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  • APQC-GP-10 Twelve Powers of Christmas

    Toonium City - QC Planet

    [ARC-01] GP-10 Twelve Powers of Christmas
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    Written on 03/29/2016

    Chapter One
    After Gerard spoke briefly to Batman in regards to his training with the Justice League and watching the dark knight depart looking unreadable in regards to the boy's school schedule and Mrs. Leghorn's deception, the Wolf With No Name and the High Commander were next to deal with in an upstairs bedroom which was once Gerard's old room. "I suppose I will start first," said High Command's best. "My old friend Lord Hoss of Coopersville wants to speak to you, Gerard, but he said that due to your schooling schedule, he would be willing to wait until your next Summer Vacation from school." He then stepped back politely to allow his superior to speak his peace to the boy now. The High Commander looked Gerard over and shook his hand. "You were probably wondering why High Command was even interested in you, Gerard Prince. And it is a reason which can be summed up in two words: Judiciary Champion. Because your father's ancestral bloodline has elfin genetics, when he married into the Lombard bloodline, it created something that only comes along once in seven centuries. Since W.W.N.N. is requesting that you go to Coopersville this Summer, you can also go there to meet up with the Judiciary Alpha Shadowrun who can help you sort out your Elfin Werewolf whose nickname is Silver. This is not to imply that his claws are silver, nor his blood being silver, but he is a Judiciary Champion or superhero of a legendary werewolf standing. As I said before, one of these werewolves are only born once in seven centuries. In order for you to learn how to be in charge of the form, you need to meet up with Shadowrun and undergo an educational 2-week course with him as your master/teacher. During this time, you will live with him, eat with him, and sleep with him. He has many mates and he is not really looking for another; but if you and he fall in love and its known to happen; just give him a son and he will allow you to leave to resume your hero life on QC Planet. It was good of the Yuskay Groomers to reset your werewolf timer to Second Puberty. Removing the true werewolf from your body would have made you extremely sick and you would have died upon the next rise of the full moon whether you could see it or not. Silver is your lifeblood. Without him in there, you die. Remember this if you are ever tempted to give Silver to someone else. He is your elfin champion, Highlander Prince. And now that I have spoken my peace, High Command will not bother you again. Although if my associates ever want to speak to you, they will contact you themselves. One is an Archon Hound, one is an Angel Hound priest, one is a Demon Hound soldier and another is a Hellhound courier. I represent the werewolves of the British Isles. One last warning... Europe has their own version of High Command and their leader is real prick. Worse than people thought I was. Once he decides you need to come in, he will continuously send Elite warriors after you until you are brought in to face the Alpha. As I said, he is a real big prick. And no one wants his job. Rumor is that an evil sky lord who fell to Earth is secretly in charge of that version of High Command." W.W.N.N. wrote out the directions to Hoss' ranch behind Coopersville and a brief description of his appearance and then the two werewolves took their leave as Gerard pondered everything he had been told.

    Gerard then met up with Dar-Shan herd alpha Wildfire, his wife Sara, and Wildfire's squire, Byron Buckley also known as Bashy out behind the prince house on that beautiful grassy hill with field, bushes, trees and stream just beyond. Sara said, "Oh my... what a beautiful little paradise hidden behind the family home." Gerard then said, "If you are that interested in it, Mrs. Cavanaugh, you can ask my father about buying it. I believe he was mentioning the idea of putting it up for sale and before you dismiss the idea, listen to a few facts. You can build a barn and stables back here on the property. Your son Lighty patrols Spoonersville as part of the Justice Fury team especially since he lives over at Champion's boarding house with a few other stallions, just down the street. And thirdly, the location is within range of Dalis Hailey's UEC Labs building also located in Spoonersville. A step closer to work for those just in case moments of your time. Once you own the property, you could place a short cut between your other home and this property."

    He then turned to Wildfire. "Now that I have given Sara an honest thing to be thinking about, I need to speak to you folk about Lighty and a possible problem he has that is driving me crazy." He reached over and hugged Bashy as he started petting on the horse's neck and sides. "Bashy, as you noticed earlier after you introduced yourself to me and Lighty pushed you away from me for no reason whatsoever... this isn't the first time he's done something like this. He didn't start out this way when I first met him, but he quickly got it into his mind that we were friends without his even trying to earn it. After that, if I attempted to be friends with anyone else I was interested in, he would literally plant himself directly between the two of us; he was even going so far as to sit at tables in the cafeteria at school which previously before I was making friends at those tables, he had no interest in going near himself. He is almost always stalking me throughout either school or one my hero patrol routes. When I was recovering recently from a Toonium Infection that almost killed me, the doctors called Principal Dum for some advice and Lighty had been in the office asking Scooby Dum where I was since I hadn't come to school. Then just before Thanksgiving, Lena admitted to me that Lighty had shown up at the house and had offered to wait for me to come home, not knowing that I was on a school assignment that Mrs. Leghorn had given us before the vacation break. Lena said he stayed right there on the front porch in front of the house until just after Deryl St. James and Cometfire returned and they had a girl and a pretty mare named Gloss with them... and the talking mare seemed to recognize Lighty even going so far to call him the K word that Lighty doesn't like that rhymes with RING. She apologized afterward after Lena said that Lighty was only a prince. If I find out that he lied to get the eyes of a filly off of him, I will Planet Janet Renton him right where most males think it counts because size doesn't really matter that much if you cannot control yourself. If I am not allowed to make new friends, then he will be the first one that I dump. Please don't be considering to pull him out of school. He hasn't done anything to the school to make you drag him away from there, but he is driving me over the edge with the way he keeps fawning all over me."

    Gerard then said, "Wildfire, remember 'moving in day' at the other farmhouse when you decided to help Lighty in delivering our furniture over to the new farm. I was close enough to overhear part of the growling and argument when you told Lighty that you wouldn't mind being my friend and Lighty nearly exploded when he told you that you would never get the drop on me as long as he was there to stop you. Later, you told Ace that you would handle Lighty's problem, but up to today, you still haven't done anything. And then earlier today, I met Bashy and was just talking to him when Lighty came over and literally pushed him away from me citing that I wasn't available. That topic had never come up between Bashy and I. So Lighty jumped to conclusions the way he's been doing for the last year and a half. He never wants to be in the shower room at school when I had to dress out for P.E. Class under Coach Winslow, although... I wouldn't have minded getting to know that Buck reindeer after school. Lighty's possessive behavior needs to stop and I think a good filly would do it for him, unless he is waxing on being homosexual. Back on Earth, I was straight myself, but shortly after moving to QC Planet, I became bisexual. While I have played around with a few people here and there, Lighty has never and will never be one of them. He didn't come to AniSapien to get a girlfriend/boyfriend, I hope. Because if that is the only reason he is down here, then an official complaint will be issued to the Founder Core. Lady Amaterasu told my mother that these stalkers need to have the court orders drawn against them. And even she noticed what Lighty had been doing to me."

    Wildfire nodded his head. "I wasn't even talking about sex nor recruiting when I mentioned that I wouldn't mind being your friend, Gerard. I was being sincere and yes, Lighty did go a little overboard. But I got busy with herd business back home but now that you have reminded me of that day, I will strive to take care of this problem. Sadly the solution is one Lighty may not like nor accept. He simply needs to mount a mare and the undesired feeling will subside. He doesn't have to make anyone pregnant because that will not remove the desire. Besides, he is too young to be thinking about mating right now, but I will make certain he gets that needed session his body is craving. Just like humans feel the need to ejaculate, Lighty being half human also has developed that need."
    End of Chapter One

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    Chapter Two
    Wildfire then continued, "Since he doesn't have hands in his horse form, he is literally trying to force his craving on nice people like you, Gerard." Sara nodded her head. "Wildfire and I will take care of this and Lighty's mind will go back to being the friend that Timesheart Tiger knows all too well. I will also ask your father about purchasing this property, Gerard. You are right that Wildfire and I need a closer outpost for those just in case moments." And she headed off to speak to Leon. Bashy smiled as he shook Gerard's hand once again. "Thanks for explaining that you really do want to be our friend. I was human before I chose to join Wildfire. My old life was awful."

    Gerard spent the rest of the afternoon with Wildfire and Bashy before tagging up with Shanther and his boys to return to Sundered Productions to watch some movies.

    The following day, Black Friday, Leon processed the paperwork for the sale of the Prince property in Spoonersville to Sara Cavanaugh. Leon got to looking at the deed to the property as he noticed just how much acreage the property entailed. Later, since the Terryville Council were not in session, Leon escorted Bugs Bunny, Mickey Mouse, and Scooby Doo into Port Ottercrest to check out the City Council hall where they had a few openings on their resort council. Leon said, "Bugs, I know your rotating leave is coming up next month. I am considering moving here to Port Ottercrest and joining their council herein. I would love to have all three of you guys here with me. Plus keep in mind that Oslo Otter won the council election for Terryville and he is Toonium City's biggest flirt. I know you don't want him trying to bed you, Bugs. Will you consider joining me in Port Ottercrest? None of the council members locally are otters. Mayor Turk is an otter and he told me the other day that Council members get paid $2500 a week as well as getting to own their own yachts in the harbor." Bugs made a disgusted face as he remembered just what Oslo was like. Mickey said, "Minnie and I along with our sons already live locally down here." Scooby Doo said, "I would have to look into real estate if I migrated locally into the port." Gathering later that afternoon at Wilwick's Recruiter's Club just South of Port Ottercrest, Lord Wilwick joined the four at their table and they were waited on by a well-dressed donkey boy called Captain Brayhoof. After he took their orders, Brayhoof brought the group their drinks before heading off to give them their privacy. Wilwick gave Leon a hug and a kiss on the mouth. "How did it go at City Hall, love." Leon smiled as he replied, "Bugs and Scooby are wisely going to be joining us here in Port Ottercrest. Bugs and Lola will be moving into an estate near Micky and Minnie although Scooby will need to explore real estate to find a good place and I have offered to go with him so he isn't overwhelmed by the choices."

    Wilwick then said, "My club here is two separate businesses. The public restaurant and conference hall is up here on the ground floor. In the alcoves near the front door are the arcade and billiard rooms for any young people who come by. My donkey recruiters have their own lounge downstairs at the beach entry. That is where they can briefly meet before going in search of bad boys for Pleasure Island. It is also where the Founder Core can make inquiries should tourists go missing without causing a scene here in the restaurant. And now, as a show of good faith, I want to offer the conference hall for Council meetings and dinner engagements whenever the council likes to make use of it." Mickey then asked, "And what is on the second and third floors of this building, Wilwick?" The recruiter lord replied without having to think about it. "Those floors contain apartments for donkey boy recruiters who have permission to live outside of the island or for special case tenants. Rent includes three meals a day here in the restaurant, full utilities, TV, Phone, Internet and free maid services. The apartments are single occupant studio apartment spaces." Scooby Doo asked, "Could I live here until I found my own place to live elsewhere?" Wilwick replied, "Yes, you could at a fair council discount."

    On Saturday, Gerard was brought to the filming stage where Shanther showed him a clause in the internship papers that said, in order to complete the assignment, a student had to film a short safe-for-work segment to be shown in the Advanced Drama class. Shanther had the stage dolled up to look like the gala event with red carpet in front of a premiere movie theater complete with lights and every actor at his disposal, both male and female. No one was naked; Everyone was dressed in their best. Shanther had chosen to film a commercial for the Studio City Acting and Managing Parliament also known as SCAMP which was located in Seaspray Hills. All Gerard had to do was emerge from a partial limousine with a smile and recite a few lines. In the background, all of these real stars would be cheering and applauding the arrival of the newest star. One copy of this commercial would be provided to Mrs. Leghorn for a grade and the other copy would make it to SCAMP itself for their own usage. Aside from joining the show in progress, doing a commercial like this was the next best thing to hitting the big time.

    Once the segment had been filmed, Shanther told Gerard that if he ever planned on joining an actors union, to avoid joining the one on the East coast; opt for joining SCAMP on the West coast if they offered him the invitation; they were far more trustworthy. And coming from Shanther, that was saying a lot. He even mentioned the name of a director that Shanther would gladly arrange for Gerard to meet up with in Seaspray Hills. Caesar Kodiak. Then Shanther handed Gerard a copy of the commercial for home viewing before getting the boy back into his casual wear and then, giving him permission to go home so he could spend Sunday with friends and possible heroic mentors.

    By that evening, Gerard as Captain Rabbit was back in Terryville where he had joined Ace, Robbie, Streaky, Krypto and Rudolph as he showed them the commercial he had to make for Mrs. Leghorn. Krypto said, "I am sure she will be impressed, Cap. And we are glad you are back in Terryville. Christmas is coming up and the patrols will be colder than usual. I hope your uniform is thermal." Captain Rabbit replied, "If it isn't, then I am sure we can figure something out. By the way, where is Harold tonight?" Rudolph replied, "We got him enrolled in Lampwick's school while you were gone. The Shady Producers wouldn't leave him alone. Night will be with them until he graduates. Thank you for caring about him, Gerard."

    Sunday morning, Gerard and Ace were barely up and taking their morning shower when the holographic image of Lord Albert the Cat Lord appeared just outside of the shower stall. "Gerard Prince... I cannot see what you are doing, but please heed my message. I need to speak with you here in Infinite Heights at my mansion this morning. I promise that I am not in heat. I realize that it is still early for you, but this is urgent." And then the hologram disappeared. Ace looked up at Gerard who was helping the canine rinse off the fur shampoo from the rest of his Great Dane body. "It is best not to keep the Founder Core lord waiting, love. I have a patrol to get started up in Comita-Gotham. Despite our not doing it as often, I still love you, Gerard. Good luck with the Cat Lord." After helping Ace with the towel, Gerard grabbed his clothes and shoes as he struck his pose.

    "Empowered Legacy! Activate!" Gerard struck his pose and felt the energy rush cascading up his body from his waist to his head. Then as he felt his hair stand on end and goosebumps ripple over his skin, a circle of power and a conic pyramid of energy illuminated his body brightly. The circular disc he stood on in front of the pyramid of conic energy then revolved around behind the pillar of power as on the next position of the disc the form of a handsome and muscular rabbit man came into view to take the place of the former human. His pirate crew costume appeared in a flash to cover his body. Then he exclaimed, "Lapine Armor Sequence!" His hero armor then appeared in flashes up and down his lapine body, followed by his gloves and boots, and finally his clear safety visor which appeared over his eyes. He then leaped off of the disc in a mighty aerial flip as he landed in full view where he made a flurry of martial arts moves before striking his final pose for all to see. "Justice Fury Number 1! Captain Rabbit!"
    End of Chapter Two


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      Chapter Three
      Then he activated his bracer communicator and said, "Justice Fury Number 1 responding to a Founder Core summons. ETA pending." He closed his communicator just before he took flight from his and Lena's home in Kennel Court as he flew off toward Infinite Heights. He soon was entering the outskirts of Toonium City where the biggest feline population lived along with the majority of Mr. Pink's Toonium Factories. As he headed to the northern section of that suburb city, he soon came within view of Lord Albert's mansion estate. Just beyond the estate he saw Shanther's Sundered Productions building where he had spent two weeks at just recently. Flying down and landing at the front door of the mansion, Captain Rabbit then transformed back into his human form where he finished getting dressed right there at the door. Just as he finished tying his shoes and raising upright once again, he felt a rolled up newspaper hit him in the butt and when he looked, he saw the paper boy toon riding on down the street. He then picked up the newspaper, rose back upright and rang the doorbell.

      The door opened and standing there was Top Cat. "Oh you must be Gerard Prince. Lord Albert is expecting you. Please come with me." And he led the boy into the mansion.

      Top Cat took Gerard to a set of double doors and opened them for the boy. "Lord Albert? Gerard Prince has arrived." Then to Gerard he said, "Go on inside. Lord Albert is finishing up his bath. I don't know how he can stand to bath in water." And then Top Cat departed closing the doors behind him.

      Gerard walked over past the privacy screen where he saw the great cat lord in a provocative position with his tail in air just above the thick shampoo suds in the bath tub. He had been rinsing off his head fur under the shower nozzle. And for a guy he was pretty hot to look upon even at this rear view. Just between his legs, Gerard couldn't help but to see Albert's erection hanging down in full view. "I can wait until you finish, sir, if you'd like the time to finish up."

      Albert said, "Nonsense, my boy... come on over here and grab a scrub brush; you can help me reach a few places that I cannot reach myself. I will speak with you at the same time." He then sat back down in the soapy sudsy bath water as Gerard went over and picked up the scrub brushes. "Directly across the center of my back both top and bottom, if you will. Now..." Albert had a video of Gerard's commercial playing on a magical monitor. "Shanther showed me the commercial you made for SCAMP. You did an excellent job. However, it is not advertising that I need your assistance with in the weeks before Christmas. You are familiar with Cheer Bear's Sponsor Family Program, are you not? As well as Terryville's flagship Sponsor a Prince program?"

      Gerard scrubbed on Albert's back as he replied, "I have heard of Cheer Bear's program but I'd not been told much about Sponsor a Prince."

      Albert then said, "Ah... right there... Sponsor a Prince is the program that the Council came up with that allowed your family to move to QC Planet. However, registrations are a bit behind. I need your help to bring the families and those who have submitted registrations to the planet if they qualify. You will be working with Mr. Pink on the Sponsor Family arrangements and you will work with me directly for the Sponsor a Prince family contracts. And a word further... we have been hearing about Land Brokers who claim to work for me and if you catch any of these bums, I am giving you permission to rip them a new ass hole with a rusty glaive."

      Gerard then said, "When will I be doing this job for you, Albert? I have school during the week from now until December twenty-first."

      Albert smiled. "You will be getting excused from your last hour class to conduct each of these registrations and family land contracts. And to hunt down these land brokers."

      Gerard said, "Are you really going to let me kill these land brokers?"

      Albert used the shower nozzle to spray down his back. "If you don't want blood on your lapine paws, then have W.W.N.N. kill the bum for you. If you can manage to hand the land broker over to the police and he actually stays in jail, then he could live. But I am not that confident in the U.S. Justice system. Also, before I forget..." Albert turned his head to look directly at Gerard fully. "There is a government General who was asking about you by name, Gerard. He is called General Sloan. I don't know much about him, so you should ask your father about this guy."

      Albert then resumed his bath. "If you do a good job, full upgrades and funding for your superhero team. I will even finance any productions that you authorize to be filmed."

      Gerard smiled. "I am sure dad can tell me plenty. Is there anything else I can help you with this morning, Lord Albert?"

      Lord Albert replied, "My familiar cats can help me with the rest of my needs; I really cannot ask you to help me with that if I expect you to do this job I just outlined for you. Go see Mr. Pink and he will get you started with the registration forms and other land claim customers. If you have time to spend a few days with me after you finish this job, then we can see about doing that. Good luck with your mission, Gerard. You know the way out."

      Gerard laid the morning newspaper still rolled up on a counter. "The paper boy delivered this as I was arriving. And now, its time to to take it to the next level."

      "Empowered Legacy! Activate!" Gerard struck his pose and felt the energy rush cascading up his body from his waist to his head. Then as he felt his hair stand on end and goosebumps ripple over his skin, a circle of power and a conic pyramid of energy illuminated his body brightly. The circular disc he stood on in front of the pyramid of conic energy then revolved around behind the pillar of power as on the next position of the disc the form of a handsome and muscular rabbit man came into view to take the place of the former human. His pirate crew costume appeared in a flash to cover his body. Then he exclaimed, "Lapine Armor Sequence!" His hero armor then appeared in flashes up and down his lapine body, followed by his gloves and boots, and finally his clear safety visor which appeared over his eyes. He then leaped off of the disc in a mighty aerial flip as he landed in full view where he made a flurry of martial arts moves before striking his final pose for all to see. "Justice Fury Number 1! Captain Rabbit!"

      Captain Rabbit smiled at Albert. "You do look good from behind, Lord Albert. Perhaps when Gerard isn't so busy, he can play with you." And then the heroic lapine departed the bathing chamber heading toward the front door. Once he was outside the mansion, he took flight and flew down to Port Ottercrest to check in with his father.
      End of Chapter Three


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        Chapter Four
        As he arrived in Port Ottercrest, he was fortunate to find Leon and Scooby Doo standing outside of the real estate office. Upon landing, Captain Rabbit said, "Leon Prince. I am so glad I found you. I need to speak to you immediately." Leon stepped over close to the heroic lapine and quietly said, "Is there a reason we cannot let Scooby know who you are?" Captain Rabbit quietly replied, "We're in public." He paused then continued. "Lord Albert just told me that General Sloan of the Pentagon has been asking about Gerard Prince by name. Albert doesn't know much about him; but he suggested that you might know more about this man." Leon didn't look too happy when he learned that Sloan was asking about Gerard. He then replied quietly, "General Osric Sloan is the head of a government controlled empowered hero project on Earth. Project: Dream Boy is the attempt to empower government agents to make them into All-American Empowered Heroes who would serve the U.S. government. Think a super powered G.I. Joe team. I would say the reason he wants to speak to you is because he wants to know how you became empowered. The Pentagon has a way of learning when an American citizen suddenly gains and uses powers." Captain Rabbit quietly smiled. "Do you think he would believe a story about alien chocolate falling out of the sky and sliding down my throat?" Leon chuckled, as he quietly replied, "Probably not, but he would want to run a medical scan to see if your power was able to be duplicated."

        Captain Rabbit sighed. "Captain Redears already learned that it isn't possible. Something tells me that General Sloan may end up becoming a problem for me if he tries to capture me while I am doing my Earth missions for Lord Albert. Cheer Bear's Sponsor Family program and the Sponsor a Prince program have new sign-ups and Lord Albert wants me to go to Earth and make sure these deserving people make it to QC Planet. There are also crooked Land Brokers trying to give Lord Albert and QC Planet a bad reputation."

        Much later, Captain Rabbit was meeting up with the Pink Panther in regards to the sign-ups and registrations. "So, who all do we have on the list, sir? I am eager to get started today on helping these people."

        Mr. Pink opened the case folders and read off a few names and Earth locations. "The Von Wagner family have been living out of their Winnebago. Their son had a chance encounter with Zecma which is how we learned of their situation. They applied for a new home on South Island in Mobotropolis. South Island is where a lot of the Sonic stunt doubles live and work at during their off season. Mr. Von Wagner has skills in the cafe proprietor trade as well as being a damned fine pastry chef. They have a German Shepherd and a parrot. Next up are the King Family. Their father is being invited by King Kazma to join their council in Anime Heights. His youngest son, Richard, is a lot like you were before you became Captain Rabbit. The oldest boy, Robert, will be attending Marshal in Meta-Star City. Zecma also informed me of the Thane family in Wheatland, Iowa. You will need to take Dr. Joanie Zamak with you to check out their daughter. The young man that Zecma met, Dennis Thane, will be attending Montrocol. Dennis is a DigiChampion card player. Ethan Edwards and his family are eligible for Heroes Reach. A boy named Isaac Knight who is a role player in Greenview, South Carolina, has qualified for the Family Sponsor Program. But he is also a Captain Rabbit fan. He can't wait to meet you. You will be working with Cheer Bear on that front. Isaac likes Reindeer. Lastly, a boy called Casey Glendon won the Sponsor a Prince contest recently. He currently lives in White River, Tennessee; and he likes the Mighty Ducks."

        Captain Rabbit then said, "It is a good start, Mr. Pink. I look forward toward meeting the Captain Rabbit fan. And while I AM using the name, I am not the original Captain Rabbit. But I know how to make it worth Isaac's time. I'll get an early start on this, Mr. Pink. I will contact Cheer Bear and together we will see about Isaac's lodgings in the Sponsor Family program. However, I need to go grab Dr. Zamak and we need to go to Wheatland first since that seems the most pressing form of business. The Von Wagner family will follow that since they have no home of their own. Thank you for your time, Mr. Pink."

        He then departed Faded Heights and flew to Joanie's home where he found her training with her Digital Dragon partner. As the good rabbit landed, he said, "He looks to be in top form, Dr. Zamak, but I have need of you on Earth. You were specifically mentioned by Mr. Pink. I will wait for you to get your Medina costume on and then we need to get going to see the Thane family in Iowa."

        Joanie summoned her dragon back into his storage card and put it away before she turned and walked past Captain Rabbit as she rubbed one hand over his abs before going into the house to get changed.

        When Medina emerged from her home, Captain Rabbit picked her up in his arms and flew to a moving van company where they were met up by their teammates, Brightburst and Arnie Roo. Brightburst whom was actually Prince Lightstrike, the son of Lord Wildfire, opted to come along when he learned, in that uncanny way he was known for, about the Earth General (Osric Sloan) wanting to see the team leader. Since Eagle Lord was often assisting Ezrel in Meta Star City, the team's newest member, a pouched Devil Kangaroo named Arnie Roo, was also waiting with the current humanoid, though usually a horse. Arnie held a basket of his delicious Choco-Bomb Cereal Bars. Since it was Christmas time, the roo thought it would be nice to share his treats.

        Meeting up with Lord Albert, Tigromon, Zecma and Dr. Tennyson whom were also called in they proceeded to A.I.R.S. Depot and used the transportal to go to the Davenport, Iowa Transportal station and then they proceeded toward Wheatland, Iowa. On Earth it was already December 24th, primarily because of a time off-set difference which the toons seemed to enjoy to make their lives different from Earth holidays.

        "Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house," recited Antonio as he looked around the quiet living room which didn't even have a Christmas tree. "Some Christmas this is. I failed my family; we couldn't even get presents for our children; we will lose the farm if I cannot make payment the day after tomorrow." Jennifer hugged her husband. "We still have each other and we haven't heard from Zecma as yet." To which he replied, "What if he got too busy to mess with us?" She smiled. "Then I will summon him."

        Then there came the knock at their door. "Now who could that be?" Mr. Thane said as he slowly stood up. "If it is a bunch of carolers, I will bah humbug them into an early grave." And he walked over to the front door and opened it where he saw... Lord Albert along with Zecma whom was sitting on the shoulder of one those Mack Roo Lawyers and just behind them was a six foot tall Tigromon and a real world human doctor whom Albert trusted, Dr. Tennyson, along with his trusted aid whom was another real world human albeit female, Dr. Joanie Zamak. "See? This is the place, Lord Albert. The Thane family where I met Dennis Thane and learned about their unfortunate situation. I promised the young man that I would help his family and see about getting him into Montrocol and I need your help to do it." Antonio was in shock because Dennis's little friend turned out to come through on his word. After allowing Lord Albert and the others to come into the house, the entire family was soon meeting with the founder as well as the muscled tiger digimon dean of Montrocol, Tigromon. Floating in mid air next to them was Zecma naturally.
        End of Chapter Four


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          Chapter Five
          Dennis was overjoyed when he saw the devil mouse once again. "I told you he would come through for us. I knew you wouldn't forget, Zecma. Thank you so much." Zecma grinned. "Hey, I gave my word, Dennis," replied the devil mouse with a smile. "Besides, I followed up with the college stuff you were saving money for. And so, under a joint scholarship from both Lord Albert and myself, you and your older siblings can attend Montrocol. As for your new farmhouse, crop land and orchards, Lord Albert will discuss this with your parents." Of course the founder was having his own conversation with Antonio and Jennifer to the side, and the topic was the location of the terraformed land that Zecma had donated for their new home. From what Dennis could overhear, the farmhouse was equally distant between Montropolis, Mystic Glen and Heroes Reach within a rural setting labeled on the map as Farms. There was a farmers market nearby where all of the produce and fruits grown could be traded openly without taxes between other farmers (for those who don't know, Mystic Glen is the city owned by Lord David Arden, CEO of the Arden's Pizza franchise.)

          Their new farm was being arranged under the 'Sponsor a Prince' protocol introduced by none other than Simba whom Captain Rabbit, the hero who ran the Justice Fury team down in Kennel Court. Since their family fell under the 'Rescued Sponsor Family' agreement introduced by Cheer Bear in the Cloud Kingdoms where Care-a-lot was located, they were being given the new property free of charge since a citizen of QC Planet was speaking up for them. Namely Zecma who was not only a local recreation production manager of a games factory but he also doubled as the liaison between Lord Albert and the Underworld Council. While Lord Albert discussed the upcoming move with the parents, Zecma and Tigromon helped the boys pack up what few belongings they owned into their suitcases. This only equaled out to the clothes that they owned along with a few personal items that they owned free and clear.

          Moments after Karen had packed her belongings, Dr. Tennyson and Dr. Zamak gave Karen an examination as Joanie read over the young lady's prescription. "Is this accurate? This is only a subscription for an expensive placebo." Dr. Tennyson looked at the bottles then he had Joanie go talk to the mother while he finished up with Karen. Neither Joanie nor Jennifer looked too happy when Mrs. Thane learned about the placebo.

          As the doctors did their job, Lord Albert assisted the Thanes in getting their belongings loaded into the moving van that Captain Rabbit was driving along side of his teammates. Lord Albert cast a spell on the families' old motor home used for park vacations which transformed it back into its like new condition. It once again had the look of the one which used to be seen in the live-action Shazam! Saturday morning children's show of the 1970s. Once they were loaded which included Badge's doggy bed, Often's litter box and the cage containing Honor, everyone got on board although Dennis rode in Tigromon's Montrocol transit bus with Zecma while Karen and Badge rode in Tennyson's ambulance. Behind the ambulance was the motor home being driven by Antonio and behind him was Captain Rabbit's moving van. They proceeded toward the local Iowa transportal to the Heroes Reach region of QC Planet. Iowa's version of Animation Park sat just north of Davenport (Quad Cities) which saw little activity during the winter and had regional transportals which led to the appropriate region a tourist would normally book reservations prior to visiting. Lord Albert led the convoy through the Heroes Reach transportal and they were soon driving along an anime landscape and highways on the QC West Coast.

          By sunrise, they were turning unto the Montropolis Valley Bypass Northeast and continued on until they saw Game Master Lane, which was a paved county road. Turning left on that road, they drove on until they saw the donated mailbox with their name on it. At that point, the convoy pulled into the large driveway on the south side of the farm road and that was when the Thanes got their first look at a perfectly duplicated and like new version of their farm back in Iowa; the absolutely beautiful farmhouse, barn, stables, a new tractor, a new lawnmower, crop fields on the side and orchards in the back were as if the drought never happened. The farm which was larger than they expected was surrounded by a wooden white fence and it had a large yard.

          Jennifer exclaimed, "Oh my. It is truly amazing what a little magic can do. Thank you so much, Zecma." The devil mouse smiled. "It was the least I could do. My factory and the north side of Montropolis are just south of your orchard, beyond the back fence and through the woods. Easy access to my place whenever you need to talk to me."

          Giggling at his mother's observation, Paladin said, "Magic or not, I like it. All we have to do is arrange the furniture." Antonio smiled as he looked toward the side of the property. "I can see me working that field during the week."

          Dr Tennyson said, "Joanie and I need to take Karen to the Montropolis Clinic to make sure she gets the proper treatment. If you would like to come along, Mrs. Thane, you may. Although we can wait until you are unpacked first."

          Lord Albert then warned the family. "Earth animals who move to QC Planet develop the fluent ability to speak English after a year. I am just warning you now so you don't freak out later when Badge and Often start talking out loud."

          Captain Rabbit then said, "I won't be needing Joanie at the next location, Lighty. The Von Wagner family have been living out of their Winnebago at a motor home park and they are being arranged to move to South Island where they will finally have a real house."

          Brightburst said, "I don't like that you have to go back to Earth, Cap; I am glad Zecma will be there with you."

          Captain Rabbit said, "Before I go see Isaac Knight, I will need to contact Cheer Bear in regards to a Sponsor Family arrangement. The boy is a Captain Rabbit fan, according to Mr. Pink. You can come with me when I and Cheer go to get the boy from his home town." The next few outings to Earth went without incident. However, premonition is often the saver of many lives. Thanks to a change of his mind, Captain Rabbit, Brightburst and Cheer Bear arrived in Isaac's home town near the park where he role played with his friends. And parked nearby was an army jeep and standing near it watching the kids play was General Osric Sloan. He apparently had learned that Captain Rabbit would be arriving in Greenview, South Carolina to award Isaac Knight with the Sponsor Family acquisition. Captain Rabbit looked at Brightburst and said, "Its Showtime." And he got out of the cloud car that Cheer had been driving as he boldly walked over to Sloan's jeep. "My father told me who you were, General, and for the official record, as my enemies have already learned, my powers are non-transferable. They stem from Frontier lapine genetics that I did not ask for. I occasionally have to work with these lapines under a special agreement or else they return to turn the Earth into Swiss Cheese. My father also told me that you would not believe my word alone. So whatever you are going to do, get it over with; I have a few more stops to make for the Pink Panther."
          End of Chapter Five


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            Chapter Six
            Sloan looked directly into the super powered lapine's eyes. "Work with me here, Captain. China recently developed a super powered agent and they are working for their government. We are now at a disadvantage. Unless you can somehow convince this Chinese Super to transfer to QC Planet then I have to try to get powers on our side however we can. I hate being behind in the super powers race. If you can get this Chinese Super to join your team and shirk their homeland, then you and any other American born citizen turned Super are off the hook. Otherwise, I and my colleagues will continue to focus on you Supers to learn how to duplicate these powers for our boys and girls in the defense of our country."

            Captain Rabbit rubbed his furry chin for a moment before saying, "There might be a way; no promises though. It is a slim chance to give your boys and girls what you are asking for. But let me stress this now, you had better have at least two female agents among this group or the deal is off."

            General Sloan replied, "I'm listening, Captain."

            "My powers are not an always-on ensemble package. There is a transformation sequence involved. If an agent were to undergo the transformation with me, they could gain super powers out of the transfer. It is a chance you didn't have before. Think about my offer, while Cheer Bear and I work with Isaac Knight and his role playing friends." Captain Rabbit then rejoined Brightburst and the Care Bear original as they walked into the park to speak to the human teenagers.

            Sloan immediately got on his mobile phone to prepare a select group for this opportunity. This was the break he had been hoping for.

            The moment the heroes got close to Isaac and the others, Captain Rabbit got nearly tackled by the young man in question who hugged him tightly and then the boy said the oddest thing, "Came to bring me home, dad?"

            Captain Rabbit glanced at Cheer Bear and said, "I did not arrange this, Cheer. I thought he was simply going to be joining the Sponsor Family Program. I didn't know who he would choose as sponsors. We don't have any reindeer on the team and I do not live with any reindeer either. I was going to give him a transformation device so he could become Captain Reindeer who would be an All Star in training."

            Cheer Bear then said, "I believe you, Captain. These sponsor charge winners do and say the most surprising things. However, I think I know how to make an arrangement that will work out for the best. Have you ever heard of the Reindeer Warriors?"

            Captain Rabbit replied, "Barely."

            Cheer Bear continued, "Their leader is an anthropomorphic heroic reindeer. The rest of his team are reindeer who can become anthro when he needs them. Rudolph is a member of their elite forces yet he hides it so well. We should be able to arrange it so your two teams can be allied together and then he and you can sponsor Isaac Knight."

            "What if their leader says no?"

            "Then I get to use the Care Bear stare on his useless ass." After the brief laughter from that statement died down, Cheer said, "No, we will tied colored girly ribbons all over his body and sprinkle glitter all over his dainty rump as we turn him into Rainbow Ribbon Reindeer."

            Brightburst wanted to growl when Cheer said those words, but instead he remained quiet as he thought, How did she find out about that?

            Captain Rabbit handed out Screener devices to the other role players explaining that these devices would create an illusion of the person they were pretending to be during their role playing adventures but they would not have the powers. "So don't take any foolish chances, kids. It's the appearance only. It will also give you the ability to call an All-Star whenever you like. But don't be making an All-Star come check on you all the time or we will take your gifts away. We really need to create membership cards."

            He then looked to Isaac, "Lets go get your bags and belongings packed and say good bye to your parents, Isaac. After dealing with you, I have to go escort the boy who won the Sponsor a Prince contest that I created for lucky children who qualify for sponsor family arrangements. Casey Glendon of White River, Tennessee. I have to escort him to meet with Daffy Duck."

            Cheer Bear then asked, "You don't qualify for the Sponsor Family Program, do you, Cap?"

            Captain Rabbit replied, "Sadly no. Under this rabbit body, I am a real world human teenager. I have never been helped by the Care Bears and I have never been asked to be a Big Brother in any of your programs. That is why I am less than enthusiastic in regards to Isaac's desire to want to live with me since I do not qualify to be his toon parent under your program guidelines. I am at a loss as to what to do in this case. Isaac is looking forward toward having me as one of the Sponsor Parents. If there were another option, I would be interested."

            Cheer Bear then said, "I have heard of a possible program that one of the Founder Core members presented to Lord Albert before I brought my program to his attention. He initially turned down the first offered program but when I and the other Care Bears spoke to him about the Care Bear version of the program, he said that he couldn't turn down the Care Bears regardless. Isaac's best bet in this case would be if you could convince Lord Albert to authorize Lord Paul's Associate Program. In this case, a single toon, anime, or real life star would be the single parent sponsor of a chosen human child regardless of the age. If Albert offered you an anything agreement as for your helping him with these outings, then one of the rewards you could ask for is the authorization of Lord Paul's program. And then you and Isaac could be the test in progress to show Albert that it can work."
            End of Chapter Six


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              Chapter Seven
              Captain Rabbit stated, "I think I should speak to Lord Paul before I surprise Lord Albert with this plan. I might have to do a lot of favors for him to get the Cat Lord to say yes." Brightburst finally said, "Cap, you are not going to be with the cat lord by yourself." Captain Rabbit said, "There is still room on that restraining order for your name, Brightburst. Or would you rather I call you by your full title right here in public? I will do as I like if it gets the job done. You have no right to tell me what to do with my life. So unless you want our friendship ended you will back off. I already informed both of your parents about your stalking actions regarding what I do day to day. The whole time I was doing Mrs. Leghorn's assignment, you were sitting on our front porch waiting for me to come home all because I somehow managed to stay hidden from you while doing my assignment with Shanther of which I traded with another student since the female student didn't want that assignment."

              Arriving in White River, Tennessee with Cheer Bear in her cloud car, Captain Rabbit took the envelope containing the winner announcement into the school where Casey Glendon normally attended classes at. But as luck would have it, the boy was keeping a doctor's appointment with his mother and Captain Rabbit didn't have the time to wait for him to come back to school. So the winning announcement was left with the principal, Boldt Quartermaine, an athletically built man who actually impressed Captain Rabbit with his college degrees and sports photos he had on one wall. The heroic lapine knew Casey would be surprised when he found out that he won that contest. Captain Rabbit would meet with Casey the following day.

              In the meantime, the Justice Fury's leader along with Medina, Dr. Tennyson and Dr. Yakko Warner as medical witnesses went to Fairdale, Pennsylvania where Project: Dream Boy was located. Captain Rabbit had already explained to the medical experts what he would be attempting to do with the volunteers that Sloan would be choosing for the attempt. It was strange and surprising that the government was attempting to make their own G.I. Joe version of the New World Mutants from Coolsville. They even had their project base in the real world city of the same name as the one in the TV show. Captain Rabbit went by the records department in city hall to check to see how coincidental the area was. The real world versions of the New World Mutants still lived locally. This did not really surprise him that the TV show was based on real people on Earth.

              Making some private phone calls to the real world duplicates to be on standby just in case, Captain Rabbit and his physician friends arrived at Project: Dream Boy where the soldiers at the gate permitted them landing clearance since Captain Rabbit was piloting the Justice Fury shuttle cruiser for this trip. All of the doctors would have had trouble fitting into Cheer Bear's cloud car. As the hero and doctors emerged from the shuttle, they could see the soldiers with their rifles at the ready. Captain Rabbit then raised his voice. "If you want me to work with you, Sloan, then call off your soldiers or else I will initiate an All-Star Alliance emergency right here, right now!"

              Sloan emerged from one building with seven adult volunteers. Four were male and three were female. None of the seven were armed with any weapons. General Sloan then shouted, "Stand down, soldiers! Captain Rabbit is here to assist with the Dream Boy project!" And that was when all rifles were lowered to the ready position. "I apologize for that, Captain. We have had a few angry rejects (who were weeded out earlier) trying to stop us from succeeding in the project. My volunteers are understandably nervous about what is about to occur and therefore, I am personally going to subject myself to the test to hopefully show that the process is safe. May I ask why you brought QC Planet's best doctors with you? We have government doctors here at the project."

              Captain Rabbit then said, "They are here by Lord Albert's suggestion. If the process for which I suggested works, the test subjects will need a QC Medical examination to see if the powers they are to be gaining will be stable or not. I would hate to see you and your team relying on the power only to unexpectedly power down right in the midst of your enemies. Stabilization of your powers is a serious factor to weigh in for new empowered agents to be. I cannot really call your team 'heroes' if they simply end up being your super powered army regiment. Because if that is their end goal I will not help anyone gain powers. For the greater good or not at all: what will it be, folks?"

              Sloan then stepped forth and said, "I am willing to subject myself to your doctors' tests, Captain. I assume there is something specific they are looking for, yes?"

              Captain Rabbit said, "Sloan... how strong is your own personal imagination as in the power of belief? In order for this process to work, you must still have a part of your mind who still believes in the miracles of a child's wishes. If you are ready to volunteer for this, I will power down first and be warned that I am not totally helpless even when in my regular identity, then I will grab you from behind and hold on to you as I initiate my transformation sequence. As for the ladies, I am not doing this to cop a feel. Respectfully, none of you are my type since I am still a teenager. If you are ready for this, the moment I grab you from behind, place the memory of your favorite cartoon character in the forefront of your mind and then I will initiate my sequence. When it ends, my doctors will give you an examination. Power Down!"

              And Captain Rabbit reverted to his human identity of Gerard Prince, the son of the CIA's finest operative... right there in front of every soldier and government agent.

              One of the female volunteers then broke rank and said, "You are Captain Rabbit? I have worked with your father in the field on many missions. Now that I know I will be getting to work with you, Gerard Prince, I am much more relieved than I was a few moments ago. Your father was nothing but a gentleman to me on our missions."

              Gerard commented, "Remember, volunteers, this requires the mental power of belief. If you feel you need to work on your willpower beforehand, then please take a backward step. No one will think you are showing fear for being honest to yourself. Don't make a fool out of yourself if you are not ready." He then looked to Sloan. "It's time. I hope you know what you're doing, General."

              Sloan replied, "You're not the only one. As you stated, there was one cartoon character I admired a lot when I was a young man even in boot camp when I specialized in helicopter and small plane piloting maneuvers. I will place him in the front of my mind and hold the image there; then I will take the transformation ride with you. Afterward, your doctors can examine me to verify if any powers gained are temporary or stabilized."

              Gerard stepped around behind General Sloan and placed both hands around the man's waist as he placed his own legs in the beginning pose position. "Focus upon the cartoon character, Sloan. Who did you admire? Here we go..."

              "Empowered Legacy! Activate!"
              End of Chapter Seven


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                Chapter Eight
                Gerard and Sloan felt the energy rush cascading up their bodies from their waist to their head. Then as they felt their hair stand on end and goosebumps ripple over their skin, a circle of power and a conic pyramid of energy illuminated their bodies brightly. The circular disc they stood upon in front of the pyramid of conic energy then revolved around behind the pillar of power and as the disc came back into view, the forms of a handsome and muscular rabbit man came into view to take the place of the former teen aged human while an adult animated Kitsune man seemed to be directly in front of the rabbit. The rabbit's pirate crew costume appeared in a flash to cover his body as a training leotard covered Sloan's modesty. Then Gerard exclaimed, "Hero Armor Sequence!" Their heroic armors then appeared in flashes up and down their transformed bodies, followed by their gloves and boots; and finally their clear safety visors which appeared over their eyes. Then they leaped off of the disc in a mighty aerial flip as the rabbit landed in full view where he made a flurry of martial arts moves before striking his final pose for all to see. "Captain Rabbit!" As Sloan was released in mid air, his two tails began rotating rapidly as he flew back and forth over the project grounds before landing in full view where he struck a military pose and saluted the others respectfully. "Commander Kitsune! Mobian Militia!"

                Captain Rabbit glanced at the stocky human turned slender Kitsune and smiled. "You liked Tails. I really hope you get to keep those powers, Sloan. You look awesome."

                Commander Kitsune then walked over to the QC doctors and held still for their examination. This was part of the deal and inwardly, Sloan was excited; his new identity had impressed Captain Rabbit. Apparently that was not an easy task. "As agreed upon, Captain, I will let your doctors examine me. Although I am feeling that surge of energy rippling through my fur still. Is that normal or am I about to lose this impressive form?"

                Captain Rabbit said, "No it is not normal. But what do you believe will happen, Sloan? Remember: I said this was about willpower and the power of belief. You get to live a childhood fantasy. If you truly want to keep this power, then convince yourself that the powers are permanent. I have upheld my end of the bargain, but I think we should wait before doing anyone else to see if your powers will stabilize or not."

                Medina then said to Sloan, "Try powering down without Captain Rabbit's assistance."

                Commander Kitsune assume the pose and placing his real identity within his mind, he said, "Power down!" And nothing happened. Not even a waver. "I'm still in this body."

                Medina looked to Captain Rabbit. "Help him this time, Cap. The next test will be to see if he can transform without your assistance. It could very well be that he has to transform with assistance and power down with assistance before he can do it on his own. It is a good thing that Sloan did this first so we could evaluate how the process would work with other humans. I sincerely hope I am right in my evaluation."

                Captain Rabbit stood behind Commander Kitsune and held him around the waist. "Here we go, Sloan... Power down!"

                And in a flash, both the rabbit and the kitsune returned to normal.

                Gerard now said, "Time to try it on your own, Sloan."

                Sloan quickly stepped aside to a dumpster where he began throwing up as if he was sick to his stomach.

                Tennyson then said, "Transformation Sickness. First timer adults experience it when they return to normal; teenagers can handle it a lot better."

                When Sloan finished vomiting and cleaning his mouth with mouth wash and water, he resumed his primary pose. "I have never lost control of a lunch like that before. I think I am ready."

                Gerard gave Sloan the thumbs up before heading over to speak to the recruits.

                "Empowered Legacy! Activate!" Sloan felt the energy rush cascading up his body from his waist to his head. Then as he felt his hair stand on end and goosebumps rippling over his skin, a circle of power and a conic pyramid of energy illuminated his body brightly. The circular disc he stood upon in front of the pyramid of conic energy then revolved around behind the pillar of power and as the disc came back into view, the form of a handsome and slender adult animated Kitsune man clothed in a training leotard. Then Sloan exclaimed, "Hero Armor Sequence!" His heroic armor then appeared in flashes up and down his transformed body, followed by his gloves and boots; and finally his clear safety visor which appeared over his eyes. He then leaped off of the disc in a mighty aerial flip where Sloan began rotating his two tails rapidly as he flew back and forth over the project grounds before landing in full view where he struck a military pose and saluted the doctors respectfully. "Commander Kitsune! Mobian Militia!"

                Medina then asked, "Do you feel the left over energy all over your body like before?"

                Commander Kitsune said, "Oddly no, I am feeling the wind blowing over my fur and that is giving me a youthful feeling that I almost forgot about having when I was younger."

                Medina then said, "Final Test, Sloan. Power down."

                Sloan then powered down and this time, he felt no urge to throw up his stomach. "First time Transformation Sickness, you called it. Right Dr. Tennyson?" Tennyson replied, "Correct, General Sloan. Since you threw up after changing the first time, you shouldn't have to vomit again now that you can do it yourself. Although at first, you should only use your heroic forms sparingly say when all else fails or when time and lives are on the line." Sloan nodded his head. "You have a good point, Tennyson. I promised Captain Rabbit that we are not creating a super powered army."
                End of Chapter Eight


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                  Chapter Nine
                  General Sloan then continued. "Although after we get our own heroes, will it truly be necessary to ferret Americans gaining powers off to QC Planet for apparently no explanatory reason at all?"

                  Tennyson set an eye upon the General. "Allow me to answer your question by asking you one in return. When an American gains the powers of a Werewolf does that also fall under the clause of an American gaining super powers? What about in the case of what the dirty producers on Earth did when they tricked the Digimon Silver Age stars into becoming digitized? Does D. A. C. also fall under the 'military needs to train them' clause? How about those Americans who end up getting empowered through Frontier means... Space Aliens. Does that also fall under this clause that you are bringing up? Are you going to declare war on every source that can empower an American? Because if that is your goal, you will end up with a good many enemies across the cosmos and the planar as well as Digital dimensions." Dr. Warner hugged Tennyson. "That is a good point, colleague."

                  Gerard approached Sloan and said, "I checked out the Chinese super power story, Sloan. The lady in question has no powers. She has a Swat suit along with ancient martial arts."

                  Back on QC Planet, Gerard and Joanie were meeting with the rest of the All-Stars and their mentors (Bat Hound and Krypto.) Gerard exclaimed, "Commander Kitsune, Panthera Rose, Lotsa Muscles, Shark Queen, Rocket Rabbit and Captain Coon. The funniest one was the last volunteer who was able to successfully retain a power charge. Captain Coon is a legally trained military thief and government hacker. But as Captain Coon, he has a lot of my powers. I guess it is the 'Captain' curse. Otherwise, Sloan is agreeing to call his Dream Boy group the American All-Star Reserves. They will perform together as a team when doing mundane functions, but when push comes to shove, they will power up to be heroic. I only hope I made the right choice in helping them to gain powers."

                  Gerard then continued. "But aside from that, we may have some new All-Stars for our team we can integrate into heroes in a more decent manner. The real life counterparts to the New World Mutants were living in Fairdale Pennsylvania and they have been following our adventures. They admitted to me that they sold their NWM idea to a cartoon production company who used parts of the overall story and script to make the completely incorrect version of what they had originally created. The originals would like to join the All-Stars which I am considering since the cartoon company screwed them over. I spoke to American Mouse and he gave me permission to get the originals on board."

                  Joanie said, "We do have room for them. How will they be gaining powers, Gerard?"

                  Gerard smiled. "I was thinking about using our alliance with the Yuskay Groomers to do the job for us. They are professionals in the empowering arts. Although I was thinking about instating the boys into the 'Amazing Friends' branch of the All-Stars. Northside could use some nice guys like them. Turns out that Mega Dog and Mega Man are near the Northside area." All of a sudden, Captain Rabbit leaned forward in his seat placing his head gently upon the table.

                  Fearing the worst, Joanie was immediately at Captain Rabbit's side examining him. When it looked like the good rabbit hero was starting to revert to his human form albeit one that was covered head to foot in horrific burns and injuries before beginning to fade away where he had slumped, Brightburst started to ignite as he was rising to his hooves.

                  Timesheart Tiger then said, "Cool it, Lighty, or are you going to obliterate your best tiger buddy in the world. This effect has the appearance of a summons. This means someone with power is summoning Captain Rabbit to their location."

                  Lighty then said, "Call Tennessee and ask him who summoned Gerard. We deserve to know if I am to be stopped from over heating. I had to mount a filly recently at my parent's request after Gerard registered a complaint about me to them. I don't want to think I had to do that for no reason."

                  Timesy pulled out his time agent communicator from his fur pocket and he activated it. "Tennessee, sir. This is Time Agent Timesheart Tiger. Captain Rabbit was just summoned out of a hero meeting after it looked like he had passed out with his head on the table; and then he faded away. We need to know who summoned Gerard to prevent Lighty from obliterating us all."

                  Tennessee's voice was then heard by one and all. "Gerard Prince was not summoned. His real body is on the verge of waking up in the Angel City, D.C. Memorial Hospital on Dreamwolf Earth (where the U.S. government transported his family, his friends, and him to) after he barely survived being hit in the mouth by a small piece of Meteorite debris (while he was in the process of catching a softball that Alphonzo Takatakashi had knocked out into left field) and then an even larger meteorite crashed into Atticus Georgia on Earth and obliterated the entire region. As a matter of fact when Gerard fully awakens, the coma-induced dream drop that is part of Joseph William's coma will cause all of you to be transported back to your homes of origin - one way. QC Planet never existed. When you awaken back in your homes; you will have a fleeting memory of the name Gerard Prince for one hour. If you do not write this name down so there is a permanent record of the name in your home area, when the hour ends, his name will fade from your minds forever and you will not recall the name ever again. The exception to this rule is people with Digital Memories. Yes, this means you and Axy, Joanie. For the official record, Joanie, in the real world, you a taking an online correspondence course to earn your medical license. You haven't gotten it yet, but you are damned close to getting it."

                  Joanie smiled. "At least I am attempting to get my license."

                  Tennessee now added, "Gerard Prince's favorite animals are rats, rabbits, donkeys and Great Danes. Before the accident, he watched Krypto's show every afternoon just so he could see you, Ace the Bat Hound. This is not to say that he doesn't like you, Krypto. He thinks both you and Ace are sexy."

                  Royal Rabbit then asked, "If this is all a coma induced dream; then I was never resurrected. Tennessee, I have no home to go back to. Redear's father killed me when I was defending my home world. I don't want to return to the void, sir." Tennessee replied, "Use one of Timesy's time bubbles to come here to the end of time. While you are here, your resurrection will be guaranteed. This will only work for the formerly deceased. If you haven't died at least once, the trick will not work for anyone else. And now I must end this call because the time and place you people are in is beginning to break up. You have little time, Royal. Come here immediately." And then the call was simply cut off. Joanie handed her game device and Axy card to Royal right quick.
                  End of Chapter Nine


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                    Chapter Ten
                    After that, Royal was up fast from his chair as he ran to the Justice Fury hangar where he jumped inside one of Timesy's time bubbles and clicked the homing journey button to the end of time. And the time bubble lifted off and shot through the time stream just as QC Planet began to fade away piece by piece.

                    Puppy's ranch was transported back to Lycopolis just outside of Heliopolis in the outer planes. General Red found himself and his cubs back at his red dragon liege's castle in the outer planes. Delsangre the Cervine Wizard was not moved at all although he sensed the dream drop fade away. One good thing about this dream drop ending now was that the Underworld Direct Investment accounts simply ceased to exist since those who owned them never had them created.

                    Lonepaw and Tailshot awoke aboard Redears' pirate ship in Frontier which was in cloaking mode. Lonepaw told Redears that they needed to make a trip to Dreamwolf Earth to see a potential recruit. Timesheart Tiger awoke in a bed in Champion Pony's ranch house in the Storm Hills. He grabbed a pencil and wrote out Gerard's name and location on a message pad to the side of his bed. Dalis Hailey awoke in an Oriental manor house next to Black Kitsune. The room they were in was pretty dark. Miyuki Tsukino awoke at a table stacked with spell books apparently where she had fallen asleep at while researching spells to further her magical knowledge. Arthur Lupin awoke to the smell of griddle cakes being prepared by his father.

                    Arnold Domingo woke up in a bedroom within the Prince family house in Angel City, D.C. Upon awakening, he said, "Gerard; please be alive. You're my best friend."

                    Prince Lightstrike awoke at a desk within a Dar-Shan classroom where the instructor was giving a lecture on Kingdom Management. At least he was in a learning locale and not with his mother. Lighty picked up a writing quill and wrote out the name Gerard Prince on his notepad. He couldn't picture who that was but the name was fresh in his mind. He would have to ask his father later about the person. James "Jamie" Zamak awoke in Africa where he had fallen asleep at his lion reserve in the protective paws of a lioness. Joannah "Joanie" Zamak awoke near her office computer where her next internet medical course lesson was waiting for her. Joanie also wrote out Gerard Prince on a side piece of paper and then out of the blue, she also wrote out Axydrum and Royal Rabbit. Joachiem 'Jawl' Zamak awoke within view of young puppies and joey kangaroos in a petting zoo that he personally owned. Jawl was in Heaven when he saw the cuties in front of himself.

                    Tyler "Covert" McCloud awoke in Frontier aboard his brother's star ship already planning his escape to Dreamwolf Earth.

                    Angel City Memorial Hospital; Angel City, D.C.; Dreamwolf Earth
                    Two years after the mysterious accident.

                    The nice and pretty young Australian Paramedic lady had been bent over within view of the bed getting some clean sheets ready for Gerard's patient bed when he slowly opened his eyes and saw the nice view in front of him.

                    "Hello_ Nurse," he said without warning. Although Gerard was wrapped up in bandages, his vision was not obscured.

                    The Australian Paramedic rose up and turned to look at Gerard. "Oh my; yas finally awoke from yer coma, mate. Ah need to call the doctor. Yas got 'it in the mouth by space debris." And she turned and walked over to the intercom unit and pressed the emergency channel function. "Doctor! Gerard Prince awoke from 'is coma! Come quick!"

                    Soon, several doctors were in the room since the boy's original prognosis didn't look good for his recovery; but his father insisted that life support be kept on for his son.

                    Gerard's next words were a little surprising. "Its too heavenly here." And when that had no effect, he said, "I guess that part was just a dream figment."

                    He then asked, "Could you bring me an electric guitar?"

                    It took about fifteen minutes before they could bring him a fresh electric guitar. This would be the final test to see if playing the song was also part of the dream.

                    As he held the guitar properly, he played the starting riff for a moment before pausing and then he launched into the theme song fully. Since his throat was still healing, he couldn't sing just yet. But while he was playing, within the back part of the recovery room, a set of drums appeared and playing them was what looked like the ultimate plushy kangaroo wearing a shirt that read "Arnie Roo."

                    Next, a rainbow rescue beam penetrated the nearby window as a few Caring Cousins arrived; one was of the male tiger variety who was holding a wireless mic. Then he provided the voice for the song being played. The other four were Braveheart Lion, Brightheart Raccoon, Lotsaheart Elephant, and Cozyheart Penguin. The doctors were happy to see that the Caring Cousins were interested in Gerard's recovery.

                    Mentally, Timesheart Tiger sent a message to Tennessee; Gerard began playing the theme song and he summoned Arnie Roo and I to his hospital room. The others haven't arrived yet. I am assuming that without powers or a direction to go in, they cannot make the trip just yet.

                    Tennessee replied, They sense the song being played, but they have no current idea what it means nor where it is originating from. I guess Arnie Roo is so loving, he cannot be made to forget about his human friend. As for you, you are lucky you can use the rainbow rescue beam.

                    The Prince family and Arnold Domingo were next to arrive although the family remained at the door while Arnold approached Gerard and gently patted his leg. "You never told me that you could play the guitar, Gerard. You are pretty good at this. It is amazing that the Caring Cousins took an interest in you." When the song ended, Gerard muttered, "There is always time for caring, isn't that right, Tiger?"
                    End of Chapter Ten


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                      Chapter Eleven
                      Timesheart Tiger approached the side of the bed and he gently hugged the bandaged boy. "Is there anything nice I can get for you, Gerard?"

                      "How about a Cousin Call healing feeling to regenerate my body so I can get out of this bed?" the boy replied.

                      Timesy turned his head to look at his father and his uncle. "May we have Caring Cousin permission to do this, dad?"

                      Braveheart looked to the doctors. "I think we can, son. Although the doctors will still want to check Gerard out to make sure he is truly cured. They are only doing their jobs." He then raised his voice. "Cousins! Call!" And the lion roared; the raccoon and penguin chattered; the elephant trumpeted; and the tiger growled as their tummy symbols glowed and the light of caring enveloped Gerard's entire bed permeating beneath the bandages and they began their miracle powered work on the boy's throat and his teeth; repairing everything within his mouth that had been damaged. A reporter and a photographer for the Angel City Times newspaper arrived just as the Cousins were getting started. The photographer took the picture as the reporter spoke to the doctors to get their take on the Caring Cousins being in the hospital and of their involvement with Gerard Prince.

                      Gerard then asked what he thought was a good question. "Where is Care-a-lot located these days?"

                      Leon Prince said, "Care-a-lot is located just above Earth, Gerard, but the Cousins travel all of the inhabitable Earth-like worlds. They even have their own Forest of Feelings in the sky over Dreamwolf Earth. I have been offered a job on the Austin Limits city council. That's a community just West of the Montropolis zone; Lord Lampwick owns the town as well as the carnival nearby. Arnold doesn't live in the Ward anymore since it was destroyed at the same time the entire region got hit by the meteorite. Your sister, Lupa, is enrolled at the Surreal University of Mechanics in Mythos Bay. And your older brother, Marshall Slystalker, is staying at a boarding school in the Coolsville zone."

                      From the drum set, Arnie Roo remarked, "'ello Mr. Prince. 'ave the Chocobomb Bar deliveries Ah 'ave been making been good?"

                      Leon smiled at the devil kangaroo on the drums. "When are they not, Arnie Roo? They are super delicious."

                      Arnie Roo grinned. "After yas get settled, yas will still get them."

                      From the bed, Gerard said, "Krypto films his show in Meta Star City, dad. I want to go there and meet with Ace the Bat Hound. You know how I go gaga over Great Danes. Especially him." Rianne said, "If Ace will let you, I would give you permission to live with him as long as you finished high school." Gerard asked, "But what about your allergy to pet dander, mom?" Rianne arched an eye. "Oh honey, your memory is not up to snuff as yet. I don't have any such allergy. My family doctor will roll on the ground laughing when I tell him your suggestion." Leon said, "If Gerard wants to live with Ace the Bat Hound, then we can ask WayneTech if it is possible. I know Mr. Wayne wouldn't let Gerard's grades slip. And Gerard, the city is called Metropolis. I assume that Meta-Star City was the name from your coma dream."

                      Arnie Roo then said, "Ah gotta go, folks. Kids to feed and a mate to stuff. Regular deliveries tomorrow morning. Bye!" And he vanished along with his drum set leaving the back section of the recovery room as clean as it had been before he popped in.

                      Timesheart Tiger came over to Gerard's side and gently patted his chest with his fluffy paw. "Once you get settled on Camp World, I will come and check up on you once again. Just remember, Cap, sometimes dreams do come true." He then winked at the boy before heading off to join his father and friends as they caught the rainbow rescue beam out of the hospital room.

                      The doctors then removed the bandages from Gerard's body carefully before the boy voiced a concern about needing to take a shit. Arnold Domingo helped his friend into the bathroom and got him seated on the toilet before leaning up against the door and smiling. "The doctors had a bed pan that they were inserting under your butt and a hose on your penis; and they would open a trapdoor in your bandages. I am really glad you survived that cosmic strike. You're the first friend I have ever had, Gerard. I don't know what I would do without you." Gerard did his business. "You would likely open your eagle wings and fly away to freedom." Arnold smiled. "That must have been some sort of a doozy of a dream you had in your coma. I don't have wings." Gerard also smiled. "You don't have talons and a beak either, but the whole dream was a comic book superhero type of dream. We were both heroes; you were Eagle Lord and I was Captain Rabbit and rabbits are not even my first choice of likes. Unless one of the Warner rabbits were to turn gay and drag me away to their lair. I know I am straight to humans, but as you heard with my interest in Ace... I would be inclined to experiment."

                      Arnold smirked. "Are you sure you don't want to ride the Kryptonian express? The shaft would be smaller than a Great Dane's penis." Gerard finished up his business and he wiped. "You are a sick friend to be talking about canine penises. I thought I was the only one in a coma."

                      Arnold said, "How come the tiger called you Cap? He seemed to know more than he was letting on."

                      Gerard chuckled. "He is the Doctor Who of the Care Bear family."

                      Arnold said, "So he called you Cap because he could see what you had dreamed about regarding yourself. And you're right, you're not that much into rabbits unless it is someone as sexy as Ace Bunny from the Loonatics. So you think he would be more open minded to playing with a human boy?"

                      Gerard replied, "If he isn't then he is certainly no descendant of Bugs Bunny. It is in his ancestor's contract to be attracted to both sexes. Bugs has cross-dressed, kissed every single member of the Warner Brothers cartoon animal line-up, including Yosemite Sam, Elmer Fudd and Marvin the Martian. Bugs has been stood up at the altar four times by guys who decided that they weren't crazy enough to marry a rabbit. Um... before I met you, Arnold, I watched a lot of cartoons." Arnold said, "I remember when you told me that." Gerard then said, "Do you have a cellphone on you, Arnie? And tap in the number to the Tralfazworth Bank please."
                      End of Chapter Eleven


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                        Chapter Twelve
                        Arnold pulled the cellphone out of his shirt pocket and whom then tapped in the number for the Bank before handing it to Gerard. "Angel City Bank; Bennett Tralfazworth speaking." Gerard said, "I don't know if anyone is working on solving this for you, sir, but the San Francisco census archives has records on a surname change regarding your grandfather's family just after they moved to the States from Japan. The original Japanese surname is Takatakashi." "How do you spell that, sir?" "That is: T-A-K-A-T-A-K-A-S-H-I." Who is this so I will know where to send the reward for this information." "No, I wish to remain anonymous. No reward is necessary, sir." "We have been trying to solve this mystery for ages. If this pans out, I will donate your reward to needy children's hospitals across the Eastern seaboard. Thanks again for this information." "Thank you for your time, sir." Gerard then ended the call and handed the cellphone back to Arnold.

                        "And that will take care of the Tralfazworth family," stated Gerard with a smile. "Let's head back to the doctors so I can get cleared for getting out of the hospital. Mom and dad are considering to let me live with Ace. Of course, you will have to come along too, Arnold. Best friends should not be separated."

                        Upon his return to the doctors, Gerard permitted the doctors to check him out all over which included running a battery of tests upon his mouth and throat which many of them were sure Gerard was not going to survive the initial space debris strike into his mouth at the angle of entry. Having the Caring Cousins conduct a regeneration stare all over Gerard's body seemed to have done the trick. Even the X-rays indicated that Gerard had made a full recovery. Not long after that, The papers were signed and Gerard was allowed to leave the hospital with his family although Gerard convinced his parents to leave the hospital by way of the back door. Getting into the car, Leon had everyone strap in and then, they drove around the building right past a large crowd of newspaper and television reporters whom were waiting for the Prince family to emerge through the front doors so as to get an interview with the miracle recovery teenager just after his official release. Leon said, "Clever move asking the doctors to record that your release date was for that afternoon instead of when we departed through the rear doors. How did you know that would work?"

                        Gerard replied, "From my dream... I took a page out of Bat Hound's book and we sneaked out the back while the press waited in the front. That is also why I laid my head down into Arnold's lap as we went past that crowd. Now that we are free and clear, I am seated upright once again. How soon can Arnold and I go to Metropolis, dad? I know you said you were given a spot on the Austin Limits City Council."

                        Leon replied, "Rianne and I already have a house in Austin Limits. But we were delaying the official move into it until you recovered from the hospital. Did you have any hidden stashes in the old house, Gerard? And please tell the truth."

                        Gerard now eyed the back of his mother's head as he chose to tell it like it was. "Grandma Lombard mailed me a martial arts glaive a few years ago and it has a wicked look to it and a weird vibe about it. I was planning on making sure grandpa could see this thing for himself. I know how mom hates her own mother and grandma sent me this scary knife weapon. I left it in the box after looking at it one time only. I am interested in hand-to-hand martial arts, but that weapon was too much." Rianne turned in her seat and she said, "You should have mentioned this knife to us the moment you got it."

                        With replacements of all of Gerard's martial arts equipment loaded into the U-Haul trailer, The prince family and Arnold headed for the Cross Country Transportal located within view of Angel City D.C. Leon showed his security clearance ID to the Dreamwolf Soldiers at the gate and not long after that, the Prince vehicle and U-Haul trailer wheeled in through the Transportal bound for Austin Limits, California. What followed was a nice freeway drive until they reached the Austin Limits off-ramp and then they slowed down and drove to the new Prince home on the Northeastern side of Austin Limits. The house was almost in the exact same locale as the Prince house of Terryville from the dream coma. It even looked similarly to the dream version.

                        Leon then said, "Gerard, I have called Krypto during his filming break in Metropolis. He will help you and Arnold find lodging in the Metropolis-Gotham local area and after that, it will be up to you both to get enrolled in a high school. Remember, Gerard... I want to see that High School Diploma. Aside from that, I don't care where you choose to go to school at; whether it is up a donkey's butt; in a dragon's slit or even in the Digital World... Just don't lose too many clothes in that last location. The DAC crew were losing clothes left and right in their first three seasons." Gerard glanced at Arnold with a grin. "Now listen at him; I think he's trying to get rid of us now. When will Krypto be showing up to escort us back to Metropolis with him?" Leon smiled as he saw a flash of white to the East coming their way just ahead of a Yuskay Groomer tour bus. "Here he comes now, boys. Remember, show respect for the super dog."

                        As Leon headed off with Rianne to get the house settled, Krypto and Streaky flew in and landed in full view of the boys whom were waiting for them. And when the tour bus came to a halt the door opened up and Ace the Bat Hound leaped out to land in the line up with the other super pets and then Robbie the Robin flew out of the bus and he landed on Ace's head. Finally, Stretch-O-Mutt and Thunder Mutt emerged from the tour bus to stand just behind the other main streamers.

                        The boys greeted every super pet but when it got to Gerard and Ace; the Bat Hound found himself in a full crouched embrace by the nice boy who also gave Ace a kiss on his muzzle as he scratched nicely over the Great Dane's lower body parts. Gerard said, "I have been waiting to meet with you forever, Ace. When Arnold and I get set up, will you stop by once in a while to check on us?" He then whispered, "...I'll give you more tummy scratchings... I'll hide you from Isis..."

                        Ace pushed Gerard away from himself and said, "Control yourself, kid. Krypto and I are on duty." Then he whispered, "But we will talk about that last one later tonight."

                        Thunder Mutt smirked a little. "Looks like Ace has a fan. That is more than I can say for those kids who say they watch my movies." He then resumed being as grim and as nonchalant as Ace.

                        Streaky said, "I don't understand why I came along with a bunch of dogs to meet two boys."

                        Stretch-O-Mutt replied, "Because Scott Jeralds promised all of us an all we can eat dinner tonight if we did bring you with us. And that dinner offer includes you, Streaky; or have you sworn off fish in regards to that diet that Andrea says she wants to put you on?" Streaky then said, "That evil girl wants to starve me to death."
                        End of Chapter Twelve
                        End of Episode Ten
                        End of Volume 1 (Gerard's Nightmare.)

                        Stay tuned for the next volume, (Justice Patrol.)
                        Stay tuned for the next episode, Heroes By Choice