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[DW3] AZ-05 The Camping Trip

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    [DW3] AZ-05 The Camping Trip

    A Maximum Force team-up! When Harley is requested to come cheer up the normal students in Richfield, the forces of Hades clash with the forces of Moravia as the female teenagers band together to defeat the threat at hand. In the meanwhile the boys of Richfield conduct a camping trip in Arvandor with the males of Maximum Force and Pan as well.

    Coming up next on the fifth episode of Arcadia Zoe!
    Arcadia Zoe: Episode Five

    [DW3] AZ-05 The Camping Trip
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter One.

    In Richfield, Arcadia and the gang were on their way to Remus' estate when they saw Pallas Athena simply appear on the sidewalk just ahead of them. Arcadia waited until she and her friends were closer to her before asking, "I am surprised to see you, Athena. At least you had the decency to appear clothed unlike what Aphrodite did several days ago. What can I do to assist you?"

    Athena smiled. "How would you like to earn another break from all this silly divine stuff?"

    Irene arched an eye as she focused her dragon vision at Athena for a moment before she pulled Arcadia away from the goddess. "Nice try, whomever you are. We have to put up with Hades so often that we know a trap when we hear one. Arcadia is already in the midst of a week-long break from her divine lessons and the only one whom didn't know that was Hades. So whom are you really?"

    Michelle then stepped forward. "Beat it, toga wearer or I will deck you with my fist."

    Linda McVann then stepped up and said, "Guys, we have met Athena before and this really seems to be her. But she should be wise enough to know that what Irene just said is true; Arcadia is already on a break while Gavin is recovering from the tail slap spanking which Irene gave him the other day."

    At that moment to one side of the girls in the middle of the street, the females of Maximum Force appeared. Lori the Valkyrie was sitting on her winged horse as she said, "Athena? Why are you bothering the Richfield Champions. Surely you know that when they are riled, they are not afraid to kick a god's ass. And since I have back-talked Odin before, it is no hard task to do to an ignorant deity."

    Athena replied, "It came to my attention that I have not taught Arcadia any abilities as yet and I wanted to talk to her about this before she arrived at Remus' estate."

    Arcadia then said, "And what is going on at Remus' estate that you do not want to me to see, Athena?"

    When the goddess did not answer right away, Arcadia grabbed her friends and utilizing the travel power that she had learned from Hermes, the entire group of the female Richfield Champions vanished off of the sidewalk and they re-appeared in the yard of Remus' estate where they saw Hades and Persephone confronting Gavin alone. Remus seemed to be trapped in a powerful fog so he could not interfere in whatever was going on. In a flash, Arcadia used Call Lighting directly at both Hades and his wife which knocked the two flat on the ground as if Zeus himself had struck them. The moment Hades was down, the fog around Remus vanished.

    Arcadia growled, "The only ones whom have the ability to punish Gavin is us, you stupid gods!"

    Hades slowly sat up as he muttered, "Good strike, faker. It seems you practice with attacks but you ignore the one power that was given to you by my wife that you could have used to find out exactly why we were even here. The real Arcadia wouldn't have been this sloppy." He then raised his voice. "HERA! ROGER WAS RIGHT! I NEED YOU NOW!"

    The Richfield Champions were surprised that Hades was calling in the big guns of the Greek Pantheon as Hera appeared in full battle glory and Gaea was with her. Between the two of them in shackles of her own was Artemis looking quite upset.

    Arcadia said, "What do you mean by saying Roger was right? What did you do to him this time?"

    Hades stood back up as he helped his wife up to her feet. "What did I do, faker? I told him the truth right in front of Hera, the all powerful queen of the gods. I even contacted Gaea so she could play lie detector while I spoke to Roger with Estos as our witness. Roger is still in Arvandor safe and sound but the charade and farce ends today. What did you and Gavin do to the real Arcadia Zoe? For you certainly are not her." He then turned to face the girls of the Richfield Champions. "Hear my words, noble ladies of the local Teen Force! Irene, as an Oriental Dragon, you should have the ability to detect shades whom are standing in plain sight. I know your grandfather has that ability. The day you introduced Arcadia to your father in the backyard was the last day you personally saw the real Arcadia Zoe in your presence. This woman you are protecting now is not Arcadia Zoe. If you do not believe me, then have your father give this Arcadia a second examination and you will learn the truth." He hugged his wife as they walked off to sit on a side bench. "We will wait here for your return, if you are not in the midst of a nasty fight that is."

    Persephone said, "My husband is right. Shades can summon lightning bolts so Arcadia supposedly using Zeus' ability is no proof that she is Arcadia. While this woman is the Arcadia that I met in Athens at Nicodemus' party, she does not seem to have the abilities that I tried to teach her after I captured my husband."

    Now the Champions were stepping away from Arcadia since they expected Hades to tell lies but they knew that Persephone was a woman of the truth.

    Michelle said, "So you're saying the Arcadia I saved the first day by my shooting the arrow with my dad's gun was the real Arcadia but after the return to the Dragon Estate, we haven't seen Arcadia since?"

    Hades grinned. "You can be pretty smart when you aren't trying to trick your father into getting the boyfriend you think you want instead of the boy your father approved of your dating. He doesn't know Chester all that well; but he does know Kevin McVann whom chose to be honest not only with you, but to the Maximum Force team as well. He warned them what you were up to. That is why Chester did not arrive with Harley at the school. And how do I know all this... One of my underworld abilities that my wife tried to teach to Arcadia... Mind Reading and Telepathy. I am simply reading everyone's minds. So go on, take Arcadia to see Mr. Dragon and prepare for the battle that is sure to happen."

    Michelle growled at that statement. But instead of giving in to the taunt of decking Hades, she grabbed Arcadia and said, "We are going over to the Dragon Estate right now!"

    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two.

    Arcadia said, "Michelle, you are hurting me! I can walk just fine! It feels like you are yanking my arm out of my socket!"

    Michelle replied in a growl, "Save us some time! Look me in the eye and tell me that both Hades and Persephone are lying to us!"

    When the girls noticed that Arcadia couldn't seem to bring herself to down talk Persephone, they continued to drag Arcadia off to the Dragon estate. The Maximum Force ladies as well as Athena and the Richfield Champions ladies along with Gavin and Remus all cleared the outer gate at about the same time. Irene's grandfather, her father and Mr. Richards were all present as the group arrived as the Grandfather dragon shouted, "I command the borders closed!"

    Mr. Dragon then said, "Bring forth the one calling herself Arcadia Zoe."

    Michelle and Irene whom were both holding Arcadia's arms on both sides forced Arcadia to approach Mr. Dragon for inspection. After that, it only took a moment before Mr. Dragon glanced over the entire group in the courtyard. "All right, where is the real Arcadia Zoe? This is a Shade."

    Upon being revealed to be a Shade, the faker threw off her captors and began to try to fight her way out of the estate until the Shade collided with the closed borders which flattened the former Arcadia Zoe look-alike into the shape of something like black paint thrown on to a force field mixed with holy power as the Shade was blown out of existence.

    Karen was understandably upset. "Roger getting molested by mythological monsters on a whim and the rest of us being fooled into believing that this phony was Arcadia just so the perverted gods of Olympus could have a field day against mortals... for what? I want permission to skin Gavin alive. It is his fault that I cannot date Roger anymore."

    Remus cold-cock punched Gavin to the ground before dragging his dazed centaur body over to Mr. Dragon. "Tell the dragons the truth or else I help Karen to skin you alive. And your stupid bitch of a mother cannot help you this time. And I always thought the Norns were hard to deal with."

    Athena seemed to be in mental contact with Hera to inform her of what they found out about the Shade. Hades had not lied yet again.

    Gavin sat up as he rubbed his face where Remus had punched him. "After we had chose to make arrangements on where to house Arcadia when Hades' assassin was still running around, I had made a secret arrangement to have Arcadia magically ferreted off to a secret location and I arranged for a Shade to take her place. The plan was that the assassin would kill the Shade and when Hades took his eyes off of Richfield thinking that his killer had succeeded, I would have brought Arcadia back to Richfield to rejoin her friends and so she could get the rest of her training in peace and quiet. But when Roger cast the Barrier spell around the shade at a power level that was almost fatal to himself... the assassin killed herself by accident. And then I had to keep the Shade in place until Hades could succeed in his warped mission to kill 'an Arcadia Zoe'. Every time Hades would get close to succeeding, Arcadia's friends proved more than formidable toward pulling an ace out of the hole. My last arrangement to have Hades kill off the Shade came when I arranged for Roger to meet with the younger brother of a centaur friend of mine. And that stupid Estos got in the way by finding a way to escape from his punishment that Lord Rillifane had cast upon him. I never intended for Roger to get stuck as a bisexual centaur nor as Estos' current boyfriend. As of this moment, Hades has no clue as to where Arcadia is and since Athena is direct contact with Hera and Hades, should I reveal where she is, Hades will be after her again while we are stuck waiting for the dragons to re-open the borders."

    Remus shot a divine glance directly at Athena which made the goddess of wisdom suddenly lower her head and hold her head in her hands. "No more mind sharing Athena. Gavin has a point at this given time period. Telling Hades where Arcadia is would only result in his killing the real Arcadia while we are stuck here. And that would mark you as an evil goddess."

    Irene then stepped over to Gavin and she unclasped the crystal neckband off of Gavin's neck and she held it up at eye level to look into the crystal itself. "Even in the end, you still choose to lie your ass off, Gavin. Roger told me how you had trapped him inside your crystal neckband that one night at the Richard's ranch. And now that I am looking into the crystal for myself. I can see Arcadia in there looking very bored."

    Gavin stood up and made a grab for the neckband but he got tail-slapped by the grandfather dragon which sent the young centaur back down to the ground.

    "Dishonorable half-horse!" exclaimed Grandfather Dragon. "You were asked to tell the truth, yet you chose to lie to my granddaughter! If you cannot be honest to my kin, perhaps we should call in the Celestial Empress to give a lesson instead!"

    Remus then said, "Gavin, you leave me no choice but to contact your father, Ren of the Northern Herd, tell him what your are doing and how if you do not release Arcadia from your necklace, that we intend to end your life. You are an evil pervert; far worse than the male gods of Olympus."

    Gavin shouted, "Wait! I will release her; but I have to be wearing the necklace or the magic will not work."

    Mr. Richards pulled out his gun and he pulled back the hammer for all to see. "If Arcadia is not released from that crystal, Gavin. I am going to shoot you with an exploding bullet directly into your heart. Then we will watch your entire body transform into a blood bath fountain."

    Grandfather Dragon said, "The borders stay closed until Arcadia is free. And when we can determine that she is okay."

    Gavin placed the necklace back around his neck and then he began chanting the release spell which made his necklace glisten with energy as a feminine glow emerged and landed directly in front of Grandfather Dragon where upon Arcadia collapsed on the ground looking almost starved and depleted of nearly all of her energy. "I never intended to keep her in the crystal world for that length of time. Arcadia has protections where Roger didn't. An over night stay for Roger would have been his limit; had I kept Roger in for as long as I had kept Arcadia, no Roger... And I still care about him, dammit." He hung his head as tears fell on the ground at his hooves.

    End of Chapter Two.


      Chapter Three.

      At that moment, Karen's cellphone rang with a familiar to her ring tone. She pulled it out but caller ID said the IP was being blocked. So she answered it. "Karen Richards speaking." She paused as she heard a voice and the words that made her smile. "Hello precious. Estos and I went to Magni to get Cellphones and Internet to work in Arvandor. I may be able to return to Richfield High School to finish with the rest of you. Hera gave me the ability to resume my human form provided that I fulfill the other obligation promises that I made to the Faun and to Estos. This means that right after the camping trip, you guys will get the human Roger back in school Monday through Friday. I showed Estos how the internet works on my laptop which I retrieved just hours earlier along with a change of clothes. He is looking up things on the search engine right now. You will be able to call me whenever you like. Texting works too. Magni is so wonderful for sharing this magic to technology link up. Karen, when I am human, you will be the only girl in my life, but when I am in my bisexual other species form, I have to spend time with Estos and other males and possibly females, so please do not get jealous. I don't want you to be grounded again. What's the word on Arcadia? I knew that one had to be a fake." It was obviously Roger Rogers from the expression on her face.

      Karen replied, "We got the real one back, Roger. You are so smart to figure this out. And thanks for the good news. I will let the others know. This will likely make everyone finally calm down. Talk to you later. Bye." And she ended the call. "Well, Magni Thorson helped Roger and Estos arrange cell service and Internet in Arvandor. Roger can be contacted in Arvandor by phone and he taught Estos how to look up stuff on the Internet; it seems to be keeping the gay centaur boy busy. Now for the really good news. Roger convinced Hera to not only give him the species change and transport abilities but he will be able to resume going to school with us starting Monday in his human form right after the camping trip. The cost for these abilities is that he has to fulfill his other promises in Arvandor on the weekends. He has asked me to curb my temper so I don't get grounded again."

      Mr. Richards said to Mr. Dragon. "How is she, Dragon? Will she be okay or do I get to make Gavin explode?"

      The Celestial Empress, Amaterasu, suddenly appeared in the courtyard along with the monkey king, Sun Wukong. The two walked over where the empress knelt beside Arcadia and imbued a stream of energy and sustenance into the young teen age girl's body which caused Arcadia's eyes to open. "You need to rest overnight, young lady. No more divine lessons against your will and if Hades attempts to bother you again before you are ready, the Monkey King gets to shove an exploding banana up his crack."

      Irene shot a glance at her grandfather whom in turn just rolled his eyes with that all-knowing bad boy grin.

      Amaterasu looked to Irene and said, "Young lady, see to it that Arcadia rests in your quarters. Permit no male other than your family and the Monkey King to see her. I will take everyone else back to Remus' estate where we will deal with Hades for braving to leave the Underworld early." In the blink of an eye, Irene and Arcadia were alone with Irene's family. She helped her friend up and helped her to reach the emerald dragon's bedroom which looked like the chamber of a princess.

      At Remus' estate, Hades had a premonition to go home seconds before everyone appeared in the yard. Then he saw Amaterasu and the Monkey King. "Whom summoned you, dear lady?"

      "The Dragon family did. Leave Arcadia alone until she is strong enough to face you on her own or else... Sun Wukong gets to give you diarrhea of the banana cream variety."

      Hades stood up as he helped Persephone to her feet. "Come wife, It is time to go shopping as I promised you. I will be watching from afar. Just remember, Amaterasu; the real Arcadia can only learn Mind Reading and Telepathy from the Lord of the Underworld. Me. If she learns these abilities from any other Underworld lord or lady then she forfeits any Greek Pantheon claim that the Greek Gods may be preparing her for. And for her sake, I hope she is smarter than those perverted idiots. Come dear. Time to go shopping." And they both vanished.

      Moments after Hades and Persephone departed, Circe and Ren of the Northern Herd both appeared in the yard where they saw that Mr. Richards still had the gun in hand. Ren said, "That seems quite extreme. We got your message, Remus. So my son's longing needs to be governed over. I thought he was mature enough not to continue to do these things to mortals." He trotted over to Gavin and he grabbed his son by one arm. "As of now, Gavin, you are grounded to both our island as well as Chiron's island for the course of a month. If we find that you have done these things to a mortal after this punishment ends, you will have earned a lashing with a chariot whip in front of the Richfield Champions. One hundred strikes for the first offence. We gave you a lecture the first time yet you went and did it again. We permitted the Dragon Family to tail slap you for that punishment. If you do it again, one hundred lashes until you are bleeding or near dead. I will not have a son whom cannot control their longing."

      Now Michelle knew why Roger had stopped the tail slap spanking that Irene had been giving Gavin the first time. Being lashed until he bled or was nearly dead seemed to be a bit too much for any creature; a worse punishment for the Champions since they had to watch. "Forgive me for saying this, Ren, but a hundred lashings with me and my friends being forced to watch seems a bit too extreme for anyone. Lash him until he is nearly dead? What kind of parent would do that to their own child?"

      Ren glanced over at Michelle and said, "Your reputation precedes you, Ms. Richards. You rebuked Kevin McVann when your father gave the boy permission to date you. Then you set your eyes on Chester Hill whom has a government granted empowered horse form that can use lightning. His FBI father forbids you from dating his son. However... In lieu of the lashing punishment, if you would agree to assist Gavin with his longing periods until he becomes an adult, I will forgo the lashing punishment all together. What say you, Mr. Richards?"

      Mr. Richards carefully released the hammer on his gun before carefully putting it away. "I had not decided on how to punish Michelle as yet; but your suggestion is an interesting punishment for a young lady whom can help a young straight centaur from going into the gutter with other mortal young men. Michelle, since you will not date Kevin, your punishment is to spend one romantic hour with Gavin every day until New Years Eve. When he is in the throes of his longing, you will help him through it even if that means sex. I will make sure you receive birth control pills to take for those times. If you choose to mate with Gavin and you have a child, you will help him raise that child. Any questions?"

      Michelle cried out, "Kill me now!"

      Mr. Richards said, "Too late for that, Michelle. It was either Kevin or Gavin. You will not date Kevin; so you will receive Gavin instead. Just pretend he is Chester."

      Michelle looked upset as she repeated her cry of despair. "Kill me now!"

      End of Chapter Three.


        Chapter Four.

        With the parental units visiting among themselves, Gavin quietly approached Michelle and whispered to her in a low manner, "Michelle, although we are both in a punishment, I know you do not want my centaur body to mount you. But in case you may have forgotten, I do have a human form that I can magically change into. I just cannot take that form when I am in the throes of my longing. As you have seen on that first day when I was serving meals to you ladies, Roger and Remus, the human body you saw is a handsome form. When you and I have to be together for one hour, I can become that form; but when I am in longing, I am stuck in my centaur form. For that I do apologize."

        Michelle whom was no longer crying out in anguish, couldn't help but to smile because she had forgotten that Gavin had that really nice looking human form. She whispered in return, "So aside from your longing, we can spend our hour daily together as humans; but during your longing, you have to be a centaur and I have to help you through it. That is what I am afraid of. Will it hurt me?"

        Gavin whispered, "There is a way around that as well. Our parents often forget how crafty teenagers can be. While I cannot change myself into a human during my longing, I could change you into a female centaur for our session together. Birth control for humans would only protect your human form. Birth control for horses would have to be used in your centaur form. And clothing must be removed before a transformation unless you have the ability that Hera gave Roger recently. As you saw during that one time at dinner, I had to remove my clothes before transforming into my centaur form in which I was wearing nothing. You don't have to do it this way at all... but you did ask..."

        Michelle hugged him as she whispered, "Since you figured a way around this punishment for both of us... it is the least I can do to give it a try. And you are right; parents forget how clever we teenagers can be. When would you like our first session together as centaurs to be?"

        Gavin hugged Michelle in return as he whispered, "As you may have noticed, I am in my longing right now. If Roger had been here, I could have put off activity simply by hugging him. I do not want to mount you in public, Michelle. Like anyone, I prefer privacy. I promise to go carefully with you. If we do have an accident, please do not kill me; I will help you through any first time birthing. Also, if you do accidentally get pregnant, I cannot change you back until after you give birth."

        Michelle and Gavin were barely seen heading around the estate house toward Gavin's quarters which was a bunkhouse behind the main mansion itself.

        Karen muttered to Linda, "I cannot believe they are actually going to do it."

        Linda said, "The way they were smiling, it is almost like they had a plan."

        Marsha and Lori came over to say, "According to the time records, Michelle doesn't get pregnant today. Marsha and I were just talking about this."

        Angela giggled. "Then Michelle is getting off lucky for her playing with Gavin this first time."

        Kelly said, "Too much light around here, guys."

        Christy remarked, "I am glad to be here with you guys rather than to be deciphering another one of Thoth's ancient tablets."

        Karen then said, "Harley is still at the school visiting with all the Norms. He will be doing that well into Saturday while the rest of boys all join Roger for the camping trip. I am so glad that Roger will be able to rejoin us at School on Monday as a human. This whole stuck as a centaur business seemed extremely suspicious to me. And Hades telling the truth at the end did not cement the situation all that much more; almost as if everything went as he planned. He says he is going to stay away until Arcadia is powerful enough to face him. But I have to wonder how true that will actually be."

        ...And then as if to prove Karen's suspicions true... a loud shout was heard, "ATTACK THE FROST PRINCESS!" And in a flash, the entire Richfield area was blanketed in a sheer shadow cloaked cloud covered darkness with evil castles in the sky with thunder, lightning and falling rain. Horrific monsters began to emerge from the vampire like castles as they began to descend down toward Remus' estate!

        Mr. Richards exclaimed, "Karen! Are you angry again?!"

        Lori shouted toward Mr. Richards, "It's not your daughter, sir! Its a gaggle of our arch enemies that we deal with occasionally! They would attack while all the boys are off with Roger and Estos in Arvandor!" Cynthia then struck her pose next to Lori as she transformed into American Eagle.

        Christy exclaimed, "Oh Mighty Isis!" And Christine Whitesmurf suddenly transformed into the teen age version of Isis wearing the same costume as the adult would wear. "Even without the boys, we can take these scum!"

        Marsha exclaimed, "The Time is Upon Us!" and the ribbons of the time stream wrapped around the young lady as her costume was weaved from time itself as it appeared upon her body from her boots up her leggings and skirt to her time collar around her neck and her time goggles to protect her eyes. "Its time for Time Trekker!"

        Angela pulled out a wireless microphone from her jeans pocket as she sang, "Pan's Dream and the Quizzler present...! A musical hero production...!" And her costume then appeared up over her entire body completed with a cat burglar's mask over her eyes. "Madame Enigma!"

        Kelly stepped over close to The girls of the Richfield Champions. "They are after me; but I still do not know why. I am no princess." And then a huge were-worg leaped directly in front of Kelly and formed a bodily shield over the front of the beautiful young lady. "But you are; we will fight for you! Although Chester is the one I really like; he smells good!"

        End of Chapter Four.


          Chapter Five.

          In Arvandor, Roger and Estos led both teams of boys down into the Southern Forest to a pristine camp site with a nearby lake and a free flowing stream that gently fell down a slow waterfall to purify the lake itself. After the tents were erected, Roger brought out the suitcases and he said, "Okay everyone. No girls here, so everyone remove their clothes and store them into these suitcases so you don't lose them later. This is a male bonding camp out; boys only. Pan will be along later with the wine and ale. He will also be providing the music later as well. If you won't get naked, then you have to return to Earth." He smiled as he watched Chester waste no time in removing his clothes. "I take it spending time away from your father is all the motivation you need, isn't it, Chester?"

          Chester grinned. "Back in D.C., my dad wants to live up my ass every moment of my entire life all because I volunteered for the superhero program. He treats me as if I am no longer his son and merely a government owned object instead of his patriotic offspring. So if being naked during your camp out is the rule, I'll gladly do it. Stupid dad wanted me to bring a GPS tracking beacon on the camping trip. I told him that Harley had to stay with the Norms and he wouldn't even be near me this weekend. He started to complain but then I said, 'Or I can go help Harley with the teenagers...' and he relented in letting me go camping with you guys. He thinks Harley is a bad influence on me."

          Roger then said, "Something you said just now is making me wonder, Chester. Now that you are naked... could you show me what your power looks like?"

          Chester grinned. "One sexy humanoid horse transformation coming right up, Good looking..." And he stepped out into the middle of the camp and after he struck his stance as he balled his hands into fists, then he swung the left fist in an arc before him, then the right fist in an arc before him. Finally, he thrust both fists down from his sides as he rapidly tilted his head toward the sky and shouted, "Storm Surge! Transform!"

          What came next was an explosion from the suitcase his clothing resided within and a sphere of energy that cascaded all around the suitcase enveloped itself in swirling clouds, glowing lightning and with the crackling of thunder. The suitcase then exploded as his undergarments came together and grew a good three feet as large black equestrian hoofs formed out of the bottoms of the long johns. The legs of the long johns then shifted into anthropomorphic horse-like legs which supported the still changing body. The horse's tail then slowly grew outward from the backside of the long johns, flourishing down from a position just over where the crack of his ass would be. A large bulge appeared in the front as the remaining changes continued up through his long sleeved undershirt becoming far more fit and buff than before. The shifting continued down the long sleeves developing muscles and strength greater than before. Hands of the alien Kestron tribe then formed, having three fingers and an opposable thumb. An equestrian head then formed over the top of the neck opening of the undershirt. Then as the horse's head grew a mane down the back of the artificial head, the undergarment clothing glowed and transformed into a three-piece Spacer like military uniform... sleeveless overcoat armor over a long-sleeved shirt, and armored slacks with a flap in the back to cover his tail. The glow then slowly dissipated to show that the effect had ended.

          Chester cocked his head slightly to look directly at the destroyed suitcase as he placed his hands on his waist and made a disgusted facial expression. He frowned as he exclaimed, "Project Lightning Crest is a fucking metal hero uniform! I thought I was being given real powers! No wonder dad kept saying that I was nothing more than a piece of property! I am so angry over this turn of events! I feel so fucking useless now!" He walked over and sat down in between Roger and Estos. "How could they lie to me about this program?!"

          Estos gave Chester a fond hug along with a shoulder and torso rubbing. "Its okay... humans cannot make real powers work so they have to go the dishonest route to make things work to fool their enemies. But if you wanted real powers, you are with people this weekend whom could help you to achieve those goals. Roger's wisdom is quite powerful to figure out when things don't sound right. It was better that you found out here than to get taken down somewhere else later."

          Chester was softly sobbing. "But I really wanted to be a Superhero. I didn't want to be an equestrian Iron Man. This is a fucking joke."

          Estos hugged Chester tightly as he whispered, "I think I know a way you can be exactly what you thought you were getting to be. Sleep with me tonight and I will help you to acquire your dream. I know where the stallions of Konabos, Euos, Sthenios, Thonea, Rhinestone, Odyssey and Noctos all dwell; Come the morning, I can take you to them and we can ask them of a boon so they can lend you their powers so you can be an equestrian superhero in your own right. Will you permit me to give you this assistance, Chester?"

          Chester looked into Estos' eyes. "I just have to sleep with you tonight and you will help me?"

          Estos smiled as he met Chester's gaze and replied with the words of obligation, "I promise."

          Chester hugged Estos. "It is a deal."

          Estos sealed the deal with a non-magical kiss on Chester's mouth before resuming the body rub all over Chester's naked body.

          Roger was glad that Estos didn't try to switch bodies with Chester; although the human boy would likely enjoy it more than Roger had especially after being lied to by his own father.

          Zak and Harvey looked quite darling in the nude in their reindeer and rabbit man identities. Kevin McVann was a little nervous about being naked even among friends; but he was doing it for Roger. Jason and Brad remained over on their own side where they lay in the open in their bronze dragon forms. Marc was soon seen helping Pan to arrange the heavy barrels of wine and ale to one side of the camp site. A naked Harley would have been a spectacle to behold for sure, but they knew he had to stay in Richfield to help the Norms over their depression.

          Pan then saw the iron equestrian humanoid and said, "I didn't know this was going to be a Trojan Horse night, Roger. An iron version would have been a heavy chore during the Trojan War instead of the wooden one they built back then."

          Roger went over and quietly explained what they had learned about Chester's so-called superhero powers and how the government had lied to Chester about how the powers would work. He also explained that Estos had promised to help Chester ask a boon of several powerful divine stallions around Arvandor so Chester could acquire real equestrian superhero powers. He finished up by explaining how he convinced the boys to camp with him in the nude.

          End of Chapter Five.


            Chapter Six.

            With Pan playing the music of arousal on his panpipes in camp that night, naked boys were exploring each other's bodies unaware that the music was making them do this. But it was all in good fun. Come the next morning very early, Chester packed up the equestrian armor suit in a new carrying case and then he and Estos departed the camp to go find the stallions on Estos' list of powerful stallions.

            Estos said, "Thank you for sleeping with me last night, Chester. Are you okay? Most people end up limping after a night with me."

            Chester replied, "No, you were gentle and it was as much fun as Roger told me it could be. I thank you for not rupturing my colon. Had that happened, I would have bled to death in camp. But I was surprised when you insisted that I return the favor. Pan told us that centaurs were mainly bisexual at first; they could learn to be heterosexual or straight, but they rarely ever slid into the homosexual or gay direction as you seem to have ended up in becoming. So what is your story behind your journey, Estos?"

            Estos smiled as they traveled. "We have time and you did ask nicely. Roger never asked me for my story; I think he was simply accepting that I was gay and he wasn't all that worried about it since he had met gay people in Richfield before he met me. But this is for you, Chester... Just as Satyrs like Pan and Elven Fauns are different, non-magical Greek cursed Centaurs like Chiron and Arvandorian Elven magical centaurs are also different. Elven fauns never age; they grow to an appearance that looks about like an eight year old human boy with elven features with goats legs, horns and cloven hoofs. With such charisma, they can live thousands of years with that appearance. Where as Greek Centaurs are part man and part horse as part of a divine curse, Arvandorian elven centaurs are part elf and part Cervine-like unicorn. Unlike fauns and unicorns we do not grow horns. And unlike the two species, we do not develop cloven hoofs until we become adults. Therefore, a centaur my age will resemble a normal Greek Centaur at first until I reach the age of maturity at the age of five hundred. Puberty occurs every thousand years. Despite having a horse-like body at my age, my tools are more Cervine-like and prehensile like the Kangaroo boomers have. So when I had sex with you last night, it did not feel like a horse taking you; it felt more silky like a lubricated finger. And when you mounted me, you likely felt like you had inserted your penis into warm molten clay or melted Play-Doh."

            Estos then held Chester's hand as he helped him to cross the South Slough along a fallen log. "Now for the truth that Pan does not know... Greek Centaurs are born straight and can develop bisexual if given the chance; Elven centaurs are born bi-sexual and can develop in either direction depending upon what experiences they had while growing up. I happened to get sexually mounted by a bunch of Elven Stags in Rut and the feeling was so awesome, that I wanted to try it with other species. That is how I became gay. I did a favor for a pixie and she granted me the ability to switch bodies with someone for twenty four hours via a kiss on the mouth. But she said it would only work on the gender that I was attracted to. Had I been straight, I could only switch bodies with a female; but since I was gay, boys were my target. One time I had nearly all of Asgard and Olympus up in arms with the chaos that my power created. Then I got drunk one night and I accidentally stomped all over Lord Rillifane's medicinal flowers and plants. As a punishment, he anchored me into the South Slough where I was stuck until a centaur youth encountered me without knowing whom I was. I switched bodies with him and then I had to go to Earth when his brother wanted to take his brother, now me, to see Gavin Whitelaw and that was where I met Roger and my power encountered interference. Later I learned the interference was Roger's studies in Sorcery. It messed up every trick that I attempted to do. My kiss power was no longer working right and then I got stuck in a mare's body and I had to beg for help to get back to normal. And now you know my unfortunate story. I am still gay and I actually love both Roger and you, Chester. You guys are open minded about sex."

            Chester sighed as he hugged Estos. "I was feeling sorry for myself originally; but your story was worse than mine. And now you are helping me so I can get the powers I want. You were fun last night. And for the record, I am not dating anyone. I lied to my dad so he would think I was dating Angela Pfeiffer but in truth, she is in love with someone else. So that leaves me as eligible to anyone whom wants to take a chance with me. Had Michelle not come across as creepy, I might have been interested in her; but since you have shown an interest in being my friend, I am enjoying your company, Estos."

            Estos then said, "The stallions can likely also grant you the same transport ability that Roger was given so you can return to Arvandor like he does whenever you like whether you are in your hero form or in your human form. That would make your dad angry if you could just disappear on a whim."

            Chester then gave Estos a kiss on his mouth. "Maybe on the way back, you can show me your favorite place here in the South Slough. You told Roger that you grew up here in the South Slough. I am curious to see what you found to be the most fun down here."

            Estos smiled since he was really enjoying Chester's frontal company. "I'll be glad to share it with you. We're almost to where the stallions hang out."

            As they climbed the hill just South of the South Slough, they came upon what looked like a corral with a large stone barn in the middle of it. Almost immediately, the Stallion belonging to Ares, Konabos, approached the two and snorted as he said, "What brings an elven centaur and a naked human to our stable of divine stallions?"

            Euos the sun stallion of Apollo, Sthenios the wind stallion of Zeus, Thonea the water stallion of Poseidon, Rhinestone the unicorn buck stallion of Corellon Larethian, Odyssey the Nightmare Stallion of Morpheus the Dream Lord and Noctos the donkey jack stallion of Dionysus all watched from the barn's opening.

            Chester said, "I am Chester Hill and I have had many arguments with my own father in regards to a lie of power that he was having me to believe that supposedly permitted me to transform from a human into a equestrian super hero. Permit me to show you what the effect looks like. Estos said that I might gain a boon from you stallions so I could gain the equestrian power in my own right. However, if each of you would have me do something for you to prove myself so as to earn this boon, you can only ask."

            Konabos snorted some flames from his nostrils and said, "Show me this false power of a lie. I do detect that you have argued with your own father; a feat which shows that you are not afraid to fight for what you believe in."

            Chester unpacked the undergarments and placed them upon a scarecrow which they had thoughtfully brought along with them. Then Chester gave off the command shout which assembled the Trojan Metal Horse man for all the stallions to see for their own eyes. "My Father and his friends were calling this iron horse of a lie by the title of Project Lightning Crest. While I do want to be able to transform into an Equestrian Super Hero, I do not simply want to be a man wearing a metal horse costume."

            End of Chapter Six.


              Chapter Seven.

              Chester then continued, "I thought I was getting a real power; not this mockery of lie. When I learned the truth, I was very disappointed. I even permitted Estos to sleep with me in exchange for his bringing me to you stallions so I could ask for the boon of empowerment."

              Estos said, "Just as the Gods once did for Billy Batson, I thought you stallions could do the same for Chester Hill. I care about him and his request. I think he is worth your attention if you would simply take a chance on him. Please grant to him the dream of the real thing instead of a Trojan Horse."

              Konabos approached Chester as he sniffed the young man over one time. "Yes, you do have the scent of one whom has permitted young Estos to have the pleasure to sleep with you. You are right, Estos, this false power is an insult to true ungulates everywhere. If we grant you this boon, Chester Hill, you will no longer be Lightning Crest of the Trojan Falsehood; you will be Surger, the Arvandorian Storm Stallion. Will you accept this change in identity, Chester Hill?"

              Chester felt he was on the verge of gaining what he hoped he really deserved. But in the way of gods or even their divine mounts, one should always lawyer up before accepting the first deal offered to a desperate young mortal. "I will accept the change in identity, noble stallion. By what word will I use to gain this boon?"

              Konabos motioned for his friends to emerge from the barn as he remarked, "I am Ares noble stallion of Combat whom is called Konabos. My letter is 'K'."

              Euos remarked, "I am one of the four sun stallions of Apollo whom is called Euos. My letter is 'E'."

              Sthenios remarked, "I am the wind stallion of Zeus whom is called Sthenios. My Letter is 'S'."

              Thonea remarked, "I am the water stallion of Poseidon whom is called Thonea. My letter is 'T'."

              Rhinestone remarked, "I am the unicorn buck stallion of Corellon Larethian whom is called Rhinestone. My letter is 'R'."

              Odyssey remarked, "I am the Nightmare Stallion of Morpheus the Dream Lord whom is called Odyssey. My letter is 'O'."

              Noctos remarked, "I am the donkey jack stallion of Dionysus whom is called Noctos. My letter is 'N'."

              The Seven Stallions then chanted, "Konabos! Euos! Sthenios! Thonea! Rhinestone! Odyssey! Noctos! What does that spell?!"

              Chester struck a pose as she shouted, "KESTRON!" A magical bolt of fiery lightning appeared and struck the young man empowering him with the boon of power from all seven stallions. What came next was the sphere of energy that cascaded from his feet and enveloped him in swirling storm clouds, fiery lightning and the fresh scent of good wine. He grew a good three feet as he felt the changes rippling throughout his body. His feet slowly changed into the large black equestrian hoofs. His legs shifted into anthropomorphic horse-like hind legs, which supported his still changing body. His horse's tail then slowly grew outward, flourishing down from his tail bone. A large horse like sheath replaced his manly penis as the remaining changes continued up through his torso, as he became far more fit and buffer than before with impressive abs. The shifting continued down his arms, as he developed muscles and strength greater than before. His hands became that of the Arvandorian Kestron herd, having three fingers and an opposable thumb. His head seemed to inflate as his ears shifted to the top of his head as they were replaced by his new horse ears. Then, as his horse's mane began growing out and down the back of his head, his body glowed and the transformation created a classic Arvandorian style military uniform of a sleeveless breastplate armor over a long-sleeved shirt, and a black leather flap in both the front to cover his pride and in the back to cover his tail. His belt contained a battle ready sword that would impress any Asgardian or Olympian whom saw it. Upon his back was a shield with the seal of Arvandor emblazoned upon it. He then stamped his hoofs as a finishing flash of light from the glowing sphere of dream energy dissipated. He then cocked his head slightly to one side as he reached up to brush aside his sexy mane as he smiled and exclaimed, "Surger! Arvandorian Storm Stallion!"

              Konabos then said, "Now for the rest of the boon, Chester. As our chosen hero, you may use this form to fight against the enemies of your allies. However, because you have chosen to accept our empowerment, you must now pay for it. Lower yourself on all fours and lift your head toward the sky."

              Chester felt compelled to do as he was asked and the moment he did this, he was in the nude body of a fantastic looking aroused stallion. "What just happened to me?"

              Konabos said, "Once a week from now on, you must spend one hour in the form of a full stallion the same as the rest of us stallions would. And further, to pay for your getting our help, we get to mount you this first time. When your hour ends, you lower your head and as you force yourself to rear up on your hind legs, you say the word of power once again." What followed for Chester was a full mounting and filling from every stallion whom agreed to give the young man their boon. Chester had to permit this or else, surrender his new powers. And this, my friends, is why you always call for a Planar lawyer before accepting something that sounds too good to be true.

              Estos thought Chester turned out even more good looking than he had been before and he couldn't wait to take his turn on his equestrian friend. In the meantime, Estos powered off the Trojan Horse and packed away the undergarments for the trip back to camp later.

              Rhinestone said, "Look on the bright side, Chester; you cannot be harmed by horse cock now that you are a horse like we are. You only have to do this once with us unless you later feel like permitting us the pleasure again. I can see that you are arousing Estos something fierce. What will you do with the powered under garments?"

              Chester panted as the other stallions worked him over. "Revenge against my father comes to mind. But it would only be revenge if the horse he became was an ass like he has been acting since this whole project crap has begun. No offense to Noctos whom is a sexy ass of a donkey. Maybe a Zebra-Donkey. My dad would really pitch a fit then." Noctos whom thought Chester was being serious changed the ending form for the government project undergarments to resemble a Zebra-Donkey Jackass instead of an impressive Equestrian warrior.

              End of Chapter Seven.


                Chapter Eight.

                During the mounting process, each stallion took the time to explain to Chester what extra powers from each of them he had received in addition to the new warrior form and stallion form. From Konabos, Chester received extreme combat knowledge making him into the equal to Konabos in hoof to hoof combat. From Euos, Chester received fire abilities which included the power to melt unprotected metal objects into slag. His own armor would always survive his own heat and fire. From Sthenios, Chester received the power of the wind and control over lightning. He could also fire lightning bolts out of his hands, mouth or even his sword when drawn. He was even granted Air Walking ability which extended into Wind Running. From Thonea, Chester received the power of water breathing and free action while under water. He also had Water Walking which extended into Water Running. On land, he could make water do whatever he wished for it to do including to freeze into ice. From Rhinestone, Chester received a copy of the transport power that Roger had been given making it so he could teleport to any place he had been before. He also gained the ability to stop his own aging or to restore youth to anyone he felt deserved the rights to it. From Odyssey, Chester could phase into the dream world and run through the back side of the fantasy realms where the rest of Odyssey's herd often dwelt at. He also received a permanent mind reading and Telepathy ability equal to a Greater God. From Noctos, he gained a set of powers he wasn't sure how best to make use of. Sure, he could make good use of the immunity to knockout drugs and poisons. And the make high or drunk by touch ability sounded like fun too. But the added power to teleport to the Island of Jackasses no matter where it was in the mortal world didn't sound all that useful. He didn't know that meant he could go find Lampwick on Pleasure Island whenever he liked and be immune to the ass transformation powers the island possessed. The extra ability to be able to speak to all ungulates sounded useful though.

                When the Stallions were done with him, Estos then took his loving turn with his wonderful friend whom could take an Elven Centaur at this point. And then as before, Estos permitted Chester to return the favor. Estos was a share and share alike type of friend. Then Chester was permitted to change back into his warrior form before powering down into his still naked human body. Chester then hugged Estos and said, "Lets see about getting back to the forest and the South Slough was we talked about on the way here."

                The two departed the stallions where they went to Estos' favorite part of the South Slough where a muddy good time was had by both males.

                Back at Roger's camping site, the elven faun arrived to give Roger his sorcery lessons for the week. The rest of the boys watched Roger as he practiced with his magic with his master.

                When the lesson ended, Pan gave the faun some Arvandorian Wine as he played his panpipes. "How is Roger progressing, Faun?"

                The Faun replied, "He is a fine student. He finally reached Second Circle magical spells today. He is truly ready for magic such as that."

                Pan then asked, "What was the incorrect inscription problem from before?"

                The Faun stated, "The spells inscribed by the centaurs were inscribed correctly for a Centaur sorcerer; but for a Human or Faun sorcerer, the inscriptions were fatal for someone without the extra mass to sustain the blood borrowing effect. When I corrected the spells gifted to Roger to his species capability more akin to my own, he no longer felt weakness when trying to cast these spells. When I spoke to Skerrit about these observations, he admitted that for Gavin, the spells would have been normal for a Centaur, but for Roger and myself, they needed to be inscribed at the Faun level. He apologized to both myself and Roger for the oversight. He said he liked Roger and would never want to harm him since the boy is so good looking. Karen Richards got lucky when she nabbed him back when he was a Norm with normal Human manners and preferences. But once he learned about the mythical and supernatural world, his preferences changed. He still loves Karen as a Human; but when he is in his non-human forms... he has admitted to having a wandering eye for the same gender. Something he would not have thought about when he was Human."

                Pan asked, "What about Hades' honest observations when he brought in Hera and Gaea to help Roger with promises made to him that the male gods had reneged upon?"

                The Faun said, "He said that the male gods were keeping Roger trapped as a Centaur in order to test Arcadia; but then it turned out that the real Arcadia hadn't been receiving any training since the day at Roger's parents' home. All of the abilities that the Shade was using were normal for a magical shadow spirit to use even without divine powers. So Roger nailed it when he suggested the the Arcadia being tested was not the real Arcadia. Hera was impressed by Roger's honesty and she gave Roger the abilities that had been promised to him. When you and Hermes saw Roger out at Circe's island, did it seem to you then that Roger was more interested in you and less interested in Gavin?"

                Pan replied, "Since you are putting it that way, I would have to say yes. Last night here in camp, Roger spent a good amount of the night asking me questions about my species. And before we bedded down, he offered to have sex with me. He admitted that he wanted to have sex with you; but you had warned him that having sex with a Faun would turn him into one permanently. Was that a lie or is it the truth?"

                The Faun smiled. "I would love to mate with Roger, Pan. But sadly there is some truth in my statements. He would be stuck as a Faun until he hit puberty and you know how long it takes for a Faun to hit puberty."

                Pan then said, "There could be a way, Faun. Within the cavern of Displaced Time, You could mate with Roger and then simply stay within the cavern until the time passes within. And then afterward, help Roger to resume his human form. Also by then, Roger could earn his Thirtieth Spell Circle by spending the time with you in the cavern. In the meantime, only a single day would have passed in Arvandor. And you and Roger might have a son as well. Magical gestation and Supernatural Physics make child bearing between males possible."

                The Faun sighed. "I could not do that to Roger no matter how much I want to play with him. Besides, I am afraid he would say no if he were to learn what all could happen. He could die upon returning to his human form. I just cannot chance that with Roger; I love him too much."

                Pan smiled. "Drink up, my friend. You have a good soul and you care about your student. I told him I would ask you for him and now I know the truth. But if his human form were made eternal before the play time, he would live through it. Would you still say no in that case?"

                The Faun grinned. "Karen would be angry if Roger ended up a thousand years older than her despite being eternal. She might dump him if he were to have a child with someone else."

                End of Chapter Eight.


                  Chapter Nine.

                  When night fell, Roger noticed that Estos and Chester had not returned as yet. "Pan? Are Estos and Chester okay? I thought they would be back by now. This is Saturday night and I don't want to lose one of Harley's friends here in Arvandor. We have to return to Richfield tomorrow."

                  Pan said, "Estos took Chester to see about getting Chester a new set of powers to replace the Trojan horse suit. But they probably stopped by Estos' favorite slough location. They are likely very muddy and sticky. They should be back by the morning."

                  Roger then said, "Estos has been extremely horny these last few weeks. I don't know what's wrong with him. He just went through his longing two weeks ago. And since the longing only happens once per month, his horny hormones doesn't seem natural. I don't mind his sleeping with me and needing me, but now that he is with Chester, I get the feeling that he wants to mate with Chester. Is he in heat or rut, Pan?"

                  Pan said, "I have no idea, Roger. I don't know that much about Elven Centaurs. I would have to go ask the herd leader that Estos originally came from. I could be back in an hour. Try to stay out of trouble while I am gone. Faun really wants to play with you, but sadly, if he has sex with you, you will become a Faun like him until you reach Faun puberty which can take a thousand years to reach. He said he doesn't want to do that to you out of concern for Karen. He respects you as his student. I'll return soon." And Pan got up and left.

                  Roger got up and went over to rub on Jason the Bronze Dragon. He noticed that Brad Collins was fast asleep. "How is it going, Jason? I'll be able to be in school with you guys on Monday."

                  Jason smiled. "Thanks for doing this camp out for us, Roger. I haven't had an accident all weekend. However, my slit has been feeling very achy. Brad told me that dragons have a longing where we have to keep people away from our slits during this time or else we will end up with slit partners that we will have trouble freeing thereafter. That scares me, Roger. I don't mind that you are rubbing on me. Just please stay away from my slit. I don't want you to get stuck in there."

                  Roger retrieved what looked like a bottle of lotion. "Pour this into your slit, then change back into your human form one time then back into your dragon form. It should make your achy slit cavity calm down so you are not thinking about getting someone in trouble. Dragon puberty has to suck."

                  Jason opened the bottle and sniffed it before he opened his slit and poured the lotion into the opening. Then he powered down into his human form one time before changing back into his bronze dragon form. "Wow. Thanks, Roger... It doesn't ache and itch anymore. Thanks a lot. I am glad you are my friend."

                  Roger smiled. "We are good for each other, Jason. You and Kevin were my first male friends in Richfield when my family first moved in."

                  At that moment, Pan and an older Elven Centaur arrived in camp at the same time as Chester and two slough mud men whom were carrying a clay covered Estos whom was held tight in the sticky clay itself. "Okay you two, you can put Estos down next to the campfire. Then you nice mud men can return to the slough. We don't want you to dry out." Chester then went over to the lake where upon he got into the water and he began to wash the slough mud off of his skin and out of his hair.

                  Pan said, "Estos is high on a sexual mating drug, Roger. Chester got wise to Estos' actions when he tried to mate with Chester in the deepest part of the slough just as Estos' herd sire and I were coming upon the area they were both in. Chester controlled the slough mud to grab Estos in between two mud men and they carried Estos back to camp. Apparently Chester's new powers permits him to control water which includes mud. Estos' sire tells me that teen age Elven Centaur colts cannot go into rut until they reach adulthood, but they can induce a false mating rut upon themselves by the use of a homemade drug. Had he mated with Chester while under the influence, Chester would have been transformed into a pregnant Elven Centaur. Chester evading Estos' advances was probably the smartest thing he could do. This also means that you should not let Estos mate with you, Roger, or else you will the one pregnant and stuck as an Elven Centaur all over again. I know you like Estos, but what he is doing now is defying Hera's involvement with you. Estos' sire has come to take Estos back to the herd grounds for medical treatment. However, he did want to meet you, Roger."

                  The Elven Centaur herd sire approached Roger and sniffed him cautiously. "Good, you are clean of Estos' drug. Had you been affected by this drug, your Species Changing ability would have been blocked from working and you would be stuck in your centaur form. Since you are the one whom has been helping Estos to stop being so naughty and bad, as the herd sire, I hereby reward you by adopting you into our herd although you may wear any form you wish. Return to Arvandor any time you like, Roger. I have to get Estos back to the herd grounds now. We will peel him out of the clay back at home." And he went over and he picked up the clay covered Estos and carried him out of camp as if he was nothing.

                  Roger blinked his eyes as he looked at Pan. "Man, he was stronger than he looked, Pan. To what do I owe you for fetching the Elven Centaur sire stallion for me? I am an honest boy and I am good about fulfilling my obligations."

                  Pan smiled. "I want to teach you how to play both the flute and the lyre. Harp or Guitar would be the equivalent to the lyre. One you learned how to play music from me, then you could use music magic in addition to your normal sorcery abilities. Will you agree to learn music from me, Roger?"

                  Roger smiled as he shook Pan's hand. "My word is my bond, Noble Pan. I will agree to learn music from you on the weekends. Since Estos will be busy for a while, I have an extra free day in Arvandor to learn music from you, Pan."

                  Pan said, "I likewise promise not to get you so drunk you forget where you live. Shall we clean up the camp site in preparation for the journey home tomorrow morning? Also, I need to teach the real Arcadia two of my abilities. And then all of the other gods will have to make sure the real Arcadia gets the abilities they thought they were giving her before the shit hit the oars. I will make sure my father knows to revisit Arcadia to share his Travel power and the other ability he failed to teach her as well."

                  Chester emerged from the lake all nice and clean. "I will help you guys to clean up the camp. Despite dealing with Estos, I had a great time and I got my powers replaced."

                  End of Chapter Nine.


                    Chapter Ten.

                    Sunday morning, cleaned and dressed once again, the boys teleported from Arvandor directly to Remus' estate where they arrived to see the Elite Moravian battle still commencing. Roger activated one of his newest Sorcery spells as he shouted, "APOLLO TAKE YOU ALL!" And that was when the light of the sun destroyed the dark evil clouds as the Moravian Elites were burned by the light of the sun as they fled back to their castles and began to flee the Richfield Area entirely.

                    Karen smiled when she saw and heard Roger as she went over and hugged him. "Nice to see you back in your human form, Roger. New spells?"

                    Roger smiled as he hugged Karen in return. "Faun said I was ready for Second Circle Spells. I graduated from First Circle and the Cantrips finally. Sorry if I just popped in and stole anyone's glory. But I wanted to see you immediately Karen. When I saw the Moravians I sorta lost my temper and cast the Holy Light spell. And since Apollo is the god of the sun, when I invoke his name, the Holy light is sun light itself in the most brilliant burst available. I hope we arrived in time to attend church. This is Sunday."

                    Mr. Richards walked over and said, "I am glad you brought that up, Roger. We all need to get cleaned up and go to church. Any non-local whom wants out of our Sunday tradition, you should return to Washington D.C. We appreciate your coming in to help the Norms in school. We will repay the favor someday."

                    Harley rode up on his motorcycle as he grabbed Chester's hand and pulled him on to his bike. "Your dad is waiting for us at the Hill Horse Farm, Chester. I think he is more concerned over the project than for you, old buddy."

                    Chester grinned. "Oh I think I am ready to give the project back to him. I don't need it anymore. I am glad I got to have some fun with Roger though. He is a good boy and very honest. That is more than I can say for my father. Mom will have a field day when I tell her the truth tonight."

                    Harley and Chester rode out of Richfield heading for the Hill Horse Farm. The rest of Maximum Force got on board Brad's Bronze Dragon back as they got a ride back to Washington D.C.

                    With the Sunlight lighting up Richfield, Irene and Arcadia arrived at Remus' estate to check in before heading off to church. When they saw Roger with Karen, the honest boy got more hugs from the ladies. Arcadia said, "Thank you for figuring out that Gavin had me stored in his crystal neckband, Roger. Gavin and Michelle are under a punishment together. I am so glad to see you again, Roger. I guess I have to learn my divine shit all over again. Irene told me that I missed meeting Hazardous Materials and the Maximum Force teens. That damned Shade likely made me fall way behind in my school work."

                    Roger hugged Arcadia and said, "I need to get caught up myself, Arcadia. So we can work on our school work together. Pan wants to teach you two of his abilities so you will have a head start on getting the god stuff you need that you may have missed."

                    Since Hera, Athena, Artemis and Gaea were still present, they assisted in giving Arcadia abilities that were appropriate to a lady of her station. Anhur and Anubis were both standing nearby since they had come to check on Artemis.

                    When Hermes arrived, he re-taught Arcadia both the Travel Power as well as the full scope of all twenty some odd basics of divinity. For the travel power, he escorted her to Arvandor to the exact same locale where Arcadia was supposed to have learned a teleport location the first time, then they returned to Richfield. Then Arcadia simply had to make the trip by herself to prove she could do it. A small bauble had been left in Arvandor which she only had to pick up upon arriving there and then return it to Hermes to ace this test.

                    Maximum Force Epilogue...

                    At the Hill Horse Farm, Chester confronted his father while his mother stood nearby. Harley was wisely staying safely out of the line of fire. "I finally had the project power fail, dad," said Chester. "I went to use it as normal and it fizzled by empowering my undergarments but not my body." Chester opened the small suitcase and pulled out the government issue Trojan Horse undergarments; long-sleeved undershirt, long john underwear and sleeping cap. "Maybe now I can go back toward being your son and not simply a piece of hardware." Mr. Hill turned pale when he saw the undergarments all laid out before him. Then Mrs. Hill said, "Since your father wants to protect this project so much, I think he should wear the undergarments himself right now so he can turn them back over to the project scientists later." Chester said, "An excellent idea, mom. Let's strip dad naked and put the gear on him before putting his normal clothes back on him."

                    "Now wait a minute..." But with both family members man-handling Mr. Hill, they soon had him naked and was forcing him to put on the government issue undergarments before dressing the man once again in his usual agent clothes.

                    Chester grinned. "Now that you are protecting the project, dad. Let's make sure it still works." Mr. Hill started to protest once again but Chester was already making the shout, "Storm Surge! Transform!" What came next was an explosion and a sphere of energy that cascaded from Mr. Hill's feet enveloping him in swirling clouds, glowing lightning and the crackling of thunder. He grew a good three feet as he felt the changes rippling throughout his body. His feet slowly changed into the large black equestrian hoofs. His legs then shifted into anthropomorphic donkey-like legs, supporting his still changing zebra-striped body. His donkey's tail then slowly grew outward, hanging down from his tail bone. A large bulge appeared in his pants as the remaining changes continued up through his torso, as he became far more fit and buff than before. The shifting continued down his arms, as he developed muscles and strength greater than before. His hands became that of the alien Kestron tribe, having three fingers and an opposable thumb. His head seemed to slightly inflate, as his ears shifted to the top of his head as they became that of a donkey. Then, as his zebra's mane began growing out, down the back of his head, his clothing glowed and transformed into a three-piece Spacer like military uniform... sleeveless overcoat armor over a long-sleeved shirt, and armored slacks with a flap in the back to cover his tail. Then the glow of the transformation subsided as Mr. Hill tried to talk and a donkey's bray came out of his striped muzzle. "HAWWWWWW!" He had become a humanoid Zebra-Donkey. Mrs. Hill started laughing as she seemed to get the trick that Chester had performed on his father. "He was acting like a jackass, wasn't he, son?" Chester remarked, "Man, it is really fucking up now! I am glad I wasn't wearing it this time. Don't worry dad, the project scientists can fix this; right?" (Thank you Noctos.) "EEEE-HAWWWWWW!" exclaimed Mr. Hill angrily. He knew his son had something to do with this. Harley whispered with a smile, "Just a typical day in the Hill Family. Move along, please."

                    End of Maximum Force Epilogue...

                    End of Chapter Ten.
                    End of Episode Five.

                    Stay tuned for the next episode, Finals Week.