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[DW3] AZ-04 Another Zany Week

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    [DW3] AZ-04 Another Zany Week

    A week without interruptions from Hades must be spent wisely and those in Richfield spend it the best way they know how. Be here for the zany fun with too much time on their hands to see how these teenagers cope with this single week.

    Coming up next on the fourth episode of Arcadia Zoe!
    Arcadia Zoe: Episode Four

    [DW3] AZ-04 Another Zany Week
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter One.

    Michelle stepped over to the side of where Karen was beating the punching bag to death and said, "It can't be a McVann since I have one right here. So what's got you so ticked off, dear sister?"

    Karen never stopped beating on the punching bag as she replied with something that would make both teenagers jaws bounce off of the hay on the floor of the barn. "That fucking bastard Roger called just now and told me that he didn't need my loud mouth anymore. That he'd found a new slut to hang out with. Then he hung up on me after calling me a whiny bitch." More thunder erupted over the Richards ranch at that moment.

    Kevin then had the courage to say, "I told you that Roger must have a spell on him, Michelle. He would have never had said that to Karen no matter what. Someone has to be controlling him. And I'm thinking Gavin."

    "Yeah, it seems you're right this time, Kevin," she replied. "We just need to go over there and wring his neck. I don't give a damn about Remus at this point; that damned centaur has gone too far this time. Come on, guys... time to go lynch a centaur." And Michelle led the two out of the barn as they headed toward Kevin's chauffeured limousine where as they could ride over to Remus' estate in style. Better to be rested for the beating to come.

    In Arvandor, Roger was glad when he saw Lord Rillifane arriving to assess the situation. "Am I ever glad to see you, sir," he said as he tried to bow politely to the wood elven lord of the forests. "Estos switched bodies with me and he left me stuck here. I can't even use my sorcery spells at the moment."

    Simply seeing the protocol of etiquette and hearing the politeness from the young centaur in question told the elven god that this was indeed Roger Rogers. "I thought I blocked all of his stupid powers so something like this couldn't happen. Where did you encounter him at, Roger? I know you had no access to Arvandor since the faun would have to summon you. And he hasn't as yet."

    Roger simply told the truth; another indicator that this was indeed Roger. Like his parents, he strove to be honest. "...and the moment the centaur kissed me on the mouth, my vision blurred, my head spun, and the next instant I woke up stuck right here in this body. In fact, the other centaur laying the kiss didn't even look like this centaur I'm in at all. So I am assuming Estos tricked someone else who encountered him here before arriving at Gavin's garden where he tricked me and now has my body."

    "By the way... what kind of lousy centaur scum is Estos anyway? From this punishment and what Miss Owl said earlier, I get the feeling he isn't very nice at all."

    Lord Rillifane replied as he wove the release spell to free Roger from the shackling spell, "He likes boys and he hates girls. He has no respect for adult authority. And he likes to wreck havoc on people's personal lives. So if you had a good life before he switched bodies with you, he will be trying hard to ruin it for you. And if you had a girlfriend, then yes... he would be dumping her rudely in your name."

    Roger sighed. "If he was rude to my girlfriend, Karen Richards... you met her... then my love life is over with. She will never want to let me be near her ever again; she will kill me on sight. And if he was inappropriate to any of my guy friends... then I am completely humiliated and devastated. I was just starting to fit in with them."

    "On the plus side, he cannot switch bodies with females and he wouldn't either," said the elven god as he finally freed Roger from the mud. "He can only do it with males. When I placed Estos into this punishment, I had warned everyone in the Silverleaf forest not to go near him but apparently my message didn't get to every ear since he has gone and done this to you. But I do need to warn you, Roger... if you aren't back in your own body in 24 hours, then you will never be able to get back into it again. This is why Estos usually switches bodies as often as he does. He likes getting more than one person in trouble as often as he can. How long have you been stuck here?"

    "Since Monday afternoon, 5 PM Eastern Time, Richfield Virginia reckoning. I don't know what the conversion is to the outer planes since the whole time I've been stuck here, the sun hasn't seemed to have moved in the sky. Can he use my sorcery spells since he is in my body or is he unable to do so since he has no training in them?"

    Lord Rillifane finally pulled Roger out of the mud and began walking him back toward the Greater Silverleaf Forest. "That is the only redeeming factor, Roger... he cannot use your body's powers and likely has no idea you even had powers. So he is only using his own powers without realizing that he could be casting spells. By the way, what is your teleport range currently?"

    "From one end of my bed to the other, sir," he replied. "I have been practicing with it, but it seems to take me more energy to do than Gavin admitted because I am nearly helpless after a small teleport. It's like the teleport spell tries to kill me when it is cast."

    "It isn't supposed to do that, Roger. I am willing to bet that you have somehow scribed the spell into your spell book incorrectly and the backlash is trying to drain you of all the blood you have. When I personally make a small teleport using a spell, it never has that affect; it is more like blinking your eyes and you are at the other end of your room. Without much exhaustion nor weakness at all. If we cannot get you back into your own body, we will simply have to relink you in this body to a new spell book and then we will help you scribe the spells correctly."

    "I see..." said Roger as he had trouble walking on four hooves; something centaurs took for granted. He was going to have to learn how to do this while in the body.

    "Remember, Roger," stated the elven lord as they continued to walk through the forest. "There is a seven hour difference between Richfield and Athens, and Athens shares the same time with Mount Olympus and Arvandor. So if you arrived at Gavin's garden after 5 PM on Monday afternoon, then the kiss occurred not long after that around 12:10 to 12:15 AM Arvandor time. You said that since awakening, the sun hadn't seemed to have moved in the sky. However, we have nights the same as anyone else do. So you didn't instantly awaken after the kiss. You awoke six to seven hours later. And then you likely struggled, yelled for help for an hour, before politely asking if anyone was around."

    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two.

    Lord Rillifane continued as they walked through the forest. "And that is when you met Miss Owl who you asked to get word to me. It took her an hour to fly to me and it took me two hours to get here since I figured it was merely Estos inventing a new lie to get himself free of this punishment," said the elven lord. "It is currently a little after noon Arvandor time. You've been stuck here for about twelve hours. That means that it is 5 AM back in Richfield right now. By now, your friends converged on Gavin and Remus only to learn that neither of them had seen you since the return from Greece. And they would also learn that your mom was the last one to have seen you since you completed your homework before heading over to see Gavin as you promised you would. After that, Roger Rogers just disappears, although... he was using your cellphone to call your friends to be rude and inappropriate to them. When night fell, all of Richfield was likely out looking for you, but Estos enjoying being in a human form, would likely have left the area to have some sort of adventure, making no more phone calls since they would be able to track you through the cellphone and Estos would know that."

    "So if they don't catch him in less than twelve hours, then this becomes my permanent body," said Roger with a sigh. "I guess I could get used to it. I really wanted to be a magic user like Gavin. I still like him a lot, sir. Despite his wanting to have companionship with me during the centaur longing period he was going through without knowing it. The faun told me that all centaurs go through it once a month; Gavin wasn't immune to it. It's like a woman's time of the month."

    Roger was trying to be sensitive about that subject since even he had heard the story of how Mark Merlin had been nearly killed by Victoria Lane for being insensitive about his female friend's virginity.

    "Oh yes, the longing," said Rillifane as they continued together. "It affects younger centaurs far more than the older ones. Once Gavin became an adult, he would no longer have to deal with it. But you, Roger... will have to deal with it if this becomes your new body. But don't worry; if you are stuck in this centaur body, we can alter your head and hair so regain your original human appearance, although your ears will be horse like since centaur's ears are very equine. Just like a Pleasure Island donkey."

    Roger couldn't help but to smile. "I think they are sweet, too."

    "Perhaps when you get your human form back, we can arrange a visit to their island so you can tell them that."

    Blinking his eyes in excitement, Roger exclaimed, "You mean I could really go meet them? That would be cool!"

    Back in Richfield, Mr. Richards was saying to Mr. Dragon and Remus, "Where have we not looked for that boy? He hasn't returned home and he's never been known to run away before. Despite his calling my daughter a bitch, we need to get him back. I just cannot believe Roger would actually say that. He's dated Karen for two years."

    Remus hummed. "What if... it isn't Roger? Roger's never been known to lie about where he says he would be going either. He told his mom he was on his way to spend time with Gavin, and then he never arrives. That made Gavin suspicious especially when he told me that Roger never showed up and then we are nearly mobbed by Roger's friends all claiming that he called them and was rude, inappropriate, and even... suggestively gay... toward a few of them, albeit over the phone. Then he turns his cellphone off and just disappears. This isn't like Roger at all. Especially since his sorcery teleport range isn't more than a few feet."

    Mr. Dragon said, "He even called the principal and told him an archaic dirty joke. But when he called my daughter... Irene seemed to have said something to him that made him hang up really fast. Later she told me that whoever had Roger's phone was not him since she knows his voice through dragon hearing and that voice wasn't it."

    At that moment, Pallas Athena appeared in front of the three gentlemen. "Lord Rillifane has asked me to inform you that a villainous body swapping centaur is within Roger Rogers' body at this moment. Roger is stuck in his body in Arvandor at this moment. Worse, there is a time limit in play that may prove disastrous if the two aren't restored to their own bodies by 5 PM tonight, your time. You have less than 12 hours to find Roger's body or else Roger will be stuck as a centaur himself. The rotten little centaur's name is Estos."

    Remus hummed. "I know that name. He once had nearly all of Mount Olympus at each others throats. Am I wrong, Athena?"

    "No, you are more than correct. That is the trouble maker we are looking for."

    "What are you doing way up here in the sky, Jason?" asked Irene while in her Emerald Green Dragon shape as she spoke to the Western Bronze Dragon with the breath problem.

    "I was tracking Roger," he replied. "After he made a gay pass at me over the phone, I knew it wasn't Roger, but only Roger ever has his cellphone. So I am thinking someone possessed his body and Roger needs help to get free."

    "That is what I was thinking after he called me and tried to end our friendship," said Irene as she looked around a little. "Any luck?"

    "Just before you flew up here," said Jason as he gazed to the North. "...I thought I saw someone duck into the Hill Family Horse Farm just north of town. It looked like a male teenager about Roger's size except... it looked as if... he was entirely naked." Irene made a face. "Naked?"

    On the ground, Linda was with Arcadia when they made a discovery of their own. "I see something over there behind that corner post, Arcadia."

    Arcadia was using her new divine powers to track Roger's heat trail and with Linda flying just above her using the Nova power, they were having great success. Arcadia knelt down and pulled out a wadded up pile of clothes and shoes that looked as if someone had swam through a septic pond, then a hog wallow, and finally through the highway department's tar excess pit. Not to mention the clothes were ripped, torn, and nearly unrecognizable. In one of the front pockets of the pants, Arcadia found the cellphone. In the back pocket, she found a billfold with Roger's school ID within it, except... someone had marked a line through Roger's name and crudely tried to write five letters.

    End of Chapter Two.


      Chapter Three.

      "Linda? Who is Estos? These are Roger's clothes all right, except... someone tried to destroy his ID card and write in their own name."

      Linda landed and looked at the ID card. "Estos... that name doesn't ring any bells to me. But this just confirms what everybody is thinking, Arcadia. This 'Estos' did something with Roger and now he's trying wipe out all evidence of Roger of ever existing."

      "I know Roger isn't dead, Linda," said Arcadia. "I'd be able to sense that if it were true."

      "If we want to find him alive, then we need to catch this Estos guy," said Linda. "Turn on your tracker again and lead the way." She took to the air again while Arcadia resorted to her divine powers. She was certainly getting her workout with everything that she had learned so far.

      At the Richard's Ranch, Michelle's cellphone rang and she answered it. "Go ahead, Irene. What's the word?"

      "A naked Roger was seen entering the horse fields of the Hill Horse Farm. You guys are closest to there. Hurry and you might catch him. We'll meet you there. Arcadia and Linda are almost there as well."

      Karen arched an eye. "Roger? Naked? Okay, now I know it can't be Roger. I should have listened to dad earlier this morning. Let's go catch the nudist and find out what he did with the real Roger."

      Michelle sent a text message to Kevin who was off with Gavin at that moment. -Naked Roger Sighted Hill Horse Farm-

      Kevin grabbed Gavin's arm suddenly and showed him the text message. "Hang on, Gavin! I'll handle our transport this time! But please don't tell the girls you saw me doing this! My own sister doesn't even know!" And he held Gavin close to himself and they vanished via Dimension Door directly to the Hill Horse Farm.

      Gavin arched an eye. "Arch Mage power? I never would have guessed since your sister is a nova using mutant."

      Kevin whispered, "Shh... more like magic using mutant. Unlike you and Roger, my powers come naturally."

      At Ren's Summer Estate in Arvandor, Lord Rillifane attended to a class he was teaching while Roger rested near the fountain in the company of his magic teacher, the faun, whom was entertaining the forest animals with his panpipes. Roger was simply watching a large clock that Circe had standing in the gardens, for which he was glad she had the foresight to install it since it was his only way of keeping track of the time left over before he was permanently stuck within this young centaur body. His only concern was that he didn't want to be a centaur who didn't look like his old self. He liked his old looks; Estos' color was a muddy brown with black highlights.

      "How hard can it be to catch a former centaur who is in a human body that the whole town knows?" asked Roger as he sat there with a sigh. "Time is almost up."

      Lord Skerrit settled himself down next to Roger and replied, "Even though he doesn't have his centaur body, Roger, he still has all of his wicked wile. Not to mention, I imagine he has been attempting to get components together to make that human body his own. One component, as strange as this will sound, is to estrange the former body owner's friends; another component is to cross out the former owner's identity and replace it with his own; a third component is to ruin the former owner's clothes; and the final component is to kiss a non-powered mare on the muzzle. If he succeeds in doing all of that, his old looks will take over the human body and your looks will appear on the centaur body; you won't have to wait for the time limit to end then. However... his ritual does contain one flaw he hasn't counted on. Corellon and I were discussing it the other day and... no offense to you implied, Roger... we were laughing about it."

      "And what is this flaw that you guys think is so funny?"

      "Do you recall how he switched bodies with you to start with?"

      "Yeah, he kissed me on the mouth... oh. The kiss."

      "And what is the last component?"

      "He has to kiss a non-powered mare on the muzzle. YOU MEAN HE IS ABOUT TO TRANSGENDER HIMSELF IN MY BODY?!"

      Skerrit hugged the young centaur and said, "When the final swap is made, Estos will end up in the female horse's body and he will be trapped there for the rest of his life because he will lose his powers once he is inside that horse. The former 'mare' will end up in your old body which will then be completely female in all ways. At the same time that this happens, your old looks and coloration will appear on your current centaur body and then... the faun can set you up with your new sorcerer spell book and this time, a correct scribing of your spells so the spells don't end up draining you every time you try to use them. And remember: one of the spells will enable you to assume your old human form, although your base form will always be centaur."

      "Stupid Estos..." muttered Roger sadly. "I hope the girls punish him severely."

      "Actually, he will get punished the moment the Hill family brings in the breeder stallion," said Skerrit with a giggle.

      End of Chapter Three.


        Chapter Four.

        "Surely you remember what a breeder stallion does to mares in heat, don't you?" asked the centaur god.


        Skerrit then released Roger and arched an eye as he looked at him. "Roger... the change just now occurred. You have your old looks from the waist up. You don't look like Estos anymore."

        Roger sighed, but then he smiled. "Oh well, time to move ahead then. I hope Karen allows me to apologize to her for this mess. There is no way she would want to date a centaur boy in place of the old me. It would remind her of Gavin."

        The faun boy said, "Since you are now fully in charge of this body, let us get your new spell book set up." And the three began to work together to get Roger's new spell book crafted, blood linked to himself, and... enrolled in a few centaur classes directly from Skerrit. He would be better to learn how to be a centaur now that he was one.

        Tuesday around mid-morning at the Hill Family Horse Farm, everyone was surprised to find a naked human girl complaining at one of the obviously embarrassed mares. "Stupid boy! Give me back my body! What were you thinking? This is breeding time and I'm looking forward toward being pregnant by that big stallion tomorrow!"

        Michelle arched an eye. "Oh no. What has this Estos creep done now?" The others shared the name that they knew had done something with Roger. "And who is the nude woman?"

        The 'mare' actually replied in Estos' voice. "SOMEONE PLEASE GET ZEUS IN HERE! I DO NOT WANT TO BE HAMMERED BY A BREEDING STALLION! THE STUPID RITUAL WASN'T SUPPOSED TO WORK LIKE THIS!" Yes, he sounded scared and upset at the same time.

        Arcadia helped the nude woman to her feet. "I assume you were the mare he switched bodies with. Don't worry, ma'am... we'll get you back into your own body."

        The nude woman smiled at Arcadia. "Thank you, Miss Zoe... you're that nice adopted girl who would come out and hand feed us the apples. My name is Buttercup."

        Arcadia rolled her eyes as she glanced over at Remus. "Someone call Zeus so we can get this mess straightened out. Buttercup and her sisters aren't too happy about this."


        Linda stayed back near Mr. Richards. "Glad I'm not in the line of fire of that. I mean, I've been breathed on by Jason, but this isn't the fire I'd want to be hit by."

        Zeus and Circe were suddenly there and they came over to take charge of the situation. "You sure did it this time, Estos. Pegasus hasn't mated with anyone this year as yet." He thought the whole thing was funny.

        Circe examined Buttercup and said, "Luckily I can restore you into your equine form. Some animals take offense over being transformed against their will but we can do this for you and you will be happy to be a horse once again." She glanced aside at Zeus. "What's the word for Estos? And if you transgender him back into a male... castration or gelding comes to mind so we don't have to put up with this fool procreating more idiots like he was himself." And she got to work on Buttercup.

        Zeus patted Circe on the shoulder. "I think since Estos wanted to be a human so badly... we simply swap the mare for the nude woman so Estos can learn about premenstrual times, hot flashes, and... tampons."

        Circe remarked, "Hera has been nagging at you again, hasn't she?"

        "When is she ever NOT nagging me?"

        Arcadia then said, "Zeus? Since you are here... we might as well get this out of the way right now so you don't have to come back later. I am the Greek goddess in training; is there any divine lessons you can share with me so I can practice with them later?"

        Zeus spent a few moments with Arcadia instructing her in Call Lightning and Shape Mastery, the second being more powerful than anything she had learned as yet. Changing your own shape was easy; changing others shapes was harder for a novice, but the Greater powers, like Zeus, did it often as if it were nothing. "I would suggest you speak to Poseidon next so you can show him that you have more manners than his children do." He winked before getting back to work with Circe on the 'horses'.

        Arcadia glanced at Michelle. "Call Lightning surely isn't like your mutant lightning, is it?"

        "It might be. But if it is, then I need to share with you the discussion dad had with us girls when we got our powers so you know what NOT to do."

        As the two teen aged girls conducted their quiet discussion off to the side, Kevin moved forward and offered to help the two gods with whatever needed to be done. Gavin was glad he was able to convince Kevin to make the offer since it might raise everyone's opinion of the McVann boy if he was more openly helpful.

        Buttercup was once again back in her own body. And damned happy to be in it. She gave both Zeus and Circe a happy lick before rejoining the other mares.

        End of Chapter Four.


          Chapter Five.

          Estos on the other hoof was back in the other body, although it had become a male horse body rather than staying human. "Zeus? What gives? I thought I was going to be punished as a girl. How come I'm still a horse. I'm glad I can talk, but... I don't get it."

          Arcadia walked over and said, "I spoke up for you, Estos. You owe your maleness to me: Arcadia Zoe, grand daughter to Artemis. I and my lady friends would have been insulted if you had to be a girl. Now, listen closely to what I am going to tell you... if you want to be a human boy like you planned, then fess up right now. Where did you stash Roger Rogers? He is our friend and it isn't right that you put a spell on him. He did nothing to you and he would have been glad to be another centaur's friend. Probably not now, but maybe it isn't too late. Where is he?"

          With a sigh, Estos said, "In my old body in Arvandor's southern Silverleaf Forest. Lord Rillifane had me in an unfair punishment there magically stuck in a slough of mud so I couldn't free my hoofs. One day, another centaur boy came through the area and I tricked him into giving me a kiss. Once I was in his body, his brother was making a trip to Earth and I had to go along or else I'd blow my cover. Once we were on Earth at Gavin's gardens, I realized where we were and then out of nowhere, Roger Rogers appeared through one of the vine covered walls of the garden. I saw that he was a human boy and I had always wanted to be a human boy. I walked over to him and I introduced myself to him and I... kissed him. When I kissed him, I ended up in Roger's body, the other centaur returned to his own body, and Roger was somehow sent to my old body where he was stuck in the slough. That isn't how it is supposed to work. After I was in Roger's body, I remembered that old ritual for creating my own human boy body and I started gathering the components for it. I had to first estrange Roger's friends. I really didn't want to since it seemed like he had a lot of friends, unlike me. Next, I had to eradicate his name and replace it with my name. He had an ID card and that part seemed easy enough to do without pissing people off. Next, I had to bodily bathe in various fluids so that my skin was coated in various components. Roger's clothes really got messed up when I did that and I just removed them after that. Finally, the ritual said I had to kiss a non-powered mare on the muzzle. I thought that would be easy since the farm is full of mares. But something went wrong and... and... well, you saw..."

          Arcadia said, "I know what went wrong. You said 'non-powered mare'. When a mare is in heat, they are powered up to receive the breeding stallion. I learned this from Grandpa Hill. So when you kissed one of these mares on the muzzle, you reversed the final component. Instead of getting what you wanted, you claimed the wrong component. However... the McVanns have a non-powered mare at their place which could be used to give you a male human body. You might get to use it, IF, you promised to never pull tricks like this ever again on Roger Rogers and his friends. Roger likes centaurs and like kin. Had you not gotten him in trouble, he likely would have offered to be your friend for life. Better you than Gavin... So... do we get to hear you make that promise with Zeus as your witness? Or is being a horse more to your liking?"

          Zeus stood there with his arms folded over his chest. "Sounds like a fair deal, Estos. However, and I will warn you... as a human boy, you would still have most of your powers, but you would completely lose the body swapping power because it takes Arvandorian blood to use it and as an Earth human, you wouldn't be able to use it."

          Estos sighed. "I guess it is a fair sacrifice. I really messed things up big this time. I'm really sorry, Zeus... I didn't mean to send Roger to Arvandor. He was supposed to stay on Earth. I don't know why he got sent. It is almost like there was interference or something."

          Mr. Dragon explained, "Roger Rogers is a sorcerer in training, Estos. It is likely that his arcane nature was the interference."

          "I don't hear a promise yet," said Arcadia patiently.

          Estos then said, "I don't want to lose being an Arvandorian. I do want to be a human boy, but I want Arvandorian blood. I am sorry I accidentally sent Roger away. Help me get what I really want, and... I promise to never pull tricks on Roger Rogers and his friends ever again. But please... I just want to go home to Arvandor now." He truly looked pitiful and sorry now. And it was definitely not crocodile tears this time. He really was sorry.

          "Okay, great grandfather Zeus..." said Arcadia with a smile. "I think Estos has learned his lesson now. However... if Roger is in Estos' old body, then when he thought he completed the ritual, he unlinked Roger and sealed Roger into his old centaur body. Therefore, we are going to get Roger back as an Arvandorian centaur."

          Zeus nodded his head. "I will handle our transport to Arvandor this time. And I will change Estos into a temporary Arvandorian human boy during transport."

          When a greater divinity teleports your team, they don't fool around. And now that they were back in Arvandor, Arcadia could study Ren's Summer Estate and memorize a teleportation landing zone. That would make returning later for Roger's sake a lot easier.

          Zeus took Estos over to the faun and Roger where they were in the midst of the new centaur's newest sorcery lesson. After waiting for the lesson to end, Zeus had Estos apologize to Roger and to repeat his promise to Roger. Roger hugged Estos and after a few moments, he said, "Since you didn't mean to send me up here, I won't be mad at you. I just wish you had just told me you wanted to be human instead of just kissing me like that." Estos sighed. "Actually, I can't wait to be an Arvandorian centaur once again. I've tried out being human and... it's not all I thought it would be. But now I can say I tried it. Zeus gave me this form temporarily to experience being a human. But I am missing something that a human can't measure up to."

          Roger whispered something into Estos' ear and the other nodded his head, saying, "Exactly that." Then Roger nodded his head and asked Estos if he would like to join him in training to be a sorcerer. "The faun said I might learn these lessons better if I had a fellow classmate to practice with. And Skerrit is teaching me centaur lessons, but he has implied that I'd learn faster if I was living with another centaur my own age. And since you're more my age... will you help teach me about centaur stuff?" Estos nodded his head. "I'll join you, Roger. And I will open my home to you as well. Learning to be an Arvandorian centaur for someone who wasn't born a centaur isn't easy, but I can understand why Skerrit told you to find another centaur to learn from. But in the meantime... I think you should try to patch things up with your girlfriend. I sadly got her very angry and she may resent both of us for a while." He turned to the faun to receive his spell book and learn about blood locking it to him. Roger turned to look over at Karen who was being very quiet. He slowly moved toward her and once he was stopped in front of her, he said, "I... I don't hold it against you for being angry, Karen. I'm a centaur now and with my stupid equine ears in both forms."

          End of Chapter Five.


            Chapter Six.

            Roger then said, "I won't be able to attend high school anymore. And since my manhood is horse sized... I don't see any way you would ever want to be with someone like me ever again. Perhaps we need some time apart for a while. Don't worry about my finding a new girl up here; no Earth humans in Arvandor unless you guys come to visit." He then paused as he looked at Michelle. "How loud was the explosion?"

            Michelle grinned. "Immeasurable." She would have been laughing after saying that, except her father was still nearby. So she left it at that.

            Karen finally hugged Roger and kissed him on the lips. When she let him go, she said, "We can still be friends, once I'm not angry anymore. I may be grounded for a while. I said some naughty words when Estos called me those names and dumped me with your voice. But after we learned that Estos wasn't into girls, I could understand why he would say those things to me. He was trying to make a new human body for himself. He didn't mean to shove you off to Arvandor." She then whispered, "Behave around him; he's gay."

            Roger nodded his head. "The majority of centaurs are bisexual although preferring the opposite gender, Karen. They will accept the same gender when there is nothing else. As for me and Estos... I have to learn about centaur stuff from someone my own age. That means I can't have Gavin do it, but it would be nice for him to check on me now and then... even though I know he is only in Richfield for Arcadia. You may keep the ring I gave you. I am so sorry this happened."

            "It's okay, Roger," she said. "Just become a great sorcerer. Then maybe someday we can stand together and laugh about all this."

            Roger then went over to Jason and hugged him. "So much for our campout, huh Jason? I'm really sorry. Unless you get a ride to Arvandor, I won't be doing much camping with anyone anymore. Thanks for being a good friend." He hugged him again then stepped away again.

            Before heading back over to the faun, he stopped and looked directly at Kevin for the longest time.

            Then he stepped over to the McVann boy and gave him a firm hug and... a deep kiss on the mouth. Kevin was in shock over getting kissed by Roger. When Roger let up, he whispered, "I know your secret, Kevin. Memorize a teleport location here at the Estate and maybe later... you might come back and we can talk. Now I know why I was drawn to you in school. The same reason I was drawn to Gavin. Thanks for being a friend, Kevin. I'll miss you." He then let go of Kevin and he headed back over to the faun and Skerrit. Kevin nodded his head and headed over to where Arcadia was and duplicated what she had been doing.

            Wednesday at Richfield High.

            With Roger no longer attending, nearly every student in school was as quiet as attending a wake. It was obvious now the effect Roger had on other students. Without him, no one even bothered trying anymore. And the teachers noticed immediately. Every normal student reacted as if they were sick and depressed.

            Mr. Lorenzo Stancliffe, the high school counselor, called Irene, Linda, and Michelle into his office for an emergency meeting. Once inside with the door closed and locked, Lorenzo sat down in his seat and transformed back into his other identity: a humanoid witch cat lord. "Ladies, we have a serious issue here at the school. Every norm is acting sick and depressed. I noticed that the rest of you were not affected. I need to know what is causing this. Did Hades return or something?"

            Michelle spoke up first for a change and told Lorenzo the whole truth about Roger Rogers' new centaur life and where he was and how he couldn't attend the school anymore. "...and now you know why the norms are so affected by Roger being missing. We never knew that Roger had this affect on the other norms. But apparently he does."

            "We need to get Roger back in here for at least a day so he can tell the other students that he has to go attend a private school," said the counselor. "That's the closest to the truth that we can provide to the other norms without flat telling them the truth. How would they react to the real truth?"

            Irene said, "We were always told by our parents to never tell the norms anything about the powers in Richfield. If you plan on going the truth route, please get the other parents on board first so we, ourselves, don't get grounded with 'pop quizzes' and other such punishments." She wasn't smiling at the joke nor were Michelle nor Linda.

            Linda hummed. "You know, guys... I just had an idea. There is only one person who the norms may arouse out of their funk for who has more clout than Roger or any other boy in America or even the world itself."

            Lorenzo arched an eye. "Who do you have in mind, Linda? We need help here."

            Linda was now smiling widely since she knew she was about to save the day for a change without making people mad. "Why... everyone knows Harley!"

            Both Irene and Michelle were grinning widely at Linda's words now. "She's right!"

            Lorenzo laughed. "And Harley is up in Washington D.C. right now with a group of his friends solving mysteries and stuff for the government!"

            Michelle said, "He is THAT close and he never even sent us a message? That little stinker!"

            Lorenzo then said with a serious expression, "He didn't send you a message because he and his friends are also safe guarding a secret government project which enables a normal human teenager to transform into a superhero. Biologically Engineered Government Issue New Superheroes, or BEGINS for short. One of the top agents' own sons volunteered to be the first to try out the project and now... he's under constant watch. Surprisingly, he is the grandson to Grandpa and Grandma Hill. His name is Chester."

            End of Chapter Six.


              Chapter Seven.

              Irene said, "That poor boy. He probably thought how fun it was going to be at first. Then when he found his freedom limited and he had to do what his bosses said, he likely rebelled and got word out to Harley to ask for help."

              "Exactly right, Irene," said Lorenzo as he sipped a cup of cream. "Anyway, their mystery solving team is called Maximum Force. Harley's friend Zak convinced the agents guarding Chester that they were the CIA's top secret special operations force. And with the CIA tight lipped about their project, the FBI agents have no choice but to believe them. And that's the intrigue they are involved in right now."

              "What is Chester's hero identity called?" asked Michelle.

              Lorenzo chuckled. "He is called Lightning Crest and he is a humanoid equine warrior who can transform into a bolt of lightning when he launches himself skyward."

              In Arvandor, Roger and Estos were surprised by Kevin and Jason, the latter Kevin had decided to entrust with his secret so he could come along to visit Roger.

              "Kevin! Jason!" exclaimed Roger with a smile. "Are you two skipping school? Shame on you!" He giggled.

              Jason smiled. "Lunch hour, actually. We have one hour to visit with you, Roger. I was surprised when Kevin told me he could get us here and asked me not to tell the girls."

              Kevin smiled too. "Gavin and I have been spending time together, Roger. I am doing that for you since you can't be there anymore. It will be a shame that you're going to miss Harley's visit to the school on Friday. The other norms need a serious pick me up and the plan is to bring in Harley."

              Roger nodded his head as he had one arm around Estos. "If anyone can pep up the norms, it's Harley. Just let him know that I said hello."

              Estos asked, "Any word from Karen since the return to Richfield?"

              Jason replied, "Mr. Richards grounded her for her outburst of vulgarity over the phone when you dumped her using Roger's voice. A whole month without outing privileges except to attend school. She agreed that she deserves it for losing her temper and causing thunder to boom inside the house."

              Grinning, Roger smirked, "So now it's been twice. I remember when she once said it was only that one time."

              Kevin looked between Roger and Estos before asking, "Roger...? Are you dating Estos?"

              Roger sighed. "Somewhat. Without Karen, I've found that I need companionship with someone and no elf nor human wants the centaur express inside of them. So I had to ask Estos for help since he is more than used to these feelings."

              "And I was glad to help Roger since the first night he was scared and I had to hold him close to comfort him," said Estos. "I think he misses his old bed. Sleeping on clean straw isn't the same as sleeping on a mattress."

              "Thankfully it is always Summer in Arvandor," said Roger with a smile again. "No cold nights. And now that I know you boys can get up here whenever you like... are we still going to camp out, Jason? Maybe we can make it a boys outing with Gavin since I know the girls often have 'girls only' outings of their own."

              Jason glanced at Kevin. "What do you think, Kev? Do you think you can kidnap Ren's son for a weekend camping trip in Arvandor?"

              Kevin grinned slyly. "Oh yeah. I can nab him for that with your dragony assistance. Keep in mind, Roger... Arcadia can also teleport up here whenever she likes, too."

              Roger chuckled. "We won't be camping near the Summer Estate, Kevin. Estos knows a nice place where we boys can go bond at. Pan might be joining us for the outing if he is free by Friday night. He said that if he could make it, he'd make sure we got some ale to pass around the campfire. Estos is going to be bringing some Arvandorian wine."

              Jason suddenly and quickly said, "Need to belch!"

              Roger was up fast and pointed Jason toward a forge that Skerrit had stoked up with red hot coals. "Breathe there!"

              FLOOSH! A white hot flame erupted from Jason's mouth which turned every coal in the forge white hot.

              Skerrit blinked his eyes. "Damn! Now I know who to call when the coals are being stubborn!"

              Roger giggled. "Jason is a good bronze dragon for that purpose."

              Richfield High School, Friday around lunch time. The sounds of a motorcycle barreling up the hallway of the school got everyone's attention until suddenly, a classic Harley motorcycle arrived in the cafeteria and the rider dropped the kickstand and removed his helmet. "Guess who's in town, boys and girls?" "HEY! IT'S HARLEY!" Every norm was instantly flocked around the young man that everyone anywhere knew on sight: Harley Davidson Jr.!

              End of Chapter Seven.


                Chapter Eight.

                Lorenzo Stancliffe leaned up against a wall nearby with Irene, Linda, and Michelle. "That seems to have done the trick. Thanks for suggesting this, Linda. You really scored with this one."

                "I had to make my editor look good," she replied with a wink at Irene.

                Michelle hummed. "I thought he would bring the whole team down here. I guess they go to school themselves. But I wanted to meet this Chester guy."

                Jason was on the other other side of the cafeteria with Kevin in some sort of whispered conversation. "You emailed Zak and Chester warning them about Michelle once you found out that she won't date you but she wants to date Chester who she somehow learned of his full name and identity?"

                "That's right, Jason," said the McVann boy. "And I made sure I sent Harley a copy of the email so he knew as well. Mr. Richards asked me to date Michelle but she won't have anything to do with me. And all of a sudden she knows more than she should about Harley's friend Chester and I made sure the Maximum Force got the warning."

                Agent Hill was meeting with Mr. Richards at the Hill Family Horse Farm at that very moment. Chester was inside visiting with the grandparents. "Mr. Richards... I know you are retired and you have kept out of the villain game as per your promise to the government. But please tell me you knew nothing of the information in this email concerning your daughter." And he showed the printed out email to the head of the Richards household. It was obviously Kevin's warning email to Zak, Harley, and Chester.

                "Dammit!" he growled. "I knew she was being nicer than usual these last few days! Now I know why! Don't you worry, Agent Hill; she will NOT be dating your son. There is a young man I approved for her and she rebuffed him immediately. In fact, he is the one who wrote this email to warn you people about this. Kevin McVann."

                "The McVanns are being nice?" asked Agent Hill. "When did that change occur? The world is coming to an end."

                "Greek gods can have a life changing effect over certain people. Artemis' grand-daughter is living in Richfield and she is being trained by various Greek deities. Occasionally, Hades shows up to try to kill her. I am just glad it isn't Ares this time."

                "If your daughter won't date the boy you chose for her, then there is no way she will ever date my son. Besides... he's got a girlfriend already. Angela Pfeiffer, or so he says. I've never heard of them being out on any dates. He seems to hang out with... and this will sound strange... some sort of were-worg and a giant gargoyle."

                Mr. Richards chuckled. "Look on the bright side... if your son is with them, then there is no way Harley can ever just show up in their lair."

                "Never say never; Harley can show up where you think he has no access. I don't know how he does it, but he can find my son no matter where I move him."

                "Maybe he is dating Harley then."

                The dangerous glare of disgust and hatred for that statement was enough to stop the blood from pumping through ones veins. "I will thank you to never suggest that ever again. Chester is already rebelling more than I like."

                In Arvandor, Roger and Estos had just finished a lesson in one of Rillifane's classes and now the two were taking a leisurely walk through the Southern part of the Silverleaf Forest. Quite unexpectedly, they saw Hades standing in the path just ahead of them. Roger continued to approach the underworld god before saying, "Arcadia is not here, Hades. In fact, I am the only Richfield Champion whom is currently stuck in Arvandor in the body of a centaur. What do you want?"

                Hades glanced to one side as if to suggest that he was not alone before he said directly to Roger, "My boy... Do you recall what two powers Zeus taught to Arcadia when she asked him to teach her two abilities?"

                Roger wondered what this angle was that Hades was going for as he replied, "Call Lightning and Shape Changing. he said changing her own shape would be easy but changing someone else would take more energy and would be harder. What's up with that, Hades? This isn't like you to give out hints to your enemies."

                Hades then said, "It dawned on me, Roger, that you are not my enemy. It also dawned on me that the Greater Greek Gods are using you to test Arcadia. They are USING you, Roger."

                "In what way are they using me?"

                Hades grinned. "Zeus is the leader of the Greek Pantheon and he cannot utilize the very power that he told Arcadia that using on others would be harder. He cannot change you back to your human form. They are keeping you in centaur form, Roger. This forces your friends to come to see you so you don't end up forgetting that you have nice Earthian friends. You could have been human the first day you ended up stuck here in the centaur body. I could restore you myself; but I am a fickle god and the other male gods don't trust me. So I went over their heads. Roger, meet Hera, Athena and Gaea. All three are Greater goddesses of the Pantheon. They have been listening to every word that I have said to you, Roger. How many male booster shots in centaur form have you been given, Roger? As in up the butt."

                Roger was embarrassed to say at first but then he felt the truth emerge from his mouth as if he could not hide it from the Greater Goddesses present. "With Estos, four times."

                Athena then said, "Oh my. It seems that Hades is telling us the truth for a change. Who knew the male gods of our Pantheon was conducting something like this upon a mortal."

                End of Chapter Eight.


                  Chapter Nine.

                  Hades then said, "Let me further reveal that originally when Roger saw Gavin Whitelaw, the centaur son of Ren of the Northern Herd and Circe the Sorceress, Gavin attempted to make Roger go away so he would not be interested in learning magic from the young centaur at all. Roger bested Gavin by solving the moon letters book and then Gavin resorted to trickery to make Roger feel like shit so he would feel obliged to have sex with him in exchange for learning centaur sorcery. Roger then reported this activity to Hermes and Pan whom told Circe what Gavin had done and then they took their son off for a punishment where he only received a scolding, not a spanking as Roger and Arcadia first thought the centaur was receiving. My wife taught Arcadia the Mind Reading and Telepathy abilities which Arcadia promptly forgot she could use when dealing with Gavin. Therefore, Roger... Gavin only received one spanking from Irene Dragon; not two as you were tricked into first believing. His crocodile tears further tricked you into feeling sorry for him so you would want to keep seeing him even though you didn't have to. The day you went to see Gavin as planned, he had invited a centaur to come see him whom had a brother your age whom would introduce you to centaur sex and you unfortunately met Estos of whom are no longer upset with. Estos was not part of Gavin's trickery and his encountering you was a true accident; but later you found that he could be a good friend when you thought you were stuck as a centaur."

                  Gaea looked disgusted even though Hades was telling the truth. Hera then said, "I knew my husband was a pervert; but this goes beyond acceptable for anyone. Roger, would you like to be human again so you can return to your human life? You don't have to do anything you don't want to do. The choice is yours. Adult centaurs can be so disgusting. Estos' orientation is his own choice, Roger. He is not an adult despite the number of years he has lived."

                  Roger then said something unexpected, "If this is the plan, I would like to learn two permanent abilities. One would be the Transport ability so I could return up here whenever I liked. The second would be the Species Changing ability with my base species form being my original human form. That way I could retain my friendship with Estos and my faun sorcery teacher. The faun was the one whom helped me to craft my first spell book. Or would you rather take a student away from his master? Skerrit once mentioned that if I regained my true human form, I could meet with Lampwick the donkey boy of the Island of Jackasses. But when I went full centaur, his offer fell flat and we moved on toward my accepting my new centaur life. So how about it, ladies? Do I get my request or do you prove to be like the men folk of your pantheon? Am I getting tired of getting yanked around by the gods."

                  Hades smiled. "I think his request is a fair one, ladies. He has been promised things only to be screwed over by the male members of the pantheon. Roger was once one the nicest norms in Richfield. Now look at what he's become; the sex toy of the gods. While I feel that I must challenge Arcadia, At least I didn't do like Richard Petty (I mean Ares) did in Missouri when he went after another male god in mortal form. I chose a female to challenge and not for sex. I have a wife, you know."

                  Some distance away, Ares was heard yelling, "I am not petty!"

                  In the other direction, the voice of Magni shouted, "Oh yes you are!"

                  Athena then said, "I vote to grant Roger his request. It is little to ask and he wants to fulfill the promises that he has made to both Estos and the magical faun. Roger has only had sex with Estos and only because he thought he was stuck as a centaur. His faun teacher has not attempted to molest him at all although it is his right to do so at least once."

                  Gaea then said, "Roger shows honor to want to fulfill his obligations and that is far more than Hercules and others like him have ever done; Roger holds no malice toward wanting these things for personal gain like most of the other Greek Heroes have ever demanded."

                  Hades then said, "I should also mention that Roger selflessly defended Arcadia's life at the risk of almost killing himself when he used a Barrier spell that was inscribed into his spell book incorrectly. And I recall that Skerrit himself was the one who inscribed the Barrier spell into that spell book. The faun mentioned at one time that using the spells should not be trying to kill him upon each casting. Yet that is what it always felt like for Roger to cast these spells. He had been struggling with the teleport spell originally."

                  Hera said, "Is this true, Roger?"

                  Roger replied, "Originally, simply trying to teleport from one end of my bed to the other resulted in downing me to the point that I felt like I had lost all of my energy. Ever since the faun helped to craft an all new spell book and helped me to re-scribe the spells correctly, I have not had that weak feeling since."

                  Hera remarked, "Then it is true that the adult centaurs and their god tried to get Roger killed by scribing his spells incorrectly so it would look like he had committed suicide on his own. I agree that Roger's request should be fulfilled. He will retain his friendship with Estos since the young centaur has never tried to kill Roger Rogers. As for Gavin's plans for attending your camping trip here in Arvandor, he will be prevented from coming based on the fact that he continuously claimed that Arcadia Zoe was his responsibility and going camping would imply that he is shirking his duties. Agreed, my friends?" Gaea and Athena both nodded their heads. Then Hera proceeded toward granting Roger's request exactly as he had made it.

                  Hades then said, "As I said when you first approached me, Roger; you are not my enemy. What the other greater deity pantheon members have done to you can hardly be called friendship. And now for one more debunking statement, Roger. Do you recall when you first asked Gavin when Arcadia would be able to raise godly attacks and use divine defenses? Please recall what Gavin told you in reply to your question."

                  Roger thought back before saying, "He said, Well, she can't learn it from me. I'm not a god. and I said, You mean that you can only help her with the minor basics, but she'll need an actual god to learn the majors and super effects? and he admitted, That's why I am so intent in getting Arcadia prepared so she'll know the difference between an evil god and a good one."

                  Hades said, "It was like when Gavin was teaching you magical knowledge but not actual spells."

                  Roger then remarked, "Then in truth, he had been given the temporary ability to unlock Arcadia's potential to use the basics once she learned them; but after that, Gavin could only tell her about the basics; he could not teach her how to use any godly abilities at all. That leads to me wonder a new question..."

                  End of Chapter Nine.


                    Chapter Ten.

                    Hades arched an eye. "And what would that be, Roger?"

                    Roger stated, "Since the male gods were screwing with me to get me out of the way... then how do you know that Arcadia is actually Artemis' granddaughter? While it is true that Diana showed up at the school dance, no one proved one way or another that Arcadia was actually her daughter. Her using the divine abilities the gods were teaching her after the ability to use those abilities were granted to her... This alone does not prove that Arcadia was or has ever been related to Artemis. It could simply be the case of the gods giving a power to a mortal to mislead someone like you, Hades, from finding the real demigoddess in training. You said it yourself in regards to what they were doing to me. Gavin often said that I was a smart boy for figuring things out too soon. So perhaps my question holds water this time as well."

                    Hades glanced at Athena and said, "If Roger is correct, then I owe Arcadia an apology. But I demand to learn the truth of this inquiry. If Arcadia is simply a distraction, then where is the real demigoddess in training at. All of the Greek Gods believe that Arcadia is whom Gavin claims she is. Gavin has even gone so far as to fool the Norse Wolf God known as Remus with this lie if Roger is correct."

                    Roger then said, "Athena? Have you taught Arcadia anything as yet?"

                    Athena replied, "Not yet. What do you have in mind?"

                    Roger suggested, "When you go to her, tell her that you cannot teach her any abilities unless she returns to your temple on Mount Olympus with you. Once you have her there, utilize the mirror of past seeing to scan over her entire background to see if you can find any truth to the story that Diana sent her daughter into the future through time and space to the Richfield Orphanage. If she proves to be the real daughter, then no harm done; otherwise, I suspect that another girl whom looked a lot like Arcadia took her place in the Orphanage and it was this girl that the Lockwood adopted. Once Hades was chasing the Arcadia decoy, the gods ferreted the real Arcadia out of the Richfield region to take her to a place where they could train her without underworld interruptions."

                    Hades then said, "I will go to Richfield, not to kill Arcadia but for the purpose of reading Gavin's mind to see if he was indeed in on the plot to distract me with the Arcadia decoy. He is not as powerful as his parents are; his mind should be an open book to me. To add credibility to my being in Richfield, I will bring my wife with me so she can see that I have no intention to go after the Arcadia decoy. If this proves to be true, I will send the report to you, Athena, and then you can add more fire to your investigation of Arcadia."

                    Estos then asked, "So you goddesses gave Roger the ability to change back into his human form whenever he likes? I ask because I know that Roger was naked when he changed into a centaur; should be change back into his human form, he will be naked again. None of his human clothes are in Arvandor. And will his human clothes making the transformation with him when he uses the species changing ability? Or will he be naked every time?"

                    Gaea then said in reply, "Should he acquire his human clothes from his room on Earth, the clothes will make the change with him whenever he makes the transformation. We do not want Roger to be embarrassed in front of his lady friends. You are lucky that Roger still wants to be your friend, Estos."

                    Hera remarked, "After the camping trip, you should make plans on resuming your schooling at Richfield high school. I am sure your parents would love to get you home human once again. If you want to take on a bisexual stance to be with both males and females, you may do this, Roger. Estos is not human therefore, your male interest in dating could be your curiosity toward non-human species. As a human you might still want to date Karen Richards. Otherwise, you and your friends need to make a decision on this."

                    Once the goddesses and Hades had departed to go do their investigations, Roger and Estos returned to their shared centaur quarters where they performed another bout of mating pleasure.

                    Estos smiled. "I am glad they didn't ask if we were taking turns with each other. You have learned this ability very nicely, Roger. I truly love you. Are you going to date Karen?"

                    Roger gave Estos a centaur to centaur kiss. "When I am in human form, I think that I should. Later if she gets upset that I am showing sexual interest in males, then I will have to politely dump her since I have always thought she was more mature than to be closed minded toward another person's orientation. There have been gay people in Richfield High School before. The last one was fond of wearing the school mascot costume. The Richfield Raven. I learned that he was a great kisser when I thought a girl was wearing the costume that year. He certainly acted feminine. He fessed up to me when our date ended. He said he didn't want me to be angry with him for treating me to a good evening with him."

                    Estos smiled. "So that is why you have been male curious. Is the guy still around?"

                    Roger smiled. "I can find him easily if I need to. He and I are still friends."

                    Estos nudged Roger. "Invite him on the camping trip and I could show him a good time."

                    Roger then said, "It would be nicer if we could get cellphone signals and laptop internet here in Arvandor. Staying in touch with friends on Earth would be tons easier then."

                    Estos smiled. "Magni over across the Asgardian border supposedly has cellphone and internet access at his home near the Arvandor border. We can go ask him if he would be willing to share with you since you have to spend once a week up here and you are starting to miss your Earth friends. I'll escort you over there right now."

                    The two got up and began to trot off to speak to Thor's son about the use of scientific devices in the Planes. Estos was curious about this Internet thing since it would likely help to keep him distracted and out of trouble if he had access to it. Roger quietly explained what all could be looked up on the Internet and how they could even access the Richfield Raven's chat room at the school... providing they could secure the Internet connection in Arvandor.

                    End of Chapter Ten.
                    End of Episode Four.

                    Stay tuned for the next episode, The Camping Trip.