed her Emerald dragoness gaze through her human eye sockets directly into the Richards' girl's own eyes. "Have you been staying completely human when you are with Gavin each day after school? And don't lie to me. Remember that I don't need beans to breathe on you."

      Michelle didn't even flinch at the threat as she replied, "Of course I've been staying human. I cannot tranform like most of the boys can. In fact, since I am human right now, that should be proof enough of my statement."

      Irene then released Michelle as she simply shook her head in disgust.

      And that was when Michelle felt a powerful hand grip land on both of her shoulders as her father and Circe became visible along with Lorenzo Stancliffe. Mr. Richards said, "You may not be aware of this, Michelle, but we have had magical spies watching you and Gavin during your punishment afternoons. You just lied to Irene and she knows it. Since you think your punishment is a joke... you will no longer be receiving birth control protection when you are with Gavin. You and a centaur stallion are going to foal a centaur colt this Summer. And since Centaur Mares get no pain killers during birth, you will not receive any either. Also since you were going to dump Gavin anyway, he will not be the father of this colt. Because you like being a centaur mare behind everyone's backs, you will change into one once a month in place of your human period and you will feel the need to be taken by a breeding stallion. As you know, The McVanns have a powerful one who wouldn't blink twice hammering you with his tool."

      Circe remarked, "She doesn't deserve the privilege of being a mythical creature. A Nag, yes. But not a centaur mare. That would be like insulting the real centaur mares out there. But if Skerrit wants to take your daughter on the ride she would never forget, we get to video tape the session so the gods all get to watch it later. Also when you are in a mare's body, you should not have access to your mutant powers. Either be a mare like the rest or accept Kevin McVann whom actually loves you."

      Lorenzo then said, "Your friend Cecelia Saddler in D.C. broke several school rules by leaking information to you that you had no right to learn about. I have already called her father and let him know what she did behind his back. He sounded angry before he said he would call me back. He hasn't called me as yet."

      Michelle actually looked scared out of her mind when she heard all three of the adults' voices directly behind her... point-blank.

      Irene then said, "As for my knowing about Chester, I am the school's newspaper editor so it is my right to know who is going to be joining us in Richfield High every year. The rest of you learn of these things if I deem it safe to tell you. As for YOU, Michelle; you chose to lie to not just one dragon but two dragons. Jason and I would gladly fry you for your dishonesty. The reason I didn't breathe on you is because my Poinsonous Chlorine Gas breath weapon would have killed all the Norms in the school. They did nothing wrong and it would be inappropriate to kill them for the mistake you made. My parents will be hearing of your dishonesty, Michelle."

      End of Chapter Three.


        Chapter Four.

        Circe then said, "In the Mediterranean, when a person commits supernatural crimes, they are tried in the divine court overseen by Hera and Athena. Lady Frigga has been invited to these things herself but she quotes that unless the criminal has done worse than Loki, then there is no reason for her to come join us."

        Irene grinned. "Now there is a punishment we haven't enacted upon Michelle. Getting acidic poison in the eyes from two of his wives that he cannot stand sounds ideal for Michelle."

        Kevin then spoke up. "Yeah, but the true punishment is for his wives who have to look at his face while they are doing this."

        And then Frigga was standing with the other adults trying not to laugh so much at Kevin's humor. "Oh my, When Remus told us that Richfield bravely took pop shots at the gods, I never imagined how humorous his information would be as I came in to see for myself. I would have been here sooner but finding a nice dress to cover my body is not the easiest thing to do."

        Kevin looked up at Frigga and said, "I'm sorry; but Irene's comment just needed the extra humor added in to make it more viable. I am sure the Norse don't have to deal with what we put up with around here except for that silly Ragnarok thing that every Norse warrior cannot wait for. Its like waiting in line for Black Friday just after Thanksgiving."

        Frigga smirked. "I have attended a few of those and it is almost like a Norse raid confined to a shopping center. Just add armor to all of the ladies and you got it made."

        The Norse goddess then looked down at Michelle. "Sleipnir hasn't mated with anyone this century if you need a stallion with eight legs. Well, nine if you count the Rod of Might."

        Mr. Richards just leaned back against the wall as he listened to his daughter squirm from the divine suggestions.

        Michelle turned to look at her father as she said, "Please don't let them do this to me; I'm your daughter for Pete's sake!"

        Mr. Richards scowled, "Is Pete another young man you have hurt the feelings of and dumped? I am enjoying hearing these suggestions, Michelle. Actually the decision has already been made; but this is a lot more fun just to watch you squirm since you don't know what the plan is."

        Roger then asked, "So what is the plan, Mr. Richards?"

        Mr. Richards smiled at Roger. "Michelle and Karen's cousin Augusta lives in the sister city of Richfield, Idaho. In fact that city is what our own here in Virginia was based on. It is identical in appearance right down to the Richards cattle ranch just North of town. Kevin's cousins also live there. Their sports team is also called the Ravens. Michelle's new punishment is to be moved to Idaho to attend school there since she cannot behave herself here in our Richfield."

        Michelle quickly objected. "But that's not fair! I want to go to school here!"

        Mr. Richards replied, "You were on the verge of being shipped off before you saved Arcadia from the poison arrow. On that day I thought you were starting to straighten your ass up. And then the fiasco with Hades and Roger's trials arose and you began acting like you had before you saved her life. Augusta was on the ranch not to protect it but to escort you back to Idaho with her. But even she was fooled into thinking that you had turned over a new leaf. Now you have earned the ticket to go to Richfield Idaho. It is either that or you give birth to Gavin's colt the next time you are in centaur mare form. Another way to get to stay here is to date Kevin as I originally arranged for you to do. Mr. Hill has said that he would shoot you on sight if you solicited yourself to his son; he despised Cecelia anyway and you are acting just like her. No one in Maximum Force likes her anyways. Especially not Chester. He has enough issues to deal with without your trying to get down his pants. So make up your mind, Michelle, will it be Idaho, Kevin or Gavin. If you haven't decided by three P.M. this afternoon, then you go with Augusta anyway. That was the original plan before you chose to be heroic for all of a day. Of course, in place of Gavin, Sleipnir hasn't bred with anyone this century according to Lady Frigga. Odin's battle horse might make a good husband for you."

        Michelle and Karen both looked horrified at the ultimatum.

        Kevin then got up with his tray and said, "Since she rebuked me, Mr. Richards, and since I am interested in Roger's situation more than your daughter's mess, I must withdraw any hope I would have had for dating your daughter. I knew Arcadia didn't have time to be dating; therefore... since Michelle repeatedly whined that no one wanted to be her boyfriend and she put up the anti-social wall to prevent anyone she wouldn't have from getting near her, I must decline being a choice for her during this dilemma for which I would have been been a good excuse for her to remain schooling locally. Sorry, Michelle; you had your chance with me and you shoved me away. If anyone wants me, I'll be dining at the study hall table." And he walked off toward a table that had nearly no other dining students sitting there.

        Roger and Jason got up with their trays and they followed Kevin. Supporting their friend as it were.

        Mr. Richards chuckled, "And that leaves Idaho, Gavin and Sleipnir. I would imagine that Sleipnir will not be picky."

        Michelle hung her head looking defeated; she hadn't even considered that Kevin would have been her best defense against being moved off to Idaho. Running away came to mind but then the gods would be after her and not all of them were nice to deal with. If only their brother Royale was home to help diffuse the situation. Perhaps she could get Arcadia to help her with this problem since the poorest girl in Richfield did owe her a favor for saving her life. She lifted her head. "If I have until three P.M., then please don't be watching me like vultures all day long. I will have my answer by three P.M."

        Mr. Richards said, "Circe and I will return at three P.M. I am not too sure about Frigga; Lorenzo works here; so no more tricks or else. Come on, Circe; I will give you a tour of my animal ranch; it might give you ideas to do out on your island." And the two headed off to do the Ranch tour.

        End of Chapter Four.


          Chapter Five.

          When Lorenzo returned to his counselor office, he found several new students waiting on him plus one extra keeping the mood light and hopeful for the others. Harley Davidson, Jr. chatted with the other new students Lorenzo had mentioned earlier as Chester Hill sat to one side with both of his parents. Seeing Mr. Hill was not a pleasure since mostly everyone knew how cranky the man usually was. Upon seeing the Hill Parents, Lorenzo said, "Cecelia Saddler was the one who let the cat out of the bag to Michelle Richards this time. But I am sure you know how to handle the insubordinate student up in D.C. I have already informed her superintendant father of her stealing school reacords; he sounded as angry as you usually are, Mr. Hill. Mr. Richards confronted his daugher during lunch hour for the record. I had to oversee the latest Fiasco. I apologize for keeping you nice folk waiting." He then turned to look at Harley. "Why are you back in Richfield, Harley?"

          Harley replied, "I promised Zak and Christy that I would make sure Chester made it back to D.C. for the Summer. He isn't supposed to officially enroll down here until the latter part of August. And Von Carlos says... moving this boy around will not stop him from checking on the boy that smells so good."

          Chester said, "If Michelle had not come across like Cecelia Saddler, I might have been interested in her; but her fawning over people who are edgy around creepy females anyway will not fly. I guess part of my father is rubbing off on me. If I attend school down here, I do not want to deal with Michelle. I would not be in Richfield to find a new girlfriend."

          Mr. Hill remarked, "Good for you, Chester. While I am sorry about the Trojan Horse Iron Man suit that they didn't even tell me about, I don't mind your being friends with Von Carlos and that gigantic gargoyle. I know the gargoyle is not interested in you; but that warg gets pretty close to you a lot of the time. Closer than Harley has been known to."

          Chester made a look of disgust. "Dad... Harley is dating Angela Pfeiffer; I only told you that I was dating her when you started to get too nosy about who I was seeing. The truth is that I have gone on a few dates with Marsha Brandon although Lori's winged horse likes me more than the rest of Maximum Force. I did make a permanent lasting friendship with Von Carlos just after I saved his life from a fatal blow to his body during a fight we had with the Elites of Moravia."

          Mr. Hill arched an eye. "Is that why Valhalla and Von Carlos are always coming around to see you? Not that I mind them showing up, since they usually do it without the rest of the Maximum Force tagging along."

          Chester said, "Valhalla liked me when he thought my alter ego was a horse warrior. In a way, it still is; I just don't need the phony suit to make the change anymore since I got sponsored by the Arvandorian Planar Stallions. Although I do have to spend one hour in full horse form once a day in order to keep the power. This is usually done in the evenings."

          Lorenzo then cleared his throat and said, "Since the government project was the iron horse suit, your son is not technically government property anymore."

          Mr. Hill now turned his angry gaze to the counselor. "Do you want to tell General Osric Sloan that little bit of information? Sloan's outlook is that any American with an empowerment regardless of the source is government property and must be registered. I am trying not to be as big of a prick as everyone says he is. Ever since Harley saved my life from getting sniped by one of the Teen Force's more mundane enemies recently, I have dropped my gripe against his former ways and I permit him to be Chester's friend."

          Chester smiled as he recalled how he originally met Von Carlos. Near the Washington Monument, the creature with the low gruff voice stepped out of the darkness. He looked like a pony sized alpha warg. "Permit me... to introduce myself, Earth man... I am Von Carlos, a Moravian Warg Alpha." It later turned out that Von Carlos was a form of Werewolf Wizard.

          Lorenzo then sat down at his desk and he began handing out the enrollment forms to all potential students present. "Fill these out to the best of your ability. Paul Lockwood, your paperwork was completed when I visited you at Remus' estate. Clifford, What do you think of schooling with your cousin Chester?"

          Clifford grinned. "Chester's life is way too complicated. I am glad I am not part of his family. My parents are far more open minded and they approved of my coming here by myself. I can handle whomever this firebrand known as Michelle is since I happen to like wild women."

          Chester then said, "I'll make you a deal, Clifford; you get Michelle permanently interested in you and in return, I will do your after school chores for you at the Hill Horse Ranch. I will warn you... she might try to use you to be able to get closer to me. She thinks she is smarter than any boy. My father and I do not like her. It is one of the few things that he and I actually agree on. So if you think you can tame the Firebrand, then make damned sure you tell Mr. Richards what the plan is before he ships her off to the other side of reality. If she would just straighten up and act like her sister, I could be interested in her; but ever since she befriended Cecelia Saddler, that chance went out the window concerning me."

          Mr. Hill set a gaze on Clifford who was immune to Agent Hill's demeanor because his brother raised his own son differently. "Clifford, don't be thinking that this is a easy deal. Michelle originally whined that no boy wanted to be her boyfriend but when a few came forward to give her that chance, she put up the anti-social 'get lost' air shield. But then after she dumped someone her father had chosen and she set her eyes on Chester whom she had never met and the dumped boyfriend sent word to Harley and the others who in turn showed me the warning and I showed it to Mr. Richards, she got into some further trouble by receiving D.C. school records from Cecelia Saddler which Michelle had no right to be receiving. So if you want a chance at Michelle, do it right and don't let on that you are simply running interference for Chester. I know you are interested in attending the military academy after high school, so if you are able to help Chester with this problem girl, then I will arrange for your admittance into the academy of your choice. But she will be suspicious if she learns your true story, so you are doubly warned."

          Chester said, "My dad is willing to pull a few strings to get you cleared for the academy, Clifford. Just get this girl disinterested in me and interested in either you or someone else. But that's the deal."

          Clifford grinned again. "There is an easy solution that your father has already complained about, Chester; you don't have to really become that way in reality, but in order to make her less interested in you, all you have to do is pretend to be homosexual. When your father was told by Mr. Richards that maybe you were dating Harley, your father exploded. Then there is all of those non-human creatures whom actually love you and most of them are male. So... when I am getting to know Michelle, I let it slip that you are gay and no more interest."

          End of Chapter Five.


            Chapter Six.

            Within the girls' bathroom, Michelle found Arcadia cleaning up her milk in the sinuses choking episode. "Arcadia... I need your help. I only have until a three P.M. deadline to make a decision and I do not want to be shipped off to another school. Before you say no, let me remind you of something... I saved your life seemingly for free. Now I need to collect on that favor. I hate to use this favor in this particular way, but I need help badly."

            Arcadia looked at Michelle's aura and then she read the girl's mind as feeble as it was. "Okay, I looked into your memories and I read your aura. I have the full story. What kind of help do you want? And keep in mind that I do not go around reading everyone's minds. What I saw in Roger's mind almost made me choke on my lunch. That's why I had to excuse myself from the lunch table."

            Michelle asked, "What did you see in Roger's mind?"

            Before Arcadia could answer, she heard Lorenzo's mental voice giving her some new data. "If Michelle comes to you to gain divine help, what you need to tell her is that Chester Hill is gay while his cousin Clifford is not only straight but interested in Michelle. If Michelle agrees to give Clifford a chance, I could make the arrangements to keep Michelle here in Virginia. But her father is tired of Michelle's deceitful ways."

            Arcadia mentally shot back to the counselor, "Chester is interested in Von Carlos, Mr. Stancliffe. He might even bend over for Valhalla. Now leave me alone so I can deal with Michelle. Chester doesn't have to pretend to be gay since he already is when it comes to non-humans. But for humans, he does like a few girls."

            Michelle noticed that Arcadia seemed to be focused on something mental. "Let me guess... you just got a warning from someone not to help me. You were my last hope."

            Arcadia took Michelle into one of the stalls and closed the door. "Chester Hill is gay; it was revealed to Roger and the others during the boy's only camp out. However, his cousin Clifford Hill is straight and he will be looking for a new girlfriend once he transfers into Richfield. They are both going to be living at Grandpa and Grandma Hill's horse farm. Chester does not want to see you, Michelle. But you can have a chance with Clifford, if you let him get that close. You could have had Kevin help you with his mutant powers. Dumping him that fast was the worst thing you could do. He and his sister Linda are all the time competing to win the adoration of their parents. Kevin has been losing at everything, his last chance at tying up the score was to win you over. As you know, Linda is dating Jason. Kevin doesn't have anyone. When Linda won the school newspaper reporter job from Irene, their parents threw a victory party for their daughter. Kevin spent that evening with Roger and Jason at the arcade in town. Roger tried to cheer Kevin up and made a friendship out of the exchange. When you told Kevin that he was being snobby; I hate to say this, but it takes one to know one, Michelle. You could only recognize it in others if you were like that yourself. Remember how you got jealous when you chaperoned Kevin and I to the dance? You volunteered to escort us; no one MADE you go to the dance. Later you argued with Karen that you were forced to go to the dance. We never asked you to come along; you never had to go at all. When Karen jibed that I was dancing with your boyfriend, you threw a punch at her. You hurt Kevin's feelings by rejecting him. And now you want to request divine intervention?"

            Michelle sobbed when Arcadia hit her with the truth. "Please... I need help, Arcadia... I thought you would be neutral about all this. But now you are acting like the Greek Gods; the very thing Hades does not want you to become. Or did you join the Hercules fan club. I am begging you. I don't want to be transferred out of Richfield to Idaho. I want to stay here."

            Suddenly, Arcadia heard a new divine voice within her mind. "Princess Arcadia Actaeon of Zoe, I presume? Permit me to introduce myself... I am Lord Frey of the Elvin Asgard; Lady Hecate of Olympus was telling me that you were in training to learn the divine basics, but the Greek Gods were jerking you around instead of actually educating you in what you needed to know. Today is your lucky day. I am authorized by Lord Odin himself to grant you everything you were promised so you can help your friends without having to wait for ten centuries to pass. It would take you a thousand mortal years to learn everything divine the way the Greek gods have been trying to teach you. I can help you attain all of this in just one day. All I ask in return is for you and your friends in the Richfield Champions to attend just one of my in-home banquets. There will be music and dancing as well as games to play and prizes to win. Michelle is a foolish girl to throw away her favor like this. With the full powers promised to you, you could easily resolve the problems within your general area. Just say yes or no to my offer; accept the all in one day offer or keep doing things the Greek way and die before you learn it all."

            So there it was; all or death. Arcadia knew there was a dumb game going on with the Greeks and now the Norse god of the elves just told her the truth. "Yes, Frey. I accept your offer. But I have to finish high school with my friends, so dumping immortality and eternal life on me just because you are part of the game will not be accepted."

            Frey replied, "Go to a water fountain in school and just before you press the button to take a drink, whisper my name and drink the water. Then quickly find a seat on a hallway bench because you will experience a brief wave of dizziness as your full powers activate. If you do this four times, you will be as powerful as the Greater gods of any pantheon. If you wanted, you could start your own pantheon. But if you choose to go this route, I would pledge my alliance with your pantheon. I will be listening, ally in arms. Until later..."

            Arcadia smiled. "Finally. A god gained some major kudos just now. I will soon be able to help you without all the poop under the bridge, Michelle. But I need to visit the water fountain in school to get a few drinks of water. Come on, Michelle, it won't be long now."

            Michelle asked, "So who finally stopped the game?"

            Arcadia replied, "The Asgardian Elf god of Sunshine; Lord Frey of Elvin Asgard. His realm is part of Arvandor. He represents unicorns."

            Michelle smiled. "Hot damn! About time someone decided to not play the game with you! Now we're getting somewhere!"

            The two left the girls' bathroom and went to the closest water fountain which had benches next to it. "Here goes... I hope he was right." And then Arcadia whispered, "Frey," and she took a drink from the fountain. And then she repeated this three more times before staggering to sit down on the bench. Michelle helped her to sit on the bench so she didn't land on the floor. Michelle sat down to wait to see what the results of this help was going to do.
            End of Chapter Six.


              Chapter Seven.

              As the wait for Arcadia to open her eyes occurred, Lorenzo arrived along with Irene and the rest of the Richfield Champions. He gave Michelle a pained look of accusation.

              "I didn't do anything to her, Mr. Stancliffe," commented Michelle. "She took a drink from the fountain there and she got dizzy and sat on this bench. We had been talking earlier and then she said she needed to get a drink of water. I've been waiting for her to open her eyes. And that's the truth, I swear."

              Irene sighed. "She is being honest this time. Her aura never flickered once."

              Arcadia then whispered, "So that is how Focus is supposed to work. So let us see what happens when I open my eyes." And her eyes came open as she slowly stood up and she looked at those gathered in the hallway. Her divine vision was different now. She could see everyone as they were supposed to look if they were not hiding their true species. "Oh my... I better turn off that function for now."

              Michelle asked, "So what happened, Arcadia?"

              Arcadia smiled. "I'll have to tell you later. You might find it funny." She then looked to Lorenzo. "Michelle was asking me for advice earlier, Mr. Stancliffe. I believe I gave her good advice, although It's A Wonderful Life and A Christmas Carol couldn't hurt to assist in the advice I gave. Okay, the Greek Games are over, guys. I got help from Lord Frey."

              Roger asked, "What did he ask for in return for this help? I know the gods don't help mortals for free."

              Arcadia replied, "He wants to invite the Richfield Champions to a banquet at his place; a one-time event. The argument he made on how the Greeks were playing all of us just made sense to me. He said he could help me to acquire the divine basics all in one day rather than to wait... are you ready for this? A thousand years; he called it the Greek Game. It makes sense now on why Hades was asking me not to seek a position in the Greek Pantheon. Frey said that I could start my own pantheon for which he would pledge his alliance to."

              Lorenzo then said, "Since Frey helped you to straighten out all of your divine training, perhaps you should turn on Aura Shielding to prevent other gods from reading your aura whenever they liked. After that, pretend that you still need to be trained. Never let on to the other gods that you don't really need their help anymore. Surely not all of them were pains in the tail. Right, Arcadia?"

              Arcadia smiled. "Pan and Hermes did help Roger when he really needed it. So no; they are not all pains in the butt."

              Roger said, "I still owe Hermes and Pan for the help they gave me. Hermes said I should be careful with who I pledge my vows to. I thought it was a valuable lesson."

              Irene still wasn't happy with Michelle for lying to her and Jason during lunch. "I still want to breathe on you, Michelle."

              Michelle replied, "Use a breath mint before you do; you ate the spicy sauce during lunch."

              Before anyone could stop her, Irene was instantly in her green dragon identity with one claw-hand around Michelle's neck and she began to squeeze the life out of the Richards' girl.

              Arcadia's eyes sparkled and the scene quickly rewound to just before Michelle's snide comment to being breathed on. Only this time... Arcadia quickly clamped one hand over Michelle's mouth so she couldn't reply as she mentally told Michelle, "I cannot help you if you force Irene to kill you. So please refrain from replying. And we are even because I just prevented you from dying. Irene almost killed you; but I reversed time to save your life. Please straighten up; if I have to save you again, then you will owe me a favor."

              Roger seemed to catch on to the fact that Arcadia used her powers for some unusual purpose. Apparently his studies in magic made him more alert to his surroundings.

              When Arcadia removed her hand from Michelle's mouth, the Richards' girl kept her comment short as she normally would; but she wanted to say more. "Whatever."

              Lorenzo looked to Roger. "Come along, Roger; we have an appointment to keep. As for the rest of you, please do not destroy the school." And the two of them headed off together.

              Irene looked to Arcadia. "You did something, didn't you?"

              Arcadia replied, "I prevented you from messing up your delicate nails. We can talk about it later."

              The two walked off toward their next class as most of the other Richfield Champions began to slowly follow them.

              When school ended, the Richfield Champions emerged from the school building and they saw Harley sitting on his motorcycle in the parking lot while in a government vehicle nearby was FBI agent Hill and his son Chester. Also in the parking lot was Mr. Richards and Circe. Arcadia approached Mr. Richards and began to explain her idea for having Michelle earn the right to stay in Virginia. She simply had to spend the entire Summer in Idaho with Augusta as a mare. When the Summer ended, she could be human once again and return to Virginia to attend school once again. After that, she would be dating Clifford Hill; while Chester would continue to be off limits to the selfish girl. "Just don't get her pregnant as a horse, Mr. Richards. It would be insulting to any stallion to be a parent to her colt.... Unless you were planning on changing her into a cow. I know you guys raise cattle." She winked with a smile.

              Circe smirked. "And Hades said I was an old cow; If Michelle becomes a cow, then be careful about drinking her milk."

              End of Chapter Seven.


                Chapter Eight.

                Arcadia was soon speaking to Michelle and the others. "Okay, I spoke to your father and he was a tough cookie to convince. These are your choices, Michelle: One, you spend the entire Summer here in Virginia as a cow in a stall within the cattle barn, or Two, You go to Idaho with Augusta for one Summer only, before returning here to continue school. But while in Idaho, you have to be a mare on Augusta's ranch. Whichever one you choose, you won't be able to be understood by any human other than Augusta or the rest of your family. Non-Richards won't understand your language as an animal, unless they are gods and special spirits. Your father was adamant about your being on four hoofs during the Summer. But I convinced him not to get you pregnant as an animal. I seem to recall that the gestation time would make you miss going to school for a year. Also, while in animal form, no powers. I did everything in my power to get your father to be lenient in your situation, but your underhanded deceit had him at his last straw."

                Michelle sighed. "I guess its too late to start worshiping you to get special favors for getting a way out of this horrible set of choices. How am I going to have a chance with Clifford if I just disappear for the entire Summer?"

                Arcadia replied, "Your father wants your times with Clifford to occur during the school year with witnesses. As I said, he was a tough cookie to convince to let you continue going to school with the rest of us, but your Summer is decided one way or another. You just have to make the choice. Cow or mare?"

                Karen remarked, "At least mom talked him out of the bitch dog idea last night."

                Irene then said, "Clifford won't officially be living in Richfield until August. Same as Chester. So you wouldn't miss getting to know Clifford at all. Not to mention, Chester is an official member of Maximum Force. And Von Carlos has claimed that no one will prevent him from coming to see Chester whenever he likes and that is that."

                Michelle took a breath and then she said, "I don't want to be in Idaho; it's in the name of the state. I-Da-Ho. I will choose to be a cow here in Virginia. Besides, I recall that Augusta has a breeding stallion and then I would miss school for sure." And in the blink of an eye, Michelle was instantly a cow whom emitted a "MOOOO!" sound.

                Arcadia said, "Aunt Circe? Did you really have to change her that fast?"

                Circe smiled from where she was leaning up against the barn door. "Mr. Richards said to change her the moment she made her decision. Plus, he asked me to remind Michelle after the transformation that the Richards DO own a stud bull in Stall Number Fifteen. I haven't looked in there so I am not sure why a bull like that would be bad for a cow."

                Karen remarked, "Billy is the family's breeding bull! He will try to mount anyone whom enters his stall! He doesn't care if you are male, female, or even an it, as long as you have a hole in your butt!"

                While the girls were talking near Michelle the temporary cow, Roger, Lorenzo, Kevin, Jason, and the Arvandorian Faun Boy were sitting off to the side having their own private discussion. Kevin said, "They are getting loud now. Who is Billy? Is he another boy that Michelle has jilted?"

                Roger laughed quietly at that suggestion. "Billy is the Richard's breeding bull. They claim that Billy is mega horny. Willing to mount anything with a hole. But one Summer, I filled his feed and water troughs and he never tried to mount me. He seems to like me; he just doesn't seem to like the Richards family."

                Lorenzo said, "If it is what I suspect, Roger, it is because you were nice to him. The Richards girls seem a little stuck up. Especially Michelle. Hopefully her time as a cow getting the same treatment they give their cattle will teach her a valuable lesson."

                Jason then remembered something. "I wonder if Michelle remembered that in July, Mr. Richards re-brands their cattle to make sure the family crest is on the ass of the cattle that they own. All it would take would be for Mr. Richards to forget that Michelle is a cow and then she would have a permanent booty mark on her ass like all the other cattle on the ranch. Boy... she'd be mad afterward."

                Kevin then said, "I think that if that event happened then we boys should not let on that we knew that it happened. We would take less damage that way."

                Roger then remembered something else. "Oh boy! I just recalled that the Richards family vet is supposed to run medicals on the cattle in two weeks. The vet always gives them a shot of vitamin supplement fluids as well as sticking a rubber gloved hand into their anuses and vaginas to make sure the cattle are continuing to be healthy. You would think that Michelle would remember the family schedule. She really will be mad when the vet visits with those needles of his."

                Lorenzo said, "Sounds like you boys remember their schedule better than the twin daughters remember it." He then turned to look at the Arvandorian Faun. "Anyway, my inquiry was to find out if it would be okay for Roger to attend the magic school for the Summer where I teach at?"

                The Faun had been softly playing his panpipes as he stopped and replied, "As long as Roger spent one day a week with me during a time when you had no classes for him, then it would be okay. Roger has been doing so well in his studies, that I recently taught him Planar Teleportation last weekend. He had already achieved Short Range Teleportation the week before so I decided to be nice and teach him the next level of the spell. For short range, he can teleport from one side of Richfield to the other flawlessly. I am so proud of him that he has finally mastered the short range teleport spell. I hope that he can master the planar teleportation spell so he won't need me to summon him for a lesson. At the magic school, he will need to memorize a teleport anchor arrival location so he can return to it after a once a week visit with me. He already has an anchor memorized at a few safe locales around Richfield including his bedroom at home. His transformation spell ability is actually better than Gavin's ability was. Roger has been practicing with a few favorite forms that I instructed him to learn."

                Lorenzo smiled at Roger. "That wasn't so hard. You still get to spend one day a week with your sexy instructor. And when you do go and visit him, you can tell him what magical stuff you learned at the magical school."

                Roger smiled. "I am so glad that this Summer is going to be so interesting. I'll miss palling around with you guys, Jason and Kevin."

                End of Chapter Eight.


                  Chapter Nine.

                  Back with the girls, Irene then said, "Ms. Circe... I just remembered something. As sorry as this will be to ruin both yours and Mr. Richards' fun. This is only Monday of finals week here at school. Michelle's time as a cow cannot officially start until this coming Friday on the last day of school. If Mr. Richards forgot this, then he is worse than Hades and the Divine Petty." She knew full well what she was referring to.

                  Circe nodded her head. And with the snap of her fingers, Michelle was human again.

                  Irene looked at the dazed Michelle. "Good thing I spoke up for you, Michelle, or else you would have missed the rest of Finals Week. Besides, before you get settled in as a cow, you should catalog the schedule of what all occurs at the Richards Ranch every Summer. I seem to recall something about the vet and the re-branding week. The boys know the schedule better than I do." She winked with a sly hunting fox grin. Dragons were good at that.

                  Michelle then paled as the mentions of the vet and the re-branding came to the forefront of her memory. "Oh no! I forgot all about those weeks! If Roger thought that Gavin and Estos were being impersonal with him, then he should try being an animal when the vet sticks those rubber gloves up his butt. As for re-branding, Circe... that is the time when dad makes sure the Richards mark is on all of our cattle. In regards to your son, it would be like him getting a permanent tattoo on his flanks to tell people that he belonged to you and Ren."

                  Karen smirked. "Then he really would be a My Little Pony."

                  Circe smiled. "That is something that I can mention to Ren in regards to Gavin's newest punishment. It is a shame that he let his longing ruin his friendship with Roger. Despite what had happened, Ren likes your friend Roger."

                  Karen said, "It is strange how Roger seems to bond with Mythological hoofed creatures. Although he also likes Dragons like Irene and Jason. I have to wonder if he had met any other special folk before he met us... His luck seems too ordered to be random chance."

                  Arcadia then said, "As in someone planar might have granted him wishes before his family moved to Richfield?"

                  Circe then said, "You better hope that theory is dead wrong, Arcadia. Some Planars are far worse than Hades could ever dream of being and he knows most of them by name."

                  Arcadia hummed as she pulled out her cellphone. "Let's find out, shall we?" And she tapped the one-touch dialing for a number in her speed dial list. After a few rings, someone answered the call and Arcadia said, "Aunt Persephone? This is Arcadia. No Hades is not back up here again. Can you look up Planar data in the underworld for us without getting into trouble? We believe that Roger Rogers may have encountered a special folk somewhere whom may have granted him wishes before he came to Richfield. When he first came to Richfield, we all thought he was pretty normal. Now it seems that his luck for meeting mythological hoofed creatures and dragons seems a little too organized... as if someone was granting him this ability to encounter these creatures. Aunt Circe said that I better hope I was wrong. Can you look into this for me, please?" She paused. "Yes, I will hold." She then mouthed to the others. She's looking.

                  Some minutes later, Hades' voice came on the line. "Arcadia? My wife just told me what you were asking about. Despite my wanting to challenge you someday, I happen to like Roger myself. I would advise that you speak into the air and call for a law imp. If Roger is in some sort of planar trouble, the law services and financial services are bound to know about it. Also, Information Devil Mouse services should also know something. When a planar tricks a mortal, they cannot help themselves but to brag about it to someone. Unless there is money involved. And then you need financial and law services to help you handle these things. I am not surprised that the old cow didn't tell you this herself since she knows about these services. Do you need anything else?"

                  Arcadia replied, "Your wife told me to stay on the line. But thank you for the information. And to your relief, I am not seeking any positions in the Greek Pantheon. Until I know if my friends are safe, then I do not want to focus on ignorant god things in my future."

                  Hades grinned. "Now you are talking smart! They are very ignorant, Arcadia. I am surprised that you didn't get wise to the game they play before you did. Or did someone let the cat out of the bag? Someone like a foreign god?"

                  Arcadia smiled. "There is no fooling you, Hades. Lord Frey told me what they were up to."

                  Hades laughed. "He is one of the better ones, Grandniece. Ah, here comes my wife now. Talk to you another time." And then the phone call switched over to Persephone.

                  "Your friend Roger is in a heap of trouble and doesn't even know it, Arcadia. You better put this on speaker phone so I don't have to repeat this." And when Arcadia did this and turned up the volume, she indicated for Persephone to continue. "Your friend Roger owes an Underworld Lord a total of Three Million Credits plus an Accumulating Interest Rate for every day that he doesn't make a payment. Apparently he had been told that he could have three wishes way back on one of his birthdays before his parents moved him into Richfield. Like any mortal, he thought that the wishes would be free, so he made his wishes. Of course, he didn't think they would ever be granted. He had wished to be able to meet non-human hoofed creatures, whether one-toed hoof or cloven hoof; it didn't matter to him. He wished to be friends with a few young dragons, one of which had to be male. And he wished to able to learn real magic from someone he would meet in the future. When the first wish was not granted, he promptly forgot about the wishes believing as with any of his birthday wishes that his wishes were never granted anyways. At first when he moved into Richfield, he felt himself become interested in Jason and Kevin, although he knew not as to why. Jason is a mutant whom can become a Bronze Dragon. And Kevin... um... do you know his secret already? I came across a note in his file that says he does not want the ladies in the Richfield Champions to know about his powers unless they earned the knowledge from him... directly."

                  Arcadia looked to Irene, Karen, and Michelle. "Don't lie, girls. We need to know this if we are to help Roger." Irene said, "I've suspected something about his mutant powers but I could never catch him doing it."

                  Karen remarked, "I would have to guess that it has something to do with magic, but as with Irene, I've never seen him doing it." Michelle quietly said, "It is Arch Mage mutant powers."

                  End of Chapter Nine


                    Chapter Ten

                    Michelle then continued. "He didn't tell me but the last time we were all in Arvandor and Arcadia went to memorize a teleport locale in the garden, I noticed Kevin mimicking Arcadia's actions as if he was also memorizing a teleport location and if he isn't a magic user, then he has a lot of people fooled. Lorenzo might know since he is a magic user."

                    Arcadia admitted, "When I noticed him doing what I was doing, I did read his mind. And that was when I saw how sorry and unfair his life truly is. He could die and his parents wouldn't give a care as long as Linda came out of it smelling like roses. The McVann parents never wanted him as one of their children. When he met Roger, it was one of the greatest days in his life. Someone liked him for himself; not because he was rich. In other words, Michelle, he was the one McVann that you could have scored with who wasn't anything like his sister or his uncaring parents. When he was interested in dating you, you thought he was going to be like the rest of that clan. So when you snubbed him, he gave up and sat off by himself and again, Jason and Roger joined him. Not because he was rich; but because their friendship meant something."

                    Michelle sighed. "What have I done? Kevin needs us as much as Roger does."

                    Karen then said, "How do we help Roger with his debt problem? I don't even have Three Mil in my piggy bank."

                    Persephone replied, "It wouldn't matter if you did, Karen. Roger owes this debt. The Underworld Lord has an anti-Buy-Out clause set on Roger's debt. Only Roger can pay it off. And worse, he is on a stupid timer... If the debt isn't paid off by the time he turns eighteen years of age, then he is teleported directly to this lord's realm where he will be transformed into a hybrid of what he wished for and then he has to serve this lord for the rest of his eternal life. You would never see him again, Karen. None of you would."

                    Arcadia then asked, "Where is this stupid lord's realm at, Aunt Persephone?"

                    Persephone replied, "I can tell you, but I will warn you now, Arcadia, over powers don't have the power they enjoy topside when they are bottom side. Most of the Underworld is evil and unless you are evil yourself, then your powers down there will be limited."

                    Arcadia said, "You leave that to me; Now tell me where this asshole lives."

                    Persephone replied, "Underworld Lord Tarcornis the Demon Unicorn Buck, his realm is in Chaosmire which is located just Northwest of Hades about four realms in. Stay on Merchants Road until you are ready to barter with him. His entire realm smells like Tar, Mud, and Glue. Get stuck in it and he won't free you unless you agree to birth his eggs after he fucks you."

                    Arcadia, Karen, and Michelle all said, "Ewww!!!" Circe added, "But it does sound like what a pervert male demon lord would enjoy."

                    Again the girls said, "Ewww!!!"

                    Arcadia then said, "Thanks for the info, Persephone. Oh, one more thing, where on Earth did this happen to Roger before he was moved here?"

                    Persephone stated, "Blackwater, Virginia. But I don't know how that is going to help you with Roger's debt."

                    Arcadia grinned. "You leave that to me, Auntie. BYE!" And she ended the call. Arcadia then looked at the others. "Now I need to contact Marsha Brandon in Maximum Force."

                    Karen smiled. "Time Trekker? Good plan, I get it."

                    Michelle said, "I am clueless this time and I will admit it."

                    Arcadia then explained, "If he meets the future me before he has a chance of encountering the demon, then I can grant his wishes for him and no debt for a stupid demon."

                    Michelle then stated something completely unlike herself. "Arcadia... I'd like to come along. To help. Please? I'm going to be punished all Summer anyways, so I want to do one last good thing before I have to moo like a cow."

                    Arcadia looked to Circe whom just shrugged her shoulders. "Okay Michelle, I will bring you with me. But we have to be back in Richfield by dinner time tonight. Hopefully we won't be gone that long. Come on." She held out her hand to Michelle whom grasped it in her own. Arcadia then teleported with Michelle out of Richfield and into the teen hot spot in Washington D.C., Arcadia. Yes, it had her name.

                    Locating Marsha wasn't all that difficult as she was standing next to the Valkyrie, Lori, and the Winged Horse, Valhalla. Arcadia then explained to Marsha what the emergency was and how she was planning on going back in time to grant Roger's wishes for him so the demon would miss his chance to claim a debt on Roger.

                    "In other words, Arcadia, Roger will still get his birthday wishes, just without the demon debt attached to it." inquired Marsha as she checked the rule book to make sure this time trip was going to be legal.

                    Arcadia smiled. "Yes, that is the plan and will be the only thing I am going to do in the past, Marsha. Otherwise, Roger will owe a debt of over Three Million credits plus the two years of accumulating underworld interest tagged on. And he doesn't even know that he owes it. And there is a payment timer on Roger as well. If he doesn't pay by his eighteenth birthday, then he becomes the newest servant to this demon unicorn of Chaosmire for the rest of Roger's eternal life."

                    Marsha then said, "Sounds like Lord Tarcornis the Demon Unicorn Buck of Tar, Mud, and Glue. His realm sees a hefty profit in the Underworld. But rarely he likes to go offer deals to young naive cute boys on Earth." Valhalla then piped up. "Yeah, he is a tricky one. He grants three wishes and doesn't even tell the cute boy that the wishes accrue a payment over time. One time he caught ten boys with the same offer and they all got changed into Demon Unicorns like himself."

                    End of Chapter Ten.
                    End of Episode Six.

                    Stay tuned for the next episode, If Wishes Were Horses.