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[Moon_Arc-02] WB-01 Hang Ten

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    [Moon_Arc-02] WB-01 Hang Ten

    Moon_Arc-02 Wotter Boards
    Wotter Boards

    This is the premiere adventure of Roger Collins and his story of his part-time job with two Lutran blooded surf board enthusiasts.

    Kailua Beach, Hawaii; Lunar Earth; Moon-Arc Sector

    [Moon_Arc-02] WB-01 Hang Ten
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter One.

    "Roger! Wake up, we're here! Our new home!" exclaimed the boy's mother as she opened up the passenger side front door to get the luggage and U-Haul trailer unpacked. "Besides, you will need to get your room in order and then go out and look for a part-time job to help out around here. We all have to pitch in while your father is working with the rebuild society. There are a lot of places near the beach with Help Wanted signs. You just need to find a job that looks like it might be more fun than work and do your best at that location. Besides, you might make a few new friends at your job site as well. I know your last so-called friends on the mainland were all the time trying to get you into a street gang when they weren't trying to get down your pants. You told me you weren't like that. This is a new start, so shake a leg, son!"

    Roger got out of the car and he held out one leg and he shook it. "That didn't do so much. Hard to believe we are in Hawaii for free thanks to dad's rebuild project." He then went around to the rear of the car and he unloaded his suitcases and he took them into the mediocre styled home. It wasn't a new home by a longshot. When he found his room, he saw a small bit of graffiti written on one wall behind where he would be setting up his bed at. It read as follows, "Wotter Boards are the best boards in Kailua. Those dudes could sure use some help around there. But they are too proud to ask for assistance nor will they put up a help wanted sign. I hope whomever moves in here next can help those nice dudes." Roger dropped off his suitcases and then he headed back out to get the frame for his bed as well as his mattress and sheets. "I may already have a lead on where to find some work. The last boy to live in my room left a note about a place that needed some help but they are too proud to ask for assistance. But if I could earn their trust, maybe they would hire me."

    Mrs. Collins said, "That was nice of the former teenager to mention a place that needs help. I really want you to have a part-time job, Roger. You just do what you have to do. your father and I need to get the living room arranged."

    Roger said, "As soon as I get my bedroom arranged, I'll go look into this beach front business."

    Getting his bedroom in order didn't take him as long as he thought it would and he soon was in his casual clothes and sneakers as he headed off to find this beach side business. Heading by the post office first, he asked the postal clerk about Wotter Boards and he was told that there was no such business in Kailua Beach. He then went to city hall and he asked them about Wotter Boards. They surely had to pay for utilities since it was a business albeit beach side. But like the postal clerk, there was no registration for Wotter Boards at all. Plus, the city hall secretary had never heard of the business. Frustrated, Roger walked down to a local dance hall/arcade where an almost hidden advertising board was tacked to the side of the business partially hidden by a partially downed palm tree. Maneuvering around the palm tree, Roger saw a mention of the surf shop business on a ragged flyer on the advertising board. How it stayed on the board during the typhoon was a miracle in itself. He brushed the dirt off of the small flier and he saw the street address for the surf shop. He quickly saw that it was down a street that was literally out of the way from the public beaches. It was supposedly on a private beach of its own at the end of the lone street heading to that location. Since no one knew of the business at all, it was not likely to be in good shape due to the typhoon the island survived some weeks ago.

    When Roger reached the end of the street in question, he could see that all of the homes that were once in this district was simply foundations and he knew his father would eventually be working this area during the rebuilds. Nearby, he saw an almost hidden by weeds weathered sign which read, "Wotter Boards -> This way ->" He then entered the small almost unseeable trail through the brush at the end of the street and as he topped the small mound on the other side, he found himself walking through beach sand that was all over the brushy wooded locale he was walking through. The storm must have driven the sand that far inland. When he reached the private beach, he could see the appeal of the beach and it made him smile. Then he noted a large sheet of plywood flesh with a cliff wall to one side of the private beach and he went over to it and examined the weathered plywood. It was at that point where he found a sign that read, "Welcome to Wotter Boards, the place for boards, wax and sun tan oil." Working his way along the plywood, he finally managed to locate an opening in the cliff and he squeezed through it to find the forward area of the surf shop. It was a little dark in the boarded up shop as he made his way through the business that all locals had forgotten.

    Near the back of the shop, Roger found what looked like an otter man costume on display with a tag that read, "Custom Otter Diving Suit for blending in with the natural sea life. Wow... this is creative... I've never seen a diving suit made to look like a humanoid otter before. It looks so real that I thought I was looking at a monstrous otter at first. The creator's eye for detail is pretty awesome. Look at that tail in the back... They even included the sheath and sac in the front." And as he rubbed a hand over the sheath, he found that it was a little more real than he was expecting when he found that she sheath was occupied by what felt like an actual animal penis. "What in the Hell...? I thought it was going to be like an emergency water proof pocket." He then raised up as he was looking at the head of the diving suit otter costume. He used both hands to open each eye to see what this head looked like. When he saw the shiny eyes still in the sockets, he almost freaked out. But when the opened the muzzle with both hands, he saw the row of teeth and the tongue still inside the muzzle. "I just realized that this diving suit it still warm as if... the owner might still be in it. And this muzzle looks a little too real to be a costume. I wonder where the shop owners are anyway? I came here to see about getting a part-time job and the shop looks abandoned except for this awesome costume diving suit."

    At that moment, Roger felt someone standing directly behind him as the mystery individual placed both very strong limber arms around the boy's torso and hugged him. "I knew I heard someone in here. Wake up, bro! We got a visitor! Before you freak out, friend... I'm Lou Wotter, one of the two owners of Wotter Boards. My brother Trey Wotter placed himself into a deep trance while wearing the diving suit he likes to sleep in the diving suit. I overheard where you said you wanted a part-time job. What's your name and try not to scream when you get a good look at me?" Lou released the young man and turned him around to reveal that Lou was some sort of Were-Otter person.

    The young man said, "Wotter... I get it now... it stands for a shortened version of your species name. Were-Otter shortened to Wotter. No wonder no one I asked knew about your business. The last teenager that you and your brother likely knew left some graffiti on the wall of my bedroom that explained that you and your brother needed some help but were too proud to ask for assistance. My father is part of the rebuild project that just moved into Kailua Beach. My mother is a baker whom will be helping the meal preparation committee. My parents told me to get a part time job so I wasn't bored in Hawaii. My name is Roger Collins. Since your shop is not up to speed at that moment, how about if I were to help you and your brother on a trial basis for a week and then if you both deemed me worthy of working for you guys, then you could hire me officially? I've never met any Were-Otters before back in L.A."

    Lou smiled as he laid a kiss on Roger's mouth. When he let up, he said, "My brother would go for that deal, but I am more open toward having a new friend around the surf shop."

    Roger then said, "When I was checking out the diving suit, I groped it all over its private places; I didn't know your brother was inside of it."

    Lou giggled. "You groped my brother? He will be upset that he missed out on that; but you can grope me anytime as long as I can return the favor."

    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two.

    Using a small shovel and a rake, Roger was cleaning the sand off of the floors in the front of the shop. It was while he was doing this that Lou waved a tasty fish under his brother's nose and Trey suddenly awoke and bit into the fish. "Teaser! What time is it, Lou?"

    Lou grinned. "It's a little after 1 PM, bro. A nice boy came by to ask about a part time job and when he saw the diving suit, he didn't know you were in it, so he groped you all over."

    Trey remarked, "I got groped and I missed it? Where is the boy right now?"

    Lou said, "I gave him a small shovel, a pail and a rake and I have him cleaning up sand off the floor in the front of the shop. That storm dumped sand all over the place. His name is Roger Collins and he's originally from L.A. His father is part of the local rebuild force and his mother is a baker. Roger was okay with our being were-otters. He didn't freak out at all. He said he had never met any before back home and he still wanted the job after learning what we were. He will be helping us on a trial basis for a week and if we like him..."

    Trey grinned. "...Then we get to keep him? I like that deal. I hope I get to return the favor of groping him later. Did he seem open-minded?"

    Lou grinned. "What do you think? Let's get you out of that diving suit so you can properly meet Roger."

    About an hour later, Trey (finally out of the diving suit) approached the human boy and waved an unwrapped chocolate bar under his nose. "Hi Roger. I'm Trey. I finally got out of the diving suit. I was almost stuck. But Lou came up with a good solution as he always does. Have a candy bar to keep your energy up. I'm glad you weren't scared over seeing giant anthropomorphic talking otters."

    Roger replied as he took the candy bar, "I am sorry I groped you by accident when I was checking out the diving suit. I'd never seen one shaped like a giant otter before. I thought the hole in the groin was a waterproof storage pocket and when I felt your cock in there, I was kinda freaked over that, but I was still interested in the diving suit itself. When your brother told me you were in the suit, I realized with a little embarrassment that I rubbed my hand over your cock."

    Trey grinned. "As long as I can someday return the favor, you can do that anytime. My brother and I are very open-minded. And among weres, the safest variety to be around."

    Roger said with a smile, "Maybe later when I am not working, you can help me try on the diving suit and then you can make sure everything is lined up with your paws."

    Trey grinned. "The last boy was never interested in our diving suits, so my personal favorite must have something special that turns you on."

    Roger said, "Upon first looking at it, it just sort of had this look that told me to come check me out and rub over me. Not to mention, it had next to no dust on it at all."

    Trey grinned. "Ah, the anti-dust cleaning solution we use to clean the outside of the diving suits with. Guaranteed to look brand new even if they are hundreds of years old. Tell you what, Roger... we otters don't have a lot of money, so how would you like to earn one of these diving suits for yourself as payment for working here? Then you could have one of your own for all time. And we could teach you how to best use it and how to maintain it. We can even teach you to surf professionally if you'd like."

    Roger said, "Would a sleepover be out of the question on a weekend?"

    Trey slyly grinned. "I personally would like it if you slept naked next to me."

    Roger asked, "When was the last time you slept naked next to a nice human boy?"

    Trey said, "The last boy was more interested in my brother Lou than in me, so you are my second chance at some fun, Roger. So I haven't had much opportunity in playing with a nice boy before."

    The boy hugged the Were-Otter and said, "As long as you don't hurt me nor change me into a Were-Otter against my wishes, I'll give you the chance to play with me and teach me fun things. However, I may someday ask to join the species if you have made our fun time exciting enough. My only current concern would be if my parents found out and tried to have me cured of the condition you would be granting me. You and your brother do have the most awesome sleek athletic bodies I have ever seen and you guys turn me on even though I was only here to see about having a part time job with you people. Maybe you could give me a fair wage later to placate my parents."

    The Were-Otter smiled as he hugged the boy in return. "I can teach you how to take an otter cock safely. The day you want to be one of us, we will be gentle with you so you don't dump us after the joining."

    He then said, "Lycanthropy can only be removed by two people in the entire world, Roger. The Huxley brothers are both natural born Were-Kangaroo Lords. They can remove unwanted Lycanthropy, whether the all-natural variety, as it is with us Were-Otters, or the magical variety, as it is with curses and enchanted bites. You really don't want to join the species that way. The magical variety places the initiation subject in control into being your master and you end up stuck in the Were-Animal form for a year while your Master has sex with you nearly every night or up to three days, depending upon if they have hundreds of Thralls. A Thrall is a sex slave to the Master whom converts you."

    Roger said, "I'd rather be free-willed. I can't afford to just disappear on my parents. I told my mom I was going to go checkout Wotter Boards about the job. You and Lou don't want that kind of publicity."

    Trey said, "And your mom was told that this was the last place you were going to check out, it would be the first place she would look for you. You are right, the adult humans would try to kill us if they knew we were Otter Men."

    Roger kissed Trey on the muzzle. "Lets go find a private spot where you can teach me about gay sex. We shouldn't do it here on the public beach."

    Trey grinned and he got up with the boy in his arms and he took him into the cliff side bunker where it smelled like fresh randy otter and after removing the boy's clothes, he proceeded to teach the boy about fun sex.

    End of Chapter Two.


      Chapter Three.

      That evening, Lou came out and found the entire entry point of the shop completely cleaned up and repaired. There was a brand new two-tone blue sign above the door and front window advertising the business. Fresh new boardwalk planks had been laid out around the front of the shop with its own secured railing with an access point facing the outer beach and an access point facing the street's end back over the dune. "His skills are tubular!"

      Then he sniffed around. "I wonder where he and my brother Trey got themselves off to? Knowing Trey, he is probably trying to politely get down the boy's pants."

      In the aftermath of teaching Roger about gay otter sex, the Were-Otter was helping the boy get cleaned up in the wash room. "You did well," said Trey with a smile. "Including when I taught you how to return the favor in dual mounting."

      Roger smiled while blushing. "We sure produced a lot of cum. I think Lou is looking for us outside."

      Trey grinned. "He has a nose; he will find us. I am sure he is impressed by the repair and clean up job you did before we came in here."

      Roger said, "What is your opinion of my working for you guys now?"

      Trey grinned as he gave the boy a kiss on the lips. "As far as I am concerned, you have earned the right to hang out with us. My brother may think otherwise, but you are hired. Just spend the time with me if he doesn't approve."

      Roger smiled back. "You are a good and fun teacher, Trey. But if I have to bend over for Lou to earn his trust, I may do that. You taught me how to make an otter like it."

      Trey then held the boy in his webbed paw-hands. "If you do play with him, just remember to play it safe; make sure he understands that you are not joining the species just yet. I agreed to your terms on that and I would hope that you let me be the one to introduce you into becoming the species. Because I would want to walk you through all the fun stuff my brother and I take advantage of in our every day lives. We are not like Werewolves. So if you did become a Were-Otter, you could still live at home and your parents would never see your otter form unless you showed it to them. And to placate your mother for your helping us today, I will give you a small bag of pearls and other gems that we often find at the bottom of the sea floor. There might even be a diamond in the mix since diamonds are a girl's best friend. I know there will be a few emeralds and sapphires. We sometimes sell these treasures to jewelry shops to get extra money to upkeep our surf and turf shop. I see no reason not to pay you in this particular way. But becoming one of us is completely up to you. We would even give you a Were-Otter nickname to use."

      Roger asked, "If my parents moved us back to the states after joining the species, how could I see you again?"

      Trey hugged the boy again since Roger was interested in becoming the species. "One of the tricks we Were-Otters gain by joining the species is ocean navigation ability. You go for a swim, change into the species in the water and then you turn on the ability we will teach you. After that, you will know the fastest and most direct way to get to our grotto and back at will. Just make sure your mom knows that you will be with some friends for a whole weekend. You could be gone for two whole days. So if you make plans with the parents wisely, then they won't fret over your absence."

      He then added, "Not to mention, you could bring home some more pearls and gems for your mother. And by learning our business, you could do that elsewhere as a job."

      Roger smiled. "I love you, Trey. You have my curiosity in this whole situation. Will it hurt when I join?"

      At that moment, Lou walked into the back room and said, "No it would not hurt and any pain would subside quickly the first time you transformed. I knew my brother would play with you eventually. So you earned his trust, did you?"

      The boy nodded his head. "He promised he wouldn't change me without my permission if I played with him. So I gave him that chance. He was good and he taught me so much. Are you mad that he was telling me the fun things?"

      Lou smiled. "Not a bit. I'd be more mad if he strung you along only to dump you after having you join the species. Whomever helps you to join becomes your mentor in learning everything Were-Otter that you would need to know."

      Trey said, "I am willing to become his mentor, bro. He brought up wanting to see us again if his parents moved him back to the States. And with our ocean navigation ability, he could easily do that and not be missing."

      Lou said, "He could also befriend the Navy Were-Seals and Navy Were-Otters that I know work for the US Navy. And yes, Roger, now you know where the L.A. Were-Otters tend to hang out. I don't know about teenagers."

      Roger asked, "How long does the joining and first lesson take when we do it? I don't want to be late coming home from my job with you guys."

      Lou said, "Joining takes up to an hour. The first lesson covers up to another couple of hours, depending upon how much fun you have during the lesson. I will monitor Trey's induction of you as well as your first lesson the first time."

      He then added, "I won't interfere in his mentoring you. But learning ocean navigation takes up to three days. So you will be groomed for that within your first week of working for us. The grotto is our personal home with bedrooms."

      Lou then said, "Were-Critters whether male or female can get pregnant when you get too involved. I am glad you boys avoided that this first time. Magical gestation shortens the pregnancy to four hours. You can't transform while fat."

      Roger had the expected reaction. "Pregnant?!"

      Trey giggled. "Way to go, bro. I didn't want him to freak out with knowing about that the first time with a male otter. In truth, Roger, when there are no females of our species around to procreate with, male pregnancy is the emergency way to enlarge the species back up to the normal count. We could produce a female over time by this method. But if you don't want to try it, I promise that I won't be doing that to you. But on the other paw, it does tend to feel as fun as the first lesson I already gave you when you do it. Lou and I are brothers and we do have sex with each other. Incest only exists in human society. In fact, in the human bible, God himself approves of incest right after Eden's exit."

      Lou giggled. "If you don't believe us, go look it up. And I quote, ...The Sixth Day: So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it; rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air and every creature that crawls upon the earth.”...", unquote. As you have heard, when he first made man on the sixth day, he told them to have sex with each other and make more of their own kind on the Earth. Is this not Incest? God didn't think so. Why question your lord thy God." He winked with a sly grin. "If he didn't mean it in that context, then why say it?"

      End of Chapter Three.


        Chapter Four.

        Roger remembered asking his parents about it after a Sunday School lesson and they often said that the biblical scholars had misquoted what God actually meant. But Lou was making sense because the animals don't follow that rule, so Lou had to be telling him the truth. "I believe you, Lou. Since I can hide the species form from my parents, I suppose I can treat this like a superhero form. I want to join you guys, if you will let me."

        Trey said, "Your official Were-Otter name will be Lontra Rajah or simply L. Rajah. You can shorten that like we do to Lon. This translates into English as Marine Otter Prince. I will give you lessons in being one of us in the days to come. A weekend will be used to teach you the ocean navigation ability; just make sure you get your parents permission to spend from Friday morning up to Monday evening with us at the job site. Remember that it takes up to four days to perfectly learn the ability we want you to learn. I would never want you to get lost at sea."

        Lou commented, "Roger sounds like Rajah, which means prince. Collins is similar to Lontra, which means marine otter. So perhaps we were meant to meet you."

        Trey remarked, "Always mucking about with the big words. Lou will be the official witness, Roger, so try not to scream nor cry as I do this with you. I have to bite you and inject my Were-Otter serum into your blood stream."

        Lou made sure the boy's clothes were safely stored to one side as Trey closed the gap and sank his teeth vampire style into the human boy's neck. But instead of drinking the blood, he was adding the family serum to the stream.

        Lou said, "The first time you transform, the bite wound will heal over and no one will know you had ever gotten bitten; at best, it may look like a hickey later. You can joke that your new girlfriend kissed your neck."

        Trey popped his brother with his tail as he continued with the teeth in neck connection on Roger.

        Lou said, "The term girlfriend is the better term to use with the parents rather than saying Roger's new gay boyfriend. They might not let him leave home if he were to say that."

        Roger was gritting his teeth so he didn't make a loud fuss as Trey inducted him into the fold. Aside from the bite, he didn't feel any different from before he agreed to joining them.

        He was beginning to wonder when the species form was going to occur.

        Some time later, Roger was waking up with a raw fish in his mouth. And he was wet. Trey and Lou were seated nearby watching him. "The frenzy finally subsided, looks like. Welcome back, Rajah," said Trey.

        Rajah removed the half eaten fish out of his otter like muzzle. "What happened, Trey? I remember your biting me and then I woke up here. Wherever here is..."

        Lou remarked, "You frenzied after your first transformation and we made sure you found your way to our grotto. First time frenzy happens to all noobs, but you handled it well."

        Trey smiled. "You are one of us, Rajah, my student. Look over your new body for a few moments."

        Rajah's anthro sea otter body was covered in thick and glossy dark brown fur with a creamy white undercoat that was highly resilient to water. His large, blunt head, throat and chest was almost creamy tan. His ears and nostrils would close when in deep water. His eyesight underwater was better than most humans natural eyesight. He had natural webbed fingers on his hands and feet as well as having a thick rudder like otter tail hanging down out of his tail bone. He was otherwise sitting there in the nude as much as the others were. "I thought you said clothing makes the change when I do. Where are my clothes?"

        Lou giggled. "Back in the shop, of course. Your clothing has to be dedicated to your human body in order for it to change when you do. We were making sure your transition into Were-Otter was without complications."

        Trey grinned. "Lou wanted to remove the scales from your fish, but marine otter Rajah glared at him as if to suggest for him to get his own fish. Funniest glare ever!"

        He then added, "If you will check your neck, you will find the wound mark completely gone, as we promised."

        Rajah pressed his paw-hand to his neck only to realize that while covered in fur, there was nothing to check. "You ass hole."

        Trey giggled. "That's our playful nature, no harm done. Now let's teach you how to change back into your human form; and later, I will dedicate your clothing to your human body. At that point, we should call it an evening so you can go check in with your parents. This coming weekend, we will educate you in how to use ocean navigation, as we promised that you would be able to learn. Try not to get frustrated while learning how to change back into your human form. I know it is often difficult to master at first. But we cannot have you disappearing during a job interview. We love you."

        It had been far easier to change in a Were-Otter than it was proving to change back into his human form. But with the knowledge that he had to be human around his parents, he finally managed to accomplish the feat before nightfall.

        As a human, he realized that he felt cold in the grotto. What followed was the clothing dedication trick so his clothes would change with him. He would be learning how to surf with a surfboard during the week.

        Roger then noted that in his human form, he had almost no scent whatsoever. Talk about the ultimate daily cleansing! His parents would never believe it. Roger Collins, human; Marine Otter, JFA member.

        The young man asked Lou while Trey was dedicating his clothes, "Is it possible for me to learn how to command aquatic life forms like Aquaman from the American comics can?"

        Lou replied, "Yes, you could develop that ability. And I know what you are thinking... Marine Otter of the Justice Furries of Americat in Toonmasters. We've read the comic since it features a sexy otter prince."

        Trey chuckled. "I could see you being his counterpart once you learned all of our tribe's tricks. Dedication complete, Roger. Let's get you back to the shop so you can go check in with your parents."

        Roger said, "I think I know a way I can work on balance at home in preparation to learn how to surf."

        End of Chapter Four.