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[DA-V2] GP-02 Patrol Fury

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  • [DA-V2] GP-02 Patrol Fury

    Crystal Hope, Metropolis-Gotham - Dreamwolf Earth

    [DA-V2] GP-02 Patrol Fury
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    Written on 05/24/2019

    Chapter One

    While Eagle Lord focused on his friend American Rabbit, Superman replied, "Yes, that's Eagle Lord and the all-new American Rabbit. The rabbit is the boy whom recently recovered from a coma he had been in by an cosmic event on Earth. Krypto told me that the rabbit's boy can play the electric guitar."

    Spiderman said, "The Bunny sounds like a guy I could pal around with."

    Iron Man then said, "Guys... the rabbit is moving his ears in some sort of code."

    At the tennis court, having divine magical powers, American Rabbit could hear every word the heroes atop the building were saying so he was choosing to signal Eagle Lord in U.S. Navy semaphore code. 'We are being watched and talked about. Daily Planet top floor.'

    Eagle Lord launched a tennis ball and spiked it directly toward the top of the Daily Planet. Before the other heroes could react, Batman caught the tennis ball in his gloved hand.

    "I think they know we are talking about them," said Batman. "Either we go down and be friendly or we resume our own patrols. At any rate, I need to return their tennis ball to them."

    Spiderman said, "It was rude of us to spy on them when they have done nothing wrong. We should go say hello to them; It could mean a new friend."

    Soon all four heroes were standing court side watching the tennis match between the eagle and the rabbit. Batman held up the tennis ball. "That was a good shot, Eagle."

    Eagle Lord slyly grinned. "Not bad yourself, Batman, for catching that wild ball."

    Batman said, "I've had to play catch with the Joker; so I was ready for the ball when it approached us. If I had missed, Spiderman or Superman would have caught it."

    Iron Man asked, "What was the code you used with your ears, bunny boy?"

    American Rabbit replied, "Navy Semaphore. Before the accident that landed me in my Coma on Earth, my friend and I studied some of the Semaphore shown in a world war II comic book."

    Superman then said, "From our angle, Rabbit... you misspelled the word planet. You signed out P-L-A-M-E-T. But it is okay since comic book companies often make mistakes like that. Only someone well versed in military code would know the difference. People like Iron Man and I who were paying attention. I played tennis against Wonder Woman a few weekends ago and she beat my pants off. Lois said she served me right."

    Eagle Lord smiled. "I am the tennis fan; Rabbit is into softball. But he will play tennis with me when I feel the hankering to play a game."

    Spiderman asked, 'What did you do with that large crowd of people you were flying around with earlier?"

    American Rabbit replied, "We dropped them off with Arnie Roo in Connecticut before returning to Metropolis."

    Batman then said, "Don't forget that there is a Justice Patrol meeting this afternoon where you boys will receive your official patrols. The rest of us need to get going." And with that, the collection of mainstream heroes departed to resume their patrols.

    It wasn't long after the heroes departed when Night the Superdog arrived at the Tennis Courts with a four foot tall union mouse judge. "I told you that I could find them, Ezrel."

    American Rabbit and Eagle Lord stopped playing tennis when they saw the arrivals. "What's up, Nighty?" asked the heroic rabbit.

    Night smiled and said, "You two are junior independent heroes and Ezrel wanted to help you both fill out your Hero Union registration forms with CHIP. That stands for Central Heroic Intelligence Parliament."

    Eagle Lord grinned. "Mousy looks cute, American Rabbit."

    American Rabbit signed out with his ears. "Y-O-U W-E-R-E D-A-T-I-N-G H-I-M I-N T-H-E D-R-E-A-M."

    Eagle Lord blushed when he saw what Gerard had signaled with his ears. "Oh my gosh. I didn't know." American Rabbit then said, "It might be a good idea to get our registrations started so we aren't caught with our pants down later." He looked to Ezrel. "Is there a registration fee?"

    Ezrel nodded his head. "Yes, But I was told that the Justice Patrol was picking up your tab for the time being. I am sure they would have mentioned this at the next meeting."

    Eagle Lord smiled. "Perhaps when you get off duty we could possibly entertain you during dinner?"

    American Rabbit smiled at Night. "I had fun helping you practice for your scripts, Night. I hope your boss enjoyed your motivation last night. If you would like to get together with me tonight for another session, perhaps we could make it more believable. Yes? Otherwise, there is a Justice Patrol meeting this afternoon."
    End of Chapter One